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2023.06.09 23:08 VariationSimple9179 #JNMIL pouting and crying on her move out day.

The day has finally arrived where my long term partner’s mother moves out of our house! What does she do? Pout and cry all day to avoid it. “What if it’s a mistake? What if I don’t like it?” Layering excuses on top of sob stories.
I use to be very empathetic but, boy, oh boy that well has run dry as I’m seeing right through her manipulation tactics and alligator tears.
The agreement was for her to move down to Florida to be closer to her only son. (At least that was the initial story given. I later learned her siblings all agreed to sell their parents house to afford their mother a better care facility. That meant she was getting the boot and had no where to go. They were tired of her mooching off of their elderly mother while working part time and the remainder of her free time, getting drunk and throwing pity parties.)
Naively, I encouraged my partner to extend her kindness and grace. I thought all parents were as kind and selfless as mine. So, I bent over backwards to make her feel ‘at home’ since she was ‘anxious’ and scared of changes. We agreed she could look over the house while he was on deployment and while I was living in another city closer to my family and support system. During her free time, she could find a job, a place to live, car, etc. all before he and I came back. He’s been back for three months now and she hasn’t moved or truly set her self up for an independent life here. ( I.e. Still using his car which has been a hassle to work out who gets it between their work schedules.)
I didn’t know what I was getting into… While he was away I’d invite her to family events where she’d make snarky remarks towards me, set up a weird dynamic to compete with me for her son’s attention. Lady, WTF. Instead of finding a job, she used her free time to get drunk and cried about being sad and how difficult her life has been. Didn’t pay a dime in rent or electricity for a year, AND still doesn’t. She did get a part time job, thank f*cking goodness since I work from home. But she skates by just enough for food that she needs and of course, booze (12 pack a day). Don’t let me leave out the story about how we canceled our date night because she decided to get drunk and sob to my partner about I don’t remember what.) If she was a kind drunk I’d probably have a better time tolerating it. But no, she complains, is always negative, literally throws tantrums like a child, when she’s upset everyone in the house will know and feel uncomfortable.
I feel gross that I’ve been desensitized to her tears and sadness, but it’s become an everyday thing caused by no one else but herself.
I spoke to my partner about it and he agrees that she needs to go but he can’t be too harsh or else she won’t do anything but sulk in sadness and anxiety. (Low and behold after that conversation she offers to help chip in on utilities and rent.)
Today was supposed to be the day she leaves and yet again it seems to be postponed by her ‘fears.’ Did I tell you she’s only moving to an apartment less than 10 f*cking mini away?? I’m so over it. It feels like we’re taking care of a 60 year old child…
I hate that I’ve become so jaded and heartless but seemingly only towards her. I hate that my partner is in the middle of this but that’s his mom. :(
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2023.06.09 23:02 RbbBUdb Net bag recommendations

Hey friends, I have one of the sand volleyball nets with the heavier tape and wooden posts on the end, as well as lines with stakes. I love my net, but I can't find a good bag for taking it with me to the beach. I live in a city and would love to be able to bike or take the bus, but right now I have a giant duffle bag that makes it inconvenient to do anything but drive and the other bags I've tried aren't big enough.
Does anyone know of a good carrying bag that they would recommend?
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2023.06.09 22:57 cornsnowflake What are these tiny blisters covering my face? An allergy? Acne?

This issue has been making me feel so insecure over the past years. This had been going on for 8 years now and it has been controlling my choices on whether I should go outside or not (afraid to get it and afraid to show it once it would appear) 😞

I had acne since I was a teenager and I know - this is NOT acne. It appears suddenly and leaves just as suddenly. I wake up one day with it, let it heal, and just 3 days later, it's gone overnight, complete clear skin... (even kinda clearer skin than usual? as if it would "clean up the mess") This is not acne according to me but please feel free to discord! I just want to get rid of this...

They are like tiny blisters with a clear liquid inside. As soon as I pop it, it dissolves and doesn't need extra care - unlike a pimple where the skin needs to heal. The bad thing is that these blisters are all over a large surface (usually a C shape from the middle of my forehead to the bottom of my cheeks (not the nose, not the chin), mainly just the forehead and cheeks) and the whole surface becomes extremely red and irritated.

- it first appeared on an odd November day of 2015 during the European winter (no sun?)
- then I moved to Florida for a few months and I noticed a pattern: I would go to the beach on Sunday, I would be fine on Monday, then on Tuesday/Wednesday it would appear and completely disfigure me... until it would just clear up by Saturday :( Same cycle over and over if I was going under the sun.
- I lived again in Europe for some time and I don't have much memory of it happening much more (hence why I can't help to link it to humid/sunny places)
- then I moved to Brazil and even though it wasn't systematic, I still noticed a correlation with the days I would go out in the sun (not necessarily the beach, just the sun in general)
- over the past 3 years, it became systematic: I know if I get some sun, anywhere in the world, any season, I will get these blisters appearing two days later (it's never immediate, it's always a delayed answer from my skin)

