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2023.06.08 14:36 GoStockGo Citech (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF) Promising New Tech Company

Citech (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF) Promising New Tech Company
CiTech (Critical Infrastructure Technologies) (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CTTTF). The company’s lead product set is a range of rapidly deployable, high-capacity communications platforms called the NEXUS 16. The shares listed in late February 2023.
Upon completing the rollout of its technology, CTTT aims to become an established player in the high-capacity mobile and rapidly deployable markets, delivering long-range communications systems into those places where they are most critically needed.
Let’s use North American forest fires as the current major disaster and then outline the unparalleled relevance of CTTT’s amazing communications technology. CTTT anticipates expanding its business by combining quick-return sales with annuity-based easing to the blue-chip resource, defence, and government sectors. (CSE). Here is CiTech’s LinkedIn page.
One large new fire was reported in New Jersey. Nationally, seven large fires have burned 66,209 acres in six states. Since January 1, 18,403 wildfires have burned 518,698 acres across the United States. These numbers are slightly below the 10-year average of 21,908 wildfires and 1,016,684 acres burned.
As well, Canada is on track for its worst-ever year of wildfire destruction as warm and dry conditions are forecast to persist through to the end of the summer after an unprecedented start to the fire season.
For a map of North American dates upuntil midday June 6th, click here.
It is horrifying. The bravery of these fire fighters is virtually peerless.
CiTech has a direct and critical response to disasters with it’s NEXUS 16 comminications tower. Arguably, the first loss in a disaster is critical comunications systems and infrastructure. You’ll likey agree these amazing products have a place in just about evert town on earth and the quick ability to deploy.
Once communications are lost, the solar powered, self contained NEXUS can be deployed and restore communications in 30 minute. 30 minutes. Dwell on that for a moment. For all investors—and everyone else—the NEXUS 16 has a minimal environmental impact. The device, with a small equipment room is solar powered, does not need a level base and uses very little diesel. No specialised training or operators are required.
We can get an entire town back on the air again, in 30 minutes without anything other than a truck that can move it,” CiTech’s engineer Andrew Hill said, “We found a way to build a room which could house the technology that phone companies need or mining companies need, or emergency services need or more importantly defence needs as well.”
The enclosed article exemplifies the salient points in this article and the expanding awareness of the importance and compelling nature of the Company’s technology.
It would be ghoulish to identify CiTech as a proxy for disaster. Instead we should identify as a proxy for safety, help for those in the disaster zone and the lives saved.
Estimates (so far) USD1.79 billion merely to restore Ukraine’s communications infrastructure, the potential of quick deployment is obvious, whether Ukraine, raging bush fires or a weather disaster to name a very, very few.
Talks with supplying Ukraine are ongoing. The U.S., Latvian and Ukrainian governments have expressed an interest in the product, according to CiTech Chief Executive Brenton Scott.
Bottom Line
Unlike a lot of tech companies, CiTech is relatively simple to understand. Proprietary technology to restore communication in a remote area, disaster—natural and manmade—and in a conflict such as the Ukraine conflict. Need a clear definition?
“The Nexus 16 a 20ft container sized, technology-agnostic platform that supports a walk-in equipment room, batteries, solar arrays, and generators along with a 16m folding tower. Able to be transported to site on any truck that can take a standard 20ft container, the Nexis 16 can unload itself, adapt to sloping or uneven ground and then deploy 16m cyclone rated tower. – All within 30 minutes.” By all measure, patient investors can get in on the ground floor and be part of a technology that saves land, property, and more importantly, lives.
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2023.06.08 14:36 ProfessionalCap8878 Is economics course at iits worth it??.....

Same as title I am getting IT at IIIT ALLAHBAD (according to last 4 year data) and some nit cse too but also might get a rank for civil and other branches in iits but i am not interested in studying these branches. I have always been attracted towards finance sector. Can any iitian explain how is the bsc economics course at it worth it?
educational_info: 93% in 12th boards , 97.2%le in jee mains (948 sc rank)
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2023.06.08 14:35 MYNAMEISHENDRIK Much bigger building interiors in GTA 6 than in previous R* games?

