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When an undergraduate admissions administrator at the fictional Cambridge University college Brampton College receives a death threat from a disgruntled applicant (a Warrington schoolboy), she ignores it. She is then kidnapped "by an invisible person" and subjected to 8 hours of degrading torture.

2023.03.27 00:05 HannoPicardVI When an undergraduate admissions administrator at the fictional Cambridge University college Brampton College receives a death threat from a disgruntled applicant (a Warrington schoolboy), she ignores it. She is then kidnapped "by an invisible person" and subjected to 8 hours of degrading torture.

Roberta Millie Townsley was an undergraduate administrator working within the undergraduate admissions department of Brampton College, a fictional prestigious college at the University of Cambridge over in Britain.
One evening, she receives an email from a former applicant, a schoolboy from Warrington going by the name "Luke Myers". The email contains a death threat. The disgruntled applicant had applied to Brampton with the hopes of studying Chemistry; he had also expressed his "excitement at the prospect of becoming an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge". In the end, his application had been rejected, not only due to his track record of poor behaviour at Lawson Boys School, but also because of the Warrington-based school's notoriety for having "unruly and riotous pupils who routinely committed various crimes".
In the email, Myers threatened to "violently rape her and punish her for rejecting him" and also stated that he "knew you were the one ultimately responsible for the rejection of my application". He also stated in the email that he had been "unfairly discriminated against" because he "came from up North". Brampton College had been criticized over the years in the media for taking on very few candidates from Northern England and counties such as Merseyside, Cheshire and Derbyshire.
At first, Townsley had considered contacting Cambridgeshire Constabulary, but she later brushed it off as "rubbish" and ignored it.
So, she went on about her daily business and on one Friday night, she was meeting up with a few friends for drinks in Newmarket near Grantchester when she suddenly began to feel a little light-headed. On her way home in the early hours of the morning, she began to hear a boy's voice nearby. Sure, it was dark, but she could see nobody in any of the streets nearby. Suddenly, she felt a huge gust of wind and something that felt like an invisible hand smash against her cheek. A huge force then smashed into the side of her head and she lost consciousness before hitting the ground.
Townsley then found herself in a darkly lit room which appeared to be in a basement (from the half windows near the ceiling letting some street-lights in) and she was subsequently forced to endure hours of torture by a thin boyish figure wearing a white ski mask who "had the voice of a juvenile". For 8 hours, the attacker raped her and violently abused her, only pausing briefly to drink from the numerous cans of Budweiser he had laid out on the table beside her.
He then eventually let her go, but not before warning her that "if you tell anybody, I'll find you again and treat as if you were a man in prison."
He then stated, "Remember, Roberta, I'm invisible. Even if you told the cops and they arrested me, I can just disappear right inside a jail cell."
Remembering the hits from the invisible force in the alleyway, Townsley, in fear of her life, did not immediately report the crimes to anybody.
It was only a few days later, after failing to turn up to work, that she eventually told one of her friends, Ella, what had happened. Her friend was the first to go to the police and as the police began an investigation and moved Townsley into protective custody, Townsley mysteriously disappeared, despite being under the watchful eye of the police.
Police then began to search for the prime suspect: the Warrington schoolboy, Luke Myers, on account of his email featuring death threats. It turned out Myers, 18, had been missing since yesterday and his phone was found in a nearby stream.
To this day, neither Townsley nor Myers have ever been found and the prestigious Cambridge University college was keen to keep the matter out of the media. Brampton College continues to be one of Cambridge University's most prestigious colleges, boasting more than 800 graduates and undergraduates and continuing to churn out successful alumni, 20% of whom routinely find themselves employed in businesses and academic posts based in Canada and the Midwest.
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2023.03.26 21:04 Party_Condition_9819 What is going on? or a possible outcome

I know 2 people who got booked for human smuggling. CBP kept the driver & let the passenger go, even though he had a pistol under his seat & a pending agg asslt w a ddly wpn case. CBP let the passenger go because supposedly his mom knew someone at the border & a “random number” texted her that they wanted $4000, after passenger told my brother this, he was let go within a few hours(passenger also told CBP he was asleep the whole ride is what CBP said) even though the judge said anybody experienced would not fall for that. Now I say this because the driver is my brother…he didn’t answer any questions & did not consent to a search of his phone. My brother hasn’t heard anything from the court in the last 5-6 months & when he asked for his discovery, he couldn’t get it because they were still “investigating & obtaining evidence.” Is this a stunt pulled by CPB or the prosecutor to save their asses from being exposed? My brother also stated that every passenger who got caught with their co-defendant got booked into the county jail. No witnesses I’m guessing either because all immigrants were deported back to where they came from. I know that they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my brother knew of their status & stuff like that. But whose to say that the passenger wasnt the one who drove my brothers car & picked them up? Since they let the passenger go, we can’t prove that. What will most likely happen to my brother? He has been out on bond/pretrial supervision almost 6 months now.
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2023.03.26 18:02 meow_zedongg Dennis Randle, Robert Ives - Flora Conflicts of Interest [FULL BREAKDOWN]

2012 DENNIS RANDLE Resigns as Sheriff and takes a job with the Indiana State Fire Marshall:

Dennis Randle, who served two terms as the county sheriff, has decided to leave the department he has worked in for the past 31 years. Randle tendered his resignation to the sheriff’s merit board in December and his decision to leave was formally announced by Sheriff Tony Burns at the Dec. 30 county council meeting. The former sheriff is not leaving the life of a public servant.
Randle told the Comet he graduated from Delphi Community High School in 1974 and entered the Army as Military Police that same year. He began his civilian law enforcement career at the City of Delphi in 1977, attended the police academy in 1978 and remained a Delphi patrolman until November 1980.
“I was hired by sheriff Don Roth and then I worked under Bill Coghill and then Lee Hoard,” Randle explained. “I’ve been working for Tony Burns since I served two terms as the elected sheriff myself.”
Randle lists being hired to serve the county as one of his primary career achievements. He also considers his two-term elected office to serve the county in the highest post in the department an honor. He said taking a crew south to provide services to the victims of Hurricane Katrina was another career highlight for him.
“I really appreciate the relationships I’ve been able to develop with the jail staff, the deputies and other law enforcement officials in neighboring communities,” Randle said. “I always know that when something bad goes down, the community will come together for the victims.”
Randle comes from a long line of law enforcement and emergency workers. He considers himself someone who is good at providing direct service to those in need rather than sitting in an office.
“Just put me out on the lines and let me do my job,” he said.
Randles’ grandfather, Charles J. Randle, was the Delphi Police Chief in the 1930s. His father Bill Randle served on the Delphi Tri-Township Volunteer Fire Department for many years and his mother served in the auxiliary. One of Randle’s brothers, Chuck, served as the Camden and Colfax marshal. Another brother, Jon, is a Carroll County jailer and at one time worked part-time as a patrolman in Flora. He also has a cousin who is a police officer in Terre Haute.
Randle has accepted the position of fire investigator with the State of Indiana Fire Marshal’s Office. He will attend orientation for the job Jan. 9 and will serve in one of 11 territories. His area will encompass roughly that which is north and west of Lafayette and will include Lake County.
“I hear they have a lot of fires to investigate in Lake County,” he said. “My job will be to determine the cause and origin of fires for the local fire departments.”
Randle explained that he has been the fire investigator for the Delphi Tri-Township Fire Protection Territory and has worked with the State representative on several occasions. He said a fire chief usually initiates contact with the State for an investigator and the State provides a second opinion for any incident investigated. Randle said all fires which have fatalities must be reported to the State unless the local department has an investigator.
Randle is the father of four and also has seven grandchildren. His son, Adam, serves on the Flora Volunteer Fire Department, works at the Purdue Fire Department, and is a paramedic. His daughter, Ashlee, served on the Delphi Volunteer Fire Department, and is now a registered nurse. Another daughter, Tara, works at the Delphi Farm Bureau office and his youngest daughter, Ariel, is a student at Ivy Tech. Randle’s wife, Jean Ann, works in Lafayette.
“I have enjoyed the ride ever since I started working for the county,” Randle said. “I’ve had a tremendous time working with everyone in county government as well as county residents.”
“Like many road troops, I wanted to be able to patrol a larger area than a town when I started working for the county,” Randle said. “I discovered that there were a lot of areas and people that I didn’t know at that time and it was a pleasure being able to serve all of them.”
“It has been a pleasure working with Sgt. Randle,” Sheriff Tony Burns said. “His experience in law enforcement has been a valuable tool for us all in the department.”
“I wish him well in his new endeavor at a fire investigator for the State,” Burns concluded. “I know he will enjoy his duties with the State Fire Marshal’s office and will continue to give the same high level of service to the every community he works in.”

Randle's implicated in theft of over-than $100,000

Fifty-six-year-old Jean Ann Randle, the wife of former Carroll County Sheriff Dennis Randle, was charged Friday with two counts of theft by special prosecutor Anthony Sommer of Clinton County.
A Class C Felony charge was filed in Carroll Circuit Court for exerting “unauthorized control over the property of the Kruger Brothers Partnership, to-wit: funds held in a First Financial/Bright National Bank account, with the intent to deprive said person of any part of the use or value of the property, and the fair market value of said property was at least $100,000…” In addition, Randle was charged with a Class D Felony for exerting “unauthorized control over the property of Huffer One Inc.” for an undisclosed amount.
A nine-page affidavit signed by Indiana State Police Investigator Gregg Edwards detailed a report from the late James Huffer’s brother, Marion, to ISP. Marion Huffer stated he had reviewed records for Huffer One Inc. after his brother’s death in 2010 and discovered that his brother’s secretary, Jean Ann Randle, had been keeping the account records for the business and had written several checks to herself and sent some directly to her mortgage company, vehicle loan company, and insurance company. Huffer stated Randle was never authorized to write checks for her personal gain.
According to the probable cause affidavit, Abigail Huffer Diener told an ISP investigator she had taken ownership of her father’s law practice at Obear, Overholser, Huffer and Rider LLC after her father’s death. She said her father, Jim Huffer, practiced law for over 30 years and Jean Ann Randle was her father’s personal secretary for the past 16 years. The ISP investigator noted he reviewed checks and could observe two different signatures for “Jim Huffer.” Abigail Huffer Diener identified her father’s signature on some of the checks and not on others.
The affidavit stated that Randle was given authority by Jim Huffer to write checks for the business. Inconsistencies with amounts reported in accounts and checks written were noted during the investigation. Also noted was that an audit of financial records of the law firm was completed by the firm’s professional liability carrier and documented that funds in excess of $250,000 went to Randle through the firm in addition to her normal compensation as an employee of the firm and in addition to other funds transferred to her or her personal accounts as documented elsewhere over time.
The probable cause affidavit further alleges Randle moved roughly $234,379 from individual trusts and investments accounts into a Partnership account. The funds were later moved from the partnership account to various accounts that benefited Randle. Those accounts were Jail Meals Inc., seven credit accounts and a bank loan. Jail Meals Inc. was the corporation established by then Sheriff Dennis Randle to manage funds paid to him from Carroll County to feed inmates at the County Jail.
Former Sheriff Randle was interviewed in October 2013 by ISP Investigator Greg Edwards (later assigned to the Flora case & subsequently reassigned). Edwards reported in the affidavit that Randle’s wife, Jean Ann Randle, did one-half the accounting for Jail Meals Inc. The former sheriff stated that after Jim Huffer’s death and his wife’s firing by Abigail Huffer Diener, finances had become very strained. He said it seemed they were in a stable place while Jean Ann was working for Huffer, but since his death, the bills and credit seem to be more significant.
Carroll Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Diener and Carroll Superior Court Judge Kurtis Fouts have recused themselves from the proceedings due to perceived conflicts in the case.

