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How to make sound and compassionate decisions in times of strong cognitive dissonance and emotional turmoil?

2023.06.08 14:19 Loose-Tea-7478 How to make sound and compassionate decisions in times of strong cognitive dissonance and emotional turmoil?

I (30F) am in a priviledged position: I have a high-paying job, live in a beautiful Mediterranean country and can remote work.
While I'm very fortunate in the areas of financial stability and physical flexibility, sitting down in front of the screen from 9 to 6pm in a role business-orientated is hurting me and I am going through the toughest period of my life on a relationship level.
I am a very intellectually curious person and often struggle to focus given the amount of interesting areas of knowledge and content to explore. This makes it really hard for me to:
  1. Find clarity
  2. Commit to something
  3. As a result make decisions.
On a personal level, I am single and looking after my 92 yeard old grandmother. After living alone for many years and loving it, I've also realised that in the toughest periods of our lives, the classics of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and physics cannot compete with the presence and warmth of a loved one, even if dysfunctional. She also needs someone with my profile - loving, warm and caring - to look after her for now. She doesn't get that from my mother or my brother.
Yet I also see how being around my family goes against my well-being and I don't want to live in the city where I live. Ideally I would move somewhere in the coast with an international community and low/medium rents to save to buy a house or experiment as an entrepreneur.
Oh, so many options and pros and cons.
On the emotional side, I've been struggling with depression, inclussive of suicidal thoughts, in the last 2 years. I've spent a lot of money in therapy, I've changed countries, etc., to get myself out of this hole and not much is helping. While joy is temporary, a profound sorrow is almost always lurking.
I am writing this in case someone has already been there, to hopefully leverage the wonderful collective intelligence in this community and get out of this hole I am in.
Thank you for reading :)
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2023.06.08 14:15 TheLastApplePie Underpaid po ba ang aming House maid?

Ang house maid po namen is hipad/Hipag ng mom ko. Not sure kung ano ang correct word sa tagalog pero sa english daw ay sister in law. So one time while driving at kasama sya, nag parinig na ang sahod daw ng isang katulong working sa attorney ay 20k. Ang ginagawa lang daw nya is alagaan ang aso. So ayun napatahimik ako at wla akong masabe. Ever since that day bumaba na performance nya at parang ayaw na nya. Like hindi na talaga maayos ginagawa sa bahay.
Ang salary nya ay 8500. Kung ano food namen yun rin sa kanya. Naka connect rin sya sa wifi namen. Sundays off at usually kung may zumba kasama nya parents ko. Tas kung minsan may outing hinahayaan sya ng parents ko rin.
Ang responsibilities nya everydaw is to cook food and washing the dishes, mag laba, at alagaan aso(feeding, bathing, walking) though di naman araw araw pa ligo ng aso lets say usually every 2-3 weeks. Sobra sobra po ba pinapagawa sa kanya?
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2023.06.08 14:15 aliennnxxx AITA for setting boundaries with mom

So where do I start I (30F) recently moved in with mom(48) in process of buying house me and my mom agreed on $500 monthly which includes everything water lights internet I wfh so I do need connection at all times. Recently my mom has been putting herself in crippling debt. She wanted to lose 100lbs at her heaviest she was 280 so instead of going to the gym she decided to fly to Mexico to get a gastric sleeve later she found out they completely removed her stomach side eye a consequence she has to pay for the rest of her life. One week after being home she tried to eat wing stop and got sick and had to go to the ER and have surgery this went on for weeks her trying to eat normal food and NOT DRINKING WATER. In the end she went to the ER three times. I originally thought she was doing a lot of OT to pay for the surgery but no she went and refinanced her paid off car that she would not be able to replace. She got hit from behind a few weeks before the surgery. Later after she got back from surgery she found out they were going to total out her car and pay the loan office the remaining balance owe on her loan. So now she’s without a car and relying on mine. I am one with boundaries though I have been in a long term relationship I don’t even allow my spouse to drive my car just my boundary I don’t share cars with anyone. So since I been living my mom she feels entitle to drive my car. I recently got back from a trip and notice warning lights been coming on dash that wasn’t there before my trip. My mom cannot give me a date for her replacement can’t even give me a plan to replace her car just pacifying response to end the conversation. I’m at a point I’m willing to throw away the house just to get an apt to get away from my mom. She never cleans after herself and constantly make poor decisions and expect me to step in and help. I love my mom but she’s been stressing me out since I been here and it sucks not having family to rely on and knowing I’m the one she relies on as a safety net. AITA for wanting to distance myself from my mom?
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2023.06.08 14:13 HotSarcasm $ANVS: Annovis Bio Announces Completion Of Phase III Parkinson's Disease Treatment Enrollment At Record Pace

BERWYN, Pa., June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Annovis Bio, Inc. (NYSE: ANVS), a clinical-stage drug platform company addressing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's (AD) and Parkinson's disease (PD) and developing novel and transformative therapies, announced that its PD phase III study of its lead compound buntanetap has reached full enrollment in a record nine months after it began.
Since the first patient was dosed in late August 2022, over 640 patients were screened and a total of 520 patients enrolled in record time with 67 sites (43 in the United States and 24 in the European Union).
The phase III trial is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial investigating the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of buntanetap for early PD patients on top of their standard of care. Buntanetap (formerly known as Posiphen or ANVS401) attacks neurodegeneration by reducing multiple neurotoxic proteins, therefore improving synaptic transmission and axonal transport, the information highway of the nerve cell, which has been shown to be the cause of nerve cell degeneration and ultimately death. Unlike other PD drugs in development which attempt to remove only one toxic protein, buntanetap inhibits several toxic proteins before they can form, thereby preventing the formation of all the major neurotoxic proteins responsible for PD and AD.
By lowering levels of neurotoxic proteins, buntanetap improves axonal transport, lowers inflammation, fosters the health of nerve cells, and improves motor and cognitive dysfunction.
The record enrollment and low drop-out rate are believed to be due to several factors: In phase I/II the drug showed improvements in body and motor function, it requires taking only one pill a day, and it is safe and well tolerated. The study is expected to conclude in November with top-line assessment data available by the end of the year.
"The Parkinson's community is extremely well-informed and connected," said Annovis' founder, president and CEO, Maria Maccecchini, Ph.D. ("Dr. Maria"). "When they learned of our innovative and patient-focused approach showing early therapeutic potential they wanted to be involved in making an impact." The ramifications of such drug therapy could be transformative for all neurodegenerative diseases, according to Dr. Maria.
FULL RELEASE: https://irpages2.eqs.com/websites/annovis/English/431010/us-press-release.html?airportNewsID=fc6a2896-252e-46e2-b8c9-28a9dfc6c061
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2023.06.08 14:13 Unnecessary_Eagle [Discussion] Bonus Book - Nona the Ninth, chapters 12 thru John 19:18

