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2023.06.08 07:32 sadaharu2624 Shogi "Student Meijin Tournament" Winner Disqualified for Using AI App During the Game

Original Article here.
Posted on 6th June 2023.

Not really a Go incident but it became a big issue in the Go world in Japan since Go and Shogi are closely related.
Since it happened to Shogi it may very well happen to Go as well.
Do you think the incident could've been prevented?

Full article:
It has been revealed that the student who won this year's "Student Meijin Tournament," where the winner is granted qualification to participate in certain professional shogi competitions, has been disqualified for violating tournament regulations by using a shogi AI app during the game.
According to the All Japan Student Shogi Federation, the organizer of the "Student Meijin Tournament," after the final match held in Tokyo on the 4th, some participants raised concerns about the male student who emerged victorious, stating that "there were too many instances of absence from the board during the game and requested an investigation."
Subsequently, the federation conducted an inquiry with the student in question and discovered that he had possessed a smartphone with the power on during the game. It was found that he had used a shogi AI app that inputs the game position and suggests the best moves during the final and semifinal matches.
According to the tournament regulations, electronic devices should be turned off during the game, and the use of mobile phones during absence from the board is not permitted. It is specified that violators who are found to have used shogi software during the game will be disqualified.
As a result of the deliberation, the male student was disqualified, and the runner-up student was promoted to the winner's position.
According to the federation, the male student has not provided detailed explanations regarding the matter.
The "Student Meijin Tournament" is a competition that determines the top student shogi player in Japan. It has a history of 79 years and is sponsored by the Japan Shogi Association. The winner is granted qualification to participate in the "Asahi Cup Shogi Open Tournament" aimed at professional shogi players.
The All Japan Student Shogi Federation, in response to an inquiry from NHK, stated, "We have a belief in trusting the participants, so it is disappointing and surprising. We will deal strictly with any misconduct."
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2023.06.06 17:43 cariwinkle Struggling to continue fighting *TW: self-harm*

Hi all,
This will be a long post because I think I just need to get it all out somewhere.
I am a single mom to two kids (8 & 14). They both live with me full-time. They have different dads, and the father of my youngest is very involved, and we get along well. We co-parent well. He takes her often (one day a week and every other weekend, typically a bit more during school breaks). He pays CS. We attend events together (birthdays, softball games, etc.). I get along with his wife. It's just a really good co-parenting relationship.
The father of my older daughter (we'll call her A) is the complete opposite. He has a drinking problem, and I believe he is doing drugs now too. I'm not completely sure about the drugs as he lives 4 hours away, and I barely speak to him, but he is starting to lose teeth and other signs. My daughter has mostly lived with her father and stepmom up until 4 years ago. Throughout the time she lived with him, I had to deal with him withholding me from seeing her and verbally abusing me. It was like nothing I did was good enough. He even eventually made his wife at the time stop meeting me halfway. So, I would drive all the way there to pick her up or meet stepmom 3 hours away from my house - just to have weekend visits. I never took him to court because he comes from money, and I have had a much different life than him (I grew up in a single-parent household of an addict) and felt like I had nothing to fight with. I didn't realize how bad things were with him until one day A's stepmom called me and explained his drinking was so harmful that she was going to leave him, but she did want to leave A with him. This is when I found out just how bad his drinking had become, he was waking up drinking vodka, had seizures when he wasn't drinking (that A witnessed while they were on a plane flying back from a vacation), and has been in an accident with A in the car. And many other things I found out all at one time. This obviously was a dire situation, and A's stepmom got her to me within a week. A has been with me since.
Her dad has not given me a dollar of CS. He has been up to see her one time in this 4 year period. He came for his mom's wedding and stayed here for the weekend but only came to see A for an hour and a half, even though I asked him to see her more. Any time A has seen him outside of that 1.5 hours, it has been because of me either bringing her to the town he lives in and staying there in a hotel with her or me meeting her step gma halfway. She doesn't stay with him because 1. I won't let her, and 2. she doesn't want to because she knows it isn't safe. So when she is there, she stays with her gpa and step gma. Dad occasionally visits while she is there. I have constantly had issues with him coming in and causing emotional and mental damage with how he talks to her. He is constantly badmouthing me and her stepmom. I have found self-harm marks on her after a big incident with him when she went to visit. I have had her in counseling since she came to live with me (she's been through multiple counselors because she doesn't end up liking them) and have done what I can to help her cope.
But I think I finally hit a breaking point a couple of months ago when I found out she tried to OD, taking a bunch of Benadryl right after he started telling her that I didn't love her and I abandoned her to go party when she lived with him. I finally took out a loan to hire a lawyer, and I am asking for supervised visitation/communication through a third party that he has to pay for and temporary sole custody until he undergoes psych and addiction evaluations and completes any recommended treatment that comes from that.
However, right before this suicide attempt happened, she had been saying she wanted to go live with him. This usually happens any time she gets in trouble. I have found out she has been vaping, drinking, sending nudes, meeting random men on Snapchat, and a bunch of other risky behavior. I found this out all at once when she was in the mental facility due to the suicide attempt when I went through her phone. So, when I found something out, I take her devices (phone, computer, etc.), set chores, and I'm making her volunteer this summer. I told her she couldn't get a job or learn how to drive until I see she is being responsible. So, when she figures out that I find something out, she would call her dad from her friend's phone while she was in school and tell him she wants to live with him.
Honestly, I don't know that he will even try to fight anything in court because I know he knows deep down that he is not a good parent to A. That's why he never tried to get A back when her stepmom brought her to me. We have had one court hearing via Zoom, and he didn't show up and hasn't hired a lawyer that my lawyer knows of yet. We have another court date on June 22. But now he is telling A he is going to fight for full custody, and I'm trying to keep him away from her by filing a "restraining order" and that I will get arrested for kidnapping. While I know this isn't true, it just fuels more of this teenage rebellion and turns this whole thing into a giant battle. It also feels like I'm fighting his whole family by myself.
I'm honestly at my wit's end. Being a single parent is so hard. It's hard enough on its own. But I feel like I'm constantly fighting this person and trying to protect A to the best of my ability while at the same time parent in scary situations against a person that is egging this behavior on. I'm just losing it. I feel like I can't win. I'm pretty sure I will win this court stuff, but it's still scary, and this is so hard, and I just don't know what to do. I also don't know how long this court situation will go on and I don't know that I can afford to take out another loan to continue to pay for the lawyer. Honestly, I hate saying this, but part of me just wants to give up and let her go live with him. And I'm mad at myself for even thinking like that. I know how awful that would be for her. I know how manipulative and toxic and abusive he is. I would never actually do it but I'm mad for even thinking it. I'm just struggling so much with all of this.
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2023.06.01 16:50 melow_shri This is a List of Evidence-Backed Posts (With Links) in This Sub and From Some "External" Sources That I've Been Compiling for My Benefit and for the Benefit of New Members Here. It is Not Exhaustive and I Intend to Keep Updating It. I Hope It Helps New Members Access Crucial Information Here.

