Firestone inspection

Is Firestone trustworthy?

2023.06.07 19:00 skeetermcbeater Is Firestone trustworthy?

I’ve come here multiple times to get some work done on my car now. Every time there’s some new issue they want to charge me hundreds of dollars for. I take it to my other mechanic and it’s always a quick fix, nothing major. But at Firestone they refuse to do specific fixes on my car under the guise of needing “other parts fixed first to avoid issues”. I’ve heard before that they were shady but are they actively lying to customers to get them to pay for additional services? I’m thinking of never taking my vehicle here again unless I get an inspection from another mechanic first to catch them potentially tampering with my vehicle.
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2023.05.29 02:22 dragonagitator Bellingham-Area Mechanics Master Post

Since it seems that no one can be bothered to search the sub for the word "mechanic" before making a new post, I searched it for you and summarized two years' worth of posts below.
TL;DR the recommendation is almost always "Rising Sun Motors" unless you've got an unusual vehicle or situation. Also, apparently XSrcing has spent the past couple years quietly helping poor people fix their cars for free/cheap, so everyone be sure to buy that guy a beer next time you see him.
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2023.05.27 18:27 camstersham First time buyer, need advice

 So I (23F) got in an accident last week and totaled my car, 2014 Toyota Camry (paid off). My insurance, USAA, stops paying for my rental car June 3rd so I’m in a time crunch. Insurance is giving me around $9,000 for it and I was thinking about getting a loan for around 20,000 for a new car. Was thinking of either going through a local credit union, USAA, or even the dealership itself to finance. Need advice here, what’s my best option? My credit is 705. I’ve never purchased a vehicle before but I’m at the point where I want a reliable car to last me for a while so I’m kinda set on a Toyota, kinda leaning more toward SUV but not really sure. I don’t know if I should buy new or used so advice here would be appreciated as well. Also nervous to deal with salespeople just bc I’m bad at negotiating since I’ve never done it also kinda a pushover? I’ve watched tik toks about things to ask and one was to get the best buy rate for my price range. Is this a thing I should ask? Also saw a lot about how to get the added fees off but I’m worried I won’t be firm enough so how do I go around getting passed those added warranties and shit? Will they charge me to get a full inspection on the car at a different location (saw this on tik tok) also where would I even go to do that? Like Firestone? Should I even do that? Sorry this post is so long but I really like to be well informed before I make a big decision so I felt Reddit would be my best option for helpful and useful advice and information. 
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2023.05.22 06:04 Objective-Wish-24 Scion TC 2007

I recently bought a Scion Tc 2007 and so far so good it just needed some regular maintenance. However, it has 135k+ miles and I'm unaware of how well maintained its been throughout that time so I've been considering replacing the cooling system, mainly the radiator, water pump and fans since the cooling system is very very important on an older engine.
However.... I took it to get an engine inspection at a Firestone the other day and they only mentioned changing the fans. I wouldn't like replacing anything that doesnt need replacing. That would be a waste of money and time.
Any suggestions?
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2023.05.21 19:24 northamericanroofing North American Roofing

North American Roofing

We Provide The Dependable Commercial Roofing Services You Need

Here at North American Roofing, we understand that your roof is one of the most important parts of your business. We offer comprehensive roofing services covering everything from roof inspections and repairs to a complete roof replacement project and emergency services. We also provide roof protection options to our commercial customers through durable coatings, which can help to extend the life of your roof and reduce energy costs. Whether you’re dealing with a roof leak or just want to ensure that your roof is in good condition, we can help. Call us today to meet with one of our highly trained roofing contractors. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the best solution for your roofing needs. Some of our commercial roof services include:
  • Roof Repair
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  • Metal Roofs
  • And More
As a roofing business, we work with various property owners throughout the United States, on a wide variety of roofing systems. Commercial roofing projects can include schools, warehouses, skyscrapers, industrial buildings, and more. At North American Roofing, we partner with some of the industry’s top manufacturers to provide our customers with the best possible roofing products and materials. These manufacturers include GAF, Firestone, and Carlisle SynTec. We’re proud to offer our customers high-quality roofing products and services that are backed by some of the most trusted names in the industry. If you’re in need of a commercial roofing contractor, we encourage you to give us a call to see how we can help you with your roofing needs.
Address: 14025 Riveredge Drive, Suite 600 Tampa, FL 33637 Phone: (786) 705–4350 Website:
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2023.05.18 16:51 Arthurt93 Need advice regarding repairs

Vehicle info: 2015 Ford Explorer Sport V6, EcoBoost, Twin Turbo, 3.5 Liter 153k miles roughly
I bought this vehicle from a dealership near Plano, TX (Stonebriar). They sold it to me with an inspection that showed nothing wrong with the vehicle. It was supposedly done third party and a week or so later the check engine light comes on. Got the runaround from the dealership and they never did anything for me. They say they'll look into it and call back and never do. Took it to firestone (I use their CC so that's the only reason I use them for repairs) and they did a full inspection. They said both the catalytic converters need to be replaced and thats why the light was on. I ran the codes myself before bringing it in and it was only an o2 sensor code that pulled. Went over to O'Reillys and had them run the codes afterwards and confirmed I needed to replace the cats. My question is how can I fix this where it will pass a state inspection for the least amount of money. I live in a county that requires emissions testing so I have to get it done before i renew registration or whatever.
I've also got an airbag light on now and have no idea how to diagnose that and fix it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If I have to leave the car in a shady neighborhood for a week I'm open to that too. Lol.
Edit: Car was purchased in July 2021. The check engine light comes on intermittently. It's on for a few days, off for a few. Airbag light stays on.
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2023.05.11 06:52 nomade_usa Good mechanic suspension - Help!