Hello, fellow zombies and BoE insurgents! Welcome back to our discussion of Nona the Ninth!
Before we dive into our recap, I'd like to remind y'all that these discussions will assume that commenters have already read both Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth, as well as the short stories "The Mysterious Study of Doctor Sex" and “As Yet Unsent”. As such, there is no need to tag any spoilers for those works within the discussion threads. However, spoilers for Nona the Ninth beyond the sections covered by this discussion are not allowed. If you want to talk about those, then please do so in the Marginalia thread which can be found here.
Chapter 12
Nona, Pyrrha, and Cam are blindfolded, tied up, and taken to a secret BoE location. Crown (who we’ve previously known as Coronabeth Tridentarius) takes them to meet with We Suffer and her hostile, heavily-disguised bodyguard. We Suffer informs them of a strange Empire ship heading towards the planet. They discuss the power struggle between We Suffer’s Ctesiphon wing and the more bloodthirsty faction led by Unjust Hope. The Hopers are pressing hard for results with Nona- they think she can be made into a weapon. The Sixth House is still being held hostage- We Suffer has proof of life, but can’t get them released.
Chapter 13
Nona identifies the disguised bodyguard as Our Lady of the Passion- she can tell from her “bones. Beneath her clothes. The way she moves her bones.” Nona and Cam visit Judith Deuteros, who has been badly affected by the blue sphere. Judith alternates between catatonia, nonsensical rants, and briefly- once Palamedes shores up her heart and kidneys- coherence. Judith begs Corona to defect back to the Houses, then lapses into delirium again. Crown reveals that she knows Cam and Pal are sharing a body, but promises not to tell. Nona asks about the strange things Judith said when she was delirious, and is told the others only heard screaming.
Chapter 14
Crown drives them back. She and Nona talk about love and attraction, and Crown is disconcerted by how much Nona can tell about her. Crown drops Nona off at school, telling the Angel that she is Camilla’s partner. Before she leaves, Crown tells Nona that she knows who Nona is, and envies her for it.
Chapter 15
Nona stays at the school for lunch break, because Camilla hasn’t come to pick her up. Hot Sauce informs them about an upcoming government broadcast. Hot Sauce talks a bit to Nona about her history, and how much she hates zombies. Nona tells Hot Sauce her Secret.
John 8:3
The lab team uploads a video of John raising the dead. People initially think it’s a hoax, but as the story goes viral, people begin to believe. Visitors start flocking to John to be healed, which he mostly can do. The government gets nervous and stages a raid on the cryolab. John creates a necromantic wall out of cows to keep away the cops.
Chapter 16
House agents are setting up the screen for the broadcast. The Angel cancels school lessons for the afternoon, and the children draw instead. Camilla still hasn’t shown up by the end of the day. Nona and Hot Sauce volunteer to walk Noodle so that they can sneak off to watch the broadcast. The person speaking on the screen is a strange, beautiful but dead-looking person who calls themself Prince Ianthe Naberius the First. Ianthe gives the Emperor’s terms for mercy, which involve complete surrender and the dissolution of BoE. Another person comes into the picture on the screen- also dead-looking, with red hair and familiar eyes. It is the girl Nona sees in her dreams. Ianthe introduces the redhead as the Emperor’s only daughter, Crown Prince Kiriona Gaia.
When the broadcast ends, the crowd devolves into chaos; Nona and Hot Sauce get away just as the shooting starts. The Angel, who was looking for them, picks the children up in her car and drops Nona off at the Building. In the apartment, Nona finds Cam- but not Pyrrha, who has been missing all afternoon.
John 19:18
John’s team is now on the world radar, but not in a good way. The earth is still dying. The triillionaire-backed alternate evacuation plan is getting underway... except the details of said plan are not adding up. John tries to alert the world to his suspicions, but no one wants to listen to the creepy cow-killer cult guy.
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2023.06.08 14:07 No_Problem2775 [Complete] [90k] [Dystopian Thriller] The Black Scales

Hi Beta readers,
I am looking for my first ever reader for my first ever attempt at a novel! It’s a dystopian thriller called ‘The Black Scales’
It’s coming in at around 90k although I would be happy to hear off anyone who could read the first 10k words as that is what I need to submit in my query.
No one has ever read my writing at all so I am happy to receive any feedback. If possible I’d love to hear thoughts on how gripping the extract is and whether or not you would be interested in reading on.
I have never beta read for anyone before but happy to give it a go. I am a big reader and enjoy thriller, horror, post apocalyptic etc. I would be more willing to do a few chapters for now that a long manuscript but open to doing more in the future.
Please find a short blurb below.
The year is 2032. Following a viral pandemic and widespread political corruption, the United Kingdom has plummeted into years of mass violence, riots and sabotage known to all as ‘The Panic’. Small pockets of unrest grow and sprawl into armies of rebellion and the battle rages on against the regime.
Coinciding with the police and military losing control, a mysterious new drug known as ‘Croc’ arrives on the streets and waves of horrific opioid addiction cascade through the cities of the United Kingdom, bringing it to its knees. The new world is bleak, desolate, and disgusting. Slums and squats house thousands whilst gangs war against rivals and deal drugs and arms from their dangerous shanty towns.
In Manchester, an alliance of police and military known as the City Guard has squashed the rebellion and taken control. They devote their time and resources to the protection of the middle and upper classes, whilst they only venture into the slums to tax and oppress. When night falls, they retreat all together and the city bursts into chaos until first light.
Jude is a wide-eyed, optimistic young man surviving hand to mouth in a city on its knees. Orphaned during ‘The Panic’ he later finds himself in with Trevor, a burly market trader and former rebel. Jude’s life is pleasant enough. He hunts rats and pigeons with a bow for Trevor, who cooks and sells them from his stall in ‘The Gardens’,’ a sprawling slum in Manchester’s Piccadilly region.
A deadly turn of events lands Jude as ward of Ansell, a serial killer of legend. A ghost story. A boogie man. Tales plague the city of a murderer, stalking, torturing and killing Croc addicts and dealers in stomach turning fashion. What they don’t know is that Ansell is on a one man mission to rid the country of Croc, following a trail of users and dealers in search of ‘The Conduit’,’ the fabled link between the streets and the source of the drug.
When Ansell’s work leads him toward the City Guard, he finds his path interwoven with Jude’s and they embark together on a quest for answers, and vengeance
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2023.06.08 14:07 dreftzg [Daily News] Orient Star Is A Skeleton At 1/5 Of The Price Of A Zenith, Bremont Releases Third Watch For The Williams F1 Team, Accutron Spaceview Gets First Major Update And The Vaer G5 Meridian Is A Flier GMT Watch Below The $1,000 Mark

It's Thursday and let's just get straight into it - make sure to check out the Vaer, interested in your thoughts.

