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2023.06.10 13:23 Psychicinusa Indian astrologer in Dallas Texas

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2023.06.10 13:17 reale-state23 Discover the Splendor of Living at Lodha Divino

Lodha Divino, located in the bustling city of Mumbai, is a residential marvel that offers a luxurious and serene lifestyle. With its exceptional design, world-class amenities, and strategic location, Lodha Divino has become a sought-after address for those seeking a refined living experience. In this blog post, we will delve into the mesmerizing aspects of Lodha Divino.
Aesthetic Excellence
Lodha Divino sets itself apart with its exquisite architectural design that seamlessly blends modernity and elegance. The residential towers feature contemporary façades adorned with captivating landscapes and greenery. The attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the grand entrance lobby to the thoughtfully designed interiors of each apartment. With spacious living areas, high ceilings, and large windows offering panoramic views of the surroundings, Lodha Divino provides a living experience that is both visually appealing and functionally practical.
World-Class Amenities
Lodha Divino offers a plethora of amenities that cater to the diverse needs and desires of its residents. The development boasts a state-of-the-art clubhouse with a well-equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a spa, providing ample opportunities for fitness and relaxation. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are well-maintained sports courts and jogging tracks. Additionally, there are dedicated spaces for children, including play areas and a kids' pool, ensuring that every family member can indulge in their preferred recreational pursuits within the premises of Lodha Divino.
Strategic Location
Situated in the heart of Mumbai, Lodha Divino enjoys excellent connectivity to major business hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment zones. The well-developed infrastructure and proximity to key transportation networks make commuting a breeze for residents. Furthermore, the project is surrounded by a wide array of shopping malls, restaurants, and multiplexes, ensuring that residents have easy access to a vibrant social life. Whether it's for work, leisure, or everyday conveniences, Lodha Divino's strategic location makes it an ideal choice for individuals and families looking for a harmonious blend of city living and tranquility.
Safety and Security
Lodha Divino prioritizes the safety and security of its residents, providing a peaceful and secure living environment. The premises are equipped with advanced security systems, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance and trained security personnel. Additionally, the project adheres to strict fire safety regulations, ensuring the well-being of its residents in case of emergencies. With these comprehensive measures in place, residents can enjoy a worry-free living experience and focus on creating memorable moments with their loved ones.
Lodha Divino offers a lifestyle that combines luxury, comfort, and convenience. From its awe-inspiring design to its world-class amenities and strategic location, every aspect of this residential development has been meticulously crafted to enhance the quality of life of its residents. Choosing Lodha Divino means embracing an exquisite living experience in the heart of Mumbai.
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2023.06.10 12:20 Dragonproof_Castle M4F: Valkyrie Down: A 40k plot

Metal screeched into the sky, followed by thick gouts of smoke and sparks as the engine died, spluttering out with its turbines. The Valkyrie transport seemed to slump, dipping it’s nose before the pilot yanked back on the stick. Panicked, his partner twisted in his seat to check on the cargo, even as shells from Ork Autocannons slammed into the hold. Below, the toxic ash wastes beckoned, promising radioactivity and death. All this, just for a damned box!

Miles away from the Valkyrie and it’s plight, an enormous lander ship set itself down upon a hive city’s landing pads ungracefully. Grotesque servitors and tech priests scurried around the huge, boxy ship like ants as steam hissed from the unfurling ramps, allowing daylight to flood into the ship. The massive object within stood patiently like a coiled spring, waiting for clearance to move out even as a welcoming party assembled to watch the spectacle.

For the stricken Valkyrie, there was no welcoming committee. There was only industrial waste leaning up from the radioactive fog, cranes and beams reaching up toward the craft as it’s altitude got lower and lower. With.the wastes eager to claim their prize, the co pilot began frantically lobbing things out of the side doors. Food, ammunition, even seat cushions crossed the short distance to the toxic, fog shrouded sands below . For a brief moment, he considered throwing the box out too, before he remembered who had given them their mission. It was imperative that the cargo stayed. Not like a box that small would affect the weight.

The hive’s pads and strurs trembled as shockwaves rolled through them,, heralding the arrival of the lander’s occupant: the Phoenix Imperator. The collosal, twelve metre tall Imperial Knight stepped out onto the pads, pistons and servos powering huge feet that crashed onto the worn metal of the pad. It was hard to believe that all the power the war machine held was controlled by a single man, encased in Adamantium and Ion shields, with a Thunderstrike Gauntlet and heavy stubber to protect it. The true power of the Imperial Knight however was in it’s Thermal Cannon, capable of reducing tanks to a pool of molten metal in an instant, or vaporising bunkers in the blink of an eye.

Out amongst the Ash Wastes, no amount of adamantium could protect the pilots of the Valkyrie from it’s fate. Leering up from the toxic smog, the Valkyrie’s pilots didn’t spot a piece of rubble until it was far, far too late. The Valkyrie blundered into it’s doom as steel ripped apart the remaining engine. An explosion bloomed like a flower, beautiful and deadly before shrapnel eagerly tore through the pilot’s helmet. The aircraft span out of control wildly, ploughing into the radioactive soil and scraping out a long trench before it came to a rest on it’s side, it’s cargo strung out all over the terrain.

The crash meant nothing to most of the figures circling the Phoenix Imperator as it strode across the pad, almost shrouded in incense. As the vibrations from the Knight’s footsteps passed through the teeming mass of spectators, it unknowingly entered a second battlefield, far more destructive than the teeming hordes of Orks beyond the hive’s walls. A battlefield where it was prey.
Even as the knight's scion moved his war machine past her podium, the governess of the world remained scowling. Not only had her court techpriest ordered one her own Valkyries on an unsanctioned mission, she'd chosen to do so using two of her best pilots. Privately, she hoped it crashed. That way, it'd sabotage the Techpriest's schemes and allow her to send out a search party to steal whatever it was she wanted, right from under her nose. She already had the party lined up, including a promising girl from her own retinue of bodyguards. Besides, she could lure the Knight scion in with promises of power and wealth. If only that damned inquisitor would keep her nose out...
Arethia Jyre. That, as far as the governess was concerned, was the name of the inquisitor. An alter ego, but she didn't care what some bratty little governess thought. The inquisitor was here on the business of her ordo, especially where the Adeptus Mechanicus was concerned. She knew one of them had sent out a Valkyrie- even put a tracker on it. What she didn't know was what the cargo was. Still, she could always send out a party of inquisitorial agents to seize it, or recover the cargo should it crash. It would be a good test for a particularly enterprising young woman in her retinue. She'd be able to report back on this knight as well. If he was any good, he'd be a valuable addition to an inquisitorial retinue...
Of course, the governess and the inquisitor would want the Valkyrie and it's cargo. But, as far as the Adepta Sororitas Abbess was concerned, the relic contained within should be hers. After all, the ecclesiarchy dealt with faith and relics. Her sisters in the Orders Famulous knew what roughly the cargo would be, after all. Still, a rapid response unit of Sisters was prepared for anything, especially if the Valkyrie should fail to arrive. She'd ensured one of her own protégés was amongst the force. It would be a good test, if nothing else. Perhaps she'd even convince the Knight scion to save his soul and align with her convent...
The techpriest had given the now-wrecked Valkyrie it’s mission, after all. She'd damned the pilots of the gunship to slow deaths, be it through the blood that left the pilot’s body or the onslaught of radiation that now ensnared his partner. She had plans and grand designs for the cargo they had been ordered to carry at any cost, and would stop at nothing to see those plans come to fruition...
Hey there! Here I go again, posting a 40k prompt for the upteenth time! You'd have thought I'd learn my lesson by now but no, here my persistent ass is!
You may have also guessed by now that I’m a huge 40k fan! Also a fan of big stompy robots and forbidden romances, so it’s fairly natural that I’d make a knight focused plot. To set things in stone:

We’re on a hive world being visited by the local Ork Waaaagh! and you know what that means.
Meanwhile, there’s a 4 way political cold war between the governess of this planet, the sisters of battle, the admech and the Inquisition. To help turn the tide against the greenskins, I’ve just arrived in my Imperial Knight, completely unaware of the mess I’ve wandered into! Of course, this being the Imperium, everyone wants an Imperial Knight for an ally. Depending on how the dice rolls, we could be fighting orks, tyrannids, the Imperium or chaos.
AS FOR YOUR CHARACTER You’ll notice I’ve left your character pretty much open ended. That’s intentional! Ideally, you'll play a character within the retinue of either the Inquisitor, governess, techpriestess and the abbess, where you'll be sent with me on a mission that then kicks off the plot and its many consequences.

Obviously, there's a lot to read here, and a lot of lore backing it up. With that being said, Don't be too concerned or intimidated if you don't know too much about 40k. I don't bite much and the great part about being a 40k nerd is sharing the knowledge, so I'm happy to help out! I mainly RP on discord, but I’m happy to do PMs!
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2023.06.10 09:58 Waste_Grab6653 F1 1994 Simtek Pacific Only Skins Not the Car

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2023.06.10 09:57 captainslow84 Bus lanes
This nonsense... Ok, some of them might make sense. But in London road outbound, the 17 bus already has to cross from the bus lane over 2 normal lanes to get to Wokingham Road. Now they want the same inbound. At the moment the buses move into the right hand lane after the last bus stop. You want to bet they'll carry on doing that even when they put a bus lane in right to the junction....?
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2023.06.10 09:10 anonymous83838383 Grand theft auto vice city soundtrack

Hi everyone, I’m looking to sell my childhood copy of the vice city soundtrack. It’s in great condition and can be found here. I would really like it to go to someone in the community but needs to be UK based due to shipping. If this is against group guidelines, please delete this post. Thanks
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2023.06.10 08:18 Iron_Monkey Taiko x Loopring [L2 x L3] explained (and the future of Ethereum)

Taiko x Loopring [L2 x L3] explained (and the future of Ethereum)
A semi-simplified explanation of the recent news:
Taiko is a type-1 (equivalent/fully compatible with Layer 1 Ethereum) zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) using zkRollups to scale L1 with trustless verification on Layer 2.
Loopring was the first true L2 and also uses zkRollups, but requires a decentralised Application (dApp) to be specifically built for its protocol. Meanwhile, Taiko zkEVM can be integrated to work with any dApp already existing on L1 just by changing a URL in one line of code - unlocking 1/100th+ cheaper gas fees, instant transactions, and inherited Ethereum L1 security by bundling via zkRollups.
Upon release, a switch to zkEVMs should be unanimous for current Ethereum dApps, as having various L2 solutions is a key aspect for scaling in the grand-scale Ethereum roadmap.
Leading dApps that don't switch risk losing users/creators to the competition that will because increased L1 usage will only continue to worsen the current $5+ fees, and 10-20 minutes wait for final settlement. With zkEVMs, you don't even have to risk fund custody problems that come with sidechains trying to solve this scalability issue... so why wouldn't you?
Taiko is a general-use neutral entity separated from Loopring and GameStop branding (despite Daniel Wang and Matt Finestone being Co-Founders). Type-1 zkEVMs are the hardest to develop, but also the most simple for converting L1 dApps. The success potential from having first-move advantage on something of this magnitude should directly benefit the integrated and highly optimised Loopring protocol, which acts as an extra amplifier running on top of Taiko L2 as L3:
  • Taiko (L2/zkEVM) retrieves the current state of Ethereum (L1) instantly due to being equivalent (type-1) and uses zkRollups to validate and bundle transactions made within the 'trustless middleman' Taiko service, in advance to them actually being fully settled later on the 'main' Ethereum L1 blockchain.
    • Before this happens, dApps built on the 'trustless middleman' Loopring (L3) protocol can independently use zkRollups to validate bundling thousands+ of concurrent transactions from the Loopring protocol into one block, and then pass it onto Taiko (L2) to validate and bundle it as a 'single transaction' alongside other concurrent Taiko transactions into one block (intended for final settlement on Ethereum L1).
    • Alternatively, dApps running on Taiko L2 but not further optimised on Loopring L3 would cause single transactions to consume way more space within each Taiko block.
      • Rollups unclog the Ethereum network, making it cheaper and faster as everyone switches to L2 for commercial use; imagine if the only form of transport went from cars to buses, but with L3, a skyscraper bullet train transfer service happens prior to the bus - which compresses all of the arriving passengers into a single bus seat, and the bus is actually another skyscraper bullet train.
      • Increased Loopring protocol usage by dApps -> APR returns for staked LRC go up / more transactions to bundle = cheaper + faster protocol -> more user incentive to stay within the Loopring protocol (internally existing DEX + dApps + L3 compatibility with prominent general Taiko zkEVM) -> performance gained from increased adoption attracts more users -> returns for staked LRC go up / more transactions to bundle [...] and so on
      • The LRC token grants DAO privileges, and will provide higher APR on LRC staking when we see start seeing Loopring dApps with high frequent volume. Paired with the cost of operating an exchange on the protocol being 250k+ LRC (and any future utility implementation), we should expect a rise in the token's value likely after zkRollups benefits are realised across Ethereum via zkEVMs like Taiko (Q1 2024) - when new Loopring L3 dApps inevitably follow.
This feedback loop of the more adoption, the better the service, is like an inverse death spiral. Eventually the transaction fees are essentially free, with instant settlement, and no security compromise (apart from the centralised relayers for Loopring L3, which I'd imagine will become more distributed to prevent targeted DDoS attacks - and regardless, would only prevent further transactions from being made via L3 because only trustless verification happens off-chain and settlement is always on Ethereum L1).
Compression of transactions from dApps moving to L2/L3 creates a mutually beneficial relationship with L1 due to a decreased amount of settlement requests in the queue for L1 verification - reducing load on the max 30 transaction/sec limit - making it even cheaper for L2 + L3 to settle on L1.
Other L2/L3s like 'Immutable X' and 'Polygon' NFT gaming zkEVMs will also enjoy better performance = more appeal for potential new users and creators, while holding a monopoly on NFT gaming market share % with this partnership.
Where will items from these games likely be traded?
The existing GameStop (x Loopring & Immutable X) NFT Marketplace!
...further improving the Loopring protocol - you get it?
The increased number of users as a result of this upgraded system also attracts more validators, creating a more populated and decentralised L1 more resilient to potential attacks: reducing impact that hypothetical L2/L3 downtime would have on access to the underlying system - and rather only the cheaper fees + speed they provide.
The entire Ethereum ecosystem benefits as one from these advancements; efficient bridges everywhere
Endless hype from Byron (late 2021) did lead to some holders expecting immediate results with some sort of nuclear triple AAA partnership announcement - but the proof is in the pudding. The functionality we now have within the Loopring protocol: non-custodial counterfactual wallet(s), GameStop Marketplace, NFT minting, staking, on/off-ramp, dual investment, DEX with CEX liquidity (!!!) etc. is looking like a Michelin 3-star banana pudding.
Taiko zkEVM mainnet release + proto-danksharding on L1 within the next ~6 months is going to make Ethereum a very efficient backend for a variety of systems, with Loopring primed to become the most optimised transaction service for the 2nd biggest blockchain.
The moon spiral catalyst moment that comes with true mass adoption is soon.
Banks: Entrust strangers to hold your fiat in a black-box system, who force you to wait several days to complete transfers etc. (+ any bank holidays/weekend delays), and use Visa/MasterCard for purchases which incurs another 1.5%+ in fees for merchants.
Loopring: Personally hold stablecoins/ETH/wBTC in your non-custodial wallet in a trustless white-box service, 24/7 ability to send assets instantly and for free to anyone else using Ethereum (or small fee to quickly exchange to nearly any other blockchain), still partake in TradFi via non-custodial cryptocards w/ vIBAN - and your wallet is a passport/inventory for interacting with the growing Web3 space.
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2023.06.10 07:47 anonymous83838383 Grand theft auto vice city soundtrack