Hi guys. Is the second shop that I bring my 2021 Touring L and nobody, any mechanic is able to find a clunk noise in my front suspension. I am so sad because most places they don't even do a test drive with the car to check the problem. Is anyone here have a good trustable mechanic in California to recommend me please? I am in LA but I am able to drive somewhere to solve this problem. The car looks like a old truck when driving with an annoying clunk noise. The first shop I took the car the guy just said I needed all 4 strut. The other place was the Firestone, and they didn't find anything, and still charge me for a inspection. I am so frustrated how bad is to find a good mechanic. Thanks if anyone can recommend one. Car has 69k miles
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2023.05.05 14:04 deepvoicednerd [Motorsport/CART] “You felt like your face was being pulled out of your helmet in the corners” The most dangerous motor race that, thankfully, never happened. The 2001 Firestone Firehawk 600

For the next edition of my drivelling on and on about motorsport and moments of drama within it, we’re heading to the good old US of A and the world of American open wheelers. (For those unsure, an open wheeler race car is like a Formula 1 car. A single seater, purpose-built race car with wings and big exposed and uncovered tyres-hence the term: open wheeler).
For this story, it’s 2001 and we’re at the height of the CART/IRL war. For those who don’t know about the CART/IRL split, it’s a long story but I’ll try and sum it up as best as I can:
CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) was the governing body that ran American open wheel racing. Various race teams had stakes in the business. Some though didn’t like the way things were being run. At the time CART was seriously popular and competing with NASCAR for popularity in America. Even Formula 1 were a little concerned as CART started to look at being a genuine world series running events outside of America. But not everyone within the American open wheeler scene was happy about this.
One of these people was a guy called Tony George. George just so happened to own and run a little racetrack called the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You might have heard of it and the little race that takes place there at the end of May every year: the Indy 500. The greatest spectacle in racing.
George didn’t like that CART was racing on circuits’ that weren’t in America and not on ovals. In George’s mind, CART should stay in America and stay away from street tracks and Grand Prix tracks and stick to ovals. That’s what the series came from and that’s where it should stay (in his mind anyway).
So in 1996 George went “Stuff it. I’ll do it myself” and created the Indy Racing League (IRL), his own series. And then as an “F*** you” to CART, locked them out of the Indy 500. Their teams could compete if they wanted to but would have to go through pre-qualifying. Imagine the sheer gall of telling highly respected legendary team owners like Roger Penske and Chip Ganassi that they had to go through the ignominy of pre-qualifying with the privateers.
So CART had the big name teams and drivers but the IRL had the Indy 500. Ding Ding! Let the war commence.
This is the condensed simplified version of what happened, obviously there’s more to it but the sake of this story… (I will do a proper post on this eventually)
So, by 2001 both series are firing on all cylinders. Both are saying that they are the premier open wheel category in America. Both are going all out to wow the race fans.
This is the backdrop to what happened at the 1.5-mile oval, better known as Texas Motor Speedway in April 2001.
Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) came into being in 1997 and had hosted both NASCAR and the IRL through to 2000. So, CART organisers looked at the success of the IRL Texas race and thought: “We can run a better race at that track. Let’s do it!”
A 3-year contract was signed in summer 2000, and the Firestone Firehawk 600 was added to the 2001 CART calendar. When the deal was signed, it should be pointed out that only one unrepresentative test session had been conducted by a CART team. In the lead up to the event, some teams also ran private tests but didn’t notice several problems that could have saved CART and TMS a lot of embarrassment.
Friday April 27, 2001, Practice 1 & 2
Friday morning dawns fine and sunny and practice commences. Straight away, the speed is insane. The cars are doing 3 laps in the space of a minute. We’re talking 20-odd seconds per lap on a 1.5-mile oval. And it’s only Friday morning practice. They’re only going to get faster…
CART’s chief steward Chris Kneifel was already nervous about racing at TMS. Earlier in the year he had inspected the track and came away concerned about whether or not CART could race there safely. He watched Practice 1 with a radio scanner held to his ear to listen in on the drivers and their race engineers.
“We started hearing little dribbles of information coming over the radios from the pit lane about a driver got out of his car after a 10-lap run and lost his balance, seemed to not have his equilibrium. We saw things where drivers entered pit lane and missed their pit box-disoriented enough that they didn’t see where they were supposed to turn into their pit box.”
When Mo Nunn Racing’s Tony Kanaan topped the session eyebrows were raised. His fastest lap averaged 233.539mph. On a 1.5-mile oval. By comparison, a rival IRL car could get around at about 217mph in qualifying trim. In their quest to be better than the IRL, CART’s cars were definitely quicker. But were they too quick?
Other problems became apparent when Forsythe Racing’s Patrick Carpentier vomited in pit lane. He was suffering from the flu, so it was explained away but several drivers were feeling woozy and dizzy. Team Penske’s Helio Castroneves admitted that “After the first session, I was like, man, I’m kind of dizzy. There was a lot of doubt in my mind at that moment.”
Now one of the most experienced and successful drivers but at the time a young upstart, Scott Dixon: *“*I remember the intensity of seeing some of the looks on some the older guy’s faces, like why this was just stupid. I remember looking at some of their reactions and I’m like, ‘\***, this is not good.’ But I was just waiting for the team to tell me what to do. I was 20 or 21, and not very smart.”*
And then in Practice 2 during the afternoon, everyone took a deep breath when Mauricio Gugelmin lost control at turn 2. According to Castroneves who was following, “He was like a pinball crashing back and forth down the track.”
The first hit at turn 2 pulled 66 Gs before Gugelmin’s car pinballed its way down the back straight to turn 3 and hitting the wall again at a whopping 113 Gs. Amazingly he was uninjured but bruised from head to toe. The car finally came to rest at turn 4 right in front of CART’s head doctor Steven Olvey and his assistant Dr Terry Trammel. “I tried to get this thing as close to you as I could!” Gugelmin joked to Olvey and Trammel as they leapt the fence and rushed to his aid.
