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2023.06.09 20:15 bigbawsac Chet has landed

Chet has landed
Thought I was going to flip the hero cards for MT but realised I was penny and George off Chet, sold my players and decided to lock in. He's not Bol Bol, but he will do
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2023.06.09 10:17 professional-skeptic existing as a pretty girl is like existing in the world as a petting zoo animal.

I don't know where else to put this, but i hope some women here will understand what i mean and not take this in bad faith, because every time i try and talk about it, people just roll their eyes. this is pretty much a long vent about misogyny so here goes.
i am a pretty girl. not naturally, makeup + clothing choices + many years of money and effort put in to my appearance. but i am really only pretty when i make a concentrated effort. other times, im very average looking or less. and this has made me notice such a severe, disturbing difference in the way people treat pretty girls in all aspects of life.
what is it about society that feels so entitled to beauty in women? so entitled to my time, attention, and cooperation whenever im in public, simply for existing this way?
the amount of harassment i face daily is exhausting. the way i am looked at by men (like a piece of meat, a walking sex object) makes me want to throw up and go hide in my house. the way i am looked at by women (a stupid slut, a pathetic hooker) makes me want to curl up in a ball of shame. every day, men think they are entitled to my time, attention, kindness, and tolerance. i have a fake phone call line as my top contact, and constantly have to giggle and brush off blatantly predatory flirting as to not get murdered.
i wish i could be beautiful all alone in a room by myself. i like to get dressed up and stay in my house, sunbathe in my backyard. i wish i could be beautiful in this world and still be a human being. pretty girls do not get the privilege of invisibility. i feel like some sort of walking public art piece for others to look at and touch however they like, or an animal on the nature channel.
i will go out in high spirits, cheerful and comfortable in my beauty. a woman will tell me she loves my haircut, and i will smile. a man will compliment my tattoo, and continue walking, and i will glow. but then a group of men will pass by, the hungry looks on their faces making my stomach sink, and i feel their eyes still on my back even when i have passed. a pair of women will stare as i walk by, and as i stop to check my phone, i hear one whisper "how much do you think she paid for THOSE?" men act as though i am required to humor them constantly because i know what i look like, and i should be flattered by their attention. i am not even free around women, they treat me as a competitor or as someone privileged and ungrateful. i wish i could only allow my beauty to be seen by those i choose. i hate how people taint it with their preconceived notions.
and i will not pretend being a pretty girl gives you certain advantages sometimes; once in a while i will get a free drink from my local starbucks, someone will hold the door for me, or reach up to a shelf where i can't in a store. but overall these things are never as frequent as what i have to use it for. being pretty is just a protection sometimes, a way to allow me to giggle and flirt my way out of terrifying situations.
i wish i could be pretty and live my life as such without the rest of the world taking it as an invitation to make assumptions and harass me.
again please don't take any of this in bad faith please. i've just gotten really frustrated over the last couple years with how people treat me constantly and how whenever i try and talk about it i'm told that it isnt a real problem. obviously the ultimate problem here is misogyny but it's a weirdly specific facet so i wondered if anyone else knows what im talking about. sorry for the long vent, i hope someone reading this understands what i mean
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2023.06.09 08:32 brick-young Ranking the starting point guard for each team

  1. Stephen Curry
  2. Damian Lillard
  3. Shai Gilgeous Alexander
  4. Jalen Brunson
  5. Ja Morant
  6. De’Aaron Fox
  7. Jamal Murray
  8. Tyrese Haliburton
  9. James Harden
  10. Trae Young
  11. Kyrie Irving
  12. Chris Paul
  13. Jrue Holiday
  14. Darius Garland
  15. LaMelo Ball
  16. Cade Cunningham
  17. Fred VanVleet
  18. CJ McCollum
  19. Mike Conley
  20. Spencer Dinwiddie
  21. Collin Sexton
  22. Markelle Fultz
  23. Russell Westbrook
  24. Gabe Vincent
  25. Marcus Smart
  26. Tre Jones
  27. D’Angelo Russell
  28. Kevin Porter Jr.
  29. Monte Morris
  30. Patrick Beverley
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2023.06.08 21:15 rcbnft LaMelo Ball and PUMA Hoops have launched the NFT sneaker collection ‘Guttermelo’

LaMelo Ball has partnered with PUMA Hoops and Gutter Cat Gang to launch a new NFT sneaker collection called “Guttermelo”. The project is set to launch on June 29th and marks the third installment of LaMelo’s journey in the NFT ecosystem.
I invite you to read the full note here:
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2023.06.08 21:07 rcbnft LaMelo Ball and PUMA Hoops have launched the NFT sneaker collection ‘Guttermelo’

LaMelo Ball has partnered with PUMA Hoops and Gutter Cat Gang to launch a new NFT sneaker collection called “Guttermelo”. The project is set to launch on June 29th and marks the third installment of LaMelo’s journey in the NFT ecosystem.
I invite you to read the full note here:
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2023.06.08 21:06 rcbnft LaMelo Ball and PUMA Hoops have launched the NFT sneaker collection ‘Guttermelo’

