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2023.06.10 12:32 Worried-Ad-5790 Have you ever gone through a significant loss and how did you cope with it?

What are some of the most unusual things people have found while cleaning their homes?
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2023.06.10 12:32 AI0 AutoModerator performed action `removelink`

Target User: u/Ninja017
URL: /Twittecomments/145wtiv/account_suspended_no_control_over_my_content_and/
Title: Account Suspended no control over my content and data
How can I have my account deleted and all the data related to it including the domain, after Twitter has suspended it and also decide to pretend I can't control my information my content my data. They have suspended my account without any reference to any rule broken with a practical example of what that account has done.
There are several questions that raise. Who is behind Twitter, just automated censorship system and should I file a report to Authorities to make clear that there is a Human Rights violation if not multiple ones after what they did?
-Suspension without any justification (they need to show what was broken and how!) otherwise I can too switch something off forever just becuase I don't like it.
-Removal of user rights over their own personal content, of which Twitter becomes propietary after suspension: this is pure madness and break of GDPR and human rights.
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2023.06.10 12:31 Ok-Aside3743 Newbie trying this on hard mode, looking for help or advice

Halp! I'm in uncharted water and want to do this right.
TW: mentions of abuse
So I've done my reading and spent some time learning about ethical relationships and things to consider when opening up. However... I still feel unsure about the situation I'm in and how to ensure that it is ethical and stays as fair as possible.
Myself (31ftm) and partner A (38F) have been together for 3 years and been swingers for mostly the whole time. We've only had males involved though as they tend to not mind being approached for that situation and understand that it's NSA fun.
Well, I went to work and met (for lack of a better term) partner B (28F) and we became friends. Found out she was homeless and all three of us made a plan to move in together. Currently she's in a rehab program as she was recently released from prison and can't handle having complete unsupervised freedom yet.
Myself and partner A will be moving into a new place in a week and partner B will come over to stay on the weekends and easing into a transition of her living with us full time in a couple months.
We've never done this before, myself and partner A have had lots of talks about opening up and she has said she'd be OK with it many times, she says it's only natural and people aren't meant to be monogamous. Until about a year ago I'd never really considered it outside of the threesomes we have.
But here we are. Last night all three of us went out to dinner and Partner B spent all evening flirting with the waitress as we counted touches between them and had a great time (and a few drinks but not drunk) Partner A brought up being a throuple with partner B who agreed. And then partner A began showing pictures and videos to partner B (the dirty kind).
So here we are: partner B has agreed to ensure partner A wears her collar when I'm not around (I work overnights) and partner A likes the idea of a cuddle pile in bed every night/morning with her in the middle. But nothing more has happened.
I know that it's 4 relationships happening and each needs to be maintained and I'm trying to encourage time between the two of them without myself being present. I feel like this is hard mode to start and want to do this as fair as I can because partner B is the newcomer and dependent upon the two of us for housing to an extent.
I'm also hyper aware of past abuse partner B has gone through since being released and housing being dependent on others. Partner B has been locked up since basically turning 18 and has never had the same freedoms as the rest of us or chance to do the adulting thing which I'm helping with.
And one of my past jobs was as a CO (no that isn't where we met) so I'm fully aware of the trauma inflicted by that situation and the PTSD that is resulting and am able to provide that safe place to prevent returning to that previous crowd and can understand the psych issues that result from those experiences (I've probably got a bit of PTSD myself from my time working in one) so we are capable of providing that care, understanding and grace in dealing with it.
So, I know we can't limit who she sees or dates and can't make unilateral decisions without her but, anything else I should know or have overlooked? I'm aware there's an inherent power imbalance because partner A and I have been together longer and are also the two on the lease for the new place, but it looks like this is just gonna kinda develop naturally rather than forced.
And while it is coming about naturally, due to my line of work I'm hyper aware of red flags and potential for abuse. I won't allow any of that to happen but as I'm inexperienced I could use an outsiders perspective to potential areas of concern. This really did just start out as a let me help you get back on your feet type situation given she was only provided housing from the last person in exchange for a sexual relationship and when it became physically violent she left.
Thanks for any help or advice.
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2023.06.10 12:31 Kikov_Valad 20 days left. Aaaaaah 6-25

And for today’s question (spoilers for Kodaka works (Dangan, akudama drive, tribe nine)
Now we all know this, but stories in which most of the characters don’t die are pretty rare when it comes to kodaka stuff. Now admitedly it’s because of how dangerous the settings is most of the time, and let’s be honest, a bunch of detectives with more or less super powers in a rain filled with mystery and owned by a megacorporation who uses a milice to instaurate "peace" seems like a pretty dangerous situation.
So I’m going to ask you, do you think that there will be large amounts of deaths among the cast and do you wish for that to happen ? Or do you expect low causalities ?
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2023.06.10 12:31 Shadowgirl7 Should I cancel my vacations?

