Lyrics of blue bayou


2008.09.13 19:03 NEXT LEVEL MUSIC and ART!!

Here lies a beautiful instrumental project, known as Port Blue. Created by the well-known Adam Young, who is also the creator of the stunning project named Owl City. Port Blue is loved for its beautiful melodies and lack of lyrics. Enjoy!

2022.06.10 18:07 Adaptive-Monke779 suddenlyMCR

when, out of the blue, it is suddenly MCR lyrics in any comment section

2015.12.20 05:27 jdf2 GhostWrite

A platform for online collaboration, creating fresh and original songs. Writers can post lyrics, and singers will respond with a recording of their rendition. Don't be afraid to post! We welcome writers and singers of all skill levels.

2023.06.10 12:59 Curious-Month7727 22 [M4F] UK - Just a Guy Searching For His Version of Happiness: a Long Term Relationship 🫵🏻


Hello all 👋🏻 My name is Damien and I'm very excited but also a tad bit nervous to be doing this again. I've decided to write a shorter post as my last one flopped and didn't get any attention so here I am starting afresh and seeing what happens. I am doing this because I have very little experience in relationships (as my last one was 4¼ years ago which ended terribly, been looking to date again ever since) and decided that I want to put myself out there in the hopes of finding that special someone whom I can start something special with. However, getting to know each other and seeing where things lead first is a must, ofc.

Physical Appearance

My appearance is quite normal:
•I'm 5'8 in height (1.73 m)
•Eye colour is dark blue 💙
•I've got quite the decent body shape
•I have no tattoos but I'm considering getting a few in the future
•I've got a small amount of facial hair
•I've got quite a lot of dark brown hair on the top of my head but keep it in control most times with hairspray
•I've got an average to slightly above average face imo (pics can be exchanged if you're interested in knowing what I look like)
•I'm healthy with no health conditions or concerns
•I wear normal clothes such as buttoned t-shirts, hoodies, jeans / tracksuit bottoms and denim jackets / leather jackets.
•I also have a balanced diet as I go grocery shopping at least once a week.


I'm an indoor type of person. I like:
•Watching TV shows like Doctor Who when new episodes come out, The Simpsons and Hollyoaks 5 days a week, and binging on a ton of movies.
•Listening to music pretty much every single day as I'm a huge HUGE fan of it.
•Gaming on PC games such as GTA, Red Dead, and Minecraft.
•I may stay indoors most of the time, but I DO also enjoy doing outdoor activities like spending my days out in places in the UK like Scarborough, Blackpool, Hornsea and Withernsea. I'm going to a place named Filey late next month so hopefully I'll get to take a load of pics to show you if you're interested :)
•I'm also interested in Photography, taking stunning photos both indoors and outdoors to store and save for later. Wildlife, sea life and everything else in between is what I'm most interested in :)
•Playing different sports such as Badminton, Bowling, Cricket, Dodgeball, Kite flying, Tennis and Volleyball on the beach are activities I really enjoy doing, but I haven't played them recently thanks to a lack of others playing them with me.
•Gardening and working with plants is something that really fascinates me, planting and watching plants of all shapes and sizes grow is everything I've wanted to do since my late high school days. Also getting a bit of sunshine on my neck in the summer does me some good lol.
•I like doing artistic activities like card making, paper crafting, drawing and painting, but only on special occasions.
•I also like to read from time to time.
•One more thing I should mention is I absolutely adore cats / kitten 😻 Yep I'm a hard core cat lover. Although I don't have any right now, I'm thinking of adopting in the future.

Personality (brief, more in the "potential deal breakers category)

Other things you should know about me is that I'm extremely loyal and will never hurt the people I love and hold dear, no matter what. I care too much about the people in my life, including family, and I also will never let them down or disappoint them in any way.

Important Topic to Cover

I'm not gonna mention what my source of income is because I don't want people to message me just because of that, like so many people have done before.