What's new

Orient Star Will Sell You A Skeleton Watch At 1/5 Of The Price Of A Zenith
Just the other day I wrote about the Zenith Defy Skyline Skeleton, a wonderful skeletonized watch. It’s modern, it shows off a legendary movement, but it will also set you back a bit over EUR 11,000, which is a lot of money, no matter what budget you are shopping in. What if there was an a more affordable option out there? Maybe it didn’t have the super high end finishing of the Zenith or a legendary movement, but it looked just as cool and cost less than a fifth of the Zenith? Well, say hello to the Orient Star Avant-Garde Skeleton.
Orient started out in the 50s and has been part of the Seiko Epson Corporation since 2009. Orient Star, however, is the higher-end of the brand, which in 2016 shocked the market with a skeletonised model. Orient Star was known for their classical watches, so this was a huge departure. They updated it once in 2022 and are now introducing two new Avant-Garde Skeleton models as part of its Sports Collection with an automatic movement and a 60-hour power reserve.
The two models differ in the case material - you can have them in stainless steel or black plated steel - but they share the case specs. 42.3mm wide and 12.4mm thick, with a water resistance of 100 meters and bezels with hexagonal screws. The steel model has a combination of brushed surfaces with Sallaz mirror finishings (comparable to Grand Seiko’s Zaratsu polishing), adding accents and emphasising the solid metallic feel of the watch and bracelet.
Composed of two layers, the upper and lower plates of the dial are distinguished by different colours and finishings. The upper plate holds the luminous indices that project over the movement, and the lower plate is designed to protect the upper plate from shocks and deformation. Like the earlier model, the dial features a power reserve indicator at noon, a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock and a view of the balance wheel with its silicon escapement. The hour and minute hands are wider, sportier, and treated with luminous material.
Powering the Orient Star Avant-Garde Skeleton is the automatic, in-house calibre F8F64. Decorated with Geneva stripes, the partially openworked base plate reveals the bright blue silicon escapement peeking out just to the left of the small seconds and it’s rated at +15/-5 seconds per day, with a 60-hour power reserve. The stainless steel model comes with a steel bracelet; the black-coated steel watch on a black Cordura Ballistic nylon strap.
The retail price is EUR 2,000. Looking at photos of the watch, I’m not sure it lives up to that price. I would love to handle one live. However, this looks close enough to the Zenith, which is EUR 11,000+.
Saint Laurent Redesigns The Cult Girard-Perregaux Digital Quartz Watch, Gives It Black Ceramic And PVD Titanium
While Girard-Perregaux is most known for their higher end Swiss mechanical watches, at one time they were pioneers in the era of digital watch. Back in 1971, it made waves with the Caliber GP-350, a quartz movement that set the universal market standard for frequency. Following that was the Caliber 395 and that’s the movement that GP put in the Casquette, an unusual watch even at the time - it was a black geometric hunk on your wrist that displayed the time at the push of a button on a tiny screen on the front facing side of the watch.
The Casquete came in three materials, Makrolon (which was a black composite), stainless steel and gold plated. It was only made for two years - 1976 and 1978 - and during that time 8,200 pieces were made. The original is still a desired item among collectors, which GP recognized and did a recreation of the watch last year. While remaining fully retro, the reissue is powered by the vastly more efficient GP-03980 that displays hours, minutes, seconds, the day and the date, the month, the year, a chronograph, a second time zone, and a secret date.
Now, there’s a new version of the Casquete, one redesigned by Saint Laurent Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello for the Saint Laurent Rive Droite line. Vaccarello gives the watch a radical upgrade in materials, as the case is now made out of black ceramic and black PVD-treated grade 5 titanium. It’s sleek, it’s retro, chunky and dramatic, all the things Vaccarello is known for.
The watch is released under the Rive Droite imprint, a series of objects that are sold exclusively in two stores located in Paris and LA. This means that it will also be available exclusively at Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles, as well as online via the official Saint Laurent Rive Droite store, in selected countries only. That, combined with the fact that this will be a limited edition of only 100 pieces, means you aren’t very likely to see one in the flesh. Which isn’t that much of a shame because I’m not sure it would be easy to justify the $6,700 price tag.
Bremont Releases Their Third Limited Watch For The Williams F1 Team
Formula 1 racing is an incredibly expensive sport. It was, at least, until 2021 when the organization implemented a budget cap of about $135 million. It’s still expensive, yes, but before the cap teams were known to spend up to half a billion dollars per year to push as hard as possible to win championships. The money for this endeavour comes from Formula 1, the organization, but this is just a small amount distributed to every team. The rest has to be raised from sponsors, and raising $135 million from sponsors is not easy.
Because of the high costs of the sport, the sponsorships are equally as high. It is estimated that the cheapest sponsorship is $1 million per year, an ammount that doesn’t get you a lot - surely doesn’t get you a sticker on the car, and it’s rumoured that Rolex is paying up to $50 million to be the official timing partner of the organization. So, I was pretty shocked three years ago to see that Bremont, the independent British watchmaker, sponsored Williams, the legendary British racing team, to a tune high enough to get a prominent sticker on the car. I had no idea Bremont was doing that good. Good on them.
To mark this sponsorship, Bremont has already created two limited edition watches and is just now releasing the third. Since both companies are very British, it’s no surprise that they are doing so just a month before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It’s the Bremont WR-45, a limited-edition chronograph that is inspired by this year’s Williams Racing F1 car, the FW-45.
The watch has Bremont’s signature three-piece “Trip-Tick” construction, it’s made from stainless steel with a black DLC finish and measures 43mm in diameter by 16mm-thick, with 22mm lugs and an overall lug-to-lug profile of 50mm. Despite the fact that the crown and pushers that operate the chronograph don’t screw down, it has a 100 meter water resistance. Unlike previous Bremont Williams Racing watches, the dial fitted to the new WR-45 is black to match its case, and it has a tri-compax configuration and a date window within the 6 o’clock sub dial. The white register at 9 o’clock features a light blue hand and serves as a running seconds indicator for the time, while the other two sub-dials are fitted with white-finished hands. Additionally, the hours counter features a thin three-color ring in light blue, dark blue, and white surrounding its perimeter, and this serves as a subtle nod to the official colors of the Williams Racing F1 team.
Inside the watch is the brand’s Caliber BE-53AV automatic chronograph movement based on the proven ETA/Valjoux 7753. It has a frequency of 28,800vph (4 Hz) while offering users a power reserve of approximately 56 hours, while the rotor has been skeletonized to look like the wheels of the Williams F1 car. The watch comes on a black two-piece alcantara strap.
This will be a limited edition of 244 pieces and every watch is accompanied with a genuine wheel nut taken from one of the Williams Racing cars. It’s priced at $6,595.
The Accutron Spaceview Gets First Major Update With Spaceview Evolution, But Keeps The Very Cool Electrostatic Movement
Accutron is one of the most familiar names in watchmaking. This Bulova model participated in the space race and was, reportedly, narrowly pushed out by the Omega Speedmaster to be the official NASA watch that will be worn on the moon, but the Bulova Accutron remained a beloved watch by many astronauts and was used in space. That’s why it was a bit puzzling when Bulova in 2020 decided to spin of the Accutron into its own brand. But the puzzle was put aside when Accutron introduced the gorgeous Spaceview 2020 with an open-worked dial and inspired by the original 1960s Spaceview. Now Accutron is introducing two new models called Evolution that do exactly that - evolve the Spaceview.
Just like the 2020 model, the Spaceview Evolution watches are housed in a 43.5mm polished stainless steel case that is 15.9mm thick. Where it differs from the previous model is in the movement. Not the movement they use, but rather the orientation of the movement - the entire thing is shifter 30 degrees, moving the crown to 2 o’clock, giving the watch a completely new look.
Accutron currently offers two versions of the Spaceview Evolution timepiece. One with a smoke-gray open dial, darkened metal outer ring, silver-toned hands, and a matte-black alligator strap. The other also includes a smoke-gray open dial paired with a silver-toned outer ring, metallic blue hands, and a shiny blue alligator strap. Both straps are genuine American alligator and are finished with double-press deployant clasps.
Inside the Spaceview Evolution watches is Accutron’s proprietary electrostatic energy movement. Essentially, the movement is home to twin turbines that rotate at rapid speeds with the motion of your wrist. Those turbines are located between two electrodes, which serve to capture the electrostatic energy created by the turbines and send them to an accumulator. The stored energy in the accumulator then powers two motors: an electrostatic motor (a world’s first) that drives the gliding seconds hand and a step motor that drives the hour and minute hands. The duo of motors are synchronized via integrated circuits and provide an accuracy rating of +/- 5 seconds a month.
The movement also has a power-saving mode, which kicks into gear after five minutes of inactivity with the second hand automatically halting at 12 o’clock. Although the seconds hand stays in place, the watch will continue to keep time as the hour and minute hands continue to move. To stop the power-saving mode and reactivate the seconds hand, you simply have to swing your arm up and down for about five seconds.
The Accutron Spaceview Evolution watches are priced at $3,950 and are available immediately for purchase.
The New Vaer G5 Meridian Is A Flier GMT Watch Well Below The $1,000 Mark
At the moment, my favorite GMT movement is a highly modified Miyota 9015 which the microbrand Arken calls the ARK-9015DT and uses in their Alterum. It’s a crazy movement that works unlike any other GMT movment. Rotating the hands clockwise moves the entire handset, including the GMT hand, as well as both AM/PM indicator discs. However, moving the handset in the opposite direction will lock the GMT hand and its corresponding AM/PM indicator (left of the dial) allowing you to set the time difference between your local and home times. This means you can set the minutes to any time and just rotate the hour hand.
Other than that movement and, obviously, in house ones, there seems to be a consensus that it’s hard to beat the recently introduced Miyota Cal. 9075 movement which is an affordable option for those who want a “flier” or “true” GMT, which allows for an independently adjustable local 12-hour hand. And this exactly has been a request from millions of collectors and watch enthusiasts. The movement also allows microbrands like the LA based Vaer to slap these movements into watches that look great and are really affordable.
Vaer’s most recent watch is the G5 Meridian GMT and it’s an intresting proposition. At first glance, the G5 looks identical to their G7. That could be because it comes in a 39mm stainless case without a crown guard and 200 meter water resistance or the fact that they come in pretty much the same four colors - two models with black dials and either red/blue or black/blue bezels, along with an all-black PVD variant, plus a third stainless steel option that is fitted with both a green dial and a green bezel. However, while Vaer’s G7 GMT is a Swiss-made timepiece powered by the Sellita SW330-2 and priced just above the thousand-dollar mark, the Vaer G5 Meridian GMT is an American-assembled version that runs on the Japanese Miyota 9075.
The watch comes on two different straps or bracelets that connect to the 20mm lugs with integrated quick-release springbars. Since the G5 GMT was designed to be used in the water, a black FKM rubber tropic strap is the standard included configuration, as it is the most water-friendly option available for the model. For the secondary strap/bracelet option, buyers have the option of either a simple NATO or a nylon single pass strap — or opting for one of the premium leather straps or stainless steel bracelets in Oyster and Jubillee designs.
The official price of the Vaer G5 Meridian GMT is $799 or $849 if you opt for one of the premium strap/bracelet options. That’s a fantastic price that gives you more functionality for a traveler.