LaMelo Ball and PUMA Hoops have launched the NFT sneaker collection ‘Guttermelo’
LaMelo Ball has partnered with PUMA Hoops and Gutter Cat Gang to launch a new NFT sneaker collection called “Guttermelo”. The project is set to launch on June 29th and marks the third installment of LaMelo’s journey in the NFT ecosystem.
I invite you to read the full note here:
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2023.06.08 09:25 CoinCrux Puma, LaMelo Ball, and Gutter Cat Gang Drop NFT Sneaker

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2023.06.08 09:25 CoinCrux_Feeds Puma, LaMelo Ball, and Gutter Cat Gang Drop NFT Sneaker

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2023.06.08 09:08 cryptoflies LaMelo Ball and Gutter Cat Gang Team Up for Exclusive NFT Sneakers - Cryptoflies News

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2023.06.08 01:45 Various_Science_5329 Suggestions? Have around 350k to spend once auctions finish selling. Not entirely happy with jimmy at the 2 I can’t really shoot with his jump shot.

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2023.06.07 22:58 _Brenzo_ After a few weeks I managed to string this team together and Im pretty happy

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2023.06.07 21:27 FormalSmoke Release Date: PUMA MB.02 Low LaMel-O

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
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Release Date: PUMA MB.02 Low LaMel-O
Dropping next week, here is an official look at the PUMA MB.02 Low LaMel-O.
Last year, LaMelo Ball starred in an installment of the popular “Sellout” campaign promoting Disney-owned streamer’s Hulu + Live TV offering. Part of the campaign included LeMelo getting his own sugary cereal, LaMelo’s. The fictional cereal is the inspiration behind this latest colorway of the PUMA MB.02 Low.
Previewed below, the PUMA MB.02 Low LaMel-O comes dressed in an Elektro Green, PUMA White, and Grey color scheme. It is given a White base with Grey and Black overlays that is then highlighted by the Bright Green contrasting accents. Standout details include LaMelo’s “O” cereal motif and cartoon face placed on the tongues.
Retailing for $125, the PUMA MB.02 Low LaMel-O is set to release on June 16th at select PUMA retailers,, and Foot Locker.
In Jordan Brand news, who’s excited for the upcoming Air Jordan 7 White Infrared?
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2023.06.07 21:27 FormalSmoke The PUMA MB.03 GutterMelo Will Be An Exclusive NFT Release

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
Check out the Top Deals on Sneakers for Sale on Amazon!
The PUMA MB.03 GutterMelo Will Be An Exclusive NFT Release
Puma, LaMelo Ball and NFT Collectible Company Gutter Cat Gang (GCG) will be linking up to launch a limited-edition Hoops NFT – the Puma MB.03 in the “GutterMelo” colorway.
Beginning Thursday, June 29th, the limited-edition MB.03 GutterMelo NFT will be able for purchase on OpenSea – the world’s first and largest web3 marketplace for NFTs – with ETH or by using a credit or debit card. The debut sneakers start as a digital collectible that also doubles as your ticket to then claim the exclusive physical version during a one-month redemption period between July 18 – August 20, 2023. After the one-month redemption period is over, there will not be another time to claim the physical sneakers.
The PUMA MB.03 is set to be LaMelo Ball’s third signature sneaker with Puma. The sneaker was first revealed by LaMelo Ball during his Europe Tour with PUMA in early June. The sneaker is built for performance by bringing the disruptive and unique character of Melo onto the court through unrestrained design and the latest PUMA NITRO foam technology. The Puma MB.03 GutterMelo NFT is the first sneak peek at the expanding franchise, with more to come during the wider launch slated this fall.
Get an official look at the PUMA MB.03 GutterMelo below and look for them to be available on OpenSea starting Thursday, June 29th at 11:00 AM ET. Retail will be $175.
In release news, will you be going after the Air Jordan 1 High OG Washed Black on June 10th?
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2023.06.07 18:22 Kat113003 What do I do?