Preferences In You

I don't have many tbh. Just as long as you
•Live in the UK, or at least in different countries that are close to the UK like Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, or perhaps even The Netherlands, since all have shorter time-zone differences to the ones in the UK which will make it so much easier to chat at similar times (but you can message me wherever you are on the globe)
•Don't smoke or do drugs
•My age range is between 18-23, but people that are past that can also message me. Not too fussed tbh
•I'm not religious, by any means, but I don't mind dating people who are.
•Come as you are, no sugar coating, be real, be genuine. 🚫No NSFW content please🚫, that's all I ask.

Things I'm Good At In a Realationship and Overall

•Loyal, I will stick by you till the end •Good cook •Clean and tidy •Good listener •Honest, Respectful & Trustworthy •Understanding •Passionate •Communicating •Supportive

Potential Deal Breakers

•I'm a hard core introvert and find it difficult meeting and getting to know new people. However if people are willing to get to know me and are genuine about it, then I will become much more confident and comfortable meeting and getting to know them as well.
•I don't have any children, and I don't ever want them as I would likely be a very inexperienced and lousy father. The reason I have this mind set is because I never had a father growing up since I was 2 to present, and also because the kid would undoubtedly think of me as a very boring and rubbish dad as they grow up because of that. Idk, I just don't think kids are for me 🤷🏻‍♂️
•Very clingy, not in an annoying way, more as a saying that I appreciate you for giving me the time of day, for example: texting you very frequently if given the chance


If you've read this far, then I appreciate you for taking the time out of your schedule to read my post. I did have a lot more I wanted to mention, but I feel like that would've been too much for most people to read on here and I want to mention all that stuff whilst I'm talking to you as that would be much more interesting :)
See you on the other side? 🙏🏻
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2023.06.10 12:58 abicases520 High Quality 2023 New Oversized Eyeglass Frames Women Eyeglasses Anti Blue Light Glasses Randolph

Randolph, a brand known for its high-quality eyewear, has recently released its latest eyeglass frames for women in 2023. These oversized frames are a unique addition to the brand's collection, with their distinctive anti-blue light property.
The oversized frames are designed to enhance the wearer's appearance, making them look more dignified and refined. They are suitable for all face shapes, and the frame material is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The design is both modern and classic, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.
One of the standout features of the Randolph eyeglass frames is their anti-blue light technology. With the increasing use of digital devices in our daily lives, exposure to blue light emitted by screens has become a concern. knockaround sunglasses coupon This technology allows for the reduction of blue light that enters the eye, reducing the strain on the eyes, and preventing the onset of digital eye strain. sunglasses for women 2023 Wearing the Randolph eyeglass frames with anti-blue light technology ensures a more comfortable working and viewing experience. The lens is treated with a special coating that effectively filters out harmful blue light, protecting the eyes from the glare and keeping the eyes healthy. jimmy choo sunglasses In addition to the anti-blue light technology, the Randolph eyeglass frames also offer a wider field of view, allowing the wearer to see more clearly and with less distortion. The oversized design allows for a more comprehensive coverage of the eyes, providing ample protection from sunlight and other environmental elements.
Overall, the Randolph 2023 New Oversized Eyeglass Frames for Women is a valuable addition to the brand's collection. It offers a unique blend of style and functionality, with the
anti-blue light technology being a prominent feature. The brand's commitment to quality is evident in the design and construction of these frames, making them a great choice for any modern woman.
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2023.06.10 12:56 Jokerstar175 My new DnD characters I'm working on. Any suggestions would be helpful.