On hand - a selection of reviews

Review Of The ProTek Series 1010, The Official Watch Of The United States Marine Corps
Hands-on With The The Delma Shell Star Titanium That Sheds Both Size And Weight
In-Depth Reveiw of The Horage Lensman 2 Exposure — A Watch With A Photographic Cheat Sheet

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

The RZE Aspirare launches the brand into yet unexplored waters
Up until now, RZE have been quite conscious of their case sizes pleasing the majority of modern collectors who prefer conservative diameters. Their largest watch was the now-discontinued RZE Valour Chronograph at 42mm, with the sold-out Fortitude coming in second at 41mm. The new RZE Aspirare is bullish with its 44mm diameter, and untamed with a 53mm lug-to-lug that will absolutely demand some bravery to wear if you don’t have large wrists. Although the RZE philosophy has catered to the adventurous, the Aspirare is designed to be their most rugged project yet.
People loved the Seiko Alpinist giveaway! That's why I'm doing a new one. This time, we're giving away four Hamilton Khaki Field Automatics in a color of your choice. Head on over to the newsletter if you would like to enter.
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.06.08 14:06 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Graphics Card Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Graphics Card Available on Amazon
A graphics card, or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), is an essential component for gaming. It is responsible for rendering and displaying images, videos, animations, and other visual elements on your computer screen.
In gaming, the graphics card plays a crucial role in delivering smooth and immersive gameplay. A high-performance graphics card can provide better frame rates, higher resolutions, and more realistic graphics, which enhances the overall gaming experience.

Best graphics card for gaming

MSI Computer Video Graphic Cards GeForce GTX 1050 TI GAMING X 4G

MSI Computer Video Graphic Cards GeForce GTX 1050 TI GAMING X 4G, 4GB is a powerful and reliable graphics card that is perfect for gamers and professionals alike. This graphics card is designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability while being easy to install and use. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of the MSI Computer Video Graphic Cards GeForce GTX 1050 TI GAMING X 4G, 4GB.
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XFX Speedster SWFT309 Radeon RX 6700 Gaming Graphics Card

XFX Speedster SWFT309 Radeon RX 6700 Gaming Graphics Card is a powerful and feature-packed graphics card designed for gamers. In this review, we will take a closer look at its specifications, design, connectivity, performance, overclocking capabilities, software features, and compatibility.
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ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics Card

ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Twin Edge OC is a powerful graphics card that boasts impressive specifications, design, connectivity, performance, overclocking abilities, software features, and compatibility. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at each of these aspects and see how they contribute to the overall experience of using this graphics card.
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MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics Card

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 is a high-performing graphics card that offers a range of impressive features. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at its specifications, design, connectivity, performance, overclocking abilities, software features, and compatibility to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your gaming or creative needs.
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GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming OC 12G

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming OC 12G is a powerful graphics card that boasts impressive specifications, design, connectivity, performance, overclocking abilities, software features, and compatibility. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at each of these aspects and see how they contribute to the overall experience of using this graphics card.
Read More Below View on Amazon
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2023.06.08 14:03 goldenwaves_ I may have met my “love at first sight” but need advice [24F]

