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2021.09.13 17:16 Accurate_Tip7017 GabbyPetito

Gabby Petito, 22, was found deceased in Wyoming on September 19th 2021. She was reported missing on September 11th after Brian Laundrie returned home from a road trip without her. This community is a True Crime subreddit dedicated to the ongoing investigation of her death. The FBI has set up a national hotline to receive tips: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

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A subreddit for sharing and discussing magic, without any exposure. Any area of magic, be it close up, parlor, stage, busking, mentalism, coins or cards, are welcome.

2015.07.19 17:03 DeathByHaxor Quadraxis Reloaded FTB

Welcome to Quadraxis Reloaded, a small, community oriented Minecraft FTB server. Enjoy your stay!

2023.06.09 23:16 Dallo98 Genetic non-responder to Finasteride

I've been taking finasteride since the start of 2021 and minoxidil around 10 months before that. A year or so into taking finasteride, I realised hair fall was still exactly the same and I hadn't seen much improvement.
I decided to take a Genetic Trichotest and my results came back (via a well renowned doctor who specialises in hair loss) that my genetics make me a non responder to finasteride and dutasteride (something along the lines of my genetics not coding for something that allows these types of drugs to work, I can't remember the science exactly)
Bottom line is, I'm a genetic non-responder to these drugs which is supported by the lack of visual improvement and continued hair fall. I am however a good responder to Minoxidil (seen anecdotally and in the test results).
I'm well aware however that minoxidil is only one piece of the puzzle and I need to be preventing the impact of DHT somehow.
Is there anything out there I can use that isn't fin/dut that will help me get on top of the DHT side of things? I've looked a lot but I'm not sure what genuine options I have?
Appreciate all the help in advance.
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2023.06.09 23:16 Dense_Lingonberry210 Abusive ex trying to contact me again how do I stop her

M16 F16 Ex put me into an anxious avoidant trap, and manipulated me throughout our entire relationship. I was depressed and felt like I had nobody but her, until she decided to let me go and end the relationship. After this thanks to many supportive friends I blocked her on every form of communication. She still goes to the same school as me but I can ignore her in real life. Recently she has tried using others to try and regain contact with me by asking them to text me about her, etc. I told anyone who listened to her to stop and not text me if told to. I want nothing to do with her anymore. Now she has started trying to speak to me in person, I haven’t responded and I’m not going to. But I’m worried this could get worse. She’s obsessive, and from what I’ve heard from her from her friend is that every guy before me came back to her crying and that she might expect the same from me. I really just want to remove this person from my life, I only have 1 more year till I graduate and won’t ever see her again. Any tips on how to go about this?
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2023.06.09 23:16 RPClipsGTAMod r/RPClipsGTA will go dark on June 12th in protest of Reddit's API changes that will kill 3rd party apps

In a follow up to our post a few days ago, /RPClipsGTA will be going dark on June 12th.

What is happening

There is a handy infographic you can see here
Credit to the lovely team at /FFXIV for the inspiration and permission to use much of their post
API Pricing Changes
Reddit recently announced major pricing changes to their API, which is the software interface that all major 3rd party applications and bots rely upon to function. These pricing changes are so extreme that all major apps will be forced to cease operating as they cannot bear the costs. As an example, the developer of Apollo revealed they would be forced to pay reddit upwards of $20 million USD/year just to continue operating under the new pricing scheme.
The consensus from the developers behind these apps is that reddit is trying to price them out of existence in order to force users to switch to the official reddit mobile app. Not only will they [the developers] be forced to pay ridiculous sums (which they cannot cover) to maintain access to the API, changes to the ToS also prohibit these apps from using ad revenue to offset the new costs.
In essence, if you use anything other then the official Reddit app on your phone, come July 1st you will almost certainly not be able to browse reddit.
NSFW & Mature Content
In addition to restricting API access behind a ludicrous pricing scheme, reddit is also planning on severely restricting 3rd party applications' access to NSFW/mature content. This will not only make the job of moderating NSFW communities significantly harder for humans, but also largely cripple 3rd party moderation bots that rely on being able to view NSFW content across multiple subreddits. Without the functions these bots provide, reddit is creating massive vulnerabilities in the areas of anti-spam and user safety.
As an example, some communities which focus on serving underage users may use 3rd party bots to automatically detect and remove accounts with a history of posting NSFW/mature content. Additionally there are other 3rd party bots that use comment history to proactively seek out and remove NSFW spam or even help detect and remove possible revenge porn or illegal underage content.