GTA 6 will most likely have a lot more building interiors than any other Rockstar Games before, but do you think we will also have actual really big interiors in the size of a Walmart, IKEA, a basketball stadium or shopping malls?
I've thought about interiors in past GTA games and came to the realization that there are no really big interiors except for some building interiors from GTA Online DLCs. Otherwise interiors always have been pretty small and narrow and GTA 5 was a total lowpoint in terms of interiors, simply because Rockstar had to restrict theirselves so much to make the game run on Xbox 360 hardware from 2005.
Now that GTA 6 will only come to PS5 and XSX, there won't be these hardware limitations anymore from 18 years ago. Rockstar always had to downsize their ambitions due to hardware limitations, same thing with RDR1 where they had to downsize Blackwater to 1/4 of it's initial size, because the Xbox 360 could simply not handle it. RDR2 already improved on interiors and now imagine what will be possible if Rockstar does not have to hold back on PS5 and so we can be sure that there will be a lot more explorable building interiors in GTA 6. But in which style do you think they will design the interiors?
Do you think they will stick to smaller building interiors that always stay managable or do you think we will also see bigger and more complex building interiors where we can probably get lost? I think it would be cool to have some big locations on the map which will be fully explorable from the inside. I am not talking about having interiors for ALL the buildings because that's some delusional wishful thinking that does not make sense for Rockstar. It would senselessly waste development ressources and as well for the players who will never explore 100% of the buildings, even if it sounds exciting on the surface. Sure, it will be exciting for the first 10-15 minutes. Then it will get boring and exhausting and players will move on and in ten years there will be a statistic that says that only 0,3% of all GTA 6 players explored every interior. Not worth the development effort.
Let's take a Walmart as example, because I think think that interior would make sense. It would have a functional purpose because you can do some shopping there. It would be perfect for the typical GTA satire, because if there is a place to make fun of Murica cliches and culture, than it might be a random Walmart somewhere in Florida. It could serve purpose as a location for a main story mission and it offers a lot of possibilities and fun for multiplayer deathmatches or just simply shenanigans with your friends like races with mobility scooters. One single building interior could almost be as big as the whole city of Blackwater and, sure, a downside of that could be that you could get lost easily. Maybe not in Walmart but in more complex building interiors like a hotel or a shopping mall.
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2023.06.08 14:35 MajesticManta720 In case you see someone who looks like me on the cover of Unbossed Lady’s Magazine this week

It is me! I used to do modeling on the side before I married Travis. He wasn’t a fan. Didn’t think I should be showing off my body and told me in his “honest opinion” that most people didn’t want to see bigger girls like me on their magazine because he “loved me so much” and “didn’t want me to get hurt” But that’s one heck of a lie and I knew that even before I filed for divorce.
Until today, never have I ever I been offered a cover page, and on a women’s leadership magazine no less! I don’t really model to go gloating about my own self-image either, just to try and create space for curvier ladies in media and this is the first time Unbossed has had a Pacific Islander on their cover page, a curvier one too!
I’m driving to the photo shoot right now, but I was given two options of outfit and I thought I’d ask which color looks better on me, pink or green?
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2023.06.08 14:35 JPHUMBLE Should I get a credit card at 21 with my fiancé?

My parents have always told me to never get a credit card (probably because they made some mistakes in the past) I am a 21 year old male with no credit and am trying to find ways to start building my credit in smart ways. Recently the main reason had been that me and my fiancé are currently sharing an apartment with my friend and we want to eventually get our own place without a co sign. Problem is to do that we need credit. We want to move out in the next few months and I’m wondering if it’s even possible to build good enough credit in a couple months to be able to rent an apartment without a co sing. Again I don’t know that much about credit or how it works because my parents engraved into my head that it would ruin my life if I used credit cards, but I very much see it as a tool and am looking for advice on how to start building credit in a responsible way. Any advice is welcome thank you!
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2023.06.08 14:35 paul23knicks End of lease question?