I met a guy this weekend when I was out with my friend, and we hit it off instantly. He came back to my house and we had a great time. He even hung around for awhile the next day but finally had to go to back to his friends. He called me once he was in the car on the way home saying how fun it was, how we were so glad to meet each other, and need to hang again soon. We snapchatted a bit back and forth for the rest of the weekend.
The connection was really insane and something I’ve never experienced. We both said to each other that it felt like we had even met before, or in another life…. Among many, many other things.
On Monday night, I was up late and he responded to me from either that day. We were chatting on Snapchat for a bit and then he called me. We told each other we wanted to see each other again soon, but I’m going to be in and out of town for the next month with no weekends free (this is pretty unusual for my schedule and made sure he knows that). He said he would be down to come over one or two specific nights this week and sleep over before I leave (didn’t make solid plans but I just assumed we would decide the following day).
The next day, I texted him asking what he was up to and he responded. I asked if we could call later and he didn’t text me back; but was snapping me videos of him out and about. He called me at midnight but missed it since I was sleeping.
I texted him yesterday morning and said I fell asleep and missed his call, then asked if tomorrow night would work, which was one of the days he said was fine. He didn’t say anything to me all day or snap me and opened 2 snaps I sent him. No missed call this morning.
P.S. he lives about an hour away, I acknowledged that and he didn’t seem to think it was an issue and didn’t mind driving. I’m 24 and he’s 34.
If he doesn’t reach out after this, should I just leave it alone? If I should check in with him, how long should I wait? If he can’t come or doesn’t feel like it in the middle of the week, I would totally understand, he just hasn’t said anything. I don’t feel like I need to rush it but he initially suggested seeing me before I leave.
Might be totally overthinking but since the initial connection was so intense, it’s making me question everything! TYIA 🥰
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2023.06.08 14:01 BrutusAganistMe Husband uses TV/tablet as a soothing mechanism

I need help explaining something to my SO. Or perhaps to myself if I am off base here and not thinking through this right. Whenever my almost 3 YO daughter has a meltdown, whines or is sick (this one I can totally understand), her father plays TV for her (Mickey Mouse House club or similar) or gives her a tablet with age appropriate games like puzzles and drawings. I am not against these devices at all, however, they are given in the moment when the boundary should have been upheld and when she screams hard and loud. He is unable to not give her those devices. Especially when she is very tired, she will just pass out staring at the screen close to 11pm. In my mind this is irresponsible parenting. Firstly, she is super tired but rallies then she is too tired in the morning and unable to get up and is late for her daycare program. Secondly, she is unable to move through her negative emotions (I usually rock her and sing to her if she is that upset and let her calm down on her own and she basically goes to bed). Thirdly, he makes it about me being a bad mother who is not in tune with what the child wants/needs. She picks up on it, and says things like "mommy you go away" and "I don't like you". I feel very sad but at the same time I imagine TV is just a beginning of the slippery slope.....if we don't teach her a "no" now where we have all control of things physically, it will become impossible in the future. Am I off base on this and too harsh to my child? Why is he not allowing her to have a disagreement or those emotions? Is there other ways he can soothe her - in my experience she needs to just move through this to accept it.... I am not able to do all bed time and be her primary care provider all the time due to work and younger sister that I am doing bedtime with at the same time when SO is with my eldest.
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2023.06.08 14:00 AutoModerator VeChain Daily Discussion - June 08, 2023

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VeChainThor connects blockchain technology to the real world by providing robust infrastructure combined with IOT integration, cloud technology and in-house developed NFC/QR technologies. The launch of VeChain ToolChain, VeChain's off-the-shelf blockchain platform, has allowed the protocol to rapidly accelerate adoption by leveraging the client networks of key channel partners such as DNV and PwC, through white labelled applications of the technology and innovative products such as PwC's 'AirTrace', and DNV's 'MyStory, Tag.Trace.Trust, MyCare and more
In the now-live PoA2.0 upgrade, VeChainThor becomes the first blockchain to combine the power of Byzantine Fault Tolerance with Nakamoto Consensus, eliminating the weaknesses of the two most common blockchain consensus types while harnessing their strengths - VeChainThor will be fast, scalable and secure while offering instant finality - a first in the space and an important factor for real world adoption. VeChainThor is undergoing a re-brand with a focus on delivering sustainability and carbon management-focused tools and services, enabling digital transformation for the economy and the environment.
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2023.06.08 13:59 Ecstatic-Quit-2263 Runwal Dombivli East: A Haven of Modern Living in Dombivli's New Construction - Runwal Gardens

Dombivli, a city located in the Thane district of Maharashtra, has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant community, Dombivli has become a sought-after residential destination for many homebuyers. Among the various residential projects in the area, Runwal Dombivli East stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking a modern and luxurious lifestyle. With its state-of-the-art amenities and prime location, Runwal Gardens offers a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and natural beauty.
Situated in the eastern part of Dombivli, Runwal Dombivli East is a Dombivli new construction project that aims to redefine the concept of contemporary living. Spread across acres of lush greenery, this meticulously planned residential complex boasts a range of housing options to suit the diverse needs and preferences of potential buyers. From spacious apartments to elegant villas, Runwal Gardens offers a plethora of choices for homebuyers looking for their dream home.
One of the key highlights of Runwal Dombivli East is its strategic location. Dombivli is well-connected to major parts of Mumbai and Thane, making it an ideal place for those who commute for work or education. The project is in close proximity to the Dombivli railway station, ensuring easy access to the suburban railway network. Additionally, the upcoming metro line will further enhance the connectivity of the area, providing residents with a hassle-free commuting experience.
When it comes to amenities, Runwal Gardens leaves no stone unturned. The Dombivli new construction project boasts a range of world-class facilities designed to cater to the needs of every member of the family. For fitness enthusiasts, there is a well-equipped gymnasium, a jogging track, and a swimming pool where they can stay active and rejuvenate. The project also features beautifully landscaped gardens, a children's play area, and a dedicated space for indoor games, ensuring that residents have ample options for recreation and relaxation.
The apartments at Runwal Dombivli East are thoughtfully designed to maximize space utilization and provide a comfortable living experience. The homes are built with high-quality materials and feature modern interiors, providing a perfect blend of style and functionality. With spacious living areas, well-appointed bedrooms, and contemporary kitchens, these apartments offer an ideal abode for families to create lasting memories.
Safety and security are paramount at Runwal Gardens. The Dombivli new construction project is equipped with advanced security systems, including CCTV surveillance, intercom facilities, and round-the-clock security personnel, ensuring a safe and secure environment for residents. Additionally, the complex has a well-maintained infrastructure, including power backup, ample parking space, and efficient waste management systems, enhancing the overall convenience and comfort of the residents.
Runwal Dombivli East is surrounded by a host of social and civic amenities. Renowned educational institutions, healthcare centers, shopping malls, and entertainment options are in close proximity, ensuring that residents have everything they need within reach. The project also provides easy access to parks, recreational areas, and nature trails, allowing residents to enjoy a serene and healthy lifestyle amidst the bustling city life.
In conclusion, Runwal Dombivli East in Dombivli's new construction project, Runwal Gardens, presents an exceptional opportunity for homebuyers to experience modern living at its best. With its prime location, luxurious amenities, and thoughtfully designed homes, this project is a testament to the commitment of Runwal Developers in creating exceptional living spaces. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking to upgrade to a better lifestyle, Runwal Dombivli East offers a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and luxury that is sure to exceed your expectations.
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2023.06.08 13:54 Raasman My current DakBoard display

My current DakBoard display
Using DakBoard to display status, calendar and weather information from my smart home. So far it seems to have good acceptance by the family and is regularly used primarily for weather info.
The Android tablet is running Fully Kiosk browser and uses the built in screen blanking capability to unblank the screen when someone is in the room.
All the pollution and pollen data comes from my Home Assistant server captured from either in house sensors or web based integrations. The weather map is from Windy.com. Some of the center screen real estate is used for transient notifications .. severe weather alerts, home emergency notifications, etc.
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2023.06.08 13:53 Gambin06 Have they limited split screen yet again?

