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2013.05.09 03:05 kestaa ZR5K

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2016.09.05 20:15 johnabbe No Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #NoBakken

This sub is for organizing to protect water, sacred sites, the climate, and more from the Dakota Access Pipeline. It's also about why we're opposing it, what we're for, who we are, how we're winning, the latest news, and perhaps most importantly, how you can get involved.

2023.06.09 23:16 numerumnovemamo PSA - “New” Mini 10K Course Tomorrow!!

Y’all are probably smarter than me and/or have run more recently and did not need this PSA. But I’ve run the Mini almost every year for the last 10 years… except 2021 and 2022… and I had NO IDEA that the start line is no longer in Columbus Circle but rather is up on West 90th! I live right near Columbus Circle and I’m so glad I looked at the map because I definitely would not have left myself enough time to get there 😆
Anyway, see everyone out there tomorrow!
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2023.06.09 23:16 SlytheringGod Texarkana

Anyone here near texarkana wanna go on date with me Monday 24yoa Male.
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2023.06.09 23:15 Iamrami08 Creepy man starring at me

I was on a class trip 2 days ago, and I wore a crop top and a leggings, then these things happened to me:
  1. We were at a gas station when me and my friends went to buy some food, then a creepy old guy kept looking more likely starring at my chest, my friends told me then I looked and saw it too. It made me really uncomfortable and I had nothing to cover up with.
  2. A bunch of 20-30 years old in a big group started whistling at me, and saying how they would “fu**” me and started to follow me, yelling at me, I started to fastly go away and my class came out with the teacher and they went away. I really couldn’t react I was scared, And shaming myself.
  3. Then the other thing is, I’m only 13 why can’t I have a normal childhood without this, what should I do in a situation like that?
I forgot.
  1. We were in a trampoline park and the boys started whispering, and looking at me I knew why I sat down.
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2023.06.09 23:15 Unlucky-Bit-5187 Aita if I disinvite my family from my graduation?

Let’s start at the very beginning! I’m a 17-year-old that is graduating today and I should be excited but I’m not. My family has made it hard for me to feel happy and here are the reasons why! When I told them I was graduating they said wow really we didn’t think you were. That broke me because I was slacking off from sophomore year to senior year but because I felt so trapped in my mind that I couldn’t escape it and they know this because I tried killing myself a year ago. I got a therapist and she told me to open up to my family about what happened because they were worried. So I did I told them that when I was little I got SA in my room by a guy my parents let stay at my house till he got a place to stay. This guy was a family friend. This scarred me to this day! We still live in the same apartment. I sleep in the same room and I could see my little self sometimes getting assaulted(like if it was a movie). I tried explaining to my family but they don’t get it they just think I'm a mess up and nowhere near my sister. When I say sister I mean the child that has never in their eyes done them wrong. She got good grades never missed school and never let them down. And I have to them because I let my grades slip I miss school because of health reasons and have gotten caught sneaking out. They have trapped me in my house for so long that I would sneak out to escape from my thoughts and to see my boyfriends who has helps me heal and forget. I understand that I’ve been a hard child but I’m trying my best to be okay and help. I got a job and I thought that they would help me like how they did to my siblings. Like, help me save money. But no I pay for everything that belongs to me. I pay for my phone, food, and dog everything just no rent but I know they are going to start asking me for some because they feel as tho I’m grown enough to be paying for me and my dog to live here. I would be happy to help but we don’t have our room and my sister isn’t paying anything. Mom told me since I have a tv I can start paying for the tv bill but I don’t use any of the Chanel’s or have cable in my room because I have a Roku and I pay for those Chanel’s and services. They got upset at me today because I didn’t want to go to tj with them for my birthday. I understand that they wanted to do something special for me but I didn’t want to go because of many reasons. Some are that my sex offender is close to there and me just not feeling safe, especially with the stuff going on over there today. They got upset and asked why and I said I just feel uncomfortable and would want to stay home. They said why do you go out with your friends then and I said I just wanna be home. My mom brought up the reason that I could drink over there and I said that’s not going to change my opinion I don’t want to go. They were calling me stubborn and all these names. I know they are going to bring this up today again when we go out to eat after graduation when my whole family is there to force me to say yes. They ALWAYS do this. I just want to be happy at my graduation and feel Like I did something for myself. Maybe I’m overthinking and overreacting as I tend to do. I just don’t know what to do!
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2023.06.09 23:14 dedw96 Disappointed

I live in Ayrshire and I've been coming up and down for ages and I've always been disappointed with the lack of eating options later on.
In Europe you can expect to get nice sit down meals past 8 and 9 but here it's just drink.
I'm no apposed to a wee drink later on but if circumstances persist I might need my tea late on and I don't want to be surrounded by roasters in McDonald's before getting my train or paying an arm and a leg for some mediocre grub in a more fancy place.
Just a wee rant please ignore me
Just a wee rant. So thanks for listening
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2023.06.09 23:14 sefka DMT vs 5-MeO-DMT and neuroplasticity