About Amber Heard

Have you HEARD about her? [External: Twitter]
Who is Amber Heard? [External:]
All of Amber Heard's Projects and Where to Watch & Support Them.
Amber Heard in the book 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World, 2017.
Amber Heard Can Be Quite Inspiring, When Seen As a Human Being.
Amber Heard reads the letter of Chanel Miller in 2016 and presents her with the Glamour Woman of the Year award.
Amber Heard’s Grace and Class.
Amber Heard's Settlement Full Instagram Post.
Books Amber has been seen reading.
Subreddit dedicated to Amber Heard.
Twitter Thread of Threads About Amber Heard. [External: Twitter]
Some of Amber Heard's Activism. [External: Twitter]
Why Amber Heard Said She Was "So Wrong, Just So Fucking Wrong".
Sadness over the acting career Amber has missed and is currently missing out on.
Despite everything she's going through, Amber's still managing grace.
Action plan to make sure this doesn't happen again.
A Holiday Gift for Amber Heard.
Bernardo Triana did a live video talking about his experience with Amber.
Man (Krishna Patel) defends Amber Heard, attests to her kindness.
How Amber Heard looks in real life. [External: Twitter]
Just a thread of Amber Heard being unbelievably cute. [External: Twitter]

The Case for Amber Heard

Why We Believe Amber Heard: Part 1 and Part 2.
Why You Should Believe Amber Heard.
Why I Believe Amber Heard.
Dr. Bonnie Jacobs' Notes (2011-2014).
Dr. Bonnie Jacobs' Notes (Unsealed) (2011-2019).
A Video Summary of Dr. Bonnie Jacobs' Unsealed Notes by Medusone.
Medusone's Neutral Breakdown of the Entire Relationship Timeline With Receipts.
A complete timeline of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard relationship and abuse allegations from both sides. [External: Twitter]
The Jurors' Reasoning for Why They Ruled For Depp is Deeply Flawed. [Twitter version here]
Amber Heard's Testimony In Virginia: Part 1 & Part 2.
Evidence for May 21, 2016, the night that Amber Heard left Johnny Depp for good. [External: Twitter]
Amber Heard's Interrogatory Statements.
Depp v Heard: How is this defamation? - A post-separation timeline with sources. [External: Fauxmoi].
Intimate Terrorism, DARVO, and Violent Resistance: Part 1 (2011-2013) & Part 2 (2014).
Amber Heard's violence against Johnny Depp was a reaction to years of being subjected to physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse from him. [External: Twitter]
Amber Heard only hit Johnny Depp in self defence. [External: Twitter]
Witnesses to Johnny Depp's Violent Behavior, Abuse of Amber Heard, and the After Effects. [External: Twitter]
Revisiting Stephen Deuters' texts and the time Depp infamously kicked Amber on a plane.
List of Receipts.
Paige Heard saw timely photographs of bruises and texts about Johnny Depp's actions from Amber Heard.
About the Nose Amber Said She Thought Was Broken.
All the times you can see the cuts that Johnny Depp gave Amber Heard in Australia.
The Gold-Digger Files: Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Michele Mulrooney and the Post-Nup Negotiations.
Johnny Depp strangled Amber Heard on her honeymoon.
Johnny Depp fans were noticing bruises on Amber Heard as early as 2013.
Johnny Depp admitted Amber Heard's photographs were consistent with being headbutted.
Dr. Amy Banks, a world-renowned relationships psychiatrist, believes Amber Heard.
Nurse Lisa Beane on being told by Dr. Kipper that Depp injured Amber Heard.
The context to the "I hit you" audio that Johnny Depp edited out of his leaked audios.
Does This Look Like a Woman "Obsessed" With Johnny Depp?
This Backstage Photo of Amber Heard on James Corden's 'The Late Late Show' in December 16, 2015.
Was Amber Heard really that unbelievable as a sexual assault victim.