Hi everyone, I’m looking to sell my childhood copy of the vice city soundtrack. It’s in great condition and can be found here. I would really like it to go to someone in the community but needs to be UK based due to shipping. If this is against group guidelines, please delete this post. Thanks
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2023.06.10 07:44 anonymous83838383 Grand theft Auto vice city soundtrack

Hi everyone, I’m looking to sell my childhood copy of the vice city soundtrack. It’s in great condition and can be found here. I would really like it to go to someone in the community but needs to be UK based due to shipping. If this is against group guidelines, please delete this post. Thanks
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2023.06.10 06:37 Imaginary-Zebra-3589 New Aniara fan fiction short story - The Lost Voices of Aniara: A Space Saga

The short story you are about to read was created/inspired/based on a variety of sources related to or about Aniara. Aniara rock opera (Seventh Wonder) - The Great Escape, the Aniara wikipedia page, the Aniara film, poem etc. So if you read something and it sounds familiar, it's probably because it comes from or is based on, one of those sources. I have also tried to incorporate some of the thoughts and ideas expressed here on aniara, so some of you may see that reflected. I have not read everything that has to do with the Aniara universe, but I have found many of the resources listed on aniara very helpful in creating this short story. Thank you for those. I have also included a couple alternate endings.
Also, this story belongs to everyone, so everyone should feel free to to fill in the blanks, add to, subtract, or change any part of the story, in anyway they see fit.
I dedicate this short story to all the fans of Aniara, this story is for you and of course the late Harry Martinson.
Like many people who watched the film 'Aniara', I was mesmerized/traumatized by it. It really had a profound effect on me. So much so that I decided to write this fan fiction short story. I am not a writer. The short story that you are about to read is my (very) amateurish tribute to the film. I apologize in advance for all of the grammaspelling and other errors. Despite the (many) flaws of this short work, I hope that you can see what I was attempting to do. Anyway without further or do, I present to you:

The Lost Voices of Aniara: A Space Saga

Note: The following represents the most complete (so far) chronicle of events that happened onboard the Aniara.

Year 18 - Song of Melancholy - My name is Benjamin Jenkins, but everyone calls me "Benny", I am proud to announce that I am the new "Captain" of the mighty space "cruise ship" Aniara. Of course, my title could just as easily be the Admiral of Mars or the Conquer of the Universe, or some other ridiculous sounding grandiose title. Sometimes you must laugh in the face of despair otherwise you will go insane. It's all just for fun of course. I was given the title "Captain" by the crew because I was able to restore the communications transmitter. At least I think I was able to retore it? The lights show green for transmitting, so yeah I bet it works, and besides, all of this is being recorded for posterity and it will be placed in a time/memorial capsule. After that the capsule will be sent in the (general) direction of Mars/Home, where hopefully someone finds it. I'm also the Senior Maintenance Tech in charge of repairing/prolonging various ship systems, etc. There are now only a few remaining livable areas of the ship so it's not as much work as one might imagine. And to think 18 years ago, I was just an ordinary passenger, how far through the ranks I've come! As the "Captain" I will now recount the entire history of the Aniara, the various events, the everyday happenings, from the awe inspiring and amazing, to the boring and mundane, great triumphs and crushing defeats, all the feelings of happiness and joy that come with new life and all of the sorrows and despair that come from (too) many deaths and (too) many hardships. All of our great accomplishments, setbacks and everything in between will be laid bare before the entire universe to witness. Our love, our hate, our dreams, our wants and desires, disappointments, anger and fear but above all our HOPE. Our precious HOPE, the only thing we have left, which has kept us alive for so long. Our HOPE that this message will be received, that someone, somewhere will know our story and our struggle, our HOPE that Mars will be successfully terraformed into the paradise that we all know it can be and our HOPE that Earth will be restored to the paradise that it once was. It's all here, it's all being recorded for the future. I will start our saga from the very beginning of our trip all those years ago...

Hour 1 - Routine Voyage - Well, this is it! Soon I and many others will make a new home on Mars... of course if we hadn't ruined the first one...

Week 3 - Without a Map/A Slight Detour - Today the Captain made an announcement that there would be a slight detour in our trip. In order to avoid a collision with space debris, (which would have destroyed the ship) we had to veer off course. Some of the debris hit the nuclear reactor (a very rare event), which forced the crew to eject all of the ship's fuel. The Captain told everyone that we will be able to resume our trip to Mars once the ship passes a celestial body, which should (probably) happen in about two years. Everyone is (understandably) disgruntled by this unfortunate news. As for me I have no one waiting for me on Mars so it's not as bad.

Year 2 - Wait and See - After several long months of trying out all of the various amusements and other distractions, I was starting to get bored, so I spoke with one of the senior crew members and asked if I could volunteer to do something, anything. Also a job would help keep my mind off our current situation.
Today, my request to work was approved and now I'm part of the crew. My job is to do general maintenance tasks around the ship. I also help take care of the algae, which are used to supply the ship with oxygen and food. It's not a very challenging task, in fact I find it very tedious, but the algae are crucial for the ship's survival, so it gives me a sense of purpose and on top of that I also earn extra points.
Eventually, because of my (part time) job in maintenance, I would come to know every nook and cranny of the Aniara. On one particular day I noticed a slight problem (Electrostatic Diffusion Impaction or EDI) with the ship's air filtration mechanism. I was quick to inform my supervisor about the issue and together we fixed it immediately. If I hadn't spotted the problem, it could have gotten much worse and that would have been catastrophic for the crew and passengers. Afterwards my supervisor bought me a shot of (rationed) Dutch brandy. Other than that, nothing of note has really happened. Everyone is basically in a holding pattern.
One last thing. I've heard a disturbing rumor that there is no celestial body for us to turn around at... If this is true then, that would mean... But for now all we can do now is wait and see...