I posted this a few months ago, and while I still don’t have a concrete answer (haven’t looked into it tbh), I came across something while rereading a piece on psychedelics and neuroplasticity that I came across some time back.
My original post:
The Nature paper, “Towards an understanding of psychedelic-induced neuroplasticity”:
The excerpt, in case it helps anyone:
“In addition to 5-HT2A receptors, the effects on neurogenesis seen with DMT and 5-MeO-DMT could potentially involve other receptors [42, 43]. DMT has low but functionally significant affinity for the sigma-1 receptor, an orphan receptor involved in neuroprotection and neurogenesis [78]. Sigma-1 receptor antagonists block DMT’s effects on hippocampal neurogenesis [44, 79], and sigma-1 receptor activity has also been shown to stimulate neurogenesis in previous studies [80,81,82]. The affinity of DMT for sigma-1 receptors may also not only its effects on neurogenesis, but also DMT’s neuroprotective effects in a rat model of stroke [83].
Concerning 5-MeO-DMT, this molecule is unusual among psychedelics in that it has a nearly 1000-fold higher affinity for 5-HT1A than 5-HT2A receptors, and many of its effects are mediated by 5-HT1A receptors [79, 84,85,86,87]. Hippocampal 5-HT1A receptors may drive neurogenesis, suggesting that the effects of 5-MeO-DMT on neurogenesis could conceivably occur via potent, relatively selective activation of 5-HT1A receptors [88, 89]. Additionally, 5-HT1A receptors are generally inhibitory and tend to have opposite effects on downstream signaling pathways than 5-HT2A receptors [90,91,92,93]. Many psychedelics show binding affinity for both 5-HT2A and 5-HT1A receptors [94]. Furthermore, some of psychedelics’ effects on attention and the visual system may be mediated by the 5-HT1A receptor [95, 96]. The excitatory and neuroplastic effects of different psychedelic drugs in any particular brain region could conceivably depend on whether that region is richer in 5-HT2A or 5-HT1A receptors [79, 97,98,99,100,101].”
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2023.06.09 23:14 haphazardt I've been on 5 different meds in 7 months.

This is mostly a vent-but any feedback would be appreciated.
I’ve experienced GAD for about a decade now. Ive been on Buspar for a number of years, and while it helps with the daily anxiety of being a person, it doesn’t help with things like having to take the subway, or the dentist, so i use Ativan as needed. Due to how stupid our health care system is i had to start with a new office/set of providers. I loved the first doctor i was placed with he had no issue with how i was medicated and no problem filling my scripts. after about 3 visits with him i got a call the he had resigned and i would be placed with a different doctor within the office. Bummer but these things happen. Doctor #2 immediately had issue with my treatment plan and said i should be on an SSRI and no Ativan. I explained that i use it very infrequently, sometimes going months with out needing any, but she was not hearing this and said i should try Prozac. I’ve been very resistant to SSRi’s since an old GP prescribed me Paxil and the first dose sent me to the hospital. I had to convince her to start me on a lower dose the normal, but i was willing to try cause maybe it could make my life better. I took 10 Mg of Prozac for a month and had a horrible tremor, shaky legs, no appetite and feeling like i was communicating badly with everyone around me. The feed back from friends was that “i was upsettingly calm”. At my follow up appointment the doc said this wasn’t good and that i should try something else. She prescribed Pristiq and said to stop Prozac that day and start Pristiq tomorrow. This sounded wild to me considering the side effects i was having. 15 minutes into my 30 minute telemedicine visit she said she needed to cut my appointment short because she had to go to the bathroom. Not that an emergency had come up. Something about the way she was prescribing and cutting my appointment short really rubbed me the wrong way and i asked to see someone else. I was now on to my 3rd doctor at the same place. This new one also did not like my Buspar /Ativan as needed method and we should try some other SSRI’s at low dose. Again, i knew that this kind of thing is trial and error, and maybe it could make my life better so we tried Zoloft. I broke a 25mg tablet in half for a month and i still had a tremor, stomach issues, very jittery, and got lots of feed back that i was kind of being a bitch at work. We moved on to Lexapro-5mg. My coordination s was so off. I would run into things i had just been looking at. I fell down the last few stairs of flight of stairs because i was so dizzy. Abilify 5mg- everything smells rotten and food sucks. Vomiting, restlessness, uncomfortable, could not stay in a chair. I spent a lot of money on things like lotto scratchers. Effexor 37.5 mg- This one was the worst. I would start getting the “rushes” around 4am and would have to get up and do something. So no sleep, increased anxiety, spending hours at the gym and going on long walks to burn off energy. I lasted 8 days on it. The doctor seems to finally be coming around to the fact that i am a very sensitive flower and that these meds don’t really work for me. We are upping the buspar but she it still being very strict about my ativan use (which increased greatly during the abilify/effoxor switch. Im off effexor for 10 days now. Still not sleeping well, but my anxiety does seem to be getting better. I feel like over all shit, but it does seem to be getting better. TL:DR Ive been on 5 different Psych meds in the last 6-7 months, all with horrendous effects Should I see my GP for blood work? I don’t even know what to look for, but maybe something else is up? Is this normal for trying to figure out anxiety? Should I be looking for a new cente doctor?
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2023.06.09 23:13 TinaOnEarth 2 Guest Bedrooms Available - CHICAGO

