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2023.06.09 22:46 JoshAsdvgi THE SALT WITCH


A pillar of snowy salt once stood on the Nebraska plain, about forty miles above the point where the Saline flows into the Platte, and white men used to hear of it as the Salt Witch. An Indian tribe was for a long time quartered at the junction of the rivers, its chief a man of blood and muscle in whom his people gloried, but so fierce, withal, that nobody made a companion of him except his wife, who alone could check his tigerish rages.
In sooth, he loved her so well that on her death he became a recluse and shut himself within his lodge, refusing to see anybody.
This mood endured with him so long that mutterings were heard in the tribe and there was talk of choosing another chief.
Some of this talk he must have heard, for one morning he emerged in war-dress, and without a word to any one strode across the plain to westward.
On returning a full month later he was more communicative and had something unusual to relate.
He also proved his prowess by brandishing a belt of fresh scalps before the eyes of his warriors, and he had also brought a lump of salt.
He told them that after travelling far over the prairie he had thrown himself on the earth to sleep, when he was aroused by a wailing sound close by.
In the light of a new moon he saw a hideous old woman brandishing a tomahawk over the head of a younger one, who was kneeling, begging for mercy, and trying to shake off the grip from her throat.
The sight of the women, forty miles from the village, so surprised the chief that he ran toward them.
The younger woman made a desperate effort to free herself, but in vain, as it seemed, for the hag wound her left hand in her hair while with the other she raised the axe and was about to strike.
At that moment the chief gained a view of the face of the younger woman-it was that of his dead wife.
With a snarl of wrath he leaped upon the hag and buried his own hatchet in her brain, but before he could catch his wife in his arms the earth had opened and both women disappeared, but a pillar of salt stood where he had seen this thing.
For years the Indians maintained that the column was under the custody of the Salt Witch, and when they went there to gather salt they would beat the ground with clubs, believing that each blow fell upon her person and kept her from working other evil.
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2023.06.09 22:36 Makksie Pre-wedding burnout - any tips?

So my wedding is coming up in a few days.
We have been planning it for two years with my partner, but lately I took charge of most things as the number of things to deal with increased and as he had a lot of work to do and I was not employed.
But I feel like it took a toll on me. For context, the reason I'm not umployed is because I had a burnout at my previous job. A few weeks ago, my fiance's previous contract ended, and he doesn't start a new job until a month, so I was glad that I'd be able to share some of the load.
Thing is, I feel like it's even more work. He does not take initiative on things, I have to staff him. On the rare occasions he does, he forgets to keep me in the loop or get some things wrong even though we have all the info up to date in a centralized document, and I have to re-send emails after him.
It's like in addition to planning the wedding I also have to manage someone and it's really taking a toll on me. He doesn't get it and felt very attacked when I tried to share it with him, saying he can't be accused of something that would be thag sexist cause really he wants to help but I just won't "tell him how". And that's the whole point to me. I feel like I should not be the only one to have the big picture in my head and the list of things to do and such. I wish I was free of this mental weight and that I myself could just participate by asking him "what should I do now?". A reverse of the roles would be most pleasant.
But anyways. Today I had two appointments whilst in the midst of heated email negociations with a cab company that was supposed to transport all guests back to their hotels during the night and who just dropped us last minute. First appointment was my gp, I sat down, put down the phone and she immediately said "you can't go on like that". Like she instantly KNEW that I hadn't been sleeping most nights (even tho I have meds for that that usually work but not atm apparently), she knew from my face color that I had some deficiencies (I didn't even realized I skipped a lot of meals this week because I had weeding stuff to take care of) and she told me that my body WILL shut down, even if she were to give me pills to dope me or whatever, I would literally fall down in a few days. Since fainting or having a panic attack during the ceremony is one of my big fears that really didn't help me feel better. I DON'T actually know how to stop. Like I know we still have a gazillion things to do and I can't just ignore them or drop them, when I know I could sort them out. Second appointment right after was my hairdresser, just to redo my roots. As I sat down she explained she wouldn't do the highlights we also agreed on because she had to close shop early. I don't know what happened but I started SOBBING in an unstoppable manner even though I know it's not really a big deal what my hair color is on my wedding or any other day. But I couldn't stop crying and repeating "I can't take any more".
I got back home. Saw a dozen of unread texts and missed calls from various vendors and cab companies I needed to answer to today, and it took all of my willpower to decide to drop it until morning.
Now I'm just lying there and I feel like I don't even have the energy to go read a book and try to sleep. It reminds me a lot of when I went through burnout at my previous job. Except it's not a job in a dysfunctional company, it's a joyful project that I wanted to plan. Tf is wrong with me?
Anybody wen through something similar? If so, do you have any tips on how I could drop things and relax in the upcoming days?
I already gave my whole to-do list to my future husband and both my witnesses saying "please help" and they agreed to but I actually feel incapable of not double checking and not getting involved. It's like it's killing me but I can't stop it.
Any tips welcome. I just want to sleep again at night and have a normal appetite again. And stand on my own two feet next Saturday in front of the mayor and all of our loved ones.
Pills don't help anymore. I already have some (been helped all along by both gp and psychologist after what happened at previous job) but they don't work on that. I think my body is saying like "you will not trick me, I will keep fighting until you effing stop doing so much".
How do I do that lol
Anyways, just really needed to vent I guess, and feel less alone if anyone else is going through this or has gone through it, it would tremendously help to know I'm not alone.
Thanks for reading guys
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2023.06.09 22:36 Capital-Ad-9608 My color depositing conditioner has been discontinued!

My color depositing conditioner has been discontinued!
Help! I've been dying my hair a beautiful saffrony-red color for over a decade. I have my color formula from my original stylist saved in my phone, so it's no wonder that I take the maintenance of my preferred shade seriously. For years, I've used Aveda Madder root color depositing shampoo and conditioner to extend my color so I dont have to dye my hair for 8 weeks. Alas, the Madder root conditioner--arguably the most potent part of this equation-- has been discontinued. Any fellow bottle redheads out there that can recommend a new color depositing conditioner? I'm wary of "manic panic" or anything that will add a purple-based red tone to my hair.
my hair color
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2023.06.09 22:35 Chemist-with_Beard [29][M4F][Karlsruhe][Germany] Just a german guy hoping to find a nice woman to lose his virginity.

Hello to everyone reading this. My name is Jule. I hope you have a nice day. Being shy and introverted led to me being single for all of my 29 years on this earth. I am also a virgin for the same reason and same amount of time. I intend to change this before I turn 30 next year.
Let me first tell you something about me, starting with my looks. I'm 1,75m (5'10) tall and weigh 100kg (220lbs). I have white skin, blue eyes, glasses and light brown hair. I go to the gym three times a week with slight success and I really enjoy working out. I also enjoy reading, sometimes even devouring one book in a day if I have the time. I love listening to music, alternative rock most of the time but sometimes I enjoy other genres. I also play the bass, albeit not really good. I can also be a binge gamer when a new and ineresting game comes out. The last time it happened was last month with the new Zelda. I would describe myself as a kind man with a quick wit. My humor can be quite dark and sarcastic. I prefer not to talk much if I don't know another person good enough but if I know someone, I can talk like a river. I'm slightly socially awkward so our conversation might be a bit awkward too.
Now just a little bit about who I'm searching for. You should be nice and understanding. I'm a bit of an overthinker so a patient woman would be ideal. It would also be nice, but not neccessary, if you would be willing to take over control and show me the ropes (if you are experienced). As long as you are over 18 I don't care how old you are. Ethnicity and looks don't matter as much as long as the traits I described above are there. It would be nice if you live near me or in Germany or one of the surrounding countries. It would also be ok if you are willing to travel to me.
Don't be shy to ask me any questions you have in private. I will be glad to provide answers and a picture of myself, if you are willing to do the same. I also hope to get to know you a bit better so a connection can build and it will not just be a quick and dirty business. Maybe it will even lead to something more in the future.
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2023.06.09 22:32 Adrian_6262 M26 Hiya 😊 Lets keep each other company [Chat][Relationship][Friendship]

