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2023.03.27 03:11 No_Representative315 Mighty Morphin power rangers Season 3 episode 29 reaction

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2023.03.27 03:11 LiquidLispyLizard The MCU and the SSU: How I think it all ties together within the next ten years.

After the new rumor from Cosmic Circus of Kingpin, Mr. Negative, Kraven, and Scorpion appearing in Spider-Man 4 came out, I think I finally get what Sony's doing with their long term plan. I realize this isn't generally popular among MCU or SSU fans since most I come across on both sides seem to want to keep the two completely separate, and this whole write-up may very well not be what they're planning at all because it's basically all rumors at this point, but just from the latest developments we've heard, both through rumors and official sources, this is what I can personally piece together. Keep in mind, I may word some or all of this in a definitive sense, but I don't know what Sony's actually doing and this is only my theory. Be aware: this will probably be a very long read.

* Kraven the Hunter (October 6, 2023) - More or less, outside of a few references to Venom and Morbius here and there, Kraven's probably gonna be a standalone movie, much like its SSU predecessors. The real tie-in comes in the post-credits scene, following up on Morbius (2022), where Morbius and/or Vulture come to recruit Kraven to their team, who have followed his actions during the movie off-screen, either through the news or otherwise, promising "the hunt of a lifetime" in reference to the MCU's Spider-Man (I think Vulture makes more sense here just because of his actual connection to MCU Spidey, but if they can't get Keaton back, I imagine they'd just get Leto to fill in. That version may not flow as well as the Vulture one, but we did all see the Morbius post-credits scenes, lol.)

* Madame Web (February 16, 2024) - Madame Web, I think is the first SSU-set film that could really set things up outside of just post-credits scenes due to the nature of the character and how she relates to the Multiverse. If rumors are to be believed and this movie introduces Ezekiel and the Spider-Totems (I apologize ahead of time because the Totems are something I've never really been familiar with in Spider-Man lore, so I may be uninformed during parts of this), I believe this movie is critical in setting up the overall endgame for Sony's plans, but more on that later. It's also rumored to feature Mary Parker carrying an unborn Peter Parker in a 2000's setting and this plot-point may be further expanded on by Venom 3 (explained after this). By the end of the movie (again in the post-credits scene probably, lol), either Webb will be confronted by Vulture and his team of Morbius and Kraven or the other way around, but somehow, someway, she is the vehicle that transports those three to the MCU, either via Vulture being the only one to go back and Morbius and Kraven accidentally being brought along somehow or Webb being threatened by the three and her being forced to transport them.

* Venom 3 (2024) - I don't expect this one to have any kind of huge ties to anything else to come after it, but I do think it can follow up on Madame Web pretty well. There was a rumor a while back (can't remember where, sorry) that mentioned how Venom 3 would see Eddie and Venom transported back to the SSU from the MCU and now on some kind of mission to hunt down his universe's version of Spider-Man. When he finds him, he learns he's basically just a kid grown up after being born in the 2000's in Madame Web (If Venom 3 takes place when it actually releases, that'll place it in 2024. If SSU's Peter Parker is born in the late 2000's, maybe early 2010's, let's say, that could place him at around 14/15.). With all that, Eddie has to end up protecting him from Toxin, they fight, he beats him, roll credits. Even if the actual film's story is completely different from this and doesn't even feature child Peter, I don't expect it to change the rest of what I'm theorizing, if anything, at all, because I don't think this version of Venom will factor into things again until much later down the road, especially Hardy decides to truly call it quits after this one.

* MCU Spider-Man 4 (July/December 2025) - This is where som things I mentioned before are finally paid off. As we all heard that CC rumor I mentioned in the beginning, I think at this point, Spider-Man 4 follows up on whatever happens in Daredevil: Born Again and sees Kingpin assemble and fund a team consisting of Scorpion (who I theorize has already been in contact with Fisk for a while now), Mr. Negative (who is one of Scorpion's "boys on the outside" mentioned in Homecoming), and a revamped Shocker. It's at this point that Vulture had already returned to the MCU with Morbius and Kraven, he's met up with Scorpion again, and basically merges their two teams together, forming the Sinister Six. I don't think the Multiverse will play a large role in this movie, despite Morbius and Kraven both hailing from another universe. For the most part, this could quite literally be played off as those two just being associated with Vulture from the last time we've seen him. Basically, that's the crux of the crossover and the film is mainly Sinister Six-focused. I also expect MCU Miles Morales to be introduced in order to establish his relationship with Peter and for himself to become a Spider-Man later on in this overall saga. In a post-credits scene, Peter ends up bonding with the remaining Venom symbiote left behind at the end of No Way Home. In another scene, I could see Madame Web showing up to take Morbius and Kraven back to the SSU.

* Various other SSU projects and spinoffs (2025-?) - It's at this point, I think that Sony's gonna just go for it in terms of releasing SSU projects. Maybe they get one or two out before MCU Spider-Man 4, depending on the July or December release, but for the most part, I see them going forward with movies like El Muerto, Hypno-Hustler, maybe that Sydney Sweeney Spider-Woman movie, Jessica Drew, so on and so forth, as well as their shows like Silk, Spider-Man Noir, and probably a few more that will focus on other Spider-People after the release of Spider-Man 4. I imagine these will be sprinkled in throughout the years in between the upcoming Spider-Man and Avengers movies. If they're successful, they'll receive sequels and more seasons and potential spinoffs, if they're not, they'll go the way of Morbius and be one-offs. Regardless, as long as they have at least one appearance beforehand, I see all of these characters as being important in that I think all of them will factor into MCU Spider-Man 6's big finale crossover that I'll explain at the end.

* Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars (2026 and/or later) - MCU Spider-Man, now wearing the black suit, will probably feature heavily in at least one of these films, but I don't expect them to factor into what Sony's doing since this is mainly the MCU's big projects. I also don't expect The Kang Dynasty to keep its current May 2, 2025 date, so that'll move it past MCU Spider-Man 4. Tobey and Andrew, I could see both appearing in Secret Wars and doing their thing, but I don't see them factoring into Sony's plans too much until the very end, that is, if they both make it out of TKD and SW alive, but I suspect they will due to what I think Sony's building towards.