Playing with my girlfriend and it seems like we are no longer able to play shoot house with split screen. This was the only half decent split screen mode 🤦‍♂️
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2023.06.08 13:49 Irishgrapes Our Lady of Laundry

Our Lady of Laundry
This is just a small element of our home that I find very endearing, a little thing that makes me feel connected with the previous owners. The former owners of our house were a couple who had moved to the US from Sicily, and were naturally very Catholic. After we moved in, we found this cut out of Mary taped to the inside of the door to the laundry shoot. When you’re selling a home, so much of it is stripping away your individuality to make it more appealing to buyers with their own tastes, so finding this little token that gave us some insight into who lived here before was honestly kind of meaningful. Needless to say, Mary will never be taken down so long as we live here.
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2023.06.08 13:48 Shadwell_Shadweller 3rd party assessment form and Psychiatry UK

Did anyone else have difficulties with the 3rd party pre-screening assessment form?
There isn't anyone I could ask to do this apart from my mother. But I have many concerns regarding this. Firstly, my childhood was such a very long time ago now, I am now 52 years old. This is going to make memories less reliable.
But just in general my Mum wouldn't have any meaningful or valid information to go off in order to complete the questionnaire, seeing as I barely spoke to her and barely saw her, even while living in the same house. She would know nothing about my potential ADHD, it may not have been obvious considering all she saw of me was me eating my food, or otherwise being withdrawn and uncommunicative whenever I was around other people in her presence.
The only clue she might have seen which would fit was that my school reports and teachers at parents evenings all said the same thing - that I had ability but did not apply myself.
It wasn't a problem during the pre-screening for my Autism diagnosis when I advised them that due to my circumstances, of not wanting my mother to know that I was getting assessed for Autism, due to the stigma, lack of understanding and the reactions of the rest of my family etc, that I didn't have any one I could ask for the 3rd part questionnaire.
It seems to me that the stigma surrounding ADHD isnt as bad as that which surrounds Autism. Although I'm not sure if that is partly just in my own head.
That could be a good idea for a separate thread, but to get back to the 3rd party questionnaire, did anyone else have trouble with having anyone to ask, and were Psychiatry UK ok with it?
Or is it possible that they would refuse to proceed any further without this being done.
I guess there's only one way to find out for sure and that's to let them know. I'm just trying to straighten my thoughts out first, and see if anyone else has any suggestions or advice, which really would be appreciated.
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2023.06.08 13:47 throwaway100_100_10 Boyfriend got violent with FWB - Advice on how you might handle?

This shit is messy, so please dont tell me its messy I already know. I made a whole sock account because I dont want this traced back to me or my actual account that I use on here.

So, I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now, since i was 18. We met in high school, I was a freshman when he was a junior. We were really good friends in high school. His senior year (my sophomore year) - he ended up going to jail for dealing drugs.
Through his mom, I visited him in prison quite a bit when I was still in high school. His mom actually was the one who asked me to start visiting because he would always ask her to bring me. Eventually, I graduated high school, turned 18, he added me to his visitor list and I started visiting him on my own. Through those visits between us, he came out to me and told me he loved me and all that. He at the same time knew his mom was homophobic, so he asked me to keep it a secret. One day he tells his mom, his mom stops talking to him and basically leaves him in prison all on his own. It was a tough couple of months, because I didn't have any money to send him so we couldn't text or anything and i only got to see him when I went up to the prison to visit.
He gets out probably 3/4 months later. I know he told his mom right after parole hearing, and then they make them wait like 3 or 4 months after hearing to get out, so thats why I say 3/4 months. We start actually dating after, and we've been dating ever since. Been 4/5 years atp. Its been pretty good, no complaints so far besides me occasionally getting pissed over small stuff, but thats the prickly/persnickety personality I have, more than him.

Recently he's been working with a therapist and a psychiatrist on depression. He has deep deep depression over not having any connection to his family. None of them fuck with him at all. Its extremely sad because he was very close with him and they haven't said a word to him in years.
He started being medicated over the past year or so, because its gotten extremely bad (like, waking me up in the middle of the night from night terrors and crying and making me hold him, sleeping all night and day and missing work, waking up to him crying in the shower in the morning, etc, really bad).
Side effect of the meds he's on - no sex. Sometimes he can get hard, sometimes he cant. He's never really into it at all anymore. If it happens, it feels like he's on Mars and not in bed with me. Its very upsetting, because our sex used to be AMAZING. I mean he used to dick me tf down, all the time, before and after work, the gym, all day between errands or tasks on the weekends, etc. One time he was mowing the lawn, got half way through, came in and wanted to fuck in the shower before he went back out and finished. THATS what I'm used to. Used to have me crying and shit it was so good. I haven't actually had what i would consider "sex" with him in over a year (April 2022). Devastating because I have a very high sex drive. He's been switching between medicines, none of them really seem to address his depression issues no matter how long he's on them, some of them have made him straight up suicidal, so we are still working on it.
After many months of sadness on my end, I have a talk with him about the sex. He ends up telling me just to go get a FWB. The relationship can be temporarily open until figure all his stuff out, and he's okay with that, so long as i dont get "romantic" with anybody and keep all of that for him. I'm 100% okay with that, I would prefer it that way anyway, so I start looking.
I match with this guy. Also went to high school with him. After talking for a bit, he comes over, we're going to fuck. Awesome! I had a crush on this guy in HS too so its really awesome. Tell my bf, hes going to be out of the house anyway, so it all works out.