How does this affect /RPClipsGTA

These changes may affect our community in both the short-term and the long-term.
Many users, including us among the mod team use a third party app as our daily driver. Come July 1st, some of these users may just end up leaving the community and no longer use Reddit. Our subreddit is only made possible by the contributions in the form of submitting clips and commenting their opinions. We value each and everyone who decides to participate in this community and seeing people leave because of these changes is not something we want to see.
As of today, many of the third-party clients have announced they will shut down on June 30th, 2023.
At the time of this writing,
And we are sure there will be more.
In addition to the killing of third-party clients, there are other tools that use reddit's API. The beloved browser extension RES has stated they don't foresee any changes to them in the short-term, source. But who's to say that this won't change in the future.
There is an another common browser extension, Toolbox. Many moderators, including members of our team, use toolbox in their moderating workflow. Like RES it appears that they won't be impacted with the upcoming API changes, source. But trust in Reddit's word has been eroded.
Our mod team has built and hosts custom tools for our community, some are features to enhance your experience in the subreddit, examples of them being.
  • RPClipsBackupBot is a custom bot to provide alternative links as well VOD timestamps of posted clips.
  • A script to update the sidebar with the current top GTA RP streamers, as well to highlight a random streamer with sub 100 views.
  • A script to flair posts with the server the clip is taking place on.
  • A custom bot for our April Fool's day gang event
  • And many scripts to aid in our moderations efforts
  • clipsync is a community bot that provides alternative POVs to a given clip
While the current API changes do still include a free tier and Reddit has claimed they will continue to allow moderators to build and deploy tools and bots to enhance their community. Many developers are skeptical of these words given the unreasonable nature of the current changes.
Today spez hosted an AMA you can find here. Many users continue to find their response here unsatisfactory.
There is also this amazing post by the /AskHistorians mod team where they document all of reddit's promises over the past 8 years that they have not followed up on.
If you wish to still interact with the community, you can join our discord. This is where we will announce any further changes for the duration of the blackout.
TL;DR - This subreddit, along with thousands of others will be set to private on June 12th, 2023 to protest Reddit's announced API changes. For more information visit, /ModCoord
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2023.06.09 23:16 itsNicktim Avicii collaborated with Giorgio Moroder during the True studio sessions in 2013

In May 2013, Giorgio Moroder, an Italian composer and music producer, known as the father of disco and a pioneer of EDM, confirmed working with Avicii.
Do you foresee a new career in DJing? We'll see! Right now, I am working with [EDM star] Avicii here in Los Angeles, and we were talking the other day about the record business, and how far it has gone down. But the DJ is making more and more money. It's incredible! So…I now have an agent for DJing, and I already have a second job in Tokyo at the end of May. But I'm going to wait and see how these two go before I get too committed to it.
This bit from another interview gives a bit more information:
Moroder is also a famed producer who orchestrated some of Donna Summer's greatest hits. But he is eager to meet the demands of the current EDM culture and is working with a number of megawatt names—one of the biggest being Avicii. Moroder said that the EDM star even gave him quality advice in a recent songwriting session:
"He gave me some tracks and I put a melody on them and said, 'Look, you make nice money doing these shows, but one day you're in New York and the day after you're in Paris, then you're in Rio,'" the 73-year-old said. "I'm not the youngest one. I may try and do the bigger events, one a month maybe."
On April 21, 2018, Moroder tweeted:
Tim #Avicii RIP was great to work with you ...I still play your songs on my DJ set
Their collaboration wasn't released. In 2013, Giorgio was featured on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, while Avicii proceeded to release True.
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2023.06.09 23:16 liky_gecko Totally blindsided with a breakup after 4 years, just need to vent

I just can’t understand how people can blindside their partners like this. I know she’s some kind of avoidant, and isn’t emotionally where I need her to be (as someone- me- who is very open with their emotions) but it still hurts Breakup officially started as a break in March, then we met in person in may to talk and she broke my heart all over again. In March, the night before she ended things, she was telling me she loved me, she missed me, etc. We were long distance but not too far from each other. Less than 2 weeks before the breakup I visited her and we had the best, most romantic time ever, and she was so sweet to me. The breakup shocked me to the core, and while we were certainly arguing more over the past few months, I was even more shocked that once we met to talk in may, she ended things for real but told me she meant everything she said about wanting a future with me. She said she lost herself and I can understand that. But despite everything, the things she said and the way it happened so suddenly really fucked me up mentally. How could someone tell you they loved you and see a future with you, but are so willing to risk losing you for good?
I’m definitely doing a bit better now and loving myself and really working on myself, I just started an amazing job, and I have the most genuine, caring friends, but the entire situation still has left me with a broken heart. I would have fought for that relationship with everything in me. I guess looking back it just hurts how she didn’t have that same level of commitment. I felt like I was gradually becoming less of a priority in her life. I can’t believe that I apologized to her for crying in front of her after she broke up with me. I still can’t really understand the situation but I’m trying my best. No contact is hard, but it’s the only way to heal. I am becoming the absolute best version of myself, I’ve broken bad habits, and I know I deserve someone fully committed to me. The pain is just hard.
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2023.06.09 23:16 AussieLingo Looking for Builders for a Digimobs Adventure Map

This is an unpaid post as i do not have the money to hire people with money, but i am still looking for volunteers. I've just started building an adventure map for a server i am trying to get up and running and the weight of the task is pretty large as i am not a super experienced builder and i just really need the help. Currently just need enough builders to complete three very large biome areas.
This is a modded server and i have only just set up an Aternos (temporary until it's ready for players) and a discord server for it. I am also looking for someone with strong command block knowledge as i have a few ideas i want to implement into my server that i have seen in some videos
If you are interested in applying for builder or just want to peek around message me on Discord (.fates) or join the discord server (
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2023.06.09 23:15 typicallydark1 How to date again after heartbreak?