Short-term rentals AVAILABLE for 2 guest bedrooms in a single family 4 bed/2 bath home. This is an all-genders living situation. Common areas are shared with myself (female US-IMG, ambassador for Project IMG Chicago), my boyfriend and his brother. Non smoking, 2 cat friendly home.
ABOUT THE LOCATION: Clean remodeled place near beautiful Garfield Park Conservatory. 6 to 10 min walk to CTA Green Line. This neighborhood overall doesn't have much in terms of dining and entertainment, but with the CTA Green Line/short Uber drive/Divvy bike rental you can easily access great entertainment in Oak Park, Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Wicker Park, and downtown.
VERY close to some of the IMG friendly hospitals in the city. Closest hospitals to my home would be:
  1. Loretto
  2. Medical District: UIC/Rush/Cook County
  3. AMITA St. Elizabeth, St. Mary's
  4. St. Anthony's
Room 1: $800, small student room
Room 2: $1000, larger student room with private patio included
Rent includes furniture, utilities, Hi-Speed wifi, air conditioning and laundry.
Send me a private message for booking confirmation details.
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2023.06.09 23:12 Aggressive-Bird-5723 Need some help please

Hello- I get paid Tuesday, but unfortunately cannot hold out until then. Needing to get back home but no bus routes or transit near me as I'm 20 mins from town. Ride fell through and I'm in a bit of a bind here. Asking for some help with funds to be able to get home. I would ask for a ride straight out- but it's a safety concern at this point. I can accept etransfer and can send/pay back on Tuesday afternoon. Pretty embarrassed needing to ask
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2023.06.09 23:12 KittensLeftLeg Looking for more lore enthusiasts for general lore discussions

First thing first, I am new to the game, started a week ago and I did not finish it yet. I am also made sure I go in completely blind into the game.
When DS3 released I used to have a friend that we would either play together passing the controller or sit in whatsapp and pour ideas after ideas, it was all exciting and fun.
But with Elden Ring I can't seem to find anyone. All my friends either too busy or doesn't interested in Lore.
I am only at the start (just beat Godrick, my 2nd proper boss) and with to avoid end game spoilers, but there is SO MUCH stuff to do and to see. The environmental storytelling in Elden is on another level. For example I just spent 10 minutes sitting near a nomad merchant, and suddenly at nightfall he started playing on his violin, that I assume was a piece of wood to cook food at the fire, and apparently it's the Leatherman of Elden rings, it's a music instrument, a pike, a fork and some other things that I only can guess.
So if anybody is first time playing currently and is fascinated as I am, or someone who finished the game but still enjoys the lore and just wants to discuss random stuff about the lore, please comment here so I can message you, or better yet just message me directly and let's explore together!
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2023.06.09 23:11 Top-Albatross8942 AITA for reporting my father to the Office of the Inspector General because I believe he is using his position to gain access to my sister and I's personal information?

I (34M) was told by my sister (31F) that I'm "going too far" and it's not "my place" to do anything about this. So, my father broke my family when I was 16 cheating on my mother with her best friend. They got married and he got a new family. I went NC at 19 due to shifts in his personality and how they effected our relationship. Was in contact for a year at 24, attempted to repair the relationship without any effort on his part and went NC with him again when I got my own place.
My sister and I are not what I would consider close. I have been the good older brother when she is upset about his behavior but I cannot expect the same from her. We've had >20 hours of talking in a decade. I would not say that she "knows" me as we've not had a relationship since being under the same roof. My sister also believes my mom and I consumed by bitterness, while I see her as a "daddy's girl" making excuses for bad behavior in many different situations re: him, while downplaying what mom and I think (I generally agree with mom on nearly every issue involving him). Sis lived with him and my stepmom 5 years ago and was basically bullied and treated unreasonably by both of them. She went no contact with him during covid after he refused to see her child due to covid, while stepmoms daughter was invited into the home warmly with her new child.
My father works for the USPS. During my childhood he used his position to get people's addresses. Nothing malicious. The last time I received a piece of mail from him was around 2015 or 16 (while NC). I have never given him my address. No mutuals to give him that info either. Monday my sister received mail from him (no return address, stepmom wrote envelope, sis didnt recognize). It was a congrats card (she got her degree) but my sister has never given him her address and again no mutuals. She was upset and told my mom, my mom told me. I believe he has both of our addresses because of his job.
I filed a complaint with the OIG re: misconduct. I told my sis, gave her the info to do the same if she wants. She told me it was too far. I disagreed and gave her my opinion which began a fight with me and my mother. She said some hurtful things that are off base and I'm sort of offended by, I responded by telling her she was being a doormat/hypocrite by allowing him to violate clear boundaries that we have set. She also adopted a very condescending tone with me during the exchange while I basically told her the "tough/street" persona she puts on doesn't match up with her timidness re: father. Also reminded her that she treats my mother poorly compared to how she excuses his actions. Which lead to her acting like "I have kids, therefore I am more mature and so above it all" that irked me, telling me to get a life and to stop texting her.
I might be TA for choosing now to make a complaint when I received mail years ago and not caring about his livelihood/ whatever consequences might arise for him/ how sis feels about what I did.
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2023.06.09 23:11 Moonshinemooo Advice needed on euthanasia