I had this plan in my head that my dogs would only start being old in suffer from problems in 2 years. The youngest was turning 8 and the oldest 11 this year. I had another dog (their mom) and she only had a serious health issue when she was 14. So I thought they'd only start having health issues at around 13.
When the eldest was alive, I went on vacations close, just for short periods of 1 week. This year, since I thought everything was okay, I booked a 2 week vacation in a country that is 3h away (direct flight, if not direct, obviously longer) for July.
I went to do a check up to my now only dog, since he will be turning 11 and I was afraid the death of his sister would affect him. They found an heart murmur and he's scheduled for and ECG and ultrassound next tuesday. He doesn't have symptoms, in fact he was always more energetic that his younger sister. But my youngest also didn't have symptoms something was wrong and she died in one day and I was not here (I usually go one week per month to another city).
I am wondering if I should just cancel the vacation. I will want to hear the opinion of the vet after the ECG to understand how serious it is. Apparently it's quite common for older dogs to develop heart murmurs, in some cases it can be bad, in other cases they can live with it for long. My eldest had an heart murmur too, she lived until 15 years and a half. My youngest had one too and she died suddenly at 7 (from the autopsy I don't think that was the main cause of death, it was the burst of an organ/artery, but obviously not having a perfect heart didn't help).
Apparently bad things only happen to my dogs when I am away. With the eldest, she was stable on medication so I went on vacation. Middle of it my brother texted me saying she was not doing ok, I rushed home, got next day, she died 10 minutes after I arrived. With the youngest she was fine the day before I left no symptoms, next day in the evening my parents call me she is not okay and 3h later she is dead. I was only 300km away, same country, but I didn't even have time to come home.
There's some other factors, my family is quite toxic and I have zero friends in my hometown. It's quite a rural place, so my life here is work (from home), study (from home), and gym, that's it. That's one of the reasons I spent one week in the city, my mental health declines if I am here too long, and I have some friends there and more stuff to do. The only reason I am here is frankly my dogs, they have a lot of space and are used to be here. When I leave I obviously leave plenty of food, my parents basically just have to give them the food and call me if something is wrong.
Now what? What if something happens to my dog too when I am away? I can't tell any longer. He seems fine but so did my youngest.
This is not some lavish vacation where I am just going to party all day, I do solotravelling, mostly like hikes, sightseeing, museums. First few days after she died I was obviously not wanting to go anywhere. Now I feel I could manage, but I am traumatized. It's as if I can't leave the house, something bad happens if I do.
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2023.06.10 12:31 Official_Lolucas Many minorities are still discriminated today even in developed countries and I'm one of them

I hate being autistic (high-functioning, guy) to have the idea of which are my symptoms (which aren't a lot at all and they told me that I will have a normal life) I only might cry easily in public in certain situations (didn't happen since I started High School, I did that a lot of times lately but before doing that I went to the toilette to cry without anyone noticing), I used to be a picky eater in the past but especially in the last couple of years I was always so sad so I don't even mind anymore trying to eat different foods and when I'm going with friends to a restaurant I eat what I don't eat when I'm alone (hiding that to the others) and trying hard to be a normal/decently functioning person to avoid looking like some strange idiot, at school I only constantly speak with 1 or 2/3 people (especially one every time with which is also someone that isn't even that social) but I'm in a group of 15 people outside school and I talk there pretty often so it isn't a symptom.
Sadly most people still discriminate today a lot of Neurodivergent people (sometimes even without realizing) meanwhile people of other ethnicities and the LGBTQ+ get (rightfully) a lot of support and I don't see anyone talking about helping to fight the huge discrimination against neurodivergents, it feels like this will never happen in a near future and people like me will always be left alone and there are also a lot of studies that explain how when you show some autistic traits people will fastly think bad of you and many autistic people have an high chance to be underemployed and single in the dating world. Due to that the average lifespan of an autistic people is around 36 because there's an huge suicide rate amongst autistic people. I'm not hopeful about a future where autistic people will be finally free to express themselves, if you're saying that they are working to help autistic people like they did with other minorities I would think that it's fake positivity, it's sadly clear that people will hardly change.
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2023.06.10 12:31 gambilala Did he lie about smoking?

Very early on, my SO told me he nevedoesn’t smoke and even followed up with mentioning that the only poison he takes is an occasional drink. So it registered in my head that he never smoked. Period.
However a few hours ago, he mentioned that he smoked tobacco (pipe smoking) in the past and he reiterated that it was a long time ago. It adds up because he received a smoking pipe as gift from his friend years ago.
When I first saw that smoking pipe, I just shrugged it off and simply thought of it as a cool gift. But with what he said earlier, there are a few things that started to bother me like the ashtray in their living room which I see when he sends me pictures of his cat or something in their house.
So I’m not sure how to proceed on this because for girls, this is a big deal because what he said before is not consistent with this story he told me. I don’t care if he smoked in the past or if he smokes now. My issue is why did he say that he never did it before.
I am thinking of asking him more about it to clarify this but my gut is telling me that I should just observe him some more because this has been something like a pattern.
I would appreciate any opinions from you!
Cheers! 😊
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2023.06.10 12:30 ThrowRAtalili My 18 F mom 46 F doesn’t want me to go out of state for college