Jokes aside though the crash had gone on for three-quarters of a mile. The impact from the crash had broken the front of the car away exposing Gugelmin’s feet. That fact that the car stopped short of the infield wall saved his legs. The fact that he walked away only bruised from head to toe was a minor miracle. He did not take any further part in the event.
At the end of practice 2, drivers continued to feel dizzy and woozy.
Saturday April 28, 2001, Practice 3 & Qualifying
Practice 3 got underway on Saturday morning.
In this session, jaws hit the floor twice. The first time was when Newman Haas Racing’s Cristiano da Matta had a near identical crash to Gugelmin. Unlike Gugelmin, da Matta was unbruised and would take part in qualifying that afternoon albeit in a spare car.
The second time was when Team Green’s Paul Tracy topped the session, clocking a lap at a face-deforming 236.678mph. This was almost as fast as the qualifying record at Indianapolis, which is almost twice as long as Texas, a 1.5-mile oval. Without the long straights that Indy has, all the speed was being made in the heavily banked corners. As a result, the vertical and lateral G-forces they were pulling were insane. A little too insane as it turns out…
Scott Dixon explains it better: “It was damn fast, man, like super-fast. Just feeling the compression in the banking and that you could go flat. The combined Gs’ made it crazy. It was a situation where before you got into the corner, you had to make sure that you took a breath before you got in there, because there was no breathing midway through.
But then also it’s the fact of how long the turn is. At Indy, it’s very short, quick, sharp turns. You don’t have to think about it for too long. But at Texas it’s long corners, and then going at those speeds, you don’t have a whole lot of time to really think about what’s coming next.
I do remember the feeling (of) just how intense the G loading was. But for me at that point, it kind of felt cool because it was the first time that we were going so hard like that, and I hadn’t really grown that part in your mind where you’re thinking, “\***, I probably shouldn’t be doing this.””*
French rookie Nic Minassian racing on an oval for the first time: “The whole lap was flat-out. I remember doing a long run to prepare for the race; I think I did 22 or 25 laps in a row. It was a long run to check the fuel consumption and the tire wear and all that. And I remember being in the car and passing the 15th, 16th lap, and starting to feel a little bit… you don’t feel right in the car. You feel a little bit dizzy.
I thought, “Look, I’m going to pass out, so I better stop, because right now, I have forced my brain to push myself forward. Right now, I’m going to lose it. I’m going to end up squashed at 230 miles an hour in the wall.” And I just stopped. To be honest, I felt ashamed about it when I stopped.
I felt ashamed because I thought it was me. I thought I was weak. But then when I stopped and was so dizzy I couldn’t walk straight, I felt a bit better about what was happening to me.
The memory of this will stay with me forever. You felt like your face was being pulled out of your helmet in the corners. It’s like, “That’s mad!”
Now at this point although there was reports of woozy and dizzy drivers in pitlane and two massive crashes, CART officials had no idea of just how bad things really were. Racing drivers do not like admitting to sickness or illness. It makes them look weak to their opposition and gives a psychological advantage to their opponents. So, all of the important CART officials despite hearing a couple of whispers about giddy drivers where pretty much in the dark.
And then arguably the biggest hero in the event stepped forward: Newman Haas Racing’s PR agent Kathi Lauterbach. Da Matta was one of her team’s drivers and her other driver Christian Fittipaldi had also reported dizziness. In media chats, she had also heard rumours of other drivers feeling out of it. Her actions would end up saving multiple drivers from a horrific outcome.
She marched straight to Dr. Steven Olvey’s medical office. According to Olvey: “Kathi came into our medical unit and she said, “I don’t know if I ought to tell you this, but I overheard that a couple of the drivers felt kind of crummy while they were driving. And to the point that they were lightheaded and just didn’t feel right and had some visual stuff happening.”
"It’s just remarkable that she had the presence of mind to do that. Until Kathi walked into the medical unit, we didn’t have a clue.”
Tipped off by Lauterbach, Olvey beat a hasty path straight to Team Green and asked to see the readings of the G-levels from Paul Tracy’s car after topping Practice 3. The car’s telemetry readout was alarming. The car was pulling 3.5 vertical Gs and 5.5 lateral Gs. By race car standards that’s off the scale. Alarmed Olvey called a friend of his, Richard Jennings who worked as a medical director at NASA (Houston was just down the road).
Olvey: “I spent probably two hours trying to track him down, calling his cell phone over and over. All of a sudden, there’s a hand on my shoulder and I turn around and look it up and it’s him! He just decided to come up and see everybody and he’s a big race fan; goes to Indy every year. He said, “You look kind of upset.” And I said, “Well, we’ve got a major issue here. We’re not really sure how bad an issue it is or what’s going on, but it’s just weird. We’ve got drivers that got sick when they drove, we’ve had two crashes and we don’t have any idea of why the cars crashed. And these are the Gs we’re getting.”
“He looked at the tracing that I had and how high the Gs were. He says, “You’ve got a big problem.” And I said, “OK, what’s the big problem?” He says, “Well, it’s physiologically not possible to drive with this combination of vertical and lateral Gs. It’s worse than any rollercoaster that’s ever been built.”
On hearing this, Olvey immediately summoned CART CEO Joe Heitzler and along with Jennings explained the issue. At the speeds they were going and the vertical and lateral G’s they were pulling, it was a disaster waiting to happen. Jennings explained that if the race were to go ahead, they’d have drivers blacking out left, right and centre. At 230mph. It would be a bloodbath.
While this was going on the cars took to the track for qualifying. Mercifully no one crashed. To give you an idea on just how fast things were, here’s footage from Adrian Fernandez’s car during qualifying (and if you watch this and think "holy crap, that’s fast" consider the fact that he 'only' qualified 12th with this run):
