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Oxly GmbH is a computing power buyback service created for miners and mining sites. With it, miners do not need to work with cryptocurrency, but only focus on generating calculations and maintaining equipment. We allow you to receive fiat funds for your activities, which makes it possible to transparently calculate and pay taxes. Working with us makes it possible to avoid unnecessary hassle when organizing mining as a business.

2023.03.27 02:55 Canad1Andrew Resident Evil Revelations and The Mercenaries 3D are both on sale on the 3DS eShop! 85% off, only about $2 or $3 each! (Mercenaries 3D is a 3DS exclusive BTW) If you want to buy either of these games on 3DS for dirt cheap, better act fast because the 3DS eShop will be permanently shut down TOMORROW!

Resident Evil Revelations and The Mercenaries 3D are both on sale on the 3DS eShop! 85% off, only about $2 or $3 each! (Mercenaries 3D is a 3DS exclusive BTW) If you want to buy either of these games on 3DS for dirt cheap, better act fast because the 3DS eShop will be permanently shut down TOMORROW! submitted by Canad1Andrew to 3DSdeals [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:54 StepwiseUndrape574 📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:

📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:
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2023.03.27 02:54 Chair_The_Wheel r/twouselesscircles

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2023.03.27 02:54 StandInTheCorner March 2023 Glitch?

Across the boards there have being many complaints about the drop in shipped goods yesterday and to some extent Friday as well. Most people note that their clicks have remained strong, but conversion rates are very weak. This points to the fact that less ordered items have turned to sales.
We have contacted support, and we encourage other users to do the same.
To email or chat make sure your active store ID is you non-onsite one
It is normal for Support to say there is nothing wrong for the first few days, as they themselves do not know.
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2023.03.27 02:53 Tek466 21 [M4F] Illinois/ Anywhere - Hi! Feeling lonely and looking for a woman between the ages of 18-60 to form a close friendship with and perhaps something more flirty. [friendship] [relationship]

I’m Dylan, a 21 year old man from northeastern Illinois in the US.
Anyone around my age or older such as in their 30s or 40s or older is welcome to send me a chat if you are interested.
I’m seeking some kind of close connection with friendship being the main thing, however, I’m definitely open to things getting a bit spicier than that such as a friend with benefits, as I’ve been very affection starved lately and my sex drive has been pretty high.
Physically I'm 6ft tall, I'm average/slim build with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I wear glasses too. There’s a picture or two on my profile.
I don’t have any preference on body type for whom I find attractive. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I’m also attracted to people older than me as well, hence being so open to meeting people.
I’m currently living at home, trying to get a job at a warehouse but long term career goals so far is to do something in the electrical field/trades such as a fire alarm systems technician as I’m good with technical things like that. I’ve got older parents and I live on a main road in a small farm house so I’ve been feeling pretty lonely most of my life. I’ve listed some interests of mine below!
Now that we've established who I am and what I'm looking for, here are a few interests of mine to get to know me better!
• Fall/Autumn season
• Candles and Incense
• Music
I love genres such as classic rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, heavy metal, punk, post punk, hardcore, etc. My current favorite bands are The Cure and Joy Division/New Order. But I like tons of older and newer bands as well.
• Cooking and Baking
• Animals
• Art
• Houseplants
• Photography
That’s me! I hope you get a good taste of what I am like and if any of this catches your interest I’d love to hear from you and we can get to know each other further. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.03.27 02:53 Brad_HP finally bought something--Checkpoint SL5

After weeks of researching and being horribly indecisive (I had also been waiting for the money I planned to spend to come in to my account), I finally pulled the trigger on the Trek. I was a little hesitant to go with Trek mainly because it seems like every other bike on my trail is one and I wanted something different, but the customer service alone showed me the reason why so many people ride them.
My store has almost all models on sale for Trekfest, not just the stuff listed on the website, so with $200 off and no sales tax (yay Delaware) I walked out with it for $3199, plus another $30-something for some Bontrager Line Elite pedals that were 25% off. Grip on these are really great with the shoes I'm wearing. Tires were already set up tubeless and they even put the pedals on for me.
First ride went very nice except for me being more out of shape than I realized, but I feel that in a few weeks I can be breaking some personal records.
The lighting was horrible by the time I got it home and I just wanted to get out and ride before dark, so no pictures yet. I went with the red and it looks great. A little more orange tinted than it looks in pictures.
Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous posts. I'm feeling really good about my choice and you were all a great help in leading me there.
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2023.03.27 02:53 SnooCapers4390 How can I get a very wealthy therapist's liscense revoked to protect others?

