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2015.03.23 21:03 theoracleiam That's not how it works...

For those times when someone really doesn't know what they are doing, and doesn't seem to have enought sense to see THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS.

2023.06.09 22:30 Firm-Fisherman-2000 HELP! I got bit by ANOTHER tick, and I'm already being treated for Lyme's currently!

Hi there. Here's a little background as to what I'm dealing with right now:
I've been sick for a really long time. It's been at least 2 years since I started showing symptoms of Lyme, but I finally got diagnosed close to two weeks ago and started treatment for 28 days of doxycycline. Things were going well. I wasn't worried about not getting better because I've been doing everything by the book: no gluten, dairy, or sugar. No drinking, no calcium or iron supplements during my treatment- none of that. But the other day, I noticed what I at first thought was a baby spider on my thumb. I smacked it and smushed it by accident. Once I checked again, I realized it was a baby tick and threw it away (stupid, I know. I didn't realize you could send them in to be tested). Okay, I thought, I'll just keep an eye on it. But now a red mark has shown up where I picked it off from. I need advice!!
I have an appointment with Infectious Diseases next week to talk about my treatment plan. Should I wait until then to bring this up? Or should I go to urgent care?
Also, has this happened to anyone else, or is this the universe's way of trying to kill me?
How does this affect my treatment plan (if at all)?
Please let me know what's up in the comments. I'm STRESSED.
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2023.06.09 22:30 nokiabama White chocolate for chocolate bonbons

I bought a white chocolate the other day and I was hoping to use it in making chocolate bonbon fillings, however, on my first attempt to make a coconut ganache, it turned to be sickenly sweet and had a strange mouthfeel. I said that I might have chosen the wrong ingredient for ganache, I then decided to try with raspberry instead, and the result was exactly the same, very sweet and strange taste. The issue is that I am not even using very sophisticated recipes, just a simple ganache, heavy cream, white chocolate and raspberry or coconut. Is this chocolate good to be used for bonbon fillings ?
Here is its ingredients: Sugar (%55) Cocoa Butter Whole milk powder soy lecthin natural vanilla flavoring
Cocoa content: Min %30
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2023.06.09 22:29 Helpful_Ad9651 Making a better Diantha team

She is bad competitive wise, but good thematically
Hawlucha- Action and Adventure movies, highest speed and represents a prince
Tyrantrum- Historic and sci-fi, highest attack and represents a king
Aurorus- Historic and sci-fi, highest HP and represents a queen
Gourgeist-Horror movies, highest defense and represents a witch
Goodra- Fantasy movies, highest special defense and represents a dragon
Gardevoir- Romance movies, highest special attack and represents a princess
So, a story about a prince going through a king and queen, then a witch, then a dragon, to get to a princess, basically sleeping beauty (European fairytale)
Also three special and three physical attacks
My rework will keeping the movie and fairy tale theme. The stat theme is hard to impossible to keep
Keldeo(580 BST, Mustard had a legend, Lance had a full pseudo legendary team)- A prince, and represents action, adventure and fantasy movies
Kingambit- A king, and represents war, mafia, and documentary(chess) movies
Salazzle/Tsareena- A Queen, and represents nature documentary and "adult" movies
Mismagius- A witch, and represents horror movies
Goodra(Hisui)- A dragon, and represents historic, fantasy and adventure movies
Gardevoir- Same
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2023.06.09 22:28 ThrowRA_jonnyboi Why is my ex having the best post break up glow up on holiday pics and I look like I am homeless?