After qualifying, Olvey summoned all 25 drivers into one room and asked them all point blank: “How many of you have had dizziness, issues with your balance and coordination after you get out of the car?”
After two minutes of silence, (remember racing drivers hate admitting to this) drivers’ hands started going up. Well over half the room (over 20 of the 25 drivers) had their hands in the air.
Jennings then began explaining to the drivers about fighter pilots and astronauts how sustained G-forces impact them. Both would feel a similar number of G-forces that the drivers were copping at TMS. The difference is that a pilot or astronaut would only feel those G’s for a couple of minutes at most (on lift-off or Top-Gun style dogfighting for instance). The drivers on the other hand had a 248-lap race ahead of them. Up to 2 hours of racing with sustained G-forces so intense that they cause blood to drain away from the brain, make drivers light-headed, dizzy and on the verge of passing out well over 230mph.
You know that scene in Top Gun: Maverick where Coyote passes out? It’s called G-force induced Loss of Consciousness or g-LOC for short. The same thing was going to happen to the drivers. Hence Dr. Jennings’ explanation of “You can’t keep doing this. It’s physiologically impossible”.
In this meeting, one driver, it’s unknown who exactly, admitted to g-LOC during practice. He had blacked out at turn 2 and in a minor miracle, his muscle memory saved him, and he still made the corner. Still unconscious, he shot down the back straight to turn 3 and “awoke with the sudden need to turn left at over 230mph.” Amazingly he made the corner.
The general consensus among the drivers was that the race couldn’t take place. Only 2 wanted to get on with it: Paul Tracy and polesitter Kenny Brack, although they both admitted that it was easy for them to say as they weren’t showing symptoms. All told though the drivers were civil and diplomatic. As dusk fell upon Saturday, the same could not be said for their team owners, engine suppliers, TMS and CART itself.
A meeting/argument between CART, TMS, team owners, engine suppilers and Dr. Olvey went deep into the night. Olvey explained that if they could slow the cars down by just 5 or 6 mph, the G-forces would be tolerable for the drivers and the race could still safely go ahead. Idea after idea was put forward and promptly shot down.
A chicane on the back straight? No
Take the wings off the cars? They can’t drive fast without all that downforce. No
Detune the engines just a tad? It would have been the easiest solution. Just one turn with a wrench would have done it. But representatives from engine suppliers Ford, Toyota and Honda went nuts at that suggestion. “It would ruin the engines!” they insisted. According to a member of Chip Ganassi’s team, “One of the big names from an engine manufacturer stood up and should have won an Academy Award for the acting job he put on for why they couldn’t detune their engines. It was reprehensible.”
The night ended with no solution.
Sunday April 29, 2001, (No) Race Day
Picture this. It’s a wonderful sunny Sunday. You’re one of 60 000 race fans making your way into the vast grandstand of Texas Motor Speedway. You’re about to watch the fastest cars in America driven by some of the best drivers in the world. You take your seat in the Grandstand at 10am, all set to watch the morning warm-up before the big race kicks off 2pm and…
Nothing happens.
Fair to say you’d be a bit peeved.
Still arguing, CART cancelled the 30-minute warm-up leaving fans baffled. With just 2 hours to go until the green flag was due to be waved, CART announced that the race was postponed.
Immediately they were ridiculed from all sides.
TMS President Eddie Gossage was furious. He had offered teams plenty of time to run test sessions and track inspections. He had gone overboard to promote the event. And CART pulled the pin just two hours before flag fall. He gave a scathing press conference. “Both Texas Motor Speedway and its fans are disappointed with what’s occurred here today. But before I go further, let me be clear that neither the speedway nor its fans would ever want an event to held in which the competitors would be placed in a position of unnecessary risk. But the bottom-line point is: CART should have known. We questioned the speed (of the cars) in meetings, in letters, we even offered our own suggestions of what to do with cars. On April 21st I got a letter from CART CEO Joe Heitzler that said CART is ready, willing and able to run the race. And that was in response to some of the questions we were still raising as late as 10 days ago about the cars and the speeds.”
He further went on reveal that TMS only found out about the problem on Saturday night and there would be some interesting meetings taking place in the near future.
Incredibly though, some race fans ridiculed CART for not racing. There’s an image of an angry fan with a sign that implies that CART stood for Cowards Aren’t Racing Today.
The Aftermath
The fallout continued when TMS sued CART for breaching their contract, financial damages, promotion costs, ticket refunds, sanction fees and lost profits. Ultimately the contract was annulled, and the two groups settled for an undisclosed amount. It’s estimated to be $7 million that came out of CART’s pocket. Ouch.
The one thing that CART were praised for was putting the safety of their drivers first. The ghost of Greg Moore who had died just 18 months ago was still fresh in their minds.
Afterwards things didn’t get much better for CART. 2001 was the beginning of the end for them. The exact same week as the Texas debacle, the cringe-fest, pigs’ breakfast of a movie Driven came out. Focusing on the CART series, it was panned by critics and motorsport fans alike. Then in September, just days after 9/11, Alex Zanardi lost his legs in an insanely horrific crash in Germany. Then there was the debacle of the 2002 Gold Coast race in Australia. By 2003, CART collapsed. The teams bought out what was left of the organisation and kept it going under the name Champ Car but eventually, the teams knew the writing was on the wall. In 2008, Champ Car merged into the IRL forming the IndyCar Series that we now know today. American open wheeler racing was whole once again.
Although the near-disaster in Texas ’01 is seen as the beginning of CART’s downfall, it ironically, can also be considered the first domino to fall or the catalyst that would ultimately re-unite American open-wheelers once again. If there’s a silver-lining to the Texas '01 event, that’s it.
For footage of the event including press conferences and explanations, here’s the race day broadcast:
For further reading here’s a 3-part report that I found on the event that provided an invaluable resource (great read, I highly recommend):
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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2023.05.05 04:53 RiverCityRoofing6000 Hail damage to EPDM ROOF SYSTEM