For context, I have no idea what I'm doing and just need a lot of help with this. Thank you so much
I don't want to be super public about this. However, I did some quick research and I'm absolutely certain the things I've seen this therapist do and the things they've done to me should get them in a lot of trouble. I don't know exactly what some things would fall under and I'm generally inexperienced with this stuff, but I think I have very good evidence of these things:
• The therapist crossed personal and professional boundaries in some other way, resulting in a “dual relationship” with you in which they misused their power or role; • The therapist tried to provide a service they weren’t qualified or trained to provide (such as trying to provide medical treatment or advice); • The therapist provided services that weren’t therapy or that were experimental, harmful, or dangerous; • The therapist tried to involve you in illegal behavior or engaged in illegal behavior in front of you, such as business, financial, or insurance fraud; • The therapist didn’t fully explain what they were doing or why, such as not telling you that you were part of an experiment they were conducting;
Additionally, this therapist probably makes gigantic amounts of money using their liscense to manipulate and traumatize very vulnerable people and their families. I'm sure they will be able to buy the best lawyers available to defend themselves, so even if the evidence is damning, I need to do this right or this scumbag will continue to scam and hurt people.
This therapist has stolen a large amount of money from my family by charging high sums for scammy worthless treatment and trauma on the side. I don't care if I don't get money out of this, but is there a chance I can get them to pay me or my family?
More importantly, can I even succeed here?
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2023.03.27 02:53 Skullcollector55 Don’t know if this fits here but wanted to share this, found this uniform in an antique store belonging to Kenneth pill who hit the first home run on live television on may 17th 1939 in the game between Columbia and Princeton.

Don’t know if this fits here but wanted to share this, found this uniform in an antique store belonging to Kenneth pill who hit the first home run on live television on may 17th 1939 in the game between Columbia and Princeton. submitted by Skullcollector55 to baseball [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 02:53 No_Artichoke_582 Cinnabar is also associated with mystical and spiritual properties in some cultures

I saw some theories around here that say that mercury can cause side effects that will generate hallucinations and etc. Additional information that I got with chatGPT is that some cultures used it on purpose; the guy in the cabin used the symbols for something like rituals in the upper part of the cabin so I think it could go to the mystical side of the thing
Here goes the text by chatGPT:
In traditional Chinese culture, cinnabar was believed to have mystical and spiritual properties. It was often used in traditional Chinese medicine and was believed to have healing powers. Cinnabar was also used in Taoist and Buddhist rituals as a symbol of immortality and spiritual enlightenment.
In addition, cinnabar was used in ancient Mesoamerican cultures such as the Aztecs and Mayans for its red color, which was associated with blood and sacrifice. It was used in religious ceremonies and was believed to have magical and protective properties.
Overall, the association of cinnabar with mystical and spiritual properties in various cultures could provide an interesting layer of symbolism in Yellowjackets, especially given the mysterious and supernatural elements present in the show.
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2023.03.27 02:53 lazyfortress Using a Cobalt RaQ today?

I watched a documentary that featured the Cobalt RaQ, and I like collecting older computer parts, as well as attempting to get old devices to work. Oldest I’ve successfully worked with was a Dell PowerEdge 1950, which isn’t that old in the grand scheme of things.
I found a Cobalt RaQ 3 for about $110, and I’m just wondering if it would be possible for me to actually use it for something small, such as remotely storing programs and files. I know there’s systems better suited for this, but I love the look of the RaQ 3, as well as the history behind it. A RaQ would also fit nicely under my dorm’s bed.
Would it be worth getting, or should I get something else, such as an x86 Sun system?
I’d appreciate any information, especially from those who have been around older systems!
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2023.03.27 02:53 ThisAdamGuy Developing a card battle game for a book

I've always been fascinated with stories whose conflicts revolve around fully realized games, like Yugioh, and I've decided to try writing my own. But first I have to actually develop the game and its rules, strategies, etc. I know this doesn't exactly fit in with what this group is about, but I'd love to hear some thoughts on what I've already come up with.
I want it to feel familiar enough to people who play card battle games that they'll feel a connection when they see it, but not so familiar that they think I'm copying the game from another franchise.
The first card either player will play is their Guardian, a monster card that acts as their shield against the other player. Each Guardian is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses, and will determine how their player will go about attacking and defending. The ultimate goal is to land at least one attack on the other player themselves, but you can't do that until their Guardian has been defeated. I'm not sure if using life points would be a good idea, since Yugioh did that and, again, I don't want people to think I'm ripping them off.
That said, the Guardians do use life points.
The other cards primarily consist of Attack cards, Defense cards, and Energy cards. Each attack and defense requires a certain amount of energy to play. For example, a card that lets your Guardian throw a fireball at your opponent costs 4 Energy, so you would play that Attack card along with four Energy cards. Defense cards are the same way, except they act as a shield protecting your Guardian from your opponent. After "spending" an Energy card it gets put into your discard pile and will be shuffled back into your deck if it runs out of cards, along with the attack card it was used on. Defensive cards will stay on the field until they've been destroyed, then they'll be put in the discard pile too. The defense rating on a Defense card also acts as its own life points. If an Attack for 200 hits a Defense with 400 points, its defense becomes 200, meaning your opponent can hammer their way through it eventually.
I'm still a little in the air about this part, but right now I think that the Energy cost should correlate directly to how much damage/defense points it deals. Like, if the fireball attack I mentioned earlier costs 4 Energy, should that correlates to doing 400 damage. And if a Defense costs 3 Energy, which correlates to 300 defense, that would cause 300 points of damage to be blocked. Combine that with the Guardian's innate defense of 200, and they end up taking no damage.
Alternatively, maybe the player can control how powerful the attacks or defenses are by how much Energy they spend. Maybe your opponent's Guardian has less than 100 life points left, so you only use one Energy to attack, finishing them off. Or if you think your opponent is going to unleash a super powerful attack, you can (assuming you have enough cards in your hand) spend 10 Energy cards to build up a Defense with 1000 hit points.
There will also be cards that directly effect your opponent, like binding their Guardian in chains to keep them from attacking for X number of turns, a poison that lowers their defensive stats, or something that lowers or even removes a Defense they've set up.
I still haven't decided if I want to let players have more than one Guardian out at a time, or even if they can have more than one Guardian at all. If not, then maybe the game should end as soon as the Guardian is defeated, since attacking the player at that point would just be redundant.
I know this all probably sounds super basic, but I hope it'll be enough for me to write some cool encounters in my book. What do you think? Will it work or are there some things I need to change?
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2023.03.27 02:52 SorcererOfDooDoo Other Pre-War Super Soldier Experiments

We all know that the Mariposa Military Base was studying how to make super soldiers using FEV, and then that's how we got Super Mutants. And we also know that Vault 75 in Massachusetts was planning to also achieve super soldiers via a eugenics program. But what about other methods the Pre-War Americans (and probably also the Chinese) tried achieving super soldiers? And what sort of effects would they have on the post-war environment?
Some ideas (with possible room for overlap):
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2023.03.27 02:52 DaddieModi On why 2024 elections is going to be Panipat for Congress - and for the BJP

**Warning: long read. For the tldr, um, read the title post.**
Conventional wisdom and political commentary would have us believe that 2024 is a lost cause for the Congress and it should rather focus on 2029. Or that Rahul will get his shot at PMship in 2029.
However my view is that, 2024 is truly a 'karo ya maro' for Congress on a scale that is difficult to comprehend for most observers - if they loose now, they will truly be relegated to history, forever.
Here's why.
Objectively, the Modi era has not been good for the economy. Some of the blame lies on COVID and the now coming western recession but he also has tended to over-centralize decision making and blundered on tactical topics like demo, VAT rollout, SME ecosystem etc
His popularity remains high though - and understandably, given a well earned and very positive perception on - corruption, internal security, foreign policy, macroeconomic stability and excellent delivery of previously formulated reforms such as Aadhar, MNREGA, Digital services etc
But, as is amply clear now - he has well and truly figured out the first key ingredient to nail the economy - infrastructure. When the Economist describes the momentous shift in infra with headlined adjectives such as ' eye-watering' - you know he really is acing it.
Now the thing is, if he were to win in 2024, then come 2029 - the Indian economy will begin to harvest the massive investments in infra, digital infrastructure and labor law reforms. All those hundreds of factories will startup and the economy will easily start doing quarter-quarter high single digits on growth, even with just domestic demand.
In 2029 - Indian economy will be the world's third largest, GDP per capita would've doubled, our friend Pakistan would be on its knees and our global importance would have skyrocketed. What we will experience post 2024 will truly be so big that 2029 would simply be a walk-over. Zero chance for Congress.
However, this is not my point :) Initiatives such as large ports, grid upgrades, SEZ commissioning, defense modernization etc take time and will will actually be truly and meaningfully delivered only by 2029.
What we will experience then - will be what China did in early 2000s - a multi-trillion dollar economy growing at double digit growth numbers. Adding in excess of a trillion dollars each year for perhaps a decade. We would almost certainly start approaching China levels of prosperity in the mid-2030s, heck perhaps even match them.
By then BJP would have figured out and implemented the other jigsaw pieces to the economy and governance - such as far-reaching reaching reforms in policing and bureaucracy, agriculture, education and skilling, health, space, R&D - you name it. They would also transition to Yogi - an even more unifying (for the Hindu base), even more unassuming, incorruptible leader who would have delivered the transformation of the ultimate blacksheep - UP - to a trillion dollar economy - wiping out all possibilities of anti-incumbency.
BJP's popularity would soar to the extent that it would be so unassailable in the 2030s that we'd look back on the 2010s and 20s as the BJP being as relatively vulnerable as it was during the late 90s. There is nothing that makes a government as popular as prosperity - and of that we will see an explosion that'd, in my view, beat the China story - the greatest story so far witnessed on Earth, We are talking a voter base fandom that would rival the Beatles or Elvis.
So we are literally talking about the first realistic whiff of a chance that the opposition may have only by 2039/2044. And even then, the BJP may ride out a term or two using coalitions. We are talking early 2050s now folks.
So we are looking at is a massive swathe of BJP domination - that would mirror the Congress' from 1950-90. Except that at the end of it - it'd transform the nation to the oft remembered, 'golden bird' - as opposed to the Congress which ran us to economic and geopolitical ruin.
By the 50s, maybe changed demographics such as lower number of upper caste voters vs higher number of lower caste voters, higher proportion of minorities, extreme BJP fatigue etc plus the emergence of a far more seriously competent political party may then unseat the BJP.
But sure as hell - that party will not be the Congress. The model of the Congress and other conventional parties is to get the most influential person in an area elected so that they can leach off money like a medieval lord. Such lords need a daily dose of corrupt money. With that gone for - decades - the rats would abandon ship and the Congress would be long dead and buried.
So that's my hypothesis folks. For the Congress, by any means necessary, they've got to win this thing to ward off extinction.
If they do win 2024 with a mahagathbandhan / UPA style coalition - they would ride the change that Modi started and use all the dirty tricks they have at their disposal and some more, to do a 10 year term, completely unsettling BJP's current position. And when I'm saying dirty tricks, I'm not even ruling out have the ICC issue a warrant for Modi a la Putin. The entire money and brain of the US led deepstate will get involved. They will bury "Hindu Nationalism" once and for all. The US will never have an equally powerful pole, if they can help it and they are getting seriously involved in Indian affairs.
For the BJP and the RSS - 2024 - will present a chance to create a Hindu Rashtra that is the wealthiest, most influential and most powerful than any that have ever existed before in recorded history.
Panipat in the past has led to a complete change and I mean Complete - for India's destiny.
For the losers - it led to extinction - the first time around of Hindu kings, next it was the Turk kings and lastly the unseating of a inching towards Empire ambitions, Marathas.
For the victors too - the Turks, the Mughals - it marked the beginning of rulership of 100s of years - leaving an indelible mark in history. I argue that even the Afghan win and Maratha loss at Panipat - was as a matter of fact the event that truly enabled European Colonialism to end up ruling terribly weak Indian states for a 150 years.
Now reading tea leaves - decades in the future - can never be, well, exact but I do something similar professionally so I know a little bit about what I am doing here.
Thus, using all the experience I have so far - I have no doubt that 2024 - is going to be as decisive as those previous battles - the Fourth Battle of Panipat, if you will. A battle that will shape history for decades, maybe centuries to come.
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2023.03.27 02:52 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online Modded Vehicles for sale #1

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2023.03.27 02:52 tikmania 470K Viral Food TikTok Account for Sale - TikMania

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2023.03.27 02:51 LimplyGracious03 [WTS][USA] DS Size 9 N*KE, V*SV*M, F0G Please see imgur album inside

Paypal invoice only
Tagged photos with timestamp:
NOTE: F0G & VSVM shoes/boots are size 9 but fit like a 10. I'm going to repurchase them again but I will size down. If you are a true size 10, I think this will fit you well.
Hello, up for sale are shoes I never got around to wearing. Only the OF Muslin 5s are worn and everything else are DS.
I believe I've priced all of them reasonably. If you have any questions or want additional photos, I can provide them to you.
Thanks for looking!
Size 9 DS L&F AJ1s UABat batch w/ OG box - 100 Shipped
Size 9 DS Sacais Budget batch no box - 40 shipped
Size 9 DS (Fits like 10) FOG Combat Boots OWF batch no box - 75 shipped
Size 9 DS (Fits like 10) VSVM Grizzly Boots no box - 150 Shipped *These are goodyear welted. I can give you the W2C and these are 200 just to buy from the seller so I would consider these a steal if you are a size 10 and looking for this particular boots.
Size 9 8/10 OF Muslin 5 LJR w/ OG box - 55 Shipped
Size 9 DS Chicago 1s LJR w/ OG box - 80 Shipped
Size 9M/10.5W DS OW4 Sail PK w/ OG box - 90 Shipped
Size 9 DS Union Guava 4s PK w/ OG box - 80 Shipped
Size 9 DS (Fits like 10) FOG Chelsea Suede Boots OWF batch no box - 75 Shipped
Size 9 DS FOG1 Sail OWF batch no box w/ accessory - 40 shipped
Size 9 DS FOG1 Black OWF batch no box w/ accessory - 75 Shipped
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2023.03.27 02:51 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online PS4 Modded Outfits for sale

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2023.03.27 02:50 Philstockvestor Registration Steps!

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2023.03.27 02:50 geeband Jeff green for sale

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2023.03.27 02:50 yungmarvelouss My personal interpretation of the controversial passage of Hebrews 6:4-6 and what it means

Many people and different christian denominations disagree on the true meaning of these verses, however the most widely popular interpretation seems to be that the passage is addressing unconverted Jews/non-christians and warning them that... (if they "fall away" or don't convert, they won't be able to be forgiven again?). I stated that as a question because it doesn't exactly make sense to me how an unconverted person can "fall away" AGAIN and lose their chance of forgiveness. This would imply that if you were merely exposed to the true power of God and his kingdom, and then chose to not convert and "fall away", and let's say years later, decided you actually wanted to convert, you would not be forgiven because you didn't convert the very first time you were exposed to God. Isn't this a little ridiculous though?
The problem I have with this interpretation is that it seems to target unconverted people and putting them in a terrible position. It seems as though actual christian's read this passage, were terrified of the thought that if they fell away they would never be forgiven, and so instead, convinced themselves that this passage could not possibly be referring to them (christian's) and that it must be referring to non-converts, thus putting THEM in the terrible predicament rather than themselves. Kind of a case of "I don't want this passage to refer to me so it actually refers to you guys, good luck!" I'm not saying they were lying, I just feel that they were in denial and convinced themselves that it wasn't referring to them.
Is this an honest interpretation though? I don't want to take too much time so let's get straight into it:
I think the main problem of the passage is not whether it is referring to christian's or non-christian's, I think it's the fact that it seems to be saying that this supposed group of people will never be forgiven. But is it really saying that?
  1. Let's look at what I consider the key phrase of the passage (verse 6):
"...It is impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they again crucify to themselves the Son of God and put him open to shame."
I think it all comes down to what "impossible to renew them again to repentance" actually means. First of all, I want to note that it actually says "repentance" rather than "forgiveness". Although these terms are similar, they are not the same. When I repent of my sins, am I forgiven? Technically no, God forgives me in response to my repentance. Repentance precedes forgiveness, and both actions are done by different entitities: Us humans repent and God forgives, they are not the same.
Quick look at the words before repentance: "..renew them to..". What is renew? Renew means: to resume; bring back again; return. If the text says "impossible to renew them to repentance", I would strongly argue that it simply means "Impossible for them to repent again" It's not saying it would be impossible for them to be forgiven again, which I explained is different from repentance.
But how could it be impossible for someone to repent again? Surely there's a ton of apostates who return to Christ, right? They feel true repentance, right? So it's not actually impossible, right? So how is it impossible? The explanation is simple, it's a hyperbole. If it was truly literal then it would be absolutely impossible for any apostate or backslider to ever feel repentance again, but we know many of us do actually feel it and return to Christ.
  1. Now who is the group of people in question? I would strongly argue that the passage is referring to believers since it's very clear throughout the entire book of Hebrews that the intended audience was christian hebrews who were facing persecution by Jews for leaving Judaism and converting to Christianity. It also would make much more sense if the author was warning christian's of "falling away" rather than non-christian's of falling away. Furthermore, Verse 6 states it would be "impossible to RENEW them back to repentance". How could you feel repentance for a second time if you're not even a christian to begin with? Christian's are the ones that repent and turn to Christ as their savior, hence why they are now Christian's. Why would the author be warning unconverted people that they won't be able to repent AGAIN? They never even repented in the first place.
But In my opinion, it's not as important to my overall conclusion of the passage regarding its controversy. The conclusion being that whether you are a practicing christian, a backsliding christian, unconverted, muslim, buddhist, atheist, an apostate, etc. you have not permanently lost your chance of salvation as long as you are alive. As long as you feel true repentance for your sins and lifestyle, you can always turn to Christ and be saved.
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2023.03.27 02:50 Ostiadivina Spotify and Disney Plus upgrades

Hello there, I'm starting to sell Spotify and Disney Plus upgrades that means that I will upgrade your own account to Premium! No chance of get kicked because I'm the owner of the family plans! Accounts come with warranty of the shop (Lifetime) so if you have any problem you can contact me! Payment method is PayPal as F&F!
Spotify yearly:25$
Spotify 2y: 40$
Disney+ yearly: 40$
You can contact me through PM or chat!
Discord:Senszo#7289 Up for sales!
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2023.03.27 02:50 AutoModerator [Get] Paul Dang – Sales Legacy Download Full Course

Get the course here:
Paul Dang – Sales Legacy Download Full Course
What’s Inside Sales Legacy?
In Sales Legacy, the masterclass, you’re going to learn everything from cold emailing, cold calling, LinkedIn social selling, sales skills, presentation skills, how to close clients, and even how to get hired for high-paying sales roles at top tier companies like Oracle, Salesforce, and venture-backed startups. You’ll also get access to our very best sales and lead generation scripts and templates.
The curriculum consists of over +140 training videos and +15 hours of high-quality contentand is consistently updated with the most relevant sales strategies and tactics that are working today.
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