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My account of the April 23 meeting about the proposed pods for homeless people on Elm Street in Forest Grove

2023.04.24 04:45 jcravens42 My account of the April 23 meeting about the proposed pods for homeless people on Elm Street in Forest Grove

A community meeting was held from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 23, at St. Bede Church in Forest Grove, 1609 Elm St. regarding a proposed pod village on Elm Street in Forest Grove for homeless people, similar to the one across the street from Winco in Hillsboro.
The county’s supportive housing services program manager, Jes Larson, was there, along with Emily Roots, the county’s public affairs administrator, to make a presentation about the proposed site and to answer questions. But the meeting was not organized by the county - it was organized by members of a grassroots initiative, Forest Grove Folks, which is against the proposed pod site, and was chaired by one of the heads of that group, Dale Thaler.
I was at this meeting. I was live blogging it on Mastodon for the first hour.
Here is what I saw and heard at the meeting - if you were there, perhaps your experience was different and, if so, feel free to share in the comments:
I was really impressed with how kindly and welcoming the opposition to this pod community, the founder of Forest Grove Folks, Dale Thaler, opened the meeting, how well he moderated the meeting, how he spoke to everyone, no matter their stance, etc. You would never have known he was the head of the opposition except for one comment at the very end.
I was also really impressed with how Marlene Mutchler, Vicar of St. Bede's Episcopal in Forest Grove, set a good tone for the meeting, reminding everyone that they were in a sacred space, reminding everyone that we need to care for the homeless and all of our neighbors, and for her stepping in at one point to remind people of these points when things were getting quite out of hand. She was an important voice of reason and calm.
Jes Larson rarely gave a straight answer. Her beating around the bush when answering questions was beyond frustrating - and I say this as someone who is neutral about the pods but thinks they COULD work if properly managed and supported. She did not build trust in the county today - not at all. The county must do better in communications in the future if they don't want an ugly community revolt about this project. There is a lot of damage control to be done because of the vague answers and avoidance at this meeting - I hope they rise to the challenge.
Emily Roots, Public Affairs Administrator at Washington County Department of Housing Services, did a MUCH better job of answering questions clearly - whether or not you liked her answer, she gave straightforward answers.
Early on, an audience member asked if there are any decision-makers on stage or at the meeting regarding the pod community. The question was met with silence. This is a really, really bad look for the city and county to not have had decision-makers in attendance to listen. And I'm still not sure who the decision-makers are - Ms. Larson never really gave specifics.
In response to a question asking where they lived, Ms Larson noted she lives in Portland - and it was met with murmurs that I interpreted as people unhappy that a person NOT from the county is the lead on this project. Roots noted that she lives in Forest Grove and hikes the B street trail - but then said she lives in Forest Gale Heights - which was also met with murmurs, which I interpreted as, "Ah, yes, the most affluent part of Forest Grove, one where pods will NEVER be built."
The projector didn't work so the short presentation the county brought had to be printed out on a few sheets of paper and circulated among attendees - and the room was entirely full, some folks had to stand in the lobby. (why did they not just share it online so everyone could view it on their phones?!) The presentation was very general, just about the overall problems regarding homelessness in the county. The only slides that really related to what people wanted to know at the meeting was one that was a map of the area, this one below that outlines what the county's community engagement process regarding a "shelter siting" is supposed to look like
and this one that notes the timeline for the project.
A reminder that, while the county says it has a process for community engagement, this meeting was NOT organized by them; it was organized by a neighborhood association, Forest Grove Folks, which is in opposition to the proposed pods location.
The county representative says there will be no official community engagement until after the county has already bought the property and is preparing to move ahead - which most in the room interpreted to mean there is no way to stop the project and any community engagement would be "just for show" as one attendee said. Ms. Roots said "robust" stakeholder engagement won't happen until real estate deal closes. She sees these meetings happening in summer (not sure if she meant this summer or the summer of 2024). She thinks it will take 18 months after the real estate deal closing for pods to open.
Most of the county talking points focused on the general problem of homelessness in Washington County and presenting data to prove it - which was strange, because I don't think anyone in the room doesn't think there is NOT a crisis in Oregon regarding homelessness and, in fact, I would say most of the people in the room want to do something humane and equitable about it. That the county doesn't understand why people are opposed to this project - and there are a myriad of reasons for opposition, and that some are opposed to some parts (the pods, but not the apartments) and other are opposed to all of it - is really disturbing.
The county says the pods will be temporary housing for people who are enrolled in public service programs and have case workers and are waiting for permanent housing. It sounds like it will be single people, not families - but given the beating-around-the-bush in answer to questions, I may not have that right. It also sounds like the goal of the pods is to replace the just-four-months emergency shelter, making emergency shelter something offered year-round. And if I understood it correctly, the pods will eventually be replaced by a permanent structure, something like the Valfre at Avenida 26 in Forest Grove, a new apartment complex that provides 36 units of affordable housing for low-income families, with 30 two- and three-bedroom units. Eight of the units at the Valfre are set aside to provide permanent supportive housing with wrap-around services and case management for vulnerable community members.
You can read about that site here:
Well into the meeting, Roots finally acknowledged the worry the community has regarding operation of the pods. She says there will be 24-hour staffing and that there is a commitment to transparency in communication regarding how the shelter will be managed.
Roots again said no stakeholder meeting will be held until the real estate transaction has ended. An audience member said waiting until after real estate deal closes is too late to talk to the community, that it makes "engagement" meaningless. Another said that, so far, what's happened has been anything but transparent.
The lack of real information from the county representative finally became too much, and people began to yell out. "How about you don't build this next to my house?!" and other comments. A woman next to me, taking notes, mumbled, "here we go." Someone yelled out, "let's cut to the chase. How do we stop this?" The room erupted into LOUD applause.
Many audience members asked to know what other areas were looked at. I never heard an answer to that question (doesn't mean there wasn't one - I may have just missed it).
There was a lot of audience pushback that this area on Elm Street meets the county's own criteria for a site, that it's really not close enough to mass transit or other services.
Ms. Larson implied that soil testing could mean housing plans do not go forward. Some audience members said that the site is contaminated from automotive oils from a previous business.
In response to a question, Ms. Larson at first implied that the pods will not be like the Hillsboro site across from WinCo, but then described the pod rules there as just like what will be proposed for Forest Grove - and the audience pointed out that the Hillsboro site has broken down cars and trash visible by anyone passing by, as well as trash and campers around the site, within 500 feet, which is supposed to be prohibited. There was great concern expressed at how the Hillsboro pod site is an eye sore. The representatives never acknowledged that.
An audience member gave an impassioned commentary that was, in the end, asking why homeless shelters are so often in or near Latino and poor communities, why the Hillsboro site across from Winco was going to be moved to Cornelius, and why most shelters and most homeless services in Washington County are in district 4 of Washington County rather than the more affluent parts of the county - the room erupted in loud applause. At first, Larsen avoided answering, but after several audience members demanded an answer, Larsen said "thank you for bringing up equity," then said there are maps that show where shelters are, where poverty is, says there are 70 shelter beds in Tigard, says the county is searching for pod sites in Tigard, etc. But I never heard an answer to the question or an acknowledgment of the stated imbalance.
Larson says the pods next to WinCo in Hillsboro will, indeed, move to Cornelius. She did not acknowledge any problems with the pods regarding trash, vehicles that people are living in at the site, surrounding trash and campers, etc. - she did say that she has no data showing an increase in calls to police in that area since the pods were opened, but she would check.
There was a question about what kind of folks will live in the pods, if they will have to be drug-free, alcohol-free, drug tested, etc. "Will they take a pee test before they can enter?" Someone asked if people who have just been released from jail come to the pods.
An audience member noted that she helps homeless people on her own and the county has never helped her, she cannot get answers - she helps with paperwork on her own, helps find shelter on her own. Larsen thanked her for her efforts and said in answer to where she can actually find help, "be persistent." Once again, the room groaned.
Laren said again that there would be rules for living in the pods, that residents had to engage with public services and follow a code of conduct, and that there would be a no drugs policy, but there would be no drug testing. She said this is "a standard practice" not to have drug testing.
Someone asked if people who had been convicted of murder of child molestation would be allowed in the pods. Larsen said that they follow state law and that if people have served their time, they have the right to live somewhere. Which I guess was her way of saying, yes, there will be people with criminal backgrounds in the pods. But she noted that people with criminal backgrounds also might be in the room with us, right now, that they could already be neighbors.
Eventually, the audience began shouting out again - one person claiming that homeless people are brought in from other states. Another said she had a homeless man collapsed and barely responsible in the public right of way in front of her yard (the area between the sidewalk and the street) and that he said he had been dumped there by someone from a Hillsboro medical facility.
Larson said the vast majority of homeless people, when polled, gave as their last permanent address a place in Oregon. She said there was a number to call regarding anyone experiencing homelessness, however, she did not know the number by heart - because it's not her office's number. She directed people to call by Community Action - Hillsboro, Oregon, a nonprofit that is in charge of "Community Connect" for the area. Lots of comments that it was weird that the Supportive Housing Services Program Manager at the Washington County Department of Housing Services doesn't know that number by heart and it doesn't go to her office.
Shawn Cardwell from the Forest Grove Foundation, a local nonprofit serving the homeless population, was invited to speak. He spent most of his time noting his connections with Forest Grove and naming other board members present. Never really said why he was there and how he or his organization could be a resource for the community members present. The women in my row were confused about why he was there, since he seems to have nada to do with this pod village. One woman mumbled that she was tired of his "folksy nonsense."
An audience member asked where the county sees this project in 3 to 5 years, what they think it will look like. Larson said she hoped to see construction on the affordable homes completed and the pods gone.
Another audience member asked if the county could decide at any point to make this a camping spot for homeless people, per the rules set by "time place and manner" in a recent federal court ruling and an Oregon law. The federal court ruling provides that local law regulating sitting, lying, sleeping or keeping warm and dry outdoors on public property that is open to the public must be objectively reasonable as to time, place and manner with regard to persons experiencing homelessness, and that cities and counties are limited on limiting camping. Larson said the rule that Forest Grove passes will govern if that can happen, and that rule hasn't been passed yet. She said, "we cannot criminalize homelessness", resulting in very loud applause from a small group. She noted that no camping is allowed if there is available shelter and law prohibits camping next to pod site and that there are no plans to allow camping at this pod. Many responded that this isn't being enforced - camping is still happening even when there is shelter available and that the Hillsboro site is an example of rules NOT being enforced. Someone noted that, in theory, camping could be allowed on the right of way in front of houses in this neighborhood, in the land between the sidewalk and the street.
Someone shouted out that homelessness is because of the influx of drugs, to big applause.
Donna Gustafson, Forest Grove City Councilor, asked to speak and used her brief remarks to strongly encouraged everyone to be at the Forest Grove 2023 Annual Town Meeting on April 29, 2023, from 10 AM to Noon in the Forest Grove Community Auditorium at 1915 Main Street. She suggested people bring their neighbors, "even if they disagree with you on this," and said, "We work for you."
There was a question about who decides who goes into the permanent housing apartments, and if neighbors influence that decision maker. Larson said there will be opportunities for community input with the "entity" that will build and manage permanent housing. She said it could be a collaborative effort led by a nonprofit, which is how The Valfre is managed.
A question about if the county will pay for increased policing for predicted increased trash, crime, etc. Larson said there will be a "good neighbor agreement" that will address concerns and that they will "develop a plan" to prevent and address problems and that they will "change the plan as needed." She said, "We will work with you when we get to that point." Which prompted someone asking again about the problems at the Hillsboro site across from Winco and how this pod site would be different - and once again not getting an answer.
An audience member did speak in support of the pods, saying this is a critical, urgent need and it will address some of the concerns people already have now with unsheltered people and it will make the situation regarding the homeless better, and a small group applauded loudly.
Someone asked where the programs are to give a "hand up" instead of a hand out, and asked why the people living in the pods didn't build them themselves, and why the people that will live in the permanent housing didn't get trained in construction so they could build it themselves, so that there was both ownership and job-training. Ms. Larson said there are workforce development programs where people enrolled in such get rent help.
Someone noted that most people at the meeting care about the homeless but that no one wants this kind of pod village "in their neighborhood" and that "we want to help" but not by "putting children at risk," and again noted problems at the Hillsboro pods regarding trash and camping outside the area. She said she feels Hillsboro's problems are just being moved to Forest Grove.
Someone noted that he has had his cars and home broken into and that he is counting on his home sale to fund his retirement, and this puts that in dire jeopardy. The county rep made several remarks but they were vague and didn't address the comment, and he eventually interrupted her to ask who will compensate him for his devalued property. She said that they problems he's talking about - the robberies - are from unsheltered people. He replied, "it's all connected."
An audience member talked about how he and his family were homeless, struggled with hunger, said he would not be here without help, said he does have concerns about this project, but that we do all need to help each other. Dale Thaler responded, "I think we all want to help,", and someone behind me said, "no, not all of us" - and he meant himself, that he does not want to "help". But I don't think he was heard.
An audience member asked what people in the pods will do all day. Ms Larson said that part of their time will be "down time", that they may need time to recover from being homeless, that many homeless people are crime victims themselves, and just like anyone, they need "down time." She said that otherwise their time will be meeting with case managers, getting to doctor's appointments and getting medical treatment, getting IDs, etc.
An audience member claimed that a military vet is being displaced for this development, and that this happens regularly. Larson said that, in fact, the veteran she was referring to was a renter and this was a rental dispute with the property owner because he was selling. Mr. Thaler noted that no matter who land is sold to, this person will be displaced.
An audience member suggested that Washington County officials look into "Village of Hope" in Eugene, saying it's a good model, that they have excellent screening. of residents, and says "instead of asking how do we stop this, we ask how to make this work."
This same person also said that you can tell who the renters are, because they have more trash in their yards.
The last question was if what happened today would be communicated with other county officials and the "decision-makers". Larson, after some vague comments, ultimately said yes.
If you disagree with how I've represented what happened at the meeting, feel free to note such in the comments.
Here's a newspaper article about the controversy:
If you have concerns, here is the contact information to elected officials to express your thoughts:
Forest Grove City Councilors
By Email to all Councilors: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
By Telephone: 503-992-3235 FG City Manager: City Manager: Jesse VanderZandenPhone: 503.992.3234 Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Contact information for Washington County Board of Commissioners:
Jerry Willey - [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Kathryn Harrington -
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2023.02.17 15:06 GatorChamp44 Mickey Mouse's Crappy Cousin in my Travel Trailer! Questions about rodent poop.