* MCU Spider-Man 5 (after Secret Wars) - I see this film as being the one where, after Spidey has wrestled with the symbiote on and off during the Avengers movies, he's realized it's become a problem and he needs to get rid of it somehow. Long story short, he does, and it bonds to Mac Gargan, who was beaten at the end of Spider-Man 4. Since this symbiote is technically a spawn of the SSU's Venom, much like how Carnage was, I envision this version of Venom being inherently evil and much more of a monster than the one we've seen bonded to Eddie, which fits well with Mac Gargan's revenge arc he goes through in the movie. But because Spidey is who he is, he beats Gargan's Venom, the symbiote's either contained or gone at that moment, everybody lives happily ever after, you get the point. Miles Morales also returns in this and at some point discovers that Peter is Spider-Man. The post credits scene involves Miles Morales being bitten by a spider and realizing what that entails.

* MCU Spider-Man 6 - Well, this is it, this is what the past however many years have been building to and the ultimate endgame of Sony's plans to this point and it's far simpler to explain than most other projects on this list. Someone like Morlun or Knull or any large, potentially Multiverse-ending character is the main villain in this, probably having something to do with the Spider-Totems established in Madame Web (again, I know nothing about these, lol). This means that literally everything Spider-Man ever factors into this movie. MCU Spider-Man's the lead, of course, and he's been working with Miles Morales and helping him become Spider-Man alongside him since the last film and, at this point, Madame Web is the one to kind of bring everyone together to save the Multiverse: MCU Peter and Miles, Tobey, Andrew, Hardy's Venom with a grown up version of his Spider-Man (depending on if Venom 3 goes that way), every other SSU lead we've seen up to this point, possibly the animated Spider-Verse stuff, maybe certain Spidey villains left over in the MCU, Tobey's, and Andrew's universes, as well. Basically, this is just a colossal crossover and a love-letter to every corner of Spider-Man's multiverse over what would possibly be 3 decades at this point. There's a big sacrifice at the end from Holland's Spidey (and maybe Tobey and Andrew as well, though Holland's I feel would be the most important one), the main villain's defeated, and the Multiverse is set right once again. Following this, MCU Miles Morales fully embraces his title as Spider-Man and swings off into the sunset, becoming the main MCU Spider-Man who leads his own films going forward.

Okay, so I know that was a long read (I did warn you, lol) and I realize that some or maybe all of this is wrong, but that's the fun of theorizing, so I hope nobody takes this incredibly serious, it's just one possible route Sony's taking with their future plans. I hope you did enjoy reading it, though, it took me like an hour to write all this out and longer than that to think it up, but this was fun, so thank you for taking time out of your day to swing by and check this out!
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2023.03.27 03:10 LiquidLispyLizard The MCU and the SSU: How I think it all ties together within the next ten years.

After the new rumor from Cosmic Circus of Kingpin, Mr. Negative, Kraven, and Scorpion appearing in Spider-Man 4 came out, I think I finally get what Sony's doing with their long term plan. I realize this isn't generally popular among MCU or SSU fans since most I come across on both sides seem to want to keep the two completely separate, and this whole write-up may very well not be what they're planning at all because it's basically all rumors at this point, but just from the latest developments we've heard, both through rumors and official sources, this is what I can personally piece together. Keep in mind, I may word some or all of this in a definitive sense, but I don't know what Sony's actually doing and this is only my theory. Be aware: this will probably be a very long read.
Okay, so I know that was a long read (I did warn you, lol) and I realize that some or maybe all of this is wrong, but that's the fun of theorizing, so I hope nobody takes this incredibly serious, it's just one possible route Sony's taking with their future plans. I hope you did enjoy reading it, though, it took me like an hour to write all this out and longer than that to think it up, but this was fun, so thank you for taking time out of your day to swing by and check this out!
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2023.03.27 03:10 Longjumping_Deal_650 what to add to eae (humanities) to TP

mainly going for psychology or sch of humanities for other polys as well.
my current cca is girl guides and i’ve done VIA work like 1) working with kindergarteners 2) volunteering at a nursing home + collecting donations for them (i was also the IC of this).
i don’t really have much academic related things to add into it cause honestly i was slacking from sec 1-3 😐😐 for non-academic, i do analog photography in my free time, used to volunteer with my mom (also to a nursing home) when i was in primary school.
my results are so-so? compared to my friends cause i come from a neighbourhood school. my l1r4 was 16. my friends l1r4 range is about 7-20 based on the friends i mix around with.
please give tips on how to ace my eae 😭😭
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2023.03.27 03:10 SocOfRel End of an era

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2023.03.27 03:04 SnooOranges9729 Who doesn’t enjoy diffing the enemy Mercy? (Most of my kills were her)

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2023.03.27 03:04 Mikitas_Donuts99 About Jamie’s Dad

What are the chances that they’ll bring Jamie’s dad back on season 3? At the end of Man City after Beard throws him out it’s left kinda open ended in a way. How will he retaliate?
It’s stated in bold text that he’s a shit bag person who seems hell bent on just making Jamie miserable who would probably took being thrown out of the club house a personal attack or insult that needs some kind of retribution or revenge.
With how the Zava episode ended it seems like we may be getting a Jamie heavy story line with the next few episode and his dad is an important bit to contextualize his character.
I think it would be weird if we never saw James Sr again but I want to know what other people thought!
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2023.03.27 03:03 Amauri14 [DISC] Tower of God - Season 3 Episode 135

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2023.03.27 03:00 Smellybutt21 “Dead Come Alive” by Whittaker and Tyler Joseph

Just watched “The Chosen” Season 3 Episode 5 where Jesus brings back Jairus’ daughter from the dead and the woman bleeding 12 years is healed. At the end Mary Magdalene tells the woman, Veronica, “good stories are worth the time” and it reminded me of when Tyler says “stories just don’t die when the dead come Alive”.
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2023.03.27 02:59 clarkkentshair 'The Night Agent' - Hub for All Season 1 Discussion Threads

Episode 1: "The Call"
Episode 2: "Redial"
Episode 3: "The Zookeeper"
Episode 4: "Eyes Only"
Episode 5: "The Marionette"
Episode 6: "Fathoms"
Episode 7: "Best Served Cold"
Episode 8: "Redux"
Episode 9: "The Devil We Know"
Episode 10: "Fathers"
All Season 1 Episodes
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2023.03.27 02:57 VibeAllDay Sigh…

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2023.03.27 02:53 Outrageous_Mind6518 [USA-PA] [H] NES, SNES Console CIB, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast Console CIB, Ps2 Slim Consoles + Games [W] PayPal

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2023.03.27 02:47 TFermTheDoggy Elemental Season 3 - Episode 4

Hello everyone, and welcome to Elemental UHC Season 3!