The Case Against Depp

A Look At The Inconsistent And Conspiratorial Nature Of Those Who Support Johnny Depp.
Some of the Many Problems With Depp's "Hoax Theory." [A Comment]
More Problems With the "Hoax Theory."
Full text conversation between Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp discussing Amber and ERW.
How himpathy plays a role in the Depp-Heard case.
Let's talk about how Johnny terrorized Amber with coercive control.
Let's Talk About Johnny Depp's Financial Abuse of Amber Heard.
More of Johnny Depp's Financial Abuse of Amber Heard: The Mustang Repair Costs.
Depp & Love Bombing: A Deep Dive into Magazines, Interviews, Texts, and More about Depp’s Relationship Cycles.
Frequent property destruction is abusive and part of domestic violence.
Johnny Depp Acknowledging That the Allegations Would Ruin Amber Heard's Career NOT his.
A List of All the Evidence Showing that Johnny Depp Injured That Finger. [A Comment]
The Sexual Objectification & Dehumanization of Amber Heard. [External: Twitter]
The Truth About the Poop Incident. [External: Twitter]
More Truth About the Poop Incident. [External: Twitter]
Even More Truth About the Poop Incident. [External: Twitter]
The Case of the Witnesses Who Testified in the UK Trial but Were Rather Conveniently Missing From the Virginia Trial: 1. Hilda Vargas; 2. Trinity Esparza;
I struggle to think of a single accusation from Johnny Depp that wasn't projection.
The Australia Dogs Case.
Johnny Depp's violence against co-workers; More of Johnny Depp's violence against co-workers; Even more of Johnny Depp's violence against co-workers.
Johnny Depp's narcissism.
Amber Heard was being hated from the start for being a “homewrecker”.
Johnny Depp's Fading Star Power in Charts.

Johnny Depp's Lies

(Some of) The lies of Johnny Depp: A Compilation.
More of the Lies of Johnny Depp: A Thread. [External: Twitter]
Johnny Depp's Lies in the UK Trial. [External: Twitter]
Some of Johnny Depp's Glaring Inconsistencies that His Supporters Overlook Or Excuse.
In response to "how can you believe her lies??". [External: Fauxmoi/]
The Photoshopped Photo. [External: Twitter]
UK vs. VA Trial - Johnny Depp's Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence.
Johnny Depp lying about his cast.
Johnny Depp lied that he's never ever - not even in self-defense - struck Amber Heard or any woman.
Johnny Depp Lied That He Wasn't Addicted to Cocaine.
The lie that Amber Heard getting the TRO against Depp in 2016 ended his life. [External: Twitter]
The lie that Amber Heard ruined Johnny Depp's career. [External: Twitter]

Johnny Depp's Witnesses' Lies

The Lies of JD's Witnesses. [External: Twitter]
Kate James: The Sexual Assault Lie [A Comment] and The Spitting Lie. Her Rude Testimony.
Kate James: A Deep Dive. [External: Twitter]
Shannon Curry, Part 1: A Forensic Psychologist With 25+ Years Experience and 500+ Forensic and Psychological Evaluations Compares Shannon Curry's Methods to Dr. Hughes'. [External: YouTube]
Shannon Curry, Part 2: Her Testimony and Her Opinions Before She Met Amber Heard [A Comment].
Shannon Curry, Part 3: Her Praising Emily D. Baker During the Trial (on May 28, 2022). More of Her Unethical Twitter Activities During and After the Trial.
Shannon Curry, Part 4: Curry v. Dr. Hughes, Who Should You Believe? [External: Twitter]
Stephen Deuters. [A Comment]
The Kevin Murphy & Starling Jenkins Testimony Swap.
Starling Jenkins: The Missing Phones.
David Kipper.
Adam Waldman and the 75+ Questions He Refused to Amber.
Adam Waldman and His Shady Putin-Linked Dealings.
Sean Bett.
Isaac Baruch.
Morgan Higby Night.
Morgan Tremaine: His Lie, The Depp Tattoo and His 15 Minutes of Fame.
Debbie Lloyd.
Jennifer Howell: About Her Letter.
Samantha McMillen.
Monroe Tinker (during deposition).

Johnny Depp's Past and Friends

Depp In His Own Words and Those of His Coworkers (1995-2006).
This has always been who he is: a deep dive into magazines, tabloids and blogs regarding Depp’s reputation.
Johnny Depp's legal woes: Arrests and settlements.
Johnny Depp Himself Ruined His Own Career. [A Comment]
Johnny Depp's Unusually Long List of Abusive Friends.
Gregg Ellis. The Restraining Order Against Him.
J. K. Rowling.
Lori Anne Allison & Morgan Higby Night.
Lori Anne Allison.
Johnny Depp’s Bodyguard Jerry Judge Offered Money to Gold Coast Bulletin Reporter in 2016.