My lease is up in a few months and I’m not sure what makes the most sense for me. I’m paying $305 a month currently on a 36 mo/10k lease for a Honda HRV with no money down when I first leased the car. It currently has 9k miles on it and is in perfect condition. I live in NYC. The purchase price at the end of the lease is $16282. I like the car yet I wouldn’t mind the newer model but at the same time, I don’t drive enough to justify paying a lot more on a new 1 either. As a consumer, any recommendations? I feel that I may have leverage as I only owe 16K on a 9k mile 2021 Honda car.
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2023.06.08 14:35 yellowsubmarine76 House appraisal came lower

We are in a HCOL area with multiple bids over asking and the median single family home costs about $1M. We had to waive all contingencies to even be considered, and we offered $50K over asking. The house is going to close in two weeks, and the appraisal came back $20K lower than our offer price.
The appraisal report used some comps with their listing price vs the sale price because those comps did not close at the time of the report. However they all sold over asking. The lender doesn’t think I have a case to rebuttal. My agent and other people are telling me to pay the difference and make sure the house closes on time. I know there’s no appraisal contingency and I can pay the difference or PMI but I am bitter about it. Am I crazy for not renegotiating with the seller or pushing back more on the appraisal?
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2023.06.08 14:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Latest Edition)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.08 14:35 Hansimoister Luban tells me wrong work area

Luban tells me wrong work area
Hey there,
I wanted to print a Flange with the diameter of 225mm. The official snapmaker Page says work area for my A250 is 230x250 in XY. But when i load the model of 225mm diameter in luban it says the model is too big. I already choose the A250 in the settings.
Anyone know why this is happening?
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2023.06.08 14:34 Read_or_Ded Heresy Models

Hi all
I have these models at the moment which I'm slowly painting....
1 X Term Captain 1 Watchmaster 1x Kill Team Cassius 1x Fortis Kill team 5 Intercessors and 5 Assault Intercessors 1 X Proteus Kill Team 5 x Veterans with Melee 2 X stormshield and Mace 1x Stormshield and Powersword and 2 X Thunderhammer 4x Assault Terms with LC x 2 1 X Non Deathwatch Terms with heavy flamer for Captain to attach to.
So wanted to know if I could add 10 heresy marines with Pauldrons and some DW weapons added as Veteran Marines. Side by side they seem similar in size but just wondering if they'd look a bit odd?
I'm coming back for 10th edition so not sure what I'm allowed and not allowed. Was hoping to add a transport and a couple of dreads if anyone could add to meat to the bones of that idea or anything else worth adding?
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2023.06.08 14:34 Thin_Conversation451 VS Politepol VS create RSS feeds tools (RSS everything, Feedly...etc)

Hello everyone,

As a non-tech savy person I am trying to use the power of RSS to follow important information's on a topic. I can't look up every website of interest daily (companies, newspapers, twitter feeds, etc.) and need a centralized place to analyse the information, so I want to use RSS. But a lot of pages don't provide RSS, or not in the category of information I am interested in.

Could you please tell me your experience in using RSS creator feeds? I found these ones
- Politepol
- Feedly (RSS aggregator with inbuild function to create RSS feeds)
- RSS all (same model as Feedler43, but I don't manage to identify the search patterns on the website and to make it word)

I would be happy to pay for a service that works well! Works well means

- retrieves every 2 days at least informations on the website
- does not limit the amount of RSS feeds it retrieves from a website
- not limited numbers of feeds I can create (or at least more than 800 feeds)
- durable website that should stay active at least a year
- price: up to 50 euros/year
- provides information of the article (name, date, link, name of author ideally
- (if possible, is able to retrieve the whole article of the website)

I was thinking of going for Feedly because it is also an RSS aggregator that would allow me to filter by key words my findings and share them in form of a newsletter. But if you advise to use another RSS aggregator and to combine it with one other programm, would be amazing to hear from you

thanks a lot and have a nice day
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2023.06.08 14:34 WeirdPerformer3 What makes an airplane IFR capable?