Elemental is a reddit recorded round organized by azoof. This round focuses on putting elementals from the real world and implementing them into minecraft.
For our third season, it will be Rigged Teams of 2 and we will be focusing on the element of earth.
The scenarios for the season were:
  • Custom Armor: Players could craft a custom armor set known as Obsidian Armor. Upon wearing the full set of Obsidian Armor, the player will take less fire/lava damage. Helmet Craft, Chestplate Craft, Leggings Craft, Boots Craft
  • Custom Structures: Seven different biome related structures were possible to locate on the map, with various loot within the structures. The biomes correlating to these structures were plains, taiga, forest, jungle, swamp, desert, and savannah.
  • Custom Terrain: The surface terrain was replaced with a mix of grass, dirt, coarse dirt, stone, cobblestone, and gravel.
  • Custom Weapon: Players could craft a custom weapon craft known as an Obsidian Sword, which comes pre enchanted with sharpness 2 and upon right clicking gives resistance for 5 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Sword Craft
  • CutClean: All food and ores will automatically drop in their smelted form.
Enjoy the season!
Alive Players
Player Link
Orange Team -
ceije Episode 4
omchris Episode 4
Dark Green Team -
Livin423 Foreshadow
strategy Full Footage Combined
Blue Team -
Jordtim Slain by 527Max
Vynil Slain by GamerNthn
Yellow Team -
ArcticSeagull Episode 4
ethodog Late
Gray Team -
Arich Combined With Later Episodes
lexicuhl Episode 4
Dark Red Team -
Charrlottie Episode 4
Kelawesome Episode 4
Pink Team -
527Max The Final Ravines
GamerNthn Episode 4
Cyan Team -
azoof Episode 4
ninja3214 Episodes 2 - 4
Green Team -
Klickacat Perspictive
wizarde Slain by azoof
Purple Team -
ColdBacon Episode 4
fruitlogic Episode 4
Dark Gray Team -
ItsColinn Episode 4
WackoFlipper Caving Buddies
Dark Blue Team -
Glarza Lost Episode
SpyroJ Combined With Episode 5
Death Tracker
Position Player Team Color Cause Episode/Link
24th wizarde Green Slain by azoof 2
23rd Jordtim Blue Slain by 527Max 2
22nd Vynil Blue Slain by GamerNthn 2
21st ??? ??? ??? 4
20th ??? ??? ??? 4
Previous Episodes
  • Intro: Psykl0ne
  • Renders: LetTheJaePlay
  • Logo: Brodator
  • Host: MarcusWest (Inferno)
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2023.03.27 02:46 TemplarParadox17 Canucks vs Blackhawks

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2023.03.27 02:45 o-sweet Does Toby get better?

I just started season 3.
Toby is my husbands favorite (he’s seen this show about 4 times through). However, I just think he’s an asshole and I find him annoying. Did anybody else dislike Toby in the beginning? The only episode I liked him was when he gave the homeless deceased veteran a military funeral. That was a good Toby. I want more of that Toby.
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2023.03.27 02:42 SanderSo47 2017

In this post, I kept track of every 2019 movie's CinemaScore (at least, the ones that got it).
In 2017, 127 movies received CinemaScores. How did it go?
Surprisingly, this year had all grades (from A+ to F). I'm impressed.
The Case for Christ and A Question of Faith got an A+. Please add


3 movies (2.36%) managed to get the rare A+. Generally, this indicates exceptional word of mouth and guarantees a long and healthy run. Of course, the bigger a movie opens, the weaker legs will turn out to be. These movies averaged a 4.21x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 Wonder Nov/17 Lionsgate $27,547,866 $132,422,809 $20M 18 4.81x
2 Coco Nov/22 Disney $50,802,605 $210,460,015 $175M 24 4.14x
3 Girls Trip Jul/21 Universal $31,201,920 $115,108,515 $19M 12 3.69x


25 movies (19.68%) managed to get the grade. A step down from the rare A+, but it still indicates strong word of mouth. These movies averaged a 5.02x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 The Shape of Water Dec/1 Searchlight $3,000,490 $63,859,435 $20M 22 21.28x
2 The Greatest Showman Dec/20 Fox $8,805,843 $174,340,174 $84M 31 19.79x
3 Gifted Ap7 Searchlight $3,090,633 $24,801,212 $7M 20 8.02x
4 Ferdinand Dec/15 Fox $13,401,586 $84,410,380 $111M 24 6.30x
5 The Big Sick Jun/23 Lionsgate $7,563,040 $42,872,467 $5M 17 5.67x
6 Leap! Aug/25 The Weinstein Company $4,730,038 $21,858,070 $30M 15 4.62x
7 The Post Dec/22 Fox $19,361,968 $81,903,458 $50M 21 4.23x
8 The Star Nov/17 Sony $9,812,674 $40,847,995 $20M 13 4.16x
9 Wonder Woman Jun/2 Warner Bros. $103,251,471 $412,563,408 $150M 23 4.00x
10 Battle of the Sexes Sep/22 Searchlight $3,408,594 $12,638,526 $25M 13 3.71x
11 The Shack Ma3 Lionsgate $16,172,119 $57,386,418 $20M 11 3.55x
12 A Dog's Purpose Jan/27 Universal $18,222,810 $64,321,890 $22M 15 3.53x
13 Megan Leavey Jun/9 Bleecker Street $3,810,867 $13,406,304 N/A 14 3.52x
14 Smurfs: The Lost Village Ap7 Sony $13,210,449 $45,020,282 $60M 17 3.41x
15 Only the Brave Oct/20 Sony $6,002,665 $18,340,051 $38M 15 3.06x
16 Monster Trucks Jan/13 Paramount $10,950,705 $33,370,166 $125M 9 3.05x
17 Beauty and the Beast Ma17 Disney $174,750,616 $504,014,165 $160M 17 2.88x
18 Spider-Man: Homecoming Jul/7 Sony $117,027,503 $334,201,140 $175M 21 2.86x
19 Cars 3 Jun/16 Disney $53,688,680 $152,901,115 $175M 20 2.85x
20 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Dec/15 Disney $220,009,584 $620,181,382 $200M 18 2.82x
21 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 May/5 Disney $146,510,104 $389,813,101 $200M 20 2.66x
22 How to Be a Latin Lover Ap28 Lionsgate $12,252,439 $32,149,404 $10M 8 2.62x
23 Thor: Ragnarok Nov/3 Disney $122,744,989 $315,058,289 $180M 19 2.57x
24 The Fate of the Furious Ap14 Universal $98,786,705 $225,764,765 $250M 13 2.29x
25 Power Rangers Ma24 Lionsgate $40,300,288 $85,364,450 $100M 10 2.12x