Anti-Amber Myths Debunked

List of AH/JD abuse myths debunked: Part 1 & Part 2 [External: Fauxmoi/].
A thread on debunking misinformation about the Depp v. Heard trial and malicious myths about Amber Heard. [External: Twitter]
Another thread debunking myths, lies, and conspiracies about Amber Heard. [External: Twitter]
Amber vs. Johnny: Myths, Misconceptions, and the Failure of Media. [External: YouTube]
The Myth that Amber Heard Murdered Someone in a Car Crash Debunked.
That Amber Leaked the Kitchen Video to TMZ: TMZ has always been in Depp's pockets.
That Amber Leaked the Kitchen Video to TMZ: A Rebuttal and Debunking.
That Amber Leaked the Kitchen Video to TMZ: The Whole TMZ /Copyright Summarised in a Tweet.
Johnny Depp was the One that Leaked the Kitchen Video. [External: Twitter]
That Amber Heard is a "Gold-Digger." [External: Twitter]
That Everyone Believed Amber Heard Before the US, Virginia Trial: A Study & Some Receipts. More Receipts. Even More Receipts. More More Receipts [External: Twitter].
That Amber Shed No Tears On the Stand.
That Amber Purposely Submitted and Lied About the Two Identical Photos that She Submitted.
That Amber Called TMZ When She Went to Court to Get a TRO on May 27, 2016. In addition, Note That TMZ Has Employees Stationed at That Courthouse at All Times.
On the Claim that Amber Heard's Injuries Do Not Matcher Her Testimony.
On the Topic of Amber Heard's Sexual Assault Injuries.
The Pledge-Donation Distraction: A major gifts experienced fundraiser explains that they use "pledge" and "donation" synonymously in the field; Pledge & Donate are used interchangeably by many media sources; Amber Heard was on schedule with her donation payments before Depp sued her. [All External: Twitter]
The "Satanic sex parties" conspiracy theory. [External: Twitter]
The Lies From Paul Barresi.
Do We Believe Amber Heard Just Because She's a Woman?.
On the Viral Lie that Amber Heard Cheered for Domestic Violence. [External: Twitter]
False Sexual Assault Allegations are Extremely Rare: What Studies Show. [External: Twitter]

The Unsealed Documents

The unsealed documents thread (2022). [External: Twitter]
Even more unsealed documents (2023). [External: Twitter]
Johnny Depp attempted to use revenge p*rn against Amber Heard.
Dr. Kipper's Deposition Evidencing the Extent of Johnny Depp's Drug Use and Its Negative Effects.
Johnny Depp Drugged Ellen Barkin With Quaaludes.
Evidence of Johnny Depp's memory problems that was hidden from the trial.
Stephen Deuters' Deposition Showing Him Expressing Belief that Depp Injured That Finger.

The VA Trial: Selected Important Issues

To watch the trial without commentary to maintain objectivity, click this. (External: YouTube]
Summary of Amber Heard's Motion to Set Aside Verdict.
Grounds for Amber Heard’s Appeal.
The Real-Time Effects of the Trial On a Domestic Abuse Survivor.
How Johnny Depp Fans Reacted When the Judge Granted Amber Heard's Request to Keep the Jurors' Identities Sealed for One Year After the Trial.
About that Imposter Juror.
Why Amber Heard was Looking at the Jurors So Often.
Why the Jurors Very Likely Were On Social Media During the Trial.
Proof that at Least One of the Jurors was on Social Media While in Court.
Did the Jurors Pay Attention During the Trial and Look at the Evidence? Not Likely. I mean, Not Likely At All.
Why Dr. Bonnie Jacobs Was Not Called to Testify By Amber Heard's Team.

The UK Trial: Selected Important Issues

The Judgement: Web Page [External:] and PDF [External:].
Dismissal of Johnny Depp's Application to Appeal.
NGN / Dan Wootton closing submissions.
More about NGN / Dan Wootton closing submissions.
Raeden Greer's Summary of the UK Trial Judgement.

Johnny Depp's Anti-Amber PR Campaign: The Evidence

The Company that Johnny Depp Used for His PR.
Assessment of the credibility of Dr. Teresa C. Silva.
The incel hate group of youtubers that spawned anti-Heard content.
Brian McPherson ("Incredibly Average") is Lying and I can Prove it: Part 1 & Part 2.
The Skewed Trial Viewership Stats that Show that Far More People Watched Pro-Depp Clips and Content than Watched All the Trial.
The Power of Social Media in the Spread of Propaganda.

Support For Amber

A list of public figures who support Amber Heard. [External: Fauxmoi]
The Open Letter for Amber Heard.
Whitney Heard.
Constance Wu.
Phoebe Bridgers.
Emily Ratajkowski (aka EmRata).
Julia Fox.
Amy Ziering.
Zara Larsson.
Constance Hall.
Masterlist of youtubers who HAVE supported Amber Heard.
Mega-List of Some Major Pro-Amber Heard Twitter Accounts.
Leftists should have been Amber's biggest supporters.

Those Against Amber

Celebs who liked Johnny Depp's post (updated list). [External: Fauxmoi]
What celebrities and other public figures have said about Depp v Heard (includes few pro-Amber celebs). [External: Fauxmoi]
Celebrities who supported Johnny Depp/mocked Amber Heard. [External: Twitter, Suspended]
Celebrities who have supported Depp / Made fun of Amber Heard. [External: Twitter]
Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
Serena Williams.
The Awful Things That Some of JD's Friends and Celebrity Supporters Have Done.

Those Who Mocked Amber

YouTubers who mocked Amber Heard and her testimony.
TikTokers who Mocked Amber Heard and her testimony: Part 1 & Part 2. [External: Twitter]
Zachary Levi.
Doja Cat.
Melissa Chen.
Andrea Burkhart.
The Problem with Emily D. Baker.

Those Who Changed Their Minds

People Who at First Fell for the Pro-Depp propaganda but Later Changed Their Minds.
Former Depp supporters who changed their minds AFTER the trial.
Not Even Emily (@uhhmmily).
My Grandma Opened my Eyes.