2014 … Jean Ann Randle is sentencing:

It took four years for family members of the late James Huffer to realize some closure in a theft case which occurred in his law office for several years. Huffer, a local attorney and former County Prosecutor, employed Jean Ann Randle in his law firm as his personal secretary from 1993 until his death in April of 2010. Randle continued to work in the firm for Huffer’s daughter, attorney Abigail Huffer Diener, for a month after her father’s death. Diener told the Comet she fired Randle soon after she assumed her father’s place in the law firm partially because Randle refused to relinquish Jim Huffer’s personal check registers.
Diener said when a new secretary was hired, inconsistencies in several client accounts began to be discovered. A forensic auditor was contracted to fully research the situation. Charges were filed by Special Prosecutor Anthony Sommer in Carroll Circuit Court in April of this year after an investigation by the Indiana State Police (ISP). Randle was charged with two counts of Class D Felony Theft and one count of Class C Felony Theft. Special Judge Bradley Mohler of Clinton County was assigned to the case.
A plea agreement was filed by Sommer in August in which Randle agreed to plead guilty to one count of Theft, a Class D Felony. The plea agreement called for Randle to be sentenced to three years in the Indiana Department of Correction, which was suspended. Randle was placed on probation for 36 months. She agreed to pay $22,192.59 restitution to Huffer One, a farm account from which she stole money.
Diener was allowed to read a prepared statement at the Oct. 2 sentencing hearing. She told the Court Jean Ann Randle stole funds from a client’s trust account as well as Huffer One.
“The amount of money stolen and the way Jean Ann did it is nothing short of stunning,” Diener said. “Jean Ann had access to a client’s checking account by way of her employment at our law firm. Unbeknownst to the client, Jean Ann set up online banking for that account, whereby she was the only one with the login and the password.”
“Jean Ann would pay her personal bills out of that account by online payments,” Diener continued. “She paid her mortgage payment, her car payment, her Discover Card and a multitude of other credit cards.”
Diener advised the court that in 2007 Randle made eight payments to her credit cards in three months for more than $6,000. She paid nearly $88,000 in 2008 in 57 payments to credit cards and loans. Randle made 52 payments for nearly $43,000 in
2009 and in only three months in 2010, she made 12 payments for $16,000 before she was fired.
“The last payment Jean
Ann made in 2010 from the client account was to her credit card company on Oct.
1, six months to the day after my father died.”
Diener said she was able to document 129 online commissions of theft by Randle during her time at the law office. She said Randle also wrote checks from the client’s account and forged 17 checks from her father and her uncle’s farming operation,
Huffer One. Diener said Randle manipulated reports she provided to her uncle to hide the losses. Diener said Randle also appropriated thousands of dollars from the client account and paid Jail Meals,
Inc., a business which was owned by herself and her husband, then-Sheriff Dennis Randle.
“Your Honor,” Diener concluded. “Jean Ann is not a first-time offender and I doubt these crimes are her last. She is receiving very few consequences under this plea agreement – no jail time, no community service and she’s r not even responsible to pay back the client funds because our law firm’s malpractice insurance has already done that. If this conviction does nothing else, it should protect the public from Jean Ann Randle.”
After Diener completed her statement, Randle stood and spoke. She was crying when she said she was sorry for her crimes, she was remorseful and she hoped those in the courtroom would forgive her.
“I don’t buy the tears,” Judge Mohler told Randle. “I don’t buy the remorse. This didn’t have an impact on you except you got caught.”
The Judge said he was not inclined to accept the plea agreement. He said however there would be no restitution to Huffer One if she was to go to jail.
“You’re going to get a job,” the Judge told Randle. “You are going to pay 75 percent of your earnings toward your restitution.”
“129 times is staggering,” he continued. “You’d better get started. Nothing I can do will make the family feel this is just.”
The Judge also said the malpractice insurance company could file a civil law suit to recoup the $450,000 settlement to Huffer’s clients, including the interest which would have been earned if the money had stayed in the account.
Randle is required to be employed for at least 30 hours each week. She is to submit three verifiable job applications each day until she becomes employed. She is not allowed to hold a position of trust nor is she allowed to have access to anyone’s funds, including volunteer positions. The Judge gave Randle two weeks to resign from any organization in which she has access to their funds.
The Judge concluded the hearing by telling Randle that he does not believe she intends to make things right.
“I don’t think you do,” he said.
“This has had a huge impact on our law firm,” Diener told the Comet. “We didn’t say why Jean Ann was fired and we lost clients.”
“We spent tens of thousands of hours to pull all of the information together,” she continued. “Obviously, I wished she would have gotten jail time.”
“There have been a lot of times in the past four years that I wondered why I pursued prosecution,” Diener concluded. “I did it because it was the right thing to do. My clients lost their money. That was wrong.”

FLORA ARSON: 11/21/2016

Arson Determination & DHS fallout

"It's one of the worst things to ever happen in Carroll County. It might be the worst," Carroll County Prosecutor Rob Ives said speaking of the tragedy.
But unlike the killings of two teens just a few miles away in Delphi, there was no press conference, no unified stance with state and federal investigators vowing to track down the culprit, and no notification of the arson announcement to the Carroll County prosecutor.
"I don't recall that I was (contacted)," Ives revealed. "I want publicity around this case because I want it to be solved," Ives said, explaining why he agreed to sit down for an interview.
Randle wanted to send out a release announcing the arson at the end of the day on Friday, January 27. A DHS communications staffer tried to persuade him to wait, possibly until the following Monday.
"We are taking each of the rooms and looking at them independently to look for all possible causes," State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson said hours after the fire. It was the last time Greeson has spoken... about the case. At first, the Indiana State Fire Marshal's investigators thought wiring behind the refrigerator started the fire.
After 10 weeks of investigating, Randle and his team released a report ruling the fire was set intentionally accelerants found in “several locations of the structure.” however, a big part of the State’s published findings were wrong.
The fire was still considered arson, but State Police now admits, accelerants were not found all over the house; rather there was only one spot.
One day after exposing the error publicly, Randle resigned. We drove to his home in Carroll County and asked him if he had made any mistakes in the Flora case.
He replied, “Myself, I don’t believe so.”
He said he followed a nationally recognized guide for fire investigations and did not believe he’d made any mistakes.
But should Randle have been assigned to the Flora case in the first place?
Then, in January, a stunning announcement was made through a hastily sent press release on a Saturday afternoon. Indiana Department of Homeland Security arson investigator Dennis Randle released there were accelerants found throughout the home, to the surprise of his own department, it appears.
the staffer writes:
"Denny - Please review!
It's getting late in the day, so I'm not sure this will go out yet today - it might need to wait for better coverage."
Randle sent out the release anyway on Saturday afternoon, when no one was around to talk about the huge development. ISP was the lead agency at the time and was in the dark, too. Ives had asked ISP to take over the case weeks earlier.
The fallout behind the scenes was immediate.
[Doug] Carter says the release was premature, because ATF had yet to get evidence back from the lab.
A private-investigator also contacted DHS following the press-release urging the DHS to reconsider Dennis Randle's position as chief-investigator on this case. He did not receive a response from DHS.
"(The) press release by the State Fire Marshal about the conclusions of their investigation are NOT CORRECT, and completely based on speculation and NOT evidence."
"(Randle's) statement about 'accelerants' being discovered in 'several' locations is absolutely NOT based on any evidence discovered at the scene during the investigation; and the investigator Dennis Randle was not performing a proper Origin & Cause Investigation based on the current procedures."
He went on to ask for Randle to be removed from the case.
We showed the letters to both the prosecutor and the ISP superintendent.
"I don't know about this, but I'll find out," said [Doug] Carter, who was surprised by the contents.
"I've never seen this letter before," said [Rob] Ives.
Ives admits there's been little contact with the state fire marshal's office.
"The state fire marshal considers, I believe, part of its task to look into the criminal aspect of the case, but as far as I'm concerned, the lead investigative agency on this case is the Indiana State Police," Ives told 13 Investigates.

Conflicts come-to-light:

What might seem like two state agencies clashing on who leads a big case, may actually have deeper roots. Two lead detectives, one for DHS the other for the State Police, have a history: A possible conflict of interest. It dates back to 2014 [Jean Ann Randle felony conviction].
Jean Ann Randle admitted to stealing... from the attorney she worked for. The money went to pay her mortgage, credit card bills and a business she owned with her husband, Dennis Randle, the former Carroll County Sheriff -turned-now-former-DHS arson investigator. The state police investigator on Jean Randle's case? Detective Gregg Edwards - the same investigator who led the Flora fire investigation until Dennis Randle's abrupt resignation from the.
As part of the theft case, Edwards deposed Dennis Randle to determine if he knew about the stolen money. In the end, there was no proof he was aware of his wife's activities.
"Does it mean they'll be best friends? Probably not, but I don't know the answer to that question," said Carter.
The state fire marshal refused to sit down to talk about the Flora case and the appearance of conflicts of interest.
A new ISP investigator was recently assigned to take over the Flora fire investigation. Edwards, who was on the case for the first six months, transferred to another position.