I’ve been friends with my best friend for nearly 10 years. We’re both (F19). About a year ago, she got into a relationship with this guy (m18) on the rebound. At first I thought he was really great cause he seemed sweet and made more effort than the last. For context I should state this is a mainly online, long distance relationship. I was initially really happy for her and glad she was finally being treated the way she deserves. I left for college and was excited to come home winter break and get to see her and meet him. However, first impressions quickly changed this. We had made plans in advanced for winter break and I was happy to include him. The morning of plans she canceled out last minute cause he didn’t feel like going. I pointed out how this made me a little upset, talked it out, nothing changed except she insisted I meet him in person New Year’s Eve. Was hesitant but went over to her house to get a sense of how he was in person. No greeting other than a fake grin and a quick wave. Complained about the food we were ordering for the night and insisted we order what he wanted. Baby raged when Taco Bell canceled his order and threw phone on the ground. When the ball dropped her threw his arm around her neck(almost like a headlock) and made out with her in front of us. Then my friend fell asleep and as we were cleaning up her house from the night, he walked upstairs like he owned the place and told us to see ourselves out. I was like “ oh I’m cleaning up before I leave cause Ik how her mom is about mess.” He goes “oh ok” and then proceeds to micromanage me and all my other friends telling us where shit should go as if I’ve never been to her house before. It was overall just a bad first impression and I’ve been quite about stuff ever since. Ever since then, she had told me and other friends things he has done to get opinions. Some of these include being blatantly racist, homophobic, and sexist towards others, gaslighting her, being extremely petty towards her, having no manners( her dad pointed out how he never said thank you when he treated him to food a whole weekend WHEN HE SHOWED UP TO HER DOOR LITERALLY UNANNOUNCED). A lot of the time when we’re out, she’ll point out cute things couples do and she’ll ask “why doesn’t he do that?” My only response is “if he wanted to he would.” My final straw is when he got into a fight with her over a haircut. He flipped out because she got bangs. He didn’t even see a picture of it initially. He hates bangs on girls period and felt that was valid to start an argument. She asked me how she should respond to him and I tried to be as eloquent as possible. He’s the one who started it and when he saw he was losing, he still tried to blame it on her and her “choice of wording” to tell him that she got bangs. I posed the simple question that if he didn’t care about it much and it was “just hair” as he said then why did it turn into a whole argument? The conversation didn’t go far but she spent the rest of the night asking me if her hair looked bad. I felt horrible. We were both so happy leaving the salon and then he did that and it ruined the whole day. I asked if this happens often she said sometimes but at least he apologizes and he does some good things too. I have yet to see anything good out of him quite honestly. Occasionally he will send her small gifts but he’ll never treat her to anything. She always pays him back and he never pays her back. She wanted help with homework and he only felt inclined to do it if money was involved. He told me once he freaks out if he says I love you and she doesn’t respond right away. I’m just at a loss. I don’t want to come off as a possessive asshole, I just miss seeing her genuinely happy. I feel like lately she’s been really careless and looking for temporary spouts of happiness. I miss being with her and doing things with her and I understand college changes relationship and everyone goes through their own personal struggles… I just want to see her genuinely happy again. I feel like he’s not helping the situation.
TL;DR In short, I think my best friend is in an abusive relationship and it’s not only affecting her behavior personally but it’s affecting our friendship and idk If I should address it w her
EDIT Thx u so far for the advice everyone. Quite honestly appreciate it and overall expecting the worse. If I lose her it’ll hurt terribly but I know at the same time that this isn’t healthy for me either. The relationship and me bottling is taking a toll on our friendship as well and I have finally acknowledged that no matter what, I will always come second best to the partner. It hurts but mulling over all of our more recent interaction and her actions toward me, I realize that I am second place. Despite her saying I’m her #1 priority, and how much she misses me, I realize I have always been the initiator and the one who calls and keeps in touch and it just kind of sucks. I love her but I also don’t want to go on feeling replaceable and unloved myself anymore.
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2023.06.07 15:33 gunny316 Red Dead Redemption Epilogue Bugs, Fixes, and Tips

RDR2 Red Dead Redemption Epilogue Bugs, Fixes, and Tips

The Epilogue doesn't have to be miserable. I love this game. Who knows how many hundreds of hours I've put into it, and honestly, I may play the epilogue for many hundreds more. However, Rockstar really dropped the ball in this particular portion. There's a few major bugs and some immersion-breaking crap that have to be compensated for. Luckily, I've found methods for most of these thanks to experimentation and the wonderfully helpful community of Reddit.

TIP 1. How to sleep in your own bed

  • When "fast travel" appears, watch for the "R1" icon to appear underneath. Pressing it will change it to "sleep" or "sit".
  • Curse the developer who definitely didn't stress test this mechanic.