I am looking into purchasing my first aircraft (c182 as main option right now). I expect to do IR course to get IR rating as well to both, become a better pilot and expand my travel options when traveling in Europe.
Each aircraft has different equipment - some do have adf, some don't, same about VOR's, ILS, and other equipment.
Is there a predefined mandatory list of must haves? What you must have in practice? What defines a "good" IFR platform ?
Sorry for too many questions in one sentence, I guess most of those are answered in IR course, however I am yet to start one, and the buying is happening right now. If it changes anything, I am based in EASA land.
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2023.06.08 14:34 anbushinta Never Miss the Presale is Coming!

📣 Exciting News! 🎉 Don't miss out on our epic pre-sale starting early June! 🚀 Get ready for the most thrilling 10-phase journey with incredible prizes awaiting you! 🎁💥

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🎩 And guess what? We have multiple luxury items on the line too! From exquisite timepieces to breathtaking vacations, your dreams are just a pre-sale phase away from turning into reality. ✨💼🌴

⏰ Mark your calendars, gather your excitement, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable pre-sale adventure. Spread the word, share the hype, and get ready to win big! 🙌🎉 #PreSaleMadness #PrizeGalore
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2023.06.08 14:34 polygon_lover Realisation of why Dog Culture bothers me so much. (Bit of a rant)

For a while now I've been trying to put my finger on exactly why I'm so frustrated. Why I've changed from liking, to disliking dogs.
In my country (UK), dogs are treated in society and in law as almost human. Their place demands the patience and allowances we'd afford to a human child, but without any of the responsibility.
And there's no recourse. It's totally accepted in society and in law that some dogs are misbehaved, and we all just have to put up with it.
I feel like I'm going crazy. Any time I even mention being annoyed at dogs and their irresponsible owners to people in real life I get treated as if I'm some disney villain.

Like many of you in this sub, I've got neighbours with noisy dogs. I've pleaded with them to do something about the barking, but they can't see passed how cute their little fur baby is and think I'm cruel for suggesting they discipline the little monster.
I made a noise complaint to my local government and was told that leaving a dog home alone to bark for hours on end is not considered a disturbance. If I was screaming at the top of my lungs for hours at a time, I'd be arrested. If a dog does it, that's totally fine apparently.
There are absolutely zero consequences for people who's dogs inflict such misery on their neighbours. The rights of the dog are coming before the rights of the people. It's insane.

Rant over. Glad I found this sub.
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2023.06.08 14:34 TriangleDevout Link isn't gay or non binary despite the "headcanons" of unhinged LGBTQ activists

Another Zelda game has released and as before, it has led to the usual articles and claims from the same people. Before it was that Link was gay or a gay icon despite him only ever expressing heterosexual desires. Link has only ever been shown to be romantically interested in Zelda and in some games, Link can flirt with female characters and only female characters.
Now the new claim is Link is non binary or genderless or some such nonsense despite every character referring to him as a he and even he himself referring to himself as a he. There was a side quest in Breath of the Wild where you show The Master Sword to a woman looking for The Legendary Hero and the dialogue option for Link to say he is that hero is to say "I am He."
It's also hilarious the activists will bring up the fact that Link has to cross dress to enter Gerudo Town as any sort of "proof" when Link actually happily "misgenders" the crossdresser who gives him the female clothes and even facepalms in embarrassment when said crossdresser has his mask blown off by the wind. That whole situation is played for laughs and clearly isn't meant to positively portray crossdressers or suggest Link is one since he's shown to be clearly uncomfortable doing it during the dialogue, facts that clearly fly over the head of the idiots with their headcanons.
Combine that with the fact that Nintendo is a very socially Conservative company that doesn't even have main characters who are LGBT and these people's claims just seem like desperate self projection of a group so insecure with themselves that they constantly have the need to project their identities onto fictional video characters.
Why are they so obsessed with doing this? In the end, they only end up hurting themselves when Nintendo confirms the characters aren't LGBT. Remember Bayonetta? Happened with the third game confirming that the titular character is straight and she hooks up with a man at the end who she loves.
These people just seem so desperate for validation and attention that they feel the need to constantly project themselves onto fictional characters and when called out about it, they always throw hissy fits and temper tantrums and ask why people are "obsessed" whilst they constantly try to force their headcanons as facts on places like Wikipedia like they pathetically tried doing to Samus Aran.
Furthermore it's laughable that they need a big multi million rich company like Nintendo to "recognise" them to apparently make them feel validation. These people need to grow up.
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2023.06.08 14:34 Particular-Bug5739 This house has been empty over 5 years, never a for sale sign, never seen anyone live in it. I wonder why?