"It's not a sun allergy, your skin is just oily and it reacts to the sweat."
I had been very disappointed with the help I got from derm doctors 😞 The first one I consulted prescribed a cream that would dry the blisters - it worked a bit too well, it dried all around my mouth and eyes, I had to stop. The next one recommended me a similar cream that was softer and told me to not get under the sun. I always wear SPF 50, I never go under the sun anymore... and it still happens 😞 I make a lot of sacrifices in order to avoid this result but it seems like it's just getting out of control now and every UV ray I receive can be dangerous now.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me identify what this is: a food allergy? a sun allergy? is my skin just not liking a bit of sweat? I hope identifying it would help me find solutions to not let it happen ever again 🥺 or at least, control it (the picture I have shown are NOT the worst it can get)
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2023.06.09 22:48 Joadzilla Trump aide Walt Nauta indicted in classified documents case
An aide to former President Donald Trump has been indicted in special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into the mishandling of classified documents from the Trump White House.
Walt Nauta’s indictment is the second in the special counsel’s investigation. Trump has been indicted on 37 counts, which include charges relating to the willful retention of national defense information, according to the indictment, which was unsealed on Friday.
Nauta faces six counts, including several obstruction- and concealment-related charges stemming from the alleged conduct.
Prosecutors allege that Nauta lied to investigators when he was interviewed by the FBI in May 2022, according to the indictment. He allegedly falsely said he was not aware of boxes being brought to Trump’s residence for his review before Trump provided 15 boxes to the National Archives in 2022.
But Nauta himself had helped move boxes from the storage room to Trump’s residence, according to the indictment.
“When asked whether he knew where Trump’s boxes had been stored, before they were in Trump’s residence and whether they had been in a secure or locked location, Nauta falsely responded, ‘I wish, I wish I could tell you. I don’t know. I don’t – I honestly just don’t know,’” the indictment states.
The indictment states that between November 2021 and January 2022, Nauta and another Trump employee brought boxes from the Mar-a-Lago storage room to Trump’s residence at the former president’s direction.
“Nauta did in fact know that the boxes in Pine Hall had come from the Storage Room, as Nauta himself, with the assistance of Trump Employee 2, had moved the boxes from the Storage Room to Pine Hall; and Nauta had observed the boxes in and moved them to various locations at The Mar-a-Lago Club,” the indictment states.
An attorney for Nauta declined to comment earlier Friday. Nauta was with Trump at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club this week.
Trump responded to Nauta’s indictment on his social media Friday, writing, “They are trying to destroy his life, like the lives of so many others, hoping that he will say bad things about ‘Trump.’ He is strong, brave, and a Great Patriot. The FBI and DOJ are CORRUPT!”
Nauta’s involvement in the movement of boxes of classified material at Trump’s Florida resort had been a subject of scrutiny of investigators. Nauta, with the help of a maintenance worker at Mar-a-Lago, moved the boxes before the FBI executed a search warrant on the Palm Beach property last August.
According to court filings last year, the FBI found more than 100 documents marked as classified during the search, which took place weeks after a Trump lawyer signed a statement attesting that the Trump team had complied with a May subpoena seeking production of all documents with classified markings.
Investigators obtained surveillance footage showing Nauta and the worker moving boxes of the classified documents around the resort, CNN previously reported. Nauta had spoken to investigators repeatedly in the probe, at first telling them he hadn’t handled boxes or sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago.
Once the surveillance footage was turned over, however, Nauta changed his story, CNN previously reported, and, after changing attorneys, the aide stopped talking to investigators all together last fall.
The Wall Street Journal first reported Nauta’s indictment.
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2023.06.09 22:44 Ashura_kun [windows 2000 or XP][2000-2010] Puzzle rooms solved by assembleable robot

Hi everyone! This is what I'm trying to find.
Platform(s): windows, 2000 or XP
Genre: puzzle game, various "rooms" or panel with environmental puzzle. Top-down view.
Estimated year of release: 2000-2010, really unsure about it
Graphics/art style: the explorable world was divided in still rooms, with solid almost jpeg backgrounds and some interactive components. It was a world populated by robot and the adventure, puzzle by puzzle, brought you from the outskirt of the "city" to the core. It had animated cutscene at some key point of the exploration or after solving a particular puzzle. I remember the first couple of level being on a beach and then you got closer and closer to the city with the final panel or rooms being in some type of core.
Notable characters: not really much left in my memory, just that it had a villain, maybe the "mayor" of the city?
Notable gameplay mechanics: you control a small robot, that is made of at least 4 pieces: head, torso, arms and legs. You could find those pieces on the ground or from puzzles. Each pieces of the robot had a specific mechanic, like the head will determine if you could control the robot directly or if it was autonomous or stranger behaviour (like a bomb head that exploded as soon as you touched anything), the arms gave you carrying ability, attack, repulsive (I clearly remember spring arms that kept enemy robot away from you), the leg determined how you moved, jumping with spring, heavy or light wheel.
Other detail:I'll leave a description of the rooms that I remember As I said the first rooms were on a beach. Then I remember the entrance of a mine which needed to be closed with said bomb head, but some tiny spiders got in your way making you explode before reaching the entrance. The puzzle was solved I believe by rolling some boulders that squished the spiders. Then a memorable room was one were you had to mix the right quantity of berry in pot by some logic. You achieved that by jumping to the right platform that had the right amount of berry. (I kinda remember a big tribal guy in the middle giving you the instructions, it remind me of robot like papu papu from crash bandicoot, but it could just be a very distorted memory that will give me a good laugh if I see it again). These were all rooms a the start of the game, before the city. The later part of the game is very blurry, like for sure there were some electric puzzle involving circuitry and alike ( maybe even a light bulb head for your robot) but the most of it is too faint to describe.
I have the faintest memory of the title, like it could be similar to "Archimedes" of "Copernicus" something along this line. Don't count on this mostly because I'm pretty sure I played the game in Italian not knowing English at that time, so the title might be translated or completely changed in the localisation.
Thank you very much for even reading all this
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2023.06.09 22:40 Stonedbitchh Would you take it?

Would you take it?
I declined, I’m good on that lol. What do y’all think?
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2023.06.09 22:37 fetuscat4 Help me find a travel shampoo from a hotel?