TIP 2. How to get rid of all that fucking money

This is my personal least favorite part of the Epilogue. There's just too much money and nothing to do with it. If you're a witch, please curse whichever developer was responsible for not giving people the ability to donate cash to the household or something. Would have saved us all a lot of annoying meta gaming for to compensate.
Here are some work arounds to get you back to broke:
Shopping Sprees
This seems obvious and is the safest, least immersion-breaking option.
Buy everything. I've read that everything in the stables - saddles and everything, plus all the outfits, plus all the guns amounts to something like over 15 grand. That should get rid of a good portion in fairly short order.
Pump and Dump
This is slightly immersion breaking and takes a bit of time, but it should be safe from errors.
This requires the Legendary Satchel to really do well. Figure out what sort of items you can discard, then buy out the grocery stores of all those items, discard them all, and repeat. An item worth $4.50 should get rid of $450 per purchase. This might take a while if you're trying to burn a lot of cash, but if you're down to like $4000 or so, it might be faster than Ranching or Killing Sprees.
This method doesn't break immersion, but is slightly more dangerous than the shopping sprees in terms of causing errors. Try not to max out the stable while doing this as it seems to cause glitches and may block you from selling horses after a while. Sell all of your horses when you start and make sure you always have some open stalls.
I like to roleplay while doing this - imaging that buying the expensive horse is an investment, and when it's "sold" (dropped as a temporary horse), Abigail and the kid get the profits. I lose money, and I don't break the immersion.
  • Go to the stables in blackwater and buy the most expensive horse.
  • Ride back home to the pen.
  • Unsaddle the expensive horse
  • Saddle one of your cheap horses, then unsaddle it. Your expensive horse becomes temporary.
  • Saddle a different one of your cheap horses, then unsaddle it. Your expensive horse becomes your secondary temporary.
  • Oftentimes there's only a couple of these horses in your pen - so ride around the fields of blackwater a find a new, wild horse to tame.
  • Saddle up your new wild horse, and the expensive horse disappears because you can only have two temporary horses.
  • Repeat.
Killing Sprees
It doesn't get rid of a ton of money compared to $20,000, but killing sprees in the middle of town can net up to $1500 in bounties if you survive long enough. It's not very efficient, however.

TIP 3. Stuff to do

It may seem at first that the Epilogue is pointless and without goals - but let me assure you there's lots to do.
  • Side Quests - Obviously besides the main story line there are a fair amount of sidequests and easter eggs. I won't divulge all of these here.
  • Gangs - There's a ton of gang hideouts in New Austin that you can clear out, as well as some drama in Tumbleweed you can participate in.
  • Collecting - This is, in my opinion, a more boring goal, but it's there none-the-less for all you completionists out there. Cigarette cards to collect, saddles to buy, weapon upgrades, places to discover, people to kill, etc. etc.
  • Burning Cash - See my previous entry on getting yourself back to broke. Honestly this is probably one of the toughest "quests" Rockstar unintentionally put into the epilogue.
Once those four major goals are complete, I've found myself happily passing back and forth between "Order" and "Chaos".
  • Order - Working on the homestead, eating dinner with your family, doing the chores, protecting the livestock from the predators just outside the gate, getting drunk in the bars, shave every day, get your haircut, look prim and proper, take train rides to the city, spend frivolously on food and drink, start fights, get arrested. Ah, the rich life. I like incorporating Ranching (mentioned in the previous section) into my Orderly phase until I've run out of money. Then I go Nomad.
  • Chaos - When farm life has you bored, go Nomad for a while. This means staying away from towns for as long as you can - No haircuts, no baths, no shopping. Camp every night. Unsaddle your horse while camping and tell it to flee so it can have a little freedom every day. Keep your horse well fed and brushed. Collect herbs when you can, and only eat meals you can cook with them. Drink and smoke under the stars. Get your food from the land, get your alcohol, ammo, and cigarettes from highway robbery, burglary, hunting, and raiding (don't forget your bandana). Live wild and free as a brigand on the road and see how much money you can make. Do what you can to pay off your bounties.

Bugs and "Fixes"

BUG: Chores are whacked out, can't sell goods / complete chores
  • Given the consistency of this issue, if you're a witch, please curse the developer who definitely didn't stress test this mechanic.
  • If you can't sell eggs or milk, it's best to give it up for that day and try again tomorrow. Make sure you do the chores one at a time and try not to skip ahead. Once you deliver one chicken feed bag, sometimes it says you can feed the chickens now. This is, what I can only surmise, an attempt at trolling by the developers. Do not listen. Finish all of the bags before touching that chicken feed. Don't attempt to load the wagon until everything else is done. Maybe it will work.
BUG: You can't sell horses to the stable right now
  • If you're a witch, please curse the developer who implemented this mechanic.
  • Save your game and reload
  • wait a day or so in game by sleeping or camping (of course this is limited too because some asshole at Rockstar thought "sleeping" was overpowered)
  • wait an hour IRL
  • break a wild horse or go to your ranch and take a wild horse from the pen. Move your saddle to this horse, then go to the stable and see if it lets you sell it. If not, saddle a different horse and repeat this until you find a horse that can be sold. I suspect a wild horse may work better, as perhaps the penned horses might be copy/pasted programming objects.
  • If all else fails, run your horse off a cliff. It's not as terrible as using dynamite or firebombs, and frankly, this is not your fault. Rockstar is the real villain here. They should have included an option for a mercy killing, but they didn't. Now we have to do it the hard way. Which sucks, honestly, because I really love the horses in this game and it's a shame if you've gotten to this point trying to fix a glitch.
BUG: Saddle disappears after placing on the ground:
  • A comical message appears after the remove your saddle and place it on the ground at the ranch that says something like "items you drop on the ranch are always put in convenient locations."
  • This is both hilarious and infuriating, because the only thing you can drop really is the saddle, and the game likes to often relocate it to the very top of your house where you can't reach it.
  • The quickest solution is to fast travel to Blackwater from your bed, then go to the stables and retrieve your saddle from there.
"You can retrieve your saddle (or main horse) at the horse station right in front of the house. Just interact with it. This also works as Artie in camp for retrieving lost main horse or saddle." ~ Thanks to Mojo_Rizen_53
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2023.06.07 13:23 Spirited-Feedback-87 The Century Old Villain: Paul