Year 3 - The Yurg/The Passing of Mima - A memorial was set up to honor the end of Mima. So much joy had she given us. On the wall among the thousands of drawings, pictures, and sad goodbye letters was a poem that went like this:
We sit and stare at all the marvels that she brings us.
Mima lead the way.
Shine your light!
Be the beacon of hope at night.
Perfect grace in the barren house of space.
Shine your light!
Blind us when reality bites.
We so need the magic she does.
Many rumors are going around about what happened to Mima. People say that the Mimarobe (MR) was the one that ended up causing Mima to die. As for me, personally, I don't believe it. The Mimarobe just didn't seem like the type. A few times after I got off from work, when I walked to the end of the long line of people waiting to see Mima, the Mimarobe would come out and say "Ok, everyone that's it that's enough for today, you have to leave now, sorry." My own personal opinion is that she was just trying to give Mima a break, so even though I was of course disappointed, I completely understood. Sometimes we all just need a break. Sometimes things just get to you and you start to feel overwhelmed. I understood the feeling. Mima was like us in that way. Anyway, Rightly or wrongly the Mimarobe was locked up in the ships brig, her and another woman, I think she was one of the pilots, Isabella\, I think was her name but I might be wrong. Oh well, our lives must go on, much sadder of course, but that's life, I guess. ****Isagel, the pilots name was Isagel, her and the Mimarobe would later become a couple.

Year 4 - The Cults - Strange things have started happening. Various cults have sprung up all over the ship with bizarre and strange names. One of these (that I am a member of) is called the ゴールデンサンライト・フォーエバー・クラブ - Gōrudensanraito Fōeba Kurabu - which roughly means the Golden Sunlight Forever Club. Some of these phony cults are/were created as a disguise to have outrageous sex orgies. The cult that I am part of is one of these. (HELL YEAH!). The other cults are very boring, stare out the window and worship the stars or something like that, types. (Glad I'm not a member of those!).

Year 5 - The Calculation - A few weeks ago I met someone special (Carmen) at one of the "worship" services. I've seen her before a few times, but this is the first time that we "connected" and it was amazing. I'm glad that she accepts my physical imperfections (burns scars). Now we are a couple and have left the cult.
Fantastic news! The Captain has announced that an Emergency Refuel Rescue Probe is on its way! The news of the rescue probe has had an electrifying effect on the crew and passengers. Everyone is so excited that no one even cares that we will have to wait just over a year for it to get to us. People are starting to clean and pick up trash again, and the sex clubs and other cults are starting to go away (in anticipation of a return to proper civilization). Now we have hope again! Thank GOD!

Year 6 - The Spear - The rescue probe is almost here. (Only one week away!) I also have even more great news! My girlfriend fiancée is pregnant!, now I will be a Father just like I always wanted! I have spoken to Captain Chefone and he has agreed that he will marry us on the day that the Aniara turns around and heads (finally) back to Mars/our new HOME! Even though it will take us several more years to get back, it will have been worth it to me. I am grateful for the "slight detour" we had to endure, because it allowed me to meet the love of my life! Now with our precious child on the way, I am truly happy. PURE JOY - beyond all words...
Something is wrong... After an entire year of training and preparation, the crew has successfully grappled the refuel probe and brought it on board. Everyone expected that within a few days, (a week at most) that we would turn around, but it's been three weeks and nothing. Every day the passengers ask the crew what's going on? When will we turn around? and every day we get the same answer: "Soon, everything is going according to plan, just be patient." People are starting to doubt and lose hope. I even walked right up to Captain Chefone but he knew what I was going to ask and he brushed me aside very angrily saying "Not now, I'm busy!". Now I don't know what to think. One minute I have a future and the next nothing. How can this be? I don't understand! WHY?
Catastrophe! After work I went straight to my quarters to sleep, it had been an exhausting day. Just after I fell asleep, I was awakened by a rumbling. Then, over the speaker came the announcement: Return immediately to your cabins and fasten your seat belts! Since I was already in bed, and had no idea what was going on, I quickly fastened my belt. When it was all over [missing] passengers and crew left. I was told that it happened because of something called "bow shock", which [missing] kind of like a shock wave. The bow shock had badly damaged many systems. [missing] so now I've been "promoted" to Senior Maintenance Tech. Repairs must [missing] don't have any more spare parts for [missing] so many are dead...
Today the Mimarobe completed her beam-screen project. So now when you look outside you can see beautiful waterfalls and green fields etc. I try not to look at it too much. For me its just too painful...
Year 7 - The Fall of Heaven - Today marks the one year anniversary of the arrival of the so-called "Emergency Refuel Rescue Probe". What a very official and grand sounding name for a giant stupid looking dart or as some call it "The Spear". I've even heard some people refer to it as the "Devil's Javelin", but whatever you call it, it's of no use to us. The Astronomer had once told me before she died "supposedly" from a heart attack, (rumors say she was murdered by the captain, I don't doubt it) that all the work and tests they had done on the probe were useless and that even the hardest drills were simply ground into dust without even making so much as a scratch on the probe. Despite a literal barrage of tests and every possible experiment known, even using our most advanced lasers, they had achieved NOTHING! That was the moment I realized that we would never make it home. I even visted "The Spear" once, it was years after all the experiments had ended. There was a time when the area was heavily guarded by the crew and only authorized personnel were allowed in. Of course when I went to see it nobody was around, nobody cared, everyone had given up on it long ago. I saw all of the black marks from what must have been hundreds, if not thousands of desperate attempts to get inside it, or just to figure out what the damn thing was supposed to be. On the floor all around it were small heaps of black and silver metalic dust, remnants of our strongest and hardest drills, remnants of our hope. Our best and brightest couldn't even figure out what it was made of, let alone figure out how to use it to take us home.
I beat my hands against it over and over and I cried out my pain and anger at it. "You were supposed to save us!" "You were supposed to take us home!" You Damn! stupid thing, help us! save us!" But of course it was all useless my cries went unanswered, all I did was injure my hands and hurt my soul, assuming I even have one. After that I (I'm ashamed to admit it)... in complete and total desperation... I got down on my hands and knees in front of it and begged it to save us. "Oh, great magic spear, please save us and I will do anything, anything..."
After I had exhausted and humiliated myself I got up and went back to my quarters broken and alone. All hope was lost before my visit with "the spear" and afterwords it didn't even exist, not even as a word, as though there had never even been such a thing or concept as "hope".
I had been struck by the spear, just like everyone else, head on. My now ex-fiancée and I have split up. Things just weren't the same after the procedure. I don't blame her at all for our break-up, after talking about it, we agreed that if there was now no chance for us to make it home then... what was the point? I went with her when she had the procedure done. But before we went I secretly met with the doctor who would perform the operation and told her what I wanted done after. She told me that I was sick... that it was "disgusting", and what did I plan on doing with "it". I told her that it shouldn't matter, none of this matters, then I pulled out an EFR (emergency food ration). EFRs could remain edible for an indefinite period of time. (In theory they could last for hundreds of years.) Here I said, "one now and one when I get what I want". The doctor was stunned, I knew what she was going to say and I interrupted her and said,"Unlike everyone else I saved my emergency rations." "I only have the two left (I was lying) so don't try to extort me for more." After years of eating only algae, EFRs were (almost) more valuable than oxygen. Of course the doctor agreed and I got what I wanted. It might sound crazy but I had a plan. Fate had taken my family away, but I was prepared to defy even the gods themselves. I was determined that I would have my FAMILY! No matter what! Nothing and no one, no force of nature, no power in all the universe would take that from me. NO! NEVER!
I asked me a question, no reply.
I dreamt me a life and live a lie.
Dream me a nightmare...
I traveled the stars but passed them by.
For trapped on Aniara, here was I.
...always been leaving.

Year 8 - [missing]

Year 9 - The Daily Grind - I have now returned to reality. I have stopped all of the sick and sad mind games that I have being torturing myself with. I once created a "plan" to do the impossible, but no more, no more. Everyday now seems like an endless pointless, struggle. Sometimes [missing] and hours. Some of my co-workers stopped [missing] for now that's all any of us can do...

