Doggy daycare grand prairie

Selling 2 RE:SET Dallas Tickets

2023.06.09 22:15 LitCorgi Selling 2 RE:SET Dallas Tickets

Selling 2 RE:SET Dallas Tickets
These are 1 day tickets for June 10th in Grand Prairie. I can’t make the show so I’d figure to try and sell them. I will transfer the ticket through axs, I can use PayPal or Zelle. Dm me for offers
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2023.06.09 21:07 wwavyBoi After the End Achievement Ideas

I’ve been getting into After the End recently and thought it’d be fun to come up with some achievements. If you guys have any other ideas, feel free to comment them.
Here’s some I came up with:
A throne restored - As the Emperor of California, reunite the Californian Empire
That’s got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen - Starting as Captain Jack of Tortuga, form the Caribbean Empire
Golden age of piracy - Starting as a Brethren ruler, form a merchant republic (highly recommend)
Le roi Louis - Starting as King Louis “the good” of Louisiana, form Grand Louisiana and convert to Catholicism
Trickle-down economics - Starting as the prophet of Consumerism, convert 5 realms to your religion
And lo we wept for we remembered Zion… - As a Jewish ruler, hold Zion canyon
Sunrise Invasion - Starting as the Redcoats, hold all of De Jure Atlantica and the Kingdom of Ontario
Long live a free Ukraine - Starting as Saskatchewan or Alberta, hold the entirety of the three prairie provinces of Canada
Rock the casbah - Starting as Imam Zakariyya II, find the truth about your family and become the King of SoCal
I love democracy - As an Americanist Ruler, have 5 characters become president
A light shining in darkness - As a Charismatic ruler, unite Appalachia and find a way dissolve the Holy Columbian Confederacy
The house always wins - As a consumerist ruler, hold the Kingdom of Nevada + Las Vegas and Mead
The maple leaf forever - Starting as King By of Ontario, reunite ALL of Canada’s former territory
Shouting the battlecry of freedom - Starting as an Americanist ruler, reunite all of America’s former territory
Red Dawn - As Novorossiya, hold the Kingdom of Gran Francisco
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2023.06.09 21:01 outflow Dog daycare/boarding recommendations in Bloomington?

Hi, we'll be visiting Bloomington for a family event later this month, we have a big baby girl of a hound mix, 80lbs who we'll need to find daycare for on a few days during events.
Who can you recommend for drop-in, outdoor doggie daycare or short term boarding?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 20:45 Maos_KG How do you trim nails?

Anyone else have a dog that's terrified of nail trimming? Feel like we've tried everything, but our dog does not like getting his nails trimmed, it's impossible. His nails were probably trimmed 2-3 times since we adopted him in 2021, after that his nails would just trim down from the concrete floor at the doggy daycare we took him too, well since we adopted a puppy earlier this year, he hasn't been going to doggy daycare and he hasn't had his nails trimmed in a while, we managed to give him a trim once in the bath, but once he sees the nail trimmer or the electric nail grinder he just freaks out, starts running away, going into his crate, or shaking. The puppy originally didn't mind it and we've managed to do it, but now that she's getting older she doesn't seem to like it as much either, or she's taking after our older dog. I was thinking of purchasing one of those grooming hammocks, but I feel like our older dog would just freak out in it and start thrashing around, which would just still make the task impossible.
I purchased one of those filing boards a few weeks ago, so I'm going to attempt to train them on it, hopefully it works, but I have a feeling they're not going to take to it. 😭
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2023.06.09 20:38 SerkTheJerk Grand Prairie puts itself on the map with another big attraction

