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2023.06.09 23:48 meesepluralformoose Late in life career change

I always figured I'd be an electrician. My dad was a builder and he always told me that I should be an electrician or plumber (I think all carpenters want their kids to be plumbers or electricians). I worked in construction (carpentry and masonry) for a decade, but then did some other shit and went to law school.
Now I'm a public defender - have been for 10 years. I'm in my early 40's. I care a lot about my job, I love winning, I love helping people, I'm in a position of high responsibility and I supervise a ton of people, but I'm burned the fuck out. I make good money, 120k + good benes.
My question is probably obvious. I regret law school - public defense is one of the most important things on the planet and it needs good tough fuckers doing it, but it beats the fuck out of you. I average 60hr weeks (I've gone over 100 hours a week many times when in trial). The work is insanely stressful. I don't want to work until I have a heart attack. So I'm thinking career change and I'm trying to figure out how hard it would be for me to become an electrician, which is what I probably always should've been.
I get that it would suck to go from what I'm making now to whatever an apprentice makes for 4 years, but I think I can handle that. However, I don't want to struggle forever. I picture getting the 8000 hours, getting licensed, buying a van and going out on my own doing residential and light commercial work - I see plenty of people doing that around here.
Is that really feasibile? How much can a solo electrician make? Could I take 4-6 years to get myself established and then make decent money for the next 15-20 years before I retire? 4-6 years of low pay is a significant opportunity cost, but to have a job that doesn't drive me mad maybe it's worth it?
Anyone here become an electrician later in life?
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2023.06.09 23:48 FiftyNineBarkingDogs Split up with my partner because of small problems that don’t seem to be getting resolved. I don’t know if I’m an idiot or not. F30M30

My now-ex and I had been dating since October 2018. It’s had its ups and downs. He’s got a skin condition that’s made life hard on him and throughout our time dating it got worse, and at this end it’s getting better.
I have moved a few times for a few jobs, he’s stayed at the same place in his house with his mum.
We didn’t argue, we see roughly eye to eye on most things. He’s there for me, and I’m there for him. There’s nothing outwardly wrong.
I have had issues with things. Sex, moving in and feeling like I’m just following. The sex was a problem. I brought up that when we did it, often my pleasure wasn’t important. A lot of the time his skin was impacting things and I would hurt him.
I didn’t really mention his weight, as I feel like that would make his self esteem lower. I have a high sex drive I’ll admit, but the routine rejection was upsetting a lot. For example the last time I saw him I tried to put the moves on, subtly, and he just decided to leave and go home.
I am tired of being a weekend partner, it’s been years of me being alone during the week, driving to see him, then often doing not too much then driving back. Like a constant holiday, I don’t have any clothes at his or anything. He doesn’t have anything at mine. I say I want to live with him. He agrees but it hasn’t changed.
Because of living with his mum he has his dishes taken care of, his clothes ironed, he complains about the house and it being full of stuff but both him and his mum have so much. I feel like perhaps there would be a lot put on me, and a stressful time with moving in. But I was gonna deal with it. I just wanted to move in, have company, have my weekends and spare time back instead of feeling like I had to split my time.
I feel like I have lost my ability to be independent. I feel like I don’t know if I’m with him because it’s safe and comfortable. I have been making decisions that keeps me from doing things I want to do. There’s this itchy sensation that makes me uncomfortable.
Like he won’t fit in with my lifestyle. I like being fit, and going out on walks. When I come back from a day where he is in my house and he’s not taken the dogs out, and he’s made a mess I’m going tidy up it makes me feel itchy. Slightly annoyed.
I don’t know, because it’s not bad. Like there’s been a whole relationship that’s gone on and there’s been ups and downs. I just… don’t d know if it’s the absolute best fit. I don’t know if I can go forever with no flirting, or when it comes it’s something crude like “can’t wait to stick my dick in you”
Or keep going being alone every day. Realistically it would be a long while before we live together. I can’t move in with him as there’s no space, he can’t move in with me- he has a couple days in the office and he’s got his own stuff to do. He wants to build. It will take a long while. He will get stressed. It will come out at me, or his mum…
I feel like I’ve gone mad and destroyed something that would have worked and made me feel happy. But small niggly things, and things like the sex make me thing that I’ll never be happy…
But if it’s just me thinking the grsss is greener as there’s no fence around it… what if I’ve made a terribly hurtful decision. I love him and hate that he’s hurting, but… I don’t know. What have I done?
Tl:dr broke up with my boyfriend due to long term concerns over happiness despite no arguing or terrible “decision point” event. Don’t know if I’m an idiot or not.
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2023.06.09 23:47 Diligent-Emperor4839 [30/M] Looking for someone

Hi everyone! I live in The USA CST & I will like to meet an interesting down to earth woman 18+ who will like to develop a strong relationship with a man who is also down to earth. I will also like to meet someone that I can have a deep conversation about anything, but also someone who doesn't mind having a casual conversation.
Likes: Cooking, baking, MTB, playing with my dogs, reading, listening to audio books, astronomy, exercise (in general, e.g. swimming, walking, hiking, calisthenics, etc.) watching movies, tv (action, adventure, romance, comedy, sci fi, horror, thriller) playing video games, (PC, Android, XBOX, Nintendo) card games, board games, partying, drinking moderately, listening to music, traveling, etc.
I don't expect you to like everything I like, but I hope we can find something in common. I enjoy living life and in spite of all the trials that life has for each of us, I have a very positive attitude. So, it will be great if I can find someone that has a similar attitude. We can talk about anything (as long as you're respectful.) We can also voice/video chat once I know we get along. I'm not interested in only texting each other, I prefer to video/voice chat and texting depending on the situation.
P.S. Don't send me a message if you're married or you have a boyfriend, because I'm not into those things. I prefer to not talk to women that smoke/heavy drinkers/drug users or someone with too many tattoos. I'm not interested in talking with someone who doesn't like to put energy into a relationship, because I need someone that can match my energy, I'm also not interested in talking with someone that has children, because some day I hope to have children of my own.
Don't be creepy! No drama queens!
P.S. I am Roman Catholic and my faith is very important. So, it will be wonderful if I can meet someone with the same views. In addition, my faith is personal & I don't like to impose my views on anyone. Furthermore, please don't send me a message if you're bored and you're looking for someone to distract you, because I'm not here to amuse anyone. I do not mind if you're taller or shorter than me, or if you're blonde or redhead.
DM me if you're interested and we will take it from there. :)
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2023.06.09 23:46 Prudent_Bug_1350 Tailism

Image Transcription: Reddit Comments
*User A *
I did not enjoy or agree with the video. Both of the key questions, the family and immigration, that the author raises are treated in a superficial manner. It broadly comes down to obvious points (a) the development of the nuclear family was structured around private property; (b) you shouldn't blame immigrants. However, as to what a socialist movement should be arguing for in 2023, it is a bit more difficult. I think the 'abolish the family' discourse is hugely unhelpful, as neoliberalism is already abolishing the family - people are having fewer children, long-term relationships and sex. This is not a good thing, as Adorno realised already mid-20th century - for the average working class person, the family is one of the only broadly non-capitalist spaces in their life. Would this change with a socialist revolution? Probably but that does not mean it is wise for the left to hold an anti-family position.
As to immigration, it is difficult because the obvious and correct answer (unionise migrant workers) has not worked. This does not mean that it is acceptable for anyone on the left to pursue any anti-migrant activities but it does mean that just shouting 'open borders' is probably counter-productive. Immigration does bring down wages (as Marx also said..) and it is horribly managed by the husks that are neoliberal states, further breeding far-right reaction. The mission of any left government should be to better manage migration, create easier access to citizenship and jobs, and to promote trade unions. That's about as close as we can get to any coherent strategy.
Most fundamentally, the key error of the video is assuming that a mechanistic and crude 'scientific socialism' has all the answers. This is like going back to early Kautsky who was in denial about a revolution not having taken place because the theory says it should have. Anyway, just a couple of thoughts - I appreciate the initiative of the creator but I was not too keen on the content.
User B replying to User A
What you are proposing is really just tailing the most reactionary elements of the working class under a "left wing" guise, since it is up to the Communists to put forward the correct line even if it is unpopular, it was unpopular two decades ago to stand for lgbtq equality, it is still unpopular to stand for trans equality, as Marxists, we are the vanguard of the masses, not simply lagging behind them and taking up the worst politics of the reactionaries, or even keeping mum and tacitly allowing for reactionary views to go unchallenged.
And the same with Immigration, simply blaming the immigrants for not joining useless yellow unions is no real solution to anything, it isn't even a solution to "native" workers, since unions are just there to represent the Union Leadership, who are, by and large, bought out. This has historically been the case, and the shameful support the American Union threw behind the Chinese Exclusion Act shows this to be the case. The real answer is of course revolution and the destruction of the capitalist imperialist system which America is a head of, and the creation of a genuine Worker's State, which definitely will welcome all workers with open arms, as the USSR did, and for which such "light" bigotry that you have displayed will have no place.
Finally, the error you are making is that your own view and analysis aren't grounded in revolutionary politics and a material analysis, but on your own prejudices based on "pragmatism", i.e. that you are denying the possibility of revolutionary change, and hence need to give all these reactionary concession to the right. Rather than they being like Kautsky, you are more like most of the Second International following the most reactionary "patriotic" element and throwing their full support behind the imperialist war (and not even Kautsky, since he, in an extremely tepid way, at least opposed the first world war and voted against War credit)
User A replying to User B
Okay, taking points in turn. Thank you for an extended reply:
(1) I agree that sometimes doing the right thing is unpopular. However, I disagree with vanguard of the masses bit, maybe a self-proclaimed vanguard but there is no serious communist movement in the Western world - either vanguardist or otherwise. LGBT rights definitely benefitted from the support of socialists (see Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners in the UK) but they were not won by any concentrated communist action - it was a liberal coalition and now the cause has been taken up by the establishment forces. This battle is broadly won, at least for now.
(2) I don't think trade unions are the only socialist institutions that matter but at this time, they are the key institution. I think you're American, so you might have a slightly different perspective on the history of unions from a European. I've never blamed migrants for not joining unions.. It is incredibly dangerous for these individuals and they face significant level of structural violence in order to stop them from joining. That said, one of the left's key focus should be to organise migrant workers - I think a trade union is more fitting than a Marxist vanguard party, as again, except for Trotskyist groups or niche political parties, the left does not really have any proper institutions in the Anglo world (I'm not going to comment on DSA, as I don't know about it enough).
(3) Finally, I think you're replicating the worst of 20th century communist culture by just throwing slogans around. I'm not reactionary in any serious sense - I just don't think we should open all borders tomorrow or aim to abolish the family under neoliberalism. Both of these views are compatible with anti-racist and feminist perspectives. As to revolutionary politics - it is deeply saddening that the lesson many people have learned from Lenin is that you need to shout your slogans as loudly as possibly and then expect the people to follow. They won't. There is no revolutionary potential in the short-term in the Western world and I would challenge you to tell me where it could come from. Labour is weak and disorganised. This needs to be rebuilt before any sustained challenge against capital will be possible. Vivek Chibber's latest book 'The Class Matrix' is an interesting contribution toward the question 'how'.
User B replying to User A
(1) The question is whether socialists should take unpopular opinions or not, even if it is to their (electoral) detriment, such as one of our oldest platform, "abolish the family". I use the example of lgbtq+ rights, but Socialists have always been for their rights, even in the 1898, when Socialists, like August Babel, fought to decriminalize homosexuality.
(2) European Unions are just as much a tool of the union bosses as American ones, and taking an anti-migrant stance on account of their "lowering wages" has, even by the limited scope of bourgeois parliamentarianism, been a losing strategy. Why is the PCF, once the most popular Communist Party in the West, failing to find any support amongst the migrant population- people remember! And they remember Georges Marchais and all the PCF affiliated union shooting up xenophobia throughout the 80s in order get that temporary electoral high.
(3) Your condensation aside, the history of socialism throughout history is not a vindication of your reactionary (and anti-Marxist) tailing, but rather that it is up to the socialist to be the vanguard of the masses. I think you ought to reread Lenin rather than go to Vivek Chibber (an intellectual only recruited since he can provide some sort of intellectual heft to the intellectually bankrupt position of "class reductionism" that the Bernie People were desperately hungry for), since he is one for "sloganeering" as you say, since he was the one that created the term "vanguard party" precisely for this type of organization. Yes, the left is "weak and disorganized", but most communist party starts off small. The Communist Party of China started off with 20 members in 1921 in a country where everything is "weak and disorganized", and kicked out the Japanese and the American lackeys by 1949.
I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!
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2023.06.09 23:46 Stray-Lion Berserk/Claymore/Castlevania style Dark Fantasy [Discord] [M4A]