EPDM roofing is a popular roofing material that is used on commercial and residential buildings. This roofing material is known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to weathering and wear. However, like any roofing material, it is not immune to damage from hail. In fact, hail damage is a common problem that affects EPDM roofing.
Hail is a type of precipitation that falls from the sky in the form of ice pellets. The size of hail can vary from small pea-sized pellets to large golf ball-sized pellets. The size of the hail can have a significant impact on the amount of damage that it can cause to EPDM roofing. Generally, the larger the hail, the more damage it can cause.
The size of hail that is considered to be significant enough to cause damage to EPDM roofing is typically golf ball-sized or larger. Hail of this size can cause dents, cracks, and punctures in the roofing material. These types of damage can weaken the roofing structure and can lead to leaks and other issues.
When hail damage occurs to EPDM roofing, it is important to have it inspected by a professional roofing contractor who is trained in hail damage assessment. HAAG is an organization that trains roofing professionals in hail damage assessment and provides them with the tools and knowledge needed to accurately assess and document hail damage to roofing materials.
In conclusion, hail damage can have a significant impact on EPDM roofing. The size of the hail is a key factor in determining the extent of the damage that can occur. Hail that is golf ball-sized or larger can cause significant damage to EPDM roofing, including dents, cracks, and punctures. When hail damage occurs, it is important to have it inspected by a professional roofing contractor who is trained in hail damage assessment, such as those certified by HAAG.
Here are some cited works on hail damage to EPDM:
  1. "Hail Damage to Roofing" by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). This article discusses the impact of hail on various roofing materials, including EPDM. It also provides guidance on how to inspect for hail damage and how to document and report it.
  2. "Impact of Hail on Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems" by the EPDM Roofing Association. This report provides an overview of the impact of hail on single-ply roofing systems, including EPDM. It includes testing results and recommendations for minimizing the impact of hail on roofing systems.
  3. "Hail Damage to Commercial Roofing Systems" by Roofing Contractor Magazine. This article discusses the impact of hail on various types of commercial roofing systems, including EPDM. It includes information on how to inspect for hail damage, common types of damage, and repair options.
  4. "EPDM Roofing Systems: Hail and High Winds" by Firestone Building Products. This technical bulletin provides information on the impact of hail and high winds on EPDM roofing systems. It includes recommendations for designing and installing roofing systems that can withstand these types of weather events.
  5. "Hail Damage to Roofing: A Comprehensive Guide" by Haag Engineering. This book provides a detailed overview of hail damage to roofing systems, including EPDM. It includes information on hail formation and characteristics, damage assessment techniques, and repair and replacement options.
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2023.05.04 08:21 usedtirevancouver Best Quality Used Tires In Vancouver