Age: 16 Breed: Patterdale x staff Sex: Female Neutered: Yes Location: UK
Apollogies for the long question.
We visited the vet 6 months ago after discovering some new lumps. (1 on chest and 1 on the underside of her back leg) the vet stuck a needle in the lump on her chest and said she thinks it's fatty but it does feel strange and the also checked the other lump. They said we could do biopsies and look at treatment if cancer but there would be high chance of complications due to her age. I decided that even if it was found to be cancerous, I wouldn't put her through surgery and treatment. The vet and I agreed that as long as she wasn't in pain or bothered by the lumps then we can manage comfortability until euthanasia becomes the clear option.
My girl is still eating like a pig, drinking and still has zoomies (often late at night) and still wants affection so up until now I've thought I would know if those things stopped that would mean it's time to get ready to say goodbye.
However, for the past 2 months she has been showing signs of cognitive decline which seems to have progressed more over the past month.
She stares at the wall, stops in random places and walks around the house as if she is looking for something. She then gets excited everything she finds me again but it's the worst at night time.
She runs up and down the stairs and won't settle, She does laps of the house and exhausts herself and still won't settle until I'm in bed with all lights off. I've tried turning the lights off while I'm working but she won't relax until I'm physically in bed in total darkness. After another vet trip she was prescribed 2x100mg of Gabapentin which she gets at 5pm.
She has also started pooping inside which is weird because she will be outside in the yard and tries to run inside while pooping. On her walks she won't poop but walks erraticly in every direction for about 10 minutes until she's tired and we need to go home despite her being a great walker all of her life.
The vet said I need to weigh up her good days vs bad days and see how the Gabapentin does as that's really all they can do but she's been on it for 4 weeks and it seems to be having less of an effect.
I don't want my girl to suffer and I don't know if I'm just gaslighting myself to believe she isn't ready for euthanasia or not. She's active, eating and drinking and I know if I did have to take her to be PTS she would need to be physically restrained to have the meds and the idea of that destroys me but I don't know what to do. I've had her for 16 almost 17 years and I want to do right by her no matter how much its going to hurt me.
Can anyone offer any advice?
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2023.06.09 23:10 GlitterfreshGore Boring glitch

I drove my kid to the bus stop today, due to rain. We were waiting in the car and my kid was in the backseat using his iPad, so we weren’t talking much. I glanced into my driver’s side mirror while waiting for the school bus, and I saw a cat cross the street behind me. I worried because a truck was coming down the road, behind me, and I saw the cat cross safely. The truck was an older green one, with a cab on the back, and it had a big board out the back of the cab. I noticed this because I was parked near a stop sign, and the truck paused beside me to stop before taking a right turn. Few minutes later, I see in my driver’s side mirror, an identical cat cross the road just where I had seen the first earlier. For a second I thought maybe they were siblings, or related somehow, and once again I watched to make sure the cat crossed safely. But then, the green truck with the board drove by, paused next to me, and made a right turn. Weird.
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2023.06.09 23:10 cinihen728 Unfinished home

In a house with incomplete walls, lived a man, Who held life by a delicate thread so wan. His heart, a heavy stone, shadowed by doom, And the only light, the only room.
His spirit once danced in the warmth of a hearth, Once glowed with the laughter of kinship and mirth. But time, the great reaper, had stolen his cheer, His family had left, his end was near.
He'd built this house with his heart and soul, For his family, his joy, to make them whole. Brick by brick, and beam by beam, It was his life, his love, his dream.
But as his beloved departed from his sight, The house remained his only respite. Unfinished rooms echoed empty songs, Reminders of right in a world of wrongs.
Every hammer strike, every nail he drove, Was a promise to them, a silent oath. To complete the house, to make it whole, Was the last thread tying him to his soul.
Yet, he feared the day it would stand complete, For he knew then, life would taste bitter-sweet. Once the last brick was in place, the last nail driven, There would be nothing else tying him to the living.
So, he dwelled in the only room that was done, Under the solitary glow of a lonesome sun. His hands stilled, his tools gathered dust, In this unfinished sanctuary, he placed his trust.
The room held his heart, his pain, his tears, His hopes, his dreams, his unspoken fears. Surrounded by bare walls and wooden frame, He was a silent dweller in life's unfinished game.
Through the window, he'd watch the world rush by, Under the watchful, indifferent sky. In his unfinished house, he chose to bide, With no place to run, no place to hide.
And so he remained, in his solemn space, Living on the edge of time's embrace. The unfinished house, his only tether, An echo of a life, held together.
To his final days, he'd resist completion, For the house was his refuge, his salvation. Bound to life, by this fragmented palace, A man, his fear, and his unfinished house.
My whole life I've been depressed. I've always had a lack of desire to continue. A year ago the only things that were holding me here was my family and the debt I have collected because of the renovations have been trying to do on my house. I bought the house to try and give myself something to live for. I've known for a long time that if I go before the house is finished, it's going to negatively impact my family. But about 6 months ago I lost contact with all of my family. They left me because I lost my faith. Now I'm scared to finish my house because once it's done I will have nothing else keeping me here.
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2023.06.09 23:10 Living-Hat2393 I need help to escape