Guy comes over, I'm sucking his dick. My boyfriend comes home unexpected. The way the house is laid out, when you come in you can see part of the couch in the living room. So the first thing he sees coming in is me sucking this guy off (cant imagine that was a nice thing to see).
He slams the door so hard a picture falls off the wall. He comes in screaming. He's coming up to us, so I stand up and try to stand between him and my friend to make sure nothing pops off, not sure how my friend will react. Bf and I are having a shouting match (we used to have those in our early days, so its not new or scary for me, but it can be intense). The guy tries, after putting underwear on lol, to step in between us. I'm not moving, so he pushes me a little bit. I stumble and trip on his shoe, and fall into the TV Stand. the door on the stand is open, so I break the door off as I fall. The part from the door that is not broken off is sharp, and it basically slashes me across my back/hip. I'm sitting there on the floor having a moment on my back because i feel my hip just got cut open basically.
My boyfriend got PISSED after that, he steps up to the dude, he's yelling at him. He's saying "Did you really just fucking push him?" he's saying "No I didn't push him, he tripped, you dont need to be yelling at him or me, you need to calm down." my boyfriend keeps yelling "Dont ever touch him again" louder and louder no matter what the guy says. Eventually the guy yells "JUST CALM DOWN!" at the top of his lungs.
My boyfriend gets quiet, for one second. I think he's calmed down. Then he says, "I'm gonna break your neck" and punches that guy clear across the room. I saw his feet leave the ground from that punch. They are the same height, but my friend is like 6ft 170 lbs, my bf is 6ft and 210+ lbs, muscular as fuck, so he walloped the fuck out of the dude. I dont think my bf has ever been in a fight before this, I dont think any of us were expecting that to happen.

I try to get back up, I'm keeping him from walking up on the dude again because I think he might actually murder this guy, his whole neck looks like a dick from the veins popping out and his face is blood red. Its shocking to see him be this upset. I'm yelling at the dude that he needs to get out. Dude scrambles to get rest of his clothes back on, my boyfriend is still yelling. At some point my boyfriend touches my back, it stings like a MF so I say ouch and push his hand off. I hear him yell "is this blood?" then I hear his voice crack "mother fucker is this your blood?", he pulls up my shirt and sees the cut on my hip, he tells me to look at it, its really bad (i probably should have went to the doctor for it, ngl). Then he stops talking, he's completely silent and he looks like he's about to explode. The dude try's to run out of the house, my bf takes a swing, i grab his arm, he misses, he punches the wall and punches a hole clear into the wall, first hit. Its not a true hole, because he punched a stud, but there is a massive dent in the wall that now looks caved in. Guy gets out, luckily without another blow.

So its been a day since that happened. My boyfriend has been either crying in the bed or crying on the couch since then. He doesnt watch tv he just drifts in and out of sleep in the dark crying. I have not seen him shower or eat, he hasn't gone to work, he hasn't gone to the gym (he's gone to the gym every day we've been home since he got out of prison so that one is REALLY new) and he will only say "I'm sorry I ruin everything, please dont leave me" when I speak to him. We cant have a real conversation at this point because every time I start one he starts crying and begging me not to leave him. Even if I tell him I'm not going to he talks over me and tells me "But we both know you're going to and I can't handle that" or something along those lines.

I talked to my two best friends about this. One of them told me to leave him because one day he will snap and beat tf out of me too and probably kill me because I cant defend myself against that. The other one tells me he's been through alot, and she says he told her a while back that I am the only family he has and that he would "kill for me", so she says I shouldn't leave because she thinks what he did was not really out of disrespect or a lack of discipline but instead because he was afraid.

I dont know what to do anymore. I only did this because i wanted a nut man, I havent had a good nut in over a year. I didn't think all of this was going to happen, I really thought he would be okay with it. Its apparent I cannot bring another man around me like that at all while i am with him, the next one he may actually murder. And I own my house, if someone gets murdered here I have to deal with that energy for at least the next 5 years. So the 'open relationship' solution to this shit is done, permanently. I'll never do anything like that ever again.
Any thoughts on this? If you were me, would you leave? Would you stay and just be sexless for the foreseeable future? I feel like i'm so young, I'm really in my sexual prime in terms of drive and appearance, and right now I think I'm setting myself up for a future of frustration. Its really difficult because I love the guy I'm with soooooo much, but after the blind rage I've seen, I cant lie, I'm also kinda scared for myself. Afraid if I do leave him, he might decide to "break my neck" also.

I'm sorry to write so fucking much about this. Not sure if anyone will read this far. Im just at my wits end. I feel like I'm going to end up staying because I love him, haven't really lived adult life without him, and call myself "ride or die". But I feel like even if I do stay i'm just going to end up being depressed myself and eventually mad/mean to him over stuff he cant control. Part of me wonders if he needs me to be a friend right now, more than he needs me to be a boyfriend. It doesn't seem like I'm really able to give him anything as a "boyfriend" anymore because he isn't in that space and hasn't been for a while now.
My life is kinda out of control rn as you can tell. Sorry, again. Might post this to some other advice subs I've seen before, not sure yet. Wanted to start here because being gay and in the deep south makes this a bit... unique? Might also delete this after I get a couple of replies, again super embarrassed and sad about this. Please dont be mean to me, if you can help it. I know that he is clinically depressed and theres a better way for me to be handling everything, I'm really trying my best.
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2023.06.08 13:44 wriat Exploring Different Genres in Self-Publishing: Which One Fits Your Book?

Self-publishing has revolutionized the publishing industry, giving authors the freedom to explore and experiment with various genres. Whether you're a seasoned writer or a first-time author, it's important to understand the different genres available in self-publishing and choose the one that best suits your book. In this article, we will delve into popular genres in self-publishing and explore how to navigate the free publishing sites landscape to make informed decisions about your book's genre.
  1. Fiction Genres: Fiction encompasses a wide range of genres, each with its own unique characteristics and audience. From romance to mystery, fantasy to science fiction, and literary fiction to historical fiction, there is a genre to cater to every reader's taste. Consider the theme, plot, and tone of your book to identify the most fitting genre that aligns with your storytelling style and target audience.
  2. Non-Fiction Genres: Non-fiction books offer an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and expertise with readers. Popular non-fiction genres include self-help, memoir, business, health and wellness, travel, and biographies. Identify the subject matter of your book and choose a genre that allows you to effectively communicate your message and engage your readers.
  3. Young Adult and Children's Genres: If you're writing for a younger audience, it's essential to consider genres specifically tailored for them. Young adult (YA) fiction encompasses genres like coming-of-age, dystopian, and fantasy, while children's books can include picture books, early readers, and middle-grade novels. Understanding the age group and interests of your target readers will help you determine the most appropriate genre for your book.
  4. Self-Publishing Platforms and Free Publishing Sites: When considering self-publishing, it's important to research and identify the platforms and websites that cater to your chosen genre. Numerous free book publishing companies and self publishing companies in india offer a range of services to support authors in different genres. Research popular platforms and choose the one that aligns with your publishing goals and provides the necessary tools and resources to showcase your book effectively.
  5. Self-Publishing in India: India has witnessed a significant rise in self-publishing, with many authors choosing to take control of their publishing journey. Explore the self-publishing companies in India that specialize in your chosen genre. Some well-known publishing companies in India include Writat. Research their services, distribution networks, and author support to find the right fit for your book.
  6. Collaboration with Publishing Companies: While self-publishing grants authors independence, some may still prefer to collaborate with publishing companies. Traditional publishing houses have specific genre preferences and can provide professional editing, marketing, and distribution support. Research reputable book publishing companies that align with your genre and submit your manuscript for consideration.
  7. Finding Your Unique Voice: Regardless of the genre you choose, it's important to infuse your writing with your unique voice and perspective. Your voice distinguishes your work and attracts readers who resonate with your style. Embrace your creativity, experiment within your chosen genre, and let your voice shine through.
In conclusion, exploring different genres in self-publishing is an exciting and essential step in your publishing journey. Consider the themes, target audience, and personal interests that align with your book. Utilize free publishing sites and self-publishing platforms that support your genre, and if desired, explore collaboration opportunities with traditional publishing companies. Remember, finding the right genre allows your book to connect with readers and ensures a fulfilling publishing experience.
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2023.06.08 13:38 littleswaggyturtle Focus on yourself