Bullying And Harassment Against Amber and Her Supporters

Death threats towards Amber and Oonagh Heard on Twitter.
The worst artwork/takes I've seen made about Amber Heard, and the global humiliation she had to endure (Major TW: graphic misogyny).
The normalized sexual objectification of Amber Heard by Johnny Depp’s supporters.
The Coloring Book Dedicated to Abusing Amber Heard.
The Game Abusing Amber Heard.
Death threats against Amber Heard in 2020. [External: Twitter]
Those who mocked Amber Heard on Halloween. [External: Twitter]
Megathread documenting the abuse and harassment faced by those who supported Amber Heard.
Thread of some of the abuse and harassment targeting Amber and her supporters . [External: Twitter]
Mélanie Inglessis said that she faced online harassment, received death threats, feared for her safety, and that testifying on behalf of Amber Heard puts her career in jeopardy.
Attacks Against the Signatories of the Open Letter for Amber Heard.
Johnny Depp supporters have started harassing Amber Heard’s ex-girlfriend Bianca Butti who is recovering from breast cancer.
Attacks Against Cara Delevingne.
The Attempted Racist Doxxing of Kamilla.

Past Lawsuits

Depp v. TMG (His Past Financial Managers).
Gregg Rocky Brooks vs. John C. Depp et al: The Case in a Nutshell; Depp's GQ Slip-Up; The Settlement.
Who let the dogs in? A breakdown of the Australia dog smuggling controversy.
About Amber's Insurance Suits.
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2023.05.31 03:06 kolektoworks Kape at Balita (Summary - May 31)

What Happened?



Read today's newsletter here

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2023.05.31 03:05 kolektoworks Kape at Balita (Summary - May 31)

What Happened?



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2023.05.30 19:13 ImaMess87 I (very stupidly) thought the theatrics were over. MIL called

So over DHs long weekend for Memorial Day (he doesn’t get a lot of time off and he wasn’t about to call his parents) his parents called him. Of course it was my FIL calling but he had MIL (for context if you need)waiting in the wings.
At first DH was irritated and didn’t want to answer. And I said to him “do you just want to get it over with because they’ll call again.” So he answers. Luckily we were on our way to Walmart so he had a time limit and an out.
They try the usual pleasantries. Asked about our son and how I was doing. It gave me the ick because cmon that’s not what they’re calling about.
Then I hear my MIL (the phone isn’t on speaker) say, “no matter how far we are I’ll always love you.” She’s f*cking sobbing. If I rolled my eyes any harder I would’ve crashed the car. (Edit: I felt bad immediately after doing this though. It was an automatic reaction and DH knows how I feel about them and he doesn’t need me having an attitude about his parents)
After he got off the the phone call because we’d arrived at the store we agreed to start therapy this coming weekend.
I have no clue what this woman’s deal is. I’m glad I live thousands of miles away from them.
Oh and bonus content is GMIL told DH that she “needed to talk to him.” It’s about me and my rudeness. I cannot wait to hear about what an ogre I am. He hasn’t called her back. (Edit: mind you this old miss has been sitting on this for probably a month +. Just waiting and stewing in it)
Basically what happened with GMIL is a set a boundary and shut her down because she was being very out of pocket and rude with me about something that wasn’t even about me but about DH. I told her (respectfully) to relay her grievances with her grandson. She was pissed. Told every in law that’s listen and cried to my FIL (for context). I showed DH what she said and he’s in my side fully. My FIL already called DH though about GMILs hurt feelings (pride most likely) so idk what else this woman wants to say.
What’s their goal when they do this crap? Should I encourage my husband not to answer or just let him answer. I told him I’ll leave that up to him. But he doesn’t like when they call. I don’t want to seem like I’m steering him one way or another when I really all I want is to be supportive. But I’m not sure if supportive is saying maybe he should answer so he doesn’t get harassed or saying don’t answer because he doesn’t owe them anything.
But my friends think this is their effort to get us divorced so they have access to our kids. As if I’m the only party that doesn’t want to be around them…
Also if you have any advice for my husband (coming from the other spouses perspective or anything for that matter) drop that comment below too. I show him these posts.
Oh and good lord major. They started talking about a road trip (past our state) around the time I’m due with my baby. DH was tactful about it and said I’m due sometime in that month but we don’t know when. I think after all the negativity they put on our pregnancies they’re thinking about showing up for the birth without telling us.
Here’s the original post I linked but it got taken down for the 24hr rule:
So my mil cried on the phone when my husband announced our second pregnancy. I’m due this fall. She apparently has been telling people she feels like a bad mother when we have kids.
Well all my ILs (MIL, FIL, and GMIL) spoke negatively about my first baby and this pregnancy. MIL had high expectations that I didn’t fulfill for her and her idea of being a gma. FIL asked if both of my pregnancies were on purpose and told DH our baby would just end up a drug addict (we don’t do any drugs, we don’t even drink) and GMIL just said “oh” the first time. Second pregnancy she wasn’t all too excited either.
So flash forward all my ILs are taking a road trip this fall… I can’t believe I forgot about this in my last post. It jogged my memory. They’ll be coming up through our state this fall.. when I’m due
They asked over a phone call when I’m due… and immediately brought up their family road trip and asked DH if he was available. My lord.
I’m not letting them in. I don’t know what they’re cooking up. But it ain’t good
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2023.05.24 15:21 CryptographerBest909 stay with my family for another month or go with my friends to Croatia