Year 10 - The Jubilee - Tonight at the Light-Year Hall, those of us that are still left are going to "celebrate" the 10th anniversary of our 3 week voyage to Mars or as I like to call it the "never ending space adventure" Ha!
Captain Chefone gave the Mimarobe a medal for her creation of the beam-screen device. I sat in the front row and couldn't help but notice that one of the Captains wrists was bandaged, probably from another suicide attempt...

Year 11 - Hope Restored - My ex-fiancée is dead. She commited suicide like so many others before. I was hard at work trying to revive the algae (they had been neglected for some time) when my assistant rushed in and told me the news. "They were about to send her body into space, you have to hurry if you want to see her". I immediately and literally dropped everything I was doing. The algae pack I had been working on fell and splashed on the floor as I ran out the door as fast as I could. As luck would have it, I made it just in time to see her, and I even had time to cut a lock of her hair. I then kissed her one last time and said "Goodbye my love... but, goodbye is not forever."
Then that was it, off she went into the empty, endless, void. She was gone I told myself, but not dead. I squeezed the lock of hair in my hand and vowed that I would bring her back to life, somehow, someway, I would make things right, we would live the life we were supposed to have. I would make it happen. It would happen. Suddenly, I felt a force deep inside me rushing to the surface. It had been years but I knew what it was, It had returned to me, a feeling of exuberation, of joy and the certainty of knowing that everything would be okay. I now resurrected my "plan" and now I had a reason to live again, I had a purpose, and now I had......HOPE! And this time I was determined that I would never lose hope again. NEVER!

Year 12 - Return of the Cults - Some of the old cults have started making a come back... However this time they are no longer sex/fun cults, because after so many years of eating just algae, almost everyone has lost their sex drive/ability to reproduce... I think because the type algae on board was genetically modified to produce the maximum amount of oxygen possible, so it was never intended to be used as a permanent main source of nutrition. If we had access to more than just the one type, things might be different...

Year 13 - Foward, Foward into the cold empty night! We ride! - Captain Chefone is dead. Suicide. I knew he had been on the brink the past few years so it's not much of a surprise. I would often hear him say to himself "We should have been home by now." Of course he was right, we should have, but instead here we are stuck on this eternal "voyage of the damned".
A week after Captain Chefone died, I found myself walking by his quarters. I had the sudden impulse to go inside. I don't know what it was (probably just morbid curiosity), but I think I just wanted to find some answers...
I was surprised to find that his quarters were just as much of a mess as mine. (And everyone else's.) I think because he was the Captain, I expected a lot more. (He was only human.) After looking around the room, I went over to his desk and inside I found the Aniara's Offical Ships Log, but the electronic notepad was damaged beyond repair (on purpose). However, underneath it was a small paper notebook. "Ah, I said out loud, now this should be interesting." When I opened the notebook I was immediately disappointed. Most of the pages were torn out and those few that remained had been harshly scribbled over.
On one of the few pages not missing or completely marked over was written this: Today, we almost lost the entire ship, were it not for my quick and decisive actions as Captain. [illegible] an incredibly rare occurrence [illegible] critically damaged our main nuclear reactor. [illegible] only seconds [illegible] forcing me to [illegible] off course [illegible] have power for some time. This evening I will break the news to the passengers in such a way that will cause the least amount of panic and at the same time not destroy their hope. If they knew the real situation, it would only cause unnecessary chaos. In this way, I will maintain order and keep the passengers safe. Fear and [illegible] as Captain of Aniara [illegible] that is now my primary job. [illegible] now like a Shepherd Father and the passengers my sheep children. In many ways we are very lucky, [illegible] this trip, Aniara's sister ship crashed into Jupiter heading towards the Orion belt colony. Everyone on onboard was killed.
On another page was written this: The rescue refuel probe is here. [illegible] turned out to be [illegible] not what I expected. I have [illegible] for clarification, [illegible] Mars [illegible] -----cation. Testing will continue. I still remain confident that [illegible] the project called "[illegible] ---elin" can still be used in someway to turn the ship around and resume course.
The last two pages were so scribbled over that I could barely make out any words let alone a full sentence. I did however, notice what looked like the word "Devil" written over and over. Very strange. I left the Captain's quarters with more questions than answers...

Year 14 - [missing]

Year 15 - The Light Show Ends - Today the projection device created by MR, (Everyone still calls her the 'Mimarobe' as a sign of respect.) had to be shut down to conserve power. The Mimarobe often expressed to me her regret at not being more forceful with Captain Chefone in explaining the problem with Mima. She told me that if she could back in time she would say to the Captain:
"Just imagine what it will be like if Mima isn't here... do you understand how hellish the situation will become? My life is dedicated to this program and I'M TELLING YOU, IT WILL BURN OUT AND DIE! Imagine if people can temporarily go back to earth by turning on a light switch, now imagine if the bulb blows up, and there's no replacement..." "I know how important Mima is and you don't get it!"
The beam-screen seemed like a great idea at the time to keep everyone's spirits up, but in many ways it may have done more harm than good. People lost their minds staring all the time at something they knew they would never have...

Year 16 - [missing]

Year 17 - [missing]

Year 18 - The Time/Memorial Capsule - The Mimarobe was the one that came up with the idea for a time/memorial capsule. She (like all of us) has suffered greatly, but from time to time she would show a small spark of her old self. The idea, while slow to catch on, would eventually give those of us still left a renewed sense of purpose. (People now had a reason to get out of bed.) But, it was I who would take the idea and transform it into something greater. Our first attempt at creating the capsule was successful (it was little more than a metal box) but at the same time, as the Mimarobe pointed out it looked too much like a large coffin. I agreed. We could do better. We had to do better. But we had to be careful [missing] effecting power systems. I asked the Mimarobe if she could sketch a better design. After two days the Mimarobe presented me with a new design, it was beautiful, but simple, yet elegant. Above the sketch was were the words, "Heart of Aniara." The name was perfect. We would fill the "Heart of Aniara", with our art and our poetry, with our hopes, dreams and wedding rings. We would pour into it our stories, our struggles, our trials and tribulations, we would fill it with the tear drops from our very souls.
The "Heart of Aniara" is almost complete. It has taken an entire [missing] solid effort to build and everyone took turns polishing it, so now it shines like the golden sun. We also wrote [missing] and painted two large red hearts on the sides. It [missing] long and on the inside are different [missing] created using metal partitions. [missing] was instrumental in its consruction...

Year 19 - A Slight Delay - Disaster! Several Power systems, including all emergency back up systems across the ship have begun failing for some unknown reason. [missing] working around the clock to figure out what is wrong... I don't know how much longer we can hold on...
We finally found the [missing] will work for the time being, but [missing] restored power [missing] will do for now...