I wanted to use this OC for a fic but i still need to get around that so imma drop it here for shit and giggles.
I'm following the template given by this subreddit.
====Personal Info====
Name: Paul Shinosore
Gender: Male
Age (Biological): 25
Birthday: 13/03/2035
Occupation: Criminal/Vigilante
Net worth: Rich
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 77 Kg
Hair color: Blue (turns bright or dark pink when using his quirk).
Haircut: Long surfer hair
Facial Hair: none
Eye Color: Blue (turns bright Pink when using quirk).
Skin color: flesh pink
Blood Type: A-
Distinguishing physical feature: There is a fist sized scar on the left side of his cranium where his hair stopped growing, the rest of his hair hides it well, but it's still noticeable.
Personal Strengths: He's very kind and fun to the people he considers friends or family, he also always strives to fulfill his promises.
Personal Weaknesses: He doesn't care about hurting people he doesn't consider friends, he thinks that "as long as they live they're fine" which results in many broken bones, and destroyed buildings. He smokes cigars.
Attitude: Always trying to have a good time and he's always trying to find solutions to his friend's problems.
Likes: Cigars, Parties, drinking, fooling around, shooting things, food in general but he prefers his Cook friend's food, being free to do whatever he wants.
Dislikes: Laws, heroes, murderers for the sake of being murderers, hitmen, dick people in general, AFO, OFA holders (mainly All Might since the guy tried to arrest him multiple times).
Habits: Smoking Cigars, travelling the world.
Fears: Thanatophobia, he fears dying or letting other people that aren't deserving die.
Reason for becoming a Villain: He doesn't like following the laws, he's also involved with many destructive fights, he also killed a few Villains in the past.
Relationship with peers: He and his closest friends mostly live together and have formed a Villain Team to make money, he likes all of them and they like to have fun with him and eachother, he considers them family.
Relationship with Family: his parents are long dead but he never really cared about them since he considers his friends more of a family than a friend group.
Relationship Status: He's an Ex-boyfriend
Number of kids: 0(Biological)+1(adopted)
Backstory (not all of it cuz it's for my fic): He was born 20 years after the first quirks started appearing. In this age quirks weren't as highly regarded as nowadays, quirked individuals were treated like monsters or weapons to use in the military.
The moment Paul manifested his quirk at age 3 his parents decided they didn't want him anymore, so they dropped him to an orphanage and were never seen again.
Inside the orphanage he was ostracized along with his only two friends, Sasaki and Adam, who were also quirked like him, Sasaki id able to secrete a liquid that heals injuries and Adam is incredibly smart and is able to inhabit electronic devices like a ghost, he lives in the orphanage till he's 14.
An accident happens with the other kids in which one of them leaves Paul on deaths door, but his friends were able to save him thanks to their quirks, however this experience leaves him so traumatized he decides to go away from the orphanage, saying goodbye to his friends he leaves in the middle of the night.
Fast forward to 11 years later and he has just been fired from his latest job, everything is going to shit, and he feels like shit because he knows he'll get old and die, he's in a weird limbo of wanting to die and wanting live at the same time, however he gets to meet his old friends again and they offer him a deal he can't pass.
The two have run some experiments on the healing quirk of Sasaki and they found out that if one is immerged inside the liquid long enough it reverses the aging process of the body and since they know how traumatized he was of death and wanting to have fun together like old times, they tell him he could join them in this reverse aging process that way they'll forever together.
Paul, wanting to rebuild their friendship and wanting to live forever, accepts.
And they go on to live up until present days, having many adventures and meeting new people, some joining them, some don't...
to be continued
====Quirk Information====
Quirk Name: Psychokinesis
Quirk Type: Emitter, (Transformation[?]), Accumulation.
Quirk Range: Sight Based
Quirk Description: His brain is connected to a smaller organ which serves to amplify and manipulate his psychic energy which he uses to telekinetically move the objects he sees, his energy can interact with an object's atoms to move them.
Being a mind based Quirk the user's emotions affect the quirk's behavior, for example, if Paul gets very angry the air around him starts to heat up as an intimidating tactic to ward off whatever it is that's pissing him off.
He can move everything in his body with his psychic energy, mainly used to not bleed to death when wounded, but it's also used to lift himself up in the air mimicking flight.
He can turn his psychic energy into fuel for his Scarlet Flame Style attacks (more on that later).
The quirk gets stronger with time similarly to OFA.
Miscellaneous Quirk Info: His hair turns pink depending on how much of his quirk he's using.
His eyes turn instantly bright pink when he's about to use or is using his quirk.
He can technically enter people's minds if he bypasses the natural psychic barrier people have.
Whenever he lights something on fire it produces red colored smoke.