Okay, so I'm in a bit of a connudrum. I've been with my family who lives abroad for 4 months now. This is the 1st time is ever I've spent so long here and it really feels like my 2nd home. My grandma is dealing with long-covid and some heart problems and lives alone in her house (she does have a maid coming every day, but she seems a bit.. cunning, and still she is alone at night).
Tomorrow we're getting a dog here, the small swimming pool my gma had made for us a few years ago now has warm water and I've got a bike so that I can travel a bit more independently. We can stay till 15 of august max. and after that I probably won't be able to return for a year.
However my friends want to go on a trip to Croatia, we'd be going to 3 places and go visit beaches and parties and everything. It'd be the first time I would be without parental supervision, and it could be really good for my independence and also just really fun. However they want to go between 15-20 july, partly because my friend will have her period and she doesn't wanna take hormones so we'd have to go before, which means I'd have to leave one month earlier.
This would have as consequences that I couldn't do a few courses I wanted to and I might not be able to get my driving license here, depending on when I get my ID (and the waiting period for doing a practice exam in my home country is 4 months), I would have to fly alone for the 1st time in my life at like 1 am with a stop in the middle of the night. Tmi maybe, but I'd also have to take hormones to delay my period as it falls in the time of the vacation, even though I don't really feel comfortable with it.
They also seemed to not have any understanding why it's hard for me to leave, saying things like "It's not like you haven't been there long enough." and that "it feels like you're choosing your family over us (which I understand), but still" and "selfish, but it feels like I can't hangout with you anymore because you aren't here", etc. Besides it also feels like most compromises seem to have to come from me (the paragraphs above). If they want to see me that badly, you'd think my friend would consider taking meds
One part of me wants to not go because of this while another part doesn't wanna miss out and realizes it will probably be a lot of fun, so... which one should I do?
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2023.05.18 21:11 Thundermelons Select NuFace, Strivection, Dr. Brandt, Beautystat, Perricone MD and Makeup Eraser 50% off on GMA Deals

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2023.05.17 23:20 pieryewhitebread Sand Cloud Gma Deals Coupon Code

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2023.05.17 23:19 pieryewhitebread Sand Cloud Gma Coupon Code

Click the link for Sand Cloud Gma Coupon Code. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.05.17 23:03 pieryewhitebread Sand Cloud Gma Discount

Look at for Sand Cloud Gma Discount. When you need the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the perfect spot to check. They also have current deals available.
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2023.05.17 02:31 kolektoworks Kape at Balita (Summary - May 17)

What Happened?



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2023.05.17 02:29 kolektoworks Kape at Balita (Summary - May 17)

What Happened?



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2023.05.17 02:29 kolektoworks Kape at Balita (Summary - May 17)

What Happened?



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2023.05.13 12:31 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: (D)fault by Nick Turner & Crooked Media (05/12/23)

"You have every right to be outraged today and angry and never watch this network again." - Anderson Cooper, freeing us all

Sighs, The Limit

Just in case you weren’t worried enough, we are only weeks away from economic catastrophe.
Ok, so that is how it is playing out in the political theater of Washington, but what does all of this really mean for you and your Velcro wallet?
This whole circus began with Republicans preening for the amusement of their base. Ultimately, at their donors’ behest, it’s still possible that they will treat the debt limit like a poker player with pocket aces, and raise.

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

Crooked Coffee’s always-sold-out Cold Brewer is back in stock – just in time for summer. The Cold Brewer is an easy way to make delicious cold brew at home, so you don’t have to leave the house or pay $7 to get your caffeine fix. It’s like having a fancy cafe in your fridge, but you never have to fight anyone for an outlet.
These always sell out, so grab yours today at

Under The Radar

Serbia has joined a growing list of countries responding to mass shootings by GASP getting rid of guns. After two recent mass shootings in the country which saw 16 citizens murdered, the country has already started implementing its reforms this week. Six-thousand guns, 300,000 rounds of ammunition, and nearly 500 explosive devices have been handed over in an amnesty designed to disarm the country. This is a quick response when compared to the U.S. for sure, but what took them so long? The U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Finland all started restricting assault weapons after just one mass shooting.
And, yes, Serbia has a serious gun culture. Serbia is among the most heavily armed countries in the world due largely to the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. It actually has the third-highest rate of civilian gun ownership per capita in the world, at 39 guns for every 100 citizens. That’s a lot—but less than a third of the 120 guns per 100 citizens that the U.S. can boast. U.S.A! U.S.A! But amnesty isn’t the only new gun-control policy. This month Serbia enacted a two-year moratorium on new permits for handguns and hunting weapons. It also promises to review all existing permits within three months, reduce the number of small firearms by 20 percent, and institute medical, psychiatric, and drug tests on those who hold permits.

What Else?

George Santos has confessed to stealing checks in an effort to reach a plea deal. No, not for that indictment, this is for the one in Brazil where he also faces charges.
Get out of the way, WGA, the pilots union needs the sidewalks for its own picket lines. Pilots for United Airlines, who haven’t received a raise in four years, marched in picket lines in major airports Friday but are unlikely to strike.
The new “No Labels” party finally gets a label as it comes under fire for registering voters who mistakenly believed they were just signing a petition. Label this party DOA.
Olive Oil is the latest victim of climate change. Olive harvests are suffering from drought threatening to raise the price of a kitchen staple. (And TikTok isn't helping either.)
CNN defended its decision to let Trump piss all over them. The network rivals only Bud Light in its understanding of its base.
Texas just made it easier for unlicensed chaplains to infiltrate schools and, some fear, religiously indoctrinate students.
The hours-long mystery is over. The new Twitter CEO is Linda Yaccarino, former NBCUniversal ad chief. Congratulations to Elon Musk for getting two days of headlines out of one news story.
They should have filled them up with lead (gently) but the two professional fishermen caught filling fish with lead weights in last year’s viral video receive 10 days in jail and forfeiture of a $100,000 boat.
Disney darling Jimmie Allen is being sued by his former manager who alleges a history of sexual assault. His label has already dropped him, just like his wife did a month ago. That’s not a good sign for his defense.
Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass wants to move the needle on housing the unhoused by buying a 15-story hotel and getting people off of the streets.