Year 20 - The Heart of Aniara - At last the time has come for our send off. Everything is ready. As the "Captain" of Aniara it is my great honor to commision this new vessel "Heart of Aniara". Behind me I heard someone whisper "vessel?". I continued, "It is my firm belief that the "Heart of Aniara" will make it back home to Mars and everyone will know our stories..."
A moment before send off, I told everyone to wait. Theres one more thing left. I then slid open a hatch on the side and told everyone that I hated to do this to them, but I was going to Mars with my family. The Mimarobe approached me with a half smile on her face and said in a very serious tone "Good Luck, Captain Benny", "tell everyone on Mars hi for us and that we wish we were there." I smiled and promised that I would. Then to my suprise all the others came up to me, with some shaking my hand and congratulating me, asking me to say hi to their family and friends as well. I then ducked down into the newly christened "Heart of Aniara." Then the hatch was sealed. A small rechargable electric candle that I brought with me, provided the only light. Knowing that we would be leaving in a moment I opened a small box, took Carmen (lock of ex-fiancée's hair) and Sarah Ann (small jar with dead fetus) and held them together in my left hand against my chest. I could feel my heart beating with a mixture of fear and excitement. I took out a small children's book with my right hand and began reading it from the beginning. It was my daughter's favorite. It was called "The Duck and the Noodle." "Daddy are we there yet?" I laughed as tears ran down my face and said "Yes, my little princess noodle were almost there."
The Memorial Capsule lauched into space with a loud whoosh...
(Mimarobe, MR) - When everyone had just got through waving goodbye and were getting ready to leave, the view screen turned on and with it a pre-recorded message from Captain Benny. "To celebrate this great day, I have arranged for you a "Grand Feast", then he paused. A few people exchanged questioning looks. Then the Captain spoke again. "You see", he said with a smile, "Unlike all of you, I saved my emergency rations. You will find them hidden inside the mattress in my quarters, enjoy!" "Also, you will find two bottles of wine, yes! real wine!" Before the video even finished several people had started shuffling as fast as the could to Captain Benny's quarters. The Captain wasn't lying, it appeared that he had indeed saved almost all of his emergency rations for some special occasion(s).
What a feast it was! To make it fair for everyone we took all of the rations and put them together to create a kind of giant stew. Each of us not only savored each precious spoonful, we cherished it as though it was a long lost loved one. It is not an exaggeration to say that each bite was chewed one hundred times or more and then held in the mouth for ten minutes or longer, swishing the pulpy liquid around and around. I even saw one person spit the food back into their bowl and then put it back into their mouth, over and over again. That seemed a little bit unusual to me, but everyone should enjoy their last real meal the way they want. As for the wine their was enough for everyone to have a shot glass filled to the brim. We talked about the "Great Feast" for months afterword...

Year 21 - [missing]

Year 22 - The Living Dead - (Mimarobe, MR) We've had to abandon almost the entire ship to conserve power, but basically were still good alive... I still dream about Isagel and our son from time to time...

Year 23 - [missing]

Year 24 - The Sarcophagus - A few remaining survivors, including the Mimarobe, sit cross-legged in a dimly lit room. One of the few survivors speaks in a rhapsodic manner about the divine power of sunlight on Earth.
The Aniara slowly descends into final darkness...

Note: Years 25 through 5,981,406 are missing.

Year 5,981,407 - Lyra Constellation - The Aniara, derelict, frozen and devoid of human life - reaches the Lyra constellation and approaches a planet as verdant and welcoming as Earth was formerly. It quickly passes by continuing on into the endless void of space...

Date Unknown - The Warm Embrace - Ages come, Ages gone, Aniara soon embraced, engulfed by warmth and shine, newest born crimson light, Aniara far from home, aflame, not even ashes remain.

Epilogue: Year 100 - The Triumph of Hope - Despite the faliure of many valiant rescue attempts, including all attempts at communication, we remain confident that those onboard the Aniara knew that they were not forgotten. It is difficult to imagine (the speaker momentarily shuttered), the impossible challenges they endured. The story of their lives will remain in the collective hearts of humanity for all time. It is our hope that we will do right by them, now and in the future. We vow to never repeat the mistakes of the past... and that is why today, on the one hundredth anniversary since the Aniara was lost, we reach across time and space to bring their souls back home, home to this sacred place... We hereby consecrate this new park as the "Aniara Memorial Park and Museum Complex." As you walk through these doors, one of the first things you will notice is the "Heart of Aniara" on display. Along the walls are the names and pictures of the passengers and crew, their artwork, poetry, and most importantly, the stories of their lives, their hopes, dreams and wedding rings...
Aniara Memorial Plaque: We ourselves are the sorrow, we are also the joy, everything human is rooted in humanity, and no human being can escape humanity, not her hatred and her self-degradation, nor the joy she spreads, nor the love she forms.

Date [redacted] - Project "Devil's Javelin" - Status report #[redacted] - As of today's date we are aware of a total of four "spear-like objects" [redacted] and has contextualized that there are many more as yet discovered. Because of [redacted] we now know they are made of [redacted] and probably come from [redacted] the first was found on Earth 86 years ago, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The second one was discovered by the crew of the Aniara [redacted] years ago. The third was found here on Mars, near [redacted] and moved to its present secure location. The fourth and newest one was found when [redacted] the far side of the Moon. [redacted] buried inside the [redacted] impact crater. We have yet to discover the purpose of these "spear-like objects."
After [redacted] to prevent another type of incident. [redacted] have been able to gain access to the inside of the one here on Mars. [redacted] only after [redacted] and the entire team. [redacted] using the most advanced technology and research methods. Dr. [redacted] found [redacted] which is impossible and should not exist. However, we must now come to grips with the horror that this new revelation about humanity has [redacted] general public must never find out...

Alternate ending 1
Year 5,981,407 - The Sarcophagus World Destroyer - As the ship Aniara descended towards the lush and green planet, the crew rejoiced. Or at least they would have if they hadn't all been dead. After thousands of millennia wandering through space, they had found a planet that was almost identical to Earth.
The planet's gravity was very strong, and the ship had become trapped in the planet's gravitational pull and started hurtling towards the surface.
The Aniara crashed into the planet with a deafening roar, causing massive destruction and sending out shockwaves that rippled across the surface.
As the dust settled, it became clear that the landing had been catastrophic. Plant and animal life had been completely obliterated, and the once green planet was now a barren wasteland. Soon not a single living thing was left to witness the horror and the devastation that had been caused.
Another beautiful, thriving, planet, a blue and green jewel, once teeming with life has been turned into a lifeless barren wasteland...

Alternate ending 2
Year 5,981,407 - The Second Chance Sarcophagus - As the ship Aniara descended towards the lush and green planet, the crew rejoiced. Or at least they would have if they hadn't all been dead. After thousands of millennia wandering through space, they had found a planet that was almost identical to Earth.
The planet's gravity was very strong, and the ship had become trapped in the planet's gravitational pull and started hurtling towards the surface.
One one-trillionth of a second after the Aniara crashed into the planet the mysterious spear-like probe on board finally awakened. A God-Like Power. In that one one-trillionth of a second the Aniara was scanned by the powerful probe and the events and lives of the crew had become known to it. At the same time, both the ship and the planet were saved by a force field of immense power. The ship was now resting safely on the surface of the lush, green planet. The probe had determined that the primitive life forms on board were worthy of a second chance at life and it was able to resurrect the entire crew and all the passengers from microscopic DNA that had been left. The Aniara was perfectly restored and even the Mima had been brought back. The crew and passengers awoke to find themselves in a veritable Garden of Eden, a paradise. Maybe this time things would go better and the mistakes from the past would not be repeated...

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2023.06.10 06:22 GuyOnTheMike The craziest game of the 2023 season occured in the Pioneer League tonight: A 22-20 slugfest with a LOT to unpack

The chaotic, beautiful boxscore
The Grand Junction Jackalopes rallied to defeat the Northern Colorado Owlz 22-20 on Friday night. Some of the highlights:
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2023.06.10 06:03 Praeradio_Yenearsira Fireworks

I'm still a little new to Grand Junction, just kinda wondering why there's fireworks?
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2023.06.10 05:06 Lucky-Progress-1195 Found this at a thrift store. Is this legit?