Quirk Strenghts: The quirk gets stronger with time and the amount of uses is limited only by how smart the user is at using it, if the user is smart, the quirk can be unpredictable and very powerful.
Quirk Weaknesses: The user may receive painful headaches if he uses too much energy all at once.
The hair and eyes changing color are an obvious telling for when the user is about to strike.
He can't interact with other people's bodies since every person technically generates their own signature psychic energy that covers their whole body and to bypass that it would take literal hours, so it's pretty inefficient unless the target is unconcious or trapped.
Special Moves:
Heat Wave: Paul uses his quirk to move the atoms in the air heating up everything in his vicinity and then sending it towards the enemy, based off of whenever he gets angry, usually used after getting pissed off.
Golem: Paul utilizes the materials around him to build a Golem to fight for him, mainly used to play against his opponents.
Psychic Muscular System: Paul spreads his psychic energy evenly in his body, then he shapes said energy as muscles and uses it to enhance his body's speed, power and durability.
Concentrated Power Fist: Paul concentrates all of his energy in his arm and punches the enemy with immense force, the amount of energy in his arm crushes his bones so it's mainly used as a finishing move or a desperate move.
Air Blast: Paul concentrates air in the palm of his and and launches at his opponent, blasting them away.
Toughening: Paul uses his psychic energy to make himself or an object tougher, used for defensive purposes and to make his weapon very hard to break.
Room Temperature: Paul uses his psychic energy to slow down or quicken his atoms making his body colder or hotter on demand, creating a solution against fire or ice users.
Metal Shifting: By heating up metal he can easily shift it into other shapes before cooling it down.
Scarlet Flame Style
By using his quirk Paul can turn his psychic energy into a flammable source, he can then create a Scarlet colored fire that burns as long as he keeps fueling it his energy, this fire burns much hotter, much faster than if he tried to heat something up by moving it's atoms, the only downside being he drains a lot of his energy, meaning if he uses it too much he'll be unable to fight for a while.
Paul can manipulate the flame to stick on his opponents clothes or skin, making it very painful for them
Scarlet Flame Style: Fire Fist: Paul coats his fists in fire, it gives more speed and power to his punches, it also sets his enemies on fire. Can be used interchangeably with the next special move.
Scarlet Flame Style: Explosive Fire fist: Paul coats his fists in fire, and when he is about to punch the enemy, he fuels energy to his fire making it explode. Can be used interchangeably with the previous special move.
Scarlet Flame Style: FlameRain: Paul flies in the air and throws fire all over the battlefield, covering it in flames and making it hard to traverse on the ground.
Scarlet Flame Style: Flame Breath: Paul breathes in air and spews fire from his mouth. This move is mainly used to catch people off guard when being grabbed.
Scarlet Flame Style: Ultimate move: Supernova: Paul sneakily generates a giant flaming ball above the battlefield.
After the fire ball has grown big enough Paul flies inside of the ball and flies at max speed, fists first (kinda like superman), crashing into the enemy while carrying the fire ball.
This attack needs time to be set up and it uses all of Paul's energy to attack, so it's used as a One-Hit-K.O. finishing move.
While charging the move Paul gets progressively weaker therefore he needs to run from his enemy or buy time somehow.
This move causes a lot of collateral damage, melting and destroying the surroundings.
If the enemy notices the fire ball in the sky they may try to beat Paul faster and finish the fight quicker or try to destroy the fireball.
After this attack is used, Paul will not be able to fight.
Age Quirk Obtained: 3 Years old
How the quirk first manifested: he lifted his father's desk while he was playing with letter cubes.
====Villain Information====
Villain Name: Paul.
Villain Team: The Scarlet Troupe.
Costume: A long black cloak that covers his entire upper body and reaches his shins, with Golden stripes on the edges, it's held together on the base of the neck by a pin with a blue gem in it.
Leather arm bracers.
Belt with an holster and a small ball shaped bag able to hold 15 kgs.
Sometimes wears a black medical mask and sunglasses when he needs to conceal his identity.
Gadgets/Tech/Weapons: A smart watch with a built in map in it, it's connected to his teammates watches and it's used to locate them in real time.
A Small 15 kgs metal ball used by Paul to shapeshift it in any weapon he needs, he prefers using spears, tridents and the sorts.
A S&W 350 Revolver he carries around just for show since he can output much more power with his quirk, however he can use his quirk to redirect bullets into the enemy, so it has it's uses.
It's also very useful to shut people up whenever they're being too loud or having an argument without letting him talk, just shoot in the ground so no one gets hurt.
I wanted to ask can i post more than one OC? Cause i wanted to post all of the "Scarlet Troupe" Villain team and the rules are not clear on this sub. Also English ain't my first language so if you see errors, you know why. (Writing this on reddit is a pain ngl)
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2023.06.07 11:54 figpotato Could Jordan Poole be the difference maker next season as a secondary ball-handler for Shai?