Conflicts in the case?
In 2014, Randle’s wife Jean Ann Randle was convicted for stealing money from a farm account in Carroll County.
The State Trooper investigating her and interviewing Randle as part of his investigation was Trooper Gregg Edwards. Edwards is the same detective who was assigned to investigate the Flora case.
The man who collected evidence against Randle’s wife only a few years ago was now working on the same case as him.
Was this a problem?
[Doug] Carter told us this kind of thing happens in rural communities.
““From my perspective, policing in rural Indiana is very different than the urban environment that we have here in Indianapolis,” he explained. “We deal with complications associated with personal involvement in rural setting all over Indiana.”
….But does that make it right? Not everyone thinks so.
Roger Johnson served as Indiana Fire Marshal under Governor Mitch Daniels…based on their past relationship, Randle and Edwards should never have been working on the same case.
“I think the jury would end up having trouble with that,” he said.
“I would think I would’ve removed myself,” added Princess Spencer-Kuc. She is an insurance fraud investigator who tipped authorities off and helped them bring down the group responsible for setting 26 fires throughout Muncie and Anderson for insurance money.Spencer-Kuc knows how important good working relationships and communication is in an arson case. The Randle/Edwards relationship made her uncomfortable.“It would’ve been a lot smoother to have brought someone in that has no history with the other person.”
But the relationships don’t end there in the small community of Flora.
Dennis Randle’s son, Adam Randle, is the Flora Fire Chief [among the first responders & one of the several-suspects questioned in the case]. And Adam Randle’s boss is Town Council President Josh Ayres, who happens to be the owner of the Flora house [polygraphed by the ISP in 2019 in relation to this case].
We caught up with Ayres outside his company’s warehouse in Flora. He wouldn’t comment about the case...
The Carroll County Prosecutor... asked all agencies involved in the Flora investigation to avoid further discussion of the case which could impact successful prosecution in the future.
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2023.03.26 17:08 ZachTheLitchKing [SERSUN] Keeper (Revised)

Chapter 2
"Do you believe in magic?" Ophelia asked as she watched the scenery pass by outside the car window. This realm was so dreary and dull wherever humans touched it. 'Highways' were the greatest of their sins to her. As an elf from a realm where societies grew in tune with nature, she felt the way humans attempted to... manicure the trees by the road was such an unfortunate loss of potential.
The taxi driver glanced into his rearview mirror, checking if she were talking on one of the phones humans seemed to carry everywhere, before giving her an answer, "Not insofar as I'd call it magic, but I believe there's more to the world than what we can see."
Ophelia nodded, appreciating that the man had an open mind. Before she could follow up, a streamer of harsh sunlight cut through the tree line and made her wince. The sunlight of the human realm caused her great pain despite the large, dark sunglasses. She would have much preferred if the weather were cloudy.
"It is going to rain," she did not say directly to the man, but instead just put the words out there.
"Think so?" the driver asked, ducking his head a bit to look around, "Doesn't look it."
"It will later," Ophelia said, "You know of manifestation."
"Manifestation..." he muttered, a question starting to form on his lips before something clicked in his head, "That's the thing my son does. Says if he repeats something it'll come true."
"Precisely," Ophelia confirmed, "It is a form of magic."
"Hm, just might be."
Ophelia could hear the incredulity in his voice but held her tongue. Some people just did not want to learn, even about things that would improve their ability to be in harmony with the world around them. Especially those things, it sometimes seemed. Elves knew that magic existed in the human realm. It was weaker and diluted compared to the fae realm, but it was there.
Humans experienced it every day, calling it 'luck' or 'fate', which was not far off because magic was wild and unpredictable by nature. Humans merely lacked the knowledge and willpower to utilize it. To know how to create rain, and the will to override nature itself.
Either trait on its own could utilize the unpredictable eddies. Sufficient knowledge of a subject often produced insight or intuition, allowing the beneficiary to make intellectual leaps. Enough willpower could bend the odds to conform one's desires more readily than chance. The phenomenon popularly known among humans as 'manifestation' was Ophelia's favorite example of this.
The car took the exit off of the highway towards the only building visible in the valley; a squat and stoic structure that spread out in rigid angles with nary a tree in sight. The Jefferson County Jail was the most repugnant human structure Ophelia had ever laid eyes on, and her nose wrinkled as they drove closer. The front entrance looked uninviting and the fences topped with razor wire only deepened her distaste for the place. Fae did not react well to iron, even its lesser alloys like steel were sources of great discomfort.
"You gonna be alright, miss?" the driver asked. He had driven many people to the county jail, but picked her out as different. Dark glasses, wide brim hat, and matching pale blue sundress was not a common outfit for a place like this. The conversation in the car added to her unusual mystique.
"I will be, thank you," she said, paying the fare with her borrowed credit card. "Drive safe," she added as she exited the vehicle, "It is going to rain."
She went from the drop-off point through the gate where an armed guard opened it for her. With a glance, the elf saw that there was grass within the fenced-off areas; places where the inmates could still interact with nature. Ophelia entered the front door and followed the posted instructions, answered some questions, and removed her glasses and hat. Her ears had been glamoured before she arrived in the human realm and her eyes were fine inside, away from the sun, so that was not a problem.
Ophelia followed the guard from processing to a long and narrow room with what looked like phone booths. He led her to one where she saw her closest friend sitting opposite a thick pane of glass, wearing the most horrid orange clothing the elf had ever seen. On the other side, Bea picked up the phone and gestured for Ophelia to do the same. The pale elf took her seat and held the receiver to her ear.
"I wasn't expecting a visitor today," For the first time in months, Bea smiled as she looked at her girlfriend's face, the magic of the glamor ineffective to one who had seen through it before.
Ophelia's smile also returned now that she heard Bea's voice again. "Hello Bea," she said, "I have some good news; It is going to rain."
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2023.03.26 17:03 jsmqzfhegb 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦




“Fuck yes! I’ve been waiting all day for this! Oh god this feels so dam good! I’m gonna fuck you good and hard today! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed.
"There's nothing bad, is there?" Jill asked.
“Stick your fingers in your cunt while I fuck your ass Mary Anne. Yeah, just like that.” I said. “You want me to fuck your ass nice and hard like I just fucked your little pussyhole? Is that what you’d like me to do?” I whispered in her ear as I picked up the pace of my thrusts.
"You are my sister and I love you even if I want to strangle you at the moment I understand how you feel but this isn't the way to deal with the pain," he gritted out.
“There’s one more thing, Brook”, Lloyd Greene said, as he finished filling up his tank at the gas station, all the while glaring at Brook who still sat in the old pick-up.
"Don't touch me!" she yelled at him. It was too painful for her to feel his touch right now. "Leave me alone, Ron. Just leave me alone," she said in tears.
She then gave him a very quick and modest kiss. It was not a regular, teenage, over-exaggerative “I’ll be counting the seconds while you’re gone” kiss, but a simple “have a nice day, honey” kiss. Everyone that saw them gasped in disbelief, unable to process the sight of a cold emotionless recluse kissing one of the most popular girls in school. Just his reputation as Adroid made it impossible to accept; everyone figured he would be dead before he entered a relationship.
"All done!" Shefali announced. "That was not so bad, yes?"
One was from Kelsy, it was a picture of herself naked. Along with it was a message that stated that her body will be his someday and that she want him to be her first when she was ready.
You really need to use a spell checker and then you need to proofread your work before submitting it. The letter i needs to be capitalized. You need to use apostrophes. And as everyone else has told you, you need to use paragraphs too.
"Are you--? You bit-"
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“Your mother doesn't think I'm a slut?”
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“Get out of the car with your hands up! If you make any moves, we are going to blow your f—ing heads off!” As I got out of the car, I noticed that the policemen — six of them — had their guns drawn. All of them. I don’t recall being afraid, but I distinctly remember noticing how the blue lights seemed to dance from one pistol to the next and thinking that it was the potential yellow flashes I had to be worried about.”
”We protested that we hadn’t done anything, that we were military, and asked “why did you stop us?” It turns out that we fit the description of someone they were looking for, although it was never clear to me what that person looked like. After searching the car and finding some half-drained 3-hour-old old “forties,” one officer produced my friend’s .25 automatic from the glove box. They reacted as though they found a .50 caliber machine gun and slapped handcuffs on him and took him to jail. Shortly afterwards, the policemen told us to go home after finding out we didn’t have any outstanding warrants.”
This article from the Tennessee Lookout is interesting.
”I remember leaving that conversation realizing that as Black men, we are born “suspect” from the moment our mothers bring us into the world until we leave it.”
I applaud the author and their friends for staying calm and not being shot. Heightened responses and practices by police can result in being blown away. Even a man eating a burger got shot by a cop in the restaurant parking lot. I guess you never know.
What I do know is I’m glad I’m not a black man. I feel lucky to not have been born a black man. They are extremely strong people to wake up every day and face an American system that itches to lock them up. We can’t say that’s false with how many have been falsely locked up and accused of crimes they didn’t commit. Lives and time stolen.
Depending on how the cops feel that day, they committed a crime and they’re going to jail. In the past evidence was faked, some planted drugs, cops coached witnesses to lie, gave them drugs as payment to lie, and so on. It must be hard being a black man. I’d feel like a semi-visible target is on my back.
Even if I did everything right in America, my color can impact my treatment. Now try to add romance and seeking a partner and family on top of that. That’s real pressure. Protect a family and myself? Stay employed and keep working for more but be an acrobat when situations occurred. I’m glad I’m not them.
People are easily raped and extorted in American jails and prisons. Some state laws ban sex in prison, but sending kids to adult systems means sending them to be hurt and trained in certain ways. Inmates in other countries report less chances and likelihood of being raped. It’s important to take steps to avoid incarceration and being raped in American jails. In a cruel twist, Victims have reported having extra charges because of state laws that ban sex, but don’t receive much help.
I read a story of one who killed himself when caught in that vicious cycle. I can’t say I blame him. Anything is better than that.
Some have to trade guards sex for period products. American women are taxed on sanitary products, but at least they don’t trade sex for them. What’s the alternative? Bleeding on yourself? This can happen to all female inmates. Some jails are reported to have shortages of these products. Is that by design too?
It does seem black people must stay straight and narrow and help themselves as much as they can. If not open arms with handcuffs are waiting even if they do nothing wrong. Being black in America is cool but what a way to live. Unsurprisingly some report being tired. Innocent black people have genuine concerns.
Things black people can do to limit chances of being arrested: - Don’t drive late at night - Don’t do drugs or associate with any drug users - Get a 401k and learn how to invest and save like a fiend for longevity or potential cases - Don’t drive a flashy car and do the speed limit - Pay bills on time. Try to be black with good credit. - Keep a low profile. Don’t be flashy. Act broke - Say less than necessary always. The more you speak, the more people can judge. - When speaking remember that you are not a victim. America has done a lot for you. Affirmative action to address discrimination from the past and more. Speak slowly and keep your hands visible always - Record interactions. If something happens it could be your last. - Avoid mostly white neighborhoods. Do not jog, stop, or loiter around them. Know where you are at all times and the people who live there. Don’t cause problems. Leave. AI and surveillance technologies are tracking people anyways. Leave fast. Don’t risk being chased and murdered like Ahmaud Arbery - Accept that cops can possibly point guns at you even if you’re complying. Your skin color is danger and trouble as promoted by systems and the media. Be quiet and get through it - Bleach your skin. Lighter blacks may be treated better - No dreads or overly ethnic hairstyles - Change your voice when speaking. Select a cool, upbeat tone
I think those tips can help them, but maybe they can live better in places that don’t see them as evil from the moment they’re born.
If you are not a black male or black in general I guess be thankful. Black people are a stain on American society and must be locked up or eradicated. That was past thinking enacted, but traces of its implementation still stand.
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"Does that scare you?" I asked in a teasing tone, "To think that the man you love is a sadist."
"I will Dad." Suddenly Michelle realized that she and David had a lot more in common. Being in a relationship with him may not be quite as difficult as she originally thought. "So you said you wanted to explain why you left Mom and me," she stated.
“I’ve come here so many times and I’ve never seen anybody else. Relax, it’ll be fine”
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Weekends were no exception. I tried to fill up my schedule to the best of my ability. I had years to catch up on.
“ Honey does it feel like butterflies are in your belly? Like your in the clouds over a ocean? Is it like getting that A plus smiling the whole time holding the paper?’ Kiko asks as Heath nods to her.
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“What did it say?”
“I think he gets the message” Clay added.
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Wow I didn't know that there were people who actually liked the story! I mean, I had the whole story thought out, but I never got comments, so I just forgot about the story. But now that I know, I'll finish chapter 4 and post it as soon as possible! Thanks for the comments!!!!!
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2023.03.25 18:53 -en- @AP: “Feels good to have a voice.” Expanding voting for pre-trial inmates in county jails is among the latest steps to combine voting rights with criminal justice reforms.

