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Mustangs from Houston Texas

2016.10.19 01:26 ssup3rm4n Mustangs from Houston Texas

Ford Mustangs owners of Houston Texas, come and post the beautiful cars.

2014.07.11 22:46 poxenham Fast Mustangs

For Mustangs that go fast. V8's, racecars, suspension and motor mods, etc

2008.12.25 00:33 The Place For All Things Ford Mustang

A sub dedicated to the world's most popular pony car. If you love Ford Mustangs and just about anything related to them, you can probably find something interesting here on a daily basis.

2023.03.27 02:47 Navitach MyFord Touch home screen

I think I already know the answer to this, but I figured I'd ask anyway in the hopes that someone has a different answer...
I got a used 2017 Edge Titanium in December, and I love it. The touchscreen, apparently called the "MyFord Touch", is very useful, especially Apple CarPlay, which my 2010 did not have. Anyway, the 2017 has onboard navigation, which I'm sure works fine, but I haven't tried it yet; since I have an iPhone and I'm used to how Maps on that works, I use that through CarPlay whenever I need directions somewhere. But when I start the car and the screen comes on (it looks to be the "Home" screen), it defaults to the navigation on one side of the screen (actually about 70% of it), and whatever radio source I last used on the other side (usually SiriusXM). In order to see the radio on the entire screen, I have to tap that part of the screen so the navigation area goes away.
So my question is this: Is there any way to either disable the navigation entirely (since I have never used it and probably won't) so it doesn't come on the screen at all when I start the car; or a setting so that the Home screen defaults to only the radio, and the navigation doesn't come on part of the screen?
I have read the manual, and there's nothing in there about either setting; and I have also tried every Menu setting in the MyFord Touch with no luck. I've tried searching online for something like "Ford Edge disable navigation" or "Home screen default setting", things like that, but the results I get are similar to "How to turn off Navigation", but that's really just how to stop a route in progress, which isn't what I'm looking for.
So, is there some hidden Menu option or setting that I haven't found that might allow me to do either option? I'm pretty sure I can't do either, but it can't hurt to ask. Thanks in advance for any help or info!
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2023.03.27 02:28 AO-helper r/AlgorandOfficial Weekly Recap: Mar 20 - Mar 27 2023