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2023.06.10 04:34 dernhrt18 What’s the point?

What’s the point?
I swear DoorDash is absolutely dumb
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2023.06.10 02:42 altovaliriano A Longa Noite não aconteceu há 8000 anos

As primeiras lições que temos sobre a história antiga de Westeros nos livros fazem referência a um conflito mitológico entre homens e Caminhantes Brancos supostamente ocorrido milênios antes da trama começar.
Conforme o enredo avança e temos acesso a informações condensadas em compêndios como “O Mundo de Gelo e Fogo”, começamos a reparar que a Longa Noite tem, para o mundo criado por GRRM, a mesma importância que o mitos diluvianos têm para o planeta Terra. No entanto, não se limita a isso.
A partir de O Festim dos Corvos vemos os próprios personagens das Crônicas questionarem a cronologia dos acontecimentos da antiguidade, muito embora essa ambiguidade já estivesse presente no texto desde A Tormenta de Espadas. É algo que Elio Garcia Jr. (co-autor de O Mundo de Gelo e Fogo) acredita ter sido implementado por George em resposta a “pessoas como eu que estavam fazendo perguntas demais sobre a linha do tempo e ele decidiu deixar tudo mais confuso”.
O momento em que a linha do tempo é explicitamente questionada na saga principal ocorre quando Samwell Tarly apresenta uma lista dos Lordes Comandantes da Patrulha da Noite a Jon Snow, mas é interrompido antes de concluir o raciocínio.
Os Primeiros Homens só nos deixaram runas em pedras, de modo que tudo o que julgamos saber sobre a Era dos Heróis, a Era da Alvorada e a Era da Longa Noite vem de relatos escritos por septões milhares de anos mais tarde. Há arquimeistres na Cidadela que questionam tudo isso. Essas velhas histórias estão cheias de reis que governaram por centenas de anos, e cavaleiros que andaram por aí mil anos antes de serem cavaleiros. Conhece as histórias: Brandon, o Construtor, Symeon Olhos de Estrela, o Rei da Noite... dizemos que é o nono centésimo nonagésimo oitavo Senhor Comandante da Patrulha da Noite, mas a lista mais antiga que encontrei menciona seiscentos e setenta e quatro comandantes, o que sugere que foi escrita durante...
– Há muito tempo – Jon interrompeu.
(AFFC, Samwell I)
Fora da saga, o outro questionamento direto no cânone ocorre em O Mundo de Gelo e Fogo, que Elio Garcia Jr. ajudou a escrever.
Graças aos filhos da floresta, os primeiros homens da Patrulha da Noite se uniram e foram capazes de lutar ‒ e vencer ‒ a Batalha da Aurora: a batalha final que acabou com o inverno sem fim e mandou os Outros de volta ao norte congelado. Agora, seis mil anos depois (ou oito mil como a História Verdadeira afirma), a Muralha feita para defender os reinos dos homens ainda é ocupada pelos irmãos juramentados da Patrulha da Noite, e os Outros ou os filhos da floresta não são vistos há muitos séculos.
(TWOIAF, História Antiga: A Longa Noite)
Essa confusão se intensifica quando outros fatos históricos são discutidos, como, por exemplo, a cronologia da lenda das lágrimas de Alyssa.
Quão verdadeira é a história? Alyssa Arryn viveu, disso podemos ter razoável certeza, mas é provável que tenha vivido há seis mil anos. A História Verdadeira sugere quatro mil anos, enquanto Denestan aposta na metade desse número em Questões.
(TWOIAF, O Vale: O Ninho da Águia)
Estas incoerências parecem, no entanto, parecem fazer parte do plano de George. Em nosso próprio mundo nós temos registros históricos antigos (como a Bíblia) que sugere que governantes antedeluvianos viveram por centenas de anos. Dessa forma, a falta de credibilidade das fontes históricas causa maior imersão do leitor neste mundo pseudo-medieval, na medida em que nossos próprios ancestrais medievais acreditavam na historicidade destes relatos.
A cereja do bolo é uma declaração do próprio Martin, relativamente recente, em que ele parece confirmar que a Longa Noite ocorreu há muito menos tempo do que acreditam os westerosis. Ele estava comentando a produção da (agora cancelada) prequel da Longa Noite, cujo codinome de produção era Blood Moon, em uma entrevista para a Entertainment Weekly:
“10.000 anos” é mencionado nos livros. Mas você também tem lugares onde os meistres dizem: “Não, não, não eram 10.000, eram 5.000”. Mais uma vez, estou tentando refletir coisas da vida real que muita fantasia não reflete. Na Bíblia, há pessoas vivendo por centenas de anos e, em seguida, as pessoas somam quanto tempo cada uma viveu e usam isso para descobrir quando os eventos ocorreram. Realmente? Eu não acho. Agora estamos ficando mais realistas com a datação por carbono e arqueologia. Mas Westeros não tem isso. Eles ainda estão na fase de “meu avô me contou e o avô dele contou a ele”. Então eu acho que é mais perto de 5.000 anos. Mas você está certo. Westeros será um lugar muito diferente. Não há Porto Real. Não há Trono de Ferro. Não há Targaryens - Valíria mal começou a ascender com seus dragões e o grande império que construiu. Estamos lidando com um mundo diferente e antigo e esperamos que isso faça parte da diversão da série. [A showrunner da prequela, Jane Goldman] tem um tremendo talento. Ela voou para Santa Fé e passamos uma semana conversando sobre suas ideias. Ela está entrando em um território que não explorei muito nos livros. Eu insinuei sobre eles. Mas ela é uma grande escritora, eu amo o trabalho dela.
(Entrevista 19/11/2018)
Mas tudo continua aberto a interpretação.

O que você acha?
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2023.06.10 01:50 Key_Ad8255 I need help to fix failed to update the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled and when I click restore it pop up it can’t and nothing happens.btw I have no WiFi

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2023.06.10 00:35 OxyC377 [Race Day 6 - 10 th June] Bench Racing ≫ Lets talk about the races when they are happening! × The Blue Ribbon by Milwaukee sponsored Senior Superbike Race Event!

[Race Day 6 - 10 th June] Bench Racing ≫ Lets talk about the races when they are happening! × The Blue Ribbon by Milwaukee sponsored Senior Superbike Race Event!