I’ve (25M) dated a lot of women. Never really fell in love with anyone until I met this girl in the second half of 2022. She broke my heart in January of this year. That’s a story for another day.
But the point is, this person forever changed my perspective. I was in love with her. She made me want to have kids, she made me smile when she ate her meals, It was never sex that I craved with her, I just craved holding and cuddling with her sweet and gentle self. Etc etc, all the love.
Now with that being said, how in the hell am I supposed to date again? I am constantly disappointed by people I meet in dating apps, Instagram, and in person. People never seem to want anything serious, the entitlement is through the roof, and nobody can even come close to matching the energy I felt with my past girl. I’m not even trying to compare, it’s just hard to when I know what perfection is, you know?
And also another issue. I can’t even have sex anymore. Like seriously. Pre-heartbreak, I was all for casual sex, but nowadays, I think of it is as my most vulnerable asset that I don’t want to give away unless it’s to the right person. After my heartbreak, I tried to mess around with multiple girls to get over her, but I found myself crying myself to death afterwards. Which was another telltale sign that I was really in love.
Needless to say, the last person I had sex with was in March. It was a close friend of mine (as opposed to just a fwb or hookup) and it just felt right in the moment. But when I was close to finishing, she had me look in her eyes, and then I finished, and then I excused myself to the bathroom and cried again. That’s when I legit realized that I’m just so mentally fucked from this girl and I just legit cannot have sex.
You see, I want a girl so bad that I can just share life with, and yet I just can’t see to bring myself to do it. I’m trying so hard to forget about her, but the world just doesn’t want me to do for some reason.
What can I do to move on? I’m distracting myself by working 65+ hours a week, I have my own place, I’m in nursing school. I eat healthy. I go to the gym. But I’m still stupidly lonely and sad. Yet I am disappointed by most of the dating market… what to do?
TLDR: How can I date again after my my favorite girl? How do I manage fighting loneliness with fighting my brain’s constant reminders of my past girl?
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2023.06.09 23:15 Madmonkeman Dreamlike games with liminal spaces or something similar to Yume Nikki

In 2020 I got really into the liminal space trend and the Trevor Henderson monsters. I would watch those videos as a combination and really loved the idea of some dreamlike reality with creatures that you aren’t sure you could trust. A lot of those videos used music from Yume Nikki and so I checked that out.
What I really liked about Yume Nikki was the surreal dreamlike environments that also weren’t overly dangerous. However, the 2D pixel art kind of took away some of the immersion and I got bored quickly of just walking around because the environments were simple enough to where I could walk around for 1 minute and basically see everything you could in each dream.
I then played Yume Nikki Dream Diary, which I liked a lot more because it still kept the surreal environments and had a really good balance between peaceful and horror (the horror was pretty mild though). It also solved the problem I had with the original of not having enough gameplay, because this one had puzzles and platforming.
So some other games that have given off the dreamlike feel are The Complex: Found Footage and while I haven’t played it yet, Anemoiapolis also has liminal space stuff. I’ve also found a few Backrooms games that I’ve wishlisted which have good liminal spaces.
But ideally the game I’m looking for would also have outdoor locations that look dreamlike and have monsters or weird creatures. The story itself would also be mysterious and the whole idea should be that you feel lost.
If you’ve seen popular Trevor Henderson pictures or those “Unnerving Images with Unnerving Music” videos, or if you’ve browsed unnervingimages or trevorhenderson the elements of those pictures I love are that the locations are usually everyday locations, and some of them are during the day. Unlike most horror games, they do not take place in scary locations which then make the pictures give off a mysterious and otherworldly feel. I also like the liminal space pictures because they also aren’t an in your face scary, dark location. They look peaceful but uncanny. Those are the vibes I’m looking for.
Ideally the gameplay would not have a lot of combat either. This is probably a very niche thing I’m looking for so it might not exist, but figured I’d try. Most likely I’m expecting indie games to capture this feeling more than AAA games, although the Silent Hill games come close with the foggy town parts (the blood and rust locations take away from it).
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2023.06.09 23:15 Unlucky-Bit-5187 Aita if I disinvite my family from my graduation?