I applied to multiple in and out of state schools, and my goal was to go oos if i received enough money. i did, so i told my mom that i was going oos. she was happy for me but a little worried about the money, but i told her how that went and that i only have around 2k left to pay. she then told me not to go oos because i was talking about how we’d have to go on a campus tour to the school which is 5 hours away. i asked her why and she said “so it’ll be easier for us to come see you.” i totally understand how she might be feeling right now but i also don’t want that to be my reason for staying. i told her “it’s not about you guys” and she yelled “you don’t listen”. i’m not sure if that’s her only reason for not wanting me to go, or maybe also that she doesn’t trust me. idk if she’s willing to actually fight me on this or if she’s going to realize it’s not her decision at the end of the day. i also don’t really know if i’m being naive and need to think about my decision. i would like to know how i can help ease her mind without seeming or feeling selfish. do i be blunt with her? how would you all go about talking about the whole situation with her?
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2023.06.10 12:30 Personal-Wishbone253 Have you ever been on a blind date? How did it turn out?

What is the most meaningful experience you've had with technology or innovation?
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2023.06.10 12:30 Electronic_Advisor52 my husband subscribed to onlyfans

He doesn’t know I know. But I saw in his email that he was subscribed to a few and they had expired. I’m beyond disgusted and mad as hell. Its the fact he was doing this in our marriage. But at the same time, is it any different from a pornhub premium subscription? general porn seems like the lesser evil. But onlyfans feels so much more personal.
I don’t know what to do or say or how to approach this because I did go on his phone (he goes on mine as well sometimes) but idk. Idk what to do or say or think.
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2023.06.10 12:30 shiro_shiyami Seeking for feedback for the first chapter of my story! [1128]

This is my first attempt to write something! Please enjoy!
Warm Vision
Chapter 1
Out of the mountain of hope, I’d be a stone of despair. Well, that doesn’t particularly make me unique, as they’re always multiple stones of despair in a positive environment.
But I am what you’d call a damsel in the wrong address. Well, perhaps that’s not the most accurate use of that proverb but in my case it’s most definitely true.
I alone am capable of seeing the unseen and I’m pretty certain that they’re not my delusions. Although, I’m not a cent percent sure about that, but the endless rambling of mysterious silhouettes with their limbs in various angles that my brain can’t even begin to imagine, can’t be fake. I call them VISION, short for vile indigenous and seriously ill obstinate neighbors. (By the way I used the word ‘indigenous’ and ‘obstinate’ because they’re always stuck where they die).
VISIONs are right there, but no one tends to see them. No one wants to see them. And why the hell not? They’re not something anyone would like to indulge with. But they aren’t undesirable like me, especially from my classmates’ point of view.
Although VISIONs themselves don’t directly pose any problems, their existence made my parents think I’m acting strange. So, they end up either sending me to a shrink or forcing me to exorcise myself in a shrine.
My classmates distanced themselves from me, as a mark of merit for a gloomy and delusional character like me. Which is exactly why I ended up becoming friendless despite having received 14.5 years of education, or that’s what I’d have loved to say but I’ve an unusual friend.
Her personality is even beyond my comprehension of the 7 wonders of the world. Even her name ‘Pilo’ doesn’t make any sense or maybe it does! She’s a kind of person who always gets slept on(literally), maybe it’s her comfy appearance which made her parents name something like that. But in a sense, she’s anti-me, an anti-Rei i.e., a complete opposite of me.
A phlegmatic and optimistic individual unlike me, yet something pulls us together. A magnetic force, like the saying goes ‘Opposites attract.’
But Pilo isn’t my only friend I’ve got, there’s someone, or rather, something else. And it’s none other than basketball, a game or even a concept! A friend who’s a bit difficult to communicate with, but it's always there to help me through difficult times. It’s a real friend, honest and true-hearted, never betraying me when I need it the most.
Communicating with it is to become one with it, and to become one is to eliminate every possible distraction which I’m very good at...
Who am I kidding? I’m literally the most distracted person in existence, but those distractions are important for me to continue living or should I say ‘were’ important?
Just a few days ago, when I turned 16, I was completely shaken off from my VISIONs. They disappeared completely and I was left with a sense of unprecedented and unbearable loneliness. It was a matter-of-fact that I was scared of them but I didn’t expect them to suddenly vanish completely from my life?
Their existence was crucial but not in the proper sense. They made me feel special, as if I alone possessed the qualification to look at them. Their eerie eyes always seemed to look through me. I couldn’t deceive them and they couldn’t deceive me either. They became my butter and bread, without which my daily life would truly become ordinary.
Anyways, I’ve already abandoned such feelings and I’m ready to participate in the interschool basketball finals which is right in front of me(literally).
I take a deep breath and stride onto the colosseum of athletes —the basketball court where both the teams were already done warming up for the battle royale. I take small, brusque steps which was due to the overflowing nervousness caused by the millions if not hundreds of spectators.
And guess what? I fall! I crash the ground with a dynamite sound which made the people around to burst with laughter. Not just my opponents but even my teammates let out a laugh or two, how funny!
But I don’t let that get me. I stood up immediately and brushed myself as if nothing wrong had happened.
Rather than the referee’s whistle, our school had a tradition of starting competitions with the bell’s ringing, which in my opinion, was very idiotic. At exactly 13:06 hours, a loud noise announces the beginning of this very enthusiastic competition!
An odd time to start, but it didn’t really matter.
The match starts without any other hitches. Although my clumsiness was as clear as glass, I was positioned at the center as usual for my skills and towering height of 190cm which were too precious to be kept in a corner.
My teamwork is horrendous but I make it up with my own skills, though in a game of basketball there’s no place for a prideful girl. I had to work, work with my teammates and somehow, I managed passing the ball at crucial times where I fell behind.
No matter what happened, I’d have to maintain the teamwork, and if I don’t, the team will fall apart like a bunch of dominos. It’d be impossible for me alone to stich the cloth named team.
Though even after our attempt to entertain the spectators and win no-matter-what, we didn’t actually get anywhere. The score was 0-0 even after 3 quarters, it was an evenly balanced match.
Despite me being worn out and my performance gradually declining, I was still performing better than the others. It was at this moment I witnessed something both ridiculous and impossible.
A boy stood outside of the court. Of course, my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I was really seeing a boy outside of an all-girls high school. This was like a once-in-a-decade thing, super unbelievable. But what made it even more unusual was him. He was a VISION, something which I thought had vanished for bad.
He looked at me as though he had seen a ghost, which is quite contrary to his existence. His eyes looked colder than the ranging Antarctic storms and his pale skin was as white as a silver plate with no dining. Without a doubt he belonged to the horror culture despite him not possessing a shred of death.
There was also a sense of curiosity in his eyes.
As I was deeply drowned within my self-explanation of him, I hit the ball which was followed by a dialogue saying “Rei, catch!” from one of my teammates. Light sure does travel faster than sound.
The ball collided my nose, leaving me dazed and hapless amidst an event which could have been one of the greatest days of my life.
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2023.06.10 12:30 i_am_incomplete What are you doing this weekend?