Hi, I am Adrian, 26 and from the UK pic of me on profile. Been having a rough few days, especially recently. Have a long weekend and nothing planned. So thought to meet new people and chat. Learn about someone and keep each other company. Looking for some relaxed and chill chats, long or short term. Mainly looking for girls. Can be from anywhere. Creeps and weirdos will be blocked
Message with an introduction, your name, age and where you are from
Pros - cons of me:
I am a great cook - I will force you to eat my cooking
I am a great listener - I will get you to overshare
I like to cuddle - I will not let go
Great at conversating - Will keep you up all night
Have some of the cutest puppies youll ever see - Covered in dog hair most of the time
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2023.06.09 22:30 Flying_Snails_today Steven Universe vs Invincible analysis Cosmic Clash

Genesis: Back thousands of years ago a gem named Rose Quartz was made on Earth! You see these space aliens called gems were killing the planet to make more of them and Rose wasn’t with that so she lead a rebellion called the Crystal Gems to take on the diamonds who were the leader of the gems. She ended up shattering Pink Diamond but yellow, blue and white diamond retaliated by leavening a blast that covered all of the planet affecting every gem turning them into monsters! Only Rose and some of her closest allies remained but she soon settled down with a human named Greg and gave up her body to make a son. Steven Universe.
Snail: Steven may look like the small chubby kid who gets bullied in school but he’s anything but! This kid saves the day with the Crystal Gems!
Genesis: Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl! And Steven started off weak and powerless be became stronger from his adventures with the gems even unlocking some of his mom’s abilities!
Snail: Such as his mothers shield able to block an attack from three diamonds that covered the entire planet!
Genesis: He can make bubbles to teleport small objects away or shield himself. He can also use them as makeshift boxing gloves to fight with!
Genesis then made some magical boxing gloves she used to knockout Snail
Genesis: Like that!
One Angry Snail getting up later
Snail: So mad at you I just can’t… Whatever Steven has control over his personal gravity being able to slow his falling and jump insane heights! He also scales to Garnet who was able to punch a damn mountain in half! That’s badass! But with all of this in mind Steven was treated like a child by his fellow gems. And while he was he wasn’t treated like a member of the team.
Genesis: Yeah like when your mom needs to take you to the movies with her friends on girls night since your dads not around and she doesn’t want you home alone
Snail: That’s not oddly specific or anything.
Genesis: What?!
Snail: Steven would gain the respect he so desperately wanted through many of his missions with the Gems! He is stronger then Lapis who lifted all the ocean on Earth at once! That’s roughly 352,670,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water! That’s like an entire planet man!
Genesis: Almost as much as your mo-
Snail then slapped her in the face
Genesis: Yeah I deserve that…
Snail: Steven has dodged laser from near point blank, he can survive the g force of light speed travel, he even lifted a giant injector!
Genesis: This injector had enough poison in it to wipe out all life on Earth! And it was already a giant metal space ship thing! And Steven was able to lift it for a short time when his powers were fading!
Snail: So Steven after trail and trail fight after fight manage to save the universe by redeeming the diamonds!
Genesis: Bad writing aside Steven always had shows looming over his head the biggest one his mother
Genesis: Turns out Rose was actually Pink Diamond and she was a lier who manipulated all her friends and even had them trapped for thousands of years!
Snail: Fuckin parents… yeah Rose was a shitty person and even years after her death Steven was stuck with people thinking he was his mom.
Genesis: Combine that with years of mental trauma from getting almost killed repeatedly and you have Steven go into a breakdown. Or his pink state
Snail: While pink Steven can move faster than his light dodging friends the crystal gems. He moved so fast that time moves at a near standstill for him! His powers also go into overdrive with him getting stronger, the power to straight up fly, screams loud enough to crack buildings, and new hexagon versions of his bubbles that are way stronger and more destructive! But he’s way more unhinged he’s losing control in this form to the point where he killed a gem.
Genesis: After bringing her back to life Steven felt like a monster and he spiraled into self hate creating monster Steven.
Snail: He lost all control but with the love of his friends and family Steven was able to calm down.
Genesis: While Steven struggled over learned to be a gem his greatest feat was being human.

Mayo_Enjoyer:every world needs a invincible hero except this one isn't invincible,meet Mark grayson the son of Nolan grayson who's more commonly known as omni man. Mark is a viltrumite like his father, viltrumites are a human like alien race who decided to kill off most of their population just to leave the strongest ones and they then started to conquer planets from the inside, Nolan was send to conquer earth he decided to play along as a hero, and after some hand holding with his pet I mean wife a baby was born because holding hands makes babies, and that baby was Mark grayson.
Mayo_Enjoyer:when Mark first discovered his powers he was lost but luckily for him his father was there to help him learn his powers and then mark started doing hero stuff, he fought against criminals, fought against a alien invasion, got his ass kicked by battle beast which I don't blame him for because battle beast is like the second if not the strongest character in the entire series, saved people got the girl and did some hero stuff until that day, one day mark found out that his dad is actually a alien conquer breed to kill and enslave other planets so he got his ass kicked so hard it became a meme maybe mark should think more often, anyways I'm not going to spoil the comics so to the abilities and feats we go.
Mayo_Enjoyer:Mark's viltrumite origin grants him several abilities such as super strength, super speed, flight, enchanted lung capacity, a ability which makes him stronger every time he gets beaten into a pulp, longevity, a enchanted healing factor, mark got all the basic powers now time for his feats, hurth thragg the strongest viltrumite who upscales from every viltrumite in the series, tanked hits from thragg while sun dipping in a fight with him on the sun, threw a trash can to London, played baseball over the globe, traveled from planet to planet, temporary outspeed teleportation, was unfazed by a nuke, killed thragg's kids, was able to fight while sun dipping, took a beating from battle beast and survived, was able to force dinosaurus to transform back, defeated conquest, defeated thragg who was able to defeat battle beast. That's all impressive feats of mark Grayson and now it's time for him to show that he's invincible
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2023.06.09 22:30 KiddPresident (Spoilers Main) Tyrion's Pie was clearly poisoned, not Joffrey's wine.

In this post I go over, somewhat exhaustively, the events and aftermath of the Purple Wedding, examining our characters’ perspectives, statements, positions, and motivations to determine what object was poisoned, by whom, and who was meant to die. The title spoils my conclusion: Tyrion’s pie was poisoned, and Tyrion was the intended target.