Hello everyone, I am an exmuslim and 18 yo girl. I live with my family and I didn't finish high school because I was in a very bad mental health, they were always discussing, and I was no will to keep living, this made me very depressed and I stopped caring of myself, stopped having friends and even going out, they would threat me of marrying me off to a guy who is my father's friend and is 58.
I found a way of having a high school diploma which is doing A levels. I have been studying them for a year and I am still not prepared, but they are forcing me to do the exam this year because they don't want their family members to know that I failed high school ( I was known for being very smart and responsible but the environment influenced me a lot in a negative way). They want me to do the exams and study in a university that is near our city, because they want me to keep living with them until I get married. Also to note, I have a scholarship when I was in 10th grade which was around 1000$ and I am still having it in case something happens, but my parents obviously want me to pay my A level exams with my money.
I tried to have a job but I can't, they require experience and most importantly a bank account, I don't have one because my parents didn't let me, and even if I had one and started earning money, the bank would take it from me because my family is in a huge debt and the bank takes the money from every member of the family, they count me as a member too because I am still living with them. They also receive a welfare and as a law they can't have other income, if they have one they would take the welfare from them and give them even more debt, so if I start having money they would take it away.
I don't have friends because I isolated myself a lot, I don't go out, I live in a rural area, so the town is very small and there's nothing to do, if I want to go to another city I need money, and my parents never give me money, because they say that I don't need it.
I really want to escape and live my life but I don't know how, they are religious and toxic, there's no privacy and no respect, they never respect your feelings.
I need help, if someone has a solution that I hadn't thought of please tell me, I don't want to give up.
Thank you
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2023.06.09 23:10 JeepyCreeper Liminal

Took this photo at a Arnold’s near me
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2023.06.09 23:09 Alzerkaran Following my previous publications on NHS Ucronia, now comes the History of Mu and its Continent.