I'm in a big time mood for some Dark Fantasy (or some fun action-adventure).
I'm a Multi-Para/Novella style rper, and I get quite into worldbuilding and narrative craftsmanship. Please be reciprocal in that regard.
I use a lot of horror-stylized Dark-Fantasy the likes of Berserk, Castlevania, and Claymore, and I'm into general D&D-style High-Fantasy too.
I'm fond of anime-ish aesthetics, and I'm not into picrews, AI art, or real life face claims.
Being said, onto what I'm looking for.
I'm working on a character who can best be described as a murderous vagabond.
He's known as The Riven. And he's kind of a bad guy. This figure is disdainfully regarded as a monstrous manslayer and kingslayer, trailed by ghoulish rumors. He is wanted for his heinous actions, including high treason, murder, and conspiracy, and he is known to be a massive brute in full armor, wielding a massive spear.
I like running him against characters who would serve as a foil to his evil actions. They could be hunting him for some transgression he's committed against them, or they could be working on behalf of a similar agency.
[Ex. Your character is the Paige of a Duke who was recently slain by a certain, murderous vagabond. You hunt him down to seek revenge...or answers.]
He also works well against more lighthearted characters who would struggle to maintain such a bright disposition in an otherwise foreboding world. For example, healers, kind strangers, magi, etc.
[Ex. Your character meets a bloodied and unconscious brute in the woods outside of a city. She naturally wishes to provide aid.]
I don't like "mercenaries" or "just looking for a good fight" characters, as they often lack conviction that helps make the rp feel more multi-dimensional.
This world of mine is full of fantasy, horror, and rich lore that I'd love for your input on.
Please DM me for more discussion. I do not reply directly to comments. See ya!
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2023.06.09 23:45 next3days Weekend Rundown of Events for those in/near Blacksburg (June 9th - June 11th)