30 movies (23.62%) managed to get the grade. Generally, word of mouth will be good and indicates audiences like the movie, their expectations were met and nothing more. These movies averaged a 3.67x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Nov/10 Searchlight $4,403,003 $54,513,740 $12M 25 12.38x
2 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Dec/20 Sony $36,169,328 $404,508,916 $150M 23 11.18x
3 Get Out Feb/24 Universal $33,377,060 $175,837,935 $4.5M 18 5.27x
4 Pitch Perfect 3 Dec/22 Universal $19,928,525 $104,897,530 $45M 11 5.26x
5 Baby Driver Jun/28 Sony $20,553,320 $107,825,862 $34M 16 5.25x
6 Molly's Game Dec/25 STX $6,856,578 $28,780,744 $30M 16 4.20x
7 Dunkirk Jul/21 Warner Bros. $50,513,488 $190,068,280 $100M 21 3.76x
8 The Glass Castle Aug/11 Lionsgate $4,678,548 $17,273,059 $9M 9 3.69x
9 Despicable Me 3 Jun/30 Universal $72,434,025 $264,624,300 $80M 25 3.65x
10 Daddy's Home 2 Nov/10 Paramount $29,651,193 $104,029,443 $69M 14 3.51x
11 The Boss Baby Ma31 Fox $50,198,902 $175,003,033 $125M 31 3.49x
12 The Lego Batman Movie Feb/10 Warner Bros. $53,003,468 $175,750,384 $80M 17 3.32x
13 John Wick: Chapter 2 Feb/10 Lionsgate $30,436,123 $92,029,184 $40M 11 3.02x
14 Everything, Everything May/19 Warner Bros. $11,727,390 $34,121,140 $10M 10 2.91x
15 Born in China Ap21 Disney $4,790,367 $13,873,211 $5M 11 2.90x
16 The Mountain Between Us Oct/6 Fox $10,551,336 $30,348,555 $35M 11 2.88x
17 Blade Runner 2049 Oct/6 Warner Bros. $32,753,122 $92,054,159 $185M 17 2.81x
18 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales May/26 Disney $62,983,253 $172,558,876 $230M 17 2.74x
19 The Foreigner Oct/13 STX $13,113,024 $34,393,507 $35M 10 2.62x
20 War for the Planet of the Apes Jul/14 Fox $56,262,929 $146,880,162 $150M 20 2.61x
21 Stronger Sep/22 Lionsgate $1,611,040 $4,211,129 $30M 10 2.61x
22 Logan Ma3 Fox $88,411,916 $226,277,068 $97M 19 2.56x
23 Thank You For Your Service Oct/27 Universal $3,817,700 $9,479,390 $20M 4 2.48x
24 My Little Pony: The Movie Oct/6 Lionsgate $8,885,899 $21,885,107 $6.5M 9 2.46x
25 Detroit Jul/28 Annapurna $7,125,601 $16,790,139 $40M 11 2.36x
26 xXx: Return of Xander Cage Jan/20 Paramount $20,130,142 $44,898,413 $85M 8 2.23x
27 Boo 2! A Madea Halloween Oct/20 Lionsgate $21,226,953 $47,319,572 $20M 8 2.23x
28 The Space Between Us Feb/3 STX $3,775,596 $7,885,294 $30M 4 2.09x
29 The Promise Ap21 Open Road $4,095,718 $8,224,288 $100M 4 2.01x
30 All Eyez on Me Jun/16 Lionsgate $26,435,354 $44,922,302 $40M 7 1.70x


29 movies (16.53%) managed to get the grade. This is where things get interesting. Generally, it indicates average word of mouth. The audience didn't love it, but didn't hate it. For some niche movies, this should be a fine score. But for IP-driven movies, this should be concerning as fans are more biased to the movie itself. These movies averaged a 2.91x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 Going in Style Ap7 Warner Bros. $11,932,330 $45,018,541 $25M 14 3.77x
2 The Founder Jan/20 The Weinstein Company $3,404,102 $12,786,053 $25M 14 3.76x
3 The Hitman's Bodyguard Aug/18 Lionsgate $21,384,504 $75,468,583 $30M 11 3.53x
4 Split Jan/20 Universal $40,010,975 $138,141,585 $9M 15 3.45x
5 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature Aug/11 Open Road $8,342,311 $28,370,522 $40M 7 3.40x
6 Baywatch May/26 Paramount $18,503,871 $58,060,186 $69M 9 3.14x
7 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Jun/2 Fox $23,851,539 $73,921,000 $38M 22 3.10x
8 Kidnap Aug/4 Aviron $10,016,323 $30,718,107 $21M 15 3.07x
9 American Made Sep/22 Universal $16,776,390 $51,342,000 $50M 11 3.06x
10 Transformers: The Last Knight Jun/23 Paramount $44,680,073 $130,168,683 $260M 9 2.91x
11 The Lego Ninjago Movie Sep/22 Warner Bros. $20,433,071 $59,281,555 $70M 10 2.90x
12 Kong: Skull Island Ma10 Warner Bros. $61,025,472 $168,052,812 $185M 14 2.75x
13 It Sep/8 Warner Bros. $123,403,419 $328,828,874 $35M 14 2.66x
14 Kingsman: The Golden Circle Sep/22 Fox $39,023,010 $100,234,838 $104M 15 2.57x
15 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword May/12 Warner Bros. $15,371,270 $39,175,066 $175M 10 2.55x
16 Rock Dog Feb/24 Lionsgate $3,704,749 $9,420,546 $60M 7 2.54x
17 Sleepless Jan/13 Open Road $8,344,128 $20,783,704 $30M 8 2.49x
18 Fifty Shades Darker Feb/10 Universal $46,607,250 $114,434,010 $55M 7 2.46x
19 American Assassin Sep/15 Lionsgate $14,846,778 $36,249,674 $33M 8 2.44x
20 Justice League Nov/17 Warner Bros. $93,842,239 $229,024,295 $300M 17 2.44x
21 Underworld: Blood Wars Jan/6 Sony $13,688,751 $30,353,973 $35M 9 2.22x