How did your week go? Was it better than expected, or did it leave some room for improvement?
Now that the weekend is here, what fun (or not so fun) things do you have planned?
And remember friends, it's okay to be doing absolutely nothing at all. Also, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
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2023.06.10 12:30 Dradekon what happened to morro's power?

in the new series, we meet a character, Euphrasia from the cloud kingdom, she us said to have wind powers but how would that work?
Morro, the previous master of wind died and unless somehow he and Euphrasia are related, then wouldn't it be impossible for her to have that power?
im curious
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2023.06.10 12:29 nottooashamed How long I waited for my meds to work

Hi everyone!
This is my first post in the community and I was thinking about sharing my story for a long time. It is not a particular success story, but maybe someone can get some motivation from it, like I needed half a year ago.
So, the beginning of my journey was an almost textbook diagnose process: Got misdiagnosed with unipolar depression, took only antidepressants and opioids for a year and during that time I had 5 hypomanic episodes (although at the time I thought it was just a nice “phase” without sleep and a lot of work done)
Last September I got diagnosed with Bipolar II and since then a drug journey started, with me transitioning from Trintellix/Brintellix to Prozac and adding Lamotrigine as slowly as possible.
20mg of Prozac did nothing, same as 40mg and 60mg. Same with Lamotrigine, I was up to 250mg per day. For me, the main problem were the depressive episodes, with the worst moment being around week 9 on the new medication 14 days on a couch, unable to even go to the bathroom. But for some reason, I held on, mainly because I was desperate for a solution.
And then, it happened. I started feeling better after 24 weeks into the meds. I woke up and I couldn’t believe I had the energy to get out of bed. I am still a long way from being stable, but it feels good to have some hope. I asked my therapists “is this how people wake up every day? Is this the “normal” mood?” Apparently, I had bipolar since I was a teenager and I didn’t get any treatment until I was 30 years old.
So, if any of you get some hope from my story, I am glad. Just hang in there, take your meds and surely something will eventually work for you. Maybe 8-10 weeks are not enough, like they weren’t for me.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a nice day!
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2023.06.10 12:29 createdjustforthis23 10/06/2023