My hair is awful, my beard is a mess, I have bags under my eyes all the time. I can barely move from my bed, I struggle and suffer so much because of the break up guilt I caused and the loss and depression from it.
She is on holiday with her friend wearing sexy dresses, looking amazingly tanned, putting up bikini photos and is absolutely glowing beautifully like the woman I loved for 2 and a half years.
I am so sad 😭
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2023.06.09 22:27 BobOfTheBardadAiel I Lied

I lied. The only thing that ran its course was my own manic cycle of self-loathing. The truth? The god's honest fucking truth is the prospect of falling in love with you terrified me and I ran.
You wanted nothing more or less than the heart beating in my chest, and I wanted to see through the haze of your past and show you that the sad girl could smile with her whole heart.
And for a minute there, we did. But you begged me to "open up" and I did. And you know that you hated what you saw. When you needed comfort and a friend I hammered you with cruel questions, pretending to myself I was helping. When you needed a break from the overwhelming stress of it all I poured gasoline on the fire. You said we were "OK" and you laughed it off but I know all too well that I hurt you and I truly don't want that.
I spent the night after our last real conversation hating myself for hurting you and hating myself for knowing I had to say goodbye. When I woke up and saw you hadn't messaged first for the first time ever I knew it was the right thing to do. Then I told you we had run our course and you told me you didn't feel that way. That broke me. But loving to the end, you respected my wishes and said your tearful goodbye.
I can't' stay. I hate myself for it but I can see now that she is right. I take beautiful things and I destroy them. I am so, so selfish. And you are so, so beautiful. And you have been destroyed so many times already. I can't be the one to destroy you again.
So I cut it off. My heart wants to keep reaching out, but my brain knows I will only hurt your heart. And it's so so hard since you've lain enough breadcrumbs for me to find you again and my god that is tempting.
But. You said you wished we could go back to before I hurt you. I never told you how many times I've heard that before. How that is the phrase that will be engraved on the tombstone of my marriage. How every love of my life has said those exact words, long before they realize the true misery that comes from loving me.
I reached out to you because I had withdrawn into myself, but tired of embracing the miserable world I've made for myself, I wanted hope. I found it tenfold over in you and all I managed to do was start the same pattern all over again. I wish I didn't care, I wish I could live with being a source of misery for you, so that I could have you. Your friendship, your heart, your love. But fuck me, I care. And I cannot do me to you. I promised myself the day we started that I would leave if I brought my vicious cycle upon you.
The wounds are fresh. Maybe if I'm lucky they will fade and I won't miss you every day for the rest of my life. I hope to god you're lucky and don't miss me at all.
And there I go lying again.
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2023.06.09 22:27 Apprehensive-Air-123 Jeansssss

I lost both of my parents in a 13 month span and turned to eating, I had an emotional support plate! I gained 50 lbs since this happened in 21. I couldn’t wear my jeans obviously…. I was humiliated.However, I still stuffed my feelings in sugar. I use to wear a 4 at my lowest then steadily an 8.. Been on OZ since January and although I’m not where I was, I’m elated I bought several pair of jeans in a 12 and they actually fit! I never thought I’d be happy at this size, but I definitely am and hoping I get back to my pre grief size. TMI I know.
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2023.06.09 22:26 wth1801 Curious about your experience/thoughts

Hey y’all! First let me start off by saying I am not looking for a diagnosis here. I am a 27 y.o. male 5’9.5” and 209 lbs. I had my yearly physical recently and my blood work came back with a Fasting Blood Glucose level of 106. My doctor said this was pre diabetic and ordered an A1C test which came back at 5.3 (normal) and basically said everything is fine.
To give some background: Over the past 7-8 months I’ve lost about 40 pounds via exercising 1-2 times a week, eating less, and walking my dog for 20-30 minutes 3 times a day. Last year when I was at my heaviest (249 lbs), my A1C was 5.6 and my fasting glucose was normal at 79.
The only history in my family of diabetes is through my nephew who is type 1. My sister (his mom) and his dad don’t have it, and his dad doesn’t have any family history either, so no idea where it’s coming from. Because of this, I wanted to get a Glucometer just to check and see what my levels were looking like. The readings are consistently showing 110-126 fasting glucose, and the highest I’ve spiked so far is 177 after having a bagel. My daily average blood glucose has been 127-128, and the other night before bed, about 4 hours after eating, I was still sitting at 134.
When I followed up with my doctor, they told me that this is normal, that I don’t need to be checking my blood sugar, and that it’s just anxiety. They dismissed all of my concerns and refused to refer me to an endocrinologist. My questions to y’all are- have your doctor’s been dismissive of your concerns, do these numbers actually seem “normal” (not prediabetic), and should all of the lifestyle changes I’ve made reflect in my fasting glucose numbers as opposed to raising them?
I’m honestly just confused and looking for some other people who have had a similar experience!
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2023.06.09 22:26 jaybouche38 No Comprende Ingles