My new DnD characters I'm working on. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Some characters for my next campaign. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The Harvel siblings were were a group of Tieflings who were experimented and had their memories wiped. They know nothing of themselves or each other. They refer to each other as siblings and base their age on what order they woke up. They all woke up with bleached skin and multicolored hair.
  1. (PC) Harvel Red. Battle Clown. The youngest of the Harvel siblings. Bard specializing in clowning. The only Havrel siblings to embrace his appearance. His goals are to entertain so others, even if for a moment, forget about their problems. They all subconsciously dress in the color of something they respect most.
  2. Harvel White/ Captain Bright. Adventurer Supreme. Travels the world to leave her problems in the past. Would hide her appearance if she could but is unable to due to her extensive time overseas.
3.Harvel Blue/Dr Francis Bloom Sniper and medic. Sickened by his past actions he spends his time healing people, even without magic. Isn't ashamed of his appearance but isnt proud either.
  1. Harvel Yellow/Sherriff Howl. Master marksman. Sherriff of a small town in the middle of nowhere. Hides his appearance behind makeup which often fades.
  2. Harvel Green/ Sister Jade Wind. Devout Folower of The Divine Hare. Still working on her.
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2023.06.10 12:56 Theo1290 Synth song with lyrics on audio-technica store demo

Have heard this song used for audio-technica headphone demo products in stores, is synth and I made out the lyrics:
end of a long corridor ... there's some things i'd never forget
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2023.06.10 12:56 Inevitable-Pound5505 Kendrick Lamar, best entrance I’ve seen 😳 ever!

Kendrick Lamar, best entrance I’ve seen 😳 ever!
I’ve been to hundreds, maybe thousands of concerts (already in my forties), been to this festival more than ten times, and I can’t think of a more impressive entrance of a concert than yesterday’s Kendrick Lamar in Primavera Sound in Madrid.
The stage, his presence, his short “let’s go” in between his lyrics, his flow, and how connected the audience was.
Simply amazing. Thank you Kendrick, thank you Primavera!
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2023.06.10 12:55 Theo1290 Synth song with lyrics on audio-technica store demo

Have heard this song used for audio-technica headphone demo products in stores, is synth and I made out the lyrics:
end of a long corridor ... there's some things i'd never forget
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2023.06.10 12:53 NatureNut49 Behold, the Chegg and Roosterone/Estrohen line! Chegg is a Normal-type, Roosterone is a Flying-Fighting type, and Estrohen is a Flying-Fairy type.

Behold, the Chegg and Roosterone/Estrohen line! Chegg is a Normal-type, Roosterone is a Flying-Fighting type, and Estrohen is a Flying-Fairy type.

Chegg, the Hatched Egg Pokemon.
Chegg are known as the embodiment of innocence and youth. They commonly hatch in Spring, welcoming the first warm days of the year. It's not unheard of for some eggs to be inexplicably unfertilized whilst other eggs in the same clutch hatch, however. Whilst very weak, their key to survival is simply being too cute to eat, their adorableness is a natural weapon. For a long time, they didn't even need this strategy, as their native habitat had no natural predators, hence their complete lack of fear of humans. The downside is that fight or flight isn't even hardwired into their beings.

Roosterone, the Blue Rooster Pokemon, and Estrohen, the Pink Hen Pokemon.
Only female Chegg evolve into Roosterone. They are surprisingly docile Pokémon that never pick a fight. However, if provoked, their kicks are strong enough to smash both large boulders, and bone. The worst thing you can do to provoke them is harm their family. If so, you won't have long to live. Otherwise, they wouldn't hurt a fly and are very popular with children, whom they consider their own and defend voraciously. They are common companions of bodybuilders, as they're both eager to increase their strength and work out with their trainer, and gentle enough to not harm them in sparring.
Only male Chegg evolve into Estrohen. They are surprisingly aggressive Pokémon that tend to pick fights with others. Whilst their bodies aren't too bulky, their power lies in their high Special Attack. They usually raise Chegg alone, although the Roosterone sometimes stays around. They are surprisingly competent adoptive fathers, as if you put any baby bird Pokémon in their nest, while proven they can tell the difference between them and their Chegg, take them in and raise them as their own anyway.

I got the idea from this post in thomastheplankengine. Credit to u/MadJester98.
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2023.06.10 12:52 AutoModerator [] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

[] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

What You Get:

Program #1

CTC Launches

(to master your launch and funnel sequences)
10X Launches is the first copywriting program fully engineered to speed up the execution and amplify your results of your emails no matter what kind of funnel or launch strategy you’re rolling out.
It’s built not only for best-in-class launch copywriters…
But for coaches, consultants, course creators, and ANYONE who stands to benefit from nailing down their launch and funnel copy faster and with more genuine impact.