Let’s Look at How we Know What Happened

1: Maester Cressen. From his chapter we learn exactly what the Strangler is and how it works.
“Dissolved in wine, it would make the muscles of a man’s throat clench tighter than any fist, shutting off his windpipe. They said the victim’s face turned as purple as the little crystal seed from which his death was grown, but so too did a man choking on a morsel of food.”
Cressen’s initial description of the Strangler’s effects already foreshadows the wine/pie debate. Cressen indicates that his chosen delivery method is via wine, but describes how the death the Strangler causes is meant to resemble a man choking on food.
With Cressen’s death, we see just how quickly the Strangler takes effect:
The wine was sour on his tongue. He let the empty cup drop from his fingers to shatter on the floor. “He does have power here, my lord,” the woman said. “And fire cleanses.” At her throat, the ruby shimmered redly. Cressen tried to reply, but his words caught in his throat. His cough became a terrible thin whistle as he strained to suck in air. Iron fingers tightened round his neck. As he sank to his knees…
In the time it takes for Melisandre to make a one-liner, Cressen has already begun to cough and has lost the ability to speak. His reaction to the poison begins immediately, and death arrives quickly.
2: Tyrion. All of our evidence at the scene of the crime comes from Tyrion’s perspective, so let’s analyze what he sees and what he doesn’t:
Tyrion is not seeing much. Joffrey dumped wine on his head, and
It drenched his hair, stung his eyes, burned in his wound, ran down his cheeks, and soaked the velvet of his new doublet. “How do you like that, Imp?” Joffrey mocked. Tyrion’s eyes were on fire. He dabbed at his face with the back of a sleeve and tried to blink the world back into clarity.
Afterwards, when observing Ser Illyn’s sword
Tyrion’s eyes still stung from the wine. He blinked and looked again.
Detailed vision is a process for him right now, and he is not exercising it much. After wine is poured on him, most of his observations are touch and sound-based
Joffrey laughed, and Cersei as well. Then others. He could not see who, but he heard them.
The two objects which Tyrion is paying close attention to are Joffrey’s wine goblet and the pigeon pie. So let’s follow the wine and pie’s journeys closely and hopefully come to a logistical conclusion as to which ones could have been poisoned.

Joffrey’s Death: The Supercut

1: “‘Your Grace,’ was all [Tyrion] had time to say before the king upended the chalice over his head”. If Joffrey’s wine was poisoned before now, that poison has been dumped out.
2: Joffrey has no wine, Tyrion is named his cupbearer. “He claimed a flagon from a serving girl and filled the goblet three-quarters full… Joffrey took the wedding chalice one-handed, drank deep, and set it on the table.” Joffrey is fine; the serving girl did not poison the flagon she gave Tyrion.
3: The pie arrives, and everyone is focused on it. The pie is cut very dramatically and the guests are served. “A serving man placed a slice of hot pigeon pie in front of Tyrion and covered it with a spoon of lemon cream.” If Tyrion’s pie is poisoned, it was done by the serving man and the strangler is dissolved in the spoonful of lemon cream. Neither Tyrion nor Sansa touch their pie. With everyone focused on the pie, now would be the time to poison Joffrey’s wine.
4: “The king’s chalice was on the table where he’d left it… Joff yanked it from [Tyrion’s] hands and drank long and deep, his throat working as the wine ran purple down his chin.” Joffrey just took a long drink of the wine, and is fine. He and Margaery exchange words:
5: ‘“My lord,” Margaery said, “we should return to our places. Lord Buckler wants to toast us.” “My uncle hasn’t eaten his pigeon pie.” Holding the chalice onehanded, Joff jammed his other into Tyrion’s pie. “It’s ill luck not to eat the pie” he scolded…”’ If Joff’s wine was poisoned, he should have started coughing during this exchange. As a reminder, Maester Cressen didn’t manage to get a single word out after drinking poisoned wine.
6: ‘... as he filled his mouth with hot spiced pigeon. “See, it’s good.” Spitting out flakes of crust, he coughed and helped himself to another fistful. “Dry, though. Needs washing down.” Joff took a swallow of wine and coughed again, more violently. “I want to see, kof, see you ride that, kof kof, pig, Uncle. I want. ..” His words broke up in a fit of coughing.’
There are two possible interpretations of point 6, one more likely than the other. Either
-The pie was dry and Joffrey’s first cough was due merely to that, and his swallow of wine to wash it down is what delivered the poison, resulting in a more violent cough. The wine was poisoned while Joffrey was holding it in his hand, when all eyes including Tyrion’s were on him, and neither Tyrion or Joffrey or Sansa noticed anyone walking up and to and putting something in the chalice, or
-The pie was poisoned, not just dry. This poison caused Joff’s coughing fit, which gradually escalated. Through Tyrion we saw where the poison came from, the serving man with the lemon cream.
7: Let’s see what Joff thinks he’s dying from. ‘“It’s, kof, the pie, noth - kof, pie.” Joff took another drink, or tried to, but all the wine came spewing back out when another spate of coughing doubled him over.’” The boy's last words were "It's the pie", and I think we ought to take this seriously.
8: “…the boy’s eyes met Tyrion’s… Joffrey was making a dry clacking noise, trying to speak. His eyes bulged white with terror, and he lifted a hand... reaching for his uncle, or pointing…” Tyrion thinks Joffrey is either begging his forgiveness or asking for his help, but I am more inclined towards Cersei’s interpretation. Joffrey is accusing Tyrion. It was Tyrion’s pie he choked on, after all.
10: “But his eyes fell on the wedding chalice, forgotten on the floor. He went and scooped it up. There was still a half-inch of deep purple wine in the bottom of it. Tyrion considered it a moment, then poured it on the floor.” What exactly was Tyrion’s consideration? This is one of the few moments in the entire series where our POV character thinks about something, but we do not hear their thoughts.
Conclusion: Joffrey began showing Cressen-like symptoms immediately after eating Tyrion’s pie, and when somebody besides Tyrion had the opportunity to poison Joffrey’s wine, nobody did.

Cersei’s Propaganda: Poisoned Wine, Clean Pie

In the immediate aftermath of Joffrey’s death, the witnesses do not suspect foul play from anyone present. Lady Alerie says to Margaery “He choked, sweetling. He choked on the pie. It was naught to do with you. He choked. We all saw.” The poison was delivered so as to make it appear that the victim died from choking on pie, and that is what the witnesses suspect. Like all the best poisonings, it was meant to look like it wasn’t poison. Alerie Tyrell doesn’t think this was an assassination attempt, and neither do the kingsguard who are “standing uselessly around her.” Nobody suspects foul play, nor do they suspect anyone of murder, until:
“Arrest my brother,” [Cersei] commanded him. “He did this, the dwarf. Him and his little wife. They killed my son. Your king. Take them! Take them both!”
Cersei blames Tyrion for this, thus it must be the wine that was poisoned. If the pie was poisoned then Tyrion was innocent, was the intended target, and Joffrey died of his own cruelty. Tyrion’s guilt and the wine being poisoned are unified concepts. One being true implies the other being true. However we know that Tyrion is innocent, which implies the wine was innocent as well.
Tyrion understands this. At his trial he never attempts to claim that someone else poisoned the wine, but rather asserts that “Joffrey choked on his pigeon pie.” It's obvious to him that nobody but himself could have poisoned the wine, so he accuses no one of doing so.
Because of Cersei’s accusation, Tyrion’s trial only considers two possibilities: Tyrion poisoned the wine, or Joffrey choked on pie. For this reason, when Maesters Ballabar and Frenken “found no morsel of pigeon pie nor any other food lodged in the royal throat” and concluded that “It was poison that killed him, my lords” it is logged as evidence that the wine was poisoned by Tyrion. Since we the readers know that Tyrion did not poison the wine, we ought to take this as evidence that pie was poisoned.
I believe that Cersei’s accusation of Tyrion (even though we the audience know it to be false) is the core reason that most readers believe that Joffrey’s wine was poisoned.
All of the characters who take Tyrion’s guilt for granted are directly influenced by Cersei. To find out who actually did cause Joffrey’s death (by trying to kill Tyrion), let us turn to the perspective of people who never heard Cersei’s accusation