San Juan, Puerto Rico is a land of respect, family, and conservative values. A place where people know how to behave properly. The same cannot be said of the other San Juan, the one located in Washington state. In this San Juan, the locals are rude, hateful, liberal, and ready to fly off the handle at the drop of the hat. The first post I did in this group was about my friendship with a local from San Juan. This post detailing my own personal experience with Rhianna Emree Franklin offended the feelings of u/Kraken160th who resorted to childish behavior such as name calling and yelling obscenties at me. Nevermind that this comment violated Rule #1 of this subreddit. It seems that u/Kraken160th like most locals in San Juan, still haven't learned how to read. I sent him a chat asking him how does his comment follow Rule #1. He has yet to reply.
The other day, I posted a great musical march composition composed in Prussia. A great positive song that has stood the test of time, better than the crap that is defined as music today. This beautiful 3 minute recording offended u/keep_evolving who made some baseless and laughable claims without any proof or evidence, thereby proving his ignorance for the entire world to see. Once again, his libelous comment violates Rule #1. He probably can't read either. So much for his username u/keep_evolving which he should change it to keep_regressing.
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2023.06.09 22:26 ElectricPaladin A Silly Premature Idea for Game III

I know it's ridiculously early for anyone to even be imagining this, but hear me out, this is what the third game in the BotW/TotK series should be:
It's four parallel games, each of them with roughly the same content, much like the Pokemon games that are always released in pairs. The functional difference between each version is the main character: Riyu, Tulin, Sidon, or Yunobo.
You see, Link is not the main character of the third game; you encounter him at the beginning, right before he goes off to do something heroic related to the main plot, and doesn't appear again until the end. You play your chosen hero through the events of the game, which are dealing with something that was at first believed to be a secondary problem - below the notice of the champion Link - but is eventually revealed to be the main threat, while Link is off chasing a red herring, just as the antagonist planned. In the end, you discover that Link has been imprisoned, rescue him, and fight side by side with him against the Big Bad, thus saving the day.
How do they square this with the timeline? That's the beautiful part - they don't have to. Throughout the game, you encounter evidence that the other three main characters of their own games are having very similar adventures to yours, as they also discover that the relatively small problems Links tasked them with solving turn out to be much bigger than they had thought. Sometimes you even help them out as part of your own quest!
If the next game is set far enough in the future - say a couple of hundred years, with new incarnations of Link and Zelda - it doesn't matter which version of the game is true. They're all true. Everyone knows that the heroes Riyu of the Gerudo, Tulin of the Rito, Sidon of the Zora, and Yunobo of the Gorons were instrumental in saving the day a long time ago, but everyone has their own interpretation of which one had the honor of uncovering the truth of the evil scheme and saving the champion Link - probably the one favoring their own people's hero.
As for the gameplay itself, I think the dev team has shown their ability to create believable and versatile worlds, so it wouldn't even be all that challenging to create one base game that these four characters could inhabit, with only a few changes of storyline and dialogue - including at least one quest where you interact with and help each of the other three heroes - to make sure that it makes sense.
What do you think?
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2023.06.09 22:26 luxxxio Hiroshima vs Tottori vs Okinawa

We're still a ways off from moving. I can't move til my pets (all seniors aged 7-12) pass but I'd like to at least learn more about the places I'm considering. I want to hear your opinions on these three locations! Pros & Cons, Serious or Silly. Share it all!
I'll give a few reasons why I'm considering these locations

If it matters - I'll either be getting started teaching English or by the time I move, my Japanese will be strong enough that I can be considered for jobs in my field. Marketing/Public Relations. I have a Master's. Currently N5 but we're studying every day.
Have fun with this post! It doesn't have to be too serious :)
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2023.06.09 22:26 casualdadeqms You're not a bluegill....