Focus on yourself
May mga kanya kanyang panahon tayo, yung iba nasa taas na, yung iba pataas pa lang. Trust the process. Love you all my fellow young adults!
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2023.06.08 13:36 Spring-staffing Medical and nurse staffing agencies

Medical and nurse staffing agencies
The healthcare industry is a critical sector that relies on skilled and dedicated medical professionals to provide quality care to patients. However, finding qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, especially nurses, can be a daunting task for healthcare facilities. This is where nurse staffing agencies come into play, serving as a bridge between healthcare providers and talented healthcare professionals. One such reputable agency that has been excelling in this domain is Spring Staffing Services. In this blog post, we will delve into the invaluable services provided by Spring Staffing Services and how they have become a trusted name in the medical staffing industry, particularly in Texas, including Houston.
In a time when the demand for healthcare professionals is constantly on the rise, nurse staffing agencies act as a valuable resource for healthcare facilities understanding the Importance of Nurse Staffing Agency texas. These agencies specialize in recruiting, screening, and placing highly qualified nurses in various healthcare settings. By partnering with a nurse staffing agency, healthcare providers can access a wide pool of skilled nurses, ensuring adequate staffing levels and maintaining the quality of patient care.
Spring Staffing Services is a Reliable Partner in Medical Staffing. Spring Staffing Services has emerged as a leading provider of medical and nurse staffing solutions in Texas. With their vast experience and dedication to excellence, they have built a strong reputation in the industry. The agency offers comprehensive staffing solutions that cater to the unique needs of healthcare facilities, from small clinics to large hospitals.
One of the key strengths of Spring Staffing Services lies in its extensive network of highly qualified medical professionals and Extensive Network of Qualified Professionals. They meticulously screen and vet candidates, ensuring that only the most competent and experienced nurses are matched with healthcare facilities. Whether you require nurses with specific specializations, such as critical care, pediatrics, or geriatrics, Spring Staffing Services can connect you with the right professionals.
Recognizing that each healthcare facility has unique requirements, Spring Staffing Services Focus on Customized Staffing Solutions and takes a personalized approach to staffing. They work closely with their clients to understand their staffing needs, organizational culture, and desired qualifications. This enables them to provide tailored staffing solutions that meet the specific demands of each healthcare facility, thereby promoting seamless integration of their nurses into the client's team.
For Houston medical staffing agencies, Spring Staffing Services offers localized expertise and a deep understanding of the local healthcare landscape. They have an in-depth knowledge of the regional market, including the prevailing healthcare trends, regulatory requirements, and the specific needs of healthcare providers in the area with Local Expertise in Texas, including Houston. This ensures that the agency can efficiently match healthcare facilities with nurses who possess the necessary skills and qualifications to thrive in the local healthcare environment.
With Spring Staffing Services, finding the right medical professionals for your facility. Convenient Staffing Services Near You is made easy. Their online presence and user-friendly platform allow healthcare providers to access their services conveniently, even from the comfort of their own offices. By searching for "staffing services near me," healthcare facilities can quickly connect with Spring Staffing Services and initiate the process of securing competent nursing professionals.
Spring Staffing Services has established itself as a reliable and reputable medical and nurse staffing agency in Texas, with a particular focus on serving the needs of healthcare facilities in Houston. Through their vast network of qualified professionals and personalized staffing solutions, they ensure that healthcare providers can maintain optimal staffing levels and deliver exceptional patient care. So, if you are seeking a trusted partner in medical staffing, consider reaching out to Spring Staffing Services to meet your healthcare staffing needs effectively and efficiently.
For more details
Mobile: +1(318) 906-0809, +1 (780) 235-3613
Website: springstaffingservice.com
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2023.06.08 13:35 Imaginary-Sea-2547 NIGHTVEIL is Recruiting!

NIGHTVEIL is looking for new Members to combat the ever rising threat of Pirates, Raiders and Griefers within the Verse.
-NIGHTVEIL is a newly founded organization seeking members to help establish one of the Verse's premier private military & intelligence agencies.
-As an organization, we strive towards equality, maintaining a low hierarchy, and providing an open forum for discussions regarding the growth of our org.
-Our focus is to create a thriving community where members can contribute in any way they see fit. As a casual org, we do not require heavy involvement in our other activities. Your role within our community is defined by you:
•Whether you want to hang out with friends
•Be a core member of our Operations
• Engage in roleplay and expand on your character and our organization's lore.
• Earn extra aUEC through contract Work
•Establish Diplomatic Relations
NIGHTVEIL is and has a place for everyone to play as they see fit!
- NIGHTVEIL is a Private and Self sustained Intelligence Organization, meaning you will be able to focus on one of the following Specialisations within our Organisation (Please note you can partake in Roles outside of your Focus Role):
• Operations
• Handler
• Field Agent
• Infiltrator
• Combat Pilot
• Combat Medic
• Logistics Officer
• Merchant
• Diplomat

What does NIGHTVEIL offer?
Our primary goal is to form a community of laid-back individuals who enjoy Star Citizen. To cater to a diverse audience, we plan to dedicate our time to different aspects of the game, including:
•Contract Work: As a member of our organization, you are welcome to participate in actual contract work. When hired by external parties, we infiltrate nefarious groups, collaborate closely with mercenaries to eliminate threats, or provide safe travel routes for merchants in exchange for compensation. We gather and sell valuable information while fostering diplomatic relations with other orgs.
•Roleplaying: We have established the backstory for our org, and we invite other members to contribute to RP scenarios, join events that simulate organizational milestones or historical moments, expand on the lore of our organization, or simply have fun goofing around.
•Hangout, Connect, and Network: With our main focus being community, we want you to make friends, meet new and interesting people, and help us grow organically.

**How can I enlist?*\*
Does what you've heard so far sound interesting? As a newly established organization, we are looking to fill various roles within our ranks.
As a founding member, you will have significant freedom to assist us in setting up our org.
You will be an innovator, helping us establish our various units and along the way, you'll make new friends.
Since we value quality over quantity, we do screen each potential asset before joining our group. However, if you are a chill and motivated person, chances are we will get along well.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about NIGHTVEIL, feel free to send me a PM on Discord: thehigwytch
Or join our ORG on RSI and we will get in touch
I look forward to chatting with you, feel free to check out our Links below:

RSI: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/NYTVYL

Discord: https://discord.gg/sYffea3qFu
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