Here's this weekend's rundown of fun events you can enjoy in Blacksburg and throughout the surrounding areas within the New River Valley. There's quite a few annual events occurring this weekend such as the Pearisburg Festival in the Park and Claytor Lake Festival if you have a caride and feel adventurous.
Weekend Rundown for June 9th - June 11th: 1. A Night To Fight Alzheimer’s with Boxing Sparring Sessions Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness, Blacksburg Friday, June 9, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 PM Advance Tickets: $15.00, At the Door: $20.00 Enjoy live, local boxing with sparring sessions with 100% of the proceeds benefitting The Alzheimer’s Association and The Longest Day to raise money for Alzheimer's research. Please note: These are not sanctioned fights. Instead, they are USA Boxing approved Sparring sessions lead by USA Boxing Certified Coaches, amongst USA Boxing athletes, using USA Boxing Sparring rules. The intent is to put on a show, raise money for a great cause, and keep all participants safe. There will also be raffle tickets to win sweet prizes from local companies. Link: 2. 2023 Relay for Life Annual Event (Montgomery County, VA) Christiansburg Middle School, Christiansburg Friday, June 9, 2023, 6:00 - 11:00 PM Admission: Free Join Relay for Life of Montgomery County for their annual Relay for Life event. Celebrate survivors, remember those we have lost and fight back as a community to give cancer the boot. Enjoy live entertainment, children's fun, food, arts & crafts and small business vendors, silent auction, 50/50 Raffle and more. The event is free to attend, but please plan to bring payment for any food and vendors you wish to purchase from. Link:
3. 2023 Pearisburg Festival in the Park Pearisburg Community & Recreation Center, Pearisburg Friday, June 9, 2023, 6:00 - 11:00 PM and Saturday, June 10, 2023, 9:30 AM - 11:00 PM Admission: Free The Pearisburg Festival in the Park celebrates its 38th anniversary in Giles County, Virginia. Enjoy carnival rides, two days of live entertainment, food vendors with all your favorite festival foods, special activities, vendors and crafters. Festival in the Park promises to be an awesome two days of community spirit, family fun, live music, and great food. There will be rides and games for the whole family. Friday is Unlimited Wristband night and Saturday features a full day of entertainment, the Cancer Kids and Christmas Car Show & Cruise along with headliner Chris Higbee and closing with a fireworks display. Link:
4. Root Down in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Friday, June 9, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Root Down is a jazz trio based in the New River Valley area featuring musicians Justin Craig, Doug Norton and Nick Romantini. Link:
5. MLB / USA Baseball: Danville Otterbots vs. Pulaski River Turtles (Star Wars Night and Fireworks) Calfee Park, Pulaski Friday, June 9, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM General Admission: $5.00, Seniors Ages 65 & Older: $1.00, Kids 6 & Under: Free Grandstand: $11.00, Reserved Seating: $12.00, Party Zone: $12.00, Club Seating: $15.00 The Pulaski River Turtles MLB / USA Baseball's Appalachian League team hosts the Danville Otterbots as they continue their 2023 season with Star Wars Night. Several characters will be on-site throughout the game to interact with fans and take photos. In addition, every Friday night game will end with a fireworks show for the fans. Tickets can be purchased at the gates on game day or online. Link:
6. Ripejive in Concert Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd Friday, June 9, 2023, 8:00 - 11:00 PM Admission: $8.00 Ripejive is a Blacksburg, Virginia based quartet that delivers original, hard-hitting funk. From retro grooves to jazz fusion, blazing guitar and soaring saxophone color tight pocket rhythms with sounds from New Orleans to New York that always bring a party. Link:
7. Summer Tea In Honor of Lucy Lancaster's Birthday (Reservation Deadline) Lancaster House, Blacksburg Saturday, June 17, 2023, 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM Registration Deadline: Saturday, June 10, 2023 Admission: $25.00 The YMCA at Virginia Tech presents their 1st Annual Summer Tea in Honor of Lucy Lancaster's Birthday with two seatings on 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM with a reservation deadline of Saturday, June 10, 2023. Located in the beautiful, historic Lancaster House, mark Lucy Lee Lancaster’s birthday by enjoying a deliciously decadent celebration featuring tea and delicious homemade delicacies. The Tea will be catered by Carolyn Ansley, famous for her authentic and delicious teas in past years in Blacksburg. Proceeds from the Tea will directly benefit the Y Community Programs such as Meals On Main, International Programming and After School care. Deadline to purchase tickets is Saturday, June 10th. Lucy Lee lived in the Lancaster House built in 1913 by her parents William and Lucy Lee Sibold Lancaster until her death in 1989. She left the house to the YMCA at Virginia Tech. Lee was one of the first five women admitted to Virginia Tech in 1925. She majored in biology and worked in the library which was housed at that time in what had been the campus chapel. Her work in the library led to her decision to become a librarian, and she attended Columbia University Library School where she received her Masters of Library Science degree. She returned to Blacksburg and worked in the university library until her retirement in 1970. Link:
8. 2023 Native Plant Sale Price House Nature Center, Blacksburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Admission: Free The New River Valley Chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society will hold its Fifth Annual Native Plant Sale. The Native Plant Sale includes perennials, trees, shrubs, ferns and more. All plants in the sale are native to Virginia and do not include cultivars. Most are pollinator friendly. The native plant sale only uses sustainable non-peat potting mix. All proceeds from the sale go to support the activities of the New River Valley Chapter, including public education and outreach, improving habitat at local parks, removing invasive species and awarding grants to area youth for native plant garden projects. In addition to the many plants for sale, there will be activities for adults and children. There will be booths where you can ask how to create a pollinator garden or which plants are exotic invasives which kill off natives which the wildlife need to survive on. Tree tubes to protect trees and shrubs from deer will also be sold. Storytime with Joelle for children begins at 12:30 PM. You can also visit the Price House Nature Center which will be open from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Parking is one block away in the Blacksburg United Methodist Church. Link:
9. 2023 Claytor Lake Festival Claytor Lake State Park, Dublin Saturday, June 10, 2023, 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Parking is $20.00 per vehicle or $15.00 with five cans of food. The Claytor Lake Festival Committee presents the 24th Annual Claytor Lake Beach Festival. The festival kicks off the summer season at Claytor Lake State Park each year. Enjoy entertainment all day, fireworks at night, arts & crafts vendors, beach access included with admission, free children's activities, youth & adult fishing tournament, wine tasting and lots more. Registration for the annual Everett Lee Yearout, Jr. Adult and Youth Fishing Tournament will be held 7:00-10:00 AM. This year the tournament theme is "Fishing is the Best Hobby Because". The Car Show voting is done by the show participants who are completely registered by 10:30 AM. All entries will receive a dash plaque, goodie bag and category winners will receive trophies. There is no pre-registration fee. The fee is $20.00 to enter the car & motorcycle show and this is the only fee you pay to enter the festival. Swimming is included with admission. The event is rain or shine. Link:
10. Procession of Appalachian Species (Giant Puppet Parade) and Biodiversity Fair Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park, Floyd Saturday, June 10, 2023, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Springhouse presents the Procession of Appalachian Species and Biodiversity Fair with events centered around Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park. New River Valley residents are invited to participate in a giant puppet parade celebrating our region’s biodiversity. This event, dubbed, "The Procession of Appalachian Species," will start and end at Lineberry Park in downtown Floyd, VA. Participants are encouraged to bring homemade puppets and costumes that represent one of our region’s many spectacular species. Musicians and dancers are also encouraged to bring their crafts to this event. The parade starts at 11:00 AM. If you don't have a homemade puppet or costume please come and you can puppeteer one that we have made. After the parade, join the Biodiversity Fair featuring food, music and activities from 12:00-2:00 PM. Link:
11. June 2023 Used Book Sale Montgomery Museum of Art & History, Christiansburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Friday, June 9, 2023, 2:00 - 7:00 PM and Saturday, June 10, 2023, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Mass-Market Paperback Books: $0.50, Large-Format Paperbacks: $1.00, Hardback Books: $1.50, Children’s Books: $0.50-$1.00 The Montgomery Museum of Art and History will be holding a two-day Used Book Sale featuring thousands of books including children’s books, adult fiction, and non-fiction. Genres include mystery, romance, science fiction, cooking, history, crafts, religion, self-help, and much, much more. The book sale will also feature puzzles, magazines, comic books, audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs.. On Saturday, June 10th from 1:00-4:00 PM, bring your own bag for a bag sale. All books that can fit will be offered at a total of $10.00 per bag. Brown paper bags and tote bags are perfect for the bag sale. Please, no plastic trash bags. Proceeds will be used to help the museum in areas such as educational programming, collection care, and exhibit preparation. Link:
12. 2023 Two-Day Floyd Artisan Trail Annual Tour Downtown Floyd, Floyd Saturday, June 10, 2023 and Sunday, June 11, 2023, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Admission: Free The Floyd Center for the Arts hosts the 11th annual two-day Floyd Artisan Trail. Floyd County artisans, farms, galleries, and more will open their doors for this year’s Artisan Trail. Featuring over 30 different individuals and businesses, the Artisan Trail is a years-long tradition in Floyd to celebrate the abundant artistry available in this area. The Artisan Trail is a free to attend and invites locals and tourists alike to travel around the county to visit the open studios, see live demos, and purchase one-of-a-kind handmade art and goods in a self-guided tour across Floyd County, Virginia. The Trail happily hosts local farms and farm markets, offering tours and locally grown produce and farm goods. There may even be adorable farm animals to see. Maps and brochures with all participants’ information are available online and will be available at the Floyd Center for the Arts. Link:
13. Balance and Brews Iron Tree Brewing Company, Christiansburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 10:45 - 11:45 AM Admission: $20.00 Move through foundational yoga poses, gentle stretches, and experience the many restorative benefits that yoga has to offer. This one hour class is appropriate for all levels, including those who are totally new to yoga. The cost includes an Iron Tree beverage of your choice. No reservation required, just show up. Link:
14. Author Talk with Penny Blue Christiansburg Library, Christiansburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Admission: Free Christiansburg Library presents an Author Talk with Penny Blue about her first book "A Time to Protest: Leadership Lessons from My Father Who Survived the Segregated South for 99 Years". Historians have written about famous names in Black History, such as: Martin Luther King, Jr., Madam CJ Walker and Booker T. Washington. Penny Blue’s dad, Charles Edwards, Sr., is not famous, but the way he lived his life made an impact on his 10 children and the community in which he lived. The stories he told his children and grandchildren are the inspiration for Blue’s book. Penny says the main theme is standing up and speaking out for what is just and right. Books will be available for purchase for $25.00 through CashApp or with cash or check only. Link:
15. Sugar Magnolia 5th Anniversary Celebration Sugar Magnolia, Blacksburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM 25% Off Storewide, $2.00 Ice Cream Scoops Sugar Magnolia presents their 5th Anniversary Celebration at their original location in Blacksburg, VA. There will be face painting and a balloon artist in store from 12:00-2:00 PM. Guests can also enjoy: 25% off storewide all day, $2.00 ice cream scoops all day, tasting stations, raffles, gifts with purchase and more. Link:
16. Fourth Birthday Party Celebration with Music from Cinémathèque Eastern Divide Brewing, Blacksburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 12:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Eastern Divide Brewing presents their Fourth Birthday Party Celebration with Music from Cinémathèque. Enjoy free ice cream and live music from 5:00-8:00 PM featuring the upbeat and unique rhythms of Cinematheque including surf rock, exotica, spaghetti westerns, Ethiopian jazz, and Afro-Beat. Eastern Divide will also have a vintage and artisan pop up market featuring Eden's Emporium, Broken Arrow Creations, Madigan Made and Tees Don't Grow on Trees. Link:
17. Music at the Villa with Parker's Pillbox Villa Appalaccia Winery, Floyd Saturday, June 10, 2023, 1:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Relax and enjoy some great music along with great wine and food. Sprung from the western hills of Virginia, Parker's Pillbox is an on-the-rise power trio to watch. Parker's Pillbox is instantly recognizable by their unique, cohesive sound, which manages to be unto itself while drawing influences from a multitude of genres. Flavors of country, jazz, grunge, and good 'ol southern rock and roll blend together to create music which is truly an experience. Link:
18. Saturday Afternoon Music with Ball & Chain New River Vineyard & Winery, Fairlawn Saturday, June 10, 2023, 2:00 - 5:00 PM Admission: Free Join New River Vineyard & Winery on the patio for an afternoon enjoying their wine, frozen wine slushies, handcrafted beer and music from Ball & Chain. Ball & Chain is a stripped down acoustic rock duo. A girl from the mountains of Virginia and a boy from the Bronx. The regional musical influences of each coalesce into melodious tension. Passion, fun and sass pervades Jon & Lucinda’s blend of rock, R&B, and blues, resulting in vocals and harmonies that stroke your soul. Seating is first come, first served. Guests can bring a blanket and chair. Link:
19. Arc in the Park 2023 Nellie's Cave Park, Blacksburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 3:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: Free Enjoy the free food including an all-you-can-eat hot dog bar and pulled pork barbecue, outdoor field games, face painting, entertainment, snow cones and friendships. The Gift Card Raffle will help raise funds for the organization. Prizes include gift cards from Avellinos, PKs, The Maroon Door, Zeppoli’s, In Balance Yoga, The Cellar, The Lyric and lots more. Tickets are $5.00 each and can be purchased online or in person at the event. The prize drawing will be held at the event at 5:00 PM. Participants do not have to be there in person to win. The event is handicap accessible. The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes. Link:
20. Rockin' Main Street Concert Series with Travis Reigh and The Jared Stout Band Downtown Christiansburg, Christiansburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 5:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free The Town of Christiansburg and the Christiansburg Parks & Rec continues their Rockin' Main Street Concert Series featuring music from The Jared Stout Band and Travis Reigh. Attendees can purchase food and drinks from a selection of food trucks and wine and beer vendors. Patrons are encouraged to bring lawn chairs to sit and enjoy the live performances. Travis Reigh is a singer-songwriter born and raised out of Southwest Virginia, bringing you original material with rock roots and a country sound that you don't want to miss. Get ready to experience the high-octane energy and soulful sound of the Jared Stout Band! This alt-country powerhouse hails from Southwestern Virginia and is known for their unique blend of Appalachian rhythm and blues. As runners-up for the "On-The-Rise" award at FloydFest 22, the Jared Stout Band delivers an unforgettable performance by bringing their own energetic and soulful original songs to the stage. Link:
21. Mount Tabor Ruritan Club June Fish Fry with The Blacksburg Community Band Slusser's Chapel Church of God, Blacksburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 5:00 - 7:00 PM Adults: $12.00 Children Ages 3-11: $6.00 Children Under 3: Free Carry-Outs: $12.00 The Mount Tabor Ruritan Club presents their June Fish Fry with the Blacksburg Community Band performing. Enjoy a serving fish, fries, slaw, homemade desserts and beverage. The Blacksburg Community Band, Inc. is an all-volunteer community organization formed in 1989 under the auspices of the Department of Parks and Recreation in the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia. This is a fundraiser for the Ruritan Club's community service projects and scholarships. Held rain or shine under the picnic shelter below the lower church parking lot. Link:
22. 2023 Music on the Lawn Concert Series with Virginia Hollow Christiansburg Library, Christiansburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 6:00 - 7:30 PM Admission: Free Virginia Hollow is a mixture of Americana, Bluegrass, Country, Indie, and Rock. A singer-songwriter band that performs songs written by lead singer Carrie Hinkley, along with an occasional handpicked cover or two. Virginia Hollow is a band and a sound born from the hills, valleys and mountains of Appalachia. Their performances and music take you on a journey fraught with raw emotions and stories of love, trust, betrayal and longing. Each month, one talented local band will play a concert on the library's lawn after hours. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets for an evening under the stars. Feel free to bring a picnic as well. This concert is rain or shine. In case of rain, the concert will be moved inside. Link:
23. Slushie Saturday with Music from Furious Jones Moon Hollow Brewing, Blacksburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Moon Hollow Brewing presents their first Slushie Saturday with Music from Furious Jones. This Summer every Saturday is now Slushie Saturday at Moon Hollow. This Saturday will have two slushies available one made with Ebb & Flow Prickly Pear and one non-alcoholic slushie, Prickly Pear Raspberry flavored. Singer and songwriter Furious Jones will perform a live acoustic solo show featuring Americana, Blues, Folk, and Rock with both originals and extensive covers. Link:
24. Mist on the Mountain in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, June 10, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Mist on the Mountain is an Irish Traditional Music group based in the New River Valley of southwest Virginia. From lively jigs and reels to heartbreaking laments and rollicking ballads. Link:
25. Dean Trimble in Concert Long Way Brewing, Radford Saturday, June 10, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Dean Trimble is a musician playing 70s and 80s classic soft rock and classic country and he is based in the New River Valley. Link:
26. Cary Wimbish Band in Concert Brick House Pizza, Radford Saturday, June 10, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM Admission: Free The Cary Wimbish Band makes its debut performance at Brick House Pizza. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Cary Wimbish has quickly earned a loyal following in the Richmond area since his debut in 2018. Combining powerful vocals with both acoustic and electric guitar, Cary’s repertoire includes covers of well known traditional country, bluegrass, classic rock and blues songs. Link:
27. June Blacksburg Vintage Market Market Square Park, Blacksburg Sunday, June 11, 2023, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Admission: Free The Blacksburg Vintage Market hosts their June Vintage Market. Vendors will be selling all things vintage from clothes, jewelry, vinyl records, and more. Link:
28. Sunday Mountain Music Series with Indian Run Stringband Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke Sunday, June 11, 2023, 4:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: Free The Indian Run Stringband plays fiddle and banjo foot stomping dance tunes and sings traditional songs with old time harmonies perfect for dancing the two step. From dance tunes to the blues, the Indian Run Stringband plays with love and abandon. They make old-time music fresh and new. Stop by Salt Pond Pub every Sunday starting Memorial Day weekend through August for live music and delicious food & drinks. Perfect for relaxing with the whole family (furry friends welcome too). Link:
29. Gearheads For A Cause for Ashley Ray Blue Ridge Church, Christiansburg Sunday, June 11, 2023, 5:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Gearheads For A Cause is hosting a special cruise in in memory of Ashley Ray of Dublin, VA that was took from this world at the young age of 25. Ashley was a amazing mother of two sons and always happy and outgoing. The money raised will be for Ashley's family to help with her two boys and the family's needs. Vehicles of all type are invited to attend as well as spectators. Admission and entry are free. There will be a raffle, cake walk and vendors on site. Gearheads For a Cause hosts car shows to help raise spirits given all our community has undergone and bring together an otherwise separated community. Link:
30. Freddy Modad in Concert Palisades Restaurant, Eggleston Sunday, June 11, 2023, 5:00 - 7:30 PM Admission: Free Guitarist Freddie Modad performs classic rock and more. Reservations are not required, but recommended for dining area seating. Link:
31. MLB / USA Baseball: Burlington Sock Puppets vs. Pulaski River Turtles (Saddle-Up Sunday) Calfee Park, Pulaski Sunday, June 11, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM General Admission: $5.00, Seniors Ages 65 & Older: $1.00, Kids 6 & Under: Free Grandstand: $11.00, Reserved Seating: $12.00, Party Zone: $12.00, Club Seating: $15.00 The Pulaski River Turtles MLB / USA Baseball's Appalachian League team hosts the Burlington Sock Puppets as they continue their 2023 season. Saddle-Up Sunday returns. Arrive early for free cowboy hat giveaways while supplies last and take a ride on the buckin’ mechanical bull. Rides are free of charge. It's also Sunday Savings featuring concession specials. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. Link:
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!
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2023.06.09 23:45 Stray-Lion Berserk/Claymore/Castlevania style Dark Fantasy [Discord] [M4A]

I'm in a big time mood for some Dark Fantasy (or some fun action-adventure).
I'm a Multi-Para/Novella style rper, and I get quite into worldbuilding and narrative craftsmanship. Please be reciprocal in that regard.
I use a lot of horror-stylized Dark-Fantasy the likes of Berserk, Castlevania, and Claymore, and I'm into general D&D-style High-Fantasy too.
I'm fond of anime-ish aesthetics, and I'm not into picrews, AI art, or real life face claims.
Being said, onto what I'm looking for.
I'm working on a character who can best be described as a murderous vagabond.
He's known as The Riven. And he's kind of a bad guy. This figure is disdainfully regarded as a monstrous manslayer and kingslayer, trailed by ghoulish rumors. He is wanted for his heinous actions, including high treason, murder, and conspiracy, and he is known to be a massive brute in full armor, wielding a massive spear.
I like running him against characters who would serve as a foil to his evil actions. They could be hunting him for some transgression he's committed against them, or they could be working on behalf of a similar agency.
[Ex. Your character is the Paige of a Duke who was recently slain by a certain, murderous vagabond. You hunt him down to seek revenge...or answers.]
He also works well against more lighthearted characters who would struggle to maintain such a bright disposition in an otherwise foreboding world. For example, healers, kind strangers, magi, etc.
[Ex. Your character meets a bloodied and unconscious brute in the woods outside of a city. She naturally wishes to provide aid.]
I don't like "mercenaries" or "just looking for a good fight" characters, as they often lack conviction that helps make the rp feel more multi-dimensional.
This world of mine is full of fantasy, horror, and rich lore that I'd love for your input on.
Please DM me for more discussion. I do not reply directly to comments. See ya!
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2023.06.09 23:43 tedlutherking 31 [M4F] Maine - Watching (horror) movies, roasting each other, potential long-term relationship?