You're not a bluegill....
Caught this beauty flipping crickets and wax worms for bluegill beds recently at Reelfoot Lake, TN.
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2023.06.09 22:25 spudnado88 Which of these Light modifiers should I get? (SOFTBOXES - BOWENS)

I met someone who can sell me the following light mods:
I am looking to do portraits and also use these for video interview lighting when I get my videolights.
Just wondering which of these I should get for generally a good all-rounder package with an eye towards commercial/corporate applications.
Thank you, these are all GODOX brand with a Bowen's mount.
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2023.06.09 22:25 Tiagoelche BUTTERFLY

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2023.06.09 22:24 meggletron Bought this at an estate sale; Victorian Pickle Castor. I’m wondering the level of food safety and how I would go about cleaning/polishing it. My heart wants to use it as a sugar cube bowl. Any info/advice would be much appreciated!!

Bought this at an estate sale; Victorian Pickle Castor. I’m wondering the level of food safety and how I would go about cleaning/polishing it. My heart wants to use it as a sugar cube bowl. Any info/advice would be much appreciated!! submitted by meggletron to Antiques [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 22:23 bellabettyy my star makeup today!

my star makeup today!
BROWS:Morphe brow pomade - shade chocolate mousse
EYES: Ashley Strong x Morphe Affirmation palette - shades I am thankfulI, I am brave and I am radiant NYX epic ink eyeliner
FACE: e.l.f Power Grip Primer Uoma Say What foundation - shade T2N Morphe Filter Effect Concealer - shade light 2 Makeup Revolution translucent powder Dragun Beauty setting mist
STARS: Ashley Strong x Morphe Affirmation Palette - shade I am Thankful Morphe Filter Effect Concealer - shade light 2
LIPS: Morphe liquid lipstick - shade Taunt NYX Filler Instinct lipgloss in clear
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2023.06.09 22:23 _Practical_Potato_ Wanting to restyle but having some collector moral issues please help!

I recently purchased 2 cupid dolls one MH and one EAH and I want to customize them while leaving the factory paint just enhance them so they can be side by side. I'm going to make custom feather wings for the EAH one but for MH I want the boney look from the original but I kinda hate how small they are.. I love Bonita Femurs wings and I think they would look so cute painted ivory or white with black ombre to match her body.. and I've found several pairs on ebay but every time I go to purchase I feel guilty about buying the wings and painting over them when there could be someone who may genuinely need it to finish their doll. I'd love to know opinions.. please I know people do OOAK dolls all the time and they're absolutely beautiful but I'm having a difficult time because the dolls are not being made anymore and I feel selfish and guilty.. anyway any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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2023.06.09 22:23 Puzzleheaded_Code600 Should i tell his wife?

So I met this super hot guy online, who was in my city for work from another state. The man could easily be a GQ model, highly educated, funny & a true gentleman. We had two dates and we hit it off immediately, it was so romantic and magical. I hate texting & phone calls (didn’t want the magic to fade) so we decided to circle back once he come back in town. something in my spirit was telling me this is too good to be truebeside I started seeing someone else & blocked him. Four months later & fresh out of yet another breakup we reconnected and he is coming in few weeks. Last night I started to investigate this nagging feeling & sure enough, the man literally got married six months before we met 🤦🏽‍♀️ Now I'm sitting here deciding if I should tell his new bride, a beautiful church-going woman. Nothing sexual aside from deep kissing happened. I am torn in one hand nothing happened yet he was online looking to cheat. But six months after ur wedding, omg that revelation could be a painful one. Ladies, if this were ur man would you like to know?
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2023.06.09 22:22 Dizzy-Improvement100 I don’t know what’s going on.