The Techno-Federation of Mu is a Technocratic Federal State whose transformation is somewhat early, but its birth and emergence as a Nation-State comes from antiquity, more specifically 10,000 years ago, which if we can place it in Earth time would be in the 8,000 BC...
Mu's origin did not originate from this world... Not the one he came to either... If he did not come from one of the many alternate Realities of Planet Earth... His World... Terra in the Muan Language was a World almost equal to Earth... Almost, since in that World there were several very powerful and important Civilizations that in our world are only legends...
The First and Known by the Western World was "Atlantis" is a Civilization and Empire that arose in an Archipelago of large Islands near North Africa, more exactly 100 kilometers from the Moroccan Atlas... That Civilization had wide influence and colonies throughout North Africa and the Western Mediterranean...
The second best known and most powerful Civilization was Mu, the Pacific Continent a continent of about 40% Africa in the middle of the Pacific Osean... It was an Atlantis-like Empire that spanned the length of the Pacific Ocean colonizing multiple islands and touching each Continent, having colonies in Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia which at that time were a chain of larger islands and touching the Australian Continent of Zealand, which in the latter had a Civilization Similar to that of Mu, the Mauri...
The Third Civilization and the third most powerful in the world was Lemuria, formed in a Chain of Archipelagos and a small continent in a triangular formation that came to have the entire area of ​​the Indian Ocean under its power...
And of course, there were other Civilizations in that World, such as Shangrila in what is now China, Civilization that agglomerated the peoples of Corea and Tíbet, and Yamuto (A Population Group that wanted to break away from Shangrila) which is now Japan, a civilization that originated after arming itself with Muan Weapons to corner the Ainus Settlers of the Islands where they lived. settled, this move on his part cost him the reputation of having Mu as his only ally due to his distrust and contempt for the rest of East Asia...
In the Américas (Specifically in the South) was the Civilization Whose City made of Gold extended its name and wealth to the rest of what would be Latin America, while in North America a Confederation of Tribes from East to West would be born...
Besides of course, the Finnish Proto-State, which had all the information on the Scandinavian Peninsula under its Control and part of Northern Russia and Europe...
Everything was going well... Until the Korean part of Shangrila separated giving the Jō-an Empire, which quickly seized much of Central Asia and Siberia rivaling Proto-Finland, which led to clashes that ended in a War that was made a Hyper-war that was only made that the rest of the World will go to war itself, Atlanteans against the Gold Civilization of South America, Lemurians against Shangrila, Muans being neutral but due to the impertinence of Yamuto that he entered at war with Jōam led Mu to a war that was leaving him ending little by little...
And so it was until Mu one day was suddenly transported from his World to another, his disappearance gave rise to many unknowns in his previous world, but in the next, World faced an Apocalyptic panorama...
-Taken from the writings made by the scribes of Mu in regard to their history-
"Cloudy Skies... Cold Weather... And, many, many refugees who, desperate for help, arrived on the Mu Continent where they were welcomed... All, in their language, claimed to be survivors of what was the Longest Day in History of his World"
"Where the Floating Cities fell precipitously from the sky to the bottom of the sea... Where all the Lights of the Cities were turned off forever, and their technology only went out to never be turned on again"
"When the remains of the Machines they created arrived from Space... Where, after the worst had happened, huge Balls of Fire fell that set the World on fire... And one that, despite impacting on the other side of it, made its impact felt by thousands of kilometers of distance"
"All this as a result of a Civil War between their benefactors from another world, a civil war between a Racist and Supremacist Group of theirs against which they helped their World to prospero"
"That Civil War made the Use of all the Weapons of its Benefactors against themselves and they erasing islands and deforming continents, turning fertile forests into wastelands, turning deserts into glass, exterminating living beings with invisible weapons, and Disintegrating Cities into a blinding flash of Light"
"And even though their 'Vehicles' were nearly indestructible, in a fight between equals it only prolonged the battles and left death and destruction, the flying Ships they deployed smaller consequently fell to the ground and into the burning sea, their Sea Ships fared the same, and the Submarines never knew what happened to them"
"And their Land Vehicles... Or disintegrated by their own weapons... Or torn to pieces until we recognize... Their small arms scrapped... Their Imaging Mirrors extinguished forever... And their Humanoids of Metal and from other unrecognizable materials"
"And no one knows how to handle their technology... And all their knowledge was lost in the devastated Cities"
"And his Biological creations while some lasted others in time fell by themselves"
"Only the Animal Humans, the Reptiles, the Felines, the Canines managed to survive since these were of equal intelligence to the other Humans and the Long-eared Humans"
"There was a race of Sea People whose Tails replaced their legs, when the Ravernal arrived they helped this people to be terrestrial using their technology, giving them legs and the ability to breathe on land, even so they retained the iconic tails of this people, giving it an improvement like the fins of a Shark, these oceanic people like others of the Semi-Human Races were one of the best examples of the technology of the Ravernal "
(Technically similar to what would be the Dragonborn of GATE only being based on Jaws)
"The same was done with the Reptilian and Dragon People, the Dragon being a huge improvement over what they were previously."
(Technically like the Dragonborn from GATE)
"All these genetically modified peoples along with normal humanoids and others had to survive what came next."
"This was the Story that the Muans were told when they arrived, and it was the only thing they knew about the Empire that ruled that World and was betrayed by its own Inhabitants, at least a part of them, it was only known that in the end what What was left of that Empire went somewhere"
"Thousands of years passed, many things happened, the Civilizations re-emerged, Mu spent a large part of that History helping the rest of that world by giving knowledge and technology to the Survivors of that World called by them "Eliysium" it was not until later when the Mu suffered a Fragmentation in their Empire, either by descendants of those refugees who came to them, or only by very powerful Muan governors, from there they founded their own nation states dividing the Mu Continent, and falling under the influence of others and the belief that the strange energy of that world was superior to Science... That Energy was called "Magic" after all"
"It was not until the 1500s when after the independence of an important colony from the Milishial Rivals that the era of innovations and the lights of science and technology arrived"
"From Rudimentary Hydraulic Technology, to Steam, from steam to Internal Combustion Engines, and from them to Electric Power"
"Multiple means of transportation arose... Steamships (Steam-Propelled Ships first with "Shovels" and then with Propellers) Trains (First using Coal, then Fuel derived from Petroleum such as Diesel, and now with electric motors most powerful together with metallic or synthetic Light materials, electric trains) both terrestrial and underground, Autocars or Automobiles, and the most important and great achievement of Science, the power to Fly, first Aircraft such as Hot Air Balloons, then Airships using Light gases like Helium or Hydrogen (Although Helium is always used) and later, Aircraft, first with a propeller, then a Turboprop and now a Turbine, the human Ingenuity has no limits for science"
"So many achievements given by the Scientific Civilization of Mu made the world welcome all their inventions and knowledge with open arms, and the Nations of the so-called Second Civilized Area little by little rejoined Mu as entities of the New Organization. Supranational of this and Leifor, the Techno-Union, The previous Kingdoms are now Republics Technocratism of all kinds of names, even the one that was the Magikareich Community (Which alluded to magic in its name) became a Techno-State"
"Even so, this growing Union of States did not stop the inevitable conflict between Mu and Milishial, a Great War that marked a before and after in the belief in the Supremacy of Magic in the world, now eclipsed by Technology"
"And all this is thanks to the Rebellion made by the Ancient Milishial Colony of Vestal, now called "Vanguardist Republic of Vestale" or "Avant-Garde Republic of Vestale" Of ideology similar to the Technocratic one called Accelerationism"
"This is just the beginning of the Age of Technology Primacy in the World"
"And the Great War of the early 1600s which demonstrated Machine Power and World industrialization at that time, the World was not the same again, the age of Science proved its prevalence over Magic, the Milishial will not give up on Show otherwise, even if they end the World in another War in the process"
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2023.06.09 23:09 Hot-Math4128 Someone at UPS Depot swapped my parcel

Hi, need some advice here what to do. I myself posted a parcel from USA to myself in the UK. It was quite a big box over 40kg, 50x50x50cm. Parcel arrived at local depot. It was loaded onto the truck at 7am but no delivery was made at the end of the day. Next morning I get the parcel by the UPS driver however I wasn’t home to see it. Once I got home it was a much smaller parcel, weighing about 10kg. Someone had taken the paper label out the plastic UPS sticker envelope, put it into a new envelope and stuck it on a random parcel that was supposed to be for someone near my house. So this definitely happened at a local depot before loading the truck for the local area. I have called UPS CS, they called the depot, and someone from the depot called me and found my story absurd. But this happened. Next day I ask a random UPS driver who said he knows that sometimes the people who load into trucks steal packages that they think are high value, although it is rare as there are hidden cameras all around the depot. Has anyone ever experienced something like this before? I’ve now lost my parcel with important personal goods and nobody is able to tell me what has happened.
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2023.06.09 23:09 PepperAntique Wait, is this just GATE? (376/?)