Hey all. I went and picked up my small travel trailer from storage at my mom's house. We opened it up and found a small amount of rodent droppings. Pic below.
It was maybe a total of 15 little pieces on the floor in the common area and on the dinette cushions. No where else and I tore my little 17 foot TT apart. No other droppings. No chewed wires or upholstery. I checked everywhere. All compartments. I removed panels to check dead spaces and found nothing. No nests. No other droppings in any of the compartments. No smells. Nada.
I was up until midnight tearing it apart, checking underneath the TT, shoving steel wool and expanding foam in any hole bigger than a pea, and setting traps which I will check when I get home from work.
I guess my questions are these...
  1. Is it possible that this guy (or guys) ISN'T still in the camper? It seems weird but there was only a small amount of dry droppings and I can't find any other evidence.
  2. How crazy do I need to be about fumigation? If you look online, I probably already have the bubonic plague just from looking at the camper. I sprayed the dinette (and beds just in case) with fabric sanitizer and wiped the floor and hard surfaces with clorox wipes. My wife is nervous (and I am too, to be fair) to bring our 7 and 9 year olds in the camper before we completely sanitize every inch. Compartments and all.
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2023.01.27 16:26 NeoHawkie I quit, and here goes why

I believe most ppl that had quit before, did so for the same reason: You take a long ass time to progresss in this game, and not because you have to grind massive amounts of barter materials, but because you gotta be successful in hoarding everything back. "Oh, but do some shorter trips", well but there's still the same dangers along the way: campers and anomaly with utter shit random placements. These will still kill you, carrying either a lot or even with your inventory empty...
The game is a stalker Minecraft, ok, but ffs, it's also an MMO. Learn from other MMOs damnit, you don't drop every important item when you die in other games, keep the barter items or at least a 1/3 of it. If you just die by bad luck, you don't progress.
I've been trying to play in the dump for an entire week and didn't bring a single farm haul back to base. Nada. It's either a vortex near a ledge that makes me not touch the ground and then die, some campers, black holes with weird variable ranges, something.
So that's it, I quit. I am unlucky, have always been. If I cant progress the game because of it, welp, so be it, not for me I'll go back to GAMMA
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2023.01.18 15:50 NoOneSpecial2023 Listen I love WZ but…

TL;DR: WZ2 is dying fast/nearly dead and they only have til szn 2 on Feb 15th to implement major gameplay changes or their player base will move on forever—no one’s waiting longer than that, it’s their only chance at salvaging the game.
…what in the actual fuck?
One of the only true issues with Verdansk/Dansk ‘84 was Acti’s lack of handle at all on hackers. There may have been the occasional bug here and there but it wasn’t unplayable. Even when hackers ran rampant I still remember playing it anyway because it was still fun up to the point of running into said hackers. The lobbies without hackers tho 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻
Then Caldera 🤢 I loathe it as a map, but it was an upgrade gameplay wise with Acti finallllyyy getting a handle on the hackers. I do remember the bugs at the start of Caldera like the guns being black blobs, random holes here and there to get under the map—which are always a problem anyway, guns being beams and having no recoil which never really got fixed, loady’s bugging into the map, maybe a couple other minor issues—but that was pretty much it.
Then, fucking WZ2. Al Mazrah map wise, imo, is fucking beautiful and I really do like the layout A LOT. Whoever worked on the map deserves a raise. The colors pop, the layout isn’t centered around a fucking high point, etc. All of the bugs they’ve fixed so far were things I didn’t even know were a problem for the most part. Gameplay wise tho…what. and I can’t stress this enough. the fuck?!
I understand it’s a breakaway hence the 2.0 but shit…they abandoned everything they got praised for. In the waning months of Caldera, Raven did an amazing job of being communicative and implementing changes that the community wanted to see. It actually felt like they were listening to us. Then WZ2 dropped and I swear to god there’s no way you could convince me it’s not out of it’s alpha testing, beta at best. That and there’s literally zero fucking communication whatsoever. None. Okay, maybe here and there saying they fixed random ass bugs but they’re not even acknowledging the current state of the game or giving players hope by just simply saying: “we’re aware of your concerns and we will be releasing a announcement regarding them soon”. NUH-THING. NADA.
I play solos, by and large, and fuck does it play slow. It could be the map size but it’s also a movement problem too—and no I’m not talking about slide cancelling, although that did help with getting around faster. The vehicles are ass. There’s no ballooning here. There’s no transit system at all unless you wanna ride the train when it makes it’s one go round the map. Nothing. The audio is horrific! When I’m flying a heli I hear the rotors behind me and often wonder if someone’s on my ass with another heli but it’s always just me and the audio trailing me. Can’t hear shit til you’re being shot.
Also, in OG WZ/‘84, I explicitly remember them nerfing the fuck outta guns for having too low of a TTK I.e. the FFAR, DMR, M16, MAC 10, etc. and those guns would likely not even stand a chance against most guns currently due to such a low TTK in general. They totally fucked up with the TTK and your overall HP.
In the latter part of Caldera they spoke of increasing overall HP and also increasing TTK and they did to some degree and it was amazing. It gave the player getting shot at a chance to briefly evade the damage being taken and re-chall or even ego chall if you could hit your shots better than whoever was shooting at you. That’s not something you can do in WZ2, obviously. If they want to cater to campers in this game or can’t fix that problem just bc ppl will always camp to some degree, they need to give the ppl actually moving some opportunity to take a few shots and evade instead of just being dead immediately.
There’s so much opportunity here and I really hope they don’t waste it. I saw that szn 2 got pushed back a couple weeks and I hope to fucking godddd that it’s because they’re about to release a major game fixing update with szn 2.
Everyone involved with this game whether it’s players or dev’s/Acti/IW/Raven all know the player count is dropping. Regardless of if they actually respond to ppl complaining online like this about the game, which they obv. don’t, they absolutely see it in general.
I’ll leave you with this:
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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2022.12.23 00:33 KittenDealinMama A Foster Family & Their Neighbor Have To Fight To Keep Kids From Going Back To Abusive Parents - 3 Yr Update (ProRevenge)

Originally posted by u/_volly in ProRevenge on April 26, 2019, 1st update on May 23, 2019, 2nd update on Dec 12, 2022.
Triggers and Mood Spoiler ahead!
DID YOU KNOW, Kittens of the same litter can have different fathers. If mama mates with multiple males during the same heat cycle, her eggs can be fertilized by different cats. It's called superfecundation and can explain why some kittens in a single litter look completely different from each other.
Trigger Warning: Child abuse/neglect, mention of DV, drug addiction
Mood Spoiler: Happy ending
Original Post April 2019
When you refuse to take responsibility, others will force you to do it - and you won't like it
When you refuse to take responsibility, others will force you to do it - and you won't like it
This is my first post and it is a long one so settle in - it's story time.

The cast (not their real names):
Jackie - foster mom - good person and neighbor
Tom - Foster dad, hubby to foster mom, he and I are brother from different mothers.
Baby Mama = mom to Chuck and Baby
Archie - Baby daddy and father to Chuck
Chuck - older child of Baby Mama
Baby - newborn of Baby Mama
Lisa - Baby Mama's younger sister and the first foster kid to be placed in Jackie and Tom's home