Sansa and Dontos

Sansa: For most of the feast Sansa is lost in melancholy mourning the deaths of her family, and Once Ser Illyn pulls out his sword to slice the pigeon pie she becomes hyper-fixated on the blade she thinks is Ice.
Sansa stirred in her seat. “What sword is that?”... Sansa clutched his arm. “What has Ser Illyn done to my father’s sword?”
And Tyrion never answers her question. In the minutes leading up to Joffrey’s poisoning Sansa is not paying attention to any of her physical surroundings, so she is not a helpful source for determining who got their hands on the poison. When she eventually finds a stone missing from her hairnet, she ponders that
It must have been loose in the setting, that’s all. It was loose and it fell out, and now it’s lying somewhere in the throne room, or in the yard, unless…
Sansa clearly does not remember anyone taking an amethyst from her hair, and is willing to blame any suspect presented to her. When she meets Dontos in the godswood she blames him, and then upon learning that Tyrion has been arrested, Sansa immediately thinks its possible that Tyrion took it.
Could he truly have killed him? Did he know about my hair net, about the black amethysts? He brought Joff wine. How could you make someone choke by putting an amethyst in their wine?
Tyrion was sitting right next to her for the whole feast. If Sansa thinks that he could have snatched her amethyst without her noticing, then ANYONE could have without her noticing. My bet? The serving man who put lemon cream on Tyrion’s pigeon pie also snatched the amethyst.
Dontos also didn’t take the amethyst, but he did know the plan. He knew someone was going to die at that wedding, and he knew it was the pie that was poisoned. Dontos gives us proof that the assassination was intended to look like death by pie:
“Black amethysts,” he swore. “There was magic in them.”
“There was murder in them!”
“Softly, my lady, softly. No murder. He choked on his pigeon pie.” Dontos chortled. “Oh, tasty tasty pie. Silver and stones, that’s all it was, silver and stone and magic.”
Dontos has no way of knowing by observation of Joffrey’s death whether the poison was in his pie or his wine. However, unlike our other bystanders, Dontos knows for a FACT that there was poison (or death magic, if we grant him his style). Since Dontos’ story here is that Joffrey choked on his pie, he clearly knew beforehand that the poison was meant to be in the pie.
Dontos does raise one problem, however: If he knew that the poison was meant for Tyrion, and that they got the wrong guy, why wouldn’t he mention that to Sansa? I posit this simple solution: Dontos did not know who the target was. And why would he? Littlefinger only trusts him as far as the promise of 10,000 gold dragons can take him. If Dontos knew that the target was King Joffrey, or the Lannister Master of Coin, and had a whole moon turn to consider his options, he may well have considered outing the conspiracy as the more safe and more profitable alternative. The only faction who could potentially match Littlefinger’s 10,000 gold offer would be the Lannisters, after all.
With this in mind I think it is totally reasonable that Littlefinger only told Dontos that there would be a death at Joffrey’s wedding (so he wouldn’t be caught off-guard), that Sansa’s hair net was full of vengeance magic (to make sure he convinced her to wear it), and that the pigeon pie would be poisoned (so he would make sure Sansa didn’t eat any of it). With this information Ser Dontos knows everything he needs to be on time for the job and to keep Sansa safe, but cannot blab to anybody about the target.
Speaking of Littlefinger and what he did and did not tell people, let’s examine his plan and whether or not it makes more sense if he had intended to kill Tyrion:

Littlefinger had a Motive

Let’s look at what we know Petyr Baelish wanted out of the Purple Wedding:
  1. He wants to obtain Sansa, without anyone knowing he wanted or had her. This much is obvious.
  2. He wants Sansa to trust and be solely dependent on himself.
  3. He wants Sansa to be unmarried so he can use her politically. “Widowhood will become you, Sansa.”
  4. He doesn’t want anyone to suspect him of the murder.
So let’s look at what he gets out of Joffrey’s death:
  1. Check. He gets Sansa.
  2. Mostly check. Sansa is solely dependent on him, and is mostly grateful that he killed Joffrey, but she doesn’t really trust him. She considers that he might be worse than the Lannisters.
  3. Fail. Sansa is still married to Tyrion Lannister, and will only become single if Tyrion is killed or sent to the Wall. Since Littlefinger had nothing to do with framing Tyrion for the murder, Sansa will remain married for the foreseeable future.
  4. Check. Everyone suspects Tyrion of the murder because of Cersei, and if not for her they would suspect Obaryn Martell. Everyone thinks Petyr is far away in the Vale.
And let’s compare it to what he would get out of Tyrion’s death:
  1. Check. Nothing about Dontos and Sansa’s plan changes if Tyrion dies.
  2. Mostly check. Sansa is mostly grateful that Tyrion is dead and very grateful for being taken away from Joffrey. She is theoretically even more dependent on Petyr since she has no husband, but may be more suspicious of him since he killed her husband.
  3. Check! Sansa is a widow immediately, no trials or frame job required.
  4. Check. Petyr framed King Joffrey for the murder of Tyrion. He orchestrated the dwarf joust despite Joffrey’s objections because he knew Tyrion would hate it. He wanted to start a fight between uncle and nephew before the pie was served, causing Tyrion to die after repeatedly insulting/being insulted by the king. Anyone who did not suspect Joffrey would suspect the Tyrells, who also wanted Sansa widowed. Since Joffrey and Margaery are king and queen, and Tyrion was widely hated, there would probably be no investigation of the murder. “He choked on his pigeon pie.”If Littlefinger framing Joffrey for murder sounds totally off-hand to you, I will remind you that he’s likely already done it twice. First was Bran’s attempted murder, which Petyr framed the Lannisters for, and which Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion Lannister all conclude that Joffrey was responsible for. Next was Ser Merryn Trant’s attempted murder of Tyrion during the battle of the Blackwater, which Littlefinger almost certainly orchestrated but which Tyrion and Cersei conclude was Joffrey’s doing. Again, the convenient thing about framing Joffrey is that he is known for violence, and that nobody will directly question or accuse him.
If Littlefinger framing Joffrey for murder sounds totally off-hand to you, I will remind you that he’s likely already done it twice. First was Bran’s attempted murder, which Petyr framed the Lannisters for, and which Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion Lannister all conclude that Joffrey was responsible for. Next was Ser Merryn Trant’s attempted murder of Tyrion during the battle of the Blackwater, which Littlefinger almost certainly orchestrated but which Tyrion and Cersei conclude was Joffrey’s doing. Again, the convenient thing about framing Joffrey is that he is known for violence, and that nobody will directly question or accuse him.
Finally for Littleifnger: In Joffrey’s murder, he had no motive. Sansa and Littlefinger are both being honest here:
“My lord, I... I do not understand... Joffrey gave you Harrenhal, made you Lord Paramount of the Trident... why...”
“Why should I wish him dead?” Littlefinger shrugged. “I had no motive."
Then, in explaining why he would do something he had no motive to do, Littlefinger spouts some absolute bullshit. He had the time between when the bells began ringing a royal dirge to when Sansa arrived to come up with this crap:
Which also serves as absolutely GARBAGE advice. As she comes to play the game, Sansa will be extremely ineffective if she thinks the best political strategy is to be confusing and do things which don’t serve your interests. If Sansa takes this to heart, Littlefinger can be assured that she will never become an effective enemy to him.
Finally, let us discuss:

Were the Tyrells in on it?