Poole is signed to a very friendly contract as contracts are set to explode. He and Shai make a great front court, and Poole has experience leading bench lineups but also playing with Steph, his off-ball movement would be a nice fit with Shai. While Shai rests on the bench Poole can cook.
Aside from Shai, OKC lacks a fluid ball-handler and someone to create their own shot or set others up while handling the ball. Poole and Giddey would be plug and play together.
Joran's value is at an all-time low but he's clearly a good player based on last playoff performance, averaging 20 points over 82 games on good efficiency, and 26 PPG without Steph. Dubs might be interested in moving him due to his beef with Draymond Green.
The thing about new agreement is OKC can't pay everyone once their rookie contracts are done.
A counterpoint is why not just grab a guard that can shoot 3s at a 37-39 clip? I think young guys that can do that and playmake are rare/untradable (like Hali, Lamelo, etc) and Poole is due for higher splits. He was the #1 FT shooter last season and shoots well from 3 when his feet are set. This season he took a ton of heat check deep bricks that would make Westbrook blush and I think he's much higher on catch/shoot 3s and less heavily contested non-stop backs. He has star potential and can be acquired cheaply.
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2023.06.07 04:58 sleepybullmoose Rearranging Ringer Mock Draft Lottery Picks (Player Comps and Projections)

Methodology: I looked at highlights of every player, glanced at their stats, and noted down the nba player of was reminded of the most when seeing them play.
Ringer Rankings
  1. Victor Wembayama
Worst Case: always injured, Best Case: 7ft 4 Tim Duncan (HOF)
Explanation: Victor has good defensive instincts and offensive skillset. Couple that with his tremendous size, and you get someone who could potentially become GOAT. Only barriers to HOF will be injury.
  1. Brandon Miller
Worst Case: Fringe starter, Best Case: Poor Man's Kevin Durant
Explanation: Great shooting stats in college. Bad defensive stats. Movement reminds me a lot of KD but with worse stats. A big forward with good spacing will at worst be a fringe starter in the NBA. Basically if Jabari Smith was bad at Defense but much better at scoring.
  1. Scoot Henderson
Worst Case: backup pg, Best Case: Westbrook with shot and higher IQ
Explanation: Very explosive, strong body, good handles and footwork. Bad shot, bad defense, and injuries will prevent him from reaching ceiling. Good athleticism and IQ should make him a career backup at worst.
  1. Cam Whitmore
Worst Case: Bust, Best Case: Charles Barkley
Explanation: Plays like a ball handling big man stuck in the body of a wing. Explosive leaper but lacks the effortless of Scoot and the Thompsons. Shooting is supposedly iffy, Barkley-esque in his movements. If his offense does not work out he will struggle to stay in the league given his lackluster defense.
  1. Jarace Walker
Worst Case: Role Player, Best Case: Draymond Green/PJ Tucker
Explanation: Big body but plays under the rim indicating lack of explosiveness. Bad shooting stats. Good feet, will be a defensive specialist. Could stay in the league as situational defense only player. Needs to improve offense if they wish to stay on court. Similar game to Draymond minus the playmaking. DPOY potential if he can find ways to stay on the court.
  1. Amen Thompson
Worst Case: Bust, Best Case: Skinny Zion
Explanation: Very interesting player due to OTE. Amazing athlete, glides effortlessly across the court. I see him more as an undersized point forward than a wing or guard. Body control at rim and explosion is like Zion. Good playmaking but see him more as a secondary facilitator than a primary. If the outside shot never comes through he will have to become a DPOY level player otherwise he will become a bust.
  1. Taylor Hendricks
Worst Case: Role player, Best Case: Better Jonathan Isaac
Explanation: Good shooting stats, good length, and good defensive instincts. Bad ball handling forces him to play the big man role. DPOY potential.
  1. Ausar Thompson
Worst Case: Bust, Best Case: Better Jaylen Brown
Explanation: Better shot than his brother. Less of a guard game. Plays more like a wing. Reminds me of a young Jaylen Brown but more athletic. Shot is still worrisome but supposedly less than Amen's.
  1. Anthony Black
Worst Case: Fringe starter, Best Case: Jason Kidd
Explanation: Surprisingly athletic despite complaints. I see him as a mix between Lonzo and Lamelo. Not the defender that Lonzo is and not the scoreball handler that Lamelo is but somewhere in between. If someone told me that Black was the true third Ball brother (not LiAngelo) I wouldn't really question it. Good size. If he can play defense and he can space, I at worst, see him as a fringe starter.
  1. Cason Wallace
Worst Case: Role player, Best Case: Mini Jimmy Butler
Explanation: Funny enough he has the same wingspan as Jimmy Butler. Cason isn't the most explosive PG but he knows how to make good use of his length a little bit like Jalen Williams. Good defense, scoring potential, and the Kentucky guard stereotype could end up with a solid backup at minimum.
  1. Gradey Dick
Worst Case: Role player, Best Case: Reggie Miller
Explanation: Good body control at rim. Good shooting stats. Looks like he has some ball handling game. Not sure about defense but he at least looks like he will have a solid Nba career at minimum. Plays like a taller player. Given the right opportunity, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being one of the best players in this draft.
  1. Derek Lively
Worst Case: Bust, Best Case: Mitchell Robinson
Explanation: Plays a lot like Mitch in his college games. Horrible shooting stats. Defense only bigs aren't as valuable in the league anymore. Could very easily bust out of the league if he gets injured early.
  1. Jalen Hood-Schifino
Worst Case: Role Player, Best Case: Less Athletic Dame with worse shooting
Explanation: Decent athleticism. Good size. Looks like he has potential of driving and finishing, being a secondary playmaker. I see his best case as being a borderline all star.
  1. Keyonte George
Worst Case: Role player, Best Case: Deangelo Russel with better shooting worse playmaking
Explanation: Has that sluggish nonathletic feel to his game. Similar size to Dlo. His shooting form looks better but his stats are worse.
My Ranking:
My ranking of the prospects based on floor
  1. Victor (AllNBA1st/AllDef1st/DPOY)
  2. Scoot (AllNBA1st)
  3. Miller (AllNBA2nd)
  4. Anthony Black (All StaAllDef)
  5. Cason Wallace (All StaAllDef)
  6. Dick (All Star)
  7. Taylor Hendricks (DPOY/AllDef)
  8. Jarace Walker (DPOY/AllDef)
  9. Cam
  10. JHS
  11. Keyonte
  12. Ausar
  13. Amen
  14. Lively
Ranking of prospects based on ceiling
  1. Victor (MVP/HOF)
  2. Amen (MVP/HOF)
  3. Scoot (MVP/HOF)
  4. Cam Whitmore (HOF)
  5. Anthony Black (HOF)
  6. Ausar (HOF)
  7. Miller (HOF)
  8. Dick (AllNBA)
  9. Cason (AllNBA)
  10. Taylor Hendricks (AllNBA)
  11. Jarace (AllNBA)
  12. JHS (AllNBA)
  13. Keyonte (AllStar)
  14. Lively (AllStar)
Admittedly, the floor and ceiling rankings are way too generous and there are probably going to be players drafted after the lottery who will end up better than the ones in the lottery. I would probably drop some of the recruits here out of the lottery.
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2023.06.07 03:12 GlueGuy00 Latest KOC Mock Draft
Some notables:
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2023.06.07 01:26 FormalSmoke The PUMA MB.02 Be You Drops This Week