Previous / First
Writer's note: My bad about the past few days. A stomach bug and work got in the way. But all's good.
Now learn some tragic backstory, a bit of Earth info, and the status of everyone's favorite omen of misfortune.
The King was already conversing with Colonel Muhammed when James finally caught up with him in the command room. He jogged in at a brisk pace, but stopped when he saw the two of them talking on the small tablet in front of the King.
King Farrick cocked an eyebrow as he saw James. James just shrugged while mouthing "I know." and gesturing at his beard. The King shook his head as he looked back down at the tablet.
"We're just glad our people could be of assistance sir." The Colonel said. "Even if it only ended up being during the cool down after everything had already resolved."
"It is greatly appreciated Colonel." The King replied. "Seeing as the dungeon is currently erm... ruined... we'll have to let the last few of your people there out. Though they'll still be restricted in their movements." He added. The Colonel nodded, as if she'd expected as much. "As for the weapons." He continued. "Well," He sighed deeply. "I look forward to the.... paperwork.... regarding its use in necessary situations."
Colonel Muhammed let out a quick snort. "I'll see if I can get em to keep it short and sweet." She said.
The King motioned for James, who walked over. "Captain Choi is back earlier than expected, as I'm sure you know." He said as James got next to him and he turned the tablet so its camera caught James too. "I'll let you have him for a bit."
And just like that James was looking at his commanding officer while sporting a neon pink beard.
"Evening ma'am." He said with his cheesiest smile.
Muhammmed's eyes glazed over as she saw the ridiculous facial hair.
"Do I even want to know?" She asked.
"Nope." James replied honestly. "But I made friends during my trip." Then he shook his hand in a so-so gesture. "Well... one of em might just be an...." Then he rethought his standing with the Vatrian Emperor, Vateris. He also hadn't talked with command about his personal vendetta against the so-called gods. "Look. I didn't end up in prison or dead. And things went mostly well."
And suddenly a very grainy, sand-coated, hand was holding James's. He did what he could not to jump with surprise.
"By the way. Meet Glag!" He said excitedly as he panned the camera down to the rock monster's face. Glag looked at the screen with wide, amazed, eyes. James was surprised to see that Glag looked surprisingly dark, and just a little red. "He's a new companion!"
"What in the hell is that?" The Colonel asked as she peered at the screen on her end.
"Glaaaaag." Glag replied.
"Introductions done." James said. "So, what's the deal with the Zootopia duo?"
"Okay. It was weird at the store." Samantha said as she looked around. "But this is just plain strange."
Around them the restaurant was empty. The bistro Fletcher had brought her to, The Blue Tree, was a ghost town. A few of the staff stood at the greeting booth on the other side of the room. But other than that it was completely deserted. It was so quiet that they could hear the kitchen staff working prep in the back, for what had to be ONLY their food.
"Admittedly I think they took this a bit too far." Fletcher said abashedly as he peeked at the small menu. "This can't be cheap for the hospital, or government or whoever is funding the rehabilitation program."
There was an awkward silence for a few moments as they both tried to think of what to say. Neither of them would admit it, but it had been a while since either of them had dated.
And neither of them had ever dated in THIS particular scenario.
"So... how long have you been a lawyer?" She asked hesitantly.
"Um... about... eight years now?" He said uncertainly as he tried to do math in his head. "Close to nine. How bout you? How long were you in the Army before um.... well. You know."
She nodded. She was getting a lot better about acknowledging what had happened. But it was still a sore spot.
"I was about half way through my second term. So about six years." She answered, even though she was certain he'd probably read that in her file at some point. "Wasn't gonna reenlist again though."
"No plans to make it a career?" He asked.
"No." She said with a shake of her head. "No I intended to get out and get certified as a ration enforcement officer once I was done."
"Ration enforcement?" He said with raised eyebrows. "That's a dangerous job. Even compared to being an MP. Planning on staying near your family?"
She chuckled. "Yeah." She admitted. "My fathers shop is small and usually gets shunted by the bigger ones in the area. Wanted to stick around and keep the queues in order so it didn't happen."
"Ah. Makes sense." He responded as one of the wait staff came over.
A few minutes later, and after Fletcher had ensured that they'd been warned about Samantha's new dietary difficulties, the young woman departed with a smile and promise that their drinks and appetizers would be out in just a few minutes.
"And what got you into law?" She asked once they were alone again.
"My wife." He said, causing her to spit out the small sip of water she'd taken after asking the question. He smiled and there was a pain there. "Don't worry." He said. "I'm not married anymore."
"Divorced?" She asked, trying to figure out what was happening now.
Fletcher's mouth opened for a moment as he tried to think for a second. Did he really wanna have THIS talk on, what was hopefully a first, date. "Widower." He said softly.
And just like that she was thrown off balance again.
"I'-I'm so sorry." She said hastily. "I didn't know."
He held his hands up in warding. "It's fine." He said reassuringly. "It's been.... almost a decade now. I'm... I'm okay."
There was another awkward silence, though this time NOT because neither of them had anything to say.
Fletcher spoke first.
"She was a Paramedic." He said. "She was helping with some humanitarian work overseas and um... She got sick from some of the fallout." He nodded as he took a deep breath. "The organization she worked for was uh.... less than honorable about helping her get cared for afterwords. I started reading up on as many laws and regulations as I could to help her fight for it. But uh.... too little too late." Then he fake-smiled. "But I found out I was good at understanding legal jargon so I uh.... found my calling. I guess. Retooled my college classes and the rest is history."