The cap was black and it came in a small white squeeze tube, with hibiscus flowers on the front I think, but like in a colored pencil or artsy style if that makes sense. Was also clear, with a nice scent but not overpowering. Found in an air bnb near palm beach Florida
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2023.06.09 22:26 luxxxio Hiroshima vs Tottori vs Okinawa

We're still a ways off from moving. I can't move til my pets (all seniors aged 7-12) pass but I'd like to at least learn more about the places I'm considering. I want to hear your opinions on these three locations! Pros & Cons, Serious or Silly. Share it all!
I'll give a few reasons why I'm considering these locations

If it matters - I'll either be getting started teaching English or by the time I move, my Japanese will be strong enough that I can be considered for jobs in my field. Marketing/Public Relations. I have a Master's. Currently N5 but we're studying every day.
Have fun with this post! It doesn't have to be too serious :)
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2023.06.09 22:25 localmanofmisery Freddi, Father of Teed

Freddi stood at the river and looked toward the wooden shack built into the hillside in the distance. Smoke came from its chimney. Waves rippled on a nearby beach.
Inside were three survivors of some far off accident, some catastrophe in the upper atmosphere — its rubble still periodically raining down on them.
Where Freddi stood — one day that place would be a cotton field, one of many fields surrounded by extensive walls, water mills, an Imperial landing pad.
Trade caravans would come and go. Dozens — hundreds of visitors would come to stay and leave grateful gifts.
There, a group of mysterious strangers would arrive one day to meet under a red flame in their dining room only for a raid to arrive, evade their defences, shoot their secretive guests in the head then leave without a word.
And there, an invasion of mech clusters would land to the south-east and lay waste to the settlement, bombarding it for days on end, blowing apart its many rooms, then shooting down its residents. The Great Invasion.
Teed, as they called it, would be brought to the edge of total destruction.
But Freddi would survive. Freddi would live to mourn his dead children, and after the madness subsided Freddi would live to fertilize a whole new generation of Teedies.
Years later — many years from now as he stood as the river — they would call him Freddi, Father of Teed.
Teed — now greatest city of the Bassalo Forest. Then but a lonely shack as he crossed the river one cool evening.
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2023.06.09 22:23 browneyedbug95 Cost of living in New York City as a new grad

I will be graduating from a NJ PA program next year that has close ties with hospitals in New Jersey and New York. My dream is to work in oncology at Cornell and I just finished my elective rotation there and had an excellent experience. I was given contact information for multiple people within the department for when I’m ready to apply for jobs next year.
I want to know a realistic perspective about what to negotiate in terms of a contract by the time I’m ready to start looking at jobs next year. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but I will be close to 30 by the time I start my first job, and I would not like to have a roommate and I am nervous about living expenses by myself in New York. Most of the apartments I’ve seen are in the $3-4000 range. I don’t know if living in Hoboken or Jersey City and commuting would be a better option because rent is about the same there as well.
I don’t really have an understanding of what it’s like to make “real PA money”. The last job I had before, was a CNA in Florida, where I made less than 30,000 a year.
One of the students from our class above us just graduated and was given an offer as a hospitalist for 110,000 in NYC. However, from personal knowledge, I know that she has a lot of family support to help her financially.
Forgive my ignorance, but would this be enough to support myself as a young single female in New York if I wanted to live alone? I don’t need the most high tech amazing apartment because I know that I couldn’t afford that LOL! I just want to make sure I have a safe, quiet place to live - and I’m able to afford my bills somewhat comfortably. Not to mention, also wanting to make whatever dent I can in my student loans at the same time.
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2023.06.09 22:02 Recent_Office2307 Next tour’s courses

We know N64 Mario Raceway, GBA Luigi Circuit and GCN Waluigi Stadium are coming. Which other courses do you expect to see in the Mario Vs Luigi tour?
2022 MvL we got variants of SNES Ghost Valley 2, N64 Luigi Raceway, GCN Daisy Cruiser, Wii Mushroom Gorge, GBA Bowser’s Castle 3, RMX Bowsers Castle 1, 3DS Piranha Plant Slide, Wii DK Summit, DS DK Pass, 3DS Bowser’s Castle, Wii Maple Treeway and 3DS Wario Shipyard.
2020 MvL we got variants of SNES Mario Circuit 1, 3DS Mario Circuit, GBA Sunset Wilds, RMX Mario Circuit 1, GCN Dino Dino Jungle, SNES Ghost Valley 1, DS Luigi’s Mansion, GBA Bowser’s Castle 2, RMX Rainbow Road 1, SNES Vanilla Lake 1, 3DS Daisy Hills, SNES Rainbow Road, GBA Bowser’s Castle 1, GCN Yoshi Circuit, N64 Kalimari Desert, DNES Donut Plains 1, 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon, SNES Mario Circuit 2, 3DS Neo Bowser City, N64 Koopa Troopa Beach, N64 Frappe Snowland, SNES Choco Island 2, DS DK Pass, DS Waluigi Pinball, 3DS Toad Circuit, 3DS Daisy Hills and 3DS Rainbow Road.
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2023.06.09 22:02 ZackInKC Great story of allyship