Used Tires In Vancouver are previously owned tires that can be purchased at a lower cost than new tires. If you're in Vancouver and looking to buy used tires, there are several options available. You can check local classifieds or online marketplaces to find individuals selling used tires. Alternatively, you can visit a used tire dealer or auto shop in Vancouver to purchase used tires. It's important to ensure that the used tires you're buying are in good condition and have been inspected properly before making a purchase. You should also make sure that the used tires are the appropriate size and type for your vehicle to ensure safety on the road.
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2023.05.02 15:46 jojo1104X 2015 Hyundai Accent - INSURANCE TRYING TO SCREW ME - ELEPHANT INSURANCE

The insurance company is trying to screw me! Help! I am in Dallas and stalled out in flood water on August 22, 2022 I turned in a comp claim to my insurance and the car is still in the shop.
The shop replaced the PCM but the car still won't start because they say a tooth is broken and the car won't start and the insurance company is not saying that is from wear and tear and they won't pay for it. The thing is a week before the flood I had about 2k work done at Firestone and paid with my cc. I had also just had the car inspected 3 months prior. I had just paid off the car a couple of months before.
The insurance company made me sign a paper that said if they finally totally disable the car and find it wasn't caused by the flood I will have to pay to reassemble. Isn't this something that should have been done from the beginning? The shop is saying they don't see where the water could have intruded but I'm reading that since it's not a dealer shop they may not have the right equipment.
I finally bought a new car in December but I don't think I should have a car with full coverage and insurance is expecting me to walk out of there, pay my $1,000 deductible and have a car that doesn't run and needs a new motor.
Can water damage cause a "tooth" to break? Where is this tooth at? The flywheel?
Thanks for any guidance.
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2023.04.30 20:03 yellow_brick_r0ad lemon law?

Alright I have some general questions about whether or not I am able to pursue any legal action towards the company I recently purchased the vehicle at. It is important to know also that I am financing the vehicle in question.
**Important factors to keep in mind here: I am not someone who knows much about vehicles, mechanically speaking. I know the basics, but I wouldn't be able to look at a engine and diagnose it or have any way of knowing there was something majorly wrong. Unless of course there was obvious signs. Such as; cords that are cut up/frayed, any fluids on engine and/or components under the hood or underneath the vehicle. **I was under the impression that when someone financed a vehicle that the vehicle met/passed major inspection and thus safety requirements... basically it was my understanding that meant the financed vehicle for example: didnt have oil leaking from it.
So here is the situation: On March 22 I bought a 2014 Town and County from a used car dealership. I had taken it for a test drive a few days prior and I did notice an odd smell when turning the heat on. I inquired about the smell and they ensured me that it was from what they used to clean the engine. (I do happen to know that engine detailing is something done prior to selling a car and it is also a service anyone can have done or even do themselves.) After the test drive I did my own inspection of the vehicle. What I mean by that is simply going over the outside of the vehicle for any damages and for a 2014 it was fine, tiny scratch here...tiny dent looked good and so did the interior. I made the decision to go through and finance the vehicle purchase. I didn't have enough money to buy anything more than a two-thousand some odd dollars vehicle. And I decided against just saving a few more thousand for a cash car for fear that it would end up costing a lot for repairs. I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old and so that ultimately led me to my decision that the financing route was the best way to go. So a few days after the test drive, which was March 22, 2023; I signed for the 2014 Chrysler Town and County. The cost was $6,999.00 and I put $1,300.00 down and bought an two yea24,000 mile warranty which added $2,000.00 to the financed portion.
The day after the purchase I went to get a fresh oil change. And the mechanic comes to me and says, "did you know you had an oil leak?". He said there was oil all over in the engine and it was further under the hood which had explained why it wasn't visible when I looked it over at the used car dealership.
I did some research and since the oil was leaking somewhere inside the engine part of posed a potential serious threat. I mean it may be a worse car scenario, but knowing my vehicle could potentially catch on fire i decided to take it to a auto shop that I knew I could trust and my hope was that the oil change guy was wrong?
I ended up taking the car into FireStone to have it checked to see where there was oil leaking from. And it turned out that where was indeed an internal oil leak and the cost for that repair cost me $1,498.00. The FireStone mechanic informed me that my warranty would most likely cover this repair and to call them to cover the repair cost. And OF COURSE the $2,000.00 warranty I purchased with the over a thousand dollar to fix the oil leaking van I purchased DIDNT COVER THIS REPAIR.
I called the used car dealership about this and reluctantly (or so I thought at the time) the woman who did my paperwork the day I made the vehicle purchase answered. She told me I would need to speak with the owner of the car lot, and he would call me the following day. The next day came and went and I never got that call from the owner. I waited a couple more days and called again. This time someone else answered my call and basically ran me in circles and when I finally managed to get him to understand it was another employee that promised me the owner would call me. And their response to that was that, "well I don't know when he can call you because he is out of town buying cars in another state".
I have since had the vehicle repaired and was lucky enough to be granted credit at FireStone. This allowed me to pay for the repair and make monthly payments to pay off the balance.
So now my total I owe for the car is $10,598.00......!!!!!! this was for a car that cost $6,999.00 and what is even more infuriating is on top of the cost of the vehicle I also am paying for a $2,000.00 warranty that didn't cover the over a thousand dollars freaking repair!!??? #1.Really.......A repair that is internal....yet the warranty doesn't "consider it an internal part" and yet on my warranty info packet has the component listed under WHATS COVERED section. #2. Really..... A repair that poses the risk for serious harm to not only the car but the driver, passengers and others on the road.
And I understand that when you buy a car you buy it, "as is".
But like I said.... I've never....ever bought a car in the past with any issues what so ever. Other then like years or more after driving it I had to perform regular changing brake pads. Not a really freaking serious oil leak!!!!!! Nor have I heard of this happening to anyone!!!!
And the WORST part of this is that when I took it for the test drive, as I explained above I EVEN ASKED ABOUT A SMELL!
My question is if there is anything I can do about this?
Thanks for reading
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2023.04.29 09:56 mirdesto 09 honda civic questions