Welcome to the weekly AlgorandOfficial subreddit recap megathread. Here you can find a recap of last week's posts, with a minimum score of 5 and grouped by flair and sorted by score. S = Score, R = Ratio, C = Comments. Enjoy!
AMA - Ask Me Anything - [AMA] Algorand Inc Tech Team on the latest protocol release! S: 50, R: 0.96, C: 91
DeFi - Borderless Capital invests $100k with xBacked using gAlgo vaults S: 36, R: 0.91, C: 0 - Defly MultiSig support coming soon! S: 29, R: 0.92, C: 0
DevelopeTech - Algorand has released a new tool for blockchain data access: Conduit. Conduit is a modular plugin-based tool and a powerful upgrade to the one-size-fits-all Indexer. Conduit allows dapps to get exactly the data they need in an affordable deployment. S: 91, R: 0.99, C: 7 - Foundation CTO John Woods introduces @algodevs Algorand Developers youtube channel S: 91, R: 0.97, C: 5 - We're thrilled to launch our developer focused video series to assist builders in the Algorand ecosystem! S: 74, R: 0.99, C: 3 - Differentiate for clarity please friends. S: 22, R: 0.87, C: 9 - please support the linked PR to add a whole universe of dApps to Algorand S: 17, R: 0.84, C: 4 - New Tealish Website! S: 17, R: 0.9, C: 0 - Algorand Should Join the FIDO Alliance S: 15, R: 0.78, C: 1 - AlgoTools supports direct Ledger connection S: 9, R: 0.91, C: 0 - Pera Connect v1.2.1 is here! 🔌 Enhancing stability and fixing connectivity issues S: 9, R: 1.0, C: 0 - 🚨 Up next on #FoundryTalks… Join Pera Wallet & Vantage Point for an eye-opening discussion on blockchain security on Algorand. 🤓 Plus, Mike Knott will be unveiling exciting features of Foundry Safe. S: 8, R: 0.83, C: 1
Education - promoted Algorand advertisements S: 20, R: 0.85, C: 3
Event/Livestream - Today, Silvio Micali will speak at Paris Blockchain Week S: 56, R: 0.95, C: 15 - Arul Murugan, Chairman of Borderless Capital, to host a Twitter Space (9am EST March 29) for the broader Algorand community to express their sentiments and recommendations S: 25, R: 0.89, C: 4 - Arul from Borderless Cap will host a twitter space "Voice of Algorand Community" S: 21, R: 0.9, C: 7 - Algorand Hack House, Hyderabad, March 24-26 S: 13, R: 0.89, C: 2 - Livestream: Paris Blockchain Week - Master stage. Silvio will speak at 3 pm CET S: 13, R: 0.93, C: 2 - Paris Blockchain Week - part where Silvio speaks S: 11, R: 0.87, C: 2
Exchange/Wallet - Insure Nimble CEO passes along FBI Agent's words of admiration for the Algorand Community following recent hack S: 85, R: 0.95, C: 8 - Why didn't MyAlgo support rekeyed addresses? S: 14, R: 0.85, C: 12 - Pera iOS 5.8.0: New Onramp/Offramp options are here!🚀 S: 13, R: 0.88, C: 2 - Here’s A Tutorial Video that Shows You How To Create A Secure Multi-Signature Account For Managing Assets on Algorand. Stay Safe with Foundry Safe! S: 9, R: 0.85, C: 0
Governance - Less than 1 week until Folks Finance gALGO Redeem opens!! S: 17, R: 0.95, C: 10 - Governance Period S: 13, R: 1.0, C: 10 - PactFi to offer Governance-Friendly Farms S: 11, R: 0.87, C: 0 - Question S: 10, R: 0.92, C: 20 - Staci Warden Acknowledges Coinbase Algo staking changes.... S: 8, R: 0.7, C: 8
Important - Sean Ford transitions to Senior Strategic Advisor at Algorand Inc S: 55, R: 0.97, C: 16 - MyAlgo Incident: Summary of preliminary findings. MITM attack S: 27, R: 0.91, C: 11 - Support for AlgoSigner will be discontinued on March 31st, 2023. S: 13, R: 1.0, C: 1
Megathread - AlgorandOfficial Weekly Recap: Mar 13 - Mar 20 2023 S: 7, R: 0.82, C: 1
News/Media - Silvio Commits to More Day-to-Day Operations Involvement S: 162, R: 0.98, C: 29 - National Savings Bank (NSB), Sri Lanka’s premier financial services provider and 3rd largest bank in the country, marked a milestone by unveiling South Asia’s first Self Sovereign Identity (SSID) solution on blockchain for its customers powered by FlexID (Algorand) S: 135, R: 0.99, C: 18 - Algorand partners with State of Telangana (india) to develop solutions that supports sustainable production, product traceability & transparency, & financing & development of carbon offsetting projects. S: 118, R: 0.99, C: 10 - MyAlgo Incident: Summary of preliminary findings The preliminary investigation reveals that the attackers employed a MITM attack technique by exploiting the content delivery platform (CDN) to set up a malicious proxy. S: 86, R: 0.98, C: 68 - As FlexId expands the reach of its Algorand-based digital identity solution, Matt Keller shares his thoughts on the need for a robust digital identity infrastructure and how it could unlock human potential for billions. S: 37, R: 0.97, C: 0 - The cowards at RandLabs removed MyAlgo from their product list S: 31, R: 0.79, C: 47 - AlgoKit is coming. Get notified when AlgoKit arrives. S: 27, R: 0.89, C: 3 - Silvio speaks S: 24, R: 0.93, C: 8 - Canada SailGP Team Wins In New Zealand S: 22, R: 0.89, C: 2 - Introducing: Algorand's data Conduit S: 17, R: 1.0, C: 1 - An update on your Algorand rewards (Coinbase) S: 14, R: 0.85, C: 7 - Cables Finance now supports Wallet Connect S: 11, R: 0.87, C: 1 - 👋🏻Dear AlgoFam🏠 🕌Ramadan Kareem! Let's enhance our spirituality, help others, and spread kindness. May this month strengthen our bonds of unity and fairness🌙🤲🏼❤️ S: 7, R: 0.64, C: 3
Question - How does Algorand's unique consensus algorithm, called Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS), solve the "trilemma" problem that often plagues other blockchain networks, namely the tradeoff between security, scalability, and decentralization? S: 29, R: 0.91, C: 9 - In what ways can Algorand's blockchain be utilized in industries beyond finance and cryptocurrency? S: 26, R: 0.88, C: 17 - Reddit tipbot S: 11, R: 1.0, C: 2
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2023.03.27 02:20 Digital_Utopia Nah, Nah - I want to see this.

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2023.03.27 00:57 Wallacecheeselover89 Imagine this: you are a 23 year old college student with a ford car and a part time Job at Wendy's. You've just come back home from Costco shopping after work and you are greeted by your 2 beagle dogs. You live in a medium sized apartment with your girlfriend.You think: What shall I have for dinner?