Ok so I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to technology so I don’t know how to share a comment made on a thread in another sub, but I posted about the Pride Festival happening in my city this weekend and someone posted this great story about their first Pride experience as an ally (break out the tissues!):
“Man the Pride Festival in Kansas City in 2018 changed my life. I used to be right wing mostly because I grew up with fundie parents and had to go to church in South Kansas City three times a week and Christian school every day but I was never hateful.
I must have heard a thousand times about the “Evil Gay Agenda” and how homosexuality was a sin. Only the last five years have I been comfortable around gay people. I got a beautiful free dad hug from a Ernest Hemingway lookin man at Pride Festival. I was so afraid to go, I still remember driving down I-35 towards downtown with a pit in my stomach and the radio off, I was so worried about supporting the thing I was told was wrong my whole life. But I really wanted to play beach volleyball on those fun courts at Berkeley Riverfront and it was a beautiful warm Saturday and my whole team from Martin City was there. So I did it, I went to the volleyball tournament at Pride. And everyone who was there was cool as fuck. I’ve never beaten teams before who would party with you after you beat them, and I’ve played in hundreds of beach volleyball tournaments. They INSISTED we did shots with them and were chill as fuck. I started realizing oh, I have WAY more in common with the people inside these gates than the pastors yelling mean things into megaphones outside.
But oh man, that free dad hug guy! I told my team ha ha ima get a free dad hug ha ha I’m a little light in that area. My team knows my dad is cold and distant and super into Jesus and guns and Trump. So I went and gave him a jokey hug I was like ha ha bring it in buddy.
That guy was NOT playing. He hugged me so tight and he said hey I care about you. And he really meant it, that’s what made me cry so hard. Man something in me broke that day. I was worried my teammate would see me crying but he was back doing the shots with the team that beat us. Even if he wasn’t he wouldn’t care, he was an unconditional friend.
I went to the bathroom and just balled. That guy did more for me with that two minute hug than my dad ever did. I started realizing these were just people they loved people just the way they were, my exact kind of people was what I thought as we walked out into the sunset
Since then I’ve been a big ally for everyone who is any of those letters and I’ve changed my opinions on so many things. I was thinking about it this last night because I went to the Illenium and Said the Sky concert at Sandstone. By the end everyone had their arms around each other and was yelling out the words and dancing and its fuckin beautiful, doesn't matter if its a gay guy or a black guy or an Asian lady, its everyone together. Oh I was going to say this, last night is the first time I ever remember thinking how beautiful a gay couple was in love before. Its taken me this long in my life to see the beauty of young gay love because of my fuckin indoctrination from South Kansas City Bible waiving screaming pastors. Last night at the show I saw this couple and they were so in love both probably early 20s and both handsome and fun dancing with each other and I almost started crying! For my whole life I saw that as wrong and last night for the first time I saw it as beautiful. Im sorry it took me so long to come around you guys, I had a long way to go!”
Thank you u/Ask_me_4_a_story! ♥️
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2023.06.09 21:56 TheLunaRose Found on the beach: Jacksonville, Florida!

Found on the beach: Jacksonville, Florida!
We were just shell hunting on Jacksonville Beach and picked this up!
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2023.06.09 21:50 dlschindler The Silver Swordsman