Be Smarter

South Korea is leading the way in the rise of “no-kid zones” in formerly family-friendly restaurants, museums, airlines, and libraries. These are separate from places like nightclubs where children are legally barred. The label refers to children under 13 years of age. These zones have no legal basis but have increased since their introduction in 2014. They’ve even spawned other popular restrictions such as “no-youth zones,” which bar entrance to middle and high schoolers, and even “no-tuber zones” to deter people from making content inside certain businesses, which could disturb other patrons.
The initial “no-kid zones” are still the most popular and were a response to parents who refused to restrain their kids from running and screaming in public, damaging property, and those who would change their baby’s diapers in restaurants. Surveys have shown that the majority of the population is in favor of these zones, although Korean politicians have been trying to outlaw them. If you’re salivating at the thought of dining free of screaming children where you are, you’re in luck, because parts of the U.S. have them too. And so do the U.K., Canada, and Germany. If climate change wasn’t enough reason to rethink having kids, not being able to eat out just might push people over the edge.

Light At The End Of The Email

The oldest ever dog just turned 31 years old. Move over Dianne Feinstein.
Finally, a YouTuber gets what’s coming to him. Man who crashed plane for views agrees to plea deal. No word on if the stunt took place in a “no tube zone.”
It’s been 100 years since the Seine River in Paris has been swimmable, but they say that will change by the 2024 Olympics. Even when it’s clean though, you should probably try to avoid the boats.


stars/lou ✩ on Twitter: "ah yes the two sexualities, queer and italian"
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2023.05.12 20:42 squareshapedorb GMA Deal: half off Bombas socks and undies
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2023.05.10 04:47 braeden_itsmeh Tough Situation with grandparents

Hello reddit. My family has recently taken a hit, my grandparents house was foreclosed on and we were all completely blind-sided. A little bit of context, my grandpa worked his entire life and finally retired from a government position a couple years back. My grandma at the time told me that they forced him to retire, and ever since she's been nagging him to get another job. She hasn't worked since they got married like 30 years ago. They have 2 horses, 3 dogs, and 4 cats, so when we found out the house was being foreclosed, it was a shock, why didn't she ask for any kind of help? Pride I assume. So fast forward to a couple months ago, she still hasn't found a place (it didn't really seem like she was working on it, but who knows she doesnt tell us shit) and basically forces my mom to let her move into an already full house, (3 kids not including me, im away for college).
My mom reluctantly let her move in on the condition they'd find a place within a couple weeks, and its been two months, going on another 2. grandma is actually going on a trip to New Mexico to visit her brother in a week, priorities are obviously not where they ought to be. As for my grandpa, he's gotten a job at walmart and tries to help out around the house with various things. My gma also still owns a new F-150, which they obviously cannot afford, for the horses which I believe they should also sell.
Here's where the real issue comes from, every time one of us tries to tell her something she doesn't want to hear, she'll pack up and go to her best friend's house (don't know why she cant stay there, they have room for horses and such) for like maybe a week and then she'll just randomly come back still with no game plan.
My mom was told they'd have a place as of June, but she's worried gma is lying to her again. Gma has kind of dug herself into a hole as she's never really developed the right communication skills for even conversing with our family. I know she's scared and depressed and stressed, she's old, doesn't want to deal with this, and I assume she thinks my mom will just let her stay indefinitely. I have no idea what steps should be taken here. On one hand she's family, and gma HAS let us move in temporarily while my mom and step-dad were having issues, but now ALL of their stuff is at my mom's so they cant access the garage, my little sister is sleeping in my mom's room while gma takes her room. What's the most fair course of action.
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2023.05.08 21:11 Wise_Carrot5522 [US, US] [H] Graded Cards (PSA/CGC/Others) & Japanese Southern Islands Sealed 1 Pack [W] PayPal G&S

The Goods w/ Timestamp

Hey all! Needing to raise a few funds so looking to let go of some graded cards and a sealed southern islands pack. Pricing based off of and Ebay Recently Sold. Not looking for trades at this time, only PayPal. Feel free to throw any offers my way, the worst I can do is counter or say no. Looking forward to making some deals with some of you! Prices are below:
Edit: Shipping is $5 BMWT (unless otherwise negotiated or purchasing multiple items)

Gone: Southern Islands Postcard, Red's Pikachu, Channeler
Project Piplup PSA 9 - $25
Red’s Pikachu PSA 10- $110
Venusaur Black Star Promo PSA 5 - $45
Typhlosion PSA 9- $45
Koga PSA 8- $35
Channeler PSA 10 - $40
Nidoqueen PSA 8- $30
Dark Gyarados Prerelease PSA 8- $30
Dark Jolteon CGC 7.5 - $10
Swablu CGC 7 - $10
Magneton (Spanish) CGC 8 - $25
Scyther SV1 Beckett 9- $15
Latios EX GMA 5- $10
Blaziken VMAX TG DSG 9- $20
Japanese Southern Islands Sealed Postcard - $25
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2023.05.05 13:55 TangeloFluid765 PSA. Spot the fake 24 Oras screenshot. Chart from a social media friend.