@AP: “Feels good to have a voice.” Expanding voting for pre-trial inmates in county jails is among the latest steps to combine voting rights with criminal justice reforms. submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 17:35 crimehive How Ted Bundy Was Caught

In Burlington, Vermont, on November 24, 1946, Ted Bundy was born. He would murder at least 30 people before his death. Principal investigators think that number may be closer to 40.
At three in the morning on August 16, 1975, Utah highway patrolman Sergeant Bob Hayward spotted a tan 1968 Volkswagen Beetle parked in front of a house. The VW accelerated as Sergeant Hayward approached. After pursuing the automobile, Hayward was able to eventually stop it.
Bundy, who had just seen The Towering Inferno at a nearby drive-in theater, informed Sergeant Hayward that he was lost. If The Towering Inferno had been showing at the neighborhood drive-in, Hayward might have been able to release Bundy with just this justification.
Sergeant Hayward checked Bundy's automobile out of suspicion. Handcuffs, an ice pick, a ski mask, a torch, some garbage bags, rope, torn sheets, gloves, and pantyhose with holes cut out to make a mask were among the items he found during his search.
Bundy was arrested by Sergeant Hayward for eluding an officer, but Bundy was released on bond. Sergeant Hayward spoke with his brother, Sheriff Pete Hayward, unable to forget the incident. Two of Sheriff Hayward's detectives heard the tale and thought Bundy and the tan Volkswagen Beetle sounded uncannily familiar.
When detectives in Utah got in touch with those in Washington, they discovered that Bundy was one of their top-tier murder suspects. Murders that, coincidentally, halted when Bundy moved from Washington to Utah, and then the unexplained disappearances started in Utah.
However, Bundy had committed a key error by leaving a witness.
In an effort to secure her as his next victim, Bundy abducted 18-year-old Carol DaRonch from the Fashion Place Mall outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 8, 1974. But unlike so many others before her, DaRonch managed to escape.
On October 2, 1975, Carol DaRonch selected Bundy from a lineup as the person who had abducted her nearly a year earlier. Bundy was found guilty of kidnapping on March 1, 1976, and might have received a 15-year sentence; however, the narrative doesn't end there.
In June 1977, Bundy managed to escape from a second-story window after being briefly left alone after being extradited to Colorado for the murder of Caryn Campbell. A few days later, he was discovered in Aspen and returned to custody. Only for him to break out of his jail cell at the Garfield County Jail in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, once more on December 31, 1977. Bundy managed to avoid capture this time, though, and the results were deadly.
Bundy would attack five people over the course of the following two months, murdering three of them.
Around 1:30 a.m. on February 15, 1978, Pensacola Police Officer David Lee stopped a man who was driving a stolen car. The man was taken into custody by Officer Lee. The individual refused to provide the officers with his real identity for nearly two days.
Detective Norman Chapman was then given the case.
"My name is Theodore Robert Bundy," the man finally admitted. Chapman didn't know who that was at the time. Bundy was quickly identified by the department as the man the FBI had just one week earlier placed on their list of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.
A Miami jury found Ted Bundy guilty of two counts of murder on July 24, 1979. A jury in Orlando found Ted Bundy guilty of one count of kidnapping and one count of murder on February 7, 1980.
Theodore Robert Bundy was put to death in the Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989, when he was 42 years old.
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JARVIS If we know our enemy and know ourselves, we don’t have to fear the result of a hundred battles. If we know ourselves but not our enemy, for every victory gained we will also suffer a defeat. And if we know neither the enemy nor ourselves, we will succumb in every single ...motherfucking battle. And that is just not acceptable.
We cut to a dark room. We only hear muffled voices. The sliding door opens up and the light is turned on. We see 10 officer’s arms tied to the ceiling. They are all standing on top of folding chairs and are gagged and blindfolded. 5 masked figures brandishing Katana swords close the door back and begin attacking the police officers. The 1st militant begins yelling “AW!” out loud while aiming his Katana at a cop’s belly. He goes into a complete rage, kicking the chair from underneath several officers and gutting the officers like helpless fish. They are extremely helpless at this point. They can’t even see what is coming their way. The remaining 4 militants decide to shoot the
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DARIUS Ok, I’m hungry, who’s up for dinner? SAMMIE I don’t see myself eating until at least 24 hrs. EDDIE Yea, I think I’m going to be sick. DARIUS Enchiladas it is then!
Cut back to JARVIS laying plans. We cut to CHARLEY, a 19 year old college student sitting at his dining room table. He is eating lunch before work and SAM PAGE, his mother’s boyfriend, enters the apartment. They begin talking about how PAGE is suspended from work for 3 days because some one snitched on him. Someone at his job has also been taking the caps off of his rims and he suspects the snitch to be in on it as well.
PAGE heads into the master bedroom to shower up and change. CHARLEY looks up as the door closes, smirks to himself and continues to eat his blueberry waffles. We cut back to JARVIS and his dictation.
JARVIS Ok groupies, chapter 5, energy. Controlling a large force uses the same exact principles as controlling a few men; it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers. Fighting with a large army under your command is no different than fighting with a small one. Direct or indirect maneuvers can make sure your host withstands the brunt of the enemy’s attack while remaining unshaken. The direct method in all fighting may be used for joining battle but indirect method will be needed in order to secure victory. Properly applied indirect tactics are as inexhaustible as heaven and earth. They are as unending as the flow of rivers and streams and like the Sun and Moon they end, only to begin anew. Like the four seasons, they pass away only to return again once more. There are not more than 5 musical notes yet the combination of these 5 give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard. There are not more than 5 base colors; blue, yellow, red, white and black yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever be seen. There are not more than 5 cardinal tastes; sour, acrid, salt, sweet and bitter yet their combinations yield more flavors than can ever be tasted. TRAVIS Now you gotta nigga wanting to listen to music, paint some scenery and eat some dinner. JARVIS TRAVIE Shut Cho ass UP! Anyway nigga, there are not more than 2 attack methods in battle; the direct and the indirect. Yet these 2 combined give rise to an endless series of maneuvers.
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She asks them “who wants pizza?” and their eyes widen in an extraordinary fashion and they all exclaim “we do!” in unison. TEL AVIV walks all 3 youngsters into the pizza shop and holds open the door for an older couple walking in behind them. They all take a seat at a table with a window view. TEL AVIV walks up to the counter and orders a large pizza, half bacon and half pepperoni. The cashier FRANK attempts to make conversation around the 3 children, RILEY, JACK and SABRINA.
TEL AVIV blushes a little bit, brushes her hair to the side and responds. She pays for the pizza and drinks and we cut back to JARVIS’ convention of great proportions. He is reviewing chapter 7 of the plans with the troops. He takes a big gulp of his ice cold water and then continues.
We cut back to TEL AVIV and the 3 munchkins in the pizza restaurant. TEL AVIV asks JACK to stop crushing his cup and JACK looks up at TEL AVIV playfully. TEL AVIV tells JACK to go to the counter and ask for another drinking cup.
JACK walks over to the counter, obtains a new filled up cup of sweet tea and comes back to the table to continue eating. TEL AVIV asks JACK a question about his future and he takes 5.2 seconds to answer. TEL AVIV smiles pretty hard at his truthful comment. She asks JACK to
explain in greater detail and his answer causes her to blush even harder.
JACK’s sister SABRINA makes fun of his answer and JACK shoots a scowl at his little sister. TEL AVIV asks them both to calm down and they blame each other. We cut back to JARVIS as he discusses chapter 8. We cut to TEL AVIV sitting in a car with a female friend, TAMMY. They talk about current events in TEL AVIV’s life. TEL AVIV lets TAMMY know she feels lonely and TAMMY helps TEL AVIV construct a written list of qualities she wants in a mate. TEL AVIV sits up energetically in her seat and smiles as she begins.
We cut back to JARVIS’ meeting. JARVIS takes a seat in a chair on the podium’s left. He speaks for 3 minutes and then stands up once again. JARVIS collapses in his seat and takes a sip of water in high humor. JARVIS rises up once again to begin a new chapter in the discussion; chapter 10. He moves on to chapter 11. JARVIS takes a seat again.
We cut to TEL AVIV sitting down with a district attorney for a note taking session.
Pleasure to meet you Ms. TEL AVIV; shall we begin?
Absolutely, just please let me gather my note taking materials.
Ok so, point 1, the consensual encounter; an encounter with a person does not amount to a “seizure” unless a reasonable person would believe, under all the circumstances, he is not free to end the encounter.
TEL AVIV writes it down
Concerning community caretaking activities; you may make a search or detention of a person for the purpose of rendering assistance, provided your actions are entirely unrelated to the detection, investigation, or acquisition of evidence relating to the commission of a crime.
TEL AVIV writes it down
Concerning roadblock or checkpoint vehicle stops; you may not make random, arbitrary stops of automobiles on the public roadways. However, brief, systematic stops at highway roadblocks and checkpoints can be constitutional.
TEL AVIV writes it down. We cut to the introduction of the main character, 1st in command, NAPOLI TALIONIS. The phone rings and NAPOLI answers it, it is JARVIS. JARVIS is waiting to discuss the plans in private with NAPOLI. NAPOLI takes a shower first. NAPOLI dresses completely in black, head skull cap and proceeds to his car.
We cut to NAPOLI pulling up in front of his destination. NAPOLI pops his car’s trunk and walks towards it. He lifts up the trunk and pulls a rolled 3piece leaf cigarette out of a pack hidden safely underneath his various costumes. He closes the trunk, sits on it, pulls 2 lighters out and proceeds to light all 3 sides of the “cigarette trifecta”. As NAPOLI inhales, we see in slow motion as he looks down to the left and blows out the 1st exhalation. We cut to a flashback where NAPOLI and JARVIS begin to concoct the same plans they are about to go over.
RIDDICK is another comrade of NAPOLI and JARVIS and he is rushed into a hospital room after being abducted and brutally beaten by some local, corrupt police officers. NAPOLI asks JARVIS how this happened and JARVIS doesn’t have a good answer for NAPOLI. NAPOLI says “we didn’t cause this, but it will forever effect us beginning tonight.” Despite the situation JARVIS and NAPOLI laugh at what is about to happen to society.
NAPOLI and JARVIS exit the vicinity. We cut back to NAPOLI smoking his 3 rolled cigarettes in unison, they are half finished. NAPOLI is now sitting inside of his back seat twisting and turning his head as if to observe someone who isn’t really there. He is tripping without acid.
We cut back to TEL AVIV and SPENCER studying.
You should warn the suspect of his basic constitutional rights before questioning him after a stop requiring any use of force. A person’s mere presence at the scene of the execution of a search warrant does not justify a frisk of that person. Now on to obtaining physical evidence from the body of a suspect not under arrest (“plain touch” seizure); if, while frisking a suspect for weapons, you detect an object
that is not a weapon, you may seize it without a warrant if your experience and sense of touch make it “immediately apparent” to you the object is contraband or evidence of a crime.
TEL AVIV writes it down. We cut to NAPOLI and his long time girlfriend TEL AVIV from Sweden. NAPOLI walks and sits down near the boarding stations inside an airport. He takes a window seat. He pulls out his notes and continues working on them diligently. A gorgeous woman sits right next to him, on purpose. At 1st all he notices are her legs; at 1st sight they trick him into believing she is an African American lady.
After a minute he looks up and greets her. She just looks at him and opens up her mouth as if she was incapable of responding. She heard him, she just must not have expected him to actually greet her. NAPOLI is more than aware there are in fact several more empty seats but she chose the one to his immediate left. He continues taking down his notes. 5 minutes later he notices she stops reading the People magazine.
He takes this as his opportunity to open her in useful conversation. He pulls out a laminated sheet with a picture of a million dollars in $5,000 stacks, nothing but $100 bills. He puts it on her lap and asks her if it looks like a million dollars to her. He asks her the 1st thing coming to her mind when she looks at the picture. Her answer is money. They both laugh together and continue talking for an hour.
He asks her what she would do if she made that much money every day and she smiles as she visualizes her answer. She begins to let NAPOLI in on her ambitions in life. She lets him know she’s been playing soccer for 15years and he makes jokes about soccer. She laughs hopelessly. She lets him know she is 20 years old now. She was born on September 10th, 1989 and he makes her laugh again. NAPOLI asks TEL AVIV what her Zodiac sign is but she is unfamiliar with the term. This leaves NAPOLI dumbfounded and he feels embarrassed he can not properly explain it to her.
This prompts him to ask her what her native language is. She is Swedish. He compliments her brilliant accent and in response she smiles and moves her hair to another region of her head. She informs him she is just traveling the country while off from college. They both are heading to Miami, Florida. NAPOLI asks for her name and she tells him in her sexy accent. This throws NAPOLI back in
astonishment. He asks her to repeat 3 times with her accent, she does it too. NAPOLI continues making meaningful conversation with TEL AVIV. By this time TEL AVIV is laughing incredibly hard.
NAPOLI asks AVIV if she has ever heard of lucid dreaming and she replies no. NAPOLI laughs and begins to explain it to her. AVIV begins to understand it more now. They both begin to blush together. AVIV moves noticeably closer to NAPOLI and places her hand on his right knee for 5 seconds flat. NAPOLI chuckles and looks down.
AVIV winks her 3rd eye by crinkling her face in a twisted smile and this alerts NAPOLI. He begins to go into detail about the 3rd eye and the chakras. They both begin to wink their 3rd eyes at each other. They burst out into laughter. NAPOLI is smooth and mesmerizing and AVIV is beginning to fall hard for him quickly.
NAPOLI notices many of the airport patrons observing their conversation or at least the physical cues and reactions of it. He has singlehandedly made the most gorgeous single woman in the entire airport laugh very hard, for almost an hour. AVIV is becoming more and more comfortable with his presence. NAPOLI taps her arm as they laugh together. He asks AVIV what she is studying in college. She says criminal law.
NAPOLI asks her about the day of her birth, the 10th, and goes into another routine. He talks about how Lil Wayne’s birthday is the 27th of September and so his 27th birthday is his power year. NAPOLI’s is supposed to be on his 29th and TEL AVIV’s was her 10th. She doesn’t remember her 10th birthday. She smiles wider and wider. They share a few moments of silent communication. They decide to hold each other’s hand as they sit in silence for the next 10minutes. Their flight is now boarding.
They are seated together as they head towards the plane. She takes a nap on NAPOLI’s right shoulder. 2 hrs later the flight lands in Miami, Florida and NAPOLI gently wakes up TEL AVIV. They take a taxi cab to the hotel AVIV has reserved.
She asks him to stay in the room with her so he can guide her around the city. TEL AVIV laughs and gently kisses his neck. NAPOLI shakes and shudders, it just feels so good and he ultimately deserves it. They both laugh as she pulls NAPOLI into the shower with her.
9 months pass from this date and TEL AVIV is on her way to Sweden to hang out with family. They both intensely hug up as she readies to depart from America for a few months. NAPOLI looks deeply in her eyes as AVIV caresses her soft soothing hands across NAPOLI’s even softer face. AVIV’s flight is now boarding and they engage in a steamy kiss in slow motion. The scene freezes, turns sepia, and then black and white. We cut back to SPENCER and TEL AVIV talking before she met NAPOLI.
Here are some things to keep in mind in deciding whether to give Miranda warnings:
A young or inexperienced person with police officers or the criminal law is more likely to feel he has to answer your questions.
A person is more likely to feel “pressure” to answer questions if he is in “hostile” or unfamiliar surroundings.
If the person is alone, he is more likely to feel pressure and to be in need of warnings than if he is with friends. A suspect’s friends or relatives never substitute for a lawyer anyways.
The time of the day may affect how much pressure the suspect feels; he is more apt to feel pressure late at night or very early in the morning.
The better practice is not to question a suspect unless he signs a “waiver of rights” form which says he understands his rights and agrees to answer questions without the presence of a lawyer.
When warnings are not necessary; you don’t need to give the Miranda warnings before questioning a person who was merely a witness to a crime or who may know something about a crime but who is not a suspect. You don’t have to give warnings before questioning a suspect who has not been deprived of his freedom in any significant way and who knows he is free to terminate the interview at any time.
TEL AVIV writes it down
The following is a suggested set of Miranda warnings, if given clearly and carefully enough, will be found adequate by a court:
Before we ask you any questions, you must understand what your rights are:
You have the right to remain silent. You are not required to say anything to us at any time or to answer any questions. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court.
You have the right to talk to a lawyer for advice before we question you and to have him with you during questioning.
If you cannot afford a lawyer and want one, a lawyer will be provided for you free of charge.
If you want to answer questions now without a lawyer present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time. You also have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to a lawyer.
TEL AVIV writes it down
Don’t promise a suspect you will help him if he confesses. Don’t suggest to a suspect you will let others harm him unless he confesses. Be careful about lies and trickery. Physical abuse in any form is forbidden.
TEL AVIV writes it down and we cut back to the present moment with NAPOLI back in his car’s back seat smoking his cigarettes.
By this time he is rolling yet another one, the flashback was kind of long. NAPOLI finishes rolling his cigarette and he pulls out his yellow lighter to dry it off a little bit. He puts the cigarette in his mouth, lights it and the smoke serves as the transition effect. We cut to a depiction of FRED HAMPTON’s murder by corrupt police officers. A news reporter narrates this part of the story. FRED HAMPTON, sleeping in his bed before 5AM and after 2AM while police break into his house and open fire. They claim others inside the house shot 1st yet no bullets support their claims. They label it more of a shoot in than an actual shoot out. HAMPTON’s bed is soaked in blood and his hand is on his shotgun as he is killed. Once the story concludes we cut back to NAPOLI. Until the cigarette burns out NAPOLI’s inner mind narrates a bunch of useful and applicable quotes to the audience. The cigarette is finished and NAPOLI phones JARVIS.
NAPOLI heads into the building as an armed security guard opens the door for him. NAPOLI chooses the staircase over the elevator. He reaches the 3rd floor, exits the staircase and knocks on the door where the meeting is being held. NAPOLI awaits patiently as JARVIS opens the door for him. Only NAPOLI and JARVIS are involved in this meeting. NAPOLI and JARVIS walk over to a table full of blueprints and architect illustrations.
JARVIS points over to a story board sitting on top of a tripod in the room’s center. NAPOLI flips over the white sheet covering up the storyboard. As NAPOLI unveils the storyboard containing their secretive plan; we cut to the plan’s beginning phase. 2 teams are in motion; NAPOLI is in charge of the 1st blow to a local NYC police station while JARVIS is head of ‘operation hack the dispatch’. NAPOLI is kneeling down in an empty NYC alleyway. He is wearing a bulletproof vest, a black handkerchief over his mouth and a hideous gas mask over his face.
NAPOLI pulls out a school security walkie talkie and speaks into it. NAPOLI opens up his duffle bag containing 25 smoke grenades and 25 actual war grenades. He also pulls out a wooden board on 4 wheels with 5 grenades embedded inside of it, they are remote controlled grenades. He also pulls out the remote and puts it in his pocket, safeguarded.
He loads up his 3 tranquilizer guns and walks up the side of the police precinct. He walks to the front door, arms some poison gas canisters, throws them inside the precinct and calmly walks back to his position on the building’s side.
He kneels down and aims his tranq guns in the same direction the cops investigating the disturbance will exit the building in. At 1st 3 police officers exit the building and all 3 are shot down with tranquilizers 1 after the other. NAPOLI rushes into the building with 5 other armed, disguised assailants and all 5 arm and throw 1 smoke grenade each. They use their thermal energy goggles to shoot as many officers with the darts as possible.
11 officers in the lobby are down within 2minutes and NAPOLI heads down the hall with his grenades as his team members tie up and drag the sleeping officers out of the building. NAPOLI pulls out his walkie talkie and speaks calmly into it. He calls for the back up vans to take their positions.
NAPOLI is in the hallway and presses the elevator buttons. He places wooden brigades in between the doors so the elevators can not be called up to other floors. He places 2 grenades into the 1 brigade-less elevator, enters it, summons it to floor 4, robbery homicide and
exits the elevator. He now runs to the stairwell and arms 5 smoke grenades as well as 5 war grenades inside the stairwell.
The plan is done and by now all the darted officers are now in the van “safely secured.” Before NAPOLI exits the building he sets down his “explosive skateboard”. As NAPOLI rushes out of the building and busts the corner, he witnesses the van turning a faraway corner, success is near. NAPOLI heads back to his alleyway hideout and undresses. He puts his change of clothes and shoes on, dons different sun shades and places his bag in some nearby bushes.
He now pulls out the remote, presses the detonate button and puts it back into his pocket. As he is now 2 blocks away, he hears the independent explosions and observes in ‘horror’ as smoke from the grenades and fire rise up into the sky. NAPOLI takes a taxi cab back to his uptown apartment. As he enters his home, he receives a cell phone call from JARVIS.
JARVIS lets NAPOLI know step 2 is complete as well and step 3 is ready. We cut to the events of “step 2”. Step 2 involves JARVIS and his loyal team stealing access into several police dispatch stations. They disable, neutralize and kidnap those in charge. We cut to NAPOLI walking into his master bedroom’s bathroom, he slightly closes the door and relieves himself.
He washes his hands, takes a great shower and dries himself off 30minutes later. He pulls some facial make up paint out from underneath the counter and then begins to apply it carefully to his face. After a few minutes of applying the war paint, NAPOLI checks himself out thoroughly in the mirror and heads into his living room. He sets up his video camcorder and positions himself right in front of the glass balcony door for lighting purposes. He pulls out a remote control for the camcorder and hits the record button.
As the red light appears he “Cranks that Soulja Boy” for 5 seconds to build up his energy and begins his dictation.
Ladies and gentlemen; salutations. The government name is Jebediah Bush and I would like to say right off the bat; I am sorry for your loss. It is such a tragedy when our braze public service officers have to die on duty, saving our streets from these dangerous, criminals. What is even more tragic is these brave, souls were gunned down and blown up.
NAPOLI starts to laugh after saying blown up. We cut to clips of 10 different police officers being killed while they had other drivers pulled over for “routine” stops. The 1st cop is pulled over on the side of the road with his speed detector outside the window.
Some militant van passengers shoot a grenade launcher twice into the car. The 2nd cop is walking outside of a burger restaurant and meets 2 hooded figures with semi automatic weapons. They empty the clips on him and blow up his car as well. The 3rd officer is sitting inside his patrol unit when a rock hits his trunk.
As he turns his focus towards the noise he hears a thump on top of his hood. The sound is the feet of a shotgun wielding bad ass, white and noticeably pregnant female. The expecting mother kills the officer in warm blood. The 4th and 5th cops are responding to a call made from a local house. 10 hooded figures beat the cops to death with spiked baseballs and baseball bats.
The next 5 were all sniped on their way to and fro a local precinct. Some officers respond to the sight of there fallen comrades and shoot shots back at the snipers. 1 sniper falls from his window perch. We cut back to NAPOLI’s video.
They were blown up on their own turf, what a cotton picking shame, right America? Like who would do something like this? I know what you’re thinking; it was me. But no, not entirely, I am merely a participant. I do however possess the authority over these “missions” and I apologize for exercising, my authority. But on a lighter note, here are the facts which represent why...we took such a heinous situation into our hands, and dumped it...into, your, lives.
“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, nor any place subjected to their jurisdiction.” The 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Why’d it have to be the 13th Amendment, we all know for a fact...
NAPOLI pulls out a paintball pistol with a silencer and shoots the wall as he says “fact”.
13 is a highly, unlucky number. But maybe we should cease believing in this phenomena entitled luck for the simple fact
NAPOLI walks out of view as he says “for the simple fact”.
Right before NAPOLI says his next line he moves back into focus, moves his face closer to the camera
He calmly expresses these next words with the sincerest smile
Luck did nothing to save the majority of the same lives you now mourn or at least acknowledge!!!
NAPOLI now walks back to his original spot and sits on his purple stool, a ‘The Joker’ reference.
And here I thought the 13th Amendment actually abolished slavery, but I was horribly wrong. All it did was create a façade while an even more oppressive system was being created and implemented. It has been proven the CIA import drugs into the black community establishing an illegal drug economy thus criminalizing our precious, community. It’s just not so precious anymore now is it? Then the state placed more police into our communities while passing racial legislation insuring our imprisonment. Now black youth make up less than 15% of the population aged 10 to 17 yet are 26% of all juvenile arrests, 46% in public long-term institutions and 56% of those sent to criminal courts. Slavery never ended in the U.S. It just merely changed its muthafucking appearance! They may no longer be able to snatch us up and put us on the auction block but they can however, charge us with a crime first, find us guilty and then put us on the auction block in this new prison industrial complex. So if you all out there are still wondering why we would commit such inhumane acts against our fellow man, then I am obviously not the sick one.
Laws in 13 states, there’s that number again ya’ll, 13 states bar 510,000 African men from voting due to felony convictions. An additional 950,000 are ineligible to vote because of laws regarding felony offenders in prison, on parole or on probation in 46 states. 13% of African men are disenfranchised. By 2020 the proportion of African men without voting rights will grow to 1/3 and in some southern cities 1⁄2. A 1988 study by the FBI concludes Africans make up only 12% of our nation’s drug users while whites make up 80%. Based on Social Problems Vol. 44.No.1, 89% of police departments have paramilitary units. 46% have been trained by an active duty armed force person violating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 making it illegal for the military to act as police on U.S. territory or waters.
In New York City between 1990 and 1993, 117 people were killed by the police and an additional 271 were wounded.
28 We cut to the camera panning across 117 people standing in a row on the pavement. They are all being shot down in order; many of them use different ways of falling to the ground and dying. The camera shows 271 black people being handcuffed and hit with police batons and gun barrels.
In 1998 the city paid out $40Million to resolve 739 claims and lawsuits accusing police brutality. In California in 1995, 122 people were killed by police and 33 were killed by police use of pepper spray.
Cut to 33 blacks being sprayed with pepper spray until they are all dead. A few of them are even shot.
Based on the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle.
In 1995 in California 43% of inmates imprisoned for a third “strike” under the new “Three Strikes” law were African, even though Africans represent only 7% of the total state population and 1/5 of all Californians arrested for felonies. Whites make up 53% of the state population and account for a third of all felony arrests but are less than 25% of the inmates serving prison terms for “third strike” convictions based on the San Francisco Chronicle.
There are now 2,000,265 people in prison and jail in the U.S. California alone has the third largest prison population in the world. 70% of the prison population is either African or Latino.
The San Francisco Chronicle showed in 1998 the largest decline of crime on record was led by an 11% drop in robbery and an 8% drop in homicide. The prison population continues to rise at an alarming rate even though violent crime has been declining. The majority of the prison population is non violent drug offenders.
83% of Federal Crack Defendants are African and 4.1% are white, even though African people account for 38% of all crack users and white people account for 52% based on the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Feb.1995. So where are the white users? They are in treatment centers. Where are the African users? In prison of course.
Now listen closely shit breaks, here’s where it gets mighty interesting: 5 grams of crack cocaine gets the exact same mandatory minimum sentence of five years without parole as 500 grams of powder cocaine and 100 grams of heroin, both of which are more likely to be possessed by a white person.
In California, since 1980, the state legislature has continually decreased funding for its state-run colleges and universities, resulting in 8,000 fewer jobs. In the same period, it created 26,000 new jobs in prisons and incarcerated 112,000 new prisoners based on Ecology of Fear by Mike Davis 1998. All hail Mike Davis bitches.
So as far as facts go...for right now those are my chosen facts I am sharing with you all watching today. If this message is distorted and I personally view said footage...Your ass going down Sir Ma’am.
Our 1st official demand: if 90% of the entire country’s prison inmates incarcerated under non violent drug offender charges are not released within 5days of this tape being viewed...more police precincts and privately owned gas stations...are going down. And you all don’t really want to watch all being said actually, go down. But then again, fin again on the 4th of July right America?
NAPOLI makes a real goofy, kiddy facial expression to the audience.
Shit, cue the fireworks right?
NAPOLI pulls out the remote control and stops recording. We cut to a clock striking 3AM and 100 black soldiers in flame retardant suits running through an empty grocery store parking lot. 5 of them run up to a nearby gas station and strap multiple bombs to all the pumps and trash cans. They throw rocks through the attendant’s station and toss remote controlled grenades inside.
They also pour gasoline they brought from home all over the gas station area. The rest of the soldiers break into the grocery store to trigger the alarm and take their places. There are militant snipers on the roof just awaiting the heavy police crusade to roll on through. 50 armed soldiers lace many different land mines and proximity mines along with remote controlled grenades and smoke grenades for the incoming police officers. There are also snipers observing through nearby trees and apartment buildings.
The 5 bomb crew members retreat into the store as they detonate their respective bombs. BOOM! The soldiers begin their attack by blowing up the gas station and waiting for the responding units to arrive. The blast reaches all throughout the store and flames are seen hovering right above the soldier’s heads as they duck for cover. The glass windows shatter as well as various forms of destruction. 10minutes later 2 fire trucks and 10 squad cars arrive on scene. TOMMY LEE is the 1st person on the militant side to draw police blood. He uses his trademarked grenade launcher and bazooka to blow holes right through the squad cars. Once this happens the officers realize this is a setup and they are now under heavy attack.
The officers radio in for immediate and heavily armed backup. We cut to militant soldiers entering the dairy coolers, opening the sliding doors used to refill the milk and positioning their different weapons next to milk gallons. TOMMY LEE heads outside of the store.
TOMMY LEE pulls his AK-47 off of his back, swings it around and blasts several rounds into the remaining cop cars. He succeeds in hitting a few officers. TOMMY LEE then retreats back into the store. 10 minutes later 30 more officers arrive at the scene in dismay and disbelief. They hear shots inside the store and proceed into it with extreme caution.
As they tip toe to the back of the store they approach the dairy cooler. The weapons are all in position and as the 1st canister of poison gas is released an officer notices and screams to warn his doomed partners. All officers begin shooting the milk gallons and milk then begins spilling all over the floor.
Several of the militant soldiers are hit by the cop’s bullets and are killed. The remaining militant soldiers wipe out 20 of the officers in the dairy section with their guns, submachine guns, harpoons, cross-bows and other unique weapons. A group of 10 militant soldiers reveal themselves from behind a product display and begin firing oozy rounds at the remaining 10 officers.
A masked figure of the militant soldier squad appears from the opposite side of the store and whistles. He uses his radio to alert the crew it is time to exit. All the soldiers throw down proximity mines and time bombs behind them as they make their exit. We cut to 10 more police squad cars parking in the flaming parking lot. These fresh officers readily and very carefully enter the murder scene once serving as a grocery store.
We cut back to the militant soldiers exiting the store. As they reach the back of the employees only section of the store they blow open the door used for the delivery trucks. They go down the stairs, some hop over the rail and they all make their way to a neighborhood where the vans are waiting for them undisturbed.
As they jump the fence into the neighborhood, they all detonate their bombs. This happens as a new wave of police officers begin to enter the grocery establishment. The majority of them are blown back into walls, their cars and some officers are literally blown limbless.
As the soldiers get into the same vans they arrived in they ask how many hostages the drivers managed to pick up. They all proceed to drive far away from the “drama”. We cut to a few workers of the grocery store arriving to work on time many hours later. They are in utter disbelief and shock when they
notice the current condition of their place of employment. This is meant to be somewhat comical.
We cut back to NAPOLI readying to record yet another episode of “FUCK YOU AMERICAN OPPRESSORS!!!”
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2023.03.25 17:19 crimehive How Ted Bundy Was Caught