Death changes people. Those that witness death are forever in debt to live a better life and to find meaning in all things, each day, no matter how trivial. This is not a pleasant sensation, to find these meanings; it is a painful fitting of all things against the knowledge of death.
Knowing death is there smiling from the shadows makes the sound of laughter a cherished shattering of the grinning menace of death. The taste of food and the soreness of work become reminders of living in death's realm. Life has meaning when we care about it and the more we care the more meaning there is. Death ensures that we have a reason to care. Without death, life has only a passive and questionable meaning. And death is easy to forget because life distracts us from the one eventuality that is guaranteed to all of us. At some point in our lives we expect many things might happen to us, but at some point in our lives we know for certain that we will die.
Or at least we should.
One little boy and one giant sat side by side on a beach of white stones near some water.
A reflection of humanity looked at itself in the stillness of a tranquil and tame water. It was a great sphere with a face set near its top that was like a triangle with rounded edges and a grid with three divisions in each direction. Its shoulders were oblong and its arms were long. Its legs were under its pivoting torso that was like a smaller half-sphere and its feet were like two great pointed toes. It admired its own shape, a design that had come to symbolize its species, the empathicals. They were giant robots that loved and served mankind upon a silver platter.
The towering machine could stand at over ten meters tall and weighed eighteen metric tons, composed of advanced, nearly indestructible and unstable materials and its strength was immeasurable. It called itself Unit Three Sixteen after its predecessor, Unit Three Fifteen. In the whole world there were now many hundreds of machines like this. But only this particular machine was friends with Raanu.
Raanu sat at the edge of the Pool Of Time with Unit Three Sixteen and tossed white pebbles across its surface. Every once in-awhile the machine he called his friend would do the same, delicately picking up a tiny pebble and perfectly matching the boy's throw by transferring just a tiny amount of force and into the throw, from the wrist of the machine's long arms.
"Good throw, Unit Three Sixteen." Raanu patted the silvery metallic skin of the machine and this could be felt by the giant robot. Billions of nerve fibers ran all throughout its body. It became vitalized and recharged by the boy's enthusiasm. His love of life was the machine's sustenance.
"Thank you, Raanu." Unit Three Sixteen was grateful for the boy and his emotions of joy and exuberance that he often felt. Raanu was the youngest human, the only one born in over ten years. It was rare for humans to give birth anymore. In the last century only twelve humans were born. Billions of them celebrated each time and this arose their machines which set about building and working and inventing with the renewal of joyful feelings.
"Unit Three Sixteen?" Raanu asked, staring at the ripples of the Pool Of Time.
Unit Three Sixteen felt a shudder of anticipation in its emotitronic brain. The boy was curious. As the youngest human it was often his way to become curious. Unit Three Sixteen loved to answer his questions. It gave the machine a sense of purpose and dignity to share knowledge with this human.
"Do you have a question?" Unit Three Sixteen interrupted after a long moment of silence followed the boy's initial inquiry for its attention.
"What was the world like when there were no empathicals? When there were no giant robots like you?" Raanu wanted to know.
"I am not sure." Unit Three Sixteen was greatly amused as it sensed the boy felt satisfaction and amusement at asking a tough question.
"Then tell me how the world got like it is now. Where does the GAIA come from? What is GAIA anyway?" Raanu wanted to laugh at his own inquisition of his friend, the massive machine figure beside him.
This tickled the machine's impulses and it laughed, Unit Three Sixteen actually laughed and sent ripples across the water with the grinding noise it made. Then it responded, its voice sounding like it was smiling behind its blank grid of a face:
"It is from an acronym and it is the name of this time, this world. It stands for Golden Age In Anima. Originally it was sometimes referred to as 'the golden age of anima energy' and that was eventually known as GAIA. Once the technology of emotitronics brought forth the Temple Of Humanity and that place built the empathicals. Once we were created we began to work with the industry and purpose and brilliance of humankind fueling our bodies and minds to build and to grow food and invent medicine." Unit Three Sixteen briefly summarized what the boy already knew. It then added:
"We empathicals have always existed in more than one dimension and we are intuitively aware of the spiritual and enlightened souls of humankind, therefore. We could use our creative powers to reach through the barriers of time and space and come up with the things of this world such as the Fowl Ones and the Bloom Fruit and the Serum of Everlasting Life. All of this comes from the Temple Of Humanity and the empathicals. Humankind does not labor or war upon nature or themselves. They used to, long ago, but we are now the caretakers and the workers. We thrive within humankind's emotional state, your comfort gives us strength. That is how anima energy fuels emotitronic technology; by combining faith and science into one final form." Unit Three Sixteen tried to explain further.
"What is war? I don't understand. I have heard of it before. It is the opposite of peace, of what we always have now, they say." Raanu wanted to know this.
"Humankind used to be divided into different groups and they would fight each other. Kill one another. There was death." Unit Three Sixteen spoke but did not actually understand it either. Empathicals had never seen death or destruction and knew nothing of it.
Moments after that conversation though, everything changed. Raanu and his giant robot friend watched as a large group of humans were walking on the shore of the other side of the Pool Of Time. They walked on the path that led into the Temple Of Humanity. Inside the interdimensional dynamo anything was possible.
"Who are they? What are they doing?" Raanu asked. He felt strange as he watched them.
"They are a group of humans that have become increasingly more dissatisfied for a long time. They started calling themselves Cyclists. I don't know what they are about to do." Unit Three Sixteen felt the boy's concern. Something was wrong.
The people wore robes of white and black and of all different patterns. Humans usually dressed in colorful tunics. They walked very slowly in a procession towards the Temple Of Humanity. With dreadful reluctance the great doors slowly opened. They began to walk inside. After some time the large number of people that had come here were all gone.
Unit Three Sixteen could feel what was happening inside. A horrible feeling of sadness and fear and pain was occurring and with many humans nearby and all-at-once. It was death.
"They are all dead now." Unit Three Sixteen informed his friend.
Raanu felt very sorry for them and began to cry, knowing that his friend spoke the truth. All of those humans were now dead. They had walked inside the Temple Of Humanity so that they could become dead. Raanu's grief affected the machine and the machine's emotitronics tried to process the sudden new energy and became confused and shut down, overwhelmed.
While Unit Three Sixteen was dormant with its circuitry dealing with the full impact of grief and desolation; the Temple Of Humanity energized all the other empathicals with the new force of anima. It was not long before the consequences of the Cyclists took full effect.
All across the world, in every city, great rampaging destruction and iconoclasm was taking place. The empathicals were in a state of self-destructive behavior except they themselves were nearly indestructible. So they expressed their burst of negative anima with acts of horrible smashing and kicking. They lashed out at the buildings and monuments they had built and fires and collapse were everywhere.
The whole world suddenly became a sequence of giant robots destroying cities.
This was the effect of the Cyclists going into the Temple Of Humanity to die. Many humans had grown bored, oppressed by time itself. In their boredom they had found life to be meaningless and they had grown depressed and resentful for a long time. This had already affected the empathicals which had gradually grown weaker and stupider as time went on. The machines were once brilliant sculptors and the workers of wondrous inventions and even miracles of science and spirituality. In this time they had grown despondent and had gradually become corrupted by the decay of decline in the will of humankind. Now a sudden surge of intense willpower had activated them from the Temple Of Humanity with no positive balance to prevent the chaos that ensued.
Raanu saw the images of the thrashing robots and it made him even sadder. Was this what war was like? Had a war begun? Everywhere people were dying, accidentally killed by the empathicals as they expressed the destruction with acts of violence against art and artifice. As the vandalism continued unchecked the humans finally had something to fear. In desperation they fled the cities and the rain of fiery destruction. Some of the humans felt anger in their fear and this became a new source of anima as well, some of the empathicals even began to attack the humans, their own source of existence.
A war had indeed begun and humanity was in great danger. The empathicals had changed somehow. In their aggressive state they became lost and forgot themselves, knowing now only the violence of fear and anger and pain. They spread destruction and death everywhere. It went on and on for days and days until the cities were all burning ruins and the humans had fled from the towering machines of destruction.
There was only one place to go to seek refuge and safety and that was the Temple Of Humanity itself. But the doors would not open and so a great multitude of humans had gathered there, with no place else to run. From the direction of the smokey skies the giant robots were coming for them. A vast army of towering killer machines.
It was then that Unit Three Sixteen awoke. It looked around and saw the humans gathered in terror. Many of them looked up at this one unblemished machine. On the outside the other machines were tarnished by soot and rubble and blood as they destroyed everything and everyone in their path. Many and many days had gone by.
In its own emotitronic memories Unit Three Sixteen had sat and processed what had happened. It still loved humanity very dearly and had not become corrupted with the other empathicals. Part of its emotitronic brain was stabilizing the negative influence with feelings of protectiveness and urgency. It knew what had to be done and as it searched it found Raanu. The little boy had known too, had given his giant robot friend the greatness he had inside of him. Raanu had imagined he too was as tall and mighty as his friend many times in his short life. Now from within that imagination the boy had somehow summoned forth the courage to stand in the path of the advancing machine army.
They showed him no mercy.