i’ve been feeling anxious all day. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack so I checked my blood sugar and it was 80. I’ve convinced myself I have hypoglycemia and anytime I have a panic attack it’s because i’m low. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I ate two fruit snack packs and still feel anxious. all day i’ve been feeling like i’m going to have a panic attack. I now feel like i’m gonna cry. i’m so tired of anxiety. I cant even go to a doctor because of my agoraphobia and awful anxiety. I have really bad death anxiety as well and I feel like that’s not helping me right now. I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.09 22:22 Top_Marionberry394 I'm so sad

52F, 180lbs, told by GP to lose 10kg
TDEE maintenance is 2134 Consuming =/> 1500 a day
I need to leave this subreddit because even after a month of either 16, 17 or 18 (today 18.5) hour fasts, with less than 1500 cals in my eating window (no sugar, no flour) and regular exercise (running or walking 4-8 km every other day, plus light weights) I have not lost anything. My waist is still huge, nothing fits and I'm miserable physically and mentally.
I'm so dejected. I had blood work, it was normal. My daughter looked at it and said they need to request further thyroid tests that weren't one there. She sees me weigh out my food, bust my ass, do what I'm supposed to be doing with zero results.
I'd think that after 1 month I'd have at least ONE FREAKING POUND LOSS. My father developed diabetes due to weight at age 60, and was dead at 70. I'm doing everything I can to not be like him.
I tell people what I'm doing and they say, "Oh, you must not be counting calories or weighing your food properly". That's all I freaking do is weigh my food and use MFP. I don't snack, I eat something with high protein to break my fast then a normal dinner with protein and lots of veggies. If I eat carbs it's oats or rice occasionally.
I'm destroyed by this. I have to leave the sub because though I feel really happy for all of you who are seeing results, it just makes me cry because i honestly don't know what to do.
Best of luck to all of you in your journeys.
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2023.06.09 22:22 Pinkiedrink This Victoria variant !

This Victoria variant !
The freckles are so prominent and her lips are so beautiful
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2023.06.09 22:21 Putrid_Fig1989 I'm done

I went to Soma earlier to get some of the sundresses with the built in bras. I was so excited to not have to wear a bra for once. I fell in love with one in particular and it didn't work. None of them worked. And shopping for clothes has been this way for so long. Things will fit beautifully everywhere except the boobs. I've had to wear a bra since I was 8. I'm a 36G now and I'm getting married and can't even find lingerie. Adore me isn't supportive, Victorias Secret is a joke and I feel so trashy trying to make Frederick's of Hollywood work. I ripped a shirt I tried on in the dressing room clean in half across my boobs and it was so humiliating. I even got reprimanded at work once because my boobs made my WORK UNIFORM look slutty. All the cute clothes either don't fit my boobs at all or there's crazy amounts of cleavage. I'm so tired of my back hurting and looking like a bimbo all the time and having the same boring beige bra and being told I would regret a reduction. I have like 4 shirts because nothing else fits. I tried looking up clothing brands specially made for big boobs and everything is 300 dollars for a dress or 100 for a plain t shirt, and I have like 5 choices of what shirt I would like. I'm so, so tired of the stares, being looked at like a bimbo and bawling when I go clothes shopping because nothing fits. I don't think I want advice but if anyone knows of similar sundresses to Soma with the built in bras for way bigger boobs I would appreciate that ❤️. I can't even go up sizes and have it altered because I wear a size large and their dresses only go to XL.
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2023.06.09 22:21 ovalplace123 Hmm … what do we think?

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