So my 09 honda civic has been an amazing car since I bought it two years ago. Since purchasing I have replaced the brake pads, tires, windshield wipers, headlights, and needs other stuff. the car was neglected by previous owners and I am a college student getting the absolute most out of the car. I have had the oil changed every 3-4k miles and it’s been good other than cosmetic issues/no A/C/ and cracked bumper. I want to get a full tune-up but I am not a car guy at all and don’t fully understand what that would consist of. I’ve put about 30k miles on the car and have never changed any of the fluids and it’s my fault. When i take the car to a shop what should I ask for? Just the fluids replaced? Is there more to a tune up that I am not understanding? I also have done some research because my car vibrates HARD when it is on idle but is fine when I am in drive/reverse. After researching, it could be the motor mounts.
What is the best advice I can get and what all should I ask the shop to do to make this car last another 5 years at least?
Note:The last place I took my car to ( firestone ) said everything was fine and charged me $150 for an oil change, full inspection and replaced all of my filters, but I didn’t trust or feel like my questions were answered about the vibration issues.
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2023.04.20 17:57 katgilbert19 My anxiety is awful right now. I regret this purchase more than anything

Before reading this- if you’ve had a bad or similar experience please email [email protected] - they are trying to get enough people and evidence to file a class action lawsuit.
My husband and I bought a 2015 Hyundai Elantra from Carvana in September 2022. We noticed upon delivery that the tires needed replaced and the delivery driver told us to take it to a garage within the first week for an inspection and to get the tires replaced, saying SilverRock would cover everything. So we took it to Firestone immediately, which is a preferred garage of SilverRock. They noted extreme rust on the brakes and rotors. They changed the rotors and I think all the brakes, they put 2 new tires on the front, (idk why they didn’t replace all 4 tires), and changed some bulbs that were out. So we thought the car was fine. The steering hasn’t felt right- it takes bumps really badly, so we thought we would just need to change the shocks. Then the horror begins. Shortly after our 7 days is over, the check engine light comes on. We get it read and the garage says it’s just an EVAP leak and to schedule an appointment for further inspection/solution. Before we can get that solved, I’m driving for Instacart bc at the time it was my only job. I randomly break down in the middle of an intersection. My oil and battery light came on, so I’m freaking out and call a tow truck. Well I sit there having a panic attack for about 10 minutes and finally decide to restart the car. The car restarted and worked perfectly so I immediately take it back to Firestone, where they tell me they can’t do anything if the car isn’t actively messed up. Of course. So my only option is to keep driving it and see what happens. After this, I’m fed up with Firestone and start taking it to Monro. They begin diagnosing the EVAP leak but can’t figure out where it’s coming from. I bought 2 new gas caps with my own money, and that didn’t work. So they decide they’ll change the filler-neck. Then they tell me I have a transmission leak and they’d need to keep my car for upwards of 2 months to fix it. This is our only car and we both work 5 days per week so leaving my car there for months isn’t an option. I call Carvana and tell them this and all they would do is give me a trade-in offer or refer me to SilverRock. SilverRock said they’d reimburse me for SOME of the cost of a rental car. Heck no, I can’t afford that for 2 months. THEN, I ask Monro about the steering issues. They say it’s probably needing new shocks, but they never changed the shocks. Idk why they never did it after we discussed doing it. Then it takes multiple months for them to get the filler-neck. By the time they fixed the EVAP leak, my warranty was over. Keep in mind- during this whole time, my car would randomly shut off sometimes and restarting it would make it drivable. Monro also had no clue how to assess or fix this issue. Finally, in February, my filler-neck gets changed and the engine light goes off… for 3 days. THREE DAYS. The light came back on and now the light randomly goes on and off. Now, we are having an issue where the RPM gauge will drop to 0 as we’re driving sometimes and we have to just try to make it home with basically no horsepower, in hopes that we don’t completely blow the engine doing so, because restarting the car no longer works. We have to let the car be off for a few hours then it’ll restart and be fine. But these issues are happening more often now. Here’s a list of the issues we’ve had since we got the car, and Carvana refuses to help or switch our car for free: Engine light on/off randomly Extreme rust in underbody, behind tires, on brakes and rotors Electrical or transmission issues ? Causing RPM gauge to drop randomly WHILE DRIVING Breaking down randomly EVAP leak Bad steering Bad tires
I have contacted the state attorney general and I hope they help me somehow. I don’t know what to do. We can’t afford to trade the car and have a bigger monthly payment. We’re just hoping and praying we can get some small fixes until we can afford to sue Carvana. This whole experience has been awful, a nightmare. I hope this helps you in filing a lawsuit against them. My parents bought 2 cars from them and never had issues so I thought this would be a good experience. :(
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2023.04.18 02:19 undrthrdr Fcuk the Firestone Ads