The story -
This all started when my neighbors across the street, Jackie and Tom, wanted kids and found out they couldn't due to medical reasons. I won't go into that however they did decide to be foster parents. Now in describing Jackie and Tom - they are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Both would help anyone, give the shirt off their backs, and try to see the good in people. They bought the house they live in now so that they could raise a family. Seeing how they could not have kids of their own, they thought they could help other kids have a better life.
The first child to come stay with them is 11 year old Lisa. She came from a troubled home - well to put it more simply a trailer with no electricity and no running water. It was a real bad situation. Lisa was failing at school and running wild. In a short time Jackie and Tom had her enrolled in the local middle school, set ground rules and worked closely with her on everything. It was amazing the turnaround that happened at first. However... bad things started to happen. Lisa's parents kept trying to get her home and being the delinquent parents they were, it was nothing but trouble. I'm getting sidetracked here so let me get back on track.
Soon after this Chuck was placed in the care of Jackie & Tom. Chuck was a drug baby in that Baby Mama was on drugs while pregnant. So this arrangement was in place for a few months - Lisa in school and Chuck being raised by Jackie & Tom. It was at this point Baby Mama can to live with Jackie & Tom due to a domestic violence issue.
Let me start with Baby Mama on my first impression was - how do I say this - set off my danger alarm. You know that feeling you get around meeting someone and you just know in the back of your head they are trying to play you from the word go and make it look like they are just being friendly? That is the best as I can describe it. I knew I needed to keep my distance and not to get involved in her drama. Oh and I need to say here she was pregnant.
Jackie & Tom really try hard to help Baby Mama out. Free place to stay, free food, and few rules. They even helped her get a car. At first things are going well.....then....things started to go down hill. Arguments would happen, Baby Mama was acting strange, and Archie was causing problems. Archie - that is Chuck's dad and the git who knocked up Baby Mama again. Archie was also the reason Baby Mama came to live with Jackie & Tom. Apparently Archie was abusive to Baby Mama ended up having a restraining order against him. Anyway Archie would be talking to Baby Mama on the phone all the time and at the time it was thought Archie was gas lighting Baby Mama. How wrong that thought was...(I'm getting ahead of myself here)
In May Baby Mama gave birth to Baby. At this time Jackie & Tom are making sure all the doctor appointments are done and proper care is provided. Baby Mama - how do I say this - is acting a bit strange. To put it simply - there are times where she is acting like the lights are on but nobody is home. Jackie & Tom are clueless on what this is. I personally witnessed one incident where Chuck (who is 20 months old at the time and walking) got out of the house and I found him in the street. By himself. Now we live in a cul-de-sac and the area is really quiet so nothing bad happened yet where was Baby Mama? She was down the street talking on her cell phone to Archie. I take Chuck and knock on the door to let Jackie know Chuck got outside. Jackie tells me Baby Mama was supposed to be watching him while she was bathing Baby. When Baby Mama comes back up the street I simply look at her and say "You f-ed up. Chuck was in the street just now." Baby Mama screams "Lisa was supposed to be watching him!" and runs inside. Well - there was a problem with that. Lisa was not home from school yet. (face palm)
In June there is a huge argument and Baby Mama moves out. She does a stealth move and takes Chuck and baby with her. Here is the kicker - she didn't tell Jackie & Tom she was going to do this. Just to put this into context - Chuck was taken away from her in the first place by child services due to her bad parenting. So as you can guess - the cops got involved and 3 weeks later Baby Mama was forced to return the children to Jackie & Tom. When the children were returned they were in the same clothes, both bleeding from diaper rash, and I kid you not - lost a 1/5 of their total body weight. Baby left weighing 15 lbs and came back at 12 lbs. Jackie took both children to the pediatrician and to her horror both kids were basically starved. There are two police officers present during this exchange and one of them is horrified at what she sees. Remember this officer for she comes back later in the story.
Now at this point Jackie & Tom have had enough of Baby Mama's antics and tells her in no uncertain words she is to come get her stuff. Does she do it? Nope. She was given 30 days too. So, Tom does some spring cleaning and all the stuff goes to the dump. I ended up with a guitar that is now being restored as well as a musical keyboard. Now you would think this would be the end of it. Not even close. In late August Jackie & Tom get served with a court notice Baby Mama and Archie are petitioning the court to get custody of the kids. I get asked to testify at the hearing for what I witnessed with Chuck in the street. Now I'm thinking at this time No F-ing Way Baby Mama can get her kids back.
On the day of court (Its early December by now) I had told my boss it should take maybe an hour or so and I will have to work remote that day. The hearing was scheduled at 9am and I'm thinking I would be back at work in a short bit.
I was so wrong on this.
We were in court from 9 am until 4:30 pm. During this hearing the judge orders both Archie and Baby Mama to have a drug test to be administered while we recess for lunch. Somehow Baby Mama passes the test. Archie gets past it also but the guy who conducted the test testifies the sample provided was cold. We ALL knew Archie fakes the test yet the judge could not prove it. I was stunned yet I had to look at it from a legal view - you have to prove he faked it. If you can't prove it, nada, nope, no $200. The judge then decides to order Archie to take a hair drug test - for those of you who don't know what this is - it is a test where they take a sample of hair from your head and test for drugs. You can't fake that test. Jackie & Tom even volunteer to pay the bill for the test which the judge is more than happy to agree to. That comes in real handy later in this story
At the end of the hearing the judge rules both Baby Mama and Archie will be granted visitation each Saturday and Sunday, 3 to 6 PM at Jackie & Tom's house. In the judge's ruling there is a very high bar on removing the kids from a parent and her hands were tied on this. Lets just say Jackie & Tom were not thrilled by this arrangement at all.
On the first Saturday of visitation things got ugly. Cops showed up, and I'm having to sit on my front porch filming with my phone while holding my pistol in my lap. I knew Archie was a convicted criminal who did a stint for armed robbery and was known to carry around large knives on his person. I wanted to make sure he didn't try to get cute with Tom if things got out of hand. I think me being on the porch saved Tom from being in a physical altercation with Archie.
On Sunday they show up and things go more smoothly. Here is the thing - after 20 minutes of being there BOTH Archie and Baby Mama pass out on the couch for about an hour while holding the kids. Tom described it to me as Archie was talking and just then stopped and passed out. Jackie was able to take a picture. I edited out the faces but it was just so odd both of them doing this so I thought I include this in.
During the following week I'm talking to Jackie & Tom and they are highly concerned that they will lose the kids knowing the bar is really high on getting kids taken away from a parent. So - I start formulating a plan. Jackie tells me Baby Mama has a warrant out for her arrest in Richmond and I know that finding Baby Mama most of the time is about impossible. However - I know where she will be and when so this is where the revenge comes in. So far these two have cost me a day's pay, going to cost me a second day's pay for when we go to court again and they harmed two children. Now comes time to pay the piper.
I call the local police department and advise them of the outstanding warrant on Baby Mama, and where exactly she will be and when. When I speak to the officer - and as my luck would have it - its the same officer who was there during the exchange where Jackie & Tom got the kids back from Baby Mama. She knows exactly who I'm talking about and is really interested in catching Baby Mama. I also tell the officer of Archie and what to expect with the both of them. At that point Jackie got the drug test back and what do you know - Archie is a walking drug store. I took the time and texted the results of that test to the officer I was speaking to. Here are the results from that test.
On that Saturday at 3pm I'm at my vacation home so I don't get to witness what happens but I get the 411 from Jackie afterwords. The cops cordon off the neighborhood and then come to Jackie & Tom's house to get Baby Mama. Baby Mama finds out the cops are there and runs out the back door and into the woods. She gets away however from that point forward she never shows up again to visit her kids. Archie is only worried about her purse during all this (for their drugs were in it we find out later)
After a couple more weeks Archie stops showing up to see the kids. This drives Jackie & Tom crazy for they have to put their lives on hold each weekend just in case if Archie or Baby Mama shows up during the visitation time. Well, after 6 weeks we are in court again. Jackie & Tom had to subpoena the landlord of a house Baby Mama and Archie claimed they rented from and the landlord had never heard of them. To top it off Baby Mama is 3 hours late. When Baby Mama finally shows up she is right off the bat put in handcuffs. The judge at this point is really pissed off at both Archie and Baby Mama and says this: "you're [Baby Mama] going to jail and you [Archie] are so full of drugs that I'm surprised you are able to stand. You have done nothing but lie to the court, you have harmed two children repetitively, and both of them have permanent damage from the drugs you took while you were pregnant with them. I'm ordering that full custody be granted to Jackie & Tom and all rights and visitation be removed from Archie and Baby Mama."
Here is the oddest thing - Baby Mama didn't even get upset after this was said. WTF?
So, Baby Mama went to jail for several crimes, Archie just dropped off the radar and now the two kids are in a good home with good parents. Jackie & Tom are now looking to adopted both kids and even change their names.
Looking back on this it is clear that both Baby Mama and Archie are sociopaths and their only interest in the kids was the government check it gave them. Archie was also not upset at all. From a parent point of view -this is just beyond creepy.
Several months later - To this day Chuck has never spoken a word. We suspect Baby will have the same problem. They are both being sent to specialist to address their needs and I'm sure Jackie & Tomas will be great parents. I just got a pic of Chuck sleeping next to Tom. In Chuck and Baby's minds - Jackie and Tom are their parents. I'm thrilled that they were saved from those two horrible people. And the best part about all this - the ONLY way now that Baby Mama or Archie can get to even see the kids again is they have to prove they are fit parents. And we all know that will NEVER happen for it involves them having to prove to the courts they are. When you fail to take responsibility - others will do it for you and the result is ALWAYS unpleasant.
I'll update this if anymore antics from Archie or Baby Mama happens.
1st Update 1 month later
Thank you everyone for the kind words concerning Chuck and Baby. I thought I give an update on how my ProRevenge worked out.
Tom helped me take my car last night to a shop to drop off for repairs. When driving back to the house he fills me in on what is now happening with Archie and Baby Mama
Archie has been busted with schedule 1 controlled substances. He is also in year 3 of a 5 year probation period. Apparently he was dealing out of a camper and the cops were not pleased with him. He is looking at 10 years in prison along with the 5 years of probation being tacked on as prison time. Ouch!
Baby Mama is in jail again in Richmond city and nobody will bail her out. Apparently her drug lifestyle along with her failure to appear in court multiple times got the police very upset. From what I'm told with all the charges she is facing she is looking at a couple of years in jail.
With that being said the adoption process will kick off in August. Once done Tom and Jackie will be parents of the two kids and the druggy bio parents are no longer in the picture.
I'm also happy to report Chuck is now talking. He was also tested and thankfully has been found he has no brain damage as far as they can tell. We still don't yet know about Baby's brain and if she was harmed with Baby Mama's drug use.
What happened to the girl? Lisa? She seems to have just stopped existing half way through that first post and you don’t mention her here either?
OOP answers in this commment:
She moved out of Tom's house and went to live with a lesbian couple who did foster care. I thought I put that in.
3rd Update Dec 2022 [removed]
3rd Update Dec 2022 [Recovered]
I'm happy to report Chuck is now in school and the adoption for both Chuck and Baby are done. New names for the both of them, new SSNs, and they finally have health insurance covered through Tom's work. Chuck has been going to speech therapy, and can now speak well. Baby appears to not have suffered brain damage even though Baby mamma was doing drugs when pregnant with her.
Most evenings now after the kids get home from school all the neighbors and kids come outside and the kids will play together. There have been several families that all have kids so it has been great seeing them all playing & growing up together.
Last thing is I found out yesterday Archie O.D. and is now pushing up grass at the local grave yard. Baby Mamma is in jail for a several year term the last I have heard.
I'm thankful everything has worked out and the children now have a good home.
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2022.12.02 12:15 marketingunipoliza 4 consejos para conseguir el seguro de furgoneta camper más barato

4 consejos para conseguir el seguro de furgoneta camper más barato
El seguro de furgoneta camper es necesario para proteger contra daños o robo. Las instalaciones de almacenamiento y los sitios de camping a menudo lo requieren. Los vehículos de fabricación propia todavía lo necesitan por la protección que proporciona.
Los propietarios que tengan un presupuesto limitado también se preguntarán cómo obtener el seguro de furgoneta camper más barato.
El tamaño, valor, características y modelo de tu camper afectan a las tarifas. El número de conductores y su historial de conducción también tiene un impacto, así como el método de almacenamiento y el tipo de póliza que elijas.
Tener en cuenta estos factores te permite obtener el mejor nivel de cobertura al precio más asequible. Lee los siguientes consejos para reducir la prima de tu seguro de furgoneta camper.

1. Reduce el tamaño del motor

No todas las pólizas de seguro de camper tienen los mismos precios porque los vehículos y los conductores difieren en muchas cosas. Por eso debes considerar varios factores que afectan al precio de los seguros para furgonetas.
Uno de los mayores factores que puede aumentar las tarifas es el tamaño del motor. Cuanto más grande sea el motor de la furgoneta, mayor será la carga para la compañía de seguros.
Cuanto más pequeña sea tu furgoneta camper, normalmente menor será el motor, y costará menos asegurarla. Tendrás menos espacio pero te beneficiarás con unos precios en la cobertura de camper menores.
Antes de comprar una furgoneta camper y un seguro, sopesa cuanto espacio necesitas. Elegir un modelo más pequeño te hará ahorrar en el seguro, pero no sirve de nada si no dispones de todo el espacio que necesitas.

2. Aumenta el valor

No hay dos furgonetas que tengan exactamente el mismo valor. Su valor general se ve afectado por factores como la marca, el modelo, la antigüedad y los complementos.
Como regla general, las camperizadas más grandes y complejas son más caras de asegurar. Esto se debe al hecho de que son más difíciles de reparar y/o reemplazar en caso de siniestro.
El alto valor no es algo que los propietarios de furgonetas camper deban evitar para ahorrar en las tarifas del seguro. Hay formas de aumentar el valor de tu vehículo que harán que se reduzca el precio del seguro.
Las características adicionales son una de las mejores maneras de aumentar el valor y obtener un seguro de camper más barato. Hay varios tipos, pero cualquier cosa que aumente la seguridad es la mejor manera de proteger el riesgo y reducir las tarifas.
Las adiciones como abrazaderas de rueda y alarmas. Los proveedores de seguros de furgonetas camper tienen en consideración adiciones como abrazaderas de rueda y alarmas. Toman esto como una señal de que tu vehículo es más seguro y menos propenso a ser robado.
El valor total de tu vehículo determinará cuánto pagarás por tu seguro de camper. Esto depende de varios factores, incluido el modelo, edad y características. Ten en consideración todo esto antes de elegir una póliza y aumenta el valor con herramientas útiles de seguridad.

3. Elige la póliza adecuada

No todas las pólizas de seguro de furgonetas camper cubren los mismos tipos de daños o robos. Hay varios tipos para elegir, y todos ofrecen cobertura diferente y varían mucho en precio.
Elegir un plan de seguro de responsabilidad civil simple como Terceros, Incendio y Robo brinda poca protección a tu activo en caso de accidente. Tus tarifas más económicas te ahorrarán dinero a corto plazo, pero pueden no ser valiosas a largo plazo si necesitas más protección.
El plan que necesitas depende de tu presupuesto, el daño que puedas enfrentar, tu historial de conducción y más. Los tipos específicos de cobertura que puedes desear en tu póliza incluyen:
· Desastres naturales
· Incendio
· Accidentes con animales
· Reemplazo de luna
· Vandalismo
· Robo
· Cobertura de desglose
· Reemplazo de llave
· Gastos de manutención
· Cosas personales
· Viajes por Europa
Una póliza a todo riesgo cubre estos eventos y más. Las tarifas pueden ser más altas, pero ahorrarás dinero más adelante si alguna vez necesitas presentar una reclamación.
La mejor manera de evitar pagar demasiado u obtener un seguro de autocaravana ineficaz es examinar cuidadosamente tu póliza antes de firmarla. Asegúrate de que tener toda la cobertura que necesitas a un precio justo.

4. Reduce el número de conductores

Los viajes en furgonetas camper suelen ser viajes familiares y es posible que necesites más de un conductor para completarlos. Antes de agregar a todos los miembros de tu familia a la póliza, estudia detenidamente si vale la pena y cuántos conductores necesitas en realidad. El número de conductores que registras tiene un efecto importante en tus tarifas.
Cuantos menos conductores tengas, más barato te saldrá el seguro de furgoneta. Las tarifas pueden aumentar aún más según el historial de conducción de los conductores adicionales. Un conductor adicional con antecedentes deficientes o accidentes anteriores aumentará el precio de tu seguro.
Ten cuidado al agregar a alguien a tu póliza y pregúntate si este paso es necesario. Considera tener un solo conductor para obtener las tarifas más bajas posibles.
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2022.11.24 20:16 fasterbrew 2021 KZ Sportsmen LE 241KRLE RV Travel Trailer. $22,000

This is a 2021 KZ Sportsmen LE 241RKLE. Great couples camper but can sleep 6 (2 adults, 4 smaller kids). Not going to be able to get as much use out of my trailer anymore, so offering it up at a good deal for anyone interested. Slide is not all the way out in the pictures, didn't want to come close to the next trailer.
Key highlights:
No leaks and in great shape - have taken the trailer all over TX from the summer to winter, through sun and downpours.
Had bearings lubricated 2 weeks ago.
Roof / seals professionally inspected 2 months ago.
Goodyear Endurance tires.
LOTS of counter space.
70" couch actually faces the TV which can be rare. Also has armrest with cupholders in the middle.
Couch and dinette convert to beds.
Backup camera.
Ducted AC and heat.
Electric fireplace has kept me comfy in the living area into the 30s.
Kept in covered storage.
Climate package (heated and enclosed underbelly).
Fits up to RV king mattress.
Integrated sound bar / stereo.
Deep well single basin sink.
All locks keyed-alike.
Very large pass-thru storage.
Non-RV items in pics like Ninja cooker and TV are negotiable.