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2023.03.27 00:27 RemarkableCollar8965 Local Flea Market had a great selection - will need to go back next week

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2023.03.27 00:00 TXSA99 Buying a new Mustang

Buying a new Mustang
Hello, I'm in the market to buy another Mustang GT. I was browsing Offer-Up & seen this mustang. From the pictures the exterior & interior seems to be in great shape. The buyer has the receipt from a shop that put an engine in about 3k miles ago; from the recipient it only had 6 month warranty.They paid 3k for parts & labor. The seller is asking 6500. It's that to much for the car or is that the price they are going for? Thanks !
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2023.03.26 23:08 AdComfortable8467 Newbie to tube amps, what's best for me? (more details in description)

I'm 16 and I've only ever really played through solid state amps, and an interface with 3rd party plugins on logic pro. I'm a big fan of periphery, and I use the Neural DSP Archetype Nolly plugin for pretty much every guitar part that I record. I have a Horizon Devices Apex Preamp that I imagine will sound amazing going through a tube amp's clean channel. (it doesn't sound too good with my fender mustang LT50 lol) Basically, I'm in the market for a 2x12 tube amp. Any suggestions are appreciated!
I've also had my eye on the blackstar HT 60 MKII, but i've never actually used it so I'm unsure.
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2023.03.26 21:00 MontyCircus Best Video Games of the NES/Master System Era Poll: Week 91 --- Remember to Nominate a New Game in the Comments Section

"Mega Man 4" won last week's poll, with nearly 3x as many votes as all 5 other games in the poll combined, and becomes the 58th NES game to join the list!

The Best Games of the NES/Master System Era Voted in So Far:

  1. Super Mario Bros. 3
  2. Contra
  3. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
  4. Ninja Gaiden
  5. Bubble Bobble
  6. Mega Man 3
  7. Phantasy Star
  8. Final Fantasy
  9. Battletoads
  10. Batman: The Video Game
  11. Blaster Master
  12. Shinobi
  13. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
  14. Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation / Dragon Warrior III
  15. Tecmo Super Bowl
  16. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
  17. Rygar
  18. Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap
  19. Dr. Mario
  20. Mother / EarthBound Beginnings
  21. Journey to Silius
  22. Metroid
  23. Super Mario Bros. 2 / Super Mario USA
  24. Space Harrier
  25. The Legend of Zelda
  26. River City Ransom / Street Gangs
  27. Jackal / Top Gunner
  28. Rampage
  29. Super Spike V'Ball / U.S. Championship V'Ball
  30. Little Samson
  31. The Guardian Legend
  32. Gargoyle's Quest II
  33. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
  34. Sid Meier's Pirates!
  35. DuckTales
  36. California Games
  37. Alex Kidd in Miracle World
  38. Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
  39. Jaws
  40. Gun-Nac
  41. OutRun
  42. Mega Man 2
  43. Kid Icarus
  44. R.C. Pro-Am
  45. Faxanadu
  46. Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  47. Kirby's Adventure
  48. Snake Rattle 'n' Roll
  49. The Battle of Olympus
  50. R-Type
  51. Maniac Mansion
  52. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja
  53. Golden Axe Warrior
  54. Psycho Fox
  55. Crystalis
  56. Gimmick! / Mr. Gimmick
  57. Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team
  58. Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior
  59. Bionic Commando
  60. Gain Ground
  61. Conquest of the Crystal Palace
  62. Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
  63. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
  64. Excitebike
  65. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
  66. Captain Skyhawk
  67. Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
  68. Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II
  69. Zanac
  70. Black Tiger / Black Dragon
  71. NES Open Tournament Golf
  72. Golvellius: Valley of Doom
  73. Bucky O'Hare (NES)
  74. International Karate + / IK+ / Chop N' Drop
  75. Ghosts 'n Goblins
  76. Rolling Thunder
  77. Renegade / Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun
  78. Rambo: First Blood Part II (SMS) / Secret Command
  79. Baseball Stars
  80. P.O.W.: Prisoners of War
  81. Blades of Steel
  82. Ice Hockey
  83. Fantasy Zone
  84. Micro Machines
  85. Super Mario Bros.
  86. Castlevania
  87. 1943: The Battle of Midway
  88. Vice: Project Doom
  89. The NewZealand Story / Kiwi Kraze
  90. Mega Man 4

The 50 Best Video Games of the Atari Era

Want to see the best games before this era? Check out this list which was compiled by Reddit users' nominations and votes over an entire year:

What You Can Do:

  1. Vote in the poll to determine the 91st best NES/Master System Era game!
  2. Then AFTER VOTING IN THE POLL: In the comments section, Upvote your favourite NES/Master System Era games to be nominated and added to next week's poll. NOTE: NOT ONE OF THE SIX GAMES IN THIS WEEK'S POLL!