Fcuk the Firestone Ads
The ads don’t have an “X” to close the ad and force you to input your information.
I just input random stuff but I hate that they don’t let you skip after an allotted amount of time.
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2023.04.16 22:52 doctorx1728 Firestone ads

Firestone ads
So recently I started getting these Firestone ads when getting a boost/investocollecting offline earnings. The truly annoying thing is that an X to exit never appears; I’ve let it sit for 5 or more minutes with no X. The only way to get it to close is to fill in the form. Has anyone else gotten this? I’m on iOS 16.4.1, game version 1.5.1
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2023.04.16 20:21 stoshyman 68k - Oil leak on subframe after shortblock replacement - leaking rear struts. Looking for advice!

Hi WRX fam,
I’ve been having issues on my completely stock WRX that I bought new in 2018. I got a short block replacement for a spun bearing at 66k at the dealership (SoA helped a bit). 3-5k oil changes. Just got a oil change 400 miles ago with a multipoint inspection to flush out the break-in oil. The inspection passed all categories.
Today I got new tires put on for summer at Firestone and they told me that my rear struts are leaking and the front ones are ‘dirty’ and recommended a replacement. He also told me about an oil leak, in his words, “up high above the subframe in the back, looks wet”. He was unable to tell me specifically where it was coming from since it was up high. Oil levels looked good.
Does anyone have experience with leaking rear struts at 67k? What would the cost be to get all 4 replaced?
Also can someone explain where that leak might be coming from? I do get fluid film every year but that was prior to shortblock replacement.
Thanks for the people who will read this. I’m just frustrated with this car but still in love.
TLDR: Leaking rear struts, dirty front from Firestone. Just got inspection from dealership and passed last oil change. Any advice appreciated.
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2023.04.16 17:24 Firsy_Latch This the worst ad

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2023.04.16 15:49 lord_of_vanaholm Broken Ad

Broken Ad
Recently there have been ads from Firestone Direct which are broken in the following ways: 1. There is no X to close out the ad after it finishes playing, even after waiting 30 seconds or 60 seconds or clicking around. 2. The only way to close out the ad is to fill out the contact form to request the company reach out to you. 3. Even after doing that it only sometimes gives you the reward, whether that is the 30 currency or the 4 hours of 2x merit points. A lot of times the ad closes but you don’t get any rewards and sometimes it resets the 30 currency so you just miss out for that time cycle even though you sat through the ad.
This is frankly unacceptable and game breaking since I have sometimes gotten the ad repeatedly no matter what I do (close out the game or go through the ad and contact form) so I am basically going an hour or more without being able to progress anything.
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2023.04.15 18:32 ghettoxshot this app is terrible unless you premium

this app is terrible unless you premium
How alight motion feels after giving me an unskippable ad so i cant export my video
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2023.04.15 07:10 self-destruction_101 Wheel making clanking noises

I have a 17 se, when I’m driving at lower speeds usually below 45mph my front wheel makes a sort of clanking/rattling noise, it’s more noticeable if the road is in bad shape, I’ve been told it could be a wheel bearing or something with the sway link but I’m not sure, any advice?
UPDATE: I got my car inspected at Firestone complete auto care, 9.99 to inspect a lot of things and turns out the sound was coming from the brake hardware, the clips were installed backwards causing the pad and hardware to move around and not be snug
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2023.04.12 15:26 Responsible-Care-563 Stuck on this ad…

Stuck on this ad…
Anyone else having this issue? Cannot close, cannot collect reward, have to restart the game…
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