Lets go over what we do know about the Tyrells’ involvement:
We can quickly write off Olenna as the person who removed the strangler from Sansa's hair net because:
  1. The hair net actually did need to be adjusted. It was applied by Shae, the notoriously inexperienced handmaid who had probably never even seen a hair net made of spun metal before. Olenna taking a long time futzing with it makes perfect sense.
  2. If Olenna WAS stealing from Sansa, she was doing it in the most suspicious way possible. She spends a whole paragraph messing with Sansa’s hair, and Tyrion is watching her closely the whole time. He doesn’t see her pocket anything when she comes away from Sansa, and when Sansa initially thinks about where her amethyst could have gone this incident with Olenna does not come to mind.
  3. Olenna fixed Sansa’s hairnet before the feast even began. If she’d removed a stone from it, guests had the entirety of the wedding feast to notice. It would be so obviously Olenna’s fault if she came away from fixing the hair net and something was found to be missing from it during the feast. Whoever took the amethyst did so while people were distracted, and shortly before the murder.
We watched Olenna NOT remove a stone from the hair net. Whoever did take it (probably the serving man), we didn’t see it happen.
Another thing we know is that Littlefinger wants Sansa to believe that the Tyrells were involved. As mentioned above, the Tyrells had reason to want Tyrion dead. I believe Petyr always planned on identifying them as part of the assassination plot to Sansa, in order to separate her from the idea of running away to them, but I have no proof of this. However, even if the story Petyr tells Sansa about the Tyrells’ motives about killing Joffrey were true, it in no way indicates that they coordinated the poisoning. In fact, the story sounds more like Littlefinger was scheming to add a self-destruct timer to the Western Alliance at the time he was forming it:
When I came to Highgarden to dicker for Margaery’s hand, she let her lord son bluster while she asked pointed questions about Joffrey’s nature. I praised him to the skies, to be sure... whilst my men spread disturbing tales amongst Lord Tyrell’s servants. That is how the game is played.
“I also planted the notion of Ser Loras taking the white… Lady Olenna was not about to let Joff harm her precious darling granddaughter, but unlike her son she also realized that under all his flowers and finery, Ser Loras is as hot-tempered as Jaime Lannister. Toss Joffrey, Margaery, and Loras in a pot, and you’ve got the makings for kingslayer stew.
Margaery will marry Tommen. She’ll keep her queenly crown and her maidenhead, neither of which she especially wants, but what does that matter? The great western alliance will be preserved... for a time, at least.”
What this comes off as is that Littlefinger really wanted Ser Loras to kill Joffrey and destroy the Western Alliance, and that’s the whole reason he pushed for Loras to join the kingsguard. This story also says nothing about a Baelish-Tyrell conspiracy to kill Joffrey. Rather, Petyr Baelish appears disappointed that the Tyrells have emerged innocent from Joffrey’s death. The one silver lining for Baelish is that Tyrion, while alive, is under arrest for Joffrey’s murder and is like to lose his head. We have zero evidence that the Tyrells were in any way involved with the poisoning at the Purple Wedding.
That about covers it. Sorry this is such a long post, but I wanted to address every angle. For those who scrolled to the bottom, here is a


Nobody besides Tyrion had the opportunity to poison the wine; since we know Tyrion is innocent, the wine must not have been poisoned. The poison was meant to look like choking on pie, and the only reason most characters think that the wine was poisoned is because Cersei accuses Tyrion of being the poisoner. Littlefinger had no motive to kill Joffrey, but he did have motive to kill Tyrion. Dontos said the pie is what killed him, and Joffrey’s last words were “the pie”.
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2023.06.09 22:30 dreamingofstarlight what your fav stereotypically trans video game/game genre says about you!

Minecraft: You're either a 15-year-old halfway-closeted zoomer or an openly trans 30-year-old computer programmer. Either way, you have highly advanced technical knowledge of obscure Minecraft mods and routinely spend dozens of hours building elaborate contraptions to grind for resources marginally more efficiently. You've been sad ever since your favorite trans-centric Minecraft server with around 2 active users imploded due to internal drama, and - if transfemme - are statistically proven to be responsible for at least 75% of "skirt go spinny" and programming sock memes on traa.
Celeste: To you, every conversation is an opportunity to recommend Celeste. No discussion of platformers, video games in general, trans people, mental health, or mountain-climbing is complete without at least one reference to Celeste. You have at least one houseplant, and you're still struggling with your mental health - but are steadily getting better, and enjoy helping others who are less well-off than you. Someday, you wish to see an actual mountain in real life.
Fallout New Vegas: You've spent countless hours reading through obscure video game lore and arguing with edgelords on internet forums over whether or not a fascist Roman-empire cosplayer would be bad, actually, and even more hours finding obscure mods to add to your already-bloated game. You have Hbomberguy's video essay "Fallout: New Vegas is Genius, and Here's Why" playing on loop 24/7, and your NCR flag hangs proudly unironed next to your trans flag, lesbian flag, and leftist ideology flag.
Stardew Valley: You're a generally chill and relaxed person, although you're incredibly passionate about memorizing and cross-referencing extensive charts of item drops and gifts for you favorite characters. Sometimes, you feel the urge to start a real-life gay farming commune with your online polycule, before remembering all of them live several hundred miles away from you and none of you know how to farm.
Fallen London/Sunless Sea/Sunless Skies: You generally spend far too much time on elaborate worldbuilding, character backstories, and sick lines of prose for various tabletop role-playing games; despite this, you don't actually have much experience in ttrpgs, and you're much too anxious to talk to strangers and find a party in real life (you've been searching for a play-by-post group online, to no avail.) You have a rather unique fashion sense, and like to imagine yourself as a Victorian academic-stroke-bohemian from time to time.
VNs: You utilize gay romance-centric visual novels to distract from your feelings of loneliness and apathy and temporarily fill the void in your heart. Unlocking cute new CGs never fails to make you "d'aww", until the realization sets in that you're still lonely and you'll never have what the protagonist has. Despite being extremely socially awkward, you've picked up on the art of choosing the best dialogue option in-game (although you always select the others too, for the sake of completionism.) You're extremely indecisive, and regularly wish you had access to a real dialogue-select menu and save system when communicating and making decisions.
Map Games: You were an obnoxious pseudo-intellectual conservative in your youth before you rapidly pivoted to obscure far-left ideologies over the course of your transition. You're a firm believer in fully automated luxury gay space communism, and will spend days planning and perfecting every detail of your custom space empires and colonies before giving up on them after around half an hour of actual play. You spend much of your time utilizing your surface-level understanding of history, politics, cartography, and vexillology debating people on Reddit over HOI4 mods. Secretly, you wish you had a less time-consuming and more fun hobby, but it's a habit for you now and you're too depressed to change.
Indie Art Games: You have a tendency to read far too much into things, and have incredibly elaborate daydreams that you can never quite seem to put to paper whenever you try creating art. Most of your favorite games are decades-old, and nobody outside of niche internet fan communities and video essay enthusiasts have heard of them. You will defend to the death the theory that Madotsuki from Yume Nikki is trans, and enjoy the psychological nature and social commentary of horror - but most definitely not the jumpscares. You've considered starting a video essay channel yourself, but ultimately concluded that cementing your personal interpretation of a work into the public consciousness would erase alternate perspectives of that same work.
/uj i know ultrakill and hollow knight are also stereotypical trans games but i'm not familiar with them at all, feel free to add in comments. i died like 200 times in the free demo for ultrakill im not adding that shit
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2023.06.09 22:28 TheycallmeCal Imported Frosta and I'm warming to her!

Imported Frosta and I'm warming to her!
I'm liking the new Frosta. Much less toothy than She-ra and I like her bright whites. Still think her hair should be lighter but I'm hoping for many more POP characters in both Origins and Masterverse lines.
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2023.06.09 22:28 Gaucho_Diaz Which tag teams are you in your Mt. Rushmore of wrestling?