NADA price range as seen is from $21,400 - $25,800. Offering trailer at only $22,000. Will throw in all gear to make this a turn-key transaction, including Husky Centerline weight distribution hitch, Let's Go Aero Jack It double bike carrier, 32 gallon barker black tank tote, foam mattress, all hoses, leveling blocks, fittings, pressure regulator, etc... for an extra $1,000. Just the first 3 alone are worth over $1000 new. Easily over $2000 worth of gear.

Used Cat Scale to verify trailer weights loaded with my gear to be 5240 trailer-axle, 620 hitch, 5840 gross. As you will never run dry, the dry numbers from the manufacturer should not be used to calculate if your vehicle can tow it.
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2022.10.14 17:49 CleBees People use same air lock?

Last nigjt i was playing solo with a good kit and taking my time and listening. Plus I had a big room right in front that had some loot. Low and behold ...MY airlick starts opening! I was like wtf? Poor fella inside prolly thought I was an airlock camper cuz I was full kitted and he was basjc nada kit. Anyways did you guys know some peoples airlocks are the same one??? Because I had no clue.
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2022.09.13 23:56 Cecil-twamps Rv Switch

We bought a 2020 Forest River fsx platinum with bunk beds. After 2 years of hoping the kids would fall in love with camping, we’ve given up. They just don’t Ike it, no wifi, Xbox, etc. So we want to switch to a couple’s camper with no bunks and a bigger bathroom. We paid around 20k, and I just looked on NADA and average retail is about 23k. I’m guessing we won’t get much trading it in to the dealership. They won’t even give me an idea of trade in value until I pick a new trailer out. What’s the best way to sell it? Facebook market place, rv trader, etc? Take the loss and trade it in? It’s in excellent condition, seems like a waste to take a low offer from them.
Anybody want a nice bunkhouse??
Edit: I guess I should’ve left out the Xbox and wifi stuff, I tend to over share. I wasn’t looking for advice on how to help raise my step kids, I was just asking about the best way to sell a camper.
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2022.08.30 10:58 question_account2022 I'm really nervous about purchasing this 2015 Keystone Raptor for full time living because of depreciation.

My fiancee and I are becoming full-timers this month and we have selected a 2015 Keystone Raptor. I have done all the loan paperwork and plan to pick it up either Wed. Or Thursday. It was rarely used by its current owners and is in tremendous condition.
When I jump into things, the only thing that really stresses me out is the future exit plan.
We are planning to do this for about 1-2 years max. We are paying 64,500 for the 2015 Raptor 412TS which is on the lowest end of the NADA guide. I see one in terrible condition for sale at 70k, and another in decent condition like 1.5k miles away for 60k. From what I can tell, I am paying a fair price considering it comes with 3 years left on a bumper to bumper warranty which they've gotten 6.5k in parts off of already.
The thing that makes me toss and turn at night is what I will be able to get once I go to sell it when we are done... if take a loss of around 10k, then so be it, I'll have saved like 25k from not paying rent (this includes the cost of my truck, the camper, and the thousand trails membership). But I'm so terrified that I won't be able to sell it for more than like 30 or 40k or something stupid and I'll end up having to take like a 30k loss or just pay for the thing entirely and keep it forever, which isn't the end of the world, but definitely not what I want.
Is this just the way it is, or will I be able to sell it for an OK amount after? Any personal experience with this? We are absolute clean and fix freaks, so I'm not worried about it being in bad condition after a year or two of full timing.
Also, we have friends that are contractors and we were planning to paint the walls and cabinets (nicely, not some half ass job), trim out the windows and doors, put new flooring in (not a fan of the current flooring), and put some nicer countertops in (manufacturers are great, but hoping for something nicer), new window treatments (curtains), and new cabinet and drawer handles.
Would that help or make it worse you think?
Edit: I don't know how clear I can make this. I understand that the RV will not appreciate, stop responding telling me it won't appreciate like at any point I said that. I'm simply wondering what you think about remodeling in terms of depreciation and what kinds of percentage of depreciation people have seen when selling their own.
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2022.08.18 05:49 TailorGlad3272 City Council Meeting Notes 08/17/22

City Council Meeting Notes 08/17/22
I made title cards for the notes! Do you love it? You love it. Colors will be rotated each meeting to add spice. Have I made City Council Meetings cool yet? These title cards are part of a broader effort on my part to DISTRACT MYSELF FROM SCHOOL STARTING AGAIN IN A MONTH OHMYGOD build a cohesive set of assets I can use to make my content appear more professional on a surface level. You'll probably see me use these assets around, like in my drunken shitpost last week advocating for Compass Corner. So professional. Also, I have a Facebook and Instagram now. Yay? Follow me there if you find my stream of consciousness schtick on Twitter insufferable.
We've got a very short agenda tonight. In the Work Session, we'll be seeing more progress on the Unsanctioned Camping Code and an update on two key bike/pedestrian routes in the City. After that? Literally nothing. Well there is public comment, which has a moderate chance of being spicy given the public push-back Council saw during the open house on Tuesday from folks opposing the camping code over equity concerns. Other than that, we've got nada but the consent agenda and second readings.
Meeting Agenda

Work Session

And here we go! Barb, Perkins and Mayor Goodman-Campbell are calling in remote.

Unsanctioned Camping Code

Staff hopes to have the draft code available for comment and revision in September. To recap, the city is drafting a code to regulate where people can and cannot camp on public rights-of-way, and property owned or controlled by the city. The enforcement would comply with federal court rulings, and only be enforceable if there is a shelter bed available for the specific person that is being cited.
Councilor Perkins wants to clarify that a citation is not an arrest. When somebody violates the civil code, it is not a crime. People would not be arrested for violations, they would only be cited or fined. Councilor Mitchell confirms that this means that we are fining people in extreme poverty then? Staff says yes, but this would not be the city's first recourse, and also there would likely be alternative ways to "pay" for the citation, like community service hours. Staff will come back and there will be discussion of enforcement.
Councilor Broadman reemphasizes that the goal is to shepherd people towards services to help them out of houselessness.
A citation would only be issued as a last resort, after refusing to move from the area, or go to the available shelter bed, etc, before issuing a citation. Councilor Kebler doesn't view this code as a tool to help homeless people, this is a tool to set expectations and regulate behavior. Councilor Broadman's expectation is that first contact with people violating code will not be the police, it would be the joint taskforce. Councilor Mitchell has a lot of thoughts about this, but there isn't enough time in this hour presentation for them to really get into it. The next council meeting will have an involved discussion about enforcement.
Tonight we are talking about the "How" / manner people camp. Staff think that the following should be prohibited:

  • digging / excavation
  • building of structures (pallets, etc), tents would be allowed
  • unsanitary stuff and garbage
  • obstructing fire hydrants and other utility infrastructure
  • unauthorized tapping into electrical or other utilities
  • obstructing pedestrian or car access to properties
  • fires
  • nothing larger than a 10 or 12 ft square (has to be large enough for people to live / sleep, small enough not to block right of way, built in explicit discretion for families, disabilities, etc.)
Councilor Kebler wants to know about the garbage bags the city distributes to people? If the city asks people to pick up trash and put it in bags, we do not want to penalize that. Staff agrees.
Councilor Mitchell wants to know what capacity the city has for providing trash services. Reach has a contract with the city to provide these services.
Councilor Perkins is concerned about excavation and building structures. Human beings need to be safe and warm, and preventing building structures may prevent people from being safe. The unsanitary stuff, and garbage prohibition sounds like we should have explicit discretionary limitations on them as well (breaking a branch being citable would be dumb). Building structures in the right of way is already illegal. Councilor Broadman says that if there is code restrictions about this already, maybe we don't need it twice. Perkins agrees.
Councilor Kebler says that tapping into electrical or building structures in the right of way isn't allowed for people generally. Saying that these things also apply to people camping would only provide clarity and set expectations. Staff says that these things are also crimes generally, that lead to arrest (eg digging in the right away). Having this also against code would allow a less severe penalty via citation.
Councilor Mitchell thinks that we are coming at this wrong. This is not a framework that is supportive. If you want to elevate people out of poverty, you don't punish them, you support them. We should help people store their stuff. Manager King says that these additional conversations can absolutely be had. Mayor Goodman-Campbell says that these conversations about support need to be done with the County collaborative office. Councilor Campbell says that she's really nervous to intentionally be creating something that we know we are not going to be able to enforce. It will generate an intense pressure to "just enforce the code". She thinks that you can look at this as a way to offer better protection to vulnerable people. It takes away the idea that it needs to be "neat or tidy". That kind of discretion makes her nervous, it is too close to not liking the human than not liking the behavior. Specifying the specific behavior that is not appropriate explicitly, will help people stay in one place if they are in compliance. We need to help people move if we are telling them to move. Councilor Perkins says that we cannot do this alone, this is why we have a collaborative office, but this is a city of Bend camping code. This is not the county's code. We need a parallel process of support for how we are going to address basic needs. Attorney says that the city isn't just applying a camping code, before even talking about this, we added the shelter code. These two things are designed to work together. Neither work on their own. The shelter code was months and months of work, don't devalue that. There is more work that we have to do, including storage. Councilor Broadman says that in the last 18 months this city has pulled the rest of the county into a collaborative discussion about how to address this, it is the only thing that gives him faith that there is a place on the other side of this problem. All of the work the city has been doing is to support the vulnerable members of the community. Councilor Mitchell says that talking about this at all is causing harm. Mayor Goodman-Campbell says that we need to have this conversation carefully, because it is a conversation we have been avoiding.
Councilor Perkins does not know how much space campers actually need. We should ask actual houseless people. Staff says that the right of way is a finite resource. Mayor Goodman-Campbell says that asking people how much space they need is important. This isn't just important for campers sharing the right of way with non-campers, they also need to share the right of way with other campers. 12x12 came from the Santa Cruz code, it is a little larger than the average bedroom.
Councilor Campbell thinks that saying that you need to limit your camp to a specific space makes it so you don't have to restrict how much stuff someone has. She is supportive of 12x12 its just a bit bigger than the standard sun shade. Councilor Perkins is not supportive of a spatial limitation. Mayor Goodman-Campbell says we should have a maximum limit on space, but we should talk to homeless people about it. Councilor Mitchell says no limitation. Councilor Sehgal also says probably no. Councilor Kebler says yes. Councilor Broadman would support a spatial footprint after more research. There is a plurality supporting the spatial component existing.
Councilor Mitchell thinks we need to pivot. Councilor Broadman says that if there are 4 people here that think we should change staff direction, we should talk about that. Councilor Kebler doesn't think we need to pause, we need to keep moving forward. Councilor Perkins thinks we should slow down. Mayor Goodman-Campbell says we need to keep making progress, this does not have a predetermined outcome. After we have a draft code there will be extensive discussion. This isn't the time to pause and assess, that decision can be made after a draft code exists. There is not support for halting the process.
Staff is hearing the code should be clear and narrowly focus on the activities that the city is trying to prevent. Do not overdo it. Staff's goal is to have a draft code available for a round table by the end of September.
Discussion of Car Regulation is going to be moved to the next meeting.

Key Bike and Pedestrian Route Update

PDF depicting planned Key Bicycling and Walking Routes in Bend
Cost breakdown of possible projects improving these routes
Staff are here to update council on the Council Goal to build an intersecting East/West and North/South pedestrian and bike route. This presentation is informational. This presentation is a subset of the Transportation System Plan.
Here are some Definitions
Level of Traffic Stress Scale:
The City wants bicycle connections to be connected, separated (LTS 1 or 2), and continuous. Right now we are working on Connected and Separated. The general plan is to set the route, mark the route, and elevate the service.
The City has 20 million dollars allocated to improving portions of these routes. This is not enough to fund all the projects. The North/South Route that the city is focusing on is Route 1, which runs from 15th and Knott down to Juniper Ridge. This route is almost completely funded.
The Key East/West route is more complicated. There is a lot of momentum on Route 12 (Wilson). They think they can get a functional key route East/west piecing together parts of Route 2, 10, and 12. The name of the game right now is constructing the parts that are funded, and finding funding for the missing bits.
Councilor Campbell wants to know about ODOT's need for a parallel bike route along the parkway. Is our bike network coordinating with that? The city is working very closely with them on the north corridor project, there are active discussions with them about wayfinding.
There is going to be a very involved discussion about this at the Community Building Subcommittee Meeting. Drinking a Rainier that has suddenly appeared in front of me as if by magic. Thank you Editor. You are lovely.
Check out the end of the presentation to see pictures going from the South end of town to the North along Route 1. Councilor Kebler says that getting Route 1 completed should be our #1 priority.
Planned Next Steps

  • Continue to deliver on existing projects
  • Develop further concepts to build out Route 1
  • Develop further concepts to build out and connect Routes 2/10/12
  • Develop concepts to connect to the hospital and to 27th street
  • Wayfinding
  • Climate Friendly and Equitable Community compliance
  • Community Building Subcommittee Meeting in late August
Councilor Perkins says that alternatives to Route 8 should be considered. Councilor Broadman wants to vote in support of the routes that staff has presented. Staff wants to go through wayfinding in detail at the subcommittee meeting first.
Councilor Mitchell wants to know if the cool interactive map they were using to show the routes is publicly accessible. Staff says not yet. I tried to manually type in the URL and got a login page so I can confirm this. Staff will work on making this public. Please do! Time for a break. Finallyyyyyyyyy. That was two hours straight typing.