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2023.06.09 19:20 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in TX Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
HCSC VP of Pharmacy Richardson
HCSC ARIS Modeler Richardson
STV Inc Project Executive (K-12 or Higher Ed) Alief
Petco Hospital Medical Leader (Veterinarian) Alvin
BSA Hospital Medical Technologist (MT) Amarillo
BSA Hospital Occupational Therapist (OT) Amarillo
Lowe's Companies, Inc. Cashier Aransas Pass
Lowe's Companies, Inc. Retail Clerk Aransas Pass
White Lodging Housekeeper - Daily Pay Available Austin
White Lodging Host / Hostess - Daily Pay Available Austin
White Lodging Cook - Daily Pay Available Austin
Sonic Healthcare USA, Inc Executive Compliance Support Bastrop
Transdevna Operator Paratransit Decatur
Medical City Denton RN Staff Endoscopy Denton
Children's Health Staff - Registered Nurse (RN) - ICU - Intensive Care Unit - $40-56 per hour Desoto
Fisher Industries Concrete Laborer Eagle Pass
Texana Center ADP Residential Trainer Evening Shift East Bernard
BTTC Center Residential Trainer - PTO Holidays East Bernard
Medical City Dallas Registered Nurse GYN PRN Frisco
Sonic Healthcare USA, Inc Lead NET Developer Georgetown
Office Depot, Inc. Warehouse Worker Grand Prairie
Office Depot, Inc. Storeman Grand Prairie
James Avery Jewelry Customer Service Representative Kerrville
James Avery Jewelry Customer Service Representative - Remote, Part Time Temporary (San Antonio Area) Kerrville
James Avery Jewelry CRC Specialist Kerrville
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 18:40 ToKoTheTotem Help with "hypoallergenic" breed search

TLDR: looking for a friendly hypo active dog
will post the survey thing from 2016 at the bottom to help answer everything.
We are looking to get a doggo in the future. I have animal and dog allergies so we're looking to go with one that produces less dander and shedding.
We will be living in an apartment, for now, so we'll base it off that. The caretakers of this pup will be myself (27m) and my SO (24F) we both work full time but I work morning into days and she works late afternoons into late evening. So schedule shouldn't be a problem. But we are looking to get her on a similar schedule to mine. If that happens we are very open to the idea of taking them to a dog daycare where they can play and socialize while we are working.
We are advid hikers, backpackers, campers and mountain hiking folk. So we're looking for a fur best friend that can handle those things. It needs to be able to hike long miles at a time. (With short breaks of course) We also spend a lot of time on the water, paddle boarding and kayaking, so a dog that can do well with weather(with training) would be preferable.
Size wise, we'd like to go medium, if we have to go to something a little bigger than is okay
Grooming standards, I'm open to shaving/trimming the doggo myself as needed and washing as well.
We don't want to have our things chewed or destroyed, and will work to offset this possiblity with plenty of exercise and training but a breed who is known for chewing and destroying is not what we're looking for.
Doggo must be friendly toward strangers and shouldn't bark too much(good training is important here, I know)
Any recommendations are welcomed!
Thank you for reading and for your advice!
Introduction 1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
My first dog, fully training and caring for, but not my girlfriends
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
Unfortunately probably not, past tramas can be very difficult to overcome
3) Describe your ideal dog.
Hiking, mountain climbing and camping buddy. One that also likes to snuggle, hopefully isn't to to big and is very friendly
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
Hypoallergenic due to allergies, probably not a "doodle" as the mixes are hard to say on allergies but maybe a regular poodle?
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
Catch, chase a frisbee when commanded but not destroy my discgof discs, hiking, carrying its own (light weight) gear, socializing, maybe paddleboarding
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
 7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day? 
several hours and as needed. With opposing schedules we can be with the dog for most of the day
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
Hiking, walking ,jogging, catch, ECT Various chunks of time through out the day. But a few hours at minimum, really looking to bring the pup everywhere we go for the most part
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
As much as needed, I will trim hair, the SO is good with ears. Whatever we can't do we would pay for as kids
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
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2023.06.09 18:37 ArtisIndea 25 [f4m] Grand Prairie/Arlington - Black Girl looking to lose it

I am a black bbw girl in GP/Arlington , looking to get to know a cute/handsome Asian guy to help me lose my virginity ☺️.
I’m pretty open about most things. Please be between 23-40
I’m 5’4 with boobs, hips and thighs.
DON’T message if you are : -attached/married
Send a chat w/ pic if interested!😊
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2023.06.09 17:45 Traditional_Math_367 I need some words of encouragement