Let’s start at the very beginning! I’m a 17-year-old that is graduating today and I should be excited but I’m not. My family has made it hard for me to feel happy and here are the reasons why! When I told them I was graduating they said wow really we didn’t think you were. That broke me because I was slacking off from sophomore year to senior year but because I felt so trapped in my mind that I couldn’t escape it and they know this because I tried killing myself a year ago. I got a therapist and she told me to open up to my family about what happened because they were worried. So I did I told them that when I was little I got SA in my room by a guy my parents let stay at my house till he got a place to stay. This guy was a family friend. This scarred me to this day! We still live in the same apartment. I sleep in the same room and I could see my little self sometimes getting assaulted(like if it was a movie). I tried explaining to my family but they don’t get it they just think I'm a mess up and nowhere near my sister. When I say sister I mean the child that has never in their eyes done them wrong. She got good grades never missed school and never let them down. And I have to them because I let my grades slip I miss school because of health reasons and have gotten caught sneaking out. They have trapped me in my house for so long that I would sneak out to escape from my thoughts and to see my boyfriends who has helps me heal and forget. I understand that I’ve been a hard child but I’m trying my best to be okay and help. I got a job and I thought that they would help me like how they did to my siblings. Like, help me save money. But no I pay for everything that belongs to me. I pay for my phone, food, and dog everything just no rent but I know they are going to start asking me for some because they feel as tho I’m grown enough to be paying for me and my dog to live here. I would be happy to help but we don’t have our room and my sister isn’t paying anything. Mom told me since I have a tv I can start paying for the tv bill but I don’t use any of the Chanel’s or have cable in my room because I have a Roku and I pay for those Chanel’s and services. They got upset at me today because I didn’t want to go to tj with them for my birthday. I understand that they wanted to do something special for me but I didn’t want to go because of many reasons. Some are that my sex offender is close to there and me just not feeling safe, especially with the stuff going on over there today. They got upset and asked why and I said I just feel uncomfortable and would want to stay home. They said why do you go out with your friends then and I said I just wanna be home. My mom brought up the reason that I could drink over there and I said that’s not going to change my opinion I don’t want to go. They were calling me stubborn and all these names. I know they are going to bring this up today again when we go out to eat after graduation when my whole family is there to force me to say yes. They ALWAYS do this. I just want to be happy at my graduation and feel Like I did something for myself. Maybe I’m overthinking and overreacting as I tend to do. I just don’t know what to do!
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2023.06.09 23:15 demondork224 [F4GM] Fandoms Invaded By Hentai Monsters! (Few limits)

I’m 18+ and all characters and participants must be 18+
Hey there y'all, pretty basic premise here! I want to explore a scenario where a sort of 'glitch in the matrix' has resulted in monsters from every superheroine defeated hentai make their way into different universes and infect that reality with hentai logic.
If you've ever seen Taimanin Asagi or Hell knight Ingrid that's what I'm imagining.
Now, real quick, I'm not looking for fat bastards, or punks who got lucky. I'm looking for ogres and orcs and goblins, for slimes and tentacles, beast men and telekinetic horses. Gross, inhuman, and dominant, that's what I'm looking for.
Kinks: cum, cum eating, cum food, cum play, cream pie,bdsm, bondage, forced, body writing, spanking, cuddling, degradation, rough partners, sizeplay, dominant partners, toys, multiple partners, spit roasting, mating press, full Nelson,frenching,rimming,body oil,bestiality,monsters,tentacles,water sports,wax play,sex machines,being filmed,cosplay,NTR,petplay,exhibitionism and biting and pretty much anything that isn’t my limits
Scat,gore,vore,hyper sizes,necro and vomit
Some fandom universe i’d love to see her infected include: Marvel,DC,mortal Kombat,my hero academia,overwatch,chainsaw man,street fighter,Star Wars,smash bros,resident evil,
Those are some of my faves but if you want to see a different universe get infested then don’t be afraid to mention it.
If that's of interest to you, please get in touch at Demondork on Kik and come with any questions you have, clarifications you need and ideas you'd like to share. Just please do more than just tell me you're interested. Don't worry about responding slowly/late, I still want to hear from you. Finally, please no chat requests, I will simply ignore them.
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2023.06.09 23:14 BadWolfMC BadWolfMC [Network]{18+}{Greylist}{Crossplay}{1.19.4}{SMP}{SkyBlock}{Magic}{Minigames}{Prison}{Creative}


BadWolfMC is a long-running adult Minecraft server network crafted in 2016 by nerdy admins who hoped to create an inclusive, drama free community. We have lots of room to build and a few plugins to add a little fun and to keep your creations safe without ruining the vanilla feel. Get chatting on our Discord server with in-game chat integration, pick up the game on any device with our Bedrock Crossplay feature, and easily find the answers to all your questions on our very helpful wiki, useful for n00bs and veterans alike! Join us and become a part of our growing community with members from all over the globe!

Our Servers

BadWolfMC Alpha is home to our survival worlds including the main overworld, Gallifrey, and eco-friendly resource worlds for renewable materials! Members enjoy: a complex economy based on jobs, shops, and ores; quests; dungeons; public farms including an End Grinder and Tree Farm; a vanilla gaming park where members can build; and a massive shopping center that houses space for over 80 player and server shops. Our regular seasonal events and build contests are also hosted here.
BadWolfMC Beta holds our SkyBlock, AcidIsland, and OneBlock worlds as well as our Prison gamemode and our Creative PlotWorld, which you can use for testing and planning or just letting the creativity flow.
BadWolfMC Gamma will enchant you with its magical survival worlds, full of truly difficult custom mobs (dragons!), alcoholic potions, and stunning spells! We might call her The Doctor, but here they call her Merlin!
BadWolfMC Delta is our minigame server with Bed Wars, Hide & Seek, Paintball, Elytra Challenges, & Parkour!