I'm looking for a serious, long-term romantic relationship.
I know it's not something you wave a wand and make happen, but I ask that anyone who replies to this post be open to that. And as soon as one of us or both of us realize, after getting to know the other person, that's no longer on the table, we be honest with each other and decide where to go next. That could mean friendship, that could mean we part amicably.
I'm in Maine and it'd be nice and surprising to meet someone on Reddit actually from here, but I'm open to USA and Canada as well.
To me a relationship requires open communication, honesty, making the other person know they are valued and appreciated, and establishing/respecting boundaries.
• I love movies and horror movies especially, let's get scared together. Letterboxd is a rabbit hole I jumped into gladly.
• I make a lot of dry corny jokes, dad jokes, awful (so bad they're good, if you ask me) puns. And I love when someone can annoy me on purpose. Being humbled/called out on my nonsense is honestly one of my favorite things.
• Speaking of honesty, I try to be as honest as possible and am a firm believer in communication. So much stress and hassle in life can be avoided with communication.
• I love words and I take Scrabble way too seriously. I'd love to find someone who does as well.
• I'm an atheist so if that's a deal-breaker for you I understand.
• Physically I'm tall, dad-bod physique and I learned in lockdown I actually can grow a beard.
• I'm a big fan of voice calls on discord in addition to texting, that's my go-to app if we end up moving off Reddit.
About you:
• Sarcasm. Just general smartassness is a lovely quality.
• Opinionated. We all have opinions, and the more the merrier.
• If you laugh at your own jokes, we're already best friends.
• Politically liberal/progressive because that's what I am.
• Be around my age.
• Something I've figured out recently is I'm not currently looking for someone with kids of their own already.
I don't expect someone to be perfect, because I'm not. But maybe we're perfect for each other.
Feel free to word vomit in a PM if chat isn't your thing. But if chat is your thing, still tell me about yourself, you know?
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2023.06.09 23:42 OverLordAlastor Started writing again

Recently decided I wanted to try and get back into writing and looking for critiques/ edits so I can get better. Here is the beginning to a horromystery I started to write out of just wanting to put something down on paper.
Teenage Sebastian Krell finds himself in caught in a powerful blizzard. Winds howling and ripping right through his soul. Frostbite begins to numb his fingertips. Every step he takes is excruciating. But still he marches onward. He doesn't know where he's going but still he trudges along. The trees fade into the mountain as walking turns to climbing. Sebastian never found himself to be the most Athletic, and wonders how he found himself in this predicament. Sebastian always perferred reading to sports. But still he climbed forward. The howl of the winds began to sound sharper, like the cry of a ghost, ready to do harm. The mountain made Sebastian feel uneasy, like the weight of all those who died here weigh him down. All after the same goal but Sebastian was not eager to share in their fates. So sebastian continues onward.
After what seemed like forever Sebastian spied an old cave shafts. An old piece of driftwood barely working as a sign hung above. In crudly carved letters identifying itself as "Bastion-Martin mine". Sebastians goal in sight he took shelter from the harsh cold. He collected the branches and pinecones he gathered from the trail to start a fire. The heat breathed life back into him, but he knew he was not done yet. After a short respite he continued deeper into the mine that had been calling to him. His arms and legs were sore, but the mental fatigue of fighting all the way up here, was really slowing him down. Each step felt like it could be his last. But still he walked onward.
The darkness of the mine encroached into all of his senses. True darkness wasn't just seen. The empty silence of all but his footsteps swallowed him and echoed into his heart. The shadows inked up his body leaving behind a numbing cold. The subtle scents of fresh decay invaded his nostril. Each breath came with a familiar taste of dread, lingering longer than he felt comfortable with. True darkness is experienced. But still Sebastian pressed onward. The mine plunged further and further into the dark abyss. Time was no longer a concept that was known. Further and further he traveled into a mine. Certain out of all who tried before, he had come the furthest.
When his journey came to its conclusion, the mine opened up into a wide expanse. The night sky illuminated the chamber before him. The foreign constellation still seemed to comfort him but his gazed was drawn to this behemoth of a tree overlooking a still pond of glass. The tree towered over the chamber blocking out the majority of the constellations. It's leaves golden, not with pigment but with electricity flowing through its veins. The gleaming call had lead him all this way, refilling him with hope and euphoria. The catharsis of a quests end overpowered his exhaustion. For the first time in forever Sebastian found himself to be at peace.
As Sebastian woke up in not a panic but in inspiration, he found himself unable to lure himself back to sleep. Rolling over to see his clock reading 2:13 a.m. He tossed and turned hunting for the peace he was denied. Stumbling out of bed, wandering to open his window. Greeted by the cool October air sebastian gazed into the town of Bastian sleeping right outside his room. Beyond lied the forest that surrounded everyone. Who knew what would be further beyond. Unsettled, Sebastian fought every logical response because in his heart he knew that he needed to be somewhere else. Quickly getting dressed he climbed out the window and traveled onward.
The phone screamed by the bedside of Shefiff John Harrow. Piercing his skull and pulling himself out of the hard slumber he was in. Struggling to open his eyes and read the clock saying a mere 5:15 a.m. "Fuck is this about." He murmered to himself and picked up the phone. "Go for Harrow." He demanded.
The voice of the women on the other end felt like nails to a chalkboard. "Sorry to wake you Sheriff Harrow."
"Don't worry about it. What's the problem Linda?" Not what he wanted to say but it's probably better he waited to speak his mind.
"There seems to be an incident at the old Martin mine. The shift Foreman a mister... Mike Conners called in a ... situation. He's seems quite shook. Might wanna go take a look."
"Can't someone on night shift see what's going on?"
"Not really... this seems to be over their heads. Mr. Conners is saying their are 4 dead bodies."
Jesus Linda, lead with that next time. John pulled himself outta bed and said "Yea... yea I'll take care of it." Slamming the phone down.
John fast-forwarded his morning, waking up with a crisp shower and a hot mug of coffee as he hoped into his truck and sped off. The Martin mine wasn't far outside of the town of Bastion and the police lights make traffic a non-problem. Driving faster than he should have on the dirt roads, his truck felt every hole. Driving through the woods was never John's idea of a good time. Folk say the new England woods feel haunted. John wasn't much for superstition but he has seen enough go wrong in his time to be weary.
Upon arrival, driving pased the private property fence that blocked off the mine, John saw the flashing red and blue lights of an Ambulance. Seems mister Conners was already being seen by the paramedics. No one else was in the immediate area, just a trailer being used as some kind of office and the opening to the mine. Pulling alongside a half dozen of other cars and beat- up trucks, John walked over to the ambulance. Their he saw who he assumed to be Mr. Conners wrapped in a trauma blanket grasping a cup of coffee with both his hands. He was physically shaking, unable to grasp whatever happened to him. Inspecting him was a paramedic In her early 20's under the name of Hazel Briar. John worked with her before, she was new but knew what she was doing.
Hazel must of saw my approach, she peered off of Conners inspection to talk to me. "He's definitely in shock but other than that. No physical injuries. Whatever he saw damaged his psyche pretty good." She paused to collect her words as if to arrange them just right. "Don't push too hard, OK? Whatever trauma was experienced down their... he doesn't need it shaking him anymore."
John nodded, taking out a pack of cigarettes. After shaking one loose he held it between his lips and offered the pack to Conners. The look of Conners was one of desperation, one that wanted anything to cling to. He took a cigarette and John light them both. After a few drags and the comfort of smoke began to set in John asked, "wanna tell me happened? From the top." Despite John's gruff exterior he can be a nice guy. He never liked playing the bad cop. People knew he cared about the people. Whole reason he became a cop. He only really smoked in times like these too. People could feel the sincerity in his voice. And he had a reputation of going against the departments wishes when he knew it was to help someone.
"Well..." Conners began to stutter. The fear in his voice was palpable, like merely speaking the next words would bring about the Horrors. "Me and the first crew came in for the day....4 a.m. as usual. I had some paperwork to attend... I sent the crew in first... I was to join them later." The more he talked the more afraid he was becoming. Reliving the terror one word at a time. "I heard noises on the radio."
"What kind of noises." John interjected
"I... dunno. It's hard to put into words. But it was nothing natural. Nothing good. Then I heard screaming. Maybe someone got caught in one of the machines I dunno. No one was responding to me... I grabbed the first aid kit and ran inside." Conners shaking became more intense. Each word was a struggle for him to get out.
"Take a breath. Mrs. Briar here is gonna take real good care of you. She's the best. You're lucky you got her shift tonight. Imma go take a look inside the mine. When I come out we can talk some more if your up for it." John's word were calming to Conners.
John walked into the abyss, guided by flashlight. He followed the tunnel deep into the earth. The tunnels rarely seemed to splinter. John was no expert on mines but this seemed to linear. Carved with purpose. A destination in mind. Before he saw anything, the smell would assault him. Unfortunately, the smell of death was not uncommon to Harrow, but this was something more. Their was a weight to the smell. As if to keep anything else alive, out. Illuminating the chamber ahead, John was repulsed by what he found. Gore and viscera strewn across the walls and ceiling. Chunks of meat clumped together. No human could be capable of this level of Carnage, but there was no machine in sight. The ground grew soft as the Sheriff tried to investigate.
The Horrors quickly became too much to handle. John vomited up the contents of his stomach. He wasn't squeamish, but this was simply too much to handle. Leaving the edge of the bloodshed, John took a moment to collect himself. Finding the First Aid Kit Mike must have droped and scattered the contents through out the floor.
After several moments John felt well enough to brave the horrors once more. John began to note this was the only chamber he encountered during his descent and there was no tunnel leading beyond. Someone was looking for something. The chucks of meat had just as much ripping and tearing as it did cutting. Not unlike a bear attack, but on another level entirely. After a bit of hunting, John found a divet in the floor. Easily missed due to it being filled in with chunks of flesh and bone. Oddly enough the bones were dry. Not a drop of blood on them. What's more it seems as if some were even sharpened into points and edges. Some of the bones here didn't even look human or natural, hardened elongated or for a lack of a better word mutated. John was left with more questions then answers and he knew it would be a long day.
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2023.06.09 23:41 ThrowRA_fe Struggling with moving back with Nparents for the summer