2 “Core” Modules

That will initiate you into the “Coaching The Conversion™ method, and how to leverage a new, more empowering definition of “direct response” that opens up the floodgates to greater intimacy, empathy, and conversions.

5 “Launch” Modules

breaking down every single phase of your launch or funnel in full detail (including some you didn’t even know existed). You’ll learn exactly what’s at play during the Segmentation & Confirmation, Pre-Launch, Launch, Sales and Closing phases of your funnel and how to quickly craft the messaging that coaches your prospect into the final conversion in a powerful, non-sleazy way.

25+ Email Templates

None of that BS “plug’n’play” or “swipe and deploy” stuff that shoehorns your message into lifeless boxes that robs it of all life and power.
Instead, you’ll get FULL breakdowns and walkthroughs of the go-to templates I turn to over-and-over again in 6 and 7-figure launch campaigns.
Meaning, you get to craft your OWN high-converting launch emails in about 25 minutes flat and fire them into ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign (or wtv you’re using) while your coffee’s still hot.

Program #2

CTC Sales Pages

(to master your long form sales page)
This is it.
It’s where the best paid copywriters, coaches and course marketers on the planet earn their keep.
It’s where the conversion either happens or it doesn’t. In cold hard numbers that don’t care how many Clif bars you stress-ate in the process.
It’s where the most admired online business owners transform interest, desire, and engagement and into what you actually want: Sales.
So what is “it”?
It’s your long-form sales page.
And the truth is… most copywriters and marketers avoid long-form sales pages like the plague… treating it like a close-talking lepper with coffee breath… instead of the 24/7 salesperson your sales page – that final step in your marketing funnel – should be.
So why do marketers (and even pro-level copywriters) avoid sales pages?
Because writing a long-form sales page is intimidating AF.
It’s the Night King of the Whitewalker army.
It’s the Beef Wellington on Hell’s Kitchen.
It’s the Lord Voldemort of your marketing funnel – aka the funnel asset that shall not be named.
A long-form sales page is where you’ll spend dozens of hours writing THOUSANDS of words that will either confirm your claim as a top player in your space…
Or will tell you with Gordon-Ramsay-esque candor that your marketing wasn’t as good as your business coach told you it was.
There’s real pressure in that.
But there’s even real-er payoff in being able to do it faster – and more profitably – than anyone else in your industry. A payoff that even affords you the right to make up words like real-er
Confronting, yep? Conquerable. Absolutely.
In CTC Sales Pages, you’ll go through the exact process I’ve used to write over twenty 6 and 7-figure sales pages for the likes of Amy Porterfield, Copyhackers, and many more.

Program #3 & #4

Six Figure Emails & Seven Figure Emails

(for even more email conversion badassery)
Welcome to the “Johnnie Walker Blue” of our email template series.
This is the premium blend for more advanced marketing palates.
All pulled straight from my highest-performing launches for industry titans like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Traffic & Funnels, and Copyhackers.
What you’re getting are 13 advanced email templates that you can use in a pinch when you need to write a standalone sales email, a webinar invitation, a post-webinar replay, downsell, or flash sale.
To be clear, these aren’t those sketchy and lifeless “swipe and deploy” templates you may have seen swimming around the shadier parts of the online marketing cesspool.
These are loose, flexible templates that guide you through deep-dive masterclasses teaching you the advanced psychology behind each one.
Meaning, you actually understand WHY they work, and are fully empowered to engineer them to best serve your audience.