It’s very very chilly this morning but I was so comfy and cosy when I woke up, I love that feeling so much. I woke up feeling less anxious this morning after yesterday which felt like such a relief. I don’t have that entirely tensed up body feeling. I really should get some foam rollers, apparently it will help with the physical side of my head. I just feel so poor lately, therapy costs so much and groceries cost a blimmin fortune and idk. I just feel a little broke.
I wonder if there’s any point to me journaling, I just say the same stuff every day.
Maybe I should end things with Andy? I feel like I should. I don’t want to but I think I should. Shouldn’t I? Is it selfish that I don’t? But I don’t want to? If he wanted to end things then he knows how. I’ll just focus on that.
I wish I could photoshop myself. I wish I could just hack at myself and make a new me. Maybe I could get some kind of magical pegs that hold my eyes open and magically make them stay bigger. A magical machete where I could slice off any softer parts of le and I’d be left super lean and toned and super skinny. Skinny enough to be smaller than him. I’d slice off my hips, my ass and my boobs and then have a more elegant shape, a more lithe figure. I don’t care that little waist and curvy hips are desirable, mine make me look and feel matronly. I hate them and I always have. I would make my lips bigger and poutier. I would make my nose smaller and narrower. I would get new eyebrows altogether. I would bind my feet til they were several sizes smaller, he said I have huge feet and laughed at me, he wouldn’t have done that if I had dainty little feet. I detest my appearance so much it genuinely hurts. I remember being a little girl and having these same thoughts, always violent wishes to change myself, hack myself to bits in a bid to be better. I am so disgusted and ashamed of myself. And I don’t even have a stellar personality to make up for it. Or ambition and a career. Or love and friends. Nor am I fearless and travel the world. I have nothing. I am nothing. I am so sick to fucking death of myself. I wish so much that I could just cease to exist. I am filled with so much hatred towards myself and it’s tiring and it hurts and I can’t imagine ever seeing myself any other way unless I change all these problems. I AM SO SICK OF MYSELF.
Mum texted me today saying she’d found one of my notes in her notebook I gave her for Christmas, she seemed very happy and nicely surprised and it made me feel nice. It’s how I know Andy’s never read or probably even opened any books or whatever I’ve ever given him which is totally fine tbh. I didn’t ever want him to see them sooner than later, they’re the kinds of things I want him to randomly come across months and years from now, y’know? Like a little memory of our time at the moment and how loved he still was before we were ever properly together. Anyway it’s okay, I kind of hope he doesn’t find them for awhile yet anyway. Plus also maybe I shouldn’t have done that because we’ll be sharing a big bookshelf one day and what if we lend someone something and they come across these soppy notes? How embarrassing for us both. I guess if we don’t end up together the. they’ll also be notes his future partners might come across, would he be mad at me for that? For them seeing that? Maybe. Would it matter by then? No. He’ll just say something like oh it’s this psycho girl from the past and laugh about me like he did the other one. I’ll just become another story like her. Or perhaps more likely he’ll pretend like I never existed. I think if we end things that’s what I will do, we were never together, he wouldn’t be an ex, he’d just be a stranger. No I don’t think I would mention him to future partners, what’s the point? What would I say? “Yes I fell in love with someone and he eventually became fed up with me and left and I thought he was the one and I was an idiot and I was wrong but I’ll probably still think about him and love him a little bit til I’m dead in the ground so that’s that do ya still want me?” - no, I will not say that. I will say “yeah I’ve been single for ages” and just face that humiliation instead. It would just be easier to never date again tbh. What’s the point anyway, it’s inevitable a man will end up resenting me for not being better anyway and I’ll end up heartbroken.
I’m going to stop journaling for awhile, I’m in a very woe is me frame of mind and it’s not beneficial for me in any way and I need to snap out of it so I’m going to do a workout, wash my bedding and read my book. I need to SNAP OUT OF THIS. I know better than this. I am better than this. I will not be this.
I feel better. It’s… some time later. I did a workout which made me sweat a lot and turn into a beetroot. Not a tomato, a beetroot. I have racks on racks of laundry up drying now. I had a super quick body shower. I’m now reading on the sofa and contemplating a late lunch. I don’t want to eat and I know it’s because I want to punish myself and because I’m having a more hate filled day towards myself than usual but I also know that cycle of eating is bad for me and is a reason I out on weight and so I need to break that cycle but I just want to not eat because it makes me feel better but I know I should.
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2023.06.10 12:29 MediaVsReality The King and The Hero - A Short Story About How The Media REALLY Works