I am feeling completely overwhelmed with my 18 month old lab/husky rescue, and I'm looking for some words or encouragement, or some hopeful stories to get me through.
We adopted Stella 13 months ago, and in retrospect, we were not ready for a puppy this intelligent and energetic. Adopting Stella was a choice I made when I was deep in grief over losing our senior husky mix, who was my heart dog. I knew Stella wouldn't replace the dog I lost, but I was hopeful that some puppy joy would help lift that grief. While Stella has brought joy, she is also brought frustration and anxiety.
Stell is not crate trained due to a traumatic experience before we got her. She also has separation anxiety, and destroys the house when we leave. We have fortified our house with baby gates, but she has managed to get under, over or through them.
This week has been especially tough, and I'm super sick with a summer cold, and haven't been able to walk her. We've been playing fetch in the back yard as much as possible to help her get that energy out, but she's restless and I'm exhausted.
We have a consultation with a trainer next week, and I think we will start doggy daycare. They said they can help with crate training her so that we can maybe have some peace of mind when we leave her home alone.
In the meantime, does anyone have any similar experiences or words of encouragement to share? I want to get to a place with Stella where we can be bonded like I was with Sura, but it feels almost impossible right now.
TL;DR Struggling to give my energetic dog what she needs this week. I'm overwhelmed and frustrated. Any words of encouragement?
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2023.06.09 17:08 sleeping-pug Dog groomer

I have two pugs. They are the stereotypical don’t touch my toes pugs.
I’m looking for a groomer who isn’t in a super busy spot -so no vet clinic, doggy daycare or boarding places -that is used to unhappy pugs. We have had some very bad experiences, including a groomer who didn’t have a hold on him and he fell off the table, and a few who made them both bleed.
Our favourite groomer moved to BC and our next groomer retired. It takes a couple of visits for my girl to be less vocal and for my dude to not squirm as much.
Any suggestions? We are in the south end of Cambridge but I’m willing to drive within half an hour. Ugh.
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2023.06.09 16:41 According_Mind_7636 OI M8 YOU GOT A LOICENCE FOR THAT GRASS?!

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2023.06.09 16:01 iminlovewithyoucamp How do you feel about Via Arlington, Via Grand Prairie and/or Via Denton?

For those who may not know, Via is a private company that works exactly like Dart's GoLink. I want to hear your thoughts about the service. Do you like it, love it, hate it, or it's complicated?
I know some people that believes Via is not public transit; it's nothing more than just a cheaper version of UbeLyft, which is a fair point.
However, I want to hear your thoughts abouts Via.

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2023.06.09 14:37 neosherakles On his way to doggy daycare.

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2023.06.09 10:33 snicketfile The Vet Called My Dog Dangerous because he barked.

We took my dog to a new vet today for an ear infection. There was nothing wrong with our old vet, we just wanted a second opinion, because he's had this reoccurring issue and the medication only works for so long. He's a three year old German Shepherd mix, he's a big boy with a deep bark- but you can clearly hear the difference in his playful bark and one that's threatening. He's never had a history of biting people- any injuries my partner or I have gotten have been accidental (rough housing and playing around. Not him snarling up and attacking us.)
When we first walk him in, its a new place and a VERY small room. He barks at the nurse (vet-tech?) but calms down very quickly. It was just in greeting. She had no problems with it, and once we let him get used to her he was fine walking around and sniffing while we spoke with her about his history. Before anything was even looked at she tried to sell us heartworm and flea prevention- for almost $200. This should have been our red flag to leave, looking back.
I tell her that he's a really protective dog (and now that I'm pregnant he really doesn't let people near me) so, we wouldn't mind stepping out of the room if he got too anxious. She said it was fine, they would do all the examinations in a back room any way. This should have been red flag number 2, but the other vets have taken him to the back for lab work and things before, so we didn't think too much of it. We handed over the leash and he trotted off happy to explore what was behind the closed door.
We could hear voices and everything in the back, so we know he didn't even bark while he was back there. But, the actual vet came back not even five minutes later with two assistants. The dog ran right to us, tongue lolled out and tail wagging. There was no issue until all three of them crowded up around him in the corner and he started trying to back away. The vet asked us if we could "manage" pulling his ears back because she couldn't get a look in the back. I told her that he's never had an issue before, he just doesn't like flashlights or anything near them they freak him out. And she rolled her eyes and said she didn't come at him with a flashlight. (Okay?) So, we did as asked, and with her on the other side of the room, she just goes "yeah, they're red." No shit sherlock I could have told you that? But as were holding him, one of the trainees comes up, eye level forcing a lick mat in his face (without consent from us by the way). He barked, of course. Hes being restrained, crowded and prodded at. It wasn't even a growl. It was just a bark. The vet starts freaking out at the trainee "Don't make eye contact! Just back out of the room slowly! Someone is going to get hurt!" Meanwhile he's calmed down, leaning into my partner's petting.
She then says my partner has to take him out. And my complacent partner does as told. Now she turns to me. She asks me more about his ears and I tell her the issues, and how the ear drops we currently have seem to irritate him. I tell her that he does better with pills and thicker liquids, like the steroid given the last time he had a severe issue. She rolls her eyes and says that there's nothing other than this ONE ear drop that will treat the issue. Then moves on from my concerns without anything more about it. She's too focused on telling me that he's a dangerous dog with mental issues. That one day he's just going to start lunging at us unprovoked or we'll never be able to take him out because he'd just attack random people. (Meanwhile this entire time he'd never snarled, never growled, his hackles never even raised. He was just nervous and we explained that several times. The other vet had no problem getting him calm for an ear exam. He's fixed. He's had shots and all his vaccines. He grew up with children and we have a revolving door of friends he knows and trust that he's excited to see. He stayed in doggy daycare for a weekend. He's part husky. He screams sometimes?)
With my temper raising I decide to stay quiet other than my eye rolls and bitch face. She never even touched my dog. She never even got near him. How would she know his temperament?
So I left with a $180 bill, the same exact medications, and a prescription for TWO anxiety medications to sedate my dog daily with? Am I wrong? Is my dog considered a danger here or is this vet the danger?
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2023.06.09 03:21 Afabes3 Cough/hacking noises

Hello, I've already emailed my vet but it's usually a couple weeks to a month before they can ever get me in. I have been taking my chow to the same doggy daycare since April but a couple of weeks ago she started coughing. Then the daycare posted about having a breakout of kennel cough, so she didn't go for the next two days and I made her sleep as much as she could. She seemed to be getting better but now every time she gets excited (we come home or she sees a squirrel/bunny) she will bark and get excited and cause her to start coughing/hacking. After she calms down she is fine, but she still hasn't stopped for at least two weeks. She also will do this when she's just pulling hard on the leash (I use just a collar on her bc that's what a trainer told me to use, but I just ordered a harness bc fuck that) or when she's hooked up on a rope in the backyard (not fenced in) and pulls on (her collar) when she sees wildlife. I am nervous it's a bad respiratory issue or throat/neck damage but she has no other weird symptoms and seems like she is in no pain or discomfort, she eats and drinks normally and is always excited for walks/dog parks/daycare, etc. I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if you could add some insight bc I like to ask the right questions when I go to the vet so I can understand what I should be doing better more clearly. Thank you all.
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2023.06.09 01:35 redditmando93 31 [M4F] weekend hangout

I’m alone this weekend and wouldn’t mind hanging out with a woman. I’m down to watch movies, go to the movies, cuddle, video games or whatever. I take care of myself physically and am very respectful and expect the same if interested. I’m in the Grand Prairie area.
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2023.06.09 00:39 gofssyztdtnekkchbz dallas seating 6/09

I’ve been to the Grand Prairie venue before and it was all seated. does anyone know if it will be standing GA or seated? and what time would one need to get there to get a good view?
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2023.06.08 23:00 VideoGuy007 My moral dilemma of organic versus inorganic marketing

Picture me standing on a moral tightrope between two colossal billboards. To my left, Mother Nature herself is whispering 'slow and steady' as she watercolors a grand masterpiece titled 'Organic Marketing.' To my right, a neon-clad, caffeine-fueled hare dangles a quick-fix sign shouting 'Inorganic Marketing' - promising the world yesterday. I'm balanced smack dab in the middle of this marketing menagerie, questioning my life choices.
Why, you ask? Well, my friends, as a content marketer, I find myself in a perpetual philosophical conundrum. I am torn between the slow-cooked, homegrown delights of organic reach and the shiny, instant gratification of the paid express lane. Deep down in the marrow of my marketer bones, I believe in the power of organic - the romantic notion of my content flourishing, blooming, spreading its tendrils across the vast, often cruel, digital prairie all by itself.
I dream of my blogs, infographics, and social media posts, like little digital Johnny Appleseeds, sprouting legions of engaged, invested, loyal followers over time. It's like an indie movie, where the underdog rises to glory without selling out. And who doesn't love an underdog? It's the stuff of legends. It's... well, it's dang slow, if we're being honest.
Enter inorganic marketing, the swift hare to my plodding tortoise, zipping past me in a blaze of paid ads and boosted posts. It's tempting, oh so tempting, to hitch a ride on that speedy critter, all the while tossing handfuls of money into the wind like some dotcom-era music video. I mean, who wants to wait for the metaphorical marketing fruit to ripen when you can buy a truckload of pre-picked, shiny apples right now? It's the thrill of the chase, the fast-food of marketing - quick, effective, but leaving a faint aftertaste of guilt. Like scarfing down a double cheeseburger when you know you could've had a salad.
My mind tells me, 'You have the resources. Why not speed things up? Why not take the shortcut?' But my heart (and a tiny, green, shell-wearing part of my conscience) whispers, 'Quality wins. Let the content speak for itself.' It's a moral tug-of-war, a content marketer's Hamlet-esque dilemma: To pay or not to pay, that is the question.
So, here I am, throwing this existential pickle to you, my compatriots in content. How do you navigate this tortoise-hare race? Have you found a middle ground, perhaps a speed-walking tortoise or a mildly-caffeinated hare? Or do we embrace the duality, becoming masters of both domains, faster tortoises and more patient hares? Share your thoughts, your wisdom, your sympathies for my metaphor-mixed confusion.
After all, isn't this grand debate part of the thrill of being a content marketer? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to feed my pet tortoise and look up the price of neon billboards. Stay quirky, content comrades!
Edit: Grammar, because we are, after all, in the business of words.
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2023.06.08 22:04 Chasmic_ Phobia Season 23: Radiophobia - Episode 4

Phobia Season 23: Radiophobia

Episode 4


Welcome back to Phobia, an Ultra Hardcore group organized by Chasmic_, jamieNCL, MarcC5M & 5kylord, that exposes its players to a new fear each season. In UHC, health does not regenerate normally, and players must instead use golden apples or health potions to heal. The last player or team standing wins.
For S23, we're keeping medicated over Radiophobia!
  • Rigged Teams: We made teams of 3.
  • New City World: It's city world, but not that one! This newer generation features; more vanilla terrain outside of cities including vanilla caves, greater building variety, interesting structures like giant subway networks and basements full of spawners, and grand highways!
  • Radiation: In episode 2, the metaphorical bombs will drop and irradiate the surface. This radiation is a silent killer, slowly building up in players on the surface and giving them unusual & cryptic effects. Some of these are good, but many are bad. You can find a list of them here with some vague time estimates. You can never tell how much radiation you have at any time, so keep some medicine on hand to cure your ailments. Supply drops will restocked in certain locations that'll give you more resources as well as medicine. Just avoid the surface, right?
  • Risky Retrieval: WRONG. Any gold or diamonds you mine will not give you their items. Instead, these drops are sent to ender chests in each quadrant. In order to collect your hard-earned materials, you must emerge into the radioactive ruins above.
  • fruitlogic (Contest loser)


BOLD means highlighted episodes!
The Cast Video Links
Team 1
Cyonal Episode 4
Micale Episode 4
ThePeridotKnight Episode 4
Team 2
Emerric Rendering issue
MarcC5MOnYrMarcsGtSetGO Radiation Poisoning
oworca Episode 4
Team 3
ColdBac Episode 4
WIBB0Ldwebbol Episode 4
itsWingu Things Are Looking Up
Team 4
Chasmic The Drop
fruitlogic Episode 4
Greeples Episode 4
Team 5
I_is_cheesecake Episode 4
ShutUpBrick Will be lateNo Audio
VintageBeef Coming soon
Team 6
5kylord Healthy Drinks
Brodator Wait, Water Was Toxic?
SidGarcia Episode 4
Team 7
KatyLawsonBeckaty_Lynch Doggy Heaven
Havenhand Episode 4
Jakekub Shoutout Dogs
Team 8
buttergolem1 Shot by ThePeridotKnight
Flouzemaker Shot by ThePeridotKnight
NTBama Episode 4
Team 9
5hup Episode 4
Bacan Episode 4
H_L_llama Late
Team 10
BSBrent Episode 4
SimplySam Episode 4
TastyBaconZ Looking In The Mirror
Team 11
Jahrod Episode 4
jamertxn Episode 4No Mic Audio
ShyGus Episode 4
Team 12
BBR_ Episode 4
Kubaslov Episode 4
Maxwellfifty Episode 4

Previous Links

Match Specifications

  • Version 1.19 (Arctic's 1.8 combat)
  • Rigged Teams of 3, New City World, Radiation, Risky Retrieval
  • Fire Aspect and Flame disabled
  • Golden heads enabled
  • Absorption disabled
  • Notch Apples enabled
  • Pearls deal one heart
  • PvP on starting Episode 2

Special Thanks

  • DJoee for creation of the intro
  • Potsie for creation of the logo
  • SidGarcia for the intro art
  • LeonTG for hosting and providing plugins
Enjoy the season!
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2023.06.08 19:34 ghann $WOOD calls - Lumber shortage incoming

$WOOD calls - Lumber shortage incoming
Canada could exceed the largest total amount of burned area recorded in this country in a single year. Natural Resources Canada released updated data and forecasts Monday showing that, as of June 4, there had been 2,214 wildfires across Canada this year, and about 3.3 million hectares burned. The 10-year average over the same timeframe is 1,624 fires and 254,429 hectares burned.
The department said it is unusual to have blazes across most of the country this early in the wildfire season, and that Canada could pass the annual record for burned area if the current rate of fire activity continues.
British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta produced 81% of Canada's softwood lumber in 2020. Lots of fires mean not only is inventory damaged, but timber operations are hampered due to inability to get to affected areas, but also temporary emergency orders about having chainsaws, jerry cans etc in tinder dry areas.
During the pandemic, lumber futures mooned. Lumber producers and resellers made huge money off of those shortages. As lumber prices crashed, their profits and stocks sank with it. The lumber bros must be dying for an excuse to pump lumber prices back up to the moon during the busy summer building season.
$WOOD is the closest ETF the loosely tracks Lumber Futures. Call volume and IV are still low for now with everyone obsessed with AI. 8/18 79c are $0.25/ea and could return 2300% if $WOOD re-tests it's 52w high.
Positions: 50x 8/18 76c, 100x 8/18 80c
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2023.06.08 18:53 KilgoreTrout4Prez In your opinion, what is the best way to provide socialization with other dogs?

I adopted a rescue puppy 10 months ago, and now he’s just over a year. I’ve had dogs my whole life, but I’ve never had a dog that loved other dogs so incredibly much. He absolutely comes alive around other dogs. Maybe it’s his young age and he just likes to play, but IDK….I have a feeling he’s a dog’s dog.
When he was younger I had him in a puppy class, then I started taking him to a dog park. The park itself is pretty nice, and we’ve had some great encounters there. But I’ve also had some pretty stressful situations there and some of the people bother me way more than the dogs themselves. I tried out a doggy daycare a couple times, and he came down with kennel cough after only going twice. I get that’s always a risk in those environments, but I don’t know that I want him getting sick then having to quarantine him for weeks a few times a year. I hike him daily off leash on public land where that’s allowed. We don’t run into other people/dogs very often though. We also have a dog beach nearby that I try to get him to as often as I can, but because of the hours dogs are allowed on it, it can’t happen as often as I’d like.
I’ve thought about adopting another rescue dog for the main purpose of him having more dog companionship. I even did very briefly, but unfortunately that dog didn’t work out and I had to return it to the shelter (this wasn’t a decision I took lightly). I don’t see other people often, so the only other dog mine semi-regularly hangs out with is my sister’s, maybe once a month.
If you have a dog that absolutely loves other dogs, what’s the best way you’ve found to socialize it?
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2023.06.08 17:57 beehubbs Call your dog boarder- Air quality

On vacation but heard about the hazardous air quality in Lancaster right now. Just called our boarder and THE DOGS ARE OUTSIDE 🤬 If this is also a concern for you, call your boarder or doggie daycare. We asked them to bring our dog inside and keep her inside for play….
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