Our Mission

Our goal is to be your oasis away from drama and screaming children, a place to unwind and have a little fun and get creative. Our philosophy is to always enhance the game, not take away from it. We are very laid-back and won’t get on your case about language, but still request that everyone be respectful of the many cultures that find a home here. We also do our best to be EULA compliant, and we encourage and welcome feedback from all of our users.

Membership Application Required

If you like the place and the rules fit your style, apply for permissions at!

General Server Rules

(full rules here)
Come take a look around as our guest at IP: We hope you’ll be as excited about this place as we are!
We look forward to seeing you in game!
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2023.06.09 23:14 haphazardt I've been on 5 different meds in 7 months.

This is mostly a vent-but any feedback would be appreciated.
I’ve experienced GAD for about a decade now. Ive been on Buspar for a number of years, and while it helps with the daily anxiety of being a person, it doesn’t help with things like having to take the subway, or the dentist, so i use Ativan as needed. Due to how stupid our health care system is i had to start with a new office/set of providers. I loved the first doctor i was placed with he had no issue with how i was medicated and no problem filling my scripts. after about 3 visits with him i got a call the he had resigned and i would be placed with a different doctor within the office. Bummer but these things happen. Doctor #2 immediately had issue with my treatment plan and said i should be on an SSRI and no Ativan. I explained that i use it very infrequently, sometimes going months with out needing any, but she was not hearing this and said i should try Prozac. I’ve been very resistant to SSRi’s since an old GP prescribed me Paxil and the first dose sent me to the hospital. I had to convince her to start me on a lower dose the normal, but i was willing to try cause maybe it could make my life better. I took 10 Mg of Prozac for a month and had a horrible tremor, shaky legs, no appetite and feeling like i was communicating badly with everyone around me. The feed back from friends was that “i was upsettingly calm”. At my follow up appointment the doc said this wasn’t good and that i should try something else. She prescribed Pristiq and said to stop Prozac that day and start Pristiq tomorrow. This sounded wild to me considering the side effects i was having. 15 minutes into my 30 minute telemedicine visit she said she needed to cut my appointment short because she had to go to the bathroom. Not that an emergency had come up. Something about the way she was prescribing and cutting my appointment short really rubbed me the wrong way and i asked to see someone else. I was now on to my 3rd doctor at the same place. This new one also did not like my Buspar /Ativan as needed method and we should try some other SSRI’s at low dose. Again, i knew that this kind of thing is trial and error, and maybe it could make my life better so we tried Zoloft. I broke a 25mg tablet in half for a month and i still had a tremor, stomach issues, very jittery, and got lots of feed back that i was kind of being a bitch at work. We moved on to Lexapro-5mg. My coordination s was so off. I would run into things i had just been looking at. I fell down the last few stairs of flight of stairs because i was so dizzy. Abilify 5mg- everything smells rotten and food sucks. Vomiting, restlessness, uncomfortable, could not stay in a chair. I spent a lot of money on things like lotto scratchers. Effexor 37.5 mg- This one was the worst. I would start getting the “rushes” around 4am and would have to get up and do something. So no sleep, increased anxiety, spending hours at the gym and going on long walks to burn off energy. I lasted 8 days on it. The doctor seems to finally be coming around to the fact that i am a very sensitive flower and that these meds don’t really work for me. We are upping the buspar but she it still being very strict about my ativan use (which increased greatly during the abilify/effoxor switch. Im off effexor for 10 days now. Still not sleeping well, but my anxiety does seem to be getting better. I feel like over all shit, but it does seem to be getting better. TL:DR Ive been on 5 different Psych meds in the last 6-7 months, all with horrendous effects Should I see my GP for blood work? I don’t even know what to look for, but maybe something else is up? Is this normal for trying to figure out anxiety? Should I be looking for a new cente doctor?
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2023.06.09 23:14 AlexanderDeLarge1 Is there a good introduction to python, other than cs50p?

Hey there, I started cs50 about a month ago and completed everything except Tideman in weeks 1-5. Then python got introduced, and I hit a wall. I can, of course, see how it is more powerful than C in many ways and how the same operations require a lot less code.
But I actually kind of liked the low-level approach of C. Sure, it could be a bit tedious to write, but because I was operating at such a low level, I understood what every line of code did and how everything connected together. Python, by comparison, feels more like black magic, where you have to have a lot of background-knowledge about how certain objects behave. My issue is not so much the different syntax, but rather the different logic / functionality / features of the language. I also find the python documentation rather difficult to understand, and its examples pretty sparse.
If you were able to solve all of PSet 6 with just the instructions given in the corresponding CS50 lecture, my hat is off to you - I certainly was not. I have since completed the first 6 weeks of cs50p, which has certainly helped, but I still feel lost a lot of the time when trying to do something which I know should be simple in python, but I just can't wrap my head around how to write it out in code, much less clean code. Lists and dictionaries, and the nesting of one in the other / using one to index into the other are giving me a particularly hard time. Even when I finally do find a solution that works, it feels like I got there by a hackish trial-and-error approach, rather than by a clear understanding of how things work in python.
So, all this to ask: Is there perhaps another good introduction to python that you guys have found helpful?
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2023.06.09 23:13 ThrowRA9867652 My (20F) boyfriend (23M) wants me to turn on read receipts