Regular Session

Council expresses their condolences to the family of the firefighter Daniel Harro and his brother who died this week with a moment of silence. The regular meeting began with roll call, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Land Acknowledgment.

Public Comment

  • Sabrina is from the Humane Society here to support the pet store restriction on the sale of animals that will be fully passed tonight.
  • Mike is here to be incredibly frustrated about the new camping code in his usual shitty way.
  • Charlie is complaining about a permit thing on his triplex.
  • Chris wants to address this differently than you usually see. He is against the camping code and it's terrible. The code can be manageable if there are beds and managed camps and a service to help people move. You can't just push people from one side to another. If you don't you're incompetent or you don't care.
  • Joni has a business in the old mill. She is here to support bike path improvements.
  • Allison is here to support the pet store ordinance.
  • Dorinne is speaking to talk about the airport. She doesn't think the zoning change is against state laws. Also the changes does not align with city goals. Neighbors to the airport are not being considered.
  • Jen is here to support the pet store ordinance.
Kayla is moving over to work with the City of Redmond. The city will miss Kayla.

Consent Agenda

Notable Items on the Consent Agenda:

  • The City is extending the contract with Mobile Smart City Corporation to have them continue operating the access control system in the Downtown Centennial Garage. This is notable because the City says that the current system is "Efficient and Responsible". As someone who has been stuck waiting in lines to get out of the garage for tens of minutes while someone tries to figure out how to give the garage money, I respectfully disagree. Issue Summary
Consent agenda passed

Second Readings

For all intents and purposes, Second Readings are procedural confirmations of the actions Council took during the previous City Council Meeting.

  • Amending the franchise between the City of Bend and Avion Water Company to adjust the water service area Issue Summary
  • Amendment restricting the sale of animals Issue Summary
Second Readings passed

Council Show and Tell and Surprise Motions Sometimes

  • Councilor Kebler met with her NAs. They are interested in traffic and keeping speeds low. She did the municipal judge interviews, which will come out later. She checked out BMS Technologies which is a city contractor that is developing in Juniper Ridge. She went to the Bend Central District Business Association and talked to them, they are concerned about safety near the bottle drop area. They are starting up group meetups for businesses in that area.
  • Councilor Perkins has been working with the Mountain View NA to try and figure out how to get more investment and safer roads in that community.
  • Councilor Barb Campbell went to Bend MPO, they got an update on the bike/ped components of the north corridor project. It's starting to come into shape! It exceeded her low expectations. She's been recovering from COVID.
  • Councilor Broadman also participated in municipal judge interviews. He went to the funeral procession of the firefighter who passed away. Went to a Downtown Bend Business Association meeting and a lot of other stuff.
  • Councilor Mitchell met with the Rural Fire Board. All these boards have a steep learning curve. The level of respect and compassion in the room was palpable. The way they talked about how first responder services could fold mental health into emergency services was done in a very trauma informed way. It was quite beautiful and she felt proud. She went to part of the affordable housing meeting because she had a fight with zoom. One of her hopes that they can go to people with lived experience about the camping code.
  • Councilor Sehgal has nothing to report. Big thanks to first responders for all you do.
  • Mayor Goodman-Campbell attended the open house Q/A session for the camping code remotely. She thanks the community for showing up to the meeting with your excellent questions and having this conversation.
  • Councilor Kebler recommends a municipal Judge appointment. They picked Judge Rocco. She's going to be great. Appointment happened.

Manager King Update

Manager King mourns firefighter Daniel Harro. He was present during his ride along a few weeks ago. There is a second open house on August 29th on the Camping Code happening at the municipal court. They will do a better job explaining things there. The Murphy Road project won a National Award of Excellence. Mt Washington work and many of the other street projects are complete. The Bend Airport will be closed for a short time for runway preservation work.
Meeting Adjourned at 8. I think this is a record.
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Get involved with City Government
Advocate for Affordable Housing
Donate, Volunteer, or Get Help
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2022.08.11 22:46 clickx First Timer Looking at Used 5th Wheels

Hi all! Long-time lurker and appreciate everything this sub has taught me as I look for my first camper. I grew up camping in a Class C and can't wait to get out with my family and start new traditions.
I've read about the typical MSRP discount of 10-20% that was in place at many dealers prior to COVID and how that is slowly started to creep back as inventory grows. Is there similar guidance for buying a used coach from a dealer? I'm looking at 2018 Heartland Pioneer which has a NADA low retail of $25,850, high of $31,150. The dealer is asking $35,999 which seems high for a unit that MSRP'd at $46,000 five years ago.
Would I be off base trying to negotiate down to the mid-range between the NADA low/high? Unfortunately, there aren't any of the same unit for sale on RVTrader to compare listings.
My priorities are a bunkhouse 5th wheel under 34 feet. I've already identified two dozen or so models over the past five years that fit that requirement and have been scrubbing Craigslist and RVTrader for months.
Thanks all!
submitted by clickx to RVLiving [link] [comments]

2022.06.30 02:23 Odd-Ingenuity7202 Why is USLG overlooked?

This 35-employee company along Lake Eerie near Cleveland is starting to pump out lightweight, all-fiberglass campers at the tune of 20 per week. Plus, they’re starting to ramp up production of mini-speedboats and UFO-shaped modular houses. These guys are expanding while the rest of the market is imploding, plus they’ve got plenty of recent press releases. Seems legit, so why no traction? They had a nice spurt of volume at the end of 2021 going into 2022, but nada recently. Any opinions?
submitted by Odd-Ingenuity7202 to OTCstocks [link] [comments]

2022.06.12 10:39 matthewv1998 game REFUSES to lauch in steamvr and only windows VR

as title says. i own a reverb G2, and it REFUSES TO LAUCH IN STEAM VR!!!!!!! only WINDOWS Vr!! and if you know anything about this headset, its a BITCH to drive and now. i cant tune the fucking thing. no resolution sliders. nada, silch. its been stripped from me and nothing ive done has fixed it. no matter how i tell it lauch, it boots in windows vr. this is fucking obnoxious. i cant even run the steam XR settings, since that causes flickering!!!!
so now, i'm stuck running this game at damn near 5k, on a 6700xt, and i cant change SHIT.
If there is some launch option i missed, or something to force it. please. tell me. i am not a happy camper at the moment
submitted by matthewv1998 to PhasmophobiaGame [link] [comments]

2022.05.26 19:48 CatboyDominic How to Obtain Title with only Bill of Sale without Vermont?

I have a 1971 Volkswagen Camper Bus. Don’t want to do it the Vermont route because the NADA says the low end is $16,100, which is way above its value and not worth paying the six percent tax of $966. Any suggestions or routes of obtaining a title? Thank you in advance! I’m in MD.
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2022.04.21 23:11 Ok_Vanilla Got this list from a guy who worked at XM Radio before the Sirius changeover. Full Lucy playlist!