Program #5

Minimum Viable Launch 2.0

(to quickly rock profitable and lean email launches)
We’ve taken the single most impactful part of 10x Launches; the part that countless students have credited with producing game-changing ROI in record time…
And given it a fresh-for-2022 facelift.
Not only will you be getting access to a stack of NEW templates that we’ve added to the stack based on repeated tests and real-world results.
But we’ll be offering you the one-click automation uploads to bring the whole sequence straight into your ActiveCampaign to save you and your team about 5+ hours of heavy-duty integration time.

Program #6

Application Funnel Amplifiers

(for creating powerful pre-call enrollment experiences)
Fact: The enrollment experience begins the moment your prospect books a call.
If you mail it in for those 12-72 hours between when they book the call — and show up to it, you’re missing a golden opportunity to begin coaching the necessary transformations.
In this brand new program, you’ll learn how we to consciously engineering your entire application experience to pre-empt objections, create magnetism, and stack the odds in favor of having a successful enrollment conversation
You’ll get practical answers to:
  • When you should be transparent about your pricing BEFORE a sales call
  • How to strategically structure your application questions in a way that actually coaches your pre-customer into your program (yes, the questions are copy)
  • What to put on your booking confirmation page to create incredible momentum and a “point of no return” into your program
  • What tools and systems we use to create a seamless application and booking experience

Program #7

Next-Level Automation & Optimization Stack

(upcoming and ongoing automation tutorials)
As the CTC Membership evolves, our resident Wizard, Philip Powis will be actively adding a library of importable one-click automations (into ActiveCampaign), leveraged software playbooks, and a running list of the most advanced (and cost effective) tools and systems that he recommends for fast-scaling course and coaching businesses.

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.10 12:51 AcroMan23 If you were to make one album out of all the songs on Load and Reload, what would your tracklist look like?

If you were to make one album out of all the songs on Load and Reload, what would your tracklist look like?
My personal picks would be: 1. Fuel 2. King Nothing 3. Devil's Dance 4. Until it Sleeps 5. Hero of the Day 6. The Unforgiven II 7. The Memory Remains 8. Bleeding Me 9. Low Man's Lyric 10. Where The Wild Things Are 11. Fixxxer 12. The Outlaw Torn
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2023.06.10 12:51 DaGatorBoy Miles’ Venom Powers color change

Is there a reason for the color change of Miles’ venom powers? In ITSV and his spin-off game, his powers were orange/yellow, now in both ATSV and clips of Spider-Man 2, his powers are blue for some reason. Just wondering if there’s a reason behind it or everyone just decided to change it for some reason.
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2023.06.10 12:49 studio3_artgallery The Art of Block Printing: Discovering the Beauty of Traditional Indian Textiles