What You Can Nominate:


In general, the original year published takes precedence. No games that played betteare more iconic/are more remembered in an earlier or later era.
"Sonic the Hedgehog" was released for Sega Master System, but as a port, it was made for the Sega Genesis, so it is not eligible for this poll.
"Tetris" made its biggest impact with 35 million copies sold for the Game Boy, in the next era, so it is not eligible for this poll.
Arcade ports like the original "Mario Bros.", which hit arcades in 1983 are not eligible for this poll, even though they were ported to home consoles from the next generation.
1984's coin-op “Punch-Out!!”, was more iconic/more remembered as 1987's “Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!” on the NES, which is now eligible for this poll.
Instances like this can be debated. I think it's best to allow all games from a console to be designated to one era, and for games to appear in one era poll only.

Other Nominated Games From Last Round:

Last round 63 people voted in the poll and 2 new games were nominated in the comments section. Any of these (or any other eligible games) can be nominated again this round in the comment section to be added to next week's poll. Make your voice heard! It just takes a couple of upvotes to get your game nominated on next week's list.

The Idea:

Comparing, say, Pong and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, is not useful. It's like arguing which is better: the Ford Model T or the Space Shuttle? But comparing games of their era is interesting and fun! Usually, best game polls are limited to a single system. This poll is unique because it includes all platforms from the era together. How will the best arcade, computer and Master System games compete with the best that Nintendo had to offer? It will be interesting!

Why Only Arcade and Computer Games from 1985-1988?

The 3rd Generation of home consoles launched in the West with the NES in 1985 and changed everything. The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive launched in 1989, began the 4th generation of home consoles which will begin the era for the next series of polls after this concludes.

The Criteria:

I'll leave it up to the individual to decide. Innovation, quality, influence, iconic status, how much fun it was then, how it holds up today, are all valid. Whatever games you love, whatever games you want to see named as the greatest of the era.

What Happens Next:

After the poll closes in a week, the winner of the poll will be named the 91st best video game of the NES/Master System Era. The new most upvoted of games nominated in the comment section will be added to the 5 “losers”, and be the 6 games in the poll for Week 92, which will name the 92nd best NES/Master System Era game, and so on. I'd like to continue this to get a Top 100. At that point I would like to continue from the NES/Master System Era to the SNES/Genesis Era, for a new set of polls.
This will be a poll I hope to hold every week for a long time! Have fun everyone!
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2023.03.26 20:29 BHawleyWrites [Spoilers] I enjoyed the fourth movie, but it has easily the most contrived, convoluted plot and it's kinda weird to me that people on this sub are denying that