So this is my personal Mr. Rushmore of tag teams and I have a reason for each of their inclusion.
The Dudley Boyz are the most decorated and accomplished pure play tag team ever. Bubba and D-Von are both at their best when they're with each other (though Bully Ray did some great work too) and it's safe to say they're one for the ages as far as straight up tag team action is concerned. It sucks that the Hardy Boyz or Edge and Christian don't take this one but the Dudley Boyz have accomplished more as a cohesive tag team (Edge has had an incredible singles career and Jeff Hardy has always been incredibly over by himself, yes but we're talking about tag team performance). This is by far the strongest spot since they beat out people ranging from The Steiner Brothers to Demolition to The Wild Samoans to the Midnight Express
The Legion of Doom represent the best of the gimmick tag teams. Tag teams tend to accentuate the gimmicks that wrestlers can portray and I would say LOD is the creme de la creme of tag teams heavily reliant on their gimmick. The road warriors had a tandem finisher that was revolutionary for their time too in the Doomsday Device. There are so many teams in the annals of wrestling history that come under here but LOD steamrolled over the division and their gimmick was over as hell.
D-Generation X features the best of two main eventers forming a tag team. There are many in this category, including tag teams that feature HHH separately (the two man power trip, for instance). The Brothers of Destruction, The Mega Powers, Rated RKO, even Jeri-Show and Show-Miz, all fall under this but none of them hold a candle to the influence that DX has had on the WWE. I honestly cannot imagine wrestling without DX and I wasn't even a big fan of them personally. They're just that essential.
And lastly, the Usos take the final spot as the new generation tag team that elevated the tag titles to a new height. To main event a Wrestlemania with a tag title match is insane and they are miles ahead of anything the lineup of tag teams that braced the WWE in this century. They weren't the best for a long time and there's a very good case to be made that The New Day or even London and Kendrick deserve this spot but The Bloodline storyline being so integral to the Usos' growth really pushes Jimmy and Jey to the next level.
Honorary Mention: The Rock 'N' Sock Connection, for the informal category of being the best odd couple in wrestling. Booker T and Goldust, Kane and X-Pac, and the Boss 'N' Hug Connection gave them a good run for the money for this one but I have to give it to The Rock and Mankind for making it work so well.
There are way too many great tag teams in wrestling all over to sum it up in 4 teams. Lots of great teams like the Hart Foundation, the Young Bucks, the Motor City Machine Guns, Bullet Club (Gallows & Anderson), the Kabuki Warriors, the World's Greatest Tag Team etc don't make it in but this is just my list.
Let me know what y'all think.
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2023.06.09 22:26 green_flash Almost half of young people living in London plan to leave within the next 10 years with many blaming rising cost-of-living and property prices, a new poll shows.

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2023.06.09 22:21 Xtreemenature101 Wale wa sinanga business idea

RAW BUSINESS IDEAS 1.Rental houses 2.Transport vehicles 3.Motorbikes business 4.Bars and pubs business 5.Dairy farming 6.Cattle runch business 7.Poultry farming business 8.Videos and cinemas 9.PS halls 10.Salons and kinyozis business 11.Music industry 12.Entertainment industry 13.Private schools 14.M-Pesa shops 15.Airtel money shops 16.Gym and sauna business 17.Purchase of land for investment and resale business 18.Tree planting business 19.Fishpond and fisheries business 20.Butchery business 21.Poshomills business 22.Security service industry 23.Petrol station business 24.Car wash 25.Cyber business 26.Gas cylinders business 27.Hardware 28.Driving school 29.Computer packages school 30.Broadcasting industries/Media groups 31.Making of posters business 32.Pool 33.Phone shops business 34.Rental rooms for business 35.Pharmacy/Chemistry 36.Private hospitals 37.Welding sites business 38.Supermarket business 39.Writing books for sale/publishing 40.Small shops business 41.Tatoo buildings business 42.Movie shops 43.You Tube channels 44.Online jobs 45.Kungfu,martial arts,boxing,tai kuondo halls 46.Shoe repair Business 47.Digital marketing 48.Drug dealing 49.Tents and plastic chairs supply 50.Solar panels business 51.Betting companies business 52.Beautiful scenaries eg parks business 53.Photography 54.Videography 55.Electronics shop 56.Ice creams business 57.Smokies and eggs vending/Kahawa and mandazis/mtura/soup/nyama china business 58.Necklesses business 59.Sales person 60.Dealing in clothes (Ready made/Second hand-mtumba) 61.Green houses 62.Dancing crue and hall business 63.Putting money in fixed deposit accounts 64.Saccos and chamas 65.Buying of shares in unlisted companies 66.Treasury bills and Treasury bonds 67.Develop an app 68.Shares in listed companies 69.DJ 70.Chauffer 71.Body(ear,nose etc) piercing business 72.Insurance and reinsurance company 73.Boutique 74.Cosmetics 75.Fighting equipments(guns,bullets,bombs etc)shop 76.Ships and boats 77.Furnitures shop 78.Agrovet business 79.Livestock farming (goats,ships,rabbits,pigs etc) business 80.Acting on trends 81.Agricultural factories 82.Warehouses business 83.Barkery 84.Restaurants business 85.School requirements shop 86.Garage 87.Private toilets/bathrooms 88.Giving out credits at an interest rate 89.Guide(business, education etc)books/PDFs business 90.Supplying industry/supplier 91.Flowers for export business 92.Daycare business 93.Airtime(Safaricom, Airtel, Telcom etc) Business 94.Bookshop 95.Gift services overview 96.Laundry business 97.Nails making business 98.Forex trading 99.Bitcoin 100.Fruit and juice parlour 101.Podcasting 102.Yoga studio 103.Catering services 104.Computer repair business/shop 105.Modeling 106.Purchasing existing website 107.Organic vending business 108.Virtual assistant business 109.Translation service 110.Online tutoring business 111.Content writer business 112.Web design 113.Career coach business 114.Start a blog 115.Amazon reselling 116.Coffee shop 117.Home food delivery 118.Currency trading 119.Event planning business 120.Interior design business 121.Selling of phone case and other accessories business 122.Property management business eg Chakra company 123.Drive for Uber or Lyft 124.Water supply services 125.Personal fitness traineInstructor 126.Tour guide business 127.Accounting and bookkeeping business 128.Caregiving business 129.Transcription 130.Data analysis 131.Fast food restaurant 132.Yoghurt business 133.Nail and eye brows parlour 134.Screen printing 135.Real estate 136.Human billboard 137.Affiliate marketing 138.Pool cleaning business 139.Designing and selling print-on-demand t-shirts 140.Junk removal service 141.Printing services 142.Custodian 143.Dropshipping business 144.Craft business 145.Landscaping business 146.Bicycle rentals/Bicycle repairs 147.Painting business 148.Flower shop 149.House cleaning 150.Grocery delivery 151.Resale store 152.Subscription box business 153.Import/export business 154.Laundromat business 155.Party bus 156.Staffing services 157.Antique dealer 158.Construction business 159.Used car rentals 160.Cafe/Sandwich shop 161.Logo design business 162.Shoe business 163.Marine electronics/waterproof electronics 164.Publicity business 165.Drone business 166.Gutter cleaning business 167.Garden center 168.Kitchen store business 169.Cookie business 170.Framing business 171.Mushroom farming 172.Vending machine for fruits 173.Laundry services 174.Agribusiness 175.Business in waste management 176.Urban transportation business 177.Fin-tech business 178.Urban logistics 179.Automobiles 180.Bee keeping (Honey,wax etc) 181.Study platforms for Students 182.Financial consultancy firm 183.Stationery shop 184.Appliance repair shop 185.Party decoration services 186.Sewing business 187.Handcraft business 188.Online travel agency 189.Samosa business 190.Pancake and Chapati business 191.Wrap up 192.Milk bashop 193.Mobile money agent 194.Farming 195.Cake baking business 196.Selling snacks 197.Selling computers and accessories 198.Internet connection to the customers living nearby 199.Selling fruits and vegetables 200.Brick making 201.Selling handbags 202.Cereal shop 203.Paxful's affiliate program and peer program 204.Invest in mutual funds or ETFs 205.Data entry 206.Popcorn business 207.Bead making and wire wax 208.Sell perfumes 209.Designing book covers 210.Dog walking 211.Tailoring 212.Sale of hair extension 213.Dry cleaning services 214.Stadiums 215.Candle making 216.Mobile repair shop 217.Tuition 218.Hauling service 219.Home staging business 220.Window treatment business 221.Dreadlock business 222.Fashion house 223.Oil business 224.Music sounds for hire 225.Start a football club 226.Blended education programs 227.Wholesale business 228.Ironing services 229.Swimming pool 230.Mandazis and donuts business 231.Seedlings for sale 232.Soap making 233.Selling soft drinks,fresh juice and snacks 234.Stationery supply to rural areas 235.Tuk tuk business 236.Selling baby diapers 237.Start a video game lounge 238.Manicure, pedicure and facial scrubbing business 239.Landscaping and gardening services 240.Land brokerage 241.Eggs wholesale 242.Spare parts(motorcycle, bicycle, vehicles etc)shop 243.Pork meet business 244.Charcoal and coal business 245.Gambling business 246.Agricultural value addition business 247.Camels 248.Facebook 249.Instagram 250.Chicken spare parts business 251.Shopify 252.Hawking business 253.Amazon FBA 254.Flipping collectibles 255.Tik Tok 256.Carpets 257.Curtains 258.Mutual funds investment 259.Precious metals business (eg gold, silver and bronze) 260.Sport shoes/jazies/balls etc business 261.Grow profitable vegetables and fruits 262.Invest in the capital market via Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) 263.Dealing in second hand goods eg furnitures, electronics etc 264.Candle production 265.Plantain chips and bhajia business 266.Errands 267.Lawn care 268.Miti shamba/Dawa za kienyeji/Herbals 269.Beddings eg Mattresses 270.Homemade gourmet foods 271.Flea market vending 272.Music Instructor 273.Making custom furniture 274.Banking services 275.Own a tap/boreholes 276.Flight services eg Air hostess 277.Clothing lines 278.Book publishing/ebooks 279.Start charitable business 280.Pet training and grooming services 281.Data entry provider 282.Start a pop-up shop 283.Rent your car on Turo 284.College admissions essay tutor and editor 285.Travel consultant 286.Tax preparation 287.Commision-only sales 288.Ebay sales 289.Fiverr Gigs 290.Airbnb 291.Patreon 292.Alteration Services 293.Professional organizing services 294.Aquarium maintenance 295.Home inspector 296.Review website 297.Home Appraisal 298.Sell Jericans from certain suppliers 299.Referral services 300.Recycled goods seller
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2023.06.09 22:19 grizzlyginger17 Post lamictal worsening mental cycles, potential link to estrogen issues/decreas while on