PART 1 - The King's Problem
The King did not know empathy.
If he saw somebody in pain, he felt nothing. If he watched a child cry, he felt nothing. And if he saw an injured bird on the road, he would press the sole of his boot on top of it without a second thought.
This was just as he governs.
The people lacked food, yet the King felt nothing. And did nothing. For in his palace, he had all the food he would ever need.
The people lacked medicine, yet the King felt nothing. And did nothing. For in his palace, he had all the medicine he would ever need.
The people lacked education, yet the King felt nothing. And did nothing. For in his palace, he had all the books and scholars he would ever need.
In his palace built entirely of solid gold, he was the most powerful King in all the land.
But the King had a problem. One thorn in his side. One little nuisance that kept him awake at night.
From nowhere, a man had appeared. His name: Rohe
Rohe spoke atop a platform in the streets to the people. He spoke of the unjust nature of The King's rule, of the palace made of solid gold and the endless luxuries stored within it.
Rohe blamed the King for the hunger the people had suffered. And he blamed the King for the deaths of brothers, sisters, children, mothers and fathers due to the lack of medicine.
And finally, Rohe told the people to rise up against the King, storm the palace of solid gold and take back control of their food, their medicine and their land.
Worst of all, to the King's terror, the people had begun to support Rohe. In the streets, Rohe would draw thousands of supporters. "Freedom for the people" they would chant in unison.
The King was utterly furious. How dare these low-born peasants chant such things. How dare these stupid, ignorant and inferior men even consider stealing his rightfully owned riches.
Something had to be done.
Not knowing what to do, he spoke to his 3 most trusted advisors.
The first advisor suggested he have Rohe killed.
The second advisor suggested he have Rohe thrown in jail.
The third advisor, the most cunning and mischievous of the 3, disapproved of the plans of the first 2 advisors. Killing him or throwing him in jail, he explained, would encourage the crowds still further.
Instead, he suggested something different entirely. He suggested they turn the people against Rohe.
"How?" asked the King curiously. "How can we turn the people against him"?
The third advisor adjusted the large, rounded glasses that lay on top his big, crooked nose and grew a mischievous smile. "The newspapers, of course."
PART 2 - The Third Advisor
The lands had hundreds of different newspapers, but only 3 main ones, which were by far the most widely read.
The people believed these newspapers to be run by well-meaning people who aimed to tell them honestly of the goings-on throughout the world.
The truth was different.
While it was made to appear that these newspaper were run independently, they were in fact controlled by the King himself. Whenever the King needed, he control everything that was written inside one of the 3 main newspapers.
The Kong granted the cunning third advisor the task of turning the people against Rohe. And so, the third advisor began his research:
To his dismay, Rohe was close to perfect. A true hero.
- He had a loving wife and two young children
- He had grown up poor and had managed to create a little bit of wealth through hard work on his farm.
- He was strong, with big, bulging muscles and had a handsome face.
- On his farm worked 10 white men and 2 black men, all of whom he treated with great kindness and respect.
- He was rarely at home with his family. He was always working, helping at the local school or in the streets doing his speeches.
Upon finishing his research, a crooked smile crept upon the face of the third advisor. He adjusted his spectacles and muttered to himself.
"This is all I need..."
PART 3 - The Article
RoheThe People's Hero Or Attention Seeking Conspiracy Theorist?
Rising from an obscure background, Rohe the so-called "Hero" has ballooned in popularity in recent months. Everywhere he goes, commotion follows; drawing crowds of thousands of worshipping fans who hang on every word he says.
He has been reported bellowing his ideology in Lockwood, Brimshore, Farmsdale and even as far as Watershire. It seems as though Rohe is a mastermind at drawing the attention of others. Where does this attention go? Well, to himself of course. With his handsome dark hair and muscular physique, public image is seemingly the fuel that Mr Rohe feeds on. '
"He's come from God! He's like God himself!" exclaimed one of his fanatic supporters as we interviewed them.
Mr Rohe's main message seems to be against the King himself; spouting obscure claims such as "The King is keeping all the food for himself while the people starve!", he cried into a crowd in Lockwood last week. Of course, this isn't a new line of thought, with other such violent figures as "John the Terrorist" and the now proven liar and fraud Christopher Whittle.
Experts tend to agree that the food hardship some are currently facing is due to a series of unfortunately poor harvests as well as changing whether conditions. We asked the lead food resource advisor in the kingdom for his opinion on the matter. "We've heard this all before" he said while holding back a laugh, "Mr Rohe is just parroting the same old conspiracy theories we hear every year".
While Mr Rohe screams non-stop of the riches of others, his own wealth has been quietly building. Donations from his fanatic supporters have allowed him to purchase a second piece of farmland on top his already wealthy estate. Unsurprisingly, his workforce consists of almost entirely white men with a mere handful of coloured workers throughout his farms.
We travelled to Mr Rohe's farm and spoke with his wife, who told us "We as almost never see him! He's constantly on the road. He pops by to see the kids and check on the farm every week or so". It seems as though it's difficult to pay close attention to your family when you're so busy drawing attention to yourself in the streets.
Mr Rohe's fans seem to admire him deeply, but such adoration can turn nasty. His most extreme supporters have abused, harassed and on one occasion physically assaulted Mr Rohe's critics. "His fans are relentless", says well-known critic Johnathon Adams. "The harass me day and night and have even threatened to attack me.
While Mr Rohe does not endorse such violent behaviour, he does not exactly deter it either. He describes the King as "evil" and "corrupt" and once stated that "sometimes the power of the fist is necessary".
Mr Rohe's rhetoric seems to attract all kinds of unsavory characters; the aforementioned "Jack the Terrorist" as well as well-known woman beater Joseph Smith have both stated their support for Mr Rohe.
In the end, the key to Mr Rohe's appeal is also his greatest weakness. He wants to be the man who knows everything and can explain everything. But his arguments are riddled with conspiracy theories and crude distortions of the truth.
Even so, his critics will have a tough time. Mr Rohe's wave of popularity is unlikely to come crashing down any time soon.
A year had passed, and over the months the third advisor wrote countless similar articles and published them in the 3 main newspapers.
To his and the King's delight, their plan had worked flawlessly.
Support for Mr Rohe began to wane. Many began to accuse Mr Rohe as being a racist. Others claimed he was mistreating his wife. Most began to be see Mr Rohe as somebody not to be taken seriously.
The people started feeling a sense of distrust and dislike towards Mr Rohe deep in their stomachs. They didn't know exactly why they felt this way, but felt it they did.
Something had switched inside their minds. They began to see everything Mr Rohe did through a negative lens. His previously heroic speeches now seemed shrill and childish. His impressive physique and sharp jaw now seemed vain and self-centred. And his claims about The King and what was really inside his palace made of solid gold now had doubt cast upon them. Some still believed Mr Rohe, some thought him to be exaggerating, most simply threw their hands up in confusion and forgot all about it.
When Mr Rohe made a speech on the streets, many rolled their eyes at his crazy supporters. And with growing frequency, an opposing group of protesters would appear and shout over him. They made claims that Mr Rohe was a racist, and they made jokes about the 2 farms Mr Rohe owned.
The King's problem had been solved.
The third advisor became one of the King's closest confidantes and was allowed access to many of the luxuries inside the palace: food, women and anything else he could possibly dream of.
As for the people, their lives steadily got worse and worse. Their food supplies dwindled, medicine became rare to find and the people became sadder, more depressed and more desperate. Despite this, most accepted their situation as "the way life is", while others blamed God for their misfortune.
One day, another man began to make speeches on the streets against the King. His name: Varios. The People began to call him their "Savior".
The King passed his pen over to the third advisor. "Ready?"
The third advisor grew a wicked grin.
"Of course"
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2023.06.10 12:29 nowoutrun79 doctors vs furry artists post became a comic