22 movies (17.32%) managed to get the grade. Another step down, which indicates word of mouth to be below average or middling. It could still hold on pretty well, but it's not guaranteed. These movies averaged a 2.85x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 All the Money in the World Dec/25 Sony $5,584,684 $25,106,325 $50M 12 4.50x
2 A Bad Moms Christmas Nov/1 STX $16,759,161 $72,110,659 $28M 10 4.30x
3 Logan Lucky Aug/18 Bleecker Street $7,600,036 $27,778,642 $29M 12 3.66x
4 Murder on the Orient Express Nov/10 Fox $28,681,472 $102,826,543 $55M 16 3.59x
5 The Emoji Movie Jul/28 Sony $24,531,923 $86,089,513 $50M 18 3.51x
6 Home Again Sep/8 Open Road $8,567,881 $27,020,284 $15M 9 3.15x
7 Hostiles Dec/22 Entertainment Studios $10,110,739 $29,819,114 $39M 20 2.95x
8 Annabelle: Creation Aug/11 Warner Bros. $35,006,404 $102,092,201 $15M 12 2.92x
9 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul May/19 Fox $7,126,084 $20,738,724 $22M 13 2.91x
10 Atomic Blonde Jul/28 Focus Features $18,286,420 $51,573,925 $30M 9 2.82x
11 Roman J. Israel, Esq. Nov/17 Sony $4,447,070 $11,962,712 $22M 14 2.69x
12 The Dark Tower Aug/4 Sony $19,153,698 $50,701,325 $66M 11 2.65x
13 Fist Fight Feb/17 Warner Bros. $12,201,873 $32,187,017 $25M 8 2.64x
14 Before I Fall Ma3 Open Road $4,690,214 $12,241,072 $5M 8 2.61x
15 Birth of the Dragon Aug/25 BH Tilt $2,702,430 $6,901,965 $31M 5 2.55x
16 The Great Wall Feb/17 Universal $18,469,620 $45,157,105 $150M 7 2.44x
17 Snatched May/12 Fox $19,542,248 $45,852,178 $42M 12 2.35x
18 Jigsaw Oct/27 Lionsgate $16,640,452 $38,052,832 $10M 12 2.29x
19 Ghost in the Shell Ma31 Paramount $18,676,033 $40,563,557 $110M 8 2.17x
20 Happy Death Day Oct/13 Universal $26,039,025 $55,683,845 $4.8M 9 2.14x
21 Alien: Covenant May/19 Fox $36,160,621 $74,262,031 $97M 15 2.05x
22 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Jan/27 Sony $13,601,682 $26,844,692 $40M 9 1.97x


8 movies (6.29%) managed to get the grade. Word of mouth is now extremely below average and indicates audiences are more disliking it. These movies averaged a 2.83x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 Father Figures Dec/22 Warner Bros. $3,821,365 $17,501,244 $25M 8 5.32x
2 The House Jun/30 Warner Bros. $8,724,795 $25,584,504 $40M 9 2.93x
3 Flatliners Sep/29 Sony $6,574,326 $16,883,115 $19M 8 2.57x
4 The Mummy Jun/9 Universal $31,668,375 $80,101,125 $195M 10 2.53x
5 Geostorm Oct/20 Warner Bros. $13,707,376 $33,700,160 $130M 12 2.46x
6 CHiPs Ma24 Warner Bros. $7,722,802 $18,600,152 $25M 9 2.41x
7 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Jul/21 STX $17,007,624 $40,479,370 $209M 9 2.38x
8 Gold Jan/27 The Weinstein Company $3,471,316 $7,227,038 $20M 6 2.08x


5 movies (3.93%) managed to get the grade. This is where generally horror movies get their ratings. For non-horror movies tho, you better hope it has a compelling premise or it will heavily drop. These movies averaged a 2.08x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 Rough Night Jun/16 Sony $8,004,283 $22,105,643 $20M 11 2.76x
2 Life Ma24 Sony $12,501,936 $30,234,022 $58M 10 2.42x
3 Friend Request Sep/22 Entertainment Studios $2,002,863 $3,759,078 $10M 10 1.88x
4 A Cure for Wellness Feb/17 Fox $4,356,941 $8,106,986 $40M 5 1.86x
5 Collide Feb/24 Open Road $1,512,824 $2,280,004 $29.2M 2 1.51x


6 movies (4.72%) managed to get the grade. Even worse word of mouth, but these movies had some middling to outright terrible response. These movies averaged a 2.90x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 Downsizing Dec/22 Paramount $4,954,287 $24,449,754 $68M 6 4.94x
2 47 Meters Down Jun/16 Entertainment Studios $11,205,562 $44,307,193 $5.3M 18 3.95x
3 Wish Upon Jul/14 Broad Green $5,467,084 $14,301,505 $12M 13 2.62x
4 Unforgettable Ap21 Warner Bros. $4,785,431 $11,368,012 $21.5M 6 2.38x
5 Just Getting Started Dec/8 Broad Green $3,201,459 $6,069,605 $22M 7 1.90x
6 The Bye Bye Man Jan/13 STX $13,501,349 $22,395,806 $7.4M 5 1.66x


2 movies (1.57%) managed to get the grade. The future is not bright here. These movies averaged a 2.06x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 Rings Feb/3 Paramount $13,002,632 $27,793,018 $25M 7 2.14x
2 Phoenix Forgotten Ap21 Entertainment Studios $1,816,499 $3,600,146 $2.8M 8 1.98x


Only one movie (0.78%) managed to get the grade. Even for horror movie standards, this is outright toxic word of mouth. This movie averaged a 2.27x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 The Circle Ap28 STX $9,034,148 $20,497,844 $18M 6 2.27x


2 movies (1.57%) managed to get the grade. The feeling of hate grows. If your movie is advertised as something it isn't, you're doomed. This movie averaged a 2.16x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 It Comes at Night Jun/9 A24 $5,988,370 $13,985,117 $2.4M 15 2.34x
2 The Snowman Oct/20 Universal $3,372,565 $6,670,765 $35M 4 1.98x