Time Schedule

  • 10:30 AM (IOM Time) ⌇⌇ 11:30 (CEST) :: Solo Warm Up Session
  • 11:20 AM (IOM Time) ⌇⌇ 12:20 (CEST) :: Sidecar TT 100th Anniversary celebration
  • 12:15 PM (IOM Time) ⌇⌇ 13:15 (CEST) :: Milwaukee Senior Race – 6 Laps

Entry List

Entry List - Senior TT Superbike Event

The weather


Fastest 20 riders in qualifying on Superbike
  1. Michael Dunlop – 135.531 (Unofficial lap record)
  2. Peter Hickman – 134.910
  3. Dean Harrison – 134.216
  4. Davey Todd – 132.194
  5. Josh Brookes – 131.098
  6. John McGuinness MBE – 131.003
  7. Jamie Coward – 130.945
  8. Conor Cummins – 130.924
  9. Rob Hodson – 129.279
  10. David Johnson – 129.243
  11. James Hillier – 129.210
  12. Michael Rutter – 129.147
  13. Phil Crowe – 128.822
  14. Shaun Anderson – 128.331
  15. Dominic Herbertson – 128.280
  16. Jim Hind – 128.129
  17. Brian McCormack – 126.965
  18. Sam West – 126.375
  19. Julian Trummer – 126.068
  20. Craig Neve – 125.736
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TT 2023 – RST Superbike Race Result (Top 20):
  1. Michael Dunlop
  2. Peter Hickman
  3. Dean Harrison
  4. James Hillier
  5. Jamie Coward
  6. John McGuinness MBE
  7. Josh Brookes
  8. Dominic Herbertson
  9. Michael Rutter
  10. Shaun Anderson
  11. David Johnson
  12. Jim Hind
  13. Phil Crowe
  14. Brian McCormack
  15. Michael Browne
  16. Paul Jordan
  17. Sam West
  18. Julian Trummer
  19. Michael Evans
  20. Stephen Smith
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How to follow the races on TT+, Live Timing or Radio: ► here is ◀ all and more info.
Are you ready for the last Isle of Man TT 2023 race. Luckily the Manx Grand Prix (20th - 28th August) and other great events such as Imatra (FIN), Southern 100 (IOM)... are around the corner waiting on us! You can check it all out on our very detailed calendar!
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2023.06.09 23:40 peepee_dancer [homemade] hot fudge sauce

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2023.06.09 23:39 peepee_dancer The Joy Of Cooking hot fudge sauce (swipe for recipe)

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2023.06.09 22:01 AnyShine427 川普被联邦以37条罪名起诉

这次的grand jury是佛罗里达找的:
根据 wp:
其中31条非授权情况下持有机密国家安全情报 直接违反1917反间谍法

fox 这个新闻有具体的起诉书:

包括美国核武器 美国与盟友在军事上的弱点 以及美国受攻击后的报复性反击计划

川普同时承认 作为已卸任总统 他无权给文件解密 直接打脸之前他已经给文件解密的说法:


而不是随便堆在海湖庄园舞厅和卫生间 对吧:


每一条非授权下持有机密文件最高可判10年 其余几条最多判20+20+20+5=65年:
The maximum punishment for each count of unlawful retention of national defense information is 10 years in prison. Conspiracy to obstruct justice, tampering with grand jury evidence, and concealing evidence in a federal investigation all carry punishments of up to 20 years. The false statement charges can each be punished with up to five years in prison.
川普的司法部长bill barr表示 这不是猎巫
如果他配合收回文件 一切后续都不会发生

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2023.06.09 21:30 TouchGrazz Tower of Fantasy: Who owns who

I came across this thread mentioning Tencent in the comments.
Just made a research out of curiosity and no intention of PVP.

[ Tower of Fantasy ]
Devs: Hotta Studio (owned by Perfect World Games)
Perfect World Games (CN, KOR, TW, Global Playstation)
Level Infinite a.k.a Tencent Games (Global)
2022 Revenue $436M posted by xUGOx
See the reaction on the other subreddit. Crossposted by King-Gabriel in gachagaming

[ Tencent Holdings Ltd. (Tencent Games) ]
2021 Revenue: $86 billion+
2022 Revenue: $82 billion+
Riot Games(tencent): League of Legends, Valorant
Tencent Games: Honor of Kings World, Naruto Online, CoD Mobile
Epic Games(40%): Gear of Wars, Unreal Tournament, Infinity Blade, Fortnite
Netmarble(17.52%): Grand Chase, Scarlet Blade, Arena of Valor, Lineage 2: Revolution, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Elden Ring (30% along with Sony)
Wuthering Wave(14.3%)
As a Publisher, Tencent Games: GoV: Nikke, PUBG Mobile

It is a "Conglomerate" industry but for mobile sales specific, there are articles tracking it.
Also, China are mostly Android users and not PC and there are direct purchases so tracking is not the whole picture of the overall revenue.

[ Perfect World Games ]
Runic Games: Torchlight
Developed with Square Enix: Final Fantasy Type-0 Online
Exclusive China Distributor of Valve's Dota 2/Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

- ToF Global started at August 11, 2022 so 5 months only in 2022.
- Tencent and Perfect World Games are both Public stock owned so they really need to report their earnings publicly.
- Android apps in CN are not handled by one payment app (Google Play is banned). Android is open source so there are unique payment apps that are impossible to track all.
- Direct purchases are like old school top up cards but now, digital like Wepay app.

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2023.06.09 21:30 the_jinx_of_jinxstar What do you think Mark Levin’s response to the documents case? What’s the end game?

Here is the clip from Fox News in question
So. I guess this hits on a lot of the talking points I keep seeing on here that are misinformed or false.
From Axios
The 49-page indictment includes 37 felony counts against Trump related to retaining classified information and obstruction of justice.
The indictment says that during his presidency, Trump collected notes, photos, letters, and other official records, and stored them in boxes.
Among those records were "hundreds of classified documents," the indictment says, that "included information regarding defense and weapons capabilities of both the United States and foreign countries; United States nuclear programs; potential vulnerabilities of the United States and its allies to military attack; and plans for possible retaliation in response to a foreign attack.”
When Trump left the White House, "scores of boxes, many of which contained classified documents," were transported to his home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.
The boxes with classified documents were stored “in various locations” at Mar-a-Lago, per the indictment, including “in a ballroom, a bathroom and shower, an office space, his bedroom, and a storage room.”
Details: The indictment includes 31 separate counts of willful retention of national defense information under the Espionage Act.
The indictment says Trump showed classified documents to others two different times in 2021, including at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., when he shared the documents with “a writer, a publisher, and two members of his staff, none of whom possessed a security clearance.”
“Trump showed and described a ‘plan of attack’ that Trump said was prepared for him by the Department of Defense and a senior military official,” the indictment reads.
Walt Nauta, an aide to Trump, is named as a co-conspirator in the indictment.
Both Nauta and Trump face one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice.
“The purpose of the conspiracy was for [Trump] to keep classified documents he has taken with him from the White House and to hide and conceal them from a federal grand jury,” according to the indictment.
Given the above information. That contradicts a number of right wing talking points, Including what Mr. Levin ranted about, what would it take for the narrative to turn? Like… I’m no fan of Joe Biden. He should be prosecuted and indicted as well. Sadly the Trump administration made it precedent that sitting presidents can’t be indicted and I’m somewhat glad because I would hate a president Harris even more. So please don’t do the whataboutism… I feel like there is a sunk cost fallacy on the right after years of supporting this grifting showman who has skirted the law on so many occasions. When I see fox put forward these types of rants all I can think is “oh the company who was just sued for nearly a billion dollars for lying? Why should I trust them or anything further right for any information?”
What is the problem with law and order? Why do so many on here defend this guy? He’s not worth it… is there a fear that he’ll take everyone down with him destroying the GOP? Is there a fear that you have been lied to for years and bought it? Like… I don’t get the defense of this guy or the argument it’s politically motivated. I feel like DOJ and FBI gave trump incredibly leniency when asking him to return documents… they did everything they could to not subpoena him. Then to give him chance after chance to come forward… he fought everything and claimed he declassified the documents the FBI planted at his residence. I have seen goalpost after goalpost moved for this guy why? You don’t have to carry water for him?
How do you honestly think history will regard this moment? I consider myself a bull moose progressive. Idealizing what the conservative movement of yesteryear represented. Since my first ballot cast in 2000 I no longer see anything but anger (see above video) and misinformation and parroting. Please… how will this moment be remembered?
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