In Burlington, Vermont, on November 24, 1946, Ted Bundy was born. He would murder at least 30 people before his death. Principal investigators think that number may be closer to 40.
At three in the morning on August 16, 1975, Utah highway patrolman Sergeant Bob Hayward spotted a tan 1968 Volkswagen Beetle parked in front of a house. The VW accelerated as Sergeant Hayward approached. After pursuing the automobile, Hayward was able to eventually stop it.
Bundy, who had just seen The Towering Inferno at a nearby drive-in theater, informed Sergeant Hayward that he was lost. If The Towering Inferno had been showing at the neighborhood drive-in, Hayward might have been able to release Bundy with just this justification.
Sergeant Hayward checked Bundy's automobile out of suspicion. Handcuffs, an ice pick, a ski mask, a torch, some garbage bags, rope, torn sheets, gloves, and pantyhose with holes cut out to make a mask were among the items he found during his search.
Bundy was arrested by Sergeant Hayward for eluding an officer, but Bundy was released on bond. Sergeant Hayward spoke with his brother, Sheriff Pete Hayward, unable to forget the incident. Two of Sheriff Hayward's detectives heard the tale and thought Bundy and the tan Volkswagen Beetle sounded uncannily familiar.
When detectives in Utah got in touch with those in Washington, they discovered that Bundy was one of their top-tier murder suspects. Murders that, coincidentally, halted when Bundy moved from Washington to Utah, and then the unexplained disappearances started in Utah.
However, Bundy had committed a key error by leaving a witness.
In an effort to secure her as his next victim, Bundy abducted 18-year-old Carol DaRonch from the Fashion Place Mall outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 8, 1974. But unlike so many others before her, DaRonch managed to escape.
On October 2, 1975, Carol DaRonch selected Bundy from a lineup as the person who had abducted her nearly a year earlier. Bundy was found guilty of kidnapping on March 1, 1976, and might have received a 15-year sentence; however, the narrative doesn't end there.
In June 1977, Bundy managed to escape from a second-story window after being briefly left alone after being extradited to Colorado for the murder of Caryn Campbell. A few days later, he was discovered in Aspen and returned to custody.
Only for him to break out of his jail cell at the Garfield County Jail in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, once more on December 31, 1977. Bundy managed to avoid capture this time, though, and the results were deadly.
Bundy would attack five people over the course of the following two months, murdering three of them.
Around 1:30 a.m. on February 15, 1978, Pensacola Police Officer David Lee stopped a man who was driving a stolen car. The man was taken into custody by Officer Lee. The individual refused to provide the officers with his real identity for nearly two days.
Detective Norman Chapman was then given the case.
"My name is Theodore Robert Bundy," the man finally admitted. Chapman didn't know who that was at the time. Bundy was quickly identified by the department as the man the FBI had just one week earlier placed on their list of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.
A Miami jury found Ted Bundy guilty of two counts of murder on July 24, 1979. A jury in Orlando found Ted Bundy guilty of one count of kidnapping and one count of murder on February 7, 1980.
Theodore Robert Bundy was put to death in the Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989, when he was 42 years old.
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2023.03.25 08:20 Old_Heart_7780 The Murder Sheet Monotones