Only one movie (0.78%) managed to get the grade. Even though it's above the F grade, this is the rarest grade that a movie could achieve. The movie must have pissed off nearly everyone to get this. This movie averaged a 2.03x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 Suburbicon Oct/27 Paramount $2,840,246 $5,775,178 $25M 3 2.03x


Only one movie (0.78%) managed to get the grade. The most dreaded grade. Word of mouth is completely dead and this will drop like a rock. This movie averaged a 2.34x multiplier.
No. Movie Date Studio Domestic Opening Domestic Total Budget Weeks in theaters Multiplier
1 mother! Sep/15 Paramount $7,534,673 $17,800,004 $30M 6 2.34x
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2023.03.27 02:42 Interesting-Web-5343 I catfished the love of my life

I'd like to make this story short but I feel like it's impossible when so much time has passed and so many things have happened since.. I'm 28f now but all of this started back in 2010 when I was only 15 years old. Growing up I always knew I was attracted to girls but never acted on these feelings because I grew up Christian and I was taught that being homosexual was a sin. Out of curiosity I decided to make a fake profile and through that profile embrace my sexuality. I made a couple of fake profiles but I mainly started getting attention in the male account I had made which was not meant to be my main account. I ended up using a picture of one of my classmates who was very photogenic and I was getting a lot of attention from girls. As a dumb 15 year old that felt oppressed all of her life I was really liking this new attention. Anyways, through this account I met a girl and we really hit it off. She stood out from the rest because she was so mature for her age (she was 16 at the time). I really liked talking to her and after months of talking we started to develop feelings. Long story short we started dating and it was the happiest I had ever been. I truly loved her but deep down I was so conflicted because I knew that what I was doing was wrong and I felt even worse because going to church made me feel even more guilty. My parents were very strict and made me go to church 3 times a week so it was very hard for me living a double life. During that time social media wasn't a big thing and everyone still used flip phones so it was very easy for me to maintain this lie because FaceTime/video calls weren't a thing yet. She also never insisted on talking on the phone which was fine by me because there was no way I could fake a man's voice. Whenever we would have arguments or break up I would never fight for her or insist her to work things out because it was easier for me to have HER break up with me than for me to tell her the truth. She would get upset by this because it made her feel like I didn't care but I did. It was just much easier for me to have her leave me because I was too much of a coward to be honest with her. We dated for 2 years and a lot of things happened in between but I won't get into that. Towards the end of our relationship we started outgrowing each other and it was causing a lot of arguments between us. I had got my first job and was in my last year of high-school while she had dropped out. We were just on different paths at this point so we decided to break up. At first it felt like it was a mutual decision but it never felt like there was any closure. She was very impulsive and after we had broken up I lost contact with her because she changed her number without telling me. She also wasn't into social media so it was very hard to find her. After the break up I spent months trying to find her but deep down I knew it was better to leave things how they were because she still didn't know the truth about me. I preffered her to have this memory of me as the boy she fell in love with than to tell her I was a girl the whole time. Years passed and I kept thinking of her. I couldn't get over her no matter how hard I tried. I missed her so much that it almost made me depressed. I don't remember how I finally found her but I did. I found her on Instagram 3 years after we had broken up. At this point she had just started dating someone else but I didn't care, I just wanted to come clean. I was so happy to have finally found her and I was so ready to finally be honest with her. It took me a while to finally do it but I sent her a message on Instagram and waited. It took her like a week to open my message but to my surprise she responded. She wasn't mad at all, if anything she was happy I told her the truth and she wanted us to be friends. I did not expect this reaction from her at all but I was happy nonetheless. It was like starting all over again but she was getting to know ME, the real me. She thanked me for having the courage to be honest with her and finally make her peace with the whole thing. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little hopeful she would give me a chance again even if she was straight because the connection we had was so strong I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, she'd consider it. Unfortunately for me, that did not happen but we remained friends. It sucked seeing her date someone else but at least I had her in my life again. Only a month after we reconciled I found out that she was pregnant. I'd be lying if I said it didn't break my heart. I felt hurt. I felt like I had lost her for good. I did what I could to move on and forget about her but I feel like she'll always have this hold on me no matter how many years have passed. She is married and has a few kids now and I know that I should just get over it and move on but I just can't. I have dated a lot over the years and I recently got out of 3 year relationship that was literally perfect. But no matter how many people I have dated I just don't feel that fire I used to feel when I was with her. I wish I could just move on and be happy but I always think of her. She's always in the back of my mind. We are still friends but we dont talk as often because shes a wife and a mom now. At least she got her happy ending but i feel like my karma for what i did to her is being alone. Its been 13 years since we met and I still love her the same way I did when i was 15. I don't know what to do with myself and I feel like such a loser for still being stuck on a teenage love that started with a lie. I am out of the closet now but I have never told anyone about this because I'm so embarrassed about what I did. I don't know if anyone will read this but I just want to get this off my chest since it is not something I can so easily talk about.
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2023.03.27 02:41 forsbergisgod Help on the Way - Your Weekly Listening Thread (and PODCAST) - 10/11/77 - Norman, OK - Help>Slip>Frank (opener) - Let it Grow (first set closer) - Dancin (17 min set 2 opener) - Prophet>Eyes...>Wharf Rat - (set 2 jam) - Sunrise (rarity) - Road Trips Vol.1 No.2

Welcome to another installment of your weekly listening thread, Help on the Way!!
But first, u/donttouchthatknob , u/thegame310, and I are super thrilled to bring you SEASON TWO of the PODCAST portion of the HoTW project!!
Each week we discuss the random weekly show (as well as dead related news, etc) and then air at least one set of the weekly show right after the discussion.
Also we'll feature the best reddit comments so please make sure to drop your comments below!!
And here's the latest show!
After a wonderful 74 show the Project is letting us revisit more of the GD glory days with a fall 77!
Here's the Miller SBD:
This show can also be found on the various streaming platforms as as Road Trips Vol.1 No.2
Here's the (short but awesome) set:
Help On The Way [5:03] > Slipknot! [4:52] > Franklin's Tower [15:02] ; Jack Straw [5:22] ; Peggy-O [7:23] ; El Paso [4:19] ; Sunrise [3:55] ; Deal [5:41] ; Let It Grow [10:03]
Dancing In The Street [17:38] ; Dire Wolf [3:52] ; Estimated Prophet [10:27] > Eyes Of The World [14:#19] > Drums [4:36] > Not Fade Away [16:39] > Wharf Rat [13:41] > Around And Around [8:36]
Remember, the weekly HOtW show is COMPLETELY RANDOMIZED. It's like we MST3K ourselves. Willingly. For Fun!
A run down about this serendipity powered project can be found here:
The best comments/show reactions will be featured on the pod!
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2023.03.27 02:40 clarkkentshair 'The Night Agent' - Season 1 , Ep 3 - "The Zookeeper" Discussion