India has a rich heritage of textile craftsmanship, and one of its most fascinating techniques is block printing. This traditional Indian art form has been passed down through generations, creating exquisite designs that showcase India's cultural diversity and artistic brilliance. In this article, we will delve into block printing, exploring its history, techniques, and the mesmerizing beauty it brings to Indian textiles.
The Origins of Block Printing
Block printing in India can be traced back to ancient times, with evidence of its existence dating back over 4,500 years. This is artwork from India is believed to have originated in Gujarat, where it flourished and spread across different regions. Initially, block printing was mainly used for religious and royal purposes, decorating fabrics for temples and garments for kings and queens.
Tools and Techniques
Block printing involves using wooden blocks to transfer intricate designs onto fabric. Skilled Indian artists carve these blocks by hand, meticulously chiseling the desired patterns. The blocks are typically made from sturdy woods like teak or rosewood, ensuring durability for repeated use.
Once the blocks are ready, the printer dips them into dye or pigment and presses them firmly onto the fabric. The pressure exerted on the block ensures that the design is imprinted perfectly, resulting in a beautifully patterned textile. This process is repeated multiple times to create intricate motifs and vibrant color combinations.
Types of Block Printing
India is known for its diverse block printing styles, each originating from different regions and bearing unique characteristics. Some of the popular forms of block printing include:
a. Bagru Print: Hailing from Rajasthan, Bagru Print is known for its geometric patterns and earthy colors. It often incorporates motifs inspired by nature, such as flowers, leaves, and animals.
b. Ajrakh Print: Originating from Gujarat, Ajrakh print is characterized by its intricate geometric and floral patterns. It typically features deep indigo blue and red hues created using natural dyes.
c. Kalamkari Print: With its roots in Andhra Pradesh, Kalamkari print is celebrated for its detailed hand-painted designs. It often depicts mythological scenes and incorporates vibrant colors.
Significance and Cultural Importance
Block printing holds immense cultural significance in India. It showcases the craftsmanship of Indian artists and reflects the diversity of Indian culture. Each region has its distinct style, reflecting the local traditions, beliefs, and environment.
These textiles play a crucial role in celebrations and festivals. Indian weddings, for example, feature vibrant block-printed garments, adding a touch of tradition and elegance to the auspicious occasion. Additionally, block-printed fabrics are used in home decor, such as curtains, bedspreads, and tablecloths, infusing spaces with a warm and artistic ambiance.
Revival and Global Recognition
In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in traditional Indian art and crafts, leading to a revival of block printing. The intricate designs, organic dyes, and handmade processes have captured the attention of designers, fashion enthusiasts, and interior decorators worldwide.
These artwork from India have gained global recognition for their beauty and craftsmanship. International fashion runways often feature outfits crafted from these fabrics, and renowned designers collaborate with local Indian artists to preserve and promote this ancient art form.
The art of block printing stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India. With its intricate designs, vibrant colors, and skilled craftsmanship, it continues to captivate people worldwide. From royal garments to contemporary fashion, block-printed textiles have transcended time, preserving the beauty of tradition in every stitch. By appreciating and supporting this art form, we contribute to the preservation of traditional Indian art and variations of it.
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2023.06.10 12:49 AnswerDizzy 80's to 90's Pop Song. Recreated the Melody

Language: English
"show me the way..." (Last part of the chorus)
or something like that. I'm sorry I really forgot the lyrics.
It's a male voice but a high pitched one.
I've recreated the melody using Music Lab
This segment of the song is at the end of the chorus.
Please help.
Around once or twice a year I could hear the song being played at a mall or in someone else's car and now I've just heard it once again on the way home and I didn't get the chance to ask the person who played it. I fear I may not hear the song again for a long time if at all.
I've tried humming it in Shazam and other websites but no luck.
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2023.06.10 12:49 Holddouken Painted Nemesis with OSL characters

Painted Nemesis with OSL characters
Night lighting one side and game colour osl the other for characters then matte varnish. Was relatively quick. Found a great squidmar tut on YouTube that covers this style.
Aliens focused on dark and scary, turbodork prism power for alienish blues, nuln oil for extra darkening, gloss varnish wet look. Slime is fluoro with extra prism power sloshed here and there. Extra bit of osl on the queen and all done. Very fast for a full set, organic look allowed for it to be done pretty sloppy but looks really effective on the table!
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2023.06.10 12:48 JoeC1429 Need help finding an old pair of shoes for futsal

Hey everyone, so I have been searching for awhile my old futsal shoes. I just remember that they were very similar in aspects to the Munich - Gresca and the colors are Yellow Lime and Blue, kind of like Brazil's flag colors.
So if anyone of you had this pair and/or remember the name, please let me know 🙏🏽
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2023.06.10 12:48 MeiShimada OK, how do I go about getting more resources?

I dont have a whole lot of time to play each day, I'm level 55/56. But of my time played I haven't been able to get decent amounts of gold or crafting materials.
I had to stop playing whirl wind barb because I simply don't have legendaries to make it feel good to use. In my time (been playing since early access) I have only had enough crafting material to throw on 3 aspects.
Now forget enhancing and adding sockets and reforging stats and what not, I can't even afford to put on decent aspects.
Surely I'm doing something wrong right? I'm salvaging yellows and a few blues to stay up to date on the blue material I need to upgrade armor and jewelry. I have a few perfect rolls on legendary items so I have a few saves but the rest have been sent to the grinder.
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2023.06.10 12:48 Pokemon40level I accidentally entered Cyril’s castle early and killed a blue Lizal is that the level of normal monsters there or is that just weak?