There’s a recent post floating around with respect to what the Murder Sheet couple said in their March 20, 2023 podcast:
“last Monday at 4:13 PM The Delphi Murders: Kegan Kline's Proposed Change of Plea Hearing”
With all due respect to the OP and her thoughts on the couples comments. I think you have to listen yourself and make your own opinion on what they said, and what they meant. It did make for a good discussion— that’s for sure. And honestly I think that’s what it’s all about.
Just wanted to go over it because it sounds to me Kevin and Aine are telling people not to read too much into the River search and some of the events leading up to Richard Allen’s arrest. It’s odd they would suddenly start telling people to not read too much into the custody transfer of Junior to the ISP, the Wabash River search, granny’s backyard burn pit search, and Richard Allen’s backyard pile of ashes— which ultimately led to Allen’s arrest.
Strange the couple with the podcast and bevy of Delphi leaks would suddenly be telling everyone not to do any speculating themselves. Who are they talking to? So they really think the public at large shouldn’t speculate like they speculate? We can’t put two and two together and come up with three?
This is an excerpt from a post I made back on January 20, 2023 with respect to some of the Murder Sheets reporting that was made regarding the River search and granny’s backyard burn pit search:
The Wabash River Search started on 8/19/2022 and ended on 9/28/2022. We know the River search ended and next thing the ISP investigators were focused on was backyard ashes in Peru and Delphi.
News story regarding the Wabash River search and a certain someone’s mothers backyard burn pit
Fox59 by Russ McQuaid
”About the same time the original hearing was scheduled we saw some pretty intense searches going on, a search of the Wabash River and the search of the fire pit at the home of Kegan Kline’s grandparents,” said Kevin Greenlee, an attorney, and host of the podcast THE MURDER SHEET which has delved into the Delphi murders. “Perhaps those searches were not as successful as they might like.”
The search behind grandma’s house started sometime in early October 2022 and was immediately followed by Allen’s backyard search that took place on 10/13/2022.
Quote from an article in the New York Post dated 11/22/2022 by Haley Brown and Ken Kessler.
“They were definitely snooping around a lot at the fire pit and at the backyard,” a neighbor said, who described “lots of flashlights, lots of pictures, lots of sifting.”
The neighbors couldn’t make sense of why the fire pit was being examined at the time, saying “we never really see them burn things.”
We don’t know what was found but we can speculate from the photos being taken they found something. The obvious things they would have destroyed is anything that may have the girls DNA and their own DNA on it: s Clothing, jackets, hoodies, gloves, boots, hats, ski mask, seat cover, floor mats, etc..
It doesn’t take much common sense to know exactly why they were searching through someone’s mothers backyard burn pit. It didn’t take them long to move from one burn pit to the next. Peru, Indiana to Delphi, Indiana. The backyard on Paw Paw Pike to the backyard on Whiteman Rd. There is no mistaking who the FBI and the ISP is looking at. He has a violent criminal history. He was downloading the type of CSAM that will get you 20 years in a state penitentiary. He had a lot to lose if anyone went to their parents or the police with what they were doing to LIbby and Libby’s friend. Not long after murdering two teenage girls he was in Galveston, Indiana using the same ski mask he possibly used on RL’s land. Trust me it’s not the son they are after—- it’s the dad. The same guy that according to his own son he has held a gun on both him and his mother. How many people have we read about so far in this investigation that have held a gun on their own child and the mother of their only child? Could that same panicked UAW man hold a gun on two teenager’s, and do what he did to save his pedophile loser ass from going to jail the rest of his life?
So I’m gathering Aine and Kevin are telling people to not put stock in juniors CSAM case producing a plea deal that helps with the Delphi case. Personally I think any plea deal Junior would make with respect to Delphi would be based on his involvement in the murders. In other words he’s going to have to tell what he knows and what he did that day. The CSAM charges he’s facing are an entirely separate criminal investigation. Could there once have been a plea deal to plead guilty on the CSAM— in order to make a plea deal on Delphi once the CSAM charges are signed and sealed? Who knows.
But why are the MS Monotone’s suddenly telling us to not speculate on anything relating to that River search and those ash sifting searches in the backyards?
I know I was commenting along with another Redditor 8-9 months ago about a possible burn barrel behind the Canal Street house. Same with evidence being thrown in the Wabash River behind that Canal Street house. Coincidently they did find a loaded .38 within 1400’ of the river frontage behind the Canal Street. At least that’s what we know from an article about the 2019 Annual DeTrash the Wabash cleanup campaign. Junior was playing with a .38 and taking pictures of it to post to his Twitter. Another huge coincidence? Is it wrong to speculate he threw the knife in the River, too.
Not sure what they found in the Wabash River below the Kelly Street bridge, but I know it wasn’t nothing— I speculate it was somebody’s hunting knife. I also think they burned clothing, footwear and anything that could have incriminating DNA on it— behind the two respective homes some 40 miles apart. It is common sense to put the chain of events together. It’s common sense to think the guy who admits to chatting with Libby online that day—- somebody that had been catfishing her and her friends all that winter— somehow are logically connected to the murders of these two young girls.
I still haven’t figured out the Murder Sheet Monotones. Are they some secret undercover couple that’s been colluding with investigators this whole time. Are they part of a complex plan to out the men responsible for tricking two girls into walking to the isolated south end of one extremely dangerous bridge.
I think everyone could agree this is one strange murder investigation. I did watch a short Carroll County administrator meeting were they were arguing over $5000 extra to help with Allen’s prosecution. Heck I think we should start a GoFundMe page for the prosecution if the state of Indiana is not going to pony up with some dollars. I’d put up $100 to help prosecute the little troll man murderer if I knew it’d help.
I’d even throw in an extra $20 for McLelland to get a haircut. The Don Johnson look went out in the 80’s for shits sake. What the hell is in the water there?
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2023.03.24 19:33 Appropriate_Half7881 How to look up FBI arrest records?