Please note: I can not 100% verify that the guy who gave me this list wasn't blowing smoke, but it's still a pretty stellar playlist of (mostly) 90s alternative. Enjoy! 311 Amber 311 Beautiful Disaster 311 Come Original 311 Creatures (For A While) 311 Don't Stay Home 311 Down 311 Love Song 311 Transistor 311 Amber Remix 1 10,000 Maniacs Because The Night 10,000 Maniacs Candy Everybody Wants 10,000 Maniacs Everyday Is Like Sunday 10,000 Maniacs These Are Days 10,000 Maniacs To Sir With Love 10,000 Maniacs Trouble Me 10,000 Maniacs What's The Matter Here? 3 Doors Down Duck And Run 3 Doors Down Kryptonite 3 Doors Down Loser 311 All Mixed Up 4 Non Blondes What's Up A Perfect Circle 3 Libras A-Ha Take On Me ABC Be Near Me ABC The Look of Love Afroman Because I Got High After The Fire Der Kommissar Alarm The Road Alice In Chains Angry Chair Alice In Chains Down In A Hole Alice In Chains Rooster Alice In Chains Them Bones Alice In Chains Would? Alice In Chains Rain When I Die Alice In Chains Got Me Wrong Alice In Chains Again Alice In Chains Don't Follow Alice In Chains Get Born Again Alice In Chains Grind Alice In Chains Heaven Beside You Alice In Chains I Stay Away Alice In Chains Man In The Box Alice In Chains No Excuses Alice In Chains Over Now Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal American Hi-Fi Flavor Of The Week Amos, Tori Cornflake Girl Amos, Tori God Amos, Tori Silent All These Years Ant, Adam Goody Two Shoes Ant, Adam Strip Ant, Adam Wonderful Apple, Fiona Criminal Arrested Development Tennessee Audioslave I Am The Highway Audioslave Like A Stone Audioslave Show Me How To Live B-52's Private Idaho B-52's Rock Lobster B-52's (6/1990) Roam Bad Religion 21st Century (Digital Boy) Bad Religion Infected Bad Religion Sorrow Bad Religion A Walk Barenaked Ladies Be My Yoko Ono Barenaked Ladies Brian Wilson Barenaked Ladies If I Had a Million Dollars Barenaked Ladies One Week Barenaked Ladies Pinch Me Barenaked Ladies The Old Apartment Barenaked Ladies It's All been Done Beastie Boys Brass Monkey Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right To Party Beastie Boys Hey Ladies Beastie Boys Intergalactic Beastie Boys Sabotage Beastie Boys Root Down Beastie Boys Body Movin' Beastie Boys Ch-Check It Out Beastie Boys Girls Beastie Boys No Sleep Till Brooklyn Beastie Boys She's Crafty Beastie Boys So What'cha Want Beautiful South We Are Each Other Beck The New Pollution Beck Where It's At Beck Deadweight Beck Devil's Haircut Beck Jack-Ass Beck Tropicalia Beck Sexx Laws Beck (--/1994) Beercan Beck (1/1994) Loser Belly Feed The Tree Ben Folds In Between Days Ben Folds Five Army Ben Folds Five Brick Ben Folds Five Underground Ben Folds Five Song For The Dumped Better Than Ezra Desperately Wanting Better Than Ezra Good Better Than Ezra In The Blood Better Than Ezra King Of New Orleans Big Audio Dynamite Rush Big Audio Dynamite The Globe Big Country In A Big Country Bjork Human Behavior Bjork It's Oh So Quiet Bjork Big Time Sensuality Bjork Hyperballad Bjork Army of Me Black Grape In The Name Of The Father Black Lab Wash It Away Blind Melon No Rain Blind Melon Tones of Home Blind Melon Galaxie Blind Melon Toes Across the Floor Blink 182 Adam's Song Blink 182 All The Small Things Blink 182 Dammit Blink 182 Feeling This Blink 182 First Date Blink 182 I Miss You Blink 182 Josie Blink 182 Man Overboard Blink 182 Stay Together For The Kids Blink 182 The Rock Show Blink 182 What's My Age Again Bloodhound Gang Lift your Head up High (And Blow Your Brains Out) Bloodhound Gang Fire Water Burn Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch Blues Traveler Hook Blues Traveler Run-Around Blues Traveler But Anyway Blur Girls and Boys Blur Song 2 Blur There's No Other BoDeans Closer To Free Bonham, Tracy Mother Mother Boo Radleys, The There She Goes Bragg, Billy Sexuality Breeders Cannonball Buffalo Tom Sodajerk Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star Bush Letting The Cables Sleep Bush The Chemicals Between Us Bush Comedown Bush Everything Zen Bush Glycerine Bush Greedy Fly Bush Little Things Bush Machinehead Bush Mouth Bush Swallowed Bush The People That We Love Butthole Surfers Pepper Cadell, Meryn The Sweater Caesars Jerk It Out Cake I Will Survive Cake Let Me Go Cake Never There Cake Rock N Roll Lifestyle Cake Sheep Go To Heaven Cake Short Skirt/Long Jacket Cake The Distance Call, The The Walls Came Down Call, The Let the Day Begin Camper Van Beethoven Take The Skinheads Bowling Camper Van Beethoven Pictures of Matchstick Men Candlebox Cover Me Candlebox Far Behind Candlebox You Cardigans (9/1996) Lovefool Catherine Wheel Black Metallic Catherine Wheel Crank Cherry, Eagle-Eye Save Tonight Chumbawamba Tubthumping Church Under The Milky Way Citizen King Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out) Clash London Calling Clash Rock The Casbah Clash Rudie Can't Fail Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go Clash This Is Radio Clash Clash Train In Vain Clash Straight to Hell Clash Lost in the Supermarket Coldplay Clocks Coldplay In My Place Coldplay Trouble Coldplay God Put a Smile Upon Your Face Coldplay (18/2002) The Scientist Cole, Lloyd She's a Girl and I'm A Man Cole, Lloyd Perfect Skin Collective Soul December Collective Soul Gel Collective Soul The World I Know Collective Soul Heavy Collective Soul Precious Declaration Collective Soul Shine Collins, Edwyn A Girl Like You Concrete Blonde Everybody Knows Concrete Blonde Joey Concrete Blonde Joey (Acoustic) Connells Something To Say Cope, Julian World Shut Your Mouth Cornell, Chris Can't Change Me Cornell, Chris Billie Jean Cornell, Chris Black Hole Sun Cornershop Brimful Of Asha Costello, Elvis (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love & Understanding? Costello, Elvis Everyday I Write the Book Costello, Elvis Accidents Will Happen Costello, Elvis Watching The Detectives Costello, Elvis Veronica Counting Crows A Long December Counting Crows Hangin' Around Counting Crows Rain King Counting Crows (1/1994) Einstein On The Beach Counting Crows (2/1993) Mr. Jones Counting Crows (7/1994) Round Here Cowboy Junkies Sweet Jane Cowboy Junkies Common Disaster Cowboy Mouth Jenny Says Cracker Euro-Trash Girl Cracker Get Off This Cracker Low Cracker Sweet Thistle Pie Cracker Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) Cramps Bikini Girls With Machine Guns Cranberries Zombie Cranberries Twenty One Cranberries Free to Decide Cranberries Dreams Cranberries Linger Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Crazy Town Butterfly Crow, Sheryl Every Day is a Winding Road Crow, Sheryl All I Wanna Do Crowded House Don't Dream Its Over Crowded House Something So Strong Crowded House Locked Out Crystal Method Busy Child Cult Sweet Soul Sister Cult Fire Woman Cult She Sells Sanctuary Cult Love Removal Machine Cure Hot Hot Hot!!! Cure Just Like Heaven Cure In Between Days Cure Let's Go to Bed Cure Just Like Heaven (Acoustic) Cure A Forest (Acoustic) Cure Why Can't I Be You Cure A Letter To Elise Cure Boys Don't Cry Cure Charlotte Sometimes Cure Close To Me Cure Fascination Street Cure Friday I'm In Love Cure High Cure Lovesong (Extended Remix) Cure Lullaby Cure Pictures Of You Cure The Love Cats Cure The Walk Cure (2/1989) Lovesong Cypress Hill Insane in the Brain Cypress Hill Hand on the Pump Dada (5/1992) Dizz Knee Land Dandelion Weird-Out Dandy Warhols Bohemian Like You Dandy Warhols Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth Dave Matthews Band Ants Marching Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me Dave Matthews Band Crush Dave Matthews Band Don't Drink The Water Dave Matthews Band I Did It Dave Matthews Band So Much To Say Dave Matthews Band Stay (Wasting Time) Dave Matthews Band The Space Between Dave Matthews Band Too Much Dave Matthews Band Tripping Billies Dave Matthews Band What Would You Say? Days Of The New Enemy Days Of The New Touch, Peel And Stand Dead Milkmen Bitchin' Camaro Dead Milkmen Punk Rock Girl Dead Milkmen Stuart Deadeye Dick New Age Girl Default Wasting My Time Del Amitri Roll to Me Del Amitri (11/1992) Always The Last To Know Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode It's No Good Depeche Mode Just Can't Get Enough Depeche Mode People Are People Depeche Mode Policy Of Truth Depeche Mode World In My Eyes Dinosaur Jr. Feel The Pain Dinosaur Jr. Start Choppin Dinosaur Jr. Puke and Cry Dishwalla Counting Blue Cars Divinyls I Touch Myself Dramarama Anything, Anything Dynamite Hack Boyz N The Hood Echo & The Bunnymen Lips Like Sugar Echo & The Bunnymen Killing Moon Eels, The Novocaine For The Soul Elastica Connection Elastica Stutter English Beat Mirror in the Bathroom English Beat Save It For Later Erasure A Little Respect Erasure Chains Of Love Erasure Chorus Escape Club Wild Wild West Evanescence Bring Me To Life Evanescence Going Under Eve 6 Inside Out Eve 6 Leech Eve 6 Promise Eve 6 Think Twice Eve's Plum I Want It All Everclear AM Radio Everclear Volvo Driving Soccer Mom Everclear Wonderful Everclear Everything To Everyone Everclear Father Of Mine Everclear Heroin Girl Everclear I Will Buy You A New Life Everclear One Hit Wonder Everclear Santa Monica Everclear Brown Eyed Girl Everclear Heartspark Dollarsign Everlast Ends Everlast What It's Like Everything Hooch Faith No More Epic Faith No More Midlife Crisis Faith No More Be Aggressive Faith No More Easy Faith No More We Care A Lot Farm All Together Now Fastball The Way Fastball Fire Escape Fastball Out of My Head Fatboy Slim Praise You Fatboy Slim Rockafeller Skank Filter Take A Picture Filter Hey Man Nice Shot Filter Where Do We Go FilteCrystal Method Trip Like I Do Fine Young Cannibals She Drives Me Crazy Fishbone Everyday Sunshine Flaming Lips She Don't Use Jelly Flys, The Got You (Where I Want You) Folk Implosion Natural One Foo Fighters Everlong (Acoustic) Foo Fighters Down in the Park Foo Fighters All My Life Foo Fighters Baker Street Foo Fighters Breakout Foo Fighters Everlong Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench Foo Fighters My Hero Foo Fighters Times Like These Foo Fighters Walking After You Foo Fighters Stacked Actors Foo Fighters Best Of You Foo Fighters Big Me Foo Fighters I'll Stick Around Foo Fighters This Is A Call Foo Fighters Weenie Beenie Foo Fighters For All The Cows Foo Fighters Band On The Run Foo Fighters Long Road to Ruin Foo Fighters Darling Nikki Foo Fighters Big Me (Acoustic) Foo Fighters The One Foo Fighters Have A Cigar Foo Fighters (1/1999) Learn To Fly Fountains of Wayne Radiation Vibe Fountains of Wayne Stacy's Mom Fountains of Wayne Sink To The Bottom Fuel Falls On Me Fuel Shimmer Fugazi Waiting Room Fun Lovin' Criminals Scooby Snacks G. Love + Special Sauce Cold Beverage G. Love + Special Sauce Baby's Got Sauce Gabriel, Peter Big Time Gabriel, Peter Digging In The Dirt Gabriel, Peter In Your Eyes Gabriel, Peter Red Rain Gabriel, Peter Sledgehammer Gabriel, Peter Steam Gabriel, Peter Biko Gabriel, Peter Games Without Frontiers Gabriel, Peter Shock The Monkey Gabriel, Peter Solsbury Hill Garbage # 1 Crush Garbage I Think I'm Paranoid Garbage Push It Garbage Only Happy When It Rains Garbage Queer Garbage Special Garbage Stupid Girl Gin Blossoms Found Out About You Gin Blossoms Hey Jealousy Gin Blossoms Until I Fall Away Gin Blossoms Follow You Down Gin Blossoms Til I Hear It From You Godfathers, The Birth, School, Work, Death Goldfinger Here In Your Bed Goo Goo Dolls Black Balloon Goo Goo Dolls Iris Goo Goo Dolls Name Goo Goo Dolls Slide Goo Goo Dolls Naked Good Charlotte Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous Good Charlotte The Anthem Gorillaz Clint Eastwood Gorillaz 19-2000 Grant Lee Buffalo Truly Truly Gravity Kills Guilty Green Day American Idiot Green Day Basket Case Green Day Brain Stew Green Day Geek Stink Breath Green Day Hitchin' A Ride Green Day Holiday Green Day J.A.R. Green Day Jaded Green Day Longview Green Day Minority Green Day Nice Guys Finish Green Day Redundant Green Day She Green Day Waiting Green Day Walking Contradition Green Day Warning Green Day Welcome To Paradise Green Day When I Come Around Happy Mondays Kinky Afro Harvey Danger Flagpole Sitta Harvey, P.J. Sheela-Na-Gig Harvey, P.J. Down By The Water Hatfield, Juliana My Sister Heyward, Nik Kite Hitchcock, Robyn Balloon Man Hitchcock, Robyn So You Think You're in Love Hole Awful Hole Celebrity Skin Hole Doll Parts Hole Malibu Hole Violet Hole Miss World Hoodoo Gurus Miss Freelove 69 House Of Love Marble Hum Stars Icehouse Electric Blue Idol, Billy Dancing With Myself Incubus Drive Incubus I Wish You Were Here Incubus Nice To Know You Incubus Pardon Me INXS Beautiful Girl INXS Bitter Tears INXS Devil Inside INXS Disappear INXS Don't Change INXS Mystify INXS Listen Like Thieves INXS Need You Tonight INXS Never Tear Us Apart INXS New Sensation INXS Not Enough Time INXS Original Sin INXS Suicide Blonde INXS The One Thing INXS What You Need Jam, The Town Called Malice James Laid James Say Something James Born Of Frustation Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai Cosmic Girl Jane's Addiction Been Caught Stealing Jane's Addiction Had A Dad Jane's Addiction Jane Says Jane's Addiction Just Because Jane's Addiction Mountain Song Jane's Addiction Stop! Jars Of Clay Flood Jesus & Mary Chain Head On Jesus & Mary Chain Sometimes Always Jesus Jones International Bright Young Thing Jesus Jones Real, Real, Real Jesus Jones Right Here Right Now Jesus Jones The Devil You Know Jim Carroll Band People Who Died Jimmie's Chicken Shack Do Right Jimmie's Chicken Shack High Jimmy Eat World Bleed American Jimmy Eat World The Middle Jimmy Eat World A Praise Chorus Jimmy Eat World Sweetness John Farnham Burn For You Johnson, Jack Flake Johnson, Jack Taylor Johnston, Freedy Bad Reputation Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart Judybats Being Simple Judybats Native Son K's Choice Not An Addict King Missile Detachable Penis King's X It's Love Korn Falling Away From Me Korn Freak On A Leash Korn Got The Life Kravitz, Lenny Always On The Run Kravitz, Lenny Are You Gonna Go My Way Kravitz, Lenny American Woman Kravitz, Lenny Dig In Kravitz, Lenny Fly Away Kravitz, Lenny Let Love Rule Kravitz, Lenny Rock And Roll Is Dead L7 Pretend We're Dead La's, The There She Goes Lawrence, Steve & Eydie Gorme Black Hole Sun Lemonheads It's A Shame About Ray Lemonheads If I Could Talk I'd Tell You Lemonheads Into Your Arms Lemonheads Mrs. Robinson Len Steal My Sunshine Letters To Cleo Here & Now Lightning Seeds Pure Lit Miserable Lit My Own Worst Enemy Live All Over You Live I Alone Live Lightning Crashs Live Run To The Water Live White Discussion Live Freaks Live Lakini's Juice Live Operation Spirit Live Pain Lies On The Riverside Live Turn My Head Live (1/1994) Selling The Drama Living Colour Cult Of Personality Living Colour Type Lo Fidelity Allstars Battle Flag Local H Bound For The Floor Loeb, Lisa & Nine Stories Stay (I Missed You) Love And Rockets So Alive Love And Rockets Sweet Lover Hangover Love Spit Love Am I Wrong Love Spit Love How Soon is Now? Lucas Lucas With the Lid Off Luscious Jackson Naked Eye Mad Season River of Deceit Madness Our House Marley, Bob Get Up Stand Up Marley, Bob Is This Love Marley, Bob Jamming Marley, Bob Three Little Birds Marley, Bob Could You Be Loved Marvelous 3 Freak Of The Week Matchbox 20 Long Day Matchbox 20 3:00 AM Matchbox 20 Push Matchbox 20 Real World Material Issue Valerie Loves Me Mazzy Star Fade Into You McLachlan, Sarah Building A Mystery McLachlan, Sarah Sweet Surrender McLachlan, Sarah Into The Fire McLachlan, Sarah Possession Meat Puppets Backwater Meat Puppets Sam Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil The Dead Heart Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mine Midnight Oil Forgotten Years Midnight Oil Outbreak Of Love Mighty Lemon Drops Into the Heart of Love Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Someday I Suppose Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The The Impression That I Get Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The The Rascal King Milla Gentleman Who Fell Moby Porcelain Moby Natural Blues Moby Bodyrock Morissete, Alanis All I Really Want Morissete, Alanis Hand In My Pocket Morissete, Alanis Ironic Morissete, Alanis You Learn Morissete, Alanis You Oughta Know Morrissey Everyday Is Like Sunday Morrissey November Spawned Morrissey The More You Ignore Me Morrissey Tomorrow Mould, Bob It's Too Late Mould, Bob See A Little Light Mudhoney Touch Me I'm Sick Mudhoney Pump it Up Murphy, Peter Cuts You Up Nada Surf Popular Ned's Atomic Dustbin Not Sleeping Around Ned's Atomic Dustbin Grey Cell Green Nerf Herder Van Halen New Order Bizarre Love Triangle New Order Blue Monday'88 New Order Regret New Order True Faith-Remix New Order Blue Monday New