I've seen some people saying the plot of the John Wick movies are all fairly simple, but I think they're actually talking about the themes of the movies, not the plot. The themes of revenge leading only to destruction, one's actions having consequences, and the inevitability of death are pretty simple, timeless themes. They're well addressed in every movie and I don't think anybody has complaints about them, I certainly don't anyway. The plot on the other hand gets more and more convoluted as the movies go on, and has some glaring issues that I've seen people outright deny the existence of. I wanted to make this post to address those issues and explain the reasoning behind the complaints rather than just bitching into the void. This is gonna be a long one, sorry.
The first movie is a simple revenge plot with the focus on John's rampage and a lesser focus on how the antagonists and other side characters deal with John. There's a ton of exposition sprinkled throughout the first movie to give context for John's actions and the underworld, but the writers can get away with this since it's the first movie. In fact it helps makes the movie as slick it is. It feels like exploring a new world, but of course John is an old hat and doesn't dwell on any of it, so it's kind of the best of both worlds. The audience gets to ooh and ah at the cool shit while John cracks on. There's all this wild stuff, coins, hotels, cars, guns, and old loyalties, but all of it only serves John's murder spree. There's no high table rules to introduced, save for a simple one, which is no business on Continental grounds. There's no high table in the background making stuff happen either, no adjudicators, nothing standing John's way in other words. There's just John, the people who owe him something, and the people who pissed him off. At his lowest, John admits that he's back and is completely embroiled in the dark world again, but by the end, John has his revenge, gets a new dog, and goes home. Pretty straightforward all things considered. Plenty of exposition like I said, but its handled spectacularly well IMO and adds to the plot rather than distracting from it.
The second movie gets more complex. There's a new underworld plot device called a marker that John owes to Santino, a crime lord who wants to kill his sister to take her spot on the high table. Santino knows it'll bring John out of retirement (and that this will piss John off), so Santino has to kill John after the job is done. John escapes, and now he's after Santino. The motivations here are a little more complex, but not too out there or obscure. Santino wants power. John still wants out, but his drive for revenge is greater. There's new underworld stuff introduced, more old loyalties explored, but most of it serves John vs Santino which wouldn't really change otherwise. He gets guns, equipment, housing, etc. but the only new device we see that actually drives the plot is the marker, which is introduced immediately and has clear implications. Santino's connections to John and the other parts of the underworld are also handled well and made pretty simple. At the end John kills Santino in his rage. This is when the plot starts getting a lot more complicated because this isn't really an ending, just a setup for the next movie.
The third movie gets kind of insane. John is constantly hunted throughout the movie, and other than survival, he doesn't really have a clear goal or motivation. There's no one person left to kill that can get him out, so he's after the table, or some other way out if he can find it. His past is explored more and it reveals all kinds of underworld trappings from the Ruska Roma that one has to wonder why he didn't take advantage of earlier when trying to get at Santino. They get him to Casablanca where there's a new old friend introduced, Sofia, who owes a marker to John because he helped her hide her daughter. They go on a rampage until John can escape into the desert to go see the Elder, another new underworld plot device, but ok, they've gotta have a leader, right? John cuts a deal, which he goes back on to save Winston later. All this time the Adjudicator is making moves in the background to oppose John and punish those who've helped him. She enlists Zero and his students. John has a final showdown against Zero after deciding his loyalty to Winston is worth the consequences of defying the table. John gets shot off a roof, and again, there's not really an ending to this movie. Winston comes out ok-ish, but John's problems are far from over. John and the Bowery King team up and the next movie is fully teased.
Now to the plot of the fourth movie, which is the point of this post. The fourth movie has a new antagonist, the Marquis. It also introduces new old loyalties, Caine and Koji. And there's a new Ruska Roma leader for some reason, who directs John to kill a new mini-boss guy who has nothing to do with anything otherwise. Oh and a new side character who John has never met except they're connected by their shared love of dogs at the end? Then it brings in a new underworld dueling ruleset that determines the course of the entire movie. This is especially weird because you have to wonder why Winston didn't mention this to John when he was after Santino. Surely the Ruska Roma would have backed his challenge when he still had a ticket if they'll back him when he doesn't, right? Besides this plot hole, you can't deny that all this new stuff feels weird. It's the last movie. Why is there just as much exposition, just as many new characters, and more new rules in the last movie than the first movie? This is what people mean when they say the plot is complicated. The themes are simple, sure, but there are so many moving parts and so much stuff to explain that by the fourth movie they're still taking time to introduce completely new characters, and completely new sets of rules.
I'm not saying it's necessarily all bad, but saying these are simple movies is just not true. I like the dueling rules. I like the new poker game guy. I like Caine and Koji and Nobody and the Marquis. But it is silly that all this stuff has be introduced in one movie when they've had an entire series to set it up. It just feels like they didn't really think about it before hand. Even though movies 2-4 are like one giant plot, there's still a ton of new and game changing stuff that has to come to light in movie 4 instead of movie 2 and 3, and it often detracts as much from John's journey as it adds to it.
Instead of a literal Nobody saving John's ass, why not have it be somebody who already knows John and cares more about him than the paycheck he can offer? Instead of introducing poker game guy as a target, why not use Cassian from movie 2 who would've had good reason to kill someone close to John like Pyotr? Where were the two assassin guys from movie 3 that clearly owe John their lives? He literally told them "be seeing you" right? Where were Aurelio and John's Mustang? What happened to the adjudicator who failed to bring John in? What happened to the Elder that John made a deal with and why was he replaced by some new guy? What happened to the other Ruska Roma leader who was like John's adoptive mother? All these characters and concepts could have been used instead of new inventions, and a lot of time could be saved. More that that though, the audience wouldn't have to form a connection to a cast of completely new characters. It feels very complicated because it doesn't really build on the previous movies. Instead it introduces way, way more new relationships, new rules, new plot devices, and in doing so it leaves a lot of threads unexplained. Again, I like all of this new stuff. I think it has potential, but potential is actually the last thing you want in the series finale. They should have tied up more of what they already had instead of inventing new everything.
TLDR: Telling people these are simple movies will make them feel stupid, and I think we should just recognize that they got a little out of hand when it comes to the plot.
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2023.03.26 20:06 NascentEcho Found 3 kittens with their mom next to them dead. I assume they’re a day or two old. No idea if I can take care of them