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2023.06.08 14:34 Odd_Anteater1471 Unrequited online love for more than a year lmao

So I (19m) met a girl (I will call her F) last year in a language exchange app. Tbh I just wanted to practice my talking skills in the language and I was sending messages to tons of people to see if someone committed to a friendship, maybe looking for a relationship subconsciously, but I won't accept that.
Well me and F were making calls and chatting for some months, we were great friends, and ofc I started developing feelings for her. But I never told her, bc we lived pretty far away, literally different continents, and I thought having an online relationship was dumb, and I also didn't want to end the friendship we had at that time. Idk if she liked me too, bc we kept everything friendly. But I would say she probably did at some point.
I met her in December 2021 and the interactions peaked in April 2022. And just when that happened, she stopped texting me. Just like that, maybe she met someone irl or had a new online friend, but we stopped talking slowly. First a call every two weeks, then every month, two months, sometimes three. We chatted once a week, but for very short periods. I told her that I didn't like how the things were now, but I didn't confess bc I couldn't take something seriously with 10000km of distance. After that things changed a bit, she started texting me a little bit more, but it wasn't the same yet.
She sometimes sent me songs, which I wanted to take as signals so badly. She sent me a love song in February 14, with lyrics saying I would give everything to see you. Also added two songs to a playlist that she knows I check, with lyrics saying "I will wait for you" and "I will always love you". And personally sent me a song that literally says "I wouldn't like to die without ever having had something with you". Which have been things that kept me from not cutting contact with her.
I moved to a different continent some weeks ago, and now we are in neighbor countries. An 8 hour by train or 40 min by plane travel and we would be meeting. But that won't happen, at least I don't think it will this year, since I don't have enough money.
I was hoping things would be different now that I moved so close (which I did for studies and not for her, ofc (well it was a motivation too but not main reason)), but it has been pretty much the same. And she keeps sending me mixed signals. Last week we did a call, and she told me something she hasn't told me since the first month we met, "thank you for talking, it's so fun to talk with you". Is that friendly? I feel it is but I don't want to accept that.
I know she has tons of online friends, with which she sometimes talks and play videogames with. Yesterday she told me to play, I didn't see the message after one hour, answered, but she was already playing with a male friend, whom idk anything about, not even if it's an irl or online friend, but she played until 5am.
I know everything that is happening is bc of my choices, and that just by meeting a new girl I wouldn't be heartbroken every month, but I'm afraid of looking on dating apps, since I'm inexperienced and young. And I'm not sure about looking for a relationship directly, I will get to uni and have little time. This clearly shows I don't know what I want lol, maybe only a platonic friendship... but exclusive. Also I will probably start classes in 3 months, so I will be a bit alone for some time, not a problem, hopefully.
I just wanted to get this off my chest (duh). Hopefully she doesn't see this, idk if she uses Reddit. Any advice is well received. I still have hopes that if I keep the friendship until we meet she will somehow develop feelings for me and we will end up together. But that's too much fantasizing.
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2023.06.08 14:34 Vegetable_Law_5102 Not interested? Or just don't know how to carry a conversation?

When I reach out someone, I start with saying something I like about the guy or their profile, or commenting on a unique mutual interest. Then I ask them a question about the interest, or something else in their profile. It's pretty brief, concise, and articulate. I have a pretty good return response rate. But also find that often they have a friendly response to my question, but no reciprocal question. I'll respond back by commenting on their response and asking another question. If they answer, but again do not ask a question about me, I don't continue messaging. I figure they're not interested or don't know how to carry a conversation, and I stop messaging. But wondering if maybe they're just not good with messaging, and I should see if the want to meet in person. For context, I am mid 50s and messaging guys mid 50s to early 60s. I'm not model level gorgeous, but have been given feedback that I'm nice looking or cute, and that pics are good. Thoughts on this?
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2023.06.08 14:33 Alucard_5715 New set of questions