Share your reactions, thoughts, theories from Season 1, Episode 3: "The Zookeeper"
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2023.03.27 02:35 Piratedad83 [USA-CO] [H] Nintendo Games and Consoles: NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS [W] Paypal

Hey all! Paring down some parts of my collection. Happy to post pics of anything that you might be interested in. Shipping is $5 for the first game or 2, and then goes up from there as needed. Shipping for consoles will be around $15, depending on where you live.
Check out my Playstation games post here:
Check out my Sega and Xbox games here:
NES (Cartridge Only)
NES console, power cable, AV cable, controller $80
Adventures of Dino-Riki $8
Baseball Stars $12
Batman $15
California Games $10
Championship Bowling $5
Double Dragon $15
Excitebike $10
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf $5
Mike Tyson's Punchout $35
M.U.S.C.L.E $15
NES Play Action Football $3
Orb 3D $8
Pro Wrestling $7
The Punisher $25
Racket Attack $5
Rad Racer $5
RBI Baseball (Gray cartridge) $10
Ring King $10
Rygar $15
Silent Service $5
Skate or Die $5
Spy Hunter $8
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet $8
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $5
Tiger-Heli $6
SNES (Cartridge Only)
SNES Console, power cable, AV cable, controller $100
Acme Animation Factory $15
Claymates $15
King of the Monsters $15
Monopoly $5
Pinball Dreams $10
Populous $5
Super Game Boy $30
Super Mario World $20
Roger Clemens MVP Baseballe $5
Top Gear $10
WWF Super Wrestlemania $10
Nintendo 64 (Cartridge Only)
Nintendo 64 console, power cable, AV cable, controller $100
Cruis'n USA $15
Doom 64 $35
NFL Quarterback Club 98 $3
NFL Quarterback Club 99 $3
NHL '99 $5
Perfect Dark $20
Rampage: World Tour $25
Star Fox 64 $25
Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer $10
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron $15
Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire $15
Super Mario 64 $45
Superman 64 $15
Wrestlemania 2000 $10
WWF Warzone $5
Gamecube (CIB unless noted)
Lego: Star Wars: The Video Game (Case and Disc) $10
Monster House (Case and Disc) $10
Nickelodeon: Party Blast (Case and Disc) $8
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder $8
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis $100
Sonic Mega Collection $15
Spider-Man (Case and Disc) $10
Spider-Man 2 (Disc only) $5
Super Monkey Ball (Case and Disc) $20
Wii (CIB unless noted)
Ben 10: Galactic Racing $5
Ben 10: Protector of Earth $5
Build 'n Race $5
Call of Duty: Black Ops $5
Carnival Games $5
Disney Sing It: Family Hits (No manual) $10
EA Active: Personal Trainer $5
Family Fest presents Movie Games $3
Guinness World Records: The Videogame $3
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock $20
Guitar Hero: World Tour $15
Just Dance 2 $5
Just Dance 3 $5
Just Dance Kids (Disc only) $3
The Last Airbender $10
Link's Crossbow Training (Disc only) $4
Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal (No manual) $5
Mario Kart Wii $35
Mario Party 8 $30
Mario Strikers Charged $15
Minute to Win (New/Sealed) $5
Monkey Mischief! (Disc only) $3
My Sims: Agents (Disc only) $3
My Sims: Kingdom $5
My Word Coach $5
Neo Pets: Puzzle Adventure (Disc only) $3
Nerf: N-Strike $5
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - $25
Ni Hao Kai-lan: Super Game Day (Disc only) $3
Petz: Crazy Monkey (No manual) $5
Puzzle Kingdoms $5
Rapala: We Fish $5
Rayman: Raving Rabbids $5
Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2 (No manual) $5
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition $15
Rockband $20
Sim Animals: Africa $5
Skate It $5
Skylanders Giants (Disc only) $3
Skylanders: Giants $5
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (No manual) $5
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure $5
Smarty Pants (No manual) $3
Speed Racer: The Video Game $5
Squeeballs Party $5
Star Wars: Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels (Disc only) $3
Super Paper Mario (No manual) $15
The Price is Right: Decades (No manual) $5
The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces (No manual) $5
Thrillville: Off the Rails (No manual) $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (No manual) $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09: All play $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (No manual) $5
Ultimate Band $5
Wacky Races: Crash & Dash $15
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Disc only) $10
Wii Fit $5
Wii Music $3
Wii Sports (Disc only) $20
Wonder World: Amusement Park $5
Zoo Hospital (No manual) $5
Zumba Fitness 2 $3
Wii U (CIB unless noted)
Disney Infinity (No manual) $5
Disney Infinity 2.0 $5
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (No manual) $10
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (No manual) $5
Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Course (No manual) $5
Just Dance 2015 $5
Just Dance 2015 (Disc only) $3
Just Dance 2016 $5
Just Dance 2016 (No manual) $5
Just Dance 2017 (No manual) $5
Madden 13 $10
Mario Kart 8 (Disc only) $10
Minecraft: Wii U Edition $15
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventure (Disc and manual) $10
Skylanders: Super Chargers (No manual) $5
Skylanders: Swap Force (No manual) $5
Skylanders: Trap Team (No manual) $5
Smurfs 2 $20
Splatoon $15
Super Mario 3D World (No manual) $15
Super Mario Maker (No manual) $5
Nintendo Switch (CIB unless noted)
Gundam G: Generations Crossrays (JPN) (Cartridge only) $40
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild $45
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Cartridge only) $35
Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition (JPN) (Cartridge only) $20
Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond (JPN) (Cartridge only) $25
Pokemon: Shining Pearl (JPN) (Cartridge only) $25
Pokemon Legends: Arceus (JPN) (Cartridge only) $30
Super Mario 3D All-Stars (JPN) (Cartridge only) $40
Super Mario Odyssey $45
Super Mario Odyssey (Cartridge only) $35
Super Mario Party (JPN) (Cartridge only) $20
Gameboy (Cartridge only)
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle $5
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 $5
Donkey Kong (1994) $20
Game & Watch Gallery $10
In Your Face $5
Monopoly $5
Xenon 2 $30
Gameboy Color (Cartridge only)
A Bug's Life $5
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 4 $20
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX $45
Mario Tennis $15
Rampage: World Tour $5
Gameboy Advance (Cartridge only unless noted)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $5
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe $4
Disney Princess $5
Finding Nemo: The Continuing Adventures $5
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events $5
Mega Man Zero 2 $35
Midnight Club Street Racing $5
Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (Box and manual, no game) $10
Nicktoons Unite (Box and manual, no game) $7
Pac-Man Collection $5
Spider-Man (Box and manual, no game) $15
Spyro: Season of Ice $7
Star Wars: The New Droid Army $5
Street Fighter Alpha 3 $45
The Sims: Bustin' Out $15
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 $10
Nintendo DS (Cartridge only unless noted)
50 Classic Games (CIB) $5
Avatar: The Last Airbender $15
Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush $3
Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp $5
Brain Age $3
Cars: MaterNational Championships $5
Deer Drive $5
Diner Dash: Flo on the Go (CIB) $15
Final Fantasy III (CIB) $25
Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue $5
Insecticide $5
Madden 08 $5
Madden 09 $10
Major League Baseball 2K11 $5
Mario Party DS $10
My French Coach (CIB) $5
Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends $5
Nintendogs (PAL) $5
Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (CIB) $5
Puss in Boots (CIB) $5
Quest Trio (CIB) $5
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing $8
Spore: Creatures (CIB) $10
Zubo $5
Nintendo 3DS (Cartridge only unless noted)
Code Name: STEAM $5
Miitopia $20
The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins $5
Tomodachi Life (Case and Disc) $40
Wario Ware Gold $35
Wipeout 2 (CIB) $5
Young Justice: Legacy $5
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2023.03.27 02:34 lesbianfunkykong Very funny experience trying to catch up before the 29th