*I am NOT OP. Original post by u/Lenny10302 in /cats *
Pre-spoiler fun fact: At request of BodyLotionInTheOcean The Nile River is an important part of Egyptian spiritual life. The Egyptians believed that it was the passageway between life and death. All tombs are built on the west side of the Nile because the west was considered the place of death since the sun god Ra set in the west each day. A popular river sport played by Ancient Egyptians was water jousting, in which two-man teams in canoes would try to knock each other out of the boat.
trigger warnings: animal death
mood spoilers: mostly good outcome
OP was a photo of the cats, which I've included. Lots of conversation in the comments, which I'll post highlights from.
Found 3 kittens with their mom next to them dead. I assume they’re a day or two old. No idea if I can take care of them - 3/17/2023
3 small black and white kittens on a blanket in a box
Comment - u/ThatReefGuy:
Call an emergency vet or rescue in your area asap. They need to be bottle fed asap
OP Responds:
My brother went out to get them formula milk. I’ve taken care of kittens before, but my youngest was 2 weeks old, and it went rather well. These are only a day or two old, and all pet stores are closed right now since its late af. I’m already looking for a cat to nurse them but I’m really anxious on what I can do now
Comment - u/MerryTWatching:
The Kitten Lady videos will tell you this, but be forewarned that you will have to help them go to the bathroom after each feeding. Just wipe their little bottoms with a warm wet paper towel after feeding them to stimulate their, um, process.
Thank you so much for taking care of them. Just relax, you will do fine. :8097:
Comment - u/cuddlefuckmenow:
OP you must not give them milk or human baby formula. They have to have KMkitten formula made specifically for cats.
OP Responds:
Unfortunately, where I live, I couldn’t find kitten formula anywhere. I have nursed other baby cats before plenty of times and always used baby formula, but the lactose free kind (i’ve looked for kitten formula every time, but couldn’t find). It always worked, But the kittens were 2-3 weeks old, which is why I’m scared as it is my first time caring for day old kittens. Second time actually, but it was 10 years ago when I was in 6th grade. They died 2 days later because I didn’t know I had to feed them lactose free milk, and that i had to help them poop. I know better now but that experience still has me scared of messing up. Which is why I’ll be finding a mama cat to nurse them as soon as possible. Their survival chances with a mama cat is much higher than anything I can give them.
Comment - u/Catlvr3416:
Get goats milk
OP Responds:
I’ll ask my grandpa if he can get me some from a nearby farm as we don’t have goat milk in stores. I’ll try to look for kitty formula tomorrow
Comment - u/Catlvr3416:
I have recipes for homemade formula using goatsmilk, let me post them. Plain goatsmilk will do in a bind.
homemade formula recipe
homemade formula recipe
OP Responds:
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it
Comment - u/Catlvr3416:
Your welcome. As long as you keep warm, feed, and help the go to bathroom, hopefully they will survive, as time goes on you can have longer intervals between feedings At 3 weeks, YOU can sleep through the night and you have saved lives ! 💗
OP Responds:
Me and my brother will definitely be fighting over whose turn is it to wake up and nurse the cats lol. But its no problem. I’ve done this before and can definitely do it again.
OP posted a string of updates in a comment: - 3/17/2023 (same day)
Ok so I’ll keep posting updates in the comments here
Update 1:
I got them baby formula thats lactose free, boiled the water and now waiting for it to be lukewarm to make them the milk
The kittens seem to be good, I gave them some of my fluffiest clothes so they can cuddle into them.
2 of them are sleeping cuddled up together but the third is meowing and moving around. They all seem to be squirming around when they’re awake, which I assume is a good sign. Gonna clean them with a wipe after feeding and help them go bathroom while next to a heater. My brother wakes up at dawn to go to the gym, and he said he will feed them and everything, and I wake up around 9 am and will feed them as soon as I wake up. We’re already giving out shifts lol
I’m calling some vet places as soon as they open in the morning, and see which is willing to take them and if they can find a nursing mother for them. So far everything seems to be fine. Wish me luck and I’ll update as soon as I can
I’m just gonna add update 2 here again, and keep adding on this comment as its already at the top
Update 2:
I just gave them their second feeding
The first cat refused to eat at all, so I made it go bathroom and it only peed. Its paws and ears were warm, so I assumed it wasn’t cold, but I put it on my lap case it needed to be warmer
The second cat fed like a champ, 4 ml before it refused anymore.
Third cat barely fed, I managed to give 2 ml, but it’d feed for 2 seconds then pull away unlike second. After 10 minutes she completely refused any more. I put it on my lap as well.
I took the first cat then, and tried feeding it again, but it completely refused. I was maybe able to give it only 1 ml but it was extremely difficult and I didn’t want to hurt it.
Then tried again with second one, also refused.
I should say that the second cat feels heavier and is bigger than the other two. It also fed much better.
After feeding, I wiped their butts. No poop, just pee.
Third cat either extremely enjoyed the butt rubbing or just succumbed to its fate.
Non of them are bloated, and they’re all warm
And all slept instantly after I put them back in the box.
Kind of worried that two aren’t feeding well, but I guess all will be answered at the vet tomorrow. Any advice for now?
Comment - u/Krsty-Lnn:
You can also use uncooked rice heated in sock as a warmer and put tinfoil under the blanket because it will relict heat from rice sock so heat last longer.
OP responds:
Holy shit thats so smart
Comment - u/eyes_like_thunder:
Warming is important, but make sure there's a "cooler" side they can crawl away to.. You can cook them
Comment - u/WornInShoes:
When I had my baby rescue I had him on my chest with a light blanket on top, used my body heat to simulate momma
Comment - u/aRandomFox-II:
Not just your body heat but also your heartbeat. It's usually recommended for young orphaned kittens that you put something like a clock somewhere in their blanket to simulate the sound of their mother's heartbeat. It helps to reduce their anxiety.
Comment - u/Forsaken_Composer_60:
You need to help them pee and poop too. They can't do it on their own
OP responds:
I did just now, they only peed though. And they all nursed like beasts!
Lots of other comments in the OP, nice to see the userbase come together on this one.
Update: Found 3 kittens with their mom dead - 3/19/2023 (two days later)
Holy shit these past two days have been so hectic
To start off, I want to say how overwhelmed I was from the amount of support and advice I have received
I really cannot thank you guys enough. It really helped me a lot and gave me a lot of assurance
Since I found the kittens on the street, me and my brother have not slept taking care of them
Though it ends well, one of the kittens died on first thing in the morning. It wasn’t feeding properly like its siblings and looked generally smaller and weaker
I spent the last two days looking for a vet or a shelter to take them, but all refused. I tried to ask them to find me a mama cat to nurse, and all refused which pissed me off in a way I couldn’t handle. i just wanted to scream at the phone. They kept emphasizing how much they are incapable of caring for the kittens and would not answer any questions or requests for help.
So yesterday I saw that since actual “animal aids” were useless, I asked all of my friends and everyone I know to post about the remaining two kittens. Within 3 hours, 5 people messaged me about having a nursing mama cat.
So me and my friend took the kittens and we went around. One of the cats refused the kittens, just smelled them and left, but the second one took them right out of the box and instantly started grooming them while they fed. Her cats were a bit older than the kittens, but she still accepted them. I sat there, me and my friend and the girl who owned the mama cat and just watched the two kittens feed for like 30 minutes. I just felt relieved.
I called the owner today and asked her how they were doing, and she told me they are doing great. So thats that
I’m gonna stay in contact with the owner, and keep checking up on them.
Sorry for the late update, and thank you guys so much for all your love and support, I couldn’t have done it without you guys ❤️
I will post a video of one of the kittens feeding the the owner sent me today in the comments.
So glad I got to find them a new mama and a new home.
Also, the owner asked to adopt them and I told her she could. Thanks all :)
nursing kittens
Apparently I can’t post videos so heres a picture instead lol
  Comment - u/leap_year_bunny:
Yaaay! So happy they are safe now :-) Thank you so much for all the hard work you've put into taking care of them, protecting them and not giving up on them! Thanks for the update! And keep posting, please, we want to see more pictures :-)
OP Responds:
Will definitely keep posting updates and pictures whenever I can!
Comment - u/MerryTWatching:
Very good job, OP! :7949: I'm sorry about the third kitten, but you gave it some warmth, comfort, and safety in its last hours, and the two that made it will have new lives thanks to your hard work and determination. You and your brother are good people, and the world is a better place with you in it.
OP Responds:
Plz this made me tear up
Comment - u/sSitwell23:
Thank you for sharing an update. This might sound weird but I’ve thought about your post a few times over the weekend - just how helpless it must feel, and frustrating - and I am so glad you were able to find help.
ETA: weirdly enough I saw your cross post in Jordan as I recently started following it because I hope to visit within the next year or so. Anyway, I am glad you were able to find help!
OP Responds:
Honestly, a bit comforting knowing this. Just shows how I wasn’t alone in this, even if it’s because of strangers from somewhere in the world.
Also, if you have any questions about Jordan or need any tips for traveling there, do not hesitate to ask :)
Comment - u/i_love_dust:
You're amazing! It's also infuriating because imagine if vets and shelters did any research or had a list of people (who consent to being contacted) who were available to help. Alot of animals would be saved, more awareness spread etc. You did more than what professionals could do. You're amazing and super kind hearted!
OP Responds:
I know. There were so many more details that pissed me off. I took them to the closest vet the next day before my lectures, and I missed my lecture because nobody gave a shit. People would come with their not stray pets and they’d give them my turn because all I had were “kittens that are gonna die anyway”
I ended up fighting with the doctors there because literally nobody fucking looked at me when all I wanted them to do was to check if the kittens had any infections since their mom was dead and I didn’t know if its because its sick or because of birth trauma. It was overall fucking terrible. I ended up calling 2 animal aids and 8 shelters and non were any help except for one animal aid that offered to post about the kittens looking for a mama cat.
With the stress of my studies, and the kittens, and the fact that I was about to get my period just made me want to scream at all of the vets and clinics that claim to save and help stray animals. Fuck them man I’m just glad I got these babies out of trouble
Comment - u/DerelictMyOwnBalls:
Yay! I’m glad you didn’t give up despite the unhelpfulness of the vets you contacted!
OP Responds:
It wasn’t an option to give up. I wasn’t gonna allow what happened to my first litter of kittens to happen again
Comment - u/DerelictMyOwnBalls:
Oh:( I’m sorry that happened to your other cats.
OP Responds:
It was 10 years ago. I was like 12 years old, and had never taken care of kittens before. The knowledge I have now, I didn’t then. Even now, I know I’m not capable of caring for 3 day old kittens. Just glad I was able to save two instead of losing all three
Flagged as concluded since the situation is resolved, though I'd expect update pictures of the cats as they mature.
Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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2023.03.26 19:41 Evening-Grade-8616 Still smoking out the engine. Fixed cooling system issues.