I (20f) decided to move far away for college due to being raised by narcissistic parents and just having “enough” of their abuse.
This summer I had to move back for summer break as I’m not working or taking summer classes, and despite it being only three weeks in, i’m at my breaking point.
Im am constantly criticized by both my parents and compared to my younger sister. I chose to major in economics and philosophy (with the hopes to go to law school) and they’ve been berating me for it the entire time, saying I’ll fail school, I won’t be able to go to law school, I’ll fail the bar exam, etc, all despite me holding a 3.9 gpa and I took the Lsat last month and scored a 174 out of 180.
I also currently go to the top university in my state and they keep belittling me for it , saying I got in because of sheer luck and I’m wasting my money there (despite being on for scholarships).
I can’t even hang out with friends without hearing them complain. They both believe i’m a social outcast who can’t keep friends (despite having a really easy time making friends and even being on a sorority). My dad constantly asks for “proof” everytime I hang out with friends because he genuinely refuses to believe anyone would hang out with me.
They also keep putting me and my sister against eachother. My younger sister is in high school and has gotten lower grades than me and has unstable friendships, but my parents see her as “manipulative” which to them is a good skill. I hate hearing how they think she’s so intelligent because she knows how to manipulate people when they don’t know themselves all the trouble she gets into that she hides from my parents.
I just had lunch with them and I’m at my breaking point. My dad constantly saying ai like in a utopia and I know nothing about life and I’ll never be able to amount to anything, afford a home, get married, or anything like that.
ai want to go back to school, It’s so hard living with narcissistic parents.
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2023.06.09 23:38 liishbish advice on me(26F) parting from little sister (17F) who I’m raising

hi I’m 26 and live with my sister who’s 17. We’ve lived together for 3 years since my mom died. My dad lives in Saudi Arabia because of work. I’m tired of raising and living with my sister because i have a bf and I want my own life and she doesn’t appreciate me. We have a lot of fun together but she’s also controlling sometimes. I have two other sisters who aren’t willing to take care of her either because they don’t wanna give up their lives. I want to move on but don’t have the guts to move out because that would mean my little sister having to live with my dad in Saudi. It’s not a matter of just staying with her for one more year until high school ends but she wants to take a gap year or go to community college. I wanna get married and move on. How do I separate from her? I’m so attached and don’t want her to have to go to Saudi. I don’t know what to do? But I don’t want my bf to keep having to deal with our sister drama and keep waiting for us to be together which is what we both want.
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2023.06.09 23:38 yellowyellow2 How do you guys not just…die

I always avoid the collapse and related subreddits because they honestly immediately make me suicidal. I need to make rent but I read too many things last night and now I feel like I won’t be functional for the day. Simple question, how do you guys not just plan suicide 24/7? Obviously I know about the climate and I’ve been stressed about it since I was a child but… normally you have to focus on day to day too much to get caught up in it. Need to pay rent, need to feed my dog, need to catch up on his vet bills, need to catch up on money in general. I hate the comments that say maybe we have another good 10 years left. If that’s true I think I’d like to die now instead. Just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Also hate the comments that talk about being self sustaining because i am poor as hell and that is an absolute pipe dream for someone in my situation. Oh well maybe I’ll get high and I’ll be convinced life can still be worth it 🙃
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2023.06.09 23:36 Originalgametag Chatgpt story using starfield lore

Just posted but it didn't upload or was taken down. I've seen this done before for a different game but I figured I'd give chat gpt the known starfield lore and ask it to right a first chapter. Tried two different prompts:
User Write the first chapter of a story using this lore: The entirety of Starfield takes place in the Settled Systems, which is a section of the Milky Way about 50 light-years from Earth's solar system. The year is 2330, a little over three hundred years from now. It's not clear when humans began to settle space and form the factions that make up the Settled Systems, but 20 years prior to the start of the game, all was not particularly well.
In 2310, the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies had a massive conflict that came to be known as the Colony Wars. This conflict has been loosely compared to the war between the Imperials and Stormcloaks in Skyrim; although the Colony Wars are in the past, the Settled Systems is still feeling the repercussions. When the game begins, the game world is in a period of tentative peace, but it's probably safe to assume that this won't last for long.
It's unclear what the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective were fighting over, but the Colony Wars are one of the biggest pieces of Starfield lore so far. The world's history will have a huge impact on how characters from different factions interact with each other and in most cases, probably don't trust one another.
ChatGPT Chapter 1: Shadows of the Past
The year was 2330, and the Settled Systems were finally beginning to catch their breath after the devastating Colony Wars that had ravaged the region. In the vast expanse of the Milky Way, about 50 light-years from Earth's solar system, factions had formed and tensions simmered beneath the fragile veneer of peace. The scars of the conflict still ran deep, etched into the very fabric of society.
No one could truly pinpoint the exact cause of the Colony Wars. It was a clash between the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, two formidable factions vying for control and dominance. Some whispered that it was a battle for resources, while others believed it to be a struggle for ideological supremacy. But in the end, the specifics mattered little to those caught in the crossfire.
The war had been brutal, marked by fierce battles and devastating losses on both sides. Countless lives had been sacrificed, worlds reduced to smoldering ruins. The echoes of that conflict still reverberated through the Settled Systems, a haunting reminder of the cost of unchecked ambition and unbridled aggression.
But now, two decades later, a tentative peace had settled upon the starry expanse. The wounds were healing, though the scars remained. Interstellar trade routes were reopening, and societies were beginning to rebuild their shattered foundations. The threat of open warfare had receded, yet few dared to believe that the peace would endure.
The Settled Systems were a patchwork of worlds, each aligned with one of the factions that had emerged from the chaos of the Colony Wars. The Freestar Collective, a loose alliance of independent colonies and renegades, stood in stark contrast to the United Colonies, a more structured and centralized power. Animosity lingered between these factions, fueled by the memories of bloodshed and betrayal.
It was in this fragile climate that our story begins, on the outskirts of a forgotten settlement on the edge of civilization. The air crackled with tension as the sun set, casting long shadows over the worn buildings and dusty streets. A lone figure stood at the crossroads, his weathered face etched with lines of experience and loss.
Jax Brennigan was a relic of the Colony Wars, a survivor who had witnessed the darkest depths of humanity. He had fought alongside the Freestar Collective, driven by a desire for freedom and the hope of a better future. But the war had changed him, leaving scars that ran far deeper than the physical wounds that marked his body.
As he gazed into the fading light, memories flooded Jax's mind—images of battle, the cries of the fallen, and the bitter taste of defeat. He knew that the peace was fragile, a mere illusion that could shatter at any moment. The factions may have ceased open hostilities, but the distrust and animosity remained.
Jax had spent years trying to find his place in this post-war world, seeking solace in the quiet corners of the Settled Systems. Yet, the shadows of the past continued to haunt him, refusing to let him forget the horrors he had witnessed. He had seen the best and worst of humanity, and he knew that true peace was an elusive dream.
With a heavy sigh, Jax turned his gaze towards the stars, their distant shimmer a reminder of the vast unknown that lay beyond. He knew that his journey was far from over, that destiny still called him to navigate the treacherous currents of the Settled Systems. The factions may never fully trust one another, but perhaps, in the face of the looming unknown, they could find common ground.
As the night sky enveloped him in its embrace, Jax steeled himself for the challenges that lay ahead
User Use that lore to write the first chapter of a book but make the main character a miner who discovered a rare artifact to start the story off.
ChatGPT Chapter 1: The Unearthed Legacy
The year was 2330, and in the Settled Systems, a delicate peace prevailed. The Colony Wars had scarred the region, leaving behind a landscape of distrust and tension. But amidst the remnants of conflict, life continued, and the pursuit of opportunity remained a driving force for many.
In the heart of an asteroid belt, where miners toiled in search of precious resources, a lone figure named Jonas Hartigan chiseled away at the rocky surface. He was a seasoned miner, his rugged hands weathered by years of labor in the unforgiving depths of space. For Jonas, the thrill of discovering something rare and valuable was a distant dream—a whisper carried on the solar winds.
But fate had a way of unveiling its secrets when least expected.
As Jonas swung his pickaxe into the dense asteroid, a resounding crack echoed through the void. He paused, his heart racing with anticipation, as if he had stumbled upon something more than just rock and ore. With meticulous care, he chipped away at the debris, revealing a glimmering metallic surface beneath.
A rush of excitement surged through Jonas's veins as he unveiled the hidden artifact—a small, intricately crafted device, unlike anything he had ever seen. It pulsated with an ethereal blue glow, casting an otherworldly aura upon the mining vessel's dimly lit interior. Its delicate engravings hinted at a forgotten legacy, a tale waiting to be unraveled.
Jonas held the artifact in his hands, feeling its weight and power. He could sense that it held significance beyond its material value. The Colony Wars had left the Settled Systems scarred, but this artifact, he believed, could hold the key to understanding the conflict and the factions that had torn the region apart.
As news of Jonas's discovery spread through the mining colony, whispers of intrigue and curiosity filled the air. Miners and settlers alike gathered around him, their eyes wide with wonder, as he recounted the tale of the artifact's unearthing. The Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, once bitter adversaries, now shared a common interest—the desire to decipher the mysteries held within the artifact.
Representatives from both factions arrived in the mining colony, each seeking to claim the artifact for their own purposes. Jonas found himself caught in the crosshairs of their competing agendas, uncertain whom to trust in this treacherous landscape of politics and power.
He knew that the artifact was more than just a trinket; it was a catalyst, capable of reigniting the dormant tensions that had defined the Colony Wars. The fate of the Settled Systems hung in the balance, and Jonas, an unwitting miner thrust into a world of intrigue and danger, held the key to it all.
As the factions jostled for control, Jonas made a decision—to embark on a journey of discovery, one that would take him deep into the heart of the Settled Systems, where the truths of the past lay hidden. With the artifact clutched tightly in his hand, he vowed to unlock its secrets and unearth the legacy that had shaped their turbulent present.
Amidst the remnants of conflict and the lingering echoes of war, Jonas Hartigan would become a reluctant hero—a miner turned seeker of truth, venturing into the unknown, driven by the hope that the revelations he unearthed would guide the Settled Systems toward a lasting peace.
And so, with determination etched upon his face, Jonas set his sights on the horizon, where starlight mingled with shadows, and the fate of worlds awaited his discovery.
User Write chapter two
ChatGPT Chapter 2: Shadows of Betrayal
The hum of the spacecraft's engines reverberated through the cabin as Jonas sat in the pilot's seat, his grip firm on the artifact that had ignited a fire within him. He had chosen a small, inconspicuous vessel for his journey—a ship that could navigate the labyrinthine reaches of the Settled Systems without drawing unwanted attention.
As the stars streaked past the viewport, Jonas couldn't shake the feeling of unease that clung to him like a shadow. He had become an unwitting pawn in the power struggle between the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, and he knew that danger lurked in every corner of the vast expanse of space he now traversed.
His destination was a remote outpost on the fringes of the Settled Systems—a place rumored to harbor individuals who had once been intimately involved in the Colony Wars. If anyone could shed light on the artifact and the secrets it held, it would be those who had borne witness to the conflict firsthand.
The outpost came into view, a solitary structure nestled amidst the desolation of a barren moon. As Jonas touched down, his pulse quickened, anticipation mingled with trepidation. He stepped out onto the lunar surface, the crunch of dust beneath his boots a reminder of the isolated world he had entered.
The outpost's interior was dimly lit, its corridors winding and labyrinthine. Conversations in hushed tones filled the air, the occupants casting wary glances at the stranger who had ventured into their midst. It was a motley crew, a collection of individuals scarred by war and defined by their allegiances.
Jonas approached a weathered figure, a man whose eyes carried the weight of untold stories. "I seek knowledge," he began, his voice steady but laced with a hint of vulnerability. "I have something that may hold answers, but I need guidance."
The man regarded him with a mixture of curiosity and caution. "You think you can find answers here? The Settled Systems are a graveyard of secrets, young one."
Jonas nodded, his resolve unwavering. "I have come this far. I am willing to take the risks."
The man studied Jonas for a moment before motioning him to follow. They wound their way through the labyrinth of corridors, arriving at a dimly lit chamber. The room was filled with holo-projectors displaying fragments of history—images of battles, faces of fallen comrades, and the destruction wrought upon once-thriving worlds.
"This is the truth you seek," the man said, his voice heavy with the weight of memory. "The Colony Wars were not simply a clash of factions. They were a clash of ideals, of aspirations, and of the very essence of humanity."
Jonas's eyes scanned the holographic display, the images searing into his mind. The conflicts were brutal, the devastation unimaginable. He saw the Freestar Collective fighting for independence, driven by a desire for freedom from the United Colonies' perceived oppression. The United Colonies, in turn, fought to maintain control, to safeguard their vision of unity and order.
But within the chaos of battle, alliances shifted, betrayals unfolded, and innocents paid the price. The Colony Wars had been a confluence of ambition, greed, and the thirst for power—factors that transcended the superficial divisions of factions.
As Jonas absorbed the truth before him, he realized that the artifact he carried was not merely a key to understanding the past—it was a catalyst for change. It held the potential to bridge the gaps that divided the Settled Systems, to forge a new path forward, away from the shadows of war and mistrust.
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2023.06.09 23:35 kellyhurley My life. I'm down, but I can triumph!