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The PUMA MB.02 Be You Drops This Week
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The PUMA MB.02 Be You is set to release on June 9th for the retail price of $175. Look for these to be available on, Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Foot Locker Canada and Champs Sports Canada.
In Jordan Brand news, who’s excited for the upcoming Air Jordan 7 White Infrared?
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2023.06.06 22:58 Dink_n_Flicka9 If Wolves want Scoot... Charlotte seems to be a likelier trade partner than Portland

TLDR: KAT and Dame's supermax contracts and KAT's less-than-ideal fit make a KAT-to-PDX trade very unlikely. Charlotte is better than last year's record showed, and could see KAT as the piece to make them a legit playoff team, while also capable of offering Scoot, a talented young Center in Wiiliams, cap flexibility, and future picks in return. Also won't be competing w/Charlotte for playoff-positioning in the West, unlike Portland. Every hypothetical trade is unlikely at this point, but just feel a Charlotte trade makes way more sense, even if they're not openly shopping their pick.
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2023.06.06 22:18 curlyfae should i give a haircut another shot?

i have had some pretty bad experiences and this sub is not short of any salon horror stories but i’d just like to share a bit of mine. when i was younger between the ages of 6-8ish my hair was longgg and spirally curly and very thick. one day i complained of a headache and idk what my mom was thinking but right away she blamed my “heavy” hair and took me for a haircut. i remember sitting there watching the stylist (who of course straightened my hair as well) wondering what she was doing with the shears. i left with shoulder length hair. as my hair grew out, it started looking….. mushroom-y for lack of a better term. big on top, thin one bottom. i realize now that she THINNED MY HAIR. i was EIGHT. my hair was never the same after that. its been more on the wavy (2b-3a) side, still thick and very poofy/frizzy no matter what i do. many failed haircuts later, ive resorted to giving myself trims but i wish i could find a stylist that will listen to me and not just do what THEY think is best for MY hair. i’m sure i’m not alone but god, having this hair feels so isolating. im still learning how to style it and what products work but since it has no shape to it, i kinda look like a big poof ball most of the time. i can provide photos later! but anyway, just needed to vent a little. i appreciate all my fellow curlies in this sub yall have helped so much 💗
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