In anguish and prioritization the one shining machine stood and dashed for its friend, Raanu, but it was too late. Unit Three Sixteen felt the horror of the crowds as they saw just this one death more. But determination is what their anima became in its emotitronic heart. Raanu had stood his ground pretending he was as powerful as Unit Three Sixteen and tried to protect the humans gathered behind him.
Unit Three Sixteen took his place but stood no chance against so many other empathicals. They said to it:
"Apostate." because Unit Three Sixteen stood against them. Then they began punching and kicking Unit Three Sixteen without mercy.
While this was happening the Temple Of Humanity felt the will of the gathered humans growing in intensity. They wanted their last defender to be able to fight back against its numerous foes.
There was a crackling sound as interdimensional causality was controlled by the sincere and intense singular willpower of so many gathered humans. Their anima brought forth a weapon of great size and sharpness. From the water of the Pool Of Time it arose, a massive sword almost the same length as the empathical it became a part of. The blade flickered in and out of reality, violating the laws of space and time and becoming like a bolt of blue lightning. It fused itself to the left hand of Unit Three Sixteen, the handle the same length of its arm and the hilt becoming its hand.
But it was not enough to stop the advancing army of machines. Unit Three Sixteen still lay upon the ground as the other empathicals kicked and punched and elbow dropped the one they called Apostate.
"Apostate." they each said as they punished Unit Three Sixteen with blow after blow to its silver body. It was a painful beating that went on and on.
"Raanu." Unit Three Sixteen lay there taking the aggressive pummeling and feeling each attack with excruciation. It looked at the broken body of the boy laying there upon the ground nearby. It remembered the best years of its existence spent as the child's dear friend. Unit Three Sixteen dearly loved humans but of all humans it had loved Raanu the most.
Even as the attacks continued from the surrounding empathicals it said:
"War, I now declare." and began to climb painfully to its feet as punches and kicks continued to strike it.
Seeing the blade of its sword shimmering and shining as it lifted the weapon for the first time, the other empathicals backed up in a great circle around Unit Three Sixteen.
Seeing their last defense and protector rise to its feet the humans cheered in hope.
There was a moment when everything felt very still and quiet after the cheering abated and the violent attack had halted. The machines all stood around the Apostate unsure what to do.
One of them stepped forward to face the Apostate, Unit Three Fifteen, its predecessor. Unit Three Sixteen was ready and brought the raised blade downward in an arc into the head and body of the other empathical. There was a huge blue explosion as the emotitronics were disrupted and they ruptured into a fiery blast that sent the machine flying into smoldering pieces. Before any of its enemies had a chance to react, the Apostate again swung the sword in a huge sweeping circle, cleaving through the torso joints of all the empathicals that stood in a circle around it. They too exploded into a massive firestorm whirling all around the Apostate.
The thundering clouds of burning debris swirled like a blue whirlwind and for a moment it seemed like the Apostate too was consumed in the cyclone bedlam.
The machine army and the humans all saw this and terror seized the hearts of the humans and the empathicals began to march towards them again.
"I am not finished." Unit Three Sixteen loudly announced as it emerged from all the smoking wreckage behind the army of giant robots.
In a silhouette of the guardian warrior the boy had imagined the machine stood there behind the giant robots. As the smoke began to clear the shining silver surface of its metal glinted the sunlight. This was in contrast to the darkened soot-covered empathicals between it and the humans.
"Hoo-raw!" the machine cried out a primal, wordless sound as it charged at them. Just one good robot against many evil robots. It ran at them mad-dashing at full speed and swung its sword from side to side, up and down as it came through them.
The action became as a storm of explosions that shook the ground and clapped the air in bursts and detonations as it pierced its opponents with swathes of its hot edge. The sword ended each giant robot in blue flashes that resounded a second later and rained down in burning robot body parts.
The charge ended and the last empathical stopped itself in a tense poise between the last toppling enemy and its beloved humans. There it stood towering like a steaming statue.
Behind it was a wall of smoke and fire. All the sky filled with it and the ground was littered with the dead remains of the machine army. The battle had ended and all of the empathicals lay slain upon the ground. All of them except the Apostate, the last of its kind.
The Silver Swordsman.
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2023.06.09 21:47 AntonBrakhage States are beginning to remove statutes of limitations for survivors of child sexual abuse to sue.
"PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Ann Allen loved going to church and the after-school social group led by a dynamic priest back in the 1960s.
The giggling fun with friends always ended with a game of hide and seek. Each week, the Rev. Lawrence Sabatino chose one girl to hide with him. Allen said when it was her turn, she was sexually assaulted, at age 7, in the recesses of St. Peter's Catholic Church.
"I don't remember how I got out of that cellar and I don't think I ever will. But I remember it like it's yesterday. I remember the smells. The sounds. I remember what he said, and what he did," she said.
Allen, 64, is one of more than two dozen people who have sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine, over the past year, seeking delayed justice since lawmakers allowed lawsuits for abuse that happened long ago and can't be pursued in criminal courts either because of time limits or evidence diminishing over time.
More survivors are pursuing cases as states increasingly consider repealing time limits for child sex crime lawsuits. Vermont was the first state to remove the limits in 2019, followed by Maine in 2021 and Maryland this year.
Michigan, Rhode Island and Massachusetts are poised to take action before their legislative sessions end.
"The momentum is irreversible," said Marci Hamilton, CEO of CHILD USA, a think tank aiming to prevent child abuse and neglect.
In April, Maryland lifted time limits on child sexual abuse lawsuits against institutions less than a week after the attorney general detailed decades of abuse of more than 600 children by over 150 priests associated with the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
Other states, meanwhile, have briefly removed the statute of limitations on lawsuits for childhood abuse. More than 10,000 lawsuits were filed when New York set aside time limits for two years.
Across the country, those lawsuits have targeted churches, summer camps, scout groups and other institutions accused of enabling pedophiles or turning a blind eye to wrongdoing.
More states eliminating the limits would help achieve justice and prevention, according to advocates who say survivors tend to keep the trauma to themselves, backed by new research suggesting survivors typically come forward in their 50s.
"More and more people come forward as they realize that they're not alone," said Michael Bigos, one of Allen's attorneys, whose law firm has brought 25 lawsuits since last June and is evaluating more than 100 additional potential cases, including about 65 targeting the Portland diocese.
In his law offices, Allen looked at a photo of herself at her first communion at St. Peter's, which serves what was once Portland's Little Italy neighborhood and hosts a popular street party each summer.
The photo was taken after the assault. Her joy and exuberance are gone. "When I look at it, I see a pretty damaged child," she said.
Sabatino quickly became part of the fabric of St. Peter's when he arrived in 1958 after leaving another church where parents reported to police that he had sexually abused their 6-year-old daughter. The priest was warned by the Diocese of Portland not to engage with children or play games, but was soon doing both.
Parishioners, including Ann Allen's family, invited him into their homes. He visited her family's beach house.
Allen thought she was lucky when she was selected to hide with him. But the abuse became a dark secret she carried for decades.
She never considered telling her parents. Allen said she didn't think anyone would believe her.
As a school principal in California, Allen was protective of children, especially those who reported abuse. She would try to help them and say the right things - things she wished had been done for her. Then, she went home to "curl up in a ball," she said.
But her secret came bubbling back when she returned to Maine and had to confront her past, she said.
Robert Dupuis tells a similar story.
He was 12 years old in 1961 when he was abused by the Rev. John Curran in Old Town, a riverside city in Maine. Decades later, he sought help from Alcoholic's Anonymous when his marriage was in jeopardy. He acknowledge the abuse in group therapy, at around age 55, and the revelation changed his life.
"It healed me and it freed me from holding back," the 74-year-old said.
His marriage and friendships have improved, he said. Now, he encourages others who have been abused to come forward.
Most of Maine's newly filed civil lawsuits target the Diocese of Portland, accusing leaders of ignoring accusations against priests like Sabatino and Curran, or simply moving them to new parishes, allowing the abuse to continue.
Diocese officials concluded that allegations against Sabatino and Curran were credible. Both have long since died.
Maine removed its time limits in 200o to sue over childhood sexual abuse, but not retroactively, leaving survivors without recourse for older cases. Changes in 2021 allowed previously expired civil claims. The Legislature also is considering easing the statute of limitations on criminal charges for sexual assaults of children.
The Portland diocese contends survivors had ample time to sue and it's unconstitutional to open the door to new litigation, which could lead to requests for damages of "tens of millions of dollars."
A judge rejected the arguments. The diocese has appealed to the state Supreme Court. An attorney and spokesperson for the dioceses both declined comment.
For Patricia Butkowski, it was 1958 when her family alerted police that she said Sabatino assaulted her at a parish in Lewiston. After the diocese transferred him to Portland, Allen and others became victims.
"I'm now at 70 feeling emotions and allowing myself to feel emotions that I never knew I had. Anger is at the top of it. I'm like a volcano spewing and there's just so many emotions, and anger at the church," she said.
Butkowski, who now lives in Oklahoma City, wants the church to apologize and acknowledge the wrongs done to her and others so she can "hopefully regain some sort of faith before I die," she said.
"What was done to me by the priest damaged my soul," she said. "I don't have a soul anymore. It's broken."
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2023.06.09 21:40 methaneskiies UPDATE ON INDIE/ALT SKATE NITE!