Order True Faith New Radicals You Get What You Give Nine Inch Nails Closer Nine Inch Nails Happiness in Slavery Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug Ninedays Absolutely (Story of a Girl) Nirvana About A Girl Nirvana All Apologies Nirvana Aneurysm Nirvana Breed Nirvana Come As You Are Nirvana Drain You Nirvana Dumb Nirvana Heart-shaped Box Nirvana In Bloom Nirvana Lithium Nirvana Lounge Act Nirvana On A Plain Nirvana Polly Nirvana Rape Me Nirvana Sliver Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana Something In The Way Nirvana Stay Away Nirvana Territorial Pissings Nirvana The Man Who Sold The World Nirvana VerseChorusVerse Nirvana You Know You're Right Nirvana Plateau Nirvana Love Buzz Nirvana Molly's Lips Nirvana Been A Son Nirvana Pennyroyal Tea Nirvana Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam Nirvana Polly (unplugged) Nirvana Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Nirvana Do You Love Me? Nirvana Lake Of Fire Nirvana Seasons In The Sun Nixons Sister No Doubt Don't Speak No Doubt Ex-Girlfriend No Doubt Just A Girl No Doubt Simple Kind Of Life No Doubt Spiderwebs No Doubt Hella Good Nova, Heather Walk This World O'Connor, Sinead All Apologies O'Connor, Sinead The Emperor's New Clothes Oasis Champagne Supernova Oasis Don't Look Back In Anger Oasis D'you Know What I Mean? Oasis Live Forever Oasis Supersonic Oasis Wonderwall Oasis Don't Go Away Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Ocean Blue Drifting, Falling Ocean Blue Sublime Odds Heterosexual Man Offspring Hit That Offspring Original Prankster Offspring Self-Esteem Offspring Want You Bad Offspring She's Got Issues Offspring Come Out And Play Offspring Defy You Offspring Gone Away Offspring Gotta Get Away Offspring The Kids Aren't Alright Offspring Why Don't You Get A Job? Offspring (3/1998) Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) Oleander Why I'm Here Orgy Fiction (Dreams In Digital) Orgy (4/1999) Blue Monday Osborne, Joan One Of Us Our Lady Peace Clumsy Our Lady Peace One Man Army Our Lady Peace Somewhere Out There Our Lady Peace Starseed Our Lady Peace Superman's Dead Pavement Cut Your Hair Pearl Jam Alive Pearl Jam Better Man Pearl Jam Black Pearl Jam Corduroy Pearl Jam Even Flow Pearl Jam Given To Fly Pearl Jam In Hiding Pearl Jam Jeremy Pearl Jam Not For You Pearl Jam Spin The Black Circle Pearl Jam Wish List Pearl Jam Once Pearl Jam Release Pearl Jam Why Go Pearl Jam Porch Pearl Jam Faithful Pearl Jam Animal Pearl Jam Daughter Pearl Jam Dissident Pearl Jam Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town Pearl Jam Glorified G Pearl Jam Go Pearl Jam Rearviewmirror Pearl Jam Crazy Mary Pearl Jam Hail Hail Pearl Jam I Am Mine Pearl Jam I Got Id Pearl Jam Last Kiss Pearl Jam Love, Reign O'er Me Pearl Jam Nothing As It Seems Pearl Jam State of Love and Trust Pearl Jam Who You Are Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter Pearl Jam Low Light Penn, Michael No Myth Phair, Liz Supernova Phish Bouncing Around The Room Phish My Sweet One Pixies Debaser Pixies Here Comes Your Man Pixies Monkey Gone To Heaven Pixies Velouria Pixies Where Is My Mind Pixies Dig For Fire Placebo Pure Morning Poe Angry Johnny Poe Hey Pretty Police Every Little Thing She Does is Magic Police De Do Do Do De Da Da Da Police Roxanne Police Walking on the Moon Police Synchronicity II Pop, Iggy Lust For Life Pop, Iggy Candy Porno For Pyros Cursed Female Porno For Pyros Pets Porno For Pyros Tahitian Moon Portishead Glory Box Portishead Sour Times Posies Dream All Day Powderfinger Waiting for the Sun Presidents Of The United States of America Lump Presidents Of The United States of America Peaches Pretenders Middle Of The Road Pretenders Message Of Love Pretenders Don't Get Me Wrong Pretenders Brass in Pocket Primal Scream Movin' on Up Primal Scream Rocks Primitive Radio Standing Outside... Primitives Crash Primus Jerry Was A Racecar Driver Primus Making Plans For Nigel Primus Wynonas Big Brown Beaver Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Prodigy Breathe Psychedelic Furs Heartbreak Beat Psychedelic Furs Love My Way Psychedelic Furs Pretty in Pink Puddle Of Mudd Blurry Puddle Of Mudd She Hates Me Pulp Disco 2000 Pulp Common People Pursuit of Happiness, The I'm An Adult Now Queens Of The Stone Age No One Knows R.E.M. Bang + Blame R.E.M. Can't Get There R.E.M. Crush With Eyeliner R.E.M. Drive R.E.M. Driver 8 R.E.M. E-Bow The Letter R.E.M. Fall On Me R.E.M. Finest Worksong R.E.M. Get Up R.E.M. It's The End Of The World (As We Know It) R.E.M. Losing My Religion R.E.M. Man On The Moon R.E.M. Orange Crush R.E.M. Radio Free Europe R.E.M. Rockville R.E.M. So. Central Rain R.E.M. Stand R.E.M. Star 69 R.E.M. Superman R.E.M. Talk About The Passion R.E.M. The One I Love R.E.M. Whats The Frequency, Kenneth? R.E.M. Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite R.E.M. Ignoreland R.E.M. Everybody Hurts R.E.M. Nightswimming R.E.M. Strange Currencies R.E.M. Try Not To Breathe R.E.M. Electrolite R.E.M. Radio Song R.E.M. Shiny Happy People R.E.M. Near Wild Heaven R.E.M. Pop Song 89 R.E.M. Turn You Inside R.E.M. Love Is All Around R.E.M. #9 Dream R.E.M. Lion Sleeps Tonight R.E.M. Wichita Lineman Radiohead Knives Out Radiohead Creep Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead High and Dry Radiohead Karma Police Radiohead Optimistic Radiohead Paranoid Android Radiohead There There Radiohead The Bends Radiohead Just Radiohead No Surprises Rage Against The Machine Killing In The Name Rage Against The Machine Renegades Of Funk Rage Against The Machine Bullet in the Head Rage Against The Machine Bulls on Parade Ramones Blitzkreig Bop Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated Rancid Ruby Soho Rancid Time Bomb Red Hot Chili Peppers Suck My Kiss Red Hot Chili Peppers Warped Red Hot Chili Peppers Parallel Universe Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik Red Hot Chili Peppers Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers (--/1987) Fight Like A Brave Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/1991) Give It Away Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/1993) Soul To Squeeze Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/1995) My Friends Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/1999) Scar Tissue Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/2000) Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/2000) Otherside Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/2002) By The Way Red Hot Chili Peppers (1/2003) Can't Stop Red Hot Chili Peppers (11/1989) Higher Ground Red Hot Chili Peppers (13/2003) Dosed Red Hot Chili Peppers (14/1996) Love Rollercoaster Red Hot Chili Peppers (19/1992) Breaking The Girl Red Hot Chili Peppers (6/1989) Knock Me Down Red Hot Chili Peppers (6/1992) Under The Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers (6/2002) Zephyr Song Red Hot Chili Peppers (7/1992) Behind The Sun Red Hot Chili Peppers (7/1999) Around The World Red Hot Chili Peppers (8/1996) Aeroplane Red Hot Chili Peppers (8/2003) Fortune Faded Reel Big Fish Sell Out Reel Big Fish She Has A Girlfriend Now Refreshments Banditos Rentals, The Friends of P Replacements, The Merry Go Round Replacements, The Alex Chilton Replacements, The Can't Hardly Wait Republica Ready To Go Romantics What I Like About You Romeo Void A Girl In Trouble Roxy Music More Than This Ruth Ruth Uninvited Save Ferris Come On Eileen School of Fish 3 Strange Days Screaming Trees I've Got A Feeling Screaming Trees Dollar Bill Screaming Trees All I Know Screaming Trees Nearly Lost You Seal Crazy Semisonic Closing Time Semisonic Singing In My Sleep Seven Mary Three Cumbersome Seven Mary Three Water's Edge Silverchair Abuse Me Silverchair Tomorrow Silverchair Ana's Song Silverchair Pure Massacre Simple Minds Alive & Kicking Simple Minds Sanctify Yourself Simple Minds Shes a River Simple Minds Don't You Forget About Me Simple Minds All the Things She Said Siouxsie & The Banshees Kiss Them For Me Siouxsie & The Banshees Cities In Dust Siouxsie & The Banshees Peek-a-boo Sixpense None the Richer There She Goes Smash Mouth All Star Smash Mouth Walkin' On The Sun Smashing Pumpkins 1979 Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore Smashing Pumpkins Bullet With Butterfly Wings Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock Smashing Pumpkins Disarm Smashing Pumpkins Drown Smashing Pumpkins Everlasting Gaze Smashing Pumpkins Eye Smashing Pumpkins Landslide Smashing Pumpkins Mayonaise Smashing Pumpkins Muzzle Smashing Pumpkins Perfect Smashing Pumpkins Rocket Smashing Pumpkins Stand Inside Your Love Smashing Pumpkins Thirty Three Smashing Pumpkins Today Smashing Pumpkins Tonight Tonight Smashing Pumpkins Zero Smashing Pumpkins Rhinoceros Smashing Pumpkins Dancing In The Midnight Smashing Pumpkins I Am One Smashing Pumpkins The End Is The Beginning Is The End Smithereens A Girl Like You Smithereens Behind The Wall of Sleep Smithereens Blood And Roses Smithereens Only A Memory Smiths Ask Smiths This Charming Man Smiths What Difference Smiths Bigmouth Strikes Again Smiths Girlfriend In A Coma Smiths How Soon Is Now? Smiths Panic Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground Sobule, Jill I Kissed A Girl Social Distortion Ball And Chain Social Distortion Story Of My Life Social Distortion Ring Of Fire Social Distortion Let It Be Me Social Distortion Bad Luck Social Distortion I Was Wrong Social Distortion Cold Feelings Soft Cell Tainted Love Soho Hippychick Son Volt Drown Sonic Youth Kool Thing Sonic Youth Bull In The Heather Sonic Youth 100% Soul Asylum Black Gold Soul Asylum Summer of Drugs Soul Asylum Just Like Anyone Soul Asylum Runaway Train Soul Asylum Somebody To Shove Soul Asylum Misery Soul Coughing Circles Soul Coughing Super Bon Bon Soundgarden Black Hole Sun Soundgarden Bleed Together Soundgarden Blow Up The Outside Soundgarden Burden In My Hand Soundgarden Fell On Black Days Soundgarden Like Suicide Soundgarden My Wave Soundgarden Outshined Soundgarden Pretty Noose Soundgarden Rusty Cage Soundgarden Spoonman Soundgarden The Day I Tried Soup Dragons Divine Thing Soup Dragons I'm Free Soup Dragons Pleasure Space Female of the Species Spacehog In The Meantime Specials, The Ghost Town Specials, The Message to You Rudy Split Enz I Got You Sponge Molly Sponge Plowed Sponge Wax Ecstatic (To Sell Angelina) Squeeze Tempted Squeeze Pulling Mussels Squeeze Up The Junction Squirrel Nut Zippers Hell SR71 Right Now Stabbing Westward Save Yourself Stabbing Westward What Do I Have To Do? Staind Its Been a While Staind Mudshovel Staind Outside Staind So Far Away Stereo MCs Connected Stone Roses I Wanna Be Adore Stone Roses Love Spreads Stone Roses She Bangs The Drums Stone Temple Pilots Big Empty Stone Temple Pilots Creep Stone Temple Pilots Dead and Bloated Stone Temple Pilots Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots Lady Picture Show Stone Temple Pilots Plush Stone Temple Pilots Pretty Penny Stone Temple Pilots Sex Type Thing Stone Temple Pilots Unglued Stone Temple Pilots Vasoline Stone Temple Pilots Wicked Garden Stone Temple Pilots Crackerman Stone Temple Pilots Big Bang Baby Stone Temple Pilots Down Stone Temple Pilots Sour Girl Stone Temple Pilots Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart Stone Temple Pilots Tumble In The Rough Stone Temple Pilots Art School Girl Stone Temple Pilots Dancing Days Stone Temple Pilots Days of the Week Stone Temple Pilots All In The Suit That You Wear Stone Temple Pilots Revolution Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut Stray Cats She's Sexy + 17 Stroke 9 Little Black Backpack Strokes, The Last Nite Sublime Badfish Sublime Caress Me Down Sublime Doin' Time Sublime Santeria Sublime What I Got Sublime Wrong Way Sublime Same In The End Sublime Jailhouse Sublime 40 Oz. To Freedom Sublime Pawn Shop Sublime 29-Apr-92 Sublime Garden Grove Sublime Smoke Two Joints Sugar Your Favorite Thing Sugar Ray Every Morning Sugar Ray Fly Sugar Ray Someday Suicidal Tendencies Institutionalize Sum 41 Fat Lip Sum 41 In Too Deep Sundays Here's Where The Story Ends Sundays Love Sundays Wild Horses Sundays Summertime Sweet, Matthew Girlfriend Sweet, Matthew I've Been Waiting Sweet, Matthew Sick Of Myself Sweet, Matthew The Ugly Truth Sweet, Matthew Where You Get Love Talking Heads And She Was Talking Heads Burning Down The House Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime Talking Heads Road To Nowhere Talking Heads Stay Up late Talking Heads Take Me To River Talking Heads This Must Be The Place Talking Heads Wild Wild Life Talking Heads (Nothing But) Flowers Talking Heads Life During Wartime Talking Heads Psycho Killer Tears For Fears Shout Tears For Fears Change Tears For Fears Sowing The Seeds of Love Tears For Fears Mad World Tears For Fears Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears For Fears Break it Down Again Temple Of The Dog Hunger Strike Temple Of The Dog Say Hello 2 Heaven They Eat Their Own Like A Drug They Might Be Giants Birdhouse In Your Soul They Might Be Giants Istanbul (Not Constantinople) They Might Be Giants We Want a Rock They Might Be Giants Particle Man They Might Be Giants Ana Ng They Might Be Giants Don't Let's Start Third Eye Blind Graduate Third Eye Blind How's It Going To Be Third Eye Blind Jumper Third Eye Blind Semi-Charmed Life Third Eye Blind Never Let You Go Throwing Muses Dizzy Tin Star (10/1999) Head Toad The Wet Sprocket Walk on the Ocean Toad The Wet Sprocket Hold Her Down Toad The Wet Sprocket All I Want @ XM Toad The Wet Sprocket (1/1994) Fall Down Toad The Wet Sprocket (13/1997) Come Down Toad The Wet Sprocket (22/1992) All I Want Toad The Wet Sprocket (9/1994) Something's Always Wrong Toadies Away Toadies I Come From The Water Toadies Possum Kingdom Toadies Tyler Tom Tom Club Genius Of Love Tonic If You Could Only See Tonic Open Up Your Eyes Tonic You Wanted More Tool Sober Tool Stinkfist Tool Schism Tool Forty Six And Two Trapt Headstrong Travis Sing Trik Turner Friends & Family Tripping Daisy I Got A Girl U2 All Because Of You U2 Angel Of Harlem U2 Bad (Live) U2 Desire U2 Even Better Than The Real Thing U2 Gloria U2 God Part II U2 I Will Follow U2 Last Night On Earth U2 Mysterious Ways U2 Numb U2 One U2 Staring At The Sun U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 The Fly U2 Until The End Of The World U2 Vertigo U2 Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses U2 Bullet The Blue Sky U2 Lemon U2 Two Hearts Beat As One U2 Discotheque U2 Beautiful Day U2 Elevation U2 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For U2 In God's Country U2 Running To Stand Still U2 Walk On U2 Where The Streets Have No Name U2 With or Without You U2 Everlasting Love U2 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me U2 New Year's Day U2 Pride (In The Name of Love) U2 The Wanderer U2 Sweetest Thing (Single Mix) U2 Stay (Faraway So Close) U2 Numb (new mix) U2 The Ground Beneath Your Feet UB40 Here I Am (Come and Take Me) Urge, The Jump Right In Vapors Turning Japanese Vedder, Eddie You've Got To Hide Your Love Away Vertical Horizon Everything You Want Veruca Salt Volcano Girls Veruca Salt Seether Veruca Salt Number One Blind Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony Verve Pipe The Freshman Verve Pipe Photograph Violent Femmes American Music Violent Femmes Blister In Sun Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone Violent Femmes Kiss Off Violent Femmes Children of the Revolution Wall of Voodoo Mexican Radio Wallflowers 6Th Avenue Heartache Wallflowers One Headlight Wallflowers Heroes Wallflowers Three Marlenas Wallflowers The Difference Wax California Weezer Buddy Holly Weezer Dope Nose Weezer El Scorcho Weezer Hash Pipe Weezer Island In Sun Weezer My Name Is Jonas Weezer Say It Ain't So Weezer Undone-The Sweater Song Weezer Beverly Hills Weezer The Good Life Westerberg, Paul Dyslexic Heart Westerberg, Paul World Class Fad Whale Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag Wheatus Lemonade White Stripes 7 Nation Army White Stripes Fell In Love With A Girl White Stripes The Hardest Button To Button White Stripes Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground White Town Your Woman White Zombie More Human Than Human White Zombie Thunder Kiss '65 Wolfgang Press A Girl Like You World Party Is It Like Today? World Party Put The Message In The Box World Party Ship Of Fools World Party Way Down Now World Party When the Rainbow Comes XTC Generals And Majors XTC Making Plans For Nigel XTC Dear God XTC The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead XTC The Mayor Of Simpleton Zombie, Rob Dragula Zombie, Rob Living Dead Girl 
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2022.02.18 18:25 Minimum-Chicken859 2010 Toyota Tacoma Sale Price?