Okay, I know this is going to sound like the weirdest hill to die on, but recently my partner asked me to turn my read receipts on. We haven’t been dating for very long and I felt like it was a kind of weird invasion of my privacy. I’m the type of person who likes to take time to formulate my response and sometimes I just don’t want to talk the second after I’ve received a message. It’s not to the extent that I turn them off in other apps that have them (I used Whatsapp for a long time and kept them on with no issues), but I feel weird about him specifically asking me to turn them on? So I said no, and he was fairly unhappy with that.
To me, I just feel like if we’re in a relationship he should trust me enough to respond in a reasonable amount of time, which I always do. I feel like it’s a bit controlling of him to ask in the first place and I feel like it’s slightly a red flag that he’s continuing to push the issue after I already said no. He said he wouldn’t care if I didn’t respond right away, but I feel like if that’s the case, why does he want read receipts? We’re not at the point of a relationship where we’re communicating anything urgent by text.
Also, there have been some other things he’s pushes my boundaries on and while he usually backs off when I say no, he does try to continually convince me to change my mind, which I don’t like. Idk if I’m overreacting though, so I need some advice. Am I being weird about saying no to turning on read receipts?
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2023.06.09 23:13 dogsbookstrees 36 [F4M] Midwest / online - lovers + best friends

Hi (: happy Friday, I hope you’re having the best day ever. I’m still on the hunt for my Reddit soulmate and trying not to lose hope 🆘
About me: 5’7, green eyes, brown hair. I love laughing and smiling. I enjoy being active and busy but also enjoy staying in and bingeing tv shows and movie marathons. I’m obsessed with sports and am always watching or going to a game or beating my brother and his friends at fantasy football. I love animals, especially my geriatric pup. I am into wellness and yoga. Big Gryffindor energy. Basic things like makeup and mani pedis and The Bachelor and Taylor Swift make me very happy (:
About you: You have a big…heart and care about the world. You are passionate about your work. You love sports and want to go to lots of games together. You have a good sense of humor bc life is so laughable sometimes. You want to go on three mile walks with an old dog every day. You want a partner who is also a teammate and best friend. Hopefully you are a good conversationalist.
So what are you waiting for?! I hope to hear from you soon. Younger is okay if you’re mature and looking for something serious. Your pic gets mine.
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2023.06.09 23:13 ShoxZzBladeZz TexTools "Flipped" Function crash/not responding. Marvelous Designer Thick Garmet

Hey All,
I am using the add-on TexTools and when I select "Flipped" to select the flipped Uvs I get from Marvelous designer export with "thickness" Blender crashes or stay processing for a long long time.
I am using Blender 3.5 but I have downloaded and tried this in 3.2 and 3.0 just to see it wasn't my Blender download.
I have also downloaded the TexTools addon from their Git page:
I had a friend try this in his PC exact same garment, exact same Blender version (3.5) and his "Flipped" function was done in seconds. I tried this in my work PC (Blender 3.2) and no issue there.
I even went into my C drive and deleted the roaming files when re-downloading Blender.
did anyone encounter this problem before?
I even tried it with the simple shirt garment you can get from Marvelous Designer and still crashes/not responding.
I tried both the normal (tris) and remesh topology from Marvelous
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2023.06.09 23:13 rivers42 Wyze-Bridge - Unable To Access RTSP Stream

I've been working on setting up a Wyze Outdoor V2 with the Wyze Bridge add-on. I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but for some reason the only way I have been able to access an RTSP stream from the camera is through a Generic Camera card in Lovelace.
I'm able to see the camera fine in the Wyze Bridge Web UI and in the Lovelace card I created, but when I try to access the camera from VLC (for troubleshooting) or Frigate (ultimate goal) they are unable to open the RTSP stream. I was able to see the camera feed by pulling RTMP into VLC, but have had no luck with RTSP and RTMP also errors out when attempting to open in Frigate.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I've hit a wall and haven't been able to find documentation for similar issues.

Below are what I believe to be the relevant portions of the logs:

Frigate RTSP Error Log:
2023-06-09 20:09:41.854482673 [2023-06-09 15:09:41] frigate.appINFO : Capture process started for cam1: 231
2023-06-09 20:09:41.910004962 [2023-06-09 15:09:41] frigate.videoERROR : cam1: Unable to read frames from ffmpeg process.
2023-06-09 20:09:41.910777883 [2023-06-09 15:09:41] frigate.videoERROR : cam1: ffmpeg process is not running. exiting capture thread...
2023-06-09 20:10:01.889988233 [2023-06-09 15:10:01] watchdog.cam1 ERROR : Ffmpeg process crashed unexpectedly for cam1.
2023-06-09 20:10:01.889996883 [2023-06-09 15:10:01] watchdog.cam1 ERROR : The following ffmpeg logs include the last 100 lines prior to exit.
2023-06-09 20:10:01.890004526 [2023-06-09 15:10:01] ffmpeg.cam1.detect ERROR : [rtsp @ 0x55aa8678de00] method DESCRIBE failed: 404 Not Found
2023-06-09 20:10:01.890009700 [2023-06-09 15:10:01] ffmpeg.cam1.detect ERROR : rtsp://localhost:8554/cam1: Server returned 404 Not Found
2023-06-09 20:10:01.907752688 [2023-06-09 15:10:01] frigate.videoERROR : cam1: Unable to read frames from ffmpeg process.