Someone in the neighborhood got arrested by the FBI and curious to see what for. I can't find anything about it on Google, Pacer or the local county inmate search. Are indictments not made public? (Florida)
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2023.03.24 18:56 AnonymousIntrovert1 Sacramento County Jail

Looking for some info on Sacramento County Jail, in case anyone happens to have any experience with it — either working there or having been there as an inmate or even just processing.
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2023.03.24 07:32 StressFart I (34m) don't want to speak to my biological father (60m) anymore and I don't know how to end the relationship without causing issues with my Siblings.

How do I tell my biological father that I no longer want to speak or have a relationship with him without causing issues with my other siblings?
I didn't grow up with or knowing who my biological father was nor any siblings from that side. He and my late mother had a short lived relationship which resulted in me being born and then she for some reason breaking it off and leaving. I won't go into details of what I know on that as I've decided that things happened, people make bad decisions which don't necessarily sum them up as people.. and to leave it at that, I wasn't around to witness. I had no contact with that side until I was 20 y/o, but being I was a brown skinned kid in a white family I caught on at a very early age and began asking questions. I took the information I had and began searching as I wanted to find my siblings, I just wanted to know who they are, what they look like, if we were alike. Deep down, knowing my father was cool, but that was never what I cared about. I posted the info I had on a lost family/friend type forum like 14/15 years ago. Within 6 months, one of my sisters(40?f) stumbled upon it by merely searching for family member names while purely bored like we all have done and the posted info was eerily close. She searched my name, found me on Myspace and saw I looked EXACTLY like our brother(40?m) and messaged me. The rest is history. ---- Since finding them, I've had a decent but not so much a movie style happy ending type relationship with them. I'm totally fine with that, it's still... awkward, even after 14 years. I've physically met them no more than 3/4 times max(some only once), don't really talk or keep close to any of them aside from one sister(38?f(let's call her SIS)). SIS and I have grown fairly close, she's told me of their life and about folks in moderate detail good/bad... SIS has had a ROUGH life and still talks with me at least a few times a month. One thing to note is they all are mostly on the opposite side of the country with the closest being 16ish hours away. So visiting has always been extreme and only I have ever gone to them.
Also, it's important to note that not a single soul on that side knew anything about my existence before the miraculous discovery that day, although my father claims to have spent years trying to find me. I don't know if it's true, but if that was the case, somebody would know, right? Nobody did and they all were shocked, all 100+ relatives on that family.
Over the years, I have kept in touch with my bio father fairly well. Multiple times per year we'd have LONG 2/3 hour conversations, catching up, discussing family, funny/eery similarities, etc. There have been a few times that we had gotten into disagreements for various reasons. Once he tried to check me in a manner that I should respect him because he "is my fatheelder", because I said a cuss word, not at him at all or anybody, just something I was rambling on. I quickly/sternly shut that down, because in my eyes that dynamic doesn't exist. He called me "young man", to which I told him I raised myself practically from a masculinity perspective, figuring life out & to back the hell up.
I also started to pick up on manipulative tendencies from him over the years. Kind of in a way where if he didn't get his way or if I didn't fully agree with him on something he'd start to get a bit of an attitude, talking over me or even not considering a single point on I'd debate on. At least a few times if I hadn't been able to return his missed call for, let's say, half a day or two, he would proceed to blow mine and my wife's phone up with calls, voicemails and texts, kind of like a clingy/desperate EX. It didn't matter if I would text back and let him know I would or that, "Hey I'm super busy". If it wasn't when he wanted it, he would start up. Overtime, this gradually was more frequent even when we actually spoke more often during any given time period.
Years back, I did send him some cash as he needed it for a bit of food/small bills once or twice. January 2022, I did again, this time a few hundred. I then quit(unwisely) my job in March and was unemployed for about a month before I landed a new much better role and paying job. I was super happy and did boast just a bit to a few family members as well as my bio father because I felt really accomplished and excited to be able to do more for my family. In April, I found out SIS was in jail. Due to health concerns with her, and no help from ANY family member on that side after asking, I paid her bail, just shy of a grand. It was tough at the time due to recovering from unemployment, but I didn't want her in there any longer. But, SIS has tried to pay me back recently (last month)but I've asked her to use it for her kids instead, have some fun as well as get the help she needs, anything. She still mailed me a check for a portion cause she felt guilty, but I legit didn't care or even cash it, I'll live. She has been seriously trying and is really doing much better so that's another reason I'm ok with it and that I can trust her. Her kids are adorable and it's all her doing, she's a great mother.... Sometimes people make mistakes.
At the end of May, my father asked again for money. This time it was about $500 for a tax bill. Once again, still recovering from that period and helping SIS but I had it. I specifically told him I could help him. However, I genuinely and kindly requested that he check if anybody else was able and willing to help him and that if nobody could, I would do it 100%. In my opinion, that's totally reasonable and if the roles were reversed, I would be very happy to ask around, because I know I could fall back to him.
This is when he sent a long winded text to me. He stated that others have been doing what they can to "do their part" and that "you said you're making all that money and that you can help". Then said "nevermind, I'll figure it out, not going to rob a bank or nothing but forget about it". The tone of this text was clearly argumentive and in hindsight quite manipulative. He never asked anybody.
Don't know why but I proceeded to help him out, I think out of pure annoyance. He gave the info to login to the county so I could pay directly instead of giving him cash, so at least that wasn't a lie. Going forward, I tried to forget about it but couldn't. Then I spoke to SIS about it a few months later. She specifically told me that there were times that other family members had given him money to help buy HIS children stuff like clothes and school supplies. He would spend it on alcohol and even drugs to the point where the family would take the kids themselves to get what they needed which still wasn't enough but they tried. They couldn't trust him. I also recall another sibling saying something somewhat cryptic 10ish years back about not giving money to him and I didn't quite compute that entirely. I also know directly from him that he spent time in prison on drug charges. But it all clicked when SIS told me that last year, finally.
Since about October, I really just have no desire to speak with him. I haven't answered anything from him, he blows our phones up, just last week he called us 20 times in a few hours.
At this point, I have decided I just don't have the mental energy or care to speak with my father, because to me, what I've put together is more than just a mistake, it tells me he isn't the good guy he makes himself out to be. I've reached a point in my life that I don't have time for sources of negativity. Even on my mother's side, they committed an atrocious act by secretly burying her ashes against her final wishes with our grandmother (my mom died years before but we let Grandma keep the urn before we spread the ashes until she passed). She DID NOT WANT TO BE IN A COFFIN, she told me that, nearly with tears in her eyes before. They didn't tell us, we found out when the preacher said our grandmother was being lowered into the ground and that our mother was with her, right then! My brothers and I have totally cut them off.
I've been through alot myself, busted my fucking ass to get to where I am in unimaginable ways in order to provide everything for my wife and kids. I've shown people my resume and shared a bit of my life and almost everyone is shocked. I don't have the energy for much more than my wife/kids and they are all I care about and are all I WANT to care about. I am mentally exhausted, dealt with depression, physically roughed up. Sources of negativity need to be gone so I can focus on bettering myself and being a good example for my children and a good husband.
So, I'm just done with speaking to my Father, I don't care about him, like I couldn't shed a tear. Any emotions I express here are not because of him, it's because I want the negativity gone. Manipulation gone. Tantrums gone, my kids do enough of that, but they are children, they have an excuse. I don't know how to tell my father, don't know if I should call or even text, or if I should be 100% polite. Not sure at all how to proceed here and close this chapter and any advice or even criticism is appreciated. I know I'm not always right but I know what I want. One thing for sure is I don't want to cause collateral damage with my other siblings, I still would like to be siblings with them. I don't know how they'll take it and I'm sure that he will make it a sob story either way I try to do it. I can't make everyone happy though.
Sorry for over explaining everything, just felt necessary to fully describe the dilemma I am in... And also a bit of venting. Let me know your thoughts of how I should proceed. Thank you.
TL:DR: I don't want to speak to my biological father anymore due to manipulation, I don't have the energy for it anymore. But I don't know how to break it off with minimal collateral damage to other relationships with my siblings from that side.
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2023.03.24 06:46 Catvac-u-um_adnase Fulton County Jail staffer fired over inappropriate contact with inmate. Kawana Jenkins, 36, is charged with two counts of improper sexual contact by employee or agent, five counts of violation of oath by a public officer, two counts of reckless conduct, two counts of cruelty

Fulton County Jail staffer fired over inappropriate contact with inmate. Kawana Jenkins, 36, is charged with two counts of improper sexual contact by employee or agent, five counts of violation of oath by a public officer, two counts of reckless conduct, two counts of cruelty submitted by Catvac-u-um_adnase to newtimes [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 17:51 Whey-Men A new lawsuit is challenging a California county jail's policy of digitizing and then destroying all physical mail received by incarcerated people—part of a national trend of prisons and jails restricting inmates' ability to receive physical mail.

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