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2023.06.10 12:29 S0GA AITA for calling the cops on my mom after me throwing things at her and screaming in her face for selling the things I bought with my hard earned money?

Im a 17 year old and my mother is 39 years old. I was born in Charleston sc and was constantly moved back and forth between Washington state and Charleston sc. I moved to Washington state for the last time and I will not be coming back here because of my mother. So, when I first moved here the first year was ok. We started living with some family friends. Later on during the year of living with this family I noticed I started being left out by everyone. No one would ask me if I wanted to go anywhere. I later found out they was talking about me being lazy and unproductive when i was never invited to go but when ever I asked they always told me there was no room for me. I then started getting quiet and started staying to myself. This is where it starts happening. I was in my bed just on my phone and out of no where my mom comes down the stairs as if I did something wrong. She yells at me and asks me “why don’t you talk to me anymore”. I simply said because it seems everyone forgets about me and doesn’t want me to come with them. She said “no one ever said you can’t come, you always said you don’t want to come”. There was never a day that they asked me if I wanted to go out with them at all. So I told her that I wanted to go, and I asked to go and they always made an excuse for why I can’t go. We argued about it for a while. I broke down and I just told her to leave me alone. Our next fight was because she started treating me like I wasn’t her daughter. She slut shamed me and started calling me names behind my back. I became very depressed and tired. So I became extremely exhausted I never got out of my bed and resorted to weed as a 15 year old. That she provided me with. Later she started giving my little sister weed who was 12 at the time. She allowed us to do it. For 3 years. During those three years it became a thing that helped me and my sister fight off depression. Starting a month ago I quit weed to better myself and so did my sister. 3 days ago is when it all happened. Me and my sister stopped going to school to protect our stuff we had in our rooms bc we new if we left they would mess with our things. But we had no choice because they took all the water and food and hid it from me and my sister so we was basically starving. And since they wouldn’t drive us we had to walk to a store. Mind you we have hills in Washington state so it’s a long walk up and down hills to get to places. Me and my sister walk to the store to cash my last check and get what we needed. My ex coworker drove us half way home because they would flip out if we showed him where we lived. We then walked the rest of the way. We make it into the house but everyone is quite so we didn’t know if they was home. We walk down to our rooms and i see everything out of my room. I start panicking bc im looking at my stuff. My sister goes to see if she has my laptop in her bed because I let her use it for the time being of her not having a phone. My heart sank when my sister panicked as she told me my laptop wasn’t in her bed under the covers. I ran upstairs and screamed at them asking what did they do to my stuff. They was laughing and staring at me. I screamed at my mom and started throwing light objects at her. I started getting in her face and telling her how much I hate her for choosing everyone else over her own kids. For neglecting her kids. And for most of all selling her own kids most expensive stuff that they worked so hard for. I go down stairs and call the police. I wish I didn’t because when they got here they dodged the fact that she gave us weed at a young age, she mentally abused us to the point we started overdosing, she neglected us for a child that doesn’t want anything to do with her, and she even manipulated her way into making the cops believe she’s the good guy and that we are spoiled brats, but how could we be spoiled when she never bought us anything, she went to the casino with the money the state gives her for us and blew over 300 each month. It’s crazy that she can complain about her going broke but she can get a job because the state gave her permission to do so. But her excuse to not get one is she has to much on her plate but she doesn’t go anywhere but the casino, she stays in the house and cleans imaginary stuff dust and then she sits on her phone most of the day. So am I really the bad guy in all of this?
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2023.06.10 12:29 Emotional-Figure-534 Spasms