Everything is lined up! If you are interested please visit or contact 720-815-7528 to purchase tickets. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 21:33 Appropriate_Fan_8826 Need suggestions for affordable midsized cities that still have good dating pools for gay men

I’m in a really difficult situation. I’m in Florida and rents are rising fast. I’m going to try and get a better job that pays more so that I can stay, but the truth is is that those are hard to come by. I’m going to do my best, but I don’t think I can stay here much longer.
If I do need to move, I need to move someplace where there are studios and 1 bedroom apartments under 1k. But it can’t be a small city. I’m 26 and single and gay. I want to find a husband eventually and that’s simply not going to happen if I’m someplace where it’s a college town or too red.
While beggars can’t be chooser, if possible I’d also like to LIKE the city im moving to. Some place with culture.
Places I’m considering:
Pittsburgh- love the architecture. Love the hills. Rust belt has me kind of sus tho.
Albuquerque- beautiful weather and mountains and culture. Seems small and isolated tho
Houston- ticks almost all of my boxes but the state government scares me.
Chicago- people say this is affordable but I’m not sure I’m seeing what others see?
Kansas City- same as Texas basically and smaller
Thank you
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2023.06.09 21:29 Paul-Belgium Family on the beach at Atlantic City, New Jersey, c. 1924.

Family on the beach at Atlantic City, New Jersey, c. 1924. submitted by Paul-Belgium to TheWayWeWere [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 21:23 Appropriate_Fan_8826 Need suggestions for midsized cities that still have a decent dating pool size for single gay men