So, to cut a long tale short, I'm 26 years old, didn't technically graduate from high school approximately 4 years ago, and have been avoiding employment ever since.
After high school, my family would constantly remind me that I needed to get employment. I would ignore them and claim that I would eventually do so, although not attempt to do so. I'm NEET due to social anxiety and some past trauma, so finding a job is a pretty daunting prospect for me.
I ultimately heard that I had to have a job or else I would be homeless, so I reluctantly applied for government assistance. I didn't want to do this because it would have required me to report to a job agency and actively seek employment to maintain my benefits. I would have nothing to show for myself week after week, and my agent would make an effort to humiliate me for not having any work leads. I detested observing them.
Covid-19 eventually arrived and saved my life. I was now receiving three times as many benefits without having to look for a job. Everything was going well. I got takeaway every night and bought a load of Valorant skins. I was content:)
However, this did not last, and despite collecting more than $20,000 in compensation, I was left with nothing. When my benefits were returned to what they had been, I had to meet with my employment agent once more every other week, or did I? You know, I had a fantastic concept I called "operation sink or swim" where I had to decide between living without a place to live and obtaining a job.
I had enough money to cover my living expenses for around six weeks, so I was relatively optimistic that I had time to get my stuff ready. In contrast, I didn't. I had started to form some pretty bad habits, like waking up, eating, and drinking coffee before spending the rest of the day watching YouTube, porn, and playing video games, but my anxiety about being around people and my trauma-related issues were less severe now than they had been when I first became a NEET. I couldn't get out of the cycle.
After a while, my mother observed that I wasn't buying groceries as frequently, that I would wait until I was out of food before buying more, and that I was constantly late with my rent payments. The game was over since I could no longer even hold my weight and everyone in my family realized how much of a failure I was. My mother's expression of dismay devastated me, and my emotions of shame deepened. It was agreed that my only value was as a helper for errands and housework, which is understandable given that I wasn't paying for it myself, but it was embarrassing to essentially be everyone's slave.
I understood I had to act at this point. Before having to face the reality that I had to do it, I had thought I could handle finding a job. But the truth of it was simply too much to bear; it was embarrassing to be concerned about what my coworkers would think of me and that they would hold me responsible if I made a mistake. I was also concerned that this would be perceived as my first step towards total independence and that I would no longer have the option of relying on my family for support and would instead spend the rest of my life working as a wage slave.
Other options had to exist, and they did. I've always been passionate about YouTube, and even though I hadn't posted much previously, I was sure I could build a popular channel. I identified a market gap and added podcast episodes from a YouTuber's podcast. Unexpectedly, after constantly doing this for a month, it ended up working, and I ended up with 15,000 subscribers and over 350k views. I joined the YouTube partner program, and my first month's earnings were $600. Unfortunately, nothing wonderful lasts forever, and when YouTube learned about this, they removed me from the YPP and shut down my channel. At this time, I genuinely felt hopeless.
After some time had gone, I was scrolling through Tik Tok when I came across someone boasting about how they had made $300 in a week by only spending two hours a day taking surveys. I wasn't exactly convinced and thought I wasn't the kind of person who would be foolish enough to download some dubious survey app, but it lingered with me. I searched for it in the app store and downloaded the first app I came across out of desperation and curiosity.
I chose to dedicate an hour to see how much money I could make from the surveys, which ranged in price from 80 cents to $3 for surveys lasting 5 to 20 minutes. After an hour, I earned a meager $11.23. It wasn't much money, and I'm pretty sure it's less than half the minimum wage where I live, but it still felt odd to me. When I deposited it to PayPal and subsequently my bank account, I saw real money for the first time in months.
After performing some quick arithmetic, I estimated that if I could make $10 per hour and spend 5 hours per day taking surveys, I could easily make $300 to $400 per week. Again, not a lot of money, but if I did this, I'd be making the same amount of money I was receiving in government assistance when COVID hit. However, this time I didn't have to worry about seeking work or even having a job; instead, I could just sit at home and complete surveys while watching Twitch streams.
This was the start of a six-month quest for me to live entirely in surveys. In addition to earning more money, doing this has had several other advantages. Despite being a rather miserable endeavor, earning money through surveys has given me structure and a certain amount of self-respect. My days seem longer and happier now that I don't have to do all the housekeeping. I rise from the bed and ride my bike to the closest coffee shop, where I spend $3.85 on a medium double espresso shot latte. I then take a taxi back to my house, where I make myself comfortable and start filling out surveys while watching YouTube videos and Twitch streams. I feel more productive and can sleep better at night knowing that I'm not letting each day pass me by totally.
I think I've made good progress toward regaining my ability to function as a normal human. Oddly enough, I can picture a time in the future when I am contently working a 9–5 job or, even better, founding a business to free myself from wage labor. Now that they are aware of my condition and my willingness to make an effort to carry my weight, my family appears to be much more understanding of it. Speaking with individuals at my neighborhood coffee shop and getting to know them by name has developed into a pretty simple approach to engaging in social interaction each day, which has greatly reduced my social anxiety. Again, life feels good.
I figured that some people here might be interested in also doing surveys so I'll leave a link to the two survey apps that I use.
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2023.06.09 23:34 ahdjfkfkgkngjss I saw him again

It’s been 4 years since I graduated high school and I haven’t had to see his face. Covid was really rough for me and when I was really coming to terms with the fact that I was groomed. This last year at college had been really good, id been thinking about it less, getting triggered less. I came home and since im moving away at the end of the summer, I decided to go surprise one of my old teachers, but of course he was there too. For context, I reported him my senior year of high school, and the school did not keep me anonymous. I almost didn’t go inside cus of my anxiety but of course the first person I see when I walk in is him. I walk up to him and I ask him if the other teacher is there. He says yes but in the middle of it he finally recognizes me and is like oh, hey! And then I follow him in and talk to my other teacher while he is sitting in the room with a different teacher. My voice couldn’t stop shaking and I was just so aware that he was there. He eventually left and I got to talk with my old teacher which made me happy, but about a day later I just became so full of rage. The fact that this man is still working there and living his life and didn’t even realize who I was at first it just all made me so mad and the fact that I just felt like a fucking kid again as soon as I saw him when this man has no power over me anymore. I don’t know I almost wish we had a conversation so I could’ve fucking yelled at him. I hope he remembers who I am and that I fucking reported him and I hope it made him mad or upset or bugged him in some fucking way because I haven’t been free of this shit for the 4 years since I left and I want him to feel just a single fucking ounce of what I felt. Part of me wants to find a way to reach out to him or something so I can go off on him but I don’t think that’s a good idea in the slightest. I think part of me wanted something to happen because I’m still fucking brainwashed and maybe then I’d be able to validate myself and say yeah that did happen, I wasn’t overreacting. I don’t know I just feel fucking crazy.
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2023.06.09 23:33 Enali (Spoilers Extended) And Out Come the Wolves...

“Now this is the Law of the Jungle -- as old and as true as the sky; And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back -- For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” (Rudyard Kipling)
Will the Stark direwolves face off against the Bolton hounds as the white winds blow across the frozen wilds in the Battle of Ice? Towards the leadup to Game of Thrones' Battle of Bastards episode GRRM left this tantalizing glimpse for its showrunners:
[N.B. A note for future reference. A season or two down the line Ramsay’s pack of wolfhounds are going to be sent against the Stark direwolves, so we should build up the dogs as much as possible in this and subsequent episodes.]
And it feels like there's a sense of certainty in the note that clues us to the future of his work, but how could it even work in the books? The march on Winterfell so far is a fair bit different than its show counterpart (assuming that's what it is), and the direwolves are spread all across the map, seemingly content to be where they are. But with Boltons on a collision course with Stannis, and the food running sparse, it sets a short time window for this encounter to manifest, assuming of course, that the Boltons are defeated in the fight. Which perhaps teasingly takes form in a village in the middle of the giant primordial forest called the Wolfswood.
"The wolfswood," Benjen Stark called it, and indeed their nights came alive with the howls of distant packs, and some not so distant. Jon Snow's albino direwolf pricked up his ears at the nightly howling, but never raised his own voice in reply. There was something very unsettling about that animal, Tyrion thought.
Given Stannis' confirmed role in the burning of Shireen, and Dany's HotU vision of the blue eyed king casting no shadow, (as well as the fan favorite Night Lamp theory) it seems like a safe guess he will survive the first bout at least.
Despite the limitations of time and distance several clues surrounding the training of Ramsay's hounds in the books seem to suggest similar buildup:
"He's trained 'em to kill wolves as well," Ben Bones had confided. Reek said nothing. He knew which wolves the girls were meant to kill, but he had no wish to watch the girls fighting over his severed toe.
"Stark's little wolflings are dead," said Ramsay, sloshing some more ale into his cup, "and they'll stay dead. Let them show their ugly faces, and my girls will rip those wolves of theirs to pieces. The sooner they turn up, the sooner I kill them again."
and this quote not directly referencing Ramsay's hounds but seemingly related (credit to LChris24's post or I would have missed this one):
The rest of the dogs were close behind, the hounds sniffing and barking, a pair of monstrous mastiffs bringing up the rear. Their size and ferocity might make the difference against a cornered direwolf.
I think there is a solid amount of buildup to the possibility of these two forces coming together, claw and gnashing fang.