Hi all, first time posting. So I have a ‘97 Ford explorer, 5.0 L V8 i believe, automatic, 210,000 miles, and he’s always been a basket of issues. Constantly. Bought for 800 as first car and first day driving he broke down on highway and died. Anyway point is, fast forward 6 years, and he was having engine cooling issues. Dad noticed it using car when I’m home from college on winter break. He sent me back down to school instructing I just blast heater to draw heat out of engine. All is fine for some weeks. Then my heater decides to stop blowing hot. Which leads to no longer heat being drawn out and engine smoking.
Happens again have to be towed. So I have to bike to classes now. We (me and roommate. Family is in another state but dad is on FaceTime with us) pop hood and think it’s the thermometer. Dad will be down in few weeks and says he will replace that part and check for leaks. He does that, fixes that, and one of the hose parts. Says some fluid drained. Should be fine. We go away for week on vacation, and it sits parked in apartment driveway. Back at apartment and was told needed to test drive it so I did for groceries. Went max 1.5 miles and when I parked in apartment spot some more smoke.White for clarification. Obviously I’m convincing parents we should actively seek the opinion and inspection of a mechanic. What specifically should I ask them to look for? Is it plausible that it’s honestly more financially feasible to just get a new car (been saying this for a while, spent like over 2k in tire and such repairs last year that was meant to be rent money. 🤪 that’s excluding every other repair we have had to do constantly).
submitted by Evening-Grade-8616 to AskMechanics [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 18:50 scrangos Need help identifying a replacement part, fuel pump for an old ford truck.
This came off the rear tank off a 1994 ford super duty lift truck. As far as i know its the whole fuel pump / level assembly. The numbers in the image the best i can make out is f3tu-9b263-aa but that isn't the assembly as far as i could tell just that particular piece.
As it seems to matter, I'm told the fuel tank is plastic not steel. The vehicle runs on gasoline, not diesel. I'm told the engine is a "360". (I'm just trying to help my dad, its his vehicle and he is technology illiterate). If any additional information is needed I can try to find it asap.
What would I buy to replace that entire thing in the picture? Thank you very much for your time and help.
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2023.03.26 18:11 giganticwhirlpool Clementine Ford saying what needed to be said in response to victim blamers and doubters

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I. Loved. This. I really hope you write more stories!!! (PLEASE) you're stories are great motivation BTW :D
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He just held me close and rubbed my back pulling out quickly which made it hurt just as much since he had pulled out so quickly. I sat there on his lap as I cried on his shoulder until the hurt slowly faded but still lingered.
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We picked up Abby at the park. She got into the seat behind me and hugged me around the car seat. "How'd it go?" We told her about it. Neither of us mentioned the kiss.
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