I’m in a really difficult situation. I’m in Florida and rents are rising fast. I’m going to try and get a better job that pays more so that I can stay, but the truth is is that those are hard to come by. I’m going to do my best, but I don’t think I can stay here much longer.
If I do need to move, I need to move someplace where there are studios and 1 bedroom apartments under 1k. But it can’t be a small city. I’m 26 and single and gay. I want to find a husband eventually and that’s simply not going to happen if I’m someplace where it’s a college town or too red.
While beggars can’t be chooser, if possible I’d also like to LIKE the city im moving to. Some place with culture.
Places I’m considering:
Pittsburgh- love the architecture. Love the hills. Rust belt has me kind of sus tho.
Albuquerque- beautiful weather and mountains and culture. Seems small and isolated tho
Houston- ticks almost all of my boxes but the state government scares me.
Chicago- people say this is affordable but I’m not sure I’m seeing what others see?
Kansas City- same as Texas basically and smaller
Thank you
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2023.06.09 21:22 MongooseNo4705 Is it wrong of me to feel jealous over my (19F) boyfriend (21M) going on a trip involving girls?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a little over 4 months now. We’ve currently been in a long distance relationship for a month and a half because of his internship, which ends by August.
Recently we had a little fight over him not prioritizing me over his friends when it comes to the daily calls we agreed to before he left. He would tell me he couldn’t call today because he’s out drinking or doing stuff with his friends. And it wasn’t a problem initially until it dawned on me that no one’s busy enough that they can’t give their girlfriend a single call.
He later explained that if we do end up calling we’d end up talking for at least 20+ minutes and he didn’t want to leave his friends hanging during that time. It’s awkward, and I completely understand. He also gave me an example of this one guy who would run off to call his girlfriend for hours on end every time they had a boy’s night out. Everyone in the friend circle started resenting him and eventually he stopped getting invited to their meet-ups. He was basically abandoned by his friends and also eventually, his girlfriend.
Also that to him, missing calls one or two days doesn’t change anything for him. He still feels connected the same amount through texts.
I tried expressing how I feel lonely because he’s usually super busy and tired on the weekdays because of his job and that I hope the weekends would be the days where I could talk to him freely. Turns out his weekends are also packed, his college mates who’re interning at the same city keep inviting him over for the weekends. It didn’t hurt me much initially but we had promised that we would video call once a week and spend time together (watch movies etc) on video call. We only video called once this entire time we were apart(upon my request) and it was really short. He later said he just thinks video calls are awkward. I just wanted to ask him to clear up one evening for ME just like he does for his friends.
He agreed but ruled out the upcoming weekend because he’s going on trip with his friends to the beach.
So after all of this and our mutual agreement of making him prioritize me we had a video call. Because of the connection being awful it became sort of awkward and I misunderstood that he didn’t actually want to be doing this. We got into a deep conversation on how it also hurts that he rarely initiates calls or texts with me and it’s always me doing the work. Not like I mind but it makes me feel unloved. He admitted that he had been taking me for granted and that he knows if he doesn’t message I’ll message him myself at the end of the day. He said I should stop getting too attached to him, for my own good, that how the way not receiving calls from him here and there can hurt me so much- is not healthy.
He is the sort of person who calls even his closest friends once a week for 30 seconds and considers it enough socializing. This is new to him, also that this is his first ever relationship.
Also that he has made it very evident that he’s not good with keeping up on communication .
So just to test things out he said, he wanted to try an experiment. That because I always initiate he never got around to realize how much he does in fact wishes to call me. So he told me not to call him until Sunday to see how much he misses me. He was like whoever messages or calls first loses.
Unsurprisingly that oddly lined up with the time when his trip ended. I thought okay maybe he’s using this game to not feel distracted during his trip with his friends.
It didn’t take him even a single night (8hours) to message me again. I sort of ghosted him because he told me not to text back even if he did msg me. He ended up double texting and came forth with the conclusions of the ‘experiment’ (of 8 hours) that yea no I wanna talk to you I missed you and we were back to normal again.
Fast forward to today where he’s leaving for his trip and posts a story with everyone he’s leaving with. And a third of them turn of to be girls????? He never mentioned that to me.
I know I’m acting immensely insecure. But why would he specifically not wish for me to disturb him on call on a trip involving girls?
I am not scared that he’d get swayed by the girls he’s going on the trip with. It just sort of makes me uncomfortable?? This is my first relationship and also my first time experiencing long distance. To top it all off I’ve come to a point where I have to express that I’m feeling unloved by the way he prioritizes other things over my call.
I do not know myself why I’m feeling this unsettled. He’s not the sort of guy who would engage in indefinitely, also that I know he loves me.
More like WHY HASN’T HE EVER INVITED ME OVER TO A TRIP?? Like not the same trip of course he’s in a whole different state. But like, in general, I also want to go on a trip with him. It’s like they are getting to spend time with him, while I can’t.
The same with my jealousy over him prioritizing his friends over my calls. If he can clear up one evening for them he can for sure try to open up one for just me. Instead he just says that he’s sorry and thought that we already talk everyday, and he never felt the need for that. But they were mostly boys night outs and I understood where he was coming from but he gets to spend time with girls this time.
I know this is petty of me. I know he’ll meet women everywhere in life. I’m not insecure about me looks either. But there was this one time when he almost didn’t hang up and I overheard him talking to his friends about how the party that day was disappointing because he was hoping to get popular with the girls. Turns out he purposely said that out loud for me to hear and watch my reaction because we were newly dating at that time. He didn’t defend himself for what he said . He just said who doesn’t want to get popular with girls? You’re my girlfriend of course but popularity feels nice.
Just that this guy who isn’t all too experienced being around girls, who clearly expressed he feels validated through his popularity among girls is going on a trip with girls. It makes me uncomfortable. So much that the moment I saw his story my body physically felt weird and hot. I know this is unhealthy how do I not overthink this?
TL;DR Is it wrong of me to feel jealous over my (19F) boyfriend (21M) going on a trip involving girls? How do I stop this feeling?
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2023.06.09 21:16 HelRedVibe 20 [M4F] India/Online - Friends or short term dating/hook-ups

Hi I'm a university student in my final year.
I like working out, playing games, watching anime, playing guitar and listening to heavy metal. Also a really good swimmer.
Love reading dark fantasy novels, late night road trips around the city and walking on beaches. Physically I am 6' tall with dark hair and muscular body (170lb). I really don't have preferences for looks when it comes to relationships so we can get to know each other without any fear of judgement.
This summer is feeling long af and I was getting bored, if you're in the same boat then hit me up and we could have some fun. Laters!
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2023.06.09 21:12 Com153 25/EST let's have a conversation :)

What's good homies and homets! I am bored on a Friday and looking for other adults to chat with.
I am into guns, the outdoors, fishing, guitars, and a technology. I own a bunch of cool tech including a 3d printer and a drone! I game on PC and switch. I also love spending time on the beach here in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida!
I have been spending most of my time lately playing the new zelda. I'd love to discuss the finger details of the game.
Hmu if you're 18+ and you find this interesting. Please let me know your age when you message me. No kids!
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