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2023.06.10 12:47 redmoon-danight-1986 A thought

I only have three memories that surface first when I go down memory lane. One is when I was in my junior secondary school, form 2 or 3... I wondered about finishing school and just being done with these days of forced schooling. I remember looking at the sky, it was sunny and blue on my way to eat the daily government provided grub at tea break. Back then it felt like a never ending cycle of days in that institution but alas I am done and wonder why little old me felt like it wouldnt end. I had the same feeling with my undergraduate degree...that one I was sure it would kill me but it didnt (it almost did) but I finished and got the paper. The feeling of experiencing and growing is a constant feeling of death which metaphorically it is what is happening. Little parts and programmed ideals of me die and they feel like wanting (more like forced) to be erased out of existence. Why is it like that? How many times will I die in this life?
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2023.06.10 12:47 greenray009 Girl in the Philippines has a genetic mutation of blue eyes

Girl in the Philippines has a genetic mutation of blue eyes submitted by greenray009 to BeAmazed [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 12:45 psych_2025 23 [M4F] Germany/Anywhere I really miss you

I'm really uncertain about this, this isn't the place I thought I'd be looking for you. But traditional dating just isn't working out and dating apps aren't my style.
I have been single for more than a year now and while I managed to keep the ship afloat, I can just tell that I miss you. I need a shared destination in my life, something to work towards, together as a team. I want to give you energy to pursue your goals and dreams, and I want to be motivated by you to pursue mine with even more effort than before.
So I might not know you yet, but I can tell that I'm missing a big part of my life right now. And that part is you.
I'll give you a brief description of myself and let you know what I value in a relationship and also in life. This might be long but if it's you, then I'm sure you'll appreciate it.
I am native to Germany and have the typical blue-grey eyes with brown-blonde hair. I'm 180cm tall and I'm pretty fit, I have been trying to put on some more weight though as I'm pretty skinny. I wear glasses and I'm clean shaven for now, maybe I'll consider a beard in the future.
I am still a student right now and I'm studying to become a psychotherapist. Besides university I enjoy rock climbing and going to the gym, as well as being out in nature. I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobook but of course also watch a few TV shows.
I really value communication in a relationship, knowing we can freely communicate and trust eachother is the most important. Of course this also means that set boundaries need to be respected and just generally being soft and caring. But there always has to be room to be cheesy, teasing and playful with eachother.
I gues since this matters, I am pretty certain I do want kids at some point in my life. I am still very indecisive in which country I'd like to settle down but that's something we can discuss later, just know I'm open to relocate.
If this reached you and you decide to message me, let's try to get to know eachother as friends and see if things develop naturally. Of course I want a relationship but I don't think it's something we can force. I'm really looking forward to hear from you.
I miss you.
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2023.06.10 12:45 TrackaLacker Swim Dipped Tie Bottoms - Iris Blue - M and 1 other listing are in stock at Skims

Swim Dipped Tie Bottoms - Iris Blue - M Swim Dipped Tie Bottoms - Iris Blue - L
As of 06/10/23 06:44 AM EDT
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2023.06.10 12:44 baklavabaddie What’s my type based on my top 15?

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2023.06.10 12:44 GamingWithKids [US-MD] [H] Almost Complete LOTR Collection + 8 Modular Ultimate City Bundle [W] Local Cash

It's finally time to part with my Lord of the Rings Collection and my Modulars. These have been curated over years and displayed in my office UV free office, but it's time for a change with an upcoming move.
Not willing to split up the lots at this time. Due to the size of these and number of brittle brown, these must be an in person transaction. I'm willing to drive a sizeable distance to meet someone and see these go to a new home. My zip code is 17201, but I can easily get to Baltimore, DC, or most of WV and VA.
Ultimate Lord of the Rings Bundle:

Super Modular City Starter

Other Local Sale Items
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