Did anyone else experience muscle spasms?
Initially in my journey with this it began with hip pain that shot down through the side of my calf. I went to many doctors before I found out that this was because of the herniated disk. But the pain is unbearable as many of you know. I’m going in for a MD Monday.
My muscles in my hip will Charlie horse once in a while. Mostly before bed and in the morning but it is completely debilitating. I experienced muscle spasms with my knee surgeries but I wasn’t sure how common it is with discs.
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2023.06.10 12:29 MangoGuyyy What’s the learning “ roadmap”, noob here.

I did some backcountry backpacking in the past, and mountaineering seem super cool. The idea of ice axe in hand and climbing up ice and glacier is just so cool to me.
I signed up for a guided summit to Shasta. It def pushed past my physical limits, and wonder how is everyone so fit? I thought I was decently fit since I do kickboxing 4x a week in a pretty competitive setting, but I guess it’s not that transferable to climbing mountains.
I find myself enjoying that intensity of pushing through physically while applying learnings of technical skills (although shasta wasn’t technical) enjoyable. Not so much the camping part, but ofc I get u can’t have one without the other most of the times.
I enjoy the technical parts and want to learn more and do more technically challenging summits.
What is the path should I take? Or what mountains should I try summiting next? Or classes to take for those to get prepared?
I see classes from ice climbing to crevasse rescue. Ice climbing sounds fun because I enjoy implementing technical skills or tools or learnings, not just raw physical fitness, if that makes sense.
I think I enjoy trips that are short but intense and technically challenging, rather long several day trips (I don’t like the camping part that much) that just involve a lot of marathon hiking. Ik this is kinda weird since I’m a mountaineering sub, and big big mountains just take many days.
What’s everyone’s learning journey here?
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2023.06.10 12:28 2201992 Beyond Skinwalker Ranch they seriously brought in a CIA Agent?

They seriously brought in a CIA Agent? Are they trying to make the show lose credibility? Everyone should treat this show with some massive skepticism because anytime the CIA is involved you know dam well that we will be getting lots of disinformation.
The CIA and Investigative Journalism never go hand in hand. And especially when dealing with the Paranormal/UFO Community. We mind as we’ll be saying Plant and Handler. I understand adding the Journalist to the team but the CIA?
The CIA guy is not a Scientist or Journalist . How did he get a main role in the show? Its weird right?
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2023.06.10 12:28 HelloHi_AndBye AITA for breaking down when my sister was scaring me as a "joke?"

I (15) and my sister (14) have a decent relationship that usually revolves around humor. Its usually funny comments, making fun of each other, or making fun of our actions, but she recently found humor in poking my spine and neck, which as siblings, I'm sure you've had it done before (similar to the credit or debit thing from a few years back) but I find it absolutely terrifying because I never know what she'll do next.
I don't get scared easily and I've visited some of the most haunted places in my state and watched horror movies alone,hell I could write a book.
My family is very religious mainly because there's been incidents where some of my family members have been in near death situations and have seen the devil. I strongly believe in God because I, for one, wouldn't say I am a good person. I used to believe I was, but I looked into my faith more and people have told me that the situations I've been are for the reason of a price I have to pay for something bad I've done that I probably can't remember. My family has had strong ties with faith ever since my great great and so on ancestors, as each women who is expecting a child is given the option of money for their infant child, one of which my grandmother did accept.
Growing up my family of 7 lived in a one bedroom basement where there had previously been a fire, and my first time seeing anything was when I was 6 with my brother. A few years later was the day I began to experiment with things of such which is where I think I went wrong. I've never made a deal but I've been involved in cases where exorcisms are necessary and I'm in the presence of it.
Going back on point, my sister has faith that isn't necessary strong, similar to mine, and that's okay because that's her own account and shes free to believe what she wants. Shes always lurking around and poking my back or neck and it's ok... until it's not. She makes terrifying inhuman faces and start jumping around or dancing screaming inaudible things. To me, it looks somewhat like a playful ritual until she starts to chase me. Various times I'm sitting in a corner crying and telling her in scared, but when I'm scared I laugh a lot to the point I'm out of breath so she thinks I'm playing too, but I feel like in dying. I've talked to her and my mom about it but they find it ridiculous because they know what I've been through and see no reason how this is scarier than that.
Today was my worst of it all, I'm not sure if I'm getting panick attacks because of it but I can barely stand near her before my anxiety kicks in and it gets really hard to breath when I see her. She started to jump around again and that's when I lost it and started to laugh/cry a lot but my mom told me to go to sleep and thst it was nothing. I tried to explain to her thst I'm genuinely terrified but she brushed me off and told me to not be such a kid, "it's just a game." It's 5 in the morning and I still haven't gotten any sleep because I'm scared that she'll burst in my room any second. AITA?
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