I was on lamictal pretty low dose for a few years and eventually started increasing the dose with a new Psych this year. Not sure if I ended up with the start or a rash or if it had been stress hives but out of safety we stopped my use. I have been off of it for about a month and a half and my periods seem to have come back with a vengeance and other hormonal like feelings
I was unaware until recently that it could potentially decrease estrogen levels which can lead to a number of other side effects. I also was not aware of the potential for thinning hair which has most definitely has happened with me.
I am just curious of others experience with this and what happened when you got off of it? Should there be more concern for the way it can affect estrogen in women or what that could mean for birth control interactions? Are there and long term or short term side effects women should consider at certain ages?
I would love if anyone has further insight or studies
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2023.06.09 22:18 pissboner77 Fantastic 😂

Fantastic 😂 submitted by pissboner77 to Corvette [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 22:17 Dili8opk Everything Together,Aviana Violet London Laurent,Perv Mom,video link in the first pinned comment

Allen brings his new girlfriend London home so his stepmom Aviana can meet her. He’s clearly very nervous, so Aviana jerks him off to lower his anxiety while London is in the bathroom. Later on, London and Allen have a hot moment in the room as Aviana watches them from the door while playing with her own pussy. The next day, Aviana has a chat with his stepson’s new girlfriend, telling her she and Allen do everything together, inviting her to get naughty with them. Desperate to be part of the family, London accepts having a threesome with his boyfriend and his stepmom."
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2023.06.09 22:15 HorrorJunkie123 I Work at a Small Town McDonald's. My Manager Makes us Follow a Strange Set of Rules - I Think I'm in Way Over my Head.

If you need to catch up, you can do so here.