The Call of the Wild

“The Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept.” (Jack London)
Of the four remaining direwolves in the series though their positions are spread far from Winterfell, so the logistics of having the come together will be important for this to work.
Summer - we last leave Bran's direwolf at the cave of the last greenseer, at the giant weirwood who's roots lead to Westeros' underworld. The drifts have grown so strong that the entrance to the cavern has become snowed over - something Summer must dig through each night to join his pack and hunt while the restless dead wander outside (and living prey remain scarce), before retreating to the cave during the day to to get good-boy head pats from Meera sitting with Bran near the fire. Bran's connection to Summer remains, though his identity seems to be becoming more and more split between his various forms, sometimes as Summer, others as a raven learning to fly or in the roots of the tree traversing time and space. Summer has been able to take control of One Eye's small pack (who is being warged into by Varamyr) after their skirmish and they were even able to take out an undead snow bear together. So what could get Summer moving south? Will Bran read the fates in the tree and send him out? Will something happen to Bran at the tree that sets this event in motion? Summer may not be the largest of the direwolves, though he is often perceived as the smartest and most perceptive.
Shaggydog - Rickon's black direwolf with the eyes of green wildfire is the most savage of the pack, despite his size, and Rickon himself seems to becoming more and more in tune with his wolf each passing day. A strengthening connection Jon seemed to experience as well after reuniting with Ghost leading up to the mutiny. Rickon also seems to have a connection to prophecy similar to Bran, awaiting their father in the Crypts of Winterfell... though unlike Bran he seems to have more a natural comfort in darkness and with death. Shaggydog is in Skagos, last seen in one of Jon's wolf dreams tearing off the flesh of an enormous goat/[unicorn] in a wild rain washing the blood where his prey's horn raked him. In the early drafts of AFFC (thanks to gsteff's research) we actually see that the direwolf was sharing the kill 'with his other half' though that part was removed leaving Rickon's fate more uncertain. How does he get back? That part seems clear at least, Davos is currently en route to try to retrieve the boy and bring him for Wyman Manderly to setup as an heir to Winterfell, though there are plenty of ominous signs on the voyage (the barren seal rock, Davos' missing fingerbones, and per Bran Rickon telling him no will ever come back to Winterfell).
Nymeria - Arya's wolfie is leading a very successful life since she was let go near the Trident to protect her from Cersei's wrath, a spot she hasn't strayed too far from given the abundance of prey compared to the frigid north. Nymeria has gathered an enormous following of wolves that haunts the Riverlands and the Kingsroad. ("She says there's this great pack, hundreds of them, mankillers. The one that leads them is a she-wolf, a bitch from the seventh hell.") Under Nymeria's leadership her grey cousins have "lost all fear of men" ransacking baggage trains, killing armed sentries near Riverrun, and even tearing apart a group of Brave Companions, so that its remarked that they are not wolves at all but "demons in the skins of wolves, sent to chastise us for our sins." Nymeria seems to represent the one part of Arya that she can't shake even as she convinces herself that she is no one, or that she is a cat now wandering Braavos. At night the dreams return tethering her to her roots. In Mercy's Winds excerpt we see a last glimpse of Nymeria, running through dark pine forests hard on the scent of prey, and with a howling in her heart, the full moon overhead as the tree (perhaps Bran or Bloodraven) watches her run. Is she still in the Riverlands (if so will she play a part in the events around Lady Stoneheart) or has she finally started to head home? I'd hate for her to be left out of the reunion as... "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. "
Ghost - And of course Jon's direwolf, Ghost, his silent white shadow. Ghost is left at Castle Black while the mutiny occurs, and it seems likely, that with Jon's last words they are now together in one form. This would also fit Melisandre vision "Now he was a man, now a wolf, now a man again." Jon has also thought in the past if some part of his brothers remained in their wolves when they died. But Ghost was left locked up in the Lord Commander's Tower to prevent an incident with the skinchanger Borroq or his giant boar who the wolf distrusts. Will the mutineers go after Ghost now that Jon has been slain? If so he may need to fight his way out once they open the doors.... or, perhaps, Melisandre might let him go herself. Ghost and her have a pretty uncanny connection with their blazing red eyes (though Jon thinks the red of Ghost's eyes is more of the Old Gods), and Ghost even hesitates to leave her side to go back to Jon when called ("Warmth calls to warmth, Jon Snow"). According to Melisandre there is power in him and the beast which Jon Snow has been resisting and is yet to use... She also mentions Lord Snow would have need of her beyond the Wall ("He does not know it yet, but soon..."). Very mysterious....
But one thing seems clearer, if Ghost is to head south, he already has good cause to. One of Jon's last convictions before his death was to march south to Winterfell try to save his sister after incited by the pink letter. If his soul has carried over to the wolf perhaps that conviction may still remain....

There may or may not even be one subtle additional hint that Summer and Shaggydog could be in Winterfell soon worth discussing. In the finale chapter of A Clash of Kings Bran has one of the more prominent wolf dreams in the series while hiding in the crypts. In it he sees Winterfell burned and everyone there killled, and we are meant to believe that this was the view of what was happening right outside, as the Bolton forces sacked it. But while what he sees seems to match up, some elements of the dream remain questionable - among them the "great winged snake whose roar was a river of flame." (a pretty reasonable depiction of a dragon that might occur from a wolf's pov). Though the interpretation differs amongst readers - Some believe its just GRRM taking visual liberties with the smoke and fire... though wolves recognized real smoke and fire just before that and wolf povs are fairly unpoetic with their descriptions. Some also think it it may have been a way to describe the red comet, but the figure soon disappears from view which could be strange, unless its just meant to be obscured. Or was it a real dragon? It might have been one of the rumored offspring of Vermax born near the hot springs, sneaking in during the carnage. Osha does mention that they "made noise enough to wake a dragon." But perhaps one other interpretation is that Bran was dreaming green, seeing prophecy instead of present. Because Winterfell has been partially rebuilt by the Boltons and Freys during their occupation, we may see Winterfell burned once more. If Stannis takes the city, he may just start a new fire to wake dragons from stone, one that may escape his control.

The Cry of the Blood Moon

There is one really interesting way I think the direwolves might be finally called together. There's been a lot said about how quiet Ghost throughout the books.... only Jon seems to hear him, perhaps telepathically, calling to him at the beginning when no one else could. But with Jon now inhabiting Ghost, could the direwolf gain his voice at last?
Ghost sat on his haunches watching, silent as ever. Will he howl for me when I'm dead, as Bran's wolf howled when he fell? Jon wondered. Will Shaggydog howl, far off in Winterfell, and Grey Wind and Nymeria, wherever they might be?
Ghost is drawn to the hills and the high places looking up at the stars, and while he starts off the smallest of the litter he soon grows to be the largest of the direwolves, perhaps foreshadowing his strength and leadership. Maybe its fitting then that it would be Ghost that calls them home to be a pack again with the boy's death.
Do they miss their brothers and sisters too? Bran wondered. Are they calling to Grey Wind and Ghost, to Nymeria and Lady's Shade? Do they want them to come home and be a pack together?
And if so would it be a physical blood curdling howl or a telepathic one?
There was ice underfoot, and broken stones just waiting to turn an ankle, and the wind was howling fiercely. It sounds like a wolf, thought Sansa. A ghost wolf, big as mountains.

~Thank you for Reading!~
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2023.06.09 23:33 3435taptapTT Hey guys, I'm having an existential crisis right now. Am I a narcissist or not? (warning: long ass post)

My Reddit obsession lately has been worrying me because it's getting in the way of my life. Today, I realized that I've been using it as a source of external validation and that I might be a narcissist. This started several days ago when I started looking into narcissism because I suspect my parents might be narcissists and I wanted to know why they are the way they are, but I seem to have opened a Pandora's box that might have better been left closed. :(
I've been reading some posts on NPD and narcissism that are frighteningly relatable to me. Such as having an "empty core" inside and "seeming" to have empathy because I focus on others and their needs, but my reason for doing this is very self-serving. I think that the reason I give people attention and make them feel good about themselves is because "people like people who like them." I get attention and liking for giving attention and liking and that's why I do it. I have often wondered if I am really capable of feeling empathy and love or not. I still don't know the answer. Shame dominates every other emotion in my brain. It's the one I feel the most strongly, it doesn't feel like there is room for anything else.
It takes me a lot of mental work to be interested in what other people are saying, and more than half the time I still can't do it. I'm just waiting for my turn to talk. I seem to love the sound of my own voice, I talk excessively. I try to be interested in others, and I feel like a defective human when I can't manage it. I constantly re-read posts I make, answers I give, and texts I send, just to pat myself on the back for a job well done (you're so clever, you're so caring, you're so open-minded, you're so smart, you're so funny), and then I do it all over again except this time I put myself in the POV of others and imagine how they are perceiving me. I do this over and over and over again whenever I want to feel good about myself. I constantly check my answers to see how many upvotes they got. The fact that so many of my questions blow up and get popular fuels me (I tend to have this effect whenever I do a presentation at school too, I'm an entertainer seriously). Compliments fuel me. Anything nice anyone has ever said to me, I've taken a screenshot of it.
More than anything, I want to be humble, kind, loving, open-minded, curious about/interested in others, and driven by my values. But that's not how I am inside and I delude myself about that. I've always been vaguely aware of this need for external validation and it always disgusts me. I just learned about the terms "communal narcissism" and "cerebral narcissism" and it scared me how much they sounded like me. I also strongly suspect that my mom is a covert/vulnerable narcissist (maybe a little communal too), and my dad I suspect is a communal/cerebral narcissist. I'm just like them, isn't that a hit to the ego :))
But I digress. Anyway, it has come to my attention recently that everything I do is for the purpose of getting external validation and trying to develop an identity, trying on different personalities like outfits. I get my sense of self-worth from showing off and getting positive attention for it, especially in the following areas:
1) Being a "kind/loving person" 2) Being "intelligent/a critical thinker" 3) Being "funny/the class clown" 4) Being flamboyant/dramatic/"quirky"/"unique"
Inside, I do not have a sense of self. I've been deluding myself about what kind of person I am, when really I do not have any identity at all. I've just been trying to create one this whole time. I don't feel human, I don't feel like a real person. I don't feel like I have a personality. And this makes me feel like a defective knock-off product one might return at Walmart. This makes me feel deeply ashamed and alone and scared and sad. I just want to be like everyone else.
I've been deluding myself my entire life into thinking that I'm a person who cares about others, who enjoys learning, and who loves humour and drama. But really, these are just outfits I'm trying on, and they've stuck because these are the areas I've gotten a lot of positive reinforcement in. Because I have OCD, I've always been the type to question whether I'm REALLY a good person and what my REAL motives are for doing nice things, and I often wonder if I'm capable of genuine human connection since I seem to be able to turn my emotions off at will, but these past few weeks have made it all crystal clear. I'm not a good person OR a bad person, I'm not a person at all 😭😭
I feel horrible. I feel like I'm having the worst existential crisis of my life. Everything I fucking do is for external validation. Any joy I get from ANYTHING is from the external validation it provides or the external validation I imagine in my head that I would get if others were present. I have ZERO intrinsic motivation. I'm completely developmentally stunted. I never developed an identity, a personality, stability in emotions and empathy, or social skills. I have CPTSD, ADHD, OCD, and now possibly NPD?? Just fucking kill me at this point.
I've always seen online "signs of a narcissist" and I rolled my eyes thinking "that's not me at all lol." And I've taken narcissism tests before but I always scored extremely low. But I've recently noticed that I tend to have a dissonance between my feelings and behaviours vs. my thoughts and beliefs. I "believe" and rationally think that I'm not better than anyone else, but that's not how I "feel" or act. I believe in humility while taking every opportunity to show off. I do it all for the audience, for the applause. Even if that audience is an imaginary one in my own head.
I believe that intelligence is a meaningless concept and that people who think they're smarter than everyone else are pretentious and irritating, while taking every opportunity to show off any knowledge I ever accumulate and looking down on people who ""lack"" critical thinking skills. I believe in caring for others, while what I really get out of caring for others is a self-serving ego boost from gaining someone's respect and admiration. I get a kick out of knowing that I'm ""better"" than people who don't act caring and loving. I believe in the importance of living by your values and developing intrinsic motivation, while my every behaviour is driven by extrinsic motivation.
So I decided today to re-take the narcissism test and let my emotions + behaviour guide me this time rather than my thoughts and beliefs. And what do you know, I get a score of fucking 34 😭😭😭 An EXTREME narcissist. I find out that I'm an empty shell of a person whose entire life was a lie and now I have this shit to worry about on top of it? I always knew I was a little flamboyant, a little silly, a little self-absorbed, but I never thought that I might be a narcissist because I don't want to hurt people like all the YouTube videos say. I'd rather die than hurt someone. I'm disgusted by all the behaviours involved in emotional abuse. I was emotionally abused my entire life by my parents, so I vowed never to make anyone feel the way my parents made me feel. But this isn't any better.
Maybe I'm not a "malignant" or "overt" narcissist or whatever but I'm still faking every human connection I've ever made because I'm not fucking human inside. I don't want to engage with others inauthentically like this. I don't want to fool them or trick them into thinking I'm a caring person who loves them when I've probably never cared about anything except for external validation in my life. I feel like shit man I don't know what to do. I'm too ashamed to even bring this up to my therapist and this shit is untreatable anyway. Just imagining the disgusted look on her face makes me shrivel up and wish I was dead. Honestly, imagining everyone's disgusted faces as they read this post makes me shrivel up and wish I was dead.
I think if I ever told anybody this stuff in real life, they would be nauseated. I think my only option is suicide at this point. But I can't even do that because it would hurt my family and my one friend and traumatize them for life. I'm just doomed to fucking be miserable?? Fucking hell. This is the worst day of my life. I just want to be normal like everyone else.
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2023.06.09 23:33 skinnylegend21 I Was Betrayed by One of My Closest Friends...