Hi! Just got high for the first time in a long time and had a Riverdale experince that has tickled me pink.
My friends and I want to watch the new season when it drops soon, but I still need to catch up. I remembered finishing RiverVALE, and google told me that was 5 episodes long, so I switched to episode 6 and started.
I was watching 2 episodes feeling like Riverdale is a genuinely really interesting and artistic show where the screenwriters make really bold choices, because I was convinced that every scene in these episodes were from RiverVALE, as I had already seen them before. I thought that the two desperate universes would start the same and then spiral out, and the show was being cheeky, daring you to keep watching and noticing subtle differences.
Turns out I've already seen the full first half of season 6 <3 it's familiar because I'm rewatching it <3 oops <3
submitted by lesbianfunkykong to riverdale [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:27 endlord79 My owl house lost episode (My friend let me use his account)

I wish I could just shove this moment down, but I can't forget about it, and that's why I have come to talk about my trauma on the internet to get it off my chest. I woke up from bed and turned on the TV to rewatch "any sport in a storm", but when I turned on the TV everything was weird, Luz and the gang were in their season 3 appearances and they were suddenly in the human realm somehow, Masha walked up to Luz and asked where Amity and the others were, Luz told Masha that they were driving around town while Luz was at school, then it cut to Amity, Willow, Hunter and Gus in the car, but then a car slams into the vehicle as an explosion is heard, for a second I heard Boscha's voice in the background, before I could process what just happened, it cuts to Luz coming home from school and turning on the TV, on the TV it shows the news talking about the car crash and the 4 victims, as the TV shuts off Luz is heard crying in the background while her mother comforts her. The scene almost made me want to turn it off but I was unable to shut it down. Camila and Luz drove to the therapist to have a talk, the session was the least shocking until Luz spotted Boscha in the waiting room, it cuts back to Luz With her face covered in shadow like the trollege image I saw with only a white pupil and grin peaking out. Then Luz grabbed a fire axe and lunged at Boscha, she pinned Boscha to the ground and started slashing the axe into her face, every time the blood flew I flinched in fear, when the scene was done Luz's eyes were nothing but black voids with small white pupils, she ran out of the building and took the axe with her. In the next moment she stalked the blonde girl from her school and sliced her arms off, it was the most gruesome thing I have ever seen on a show, but when I saw Luz find a portal to the demon realm my heart sank, she started killing Boscha's friends and other students at Hexside with each kill being more gruesome than the next, with skara's being the worst one, I don't have the courage to describe the scene right now but the radio that plays in the town hall later will give you a perfect image of the scene. Suddenly Luz started preforming a ritual and managed to summon the demon, for some reason the sound was cut but I don't think I want to know what they were discussing. Then Luz was shown chasing Viney through the town hall until Viney hid in one of the house, as she was hiding in the closet, the radio was playing "victim 1 eyeballs and skin were unable to be found, unknown fingerprints were found on the neck of the corpse". I half expected a jumps-scare to happen but nobody came, then smoke started to appear around the house, Viney tried to get out but the door was jammed, and as I was resisting to faint, Luz stood right next to the body and lit it with a match, then Luz walked to a gravesite for Eda and King, and placed a rose on both the graves. After a few more murder scene that left me traumatized the episode cut to a bloodied Bria shooting a Glock at Luz as she slowly comes towards Bria until she gets bashed on the head by Matt, then Matt and Bria ran out of the house and locked the door as they burnt the place to the ground. At first my heart finally eased as the smoke cleared, but when guards were checking the crime scene, Luz sprung up this time with taller limbs made of obsidian and jagged teeth and sliced the guards head off with an axe, but as she was going to bite the head off another guard the title card popped up reading "killing and smiling" as "its just a burning memory" played in the background. In was finally able to shut off the TV and rushed to the bathroom to throw up, one thing I forgot to mention is that I had a video recording of the episode on my phone so I rushed to the computer and uploaded it the theowlhouse. I later deleted the video in fear of Disney taking it down, but then I got a letter that read
"Dear Tom: it has come to my knowledge that a person I used to know has subjected you to very violent footage, I am very sorry and if you need protection or are feeling threatened please call ###-###-#### and put in your address, I wish you a wonderful day
Waverley P."
Ever since that incident I threw away my old TV and replaced it with a better one, and shockingly I never had any problems since
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