I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab with 6’ bed and camper shell. 123k miles. Put in a touch screen and remote start. I live in a mountain town in WY. Trying to sell it for $20,000. Have someone interested who offered $17,000. Went to mechanic at his request and he looked it over with no issues except the windshield. Mechanic valued it through NADA at $18,750. Tacoma prices are all over the place right now and want to get this groups opinion on selling for $17,000 or holding firm on my price? Could I actually get $20,000? I don’t need to offload it right away but I don’t want to sit on it for months.
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2022.02.07 18:06 la-oscuridad-ec SER OSCURO EN CAMPOS PETROLEROS

A los obreros que trabajan en las diferentes compañías petroleras del norte de Veracruz les llegan a pasar cosas o eventos sobrenaturales, está es una de tantas historias.
El lugar del sitio estaba tan apartado que parecía imposible que hubiera algo en ese sitio.
La cuadrilla tendría ya 3 días trabajando en ese sitio, y todo estaba saliendo bien, ningún accidente, ningún contratiempo.
Estaba anocheciendo cuando pararon y mandaron por la cena, después de esperar dos horas llegó el obrero que habían mandado por la cena, consiguió 4 pollos rostizados, con salsa y tortillas, y varios refrescos.
Toda la cuadrilla se reunión para cenar, y entre las bromas y comentarios de trabajo se fue haciendo más tarde, les llamo la atención que escucharon como varios zopilotes se posaban sobre la pera (una estructura artificial instalada sobre el área de perforación que soportan el equipo de perforación), ya que en días anteriores no habían escuchado ni visto esas aves por el sitio.
A pesar de la lámparas en el sitio, no llegaban a ver las aves, sacaron varias linternas y alumbraron hacia la pera, y efectivamente había varias de esas aves sobre la estructura, de pronto escucharon un extraño sonido a un costado de la pera, era una especie de gruñido, la segunda vez fue tan fuerte que espanto a las aves que se alejaron volando de la pera.
Todas las lámparas enfocaron hacia el lugar de donde provenía aquel rugido, fue cuando vieron a un ser agazapado entre la poca yerba que había, era completamente negro, se le podían apreciar unos ojos rojos, enormes orejas y lleno de pelo.
Los obreros estaban paralizados ante la extraña figura, cuando ésta avanzo hacia ellos, algunos corrieron hacia las camionetas y otros al camper que usaban de dormitorio, solo uno de ellos corrió hacia la pera y subió por ella, los que estaban en las camionetas las encendieron e iluminaron con los faros pero no se veía nada.
Nadie salió del camper ni de las camionetas hasta el amanecer.
Salieron con cuidado y notaron que faltaba Andrés, todos temían lo peor, cuando alguien lo vio en la pera, fueron hasta allá y lo ayudaron a bajar. Cuando le preguntaron por qué había corrido hacia la pera y no hacia el camper. El contestó que estaba tan aterrado que fue en lo único que pensó. También comentó que ese ser anduvo rondando bajo la pera y que olía muy mal, cómo animal muerto.
Hecho real, narrado por uno de los obreros.
Compartido por: Ahoy Salas Valeriano
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2022.01.30 07:20 JimiDaTulip Getting killed in permadeath in the space anomaly.

Ok. Im not a very happy camper right now. Doing a playthrough in permadeath. Went to space anomaly to spend some nanites. Talked to Nada, then headed down the hall way leading to the vendor area. Gun blasts which seemed like it was from a space ship tearing through hitting me. I tried to get away but it killed me before I could. How is this possible?? Is it another player doing this? Glitch? Wasted a great playthrough. Anyone know how or had it happen to them as well?
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2022.01.15 03:06 SpaceChainsaw810 Bandas de San Diego que han tocado en Tijuana. Cual es el proceso para cruzar a TJ con el equipamiento musical? Bands from San Diego that have played in Tijuana. What’s the process for crossing your gear to TJ?

Hola Alguien sabe cual es el proceso para cruzar a México con equipamiento musical? Tengo que declarar y pagar impuesto o no? Hace años toque con mi banda y crucé en mi camioneta con todo el equipamiento y me pararon a checar. Me pidieron a pagar el impuesto de importación pero les dije que voy a tocar y nada de mi equipamiento va a quedar en Mexico. Me dejaron pasar sin pagar pero me dijeron que la próxima vez tengo que declarar todo. Desde entonces me quede con la duda que es lo que tengo que hacer la próxima vez? Gracias!
Hello, What is the process for crossing your gear into TJ? Do you need to declare it and pay tax or no? What are your experiences? My band played years ago in TJ and I had a pickup truck with a camper with all of our gear and they pulled us over to check what we had like normal and we’re trying to make us pay for importing our gear (I’m fine with paying if I need too) but my argument was I’m playing and the stuff is coming back with me etc. they eventually let us go and said next time we need to go to the declaration side. Just wanting to know if that’s normal. Thanks!
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2022.01.04 08:46 Kathe_villalba_16 Despertares falsos... Se que no les interesa pero se los voy a contar

Casi al final de mi sueño (no recuerdo lo anterior) nos dirijimos con mi pareja a casa de un amigo de él a mostrarle un camper que supuestamente nos habíamos comprado, en eso yo estoy viendolos desde afuera como cacharrean el carro y celebran, hasta que, como es normal en la lógica de los sueños, yo ya no estaba fuera del carro sino dentro con ellos, entonces en ese momento caigo en un sueño lucido, me quedo viendolos unos pocos segundos más y mi pareja propone ir a otro lugar así que yo salí de primera, detrás mío pero a la izquierda iba mi pareja como a metro y medio y de último venía el amigo de él, un poco más distanciado, entonces, después de caminar varios metros volteó a mirar a mi pareja, y pues al pensar que era una alusinacion mía de mi pareja lo que estaba mirando la verdad me dió un poco de escalofrío y me quise despertar.
Yo para dormir me había envuelto completamente en la cobija hasta la cabeza y cuando me quise despertar me vi debajo de la cobija, como me había acostado y no me podía mover (tal vez parálisis del sueño), lo intente un rato hasta que lo logré, entonces me quito la cobija, me salgo del toldillo de la cama y me quedo sentada, y veo que en la mitad de la habitación se encontraba mi pareja (yo sabía que el ya se había ido a trabajar y no podía haber entrado a la casa si yo no le había habierto ya que solo vivimos el y yo en la casa) entonces me di cuenta que aún no estaba despierta así que volví a hacer el esfuerzo por levantarme (es algo que no me suele costar mucho) entonces aparecí de nuevo debajo de la cobija, esta vez supuestamente la cobija que tenía era clara (se podía ver a través de ella) y veo a mi pareja pasar por los pieceros de la cama y hago entonces el tercer intento por levantarme, esta vez no lo ví hasta llegar al final del pasillo casi hasta la sala y entonces ahí va el cuarto intento, en este, cuando "me levanté" ví a mi perrita (una cachorra de casi dos meses) que estaba debajo de la cobija conmigo a los pieceros de la cama y pues es imposible que ella se suba a la cama y se pase por debajo del toldillo y aparte por debajo de la cobija, así que ahí va el quinto intento y volví a ver a la perrita ahí he intenté alejarla por miedo, entonces fue el sexto intento, y ahí, antes de intentar levantarme escuché a alguien caminar cerca (lo que sería normal ya que vivo en un primer piso, con ventana a la calle en la habitación y enfrente de la avenida) y creo que mi mente me hizo pensar que venía de dentro del cuarto y pues otra vez con lo de que nadie podía estar adentro entonces va el septimo intento en donde no ví nada raro pero sin quitarme la cobija podía notar que el bombillo estaba prendido (luz amarilla) viendose como que fuera de noche (yo me había acostado a las 8 A.M) y pues también la cobija que llevaba era un cubre lecho que obvio no te deja ver a través de él así que con solo haber habierto los ojos y ver la luz amarilla me desespere al ver que aún soñaba y pedía auxilio en el sueño y hubo otro intento donde fue lo mismo del anterior hasta que ya me pude despertar y estuve dudando varios minutos si enserio ya me había despertado.
Cuando hablo de intentar levantarme me refiero a que intentaba mover los brazos y abrir los ojos y cuando supuestamente los abria veía el cubre lecho (rojo).
Alguna experiencia parecida?.
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2021.12.31 06:30 MeuRefugioNerd Será que já era hora de desistir?

Vim para esta rede porque praticamente era o único espaço relevante na internet que faltava.
Estou em praticamente todas as redes com o projeto Meu Refúgio Nerd.
Só que estou achando muito pouco amigável e ainda não achei comunidades em Português que me acolhessem.
Também é chato esse negócio de não aceitar acentos e tal.
Entrei aqui por curiosidade pra ver se o povo estava se chegando e vi que a pontuação do meu perfil ficou negativa.
Isso é ridículo. Só tive interações normais em nichos relacionados.
Até teve uma pergunta na comunidade de Brawl Stars sobre o que te causa reação com relação a um usuário durante as batalhas.
Mencionei os "campers". Não sei como estão chamando hoje em dia. Mas são jogadores meio parasitas. Ficam esperando a equipe vencer sem fazer nada.
Vencer sem participar ou contribuir de alguma forma. No modo Fute-Brawl / Brawl Ball tem uns que ficam dentro do gol e não saem. Tem os que vão para uma das paredes e não ajudam em nada na partida. Era para ter um botão para que o jogador seja banido e não entrar mais na partida de jogadores que foram afetados. Ganhar recompensas e troféus assim é mole, né?
Fora isso não teve nada. Somente reações de risos e também elogios sobre os posts.
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