I (18F) had a close friend (let's call him Jack, 18M) who I've gotten to know very well last year. We became friends through an ex-friend (let's call her Emma, 18F) and an ex-friend group that I used to be in last year. Emma dumped Jack due to personality differences and it didn't end up on good terms. I supported Emma during that time but was also friends with Jack since we were the closest out of all the other friends in the friend group. Last year, Emma and I had a fight because a friend who Emma had issues with reached out to her and I encouraged her to forgive her because that friend told me beforehand that she wanted to be friends with Emma again. Although Emma eventually forgave that friend, she was extremely mad at me because she heard that since I was involved/knew about the situation before hand, it meant that I was being involved in her business. After that, we never talked to each other and I don't have any plans on talking to Emma. I also broke apart with my ex-friend group because they all believed Emma and didn't hear my side of the story.
Me and Jack remained close friends throughout the rest of the year. I told him about stuff happening in my life: college, school, and boys. I had a crush on a guy this year (let's call him Dylan, 17M) who I'm friends with but I could never confess. I would always talk to Jack about what should I do and how I felt towards him. Jack was on my spam Instagram, which had ~50 followers, and on the close friend list of that account. Jack was pretty involved in my life and I was the same to him but earlier this year, he decided to get back with Emma. I was confused on why he did that since he knew what happened between us and she had insulted him after they broke up. I still remained friends with him, but I was slowly starting to get cautious.
On my story's close friend list of my spam, I posted a picture that I took with me and Dylan and I talked about how cute he was and I called him a nickname that I give to all of my friends. Later on in the day, I found out that Dylan had blocked me on text message and Discord (where I communicate with him the most) and that he was uncomfortable with what I was saying on Instagram.
I was really confused since Dylan doesn't follow my spam and most of the people on the close friend list do not know him at all. The only person who went to the same school as him was Jack. So I confronted Jack about it but he denied everything. I asked a friend (let's call her Claire, 18F) who knew Jack more than me to ask him and he revealed everything to Claire.
Jack screenshotted my private story and sent it to Emma. Emma then proceeds to send it to my ex-friend group who sends it to Dylan. I confront Jack on why he did that and he said that he didn't think Emma seemed to care and denied Emma sending the story to the ex-friend group. I was so heartbroken and betrayed because in that moment, he put Emma's relationship over our year-long friendship. And he never apologized or understood the severity of what he had done. He just defended Emma and denied everything because he knew I was upset at him.
I never contacted Emma and the friend group about this because I feel like I wouldn't know what to say. Dylan had a right to block me and I understand that I should be careful of what I say on the internet. But I can't help but feel betrayed because my trust is broken and I can't even joke around or say anything on my Instagram because it'd be used against me. My friends say to let it go since we've graduated and it'll just be high school drama. But I can't help but feel the opposite.
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2023.06.09 23:32 WindscribeSupport Regarding downgrades from 20/30/50/60GB Free plans

Some of you may have noticed a notification and/or email sent to you letting you know that your upgraded Free plan will be deprecated and your monthly VPN bandwidth will go down to 10GB per month. Some of you may have already been downgraded to the 10GB plan. In this post we'd like to answer a few questions and clarify some concerns that people had regarding this change.
First off, who will be affected by these changes?
The changes we're making right now will be affecting anyone on an upgraded Free plan with 20GB or more monthly bandwidth. There are a couple of exceptions to this but let's explain some basics first.
All Windscribe accounts have 2 different types of bandwidth allotted to them. The first is the actual Base plan you are on, so 2GB per month, 10GB per month, 50GB per month, etc, and the second is what we call Bonus bandwidth. Bonus bandwidth is what you get when you refer people to our service (you get +1GB for every person referred), it's what you get when you buy a Custom plan (each location on a custom plan is an additional 10GB to your account as long as you have the custom plan), and it covers some other situations like Mine-for-Upgrades bonuses.
The total monthly bandwidth you have on your account is the sum of your base plan and any bonus bandwidth. Here are a couple of examples:
Once again, these changes will only affect any base plan that is 20GB or more. The 15GB Tweet-4-Data plan and any Bonus Bandwidth you may have are unaffected.
Here are some examples before and after the changes:
You have a 50GB base plan with an extra 10GB from referrals for a total of 60GB. The 50GB plan downgrades to 10GB and you keep the bonus 10GB referral bandwidth for a total of 20GB.
You have a 30GB base plan and added an extra 50GB through the discontinued Mine-for-Upgrades program for a total of 80GB. The 30GB plan goes down to 10GB, bonus stays for a new total of 60GB.
You are on the 15GB Tweet-4-Data plan and bought a Custom plan with 3 locations for a total of 45GB No changes to the base plan, the bonus stays as long you have the custom plan, so total remains 45GB.
You are on the 50GB Free plan with no Bonus bandwidth. The 50GB plan gets deprecated and you will now have the 10GB Free plan.
You claimed the Tweet-4Data 15GB plan and then also claimed a 50GB upgrade. The 50GB supersedes the 15GB plan to give you a total 50GB. The 50GB plan gets deprecated and you will be reverted back to the previous 15GB plan.
All people who are affected by this will also have received an offer to purchase a yearly Pro plan at a highly discounted price.
Now, why are we doing this?
There are a couple of reasons for this decision. Some of the upgrade codes we released were meant for a specific set of users who are living in countries with severe internet restrictions during a time where access to internet is vital. These were upgrades for people in Russia and Ukraine who were having their internet censored during a war, users in Iran who couldn't get access to the open internet during long and difficult country-wide protests, Turkish residents who were dealing with internet restrictions after a devastating earthquake, and a few other cohorts.
While the upgrade codes were meant to help people in specific countries, because we don't track where users are, there was no way to enforce those geographic intentions. And so, hundreds of thousands of people who were completely unaffected by any restrictions were claiming these codes on their accounts because hey, it's a free upgrade and who's gonna stop them? The relief codes were also meant to be temporary, to get people through the toughest of restrictions during the most heated times of conflict, which typically results in a drastic increase in internet blocking.
It certainly didn't help that people spun up bots to create tons of free Windscribe accounts and claim these upgrade codes, only to then sell the upgraded accounts in shady telegram groups where people get scammed (please report any of these resellers if you see them). Thousands of accounts were made by bad actors who abused this solely for their own gain as opposed to leaving it for the people who need it. There's also no simple way for us to detect which accounts are good and which are bad because of how little we track so pruning the upgrades only from the bad actors isn't possible.
Along with the temporary relief codes we put out in the last 18 months, well before that we also released some offers to get 50GB or sometimes even 60GB upgrades to your Free plan. It was a no-brainer to grab one of these free upgrades for yourself back in 2016-2019 when other free VPNs would give you 1-10% of the monthly bandwidth we offered with these upgrades. So naturally, many people did.
Which leads us to the second reason for why we're doing this. We've always tried to be transparent with our userbase and the reality is, in order to keep hiring more developers, expanding our server infrastructure and improving the service, we have to find ways to reduce our spending. Don't worry, we're not on the verge of collapse or anything close to that. We're still going strong, but our mission is not yet complete. Our goal is to be the biggest ethical privacy company on the market, and we're trying to do this entirely self-funded - no VC interference for us, thanks. The first few years of Windscribe's growth were very positive and with a small team and a few million registrations, we were able to afford a lot of benefits for our users, like 50GB Free plan upgrades.
Now, we've passed 60 million registered users and have almost 50 employees. The competition in the VPN industry is only growing, while the economy and consumer spending are going down. We need to stay on top of our game. We don't have a 100 million dollar VC piggy bank to play around with (VC money comes with conditions that can be antithetical to our morals). Supporting hundreds of thousands of users on these upgraded free plans isn't free for us as we pay for servers and bandwidth, nor is it giving us any returns. Our metrics show that very few people on the upgraded free plans actually upgrade to any paid plans. From a business perspective, supporting these upgraded free plans long term with no returns is not economically feasible which is why we made the decision to deprecate those plans and revert the people who had them back to the standard 10GB (or 15GB) Free plan.
"Weren't these supposed to be lifetime upgrades?"
You may have seen some old comments made by us or recall some websites advertising these upgrade codes as "Lifetime upgrades". This is true, we did in fact say that these were lifetime upgrades. These comments were also made 7 years ago when we didn't know how things would pan out down the line. Back then, we made the assumption that we'd be able to support these upgrades forever without any downsides as our trajectories were all very positive. We certainly didn't foresee a global pandemic, wars and an economy heading straight for the dumpster. And our costs didn't go up in a linear fashion either, we didn't simply get more servers over time, we've had an enormous amount of work done on our infrastructure to make it faster, more secure, more flexible, more reliable and more resilient. That isn't done with a few lines of code written over a weekend - it has taken years of development while we also still expand our network. Now that we're here, today, with all this knowledge, we have to reconsider some of the choices we made back then.
At the end of the day, these were free offers that we gave away and people got to use them for 5-6 years for a total cost to the user of zero dollars and zero cents. These upgrades were never sold, there is no legal purchase agreement that we're breaking, and as per our Terms of Service, "Windscribe does not guarantee as to the continuous availability of the service or of any specific feature(s) of the service....Windscribe may impose usage or service limits, suspend service, or block certain kinds of usage at our sole discretion."
"Are users on Lifetime Pro plans affected?"
No, the Lifetime Pro plan is an actual paid plan. If you have it, it will remain unchanged on your account. You were advertised a service you would get access to for as long as the company exists if you paid the price on the site. We're still around so if you paid that price, you will still have the service.
"Will there be other relief codes in the future?"
Yes, we are still going to help people in places where severe internet restrictions pop up by offering them some relief codes for extra bandwidth. These codes will activate a temporary upgrade on the account and after some time, the plan will automatically downgrade back to the original 10 or 15GB plan.
We know this change isn't going to make people happy, no one likes having things taken away from them, but at the end of the day we are a business and we sometimes have to make some tough business decisions. We hope this post has answered any questions and cleared up any confusion there may have been about the situation. If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to post them in this thread so we can continue the discussion.
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2023.06.09 23:32 AutoModerator [] Get: ✔️ Simon Dixon – Retirement Plan ✔️ Full Course Download

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