VLC RTSP Error Log:
satip error: Failed to setup RTSP session
satip error: read error: Operation now in progress
satip error: Failed to teardown RTSP session
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2023.06.09 23:12 bdmelody I just want to vent ngl

F20 my whole life my mom was a very active alcoholic from when I was 5 to 19 I have a little brother that I took care of when our mom would black out I made him food ,bathed him cleaned the house ,played with him but still he is my moms favorite until this day,cause “she almost aborted him” due to her finding out my dad cheated a dozen times on her during her pregnancy so he always got extra good treatment and because of me he never rly noticed how much of an alcoholic my mom was which I am happy for but it just changes the both of us so much he’s a completely different person with completely different values than me,he’s what I maybe could’ve been if I wasn’t born the oldest but oh well I’ve “struggled”(aka willingly took them because it was fun)with substances since I was 15 from drinking to weed to E to codeine to …….. a few more thinks I’ve tried out I’ve skipped school cause we were homeless twice and those times rly changed me as a human my brother went to his friends house who’s dad conveniently was my moms new boyfriend but I moved in to my grandparents place with my mom and my grandparents never had a clean house because my grandma is mentally ill due to my grandpa beating her and just my family is fucked..and the house always smelled and it was dirty and she peed everywhere and I started skipping school cause my clothes smelled and I didn’t feel clean enough to go and then my grades dropped and skipping became an active problem in my life I started cutting myself while I was there too but just before our house got evicted I got a little cat that rly helped me through everything long story short he’s now gone too cause he died after leaving the house (he was a house cat never leaving the house ) and he ran on the street and got hit by a car and my mom was the one who left the door open… well yeah so basically I live in Germany I don’t have a proper degree because of all the skipping and the most frustrating part about it is that my grades have never been an issue it was just always the skipping that made me fail I’ve transferred to many different schools 5 in total and now I got kicked out again for skipping the reason behind it is a whole story in it’s self but now I’m left with nothing again wasting year after year of my life and I can’t seem to get better I’ve tried therapy with 17 but they just wanted to put me in a hospital during a time where I couldn’t leave my house then again with 18 but my therapist was shit now I’m 20 I am insecure to the max I hate every single part of my body and face I never leave the house I haven’t had a single real friend in over 4 years and the loneliness is rly getting to me I’m at a low again where it feels like there is no out it’s always a repeating cycle my therapist wanted me to go to an asylum so they could determine whether or not I have BPD and there’s just so much going on in my head and i can’t get up and get myself to do anything and it’s causing issues at home I smoke weed everyday and I’m starting to think it has rly done some damage to my conscience I just don’t feel the same I wish I had a time like other humans that I’d like to go back to but frankly my life has always been horrible lmao there is no past i can reminiscent And wanna go back to i just rly desperately want to feel genuine happiness and a life without is rly getting to me now idk what to do I’m out of options out of will out of want and just out of power to do anything anymore Hope you enjoyed a very quick lil run through of my life theres a lot more detail that has made it even more of a shit hole but maybe I’ll keep those for another time if there is one my friends :) see ya Xoxo stranger from Berlin
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2023.06.09 23:12 Genzyme Pyt failure

Hi all, I have long life PE and tried everything, emla, SSRI, spray's, kegels, ..
The best thing that worked for me were SSRI's but the downside is too big and after some time your body adapts to it. So got off them and now searching for a new solution. I have been reading on this sub about PYT and all the good things, so was exited to try this, but damn, what a setback that was.. First I used a small portion because everybody told me it's that strong, waited 2 hours, nothing. Than 2nd time did alot more, but still nothing.. Don't know where all these stories come from. Also used emla creme, and putting that on like it should be worked pretty good for me. But you can really feel the emla creme numbing, with PYT there was totally no numbing. Is the product I bought maybe not legit?
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2023.06.09 23:12 Sunny_lisa Need advice on a difficult situation with a friend