A couple of college kids stumbled in, trying to hide the fact that they were obviously stoned out of their minds, and retrieved a pickup order. I watched as they clumsily staggered out the door. One of them held it politely for a small old lady. An old lady wearing a shawl. She didn’t utter so much as a thank you, beelining up to the register with purpose. I was exhausted, up well past my normal operating hours, so I had completely forgotten about the rules. Big mistake.
The woman glowered up at me, face obscured from view. Her head covering was black as well as the rest of her outfit, not unlike a ninja you’d see in a movie. The aura she radiated frightened me, but not enough to release me from my sleepy haze.
“Hello, how can I help you?” I yawned, lazily covering my mouth.
The woman didn’t move a muscle. She scowled at me, yellow reptilian eyes piercing my psyche and sending my heart into overdrive.
“Ma’am? Would you like to order something?”
Nothing. The longer we continued our staring match, the more sedated I felt, and not just due to the lack of sleep. She had some sort of strange pull over me. I nearly nodded off, my mind wandering back to the instructions.
Before I passed out, I murmured, “where’s Tony?”
Suddenly, I was released from my trance and the woman was nowhere to be found. Like she had simply vanished into thin air. My eyes widened. That was close. Too close. I trudged to the sink and splashed some cool water in my face, then poured myself a large cup of coffee. I knew it would probably keep me up well past closing, but hey, if it helped me avoid another incident like that, I was all for it.
I had just finished dumping the dustpan into the trash when I felt it. A peculiar sensation crept over me like bugs crawling on the back of my neck. I was being watched. But from where? I sensed it coming from the drive thru. I whipped my head in its direction. Empty. It shifted to the dining area. No one was there. I grew lightheaded and panic began to surge through my system. A breeze swept past my ear, and I swear I could hear a soft almost imperceptible voice whisper, “Blair.”
I bolted to the office, slamming the door shut as quickly as I could. What was that? I paced around the office like a caged animal, anxiously waiting for something, anything to happen. After what felt like an eternity, it began to dissipate without incident. I sat there for a moment, contemplating if this was really the right career path for me.
Was every night like this? I was snapped back to reality by static emanating from my headset. I ripped it off until the noise stopped. A bumbling male voice crackled through it.
“Hey, uh, is this place open?” he slurred, obviously under the influence.
“Yeah. What do you want to order?”
I was beginning to lose my cool. Between all the strange occurrences and the inebriated customers, my patience was wearing thin.
“I’ll have a filet-o-fish meal.”
“Coming right up.”
I made my way back to the kitchen and began preparing his order.
“Who the hell comes to McDonald’s at one-thirty in the morning for a freaking filet-o-fish?” I grumbled, purposely dousing his sandwich in sauce.
I served the man, hoping to be rid of him as soon as possible.
“Thanks. Hey, is that a kid at the counter?”
I turned my head and sure enough, there he was. A mess of blonde tangles and deep blue eyes peered at me from the register. I sighed.
“Yeah, I’ll take care of him. Have a good night.”
A child. Unaccompanied in my restaurant. Just what I needed. I began to approach the counter when rule seven blared in my mind like a tornado siren. I froze mid-stride.
“Just ignore him, Blair. It’s almost two. You got this,” I reassured myself, starting my closing duties early.
That was easier said than done. The child began wailing, shrill high-pitched screams reverberating off the walls. He ran into the kitchen area, allowing me a full view of his tiny frame. The boy couldn’t have been older than six. His Pac-Man T-shirt looked well outdated, and he was filthy, as if he hadn’t showered in years. He began tugging on my shirt, begging for attention.
“Please help me, lady. I can’t find my mommy,” he cried, tears streaming down his rosy cheeks.
He was relentlessly pulling at my clothing. That was it. I’d reached my breaking point. If this child, monster, demon, whatever he was, planned on killing me, he could go ahead and put me out of my misery. I was done.
“Get out! Just screw off and leave me the hell alone!”
He immediately quit sniffling and straightened up as if I’d flipped a switch. Red tinged his striking pupils. Dread began sinking into my gut. A malicious grin blossomed across his lips.
“You made the right choice,” he growled as he headed toward the exit.
“Weirdo kid,” I mumbled, returning to cleaning.
I finished up and waited around for two to hit, praying for a quiet, uneventful end to my first nightmare closing shift. Of course, my prayers went unanswered. I had a mere three minutes until I was supposed to clock out when I spotted it. A dark red viscous liquid oozing from beneath the stove.
“Great. Awesome. Just what I needed.”
I filled up a mop bucket in the storage closet and began sopping up the mystery fluid. If it wasn’t blood, you could’ve fooled me. A persistent copper taste assaulted my tongue every time I opened my mouth. I gagged, forcing vomit back down my throat. The stuff just wouldn’t stop coming. On my third bucket-full of sloshing crimson, I finally started gaining an upper hand.
I mopped fervently as blisters erupted across my hands from the friction of the wooden handle. All the not-blood had been disposed of. I breathed a sigh of relief, careful to avoid splashing myself as I dumped the last of it down the drain. I’d done it.
“Take that, bitches! I win!” I cheered as if I’d just claimed first prize at the Indy 500.
My celebration was short-lived once I glanced down at my phone. 2:35 A.M. I bolted to the freezer, scooping up a couple bags of frozen patties. I slashed them open as quickly as I could, hoping in vain that I’d be able to make it out in time. I dumped their contents on the grill, then turned to toss the packaging in the trash. My heart plummeted into my gut.
A man stood before me. His black dead eyes matched that of the small mask encompassing the top half of his face. Wispy red hair sprouted from his floppy hat. A matching tattered black and white striped uniform framed his features, accompanied by a dingy red tie dotted with images of burgers. He grinned at me, jagged rotten teeth sending a chill undulating through my entire body. He spoke, a rough gravelly voice shattering the tense silence.
“Look, I know you’re new here, so I’ll spare you this time. But if I ever catch you in here this late again, I won’t think twice about increasing my calorie intake.”
His wicked smile exuded a malevolent hunger that still haunts my nightmares. A wet gray tongue wormed its way around his cracked withered lips. I felt like a mouse about to be devoured by a rattlesnake. He scowled at me.
“What are you still doing here? GET OUT!”
I suddenly regained my mobility. I tore through the dining area and burst into the cool night air. The Hamburglar’s soulless stare followed me into the vacant parking lot. I hurriedly locked him inside and raced to my car as a torrent of emotions flooded through me at once. Fear, anger, and confusion were all prominent on my desolate drive home. In the end, rage won out.
I wasn’t scheduled the next day, but I was determined to make that smug prick in charge at least give me some sort of explanation. I returned to the golden arches around four hours later running on zero sleep and a whole pot of Maxwell House. With fire in my eyes, I flung the door open and marched straight to Dave’s office.
“Oh, yeah, it was great. Had his car repossessed and everything. Oh, hey Blitz. Uh huh. Yep. I-”
“For the last freaking time, it's Blair! B-L-A-I-R. Not Blitzen, not Blaziken, not Blakely. BLAIR.”
Dave furrowed his brow, mouth slightly agape.
“Yeah Jim, I’ll have to get back to you.”
He ended the call and furiously pocketed his phone.
“Do you even know who that was? I mean, why the hell do you think you can just storm into my office like this-”
“No, you listen to me, Davey boy. I just had the worst night of my life. Every weird thing that could’ve happened, happened. And you don’t care one bit.”
“I see you’ve become acquainted with our more… troublesome clientele.”
“Yeah. I have. And I’m not dealing with that crap again. I quit,” I hissed, dramatically slapping my hat onto his polished cedarwood desk before turning to walk out the door.
“Wait! Twenty-five an hour.”
I stopped dead in my tracks. I reluctantly faced him. A sly toothy grin was stamped on his greasy face. I mulled it over. That was almost double what I was currently making. I could have my college paid for in no time.
“Twenty-seven and you’ve got a deal.”
“You drive a hard bargain, Mrs. Blair. I accept,” he said, extending his hand.
I begrudgingly shook it, cringing as his sweaty palm gripped mine.
“I’m glad you were able to see reason. Welcome to the night crew.”

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2023.06.09 22:14 quickhelpthxx Best Honeywell purifier for a 600 sq ft condo. Dealing w/construction dust (open to other brands)

I had an HPA200 a for several years. Gave it away about 2 years ago to someone who really needed it during the wildfire smoke. I liked it, it worked. I have no complaints.
My condo is currently under construction now and I had a water leak that’s being fixed so mold particle filtration would be ideal in whatever I get next. I’m very aware purifiers can’t stop mold growth and all of that.
For some context, I replaced my Honeywell a year ago with a cuisinart purxium purifier. It’s an absolute piece of garbage. It seemed like a steal on sale for $250 and being capable of filtering up to 1,000 sq ft and it had good reviews. Well, I ran that thing for months. There’s construction dust all around my place. Not one piece of lint, debris, or even a single dog hair has collected in the filter! The filter is still as white as the day I got it despite running it for months on end. They even sent me a new filter to try to remedy the situation but it didn’t work and now my warranty is up so it’s literally a $250 piece of plastic that I’m stuck with.
ANYWAY… at this point I just want something that really works. The hpa200 would be too small given the construction now. Is the enviracaire any good? What about buying two HPA300s? Any suggestions/ideas? I’m open to whatever. I don’t care about Bluetooth, wifi, lights, bells and whistles. Or what it looks like. I really just want something that actually works.
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2023.06.09 22:12 Particular-Bird652 Nancy's new love interest.... She has a hair type.....

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2023.06.09 22:11 Scary_phalanges toddler hair care

My 2 year old has very fine, soft but sometimes frizzy curls and I have no clue how to take care of them! I have straight hair myself so this is all new to me. If I had to guess, her curls would be type 2B.
Right now I just have to do pretty intricate hairstyles with lots of elastics to keep her hair somewhat managed, otherwise it is super frizzy and poofy and just in her face all day.
Any suggestions for products or hair care routines that will help define her curls and keep the frizz out of her face?
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