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2023.05.04 15:04 253mm GMA Deals: 50% off select Nest New York, Dr Whitney Bowe skincare and more

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2023.05.03 17:17 __mamaof2 WIBTA if I skip my brothers wedding ceremony

My (25f) brother (29m) is getting married this June. Him and I used to be extremely close but he moved states and met his now fiancé. After meeting her I’m not sure what happened but he stopped texting and calling me as much and when he comes home to visit he makes like no plans with me I always have to initiate the plans.
Regardless of all that I have supported him through his engagement and wedding plans. But about two months ago he mentioned to me (because of me texting him about outfits for my kids for the wedding) that kids aren’t allowed at the ceremony but there will be a babysitter. I told him I’m not really comfortable leaving them with someone I don’t know so I’ll sit out of the ceremony and come to the reception. He was kind of upset about that and made a deal with me that I could choose the babysitter and they would pay for it. (Mind you I’m not the only one with kids. I think they’ll be like 6 kids total.)
so I asked one of my mom friends from the park if she would do the babysitting there because I know her pretty well and she babysits M-F in the morning so I know she has experience. My brother said perfect he’ll contact her and work out all the details. I was under the impression it was all taken care of. Just yesterday he texts me if we could talk on the phone. We haven’t spoken on the phone in probably over a year so it was really odd. When he called me he told me that the babysitter wasn’t going to work out because she had to bring her own two kids and they found and already signed a contract with a babysitting agency for the wedding and it’s all worked out and finished. I just said ok and didn’t say anything about my back and forth now about sitting out of the ceremony.
I texted my cousin who also has two kids and she thinks it’s weird leaving her kids with someone they don’t know too so her husband is going to sit out of the ceremony to watch their kids then just come to the reception. (I haven’t asked my cousin about her husband watching my kids during the ceremony I feel awkward asking but that could be an option) I mentioned to my gma about being uncomfortable leaving my kids with someone I don’t know and she didn’t seem to understand why and said I should just leave them with the babysitter.
I never once was rude to my brother about not letting kids at the ceremony. I respect it because it’s his wedding but I feel like whatever I decide should also be respected bc they’re my kids so it’s my decision.
So WIBTA if I sat out the ceremony even though my brother would be upset about it?
Edit : some people have said I won’t leave kids with babysitter (that I don’t know) bc he pushed away from me. I never leave kids with babysitter. Not just in this situation also in situations that’ll benefit only me. Hair gym hanging with friends.
Edit 2: I don’t mind if people say “YTA” obviously I posted here. But just for clarification. I’m not “salty” towards my brother. I’m not a spiteful person. It’s out of concern for my kids and im looking for input on that. As mentioned I’m happy for him and have supported him.
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2023.04.28 23:40 Ahsiuqal Frustrated with dad/gma's want to spend money /gifts on me. How do I approach them about it?

TLDR at the end. My dad (40s) and his mom (70s) are not biologically related to me (20s). He's my mom ex and I met him when I was a kid. He had a huge impact on me and bcus of him, I grew up a nerd loving everything Star Wars, Marvel, etc etc.
He and gma gifted me many figurines, dolls, books, art stuff; basically anything of interest that I liked. As a kid, I enjoyed all of this and was always grateful. Even after him and my mom broke up, they didn't let up with the gifts. I didn't understand back then how much they spent on me when I had to put my entire collection in storage when I left for college.
Living in another city, with 3 other roommates, I have a shoebox room with not a lot of space. I'm very money conscious now, I budget everything and try to live as frugal as I can. My frustration is that they know my living conditions yet continue to send me stuff. And whatever they send, I look up the price and get even more frustrated. Ex: Star Trek delta pin badges (2, $20 ea), Captain Carter merch; statue, her shield statue, her socks... Then ashoka statue, ST posters. A Keurig machine that I've expressed I don't drink coffee so it sits there until I need water for boiling tea. Gma sent me a used cookbook ( we share recipes since I love to cook). She asked how's the condition and I said "Great! Dinks on the edges but great condition!" And then a week later sends me a brand new copy of it bcus of the dinks??? A recent purchase also grinded my gears. Dad sends me a message that he found a cute gift for my cat bcus it's Mandalorian themed. I said my cat is picky with toys, pls don't send anything. Ignores it, so what does he send? Chew toy set for dogs. :
I know it's their money, but they're getting older. Gma has had cancer before and has diabetes that needs managing. Dad is very fit but sometimes goes overboard, he has hurt his rotator cuff, leg and ankle. He stopped physical therapy bcus it was expensive. Not to mention the glimpses of things they mention they purchase for themselves like daily coffee or weekly salmon/steak or the figurine shopping sprees he has with his friends. Im not lying when I say that they're not rich at all. Dad has no job, so idk where their money is coming from. But it's the fact that I don't know this that stresses me out when I get expensive stuff from them. They even Venmo me money. I haven't spent a single dime of it and plan to give it back to them via check (currently close to $1k). I have told him yet, but I blocked him on my Venmo.
Whenever I get a message from them saying "Package incoming!" I dread it bcus I know it's something I don't need/want and that it's going to take up space. He sent me a ST Enterprise model which I can't even display bcus it's huge and I literally have no space to put it. I've told them multiple times I have no space. It's like they're addicted to spending.
I hope this post doesn't come across as mean/ungrateful. I am immensely, eternally glad I have them in my life for the support and love they've given me. I treasure all the things they've given me that has fueled my passions. But as I get older, working a minimum wage job, getting a degree with a poor future outlook and stressing about financial stuff all the time --- I can't deal with this aspect of our relationship anymore.
My body is in a constant state of anxiety. Today, I received another package. A Keaton Batman statue. Please, reddit. Give me some sound advice on how to approach this with them. I don't want to hurt them.
TLDR; Can't get my dad/gma to stop sending me gifts when they're broke and I'm broke + have small living conditions.
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