English it's not my first language so if something it's not explained perfectly I'm sorry. So me (25 F) and my bff (26 F) since high school, got into a little discussion because of the kitten that she wants to adopt from me. One of my cat has given birth and she offered to take one of the kittens so that her cat will not be alone while she's not at home. In order for her to take the kitten she has to be sure that he's perfectly healty and in order to do that I have to take my cat to the vet to take a blood test. Now this would not be a problem if this cat wasn't a street cat that i feed, she trust me enough to stay around my house and sometimes to enter my kitchen but not enough so that i can put her in a carrier. I'm trying to spay her from a long time (from before she had the kittens) and i finally convinced my vet to give me some sedative so that i can bring her to him in the least traumatizing way. After that it was difficult to actually make an appointment with this vet to spay the cat and since i have only 1 dose of sedative i want to bring the cat to the vet just 1 time and do everything in that day (the blood test and the spaying). My friend knew all of that but yesterday decided to blow up on me because i still haven't done it (she wants to take the kitten the 17th of this month) when there's really nothing else i could have done, the kittens have turned 2 months old on April 20th so i couldn't move the cat before the kittens were weaned and after it was difficult to get an appointment. But she already knew all of this and yesterday i was telling her that i finally had an appointment when she decided to send me audios telling me that she doesn't care if i get my cat spayed she just care about the blood test and that i could've just given the cat the sedative and brought her to the vet just for the test before (she knows how difficult it was for me to convince my vet to give me the sedative) and also decided to inform me only yesterday that if her cat doesn't like the kitten she will bring him back to me. I don't know what to do, we both live with our parents and i cannot keep this cat if she brings him back, i already have a lot of animals to take care of and another cat it's not possible, also i don't know how long she will keep him before bringing him back so i don't know if he will then get along with my cats. Since yesterday we didn't talk again and I'm thinking of contacting her only after i have the test results this Tuesday. She has never treated me like this, i don't know what it's happening, I'm hurt from what she said i know that the mother of the kitten it's my responsibility but to hear my friend say that she doesn't care about what happens to that cat as long as she has the blood result hurt me. From a friend i didn't expected this level of indifference. What should i do? Defending her i lost all my other friends and now if I lose her i'm alone.
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2023.06.09 23:12 Duzeserce potentially close to the answer

i (19F) have been suffering with weird symptoms and irregular problems with my health for the past couple of years,
in november 2021 i got a period which didn’t stop until august 2022 (unbelievable i know😭😭😭) during that time my gp did not believe me and thought i was exaggerating the fact that i was constantly bleeding profusely with large clots the size of a tennis ball,
she ended up referring me to the gynocologist for a scan which i ended up having twice which led to nothing as she got back to me saying they were nothing abnormal at all, which then led to me being referred to the endocrinologist - which i’ve only been able to see this week due to shameful waiting times here in the uk.
after referring me (during around march 2022) i continued to come back to the gp as nothing was being done about my heavy and painful period, although i mentioned many times i’d been bleeding for months!!!
then in july of that year, i was put on the combined pill in hopes of regulating my period ; this did absolutely nothing and ended up making the problem worse as for some reason it caused me even more clots and irregularities, eventually i went back to the gp for something to help stop the bleeding, i was then told it’s because i “took them incorrectly” which was not true.. regardless.
i was put onto tranexamic acid to use whilst my bleeding was heavy to try help it, alongside a different birth control.
despite being very tired and giving up on asking for help, i started taking it as directed along with the birth control : this ended up with me in A&E as i was fainting and unable to walk due to how exhausted and tired my body was at this stage, i was taken by an ambulance and had to wait hours in a&e just to be told to switch to another birth control and use it for 6 months before i can see the gyno.. i still haven’t had that appointment!
forwarding into september 2022, i stopped taking the pills they prescribed me as they didn’t do anything to me either, sometimes i’d have a lesser period but that’s it, i was still bleeding when i shouldn’t be and felt horrible.
in around october of last year i was started on evra patches as i complained again that the pills are completely not right for me ; i was okay for the first couple of weeks until my gp got me to take a hormone blood test which showed high levels of cortisone - this ment that i was then told to leave the patches for a month for an additional blood test afterward when i’d be without these in my system.
the blood test showed that my levels were still abnormal and so my referral to the endocrinologist was followed up on by my gp to ensure i’d get an appointment.
all this time i had absolutely no idea what this could be as nothing was abnormal with my ovaries or uterus.
today i finally got to see the endocrinologist and he was completely understanding and attentive to detail about my history and symptoms, he immediately told me that it sounds like cushing’s or pcos, but leaning towards cushing’s.
i’ve been prescribed the 1mg decamethsone one for the blood test i’m taking hopefully on monday which will make it apparent if i have cushing’s or not.
for now, i’d like to just mention my symptoms and see if anyone else has had similar experiences as me and what came out of it, i’ve felt very alone up until this moment and im hoping for diagnosis soon, even if it turns out to not be this.
•hump on the back of my neck •purple stretch marks on hips,stomach and armpit areas. •high cortisol like mentioned. •dizziness and shaking. •fatigue •very round face due to my weight gain •30+ kg gain since my period irregularities started. •feeling my heartbeat faster than usual
i hope this is all but this is all that comes to my mind right now, i might come back to post after getting results :)
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2023.06.09 23:12 ExtrovrtdIntrovrt MenuWise app's new feature - "MenuWise Anything"! What do you think?

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to drop in and share what I've been working on lately with MenuWise. I've added a feature called "MenuWise Anything" which I'm pretty excited about and I hope you will be too.
So, here's the deal. You're at a restaurant, staring at the menu, and there's this one dish that just calls to you. But you're not sure if it fits your dietary needs or health goals. That's where "MenuWise Anything" comes in.
Just type in the dish and the app will give you a healthier version of it. This isn't about completely changing the dish, but rather tweaking it in ways that it still tastes great but also aligns with your health goals.
I'd love to know what you think. Feel free to give it a try at your next restaurant visit (or from your couch) and share your experience.
Oh, and if you come across any bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know. I appreciate your patience and support as I continue to improve the app!
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