So yesterday I was asking about computers to capture card/stream from and I think I found one I can use. A Dell latitude 5400. i5 8th gen, 16 gb ram, 512gb SSD I was told I could use the Intel QSV for streaming too.
Today I have a new set of questions.
1) Since I'm not using like a high power computer, can I use the elgato HD60x (their current capture card) or do I need to get a HD60s (older model)? I'm not sure which would be more compatible. Cause the newer card requires a GTX 10xx or better. And I'm not sure if the laptop can handle that.
2) I'll have to get a chatlink cable so my headset mic and party chat is included on stream. My question is can I use that same head to talk directly to chat without talking in-game chat? For example: Be in a discord chat with my team playing Warzone with that included AND also be able to talk in game chat when needed. Can i do that from console with this kind of basic set up? Or would I need another mic, etc? (I might be over complicating this)
3) Other than the laptop, capture card and chat link cable, is there anything else I need? I already have a camera (logitech C920 from Xbox streaming). I just don't know if there is anything else I gotta shell out for? I'm looking at like $500 or just over for those 3 things. Would love to keep it at or under that cost if possible
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2023.06.08 14:33 SternButFaiir Got this on sale at Amazon for $49.99. Resident Evil Collection. Def. one of the cooler looking Franchise box sets. I really like how there is just art on the front and back of the books inside, no text or credits or special features. Those are all detailed in a booklet inside the box. Nicely done!

Got this on sale at Amazon for $49.99. Resident Evil Collection. Def. one of the cooler looking Franchise box sets. I really like how there is just art on the front and back of the books inside, no text or credits or special features. Those are all detailed in a booklet inside the box. Nicely done! submitted by SternButFaiir to 4kbluray [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 14:33 Anonymuzthrowaway I am planning to propose, where should I do it? (more info in comments)

Making a throwaway account, as my partner knows my actual account. We’ve been together for almost a decade. I’ve thought of it for a long time, but many things have come in the way of doing so. I won’t get into all the details, but I plan to next spring when we take a road trip across America.
We are going to start in the New England area, and do a circle (south, west, north, east) Hitting up national parks, famous cities, site seeing, etc. it’ll be a 2-3 week trip. Taking an small RV and camping out in it.
And any questions you may have, ask away and I’ll reply! Thanks!
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2023.06.08 14:33 9xtryhx HR is interested in a side-project of mine?

I have developed a program/website that is able to interact with a system/website that my university uses and automate multiple aspects.
Main story:
I am a student and work at the student part-time (tech support), and about a month ago, I showed the prototype to my boss right after it had been tested by a friend or mine to see if it worked for other people as well (which it did).
Two weeks ago my boss informed me that the university's dept that oversee the system my prototype interacts with was very interested in having a meeting with me.
I got a call from my boss yesterday informing me that they could drop by today and check out the prototype if possible, to which I said yes.
Well, they came and introduced themselves; 3 in total. One was HR and two from IT. I showed them the prototype and how it worked, explained the different steps it took etc and they were quite happy about it. They asked a few questions on how it operated and wanted to know if the system needed oversight etc.
They thanked me and went on their way, but here's where the story gets interesting!
When I was about to leave work today, my boss spoke with a colleague who have heard about the conversation regarding my prototype and he (a senior employee for the university) congratulated me and asked how much they had offered to pay me - to which I replied with a joke of "$10m". My boss joined in and said something along the lines of: "at the very least $10", but then said that they were seeking approval of an offer from up the chain (which I had no clue about) and a budget?
Now what is going on here? Are they offering to buy the project / contract me to get the project into service?
I can probably ask, but I feel a bit ashamed to ask since A) I don't want to appear greedy and B) I should probably know more but my boss is a pro at leaving key information out by mistake...
How should I go about this issue? Any help is appreciated!!
I developed a program that interacts with the university's website and is able to automate most of the processes regarding a topic, confused what they are offering?
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