"That's awful." She said quietly, not knowing what else to say given what she'd just heard.
"It was, yeah." He agreed. "But uh... thanks to that I've been able to help a lot of people who've been screwed by similar situations. So... I don't know. Guess that's something."
She smiled too. "Well you helped me." She said. "Didn't expect the ARMY of all organizations to back down from some legalese."
He pointed out at one of the windows, at the people outside walking about. Across the street a few teenagers were watching as one of them tried to levitate. The kid rose about a foot or so before beginning to wobble and then flipping over and falling on his face. The other two fell out laughing and jeering as he picked himself up.
"Between the two packs that split off and headed north and south, and all the people that have started to have ACTUAL magic powers." He said with a shrug. "I think they just have bigger fish to fry."
"Your appetizers and drinks." The server said, startling both of them.
"Ah." Fletcher said with a genuine smile this time. "I think you're gonna like the crab sliders here. They actually use REAL crab."
Her eyes widened. Real crab was rare nowadays. Then she looked at the server, who was nodding. "They closed this place and you guys serve REAL crab?" She asked.
"Sure do." The server replied with a smile. "We're one of the few restaurants in the city that gets any.
"God you weren't kidding." Samantha said as she turned back to Fletcher. "It must have cost a fortune to close a place like this for a night."
"I told you." He said jokingly with a grin.
She slumped, a little embarrassed at everything that had to have gone into this. She didn't deserve all this.
"So we'd better make the most of it before the hospital's finance department catches on." He said as he raised his glass of wine in a toast. "Again, assuming this isn't government funded. Which... it probably is."
Samantha lifted the large stein of light ale and, as gently as she could, clinked it against his glass.
"Enjoy." The server said as she nodded and stepped back.
And just like that the tone of the conversation lightened, and the rest of dinner was much more enjoyable.
Vickers awoke with a gasp.
Everything hurt.
He'd been beaten up pretty badly before. Had even been way too close to explosions a few times and spent weeks in the hospital recovering afterword to make sure he didn't have any unseen injuries. Then there was the time some turbulence had caused him to botch a wet insertion from a helicopter that had already been almost at the max height for a dive.
Those had all had him SORE for weeks.
This was different.
He felt both hot and cold at the same time. And not just his skin, but his entire body, inside and out, felt like they were infused with IcyHot.
And try as he might, he couldn't see, and everything was muted.
"He's awake." Someone said from outside of him. "Fetch the Archmage and master Farstorm."
"Whe-" He tried to say. But his voice was horse, and cracked as he tried to wheeze out the question. "Where?" He said weakly after struggling to swallow with a mouth that was drier than it had ever been before.
Someone touched him on the chest, and even though the touch was light and delicate he groaned in pain as every nerve in the area screamed.
And even in that excruciating moment, the part of his brain that nobody could ever fully get rid of, no matter how much training they underwent, joked.
So this is what Choi's life is like. It said sarcastically. Running through life like a marshmallow that got dropped in a camp fire every few months. Tough little fucker.
"Calm down Mister Vickers." One of those muted voices, that he thought sounded familiar, said. "We only woke you up so the Archmage could ask a few questions. We'll have you back under in a minute. Let me give you something for the pain."
"Not until the lead healer has okayed it." Another voice said somewhat harshly. "We don't even know how your Earth medicine will affect his body now."
"I do." The first voice replied. "I've used this stuff on were-people before. It works just fine. I just have to up the dosage. And Shrend knows it." The first voice, which he now faintly recognized as Choi's mom, said.
There was a pinch in the middle of a bloom of fire on Vickers' throat as a needle was pressed into one of the veins there.
And suddenly the pain, and everything else for that matter, seemed to drop away.
"Thassss..." He began. "Thasssalot... bedder."
"Shhhh." Mrs. Choi said as he felt, faintly, her touching his head. "I'm gonna take off some of your bandages so you can hear and see." She finished as his hearing cleared. "Plus we need to check your eyes and ears anyways."
A moment later Vickers' eyes opened and he was surrounded by a swirling mix of green and amber light. It was blurry, though he was mostly just happy he had any sight at all.
"Still cloudy." Mrs. Choi said as she pried his eyes open ever so slightly and looked inside. She as about to check his ears when the door opened.
Vickers turned his head with a slowness that was not intentional.
"Chief Vickers." Said the old mage who usually spoke so slowly, and looked so frail. But he didn't look or sound anything of the such at the moment as he pulled up a chair and sat where he could look at Vickers.
"" He said as his head swam with whatever Mrs. Choi had given him. Probably Ketamine or something.
"I know you're in a lot of pain right now." The old mage said. "But we need to know what you saw. What was on the other side of that door before the Elemental manifested?"
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2023.06.09 23:08 podrae Weirdest game ever

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2023.06.09 23:08 andy2200a Corstorphine hill mtb

Corstorphine hill mtb
Heads up to anyone going for a ride from the zebras down towards Corstorphine Rd. Some of the old trails have been flattened and some steps installed. Nearly caught me off guard.
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2023.06.09 23:08 didntevenlookatit Why does the radio always go fuzzy when you're driving into Truro?

This has always happened to me, regardless which station I'm listening to. Just as you're coming down the 102, by the exit near to the Big Stop in Truro, the station goes fuzzy, then it fixes